ATWT Transcript Monday 7/2/07

As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/2/07

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[Knocking on door]

Brad: Hurry up, we're gonna be -- wow.

Carly: Late? Well, aren't you a guest of honor? They can't start the party without you. Oh, come on now, Brad. Take a breath. People will start to think you've never seen a girl in a dress before.

Brad: Well, that's some dress.

Carly: Just a little something I whipped up for the occasion. You like?

Brad: Did you do this for me? This is all for me?

Carly: I did it for the cameras. You're a public figure now, Brad. Presentation is half the battle.

Brad: Hmm, yeah, what's the other half, campaign for Jack's attention?

Katie: No, it was great. Dinner was great. It's just, I'm used to having it after a cocktail party.

Jack: Yeah, see, that's what I'm talking about, though. Cocktail parties are a big mistake. Usually people are coming home after work, they haven't had anything to eat. Empty stomach, they knock a couple back, all of a sudden they're acting silly and all they've got to eat are those little thingies on the toothpicks. This way you eat, you get it over with. What? What are you laughing at me for?

Katie: Just 'cause you're right. Cocktail parties are the worst. I never thought about it, but I'm always trying to hold my purse and my drink and the napkin --

Jack: Don't forget the little thingy on the toothpick. This way we're good.

Katie: We're so good.

Jack: Well, we should probably get going.

Katie: Oh my God, look, fitas!

Jack: Oh, knock yourself out. I could not eat another bite.

Katie: They're not food. They're umm -- Brazilian, right? You tie one around your wrist while making a wish, and by the time it falls off, the wish is supposed to come true. What are you doing?

Jack: Oh, how about an orange one? Oh, sure, hang on a second. Oh, okay, hold on a second. There, it's all you. Thank you. Let me have your wrist, Madam. This way, we both get to make a wish.

Katie: And what are we wishing for?

Jade: You did this. You ran Will off the road and you're trying to make it look like I was trying to kill him.

Cleo: I don't even have a car.

Jade: You stole one. Just like you stole my necklace. You planted it at the scene.

Cleo: That's a lie!

Jade: It's not. You did this. You're trying to set me up.

Maddie: Why would Cleo want to set you up?

Jade: Because I read her diary.

Dallas: What diary?

Cleo: It's my diary, but it's never seen, never read.

Jade: Her diary that proves I didn't do this.

Dallas: And where's this diary?

Cleo: It's in my locker at work. I wouldn't just leave it lying around. And I certainly wouldn't write the horrible things that she said I did.

Jade: Oh, yeah. Like about how you're in love with Will? And how you're going to try to get rid of Gwen so the two of you can be together?

Cleo: Of course I love Will. Look at him? He's a wonderful person. But I love Gwen, too. I would never do anything to hurt them. They're like my dream couple.

Jade: Oh, please. Would you just save that for somebody else? For somebody who doesn't know who you are and why you're here and how you got here?

Noah: Okay, I'm hooked. Why is she here?

Jade: Do you want to tell them, Cleo? Or should I?

Cleo: There's nothing to tell! She's making this all up!

Jade: I couldn't make this up if I tried. Cleo is one of a kind, no matter how much you think you look like Gwen, not that you looked anything like Gwen when you answered my ad months ago --

Gwen: You met Cleo when?

Jade: Before you did. I'm the reason Cleo came to Oakdale.

Cleo: She's making this all up! I came because of you, Gwen, and your singing.

Jade: You came here because you didn't have a life and you wanted Gwen's, and I can prove that without your precious diary. It's over, Cleo. It's finished.

Cleo: I'm not lying about anything and I'm not gonna let you stand there and threaten my very good friends. Will needs to go home, he's hurt.

Jade: Yeah, by you.

Dallas: You said you had proof. I'd like to see it.

Jade: A few months ago, I took some space on a website and I posted a picture -- I posted Gwen's picture. I was really angry about a lot of things and I thought I was going to do this -- something to make me feel better. I was just so sick of her getting away with everything and I thought, maybe if I could --

Gwen: You could what?

Jade: I thought if I could find somebody that looked like you, I could get her to do something -- something really, really bad and then you could get blamed for it.

Will: So you advertised for someone who looks like Gwen and Cleo showed up?

Jade: Yeah, and then I realized she was a complete nut job.

Cleo: I'm not a nut job.

Jade: At first, I didn't think she looked like Gwen at all, but she could sound like Gwen. I got to admit, it was -- it was pretty amazing and she already had a wig and I got her some teeth and clothes. And then I made the mistake of telling her why I was doing this and she went completely bananas, until she realized that if she helped me sideline Gwen, she could be with you.

Cleo: That is so untrue! I was never working with her and I would never, ever hurt you, Gwen.

Jade: At first, no, she didn't want to do anything to hurt Gwen. But then she fell for Will and she realized she would do whatever it took. And that's when I woke up. I realized this was completely insane and I tried to stop her. I told her to leave Oakdale. I even bought her a bus ticket.

Gwen: So did we. I mean, at least we gave her enough money for one.

Jade: Yeah, and she didn't go, because by the time she got her foot in the door, she didn't want to give up. Look, she even got herself in their house.

Cleo: That's because they invited me to stay with them. They like me and that's what you can't stand. They don't like you.

Noah: So Cleo, that's why you think Jade ran Will off the road, because he's friends with you now and not her?

Cleo: Exactly. I mean, I don't know their entire history, but she's jealous of them. I mean, at least that's what Gwen said.

Maddie: And you claim that it's all spelled out in Cleo's diary?

Jade: That's right. You want proof, go get the diary.

Jack: Well, I can't say that it goes with your outfit.

Katie: That's okay. I love it. Thank you.

Jack: As for the wish, Darling?

Katie: Hmm, I don't think you're supposed to tell.

Jack: Ah, I guess I'm just gonna have to stick around till that thing falls off. Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?

Katie: Mmm, twice, I think, but who's counting?

Jack: Come on, let's go. Let's go. The sooner they take your picture, the sooner we can get out of there. Come on.

Katie: Oh, I'm just dreading it. Dreading sharing the spotlight with your oh-so-shy brother.

Jack: Yes, imagine what it was like growing up with him.

Katie: I'm having a feeling that it was a lot harder on him growing up with someone who's so smart and handsome and decent. That's probably why he developed all that charm.

Jack: Wow, I don't whether to feel bad about that or good.

Katie: I'm just saying there's a reason I think he's always working all the angles, you know? He knows you've got him beat.

Jack: Uh-huh, Katie Peretti, you are stalling. You don't want to go to this cocktail party for some reason.

Katie: What? No, it's just been so nice. Just you and me, no phone calls, no drama.

Jack: Yeah, I know. I know we haven't spent a lot of time together since Carly's been back. But all that's gonna come to an end. Now, that Parker's turning himself around, maybe the kids will spend more time with her. Which leaves more time for you and me.

Katie: I'm actually glad she's back.

[Jack laughs]

Katie: No, I am, really. Especially if it means more nights like this.

Carly: Did it ever occur to you that I got dolled up for myself?

Brad: Well, hey, I love the mirror as much as the next handsome guy.

Carly: This isn't about vanity, it's about my career. I'm a designer, I have to look like one, like a good one.

Brad: Well, I'm all for seducing the customer.

Carly: Yeah, I know. I've caught your act. I have to show the world that I have style and class, and after this afternoon, I could certainly use a little fun.

Brad: Yeah, you know what kills me is that guy let you go through your whole sales pitch before lowering the bill. He was a jerk. He was a jerk.

Carly: Well, he did have a point. I have a criminal record. Not many people are going to want to hire me. Which is why I have to advertise the fact that I'm back and that I can be trusted and I'm worth the risk.

Brad: That sounds really good. When did you think of that, after you found out that Jack was going to be there tonight with Katie?

Carly: Now, wait a minute, you invited me to this party. I didn't invite myself. The question is why would you want me there?

Brad: Hey, I am just lookin' out for your career.

Carly: Right.

Brad: Okay, you know, I felt really bad for you today after your business meeting fell apart. I mean, I know you thought it was going to be the first big assignment for your new company. And you know, but you know, then the guy told you to take a hike. That hurts.

Carly: So you want to stroke my wounded ego.

Brad: I'll stroke whatever you got. Okay, come on, Carly, there's no mystery here. You're a beautiful woman. Why wouldn't I want to show up someplace with you on my arm?

Carly: Oh, I'm not on your arm, Brad. I'm three steps ahead of you.

Dallas: This diary. Where'd you say it was?

Cleo: I keep it in my locker, but it's mine and it's very private.

Jade: Oh, I'm sure he won't tell anybody that you dot your is with hearts.

Cleo: That is so mean and so untrue.

Dallas: Did you find anything?

Cop #1: Nothing.

Jade: What do you mean?

Cop #1: Nothing at the web address you gave me, at least not anymore.

Jade: Well, check the server. Maybe they took it down.

Dallas: Thanks.

Jade: I wrote it, it was there, she saw it. Don't you have people that can break through firewalls and track web history?

Dallas: Yeah, we do, and I also have a sworn statement from Will Munson stating that you broke into his house.

Jade: I admitted that.

Dallas: Witnesses that say you threatened his life.

Jade: I was trying to get him to listen to me.

Dallas: And it was your necklace at the scene of the crime.

Jade: I didn't run Will's car off the road. Will, come on, you got to know I didn't do this to you. Will?

Dallas: Jade, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to hold you for further questioning. The rest of you can do go for now.

Jade: I need to make a phone call.

Dallas: Good idea. You're gonna need a lawyer.

Jade: I don't need a lawyer, I need somebody to believe me.

Dallas: Good luck.

Noah: So, you can do an imitation of Gwen?

Cleo: But not a very good one. I came here because of Gwen's music, that's all. And the fact that somebody would take something so beautiful and turn it into something ugly --

Will: Its okay, Cleo.

Maddie: Jade is kind of notorious around here. Nobody believes her.

Cleo: The police believe her.

Will: No, they're just trying to do their job.

Maddie: Hey, we should get going. We have a lot to do before we leave tomorrow.

Noah: Oh, that's right. Branson's tomorrow.

Maddie: Are you going to be able to go?

Cleo: You have to go, Will. Gwen needs you there, to support her, to listen to her.

Will: I'll be fine.

Cleo: I can't believe that Jade would try to spoil this for you guys and blame me. I would never ruin Gwen's concert. I mean, me, of all people.

Will: Nobody thinks that, Cleo.

Gwen: Hey, it's okay.

Cleo: She's the meanest girl I've ever met.

Gwen: She's up there.

Cleo: But you don't believe her, do you, Gwen?

Gwen: No, of course not.

Noah: So, a long time ago, Jade went after Will?

Maddie: Yup, and she got him for about a minute. Actually, she pretended that she was pregnant with Will's baby.

Noah: That's hard to pull off.

Maddie: Which is why she staged an accident and faked a miscarriage and blamed everything on Gwen. So, setting Cleo up to make it look like she forced Will off the road, straight out of her playbook.

Noah: And she bought Cleo to Oakdale. See, that makes sense to me, especially if Cleo can imitate Gwen, although that's really hard to believe.

Maddie: So, you think that Jade brought Cleo to Oakdale but Cleo had her own agenda?

Noah: It sounds like you don't think Cleo could set up Jade.

Maddie: Well, come on, Cleo's a little bit scattered. I have a really hard time believing that she could pull any of this off.

Noah: If she's so hopeless, how'd she get to Oakdale? I know you don't want to take Jade's side on this --

Maddie: No, hey, not true. Okay, maybe it is, a little bit, but we have some really bad blood.

Noah: Does anybody like that girl?

Maddie: Her cousin, Luke, which is probably best that he's not going to Branson, because he wouldn't leave if Jade's in jail.

Noah: They're close?

Maddie: Very.

Noah: That's interesting. I mean, if she's such a big nightmare --

Maddie: Oh, no, she is, she is. But, you know, she's family to Luke.

Noah: Hmm, yeah, well, I know how that goes.

Maddie: And, I mean, don't get me wrong. Luke is not stupid, it's just that he's really fair. If he hears both sides, he will listen and then he will support both sides. So, he's just a great person and I just hope that he can see through Jade's act.

Noah: If it is an act.

Maddie: Well, either way, I just don't want Luke to get hurt. He's been through enough.

Cop #1: You've got ten minutes.

Jade: Oh, my God, Luke. Thank you so much for coming. I thought you weren't coming when I called.

Luke: Of course, of course, what's going on? When Dallas came by earlier, you said that this would amount to nothing.

Jade: Nothing, I thought, because I didn't do anything wrong.

Luke: Well, obviously somebody thinks you did something. Jade, are you under arrest?

Jade: No, not yet, but do you remember when I came by W.O.A.K. and I told you about the necklace that I lost?

Luke: Yeah.

Jade: Would you be willing to swear, tell Dallas, swear that I told you about the "J" necklace before he even ever came over?

Luke: Okay, yeah, yeah, fine. Whatever. You told me about the necklace. But what's going on?

Jade: Well, nothing, if Dallas believes you.

Luke: Believes me?

Jade: Yeah, somebody's setting me up. I'm being framed, but I can prove it.

Luke: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who's setting you up?

Jade: Cleo Babbitt.

Cleo: I would never steal her stupid necklace. I'm the one that they steal from. They took my purse from me, remember, Will?

Will: I remember.

Cleo: And I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that, right?

Gwen: Cleo, why don't we just get you inside? You can take a hot bath.

Cleo: Ow, my head!

Will: What's wrong?

Cleo: Oh, it's like knives.

Will: You want some aspirin?

Cleo: No, no, no, I'm highly allergic to aspirin. I'll just -- I'll go get something else in town.

Gwen: You're going to walk all the way back to town?

Will: Its okay, I'll go. You stay here with Cleo.

Cleo: No, you could get in another accident. She could do something to you.

Will: Jade's in jail.

Gwen: And you actually have a concussion, so you can't drive.

Will: I'm fine.

Cleo: Please, Gwen, go with him. I absolutely could never live with myself if something happened to him. I'll stay here and I'll tidy up and I'll take a bath. And you can bring me back some -- here, I'll write it down. I used to take it when I was back home. It's absolutely the only thing that would work for me.

Gwen: All right.

Will: Okay, fine. So, come with me and we'll get food on the way back.

Gwen: Okay. Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

Cleo: Oh, yes, I'll be fine. Thank you. [Cleo gets her diary out of her purse and writes in it] Thank God I had J's necklace to leave behind and prove it was her, not me, and that the website is gone. She's going to ruin everything. If she'd shown W and G what I'd written about them, they'd hate me. But now J's in jail and nobody can hurt me as long as I do one last thing. Good-bye. Thank you for being my friend.

[She starts ripping up her diary]

Katie: You're such a good sport to do this for me.

Jack: Are you kidding me? You fed me. I'm good for at least an hour.

Katie: Do I have anything in my teeth?

Jack: No, you're camera ready. You're beautiful. Oh.

Katie: Thank you everyone for being here and making "Oakdale Now" such a huge success.

Reporter: Where's Brad? Can't celebrate without your co-star.

Katie: Oh, I'm sure Brad's on his way. He loves a party.

Photographer: So Katie, who's your date?

Katie: This is Detective Snyder.

Reporter: Are you just a friend, Detective, or something more?

Katie: Oh, now, let's not go there. The detective is nice enough to escort me here tonight, let not --

Jack: Hold on a second, we can answer that question, can we? Katie and I have been friends for a very long time and just recently, things changed. We're an item?

Katie: We're an item.

Jack: There you go, we're an item. Officially, I am the man in her life and I couldn't be happier about that.

Gwen: Hey, are you sure you don't want any of Cleo's pills?

Will: Ah, I'm okay.

Gwen: I can't believe that the hospital didn't give you anything for pain.

Will: No, I'm really fine. I'm just hungry. We should eat. Are you okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I'm like fine. I'm just really -- I'm really glad that you didn't get seriously hurt.

Will: Well, I'm still going to Branson, so you don't have to worry about that.

Gwen: I don't -- I don't care about Branson. I mean, you could have been killed. I honestly don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to you.

Will: Oh, Gwen, I just bumped my head.

Gwen: The entire car could have flipped over. I mean, you were run off the road.

Will: Yeah, well, Jade's being charged with vehicular whatever right now as we speak, probably. So, whatever, I'm hungry. Let's just go, okay?

Gwen: Hey, wait just a second. About that. Even -- even if they do charge Jade --

Will: We can't stop Lily from bailin' her out?

Gwen: That's not -- that's not what I was thinking. I was thinking about what Jade said, about teaching Cleo how to impersonate me.

Will: It was pretty weird that she knew about Cleo's little impersonations, but it's got to be what she said, that she was watching us, right?

Gwen: I mean, maybe, but when she said that she was gonna kill you -- I mean, did you take that literally?

Will: I wasn't really thinkin' about it. What's going on?

Gwen: I don't know. Look, you know how I feel about Jade, but there's a giant difference between being angry and being violent. I know her necklace was here, but that means that she had to have driven you off the road, stopped, gotten out of the car and then left you there for dead. I mean, do you really think that she's capable of that?

Will: It's a stretch. If she didn't do it, though, who did?

Luke: Wait, you advertised for a look-alike?

Jade: Yes, and for whatever reason, they can't find the website.

Luke: Okay, you know what? Forget about the website. What the hell were you thinking?

Jade: I wasn't thinking, that's the point. I was mad. I knew it was a mistake the minute Cleo showed up.

Luke: So what? So what, Jade? If someone pretty and trendy had come, you'd like -- you'd install her in Will's life and try to get rid of Gwen?

Jade: Listen, I'm not perfect, okay? I'm sorry. I get mad, I get hurt and I do stupid things, but I wouldn't hurt anybody. You have to know that. And I wouldn't be violent. I'm not asking you to lie. I'm just asking you to tell Dallas the truth that I told you about the necklace. And maybe, he'll spend a little bit more time looking for the website.

Luke: Okay. Well, I still don't understand how that proves anything.

Jade: It proves that I brought Cleo to town. It gives her a motive. She tried to set me up because I want to tell Gwen and Will the truth.

Luke: Yeah, but, Jade, you already told them the truth.

Jade: Yeah, but they don't believe me because my necklace was at the accident site!

Luke: Okay, look, don't yell at me!

Jade: Luke, I'm just really, really worried. If you don't believe me, I don't know what I'm gonna do!

Luke: Okay, I didn't say -- I didn't say -- I never said that I didn't believe you. I just -- you need proof.

Jade: The diary -- the diary is proof. You got to talk to Will and you got to tell him to find out where the hell it is, because she lays it all out in there. When he reads it, he'll know that I didn't do this to him, that he's in danger from Cleo.

Cleo: I'm so sorry. But you understand, right? I mean, because if Will and Gwen ever found you, they'd hate me. It would be just like we were when we were back in Turlock. But I'll never forget you. You're the only one that I could ever talk to. The only one who ever loved me. But now Will loves me. And I have to trust that. I don't have to write about it anymore. I can live it!

Katie: You okay?

Jack: Yeah, I'm fine.

Photographer: If I could have Katie and Brad?

Katie: Be right back.

Jack: No problem.

Brad: Yes, Katie, come over here. Excuse me, Carly. I have to take some pictures --

Jack: What are you doing here?

Carly: Brad needed an escort.

Jack: And you thought you'd step in and do him a favor?

Carly: Yeah, well, it can't be bad for my career to have my picture on the style page.

Jack: So this is for your career?

Carly: Among other things.

Jack: Please tell me you're not dating my brother.

Carly: Would that be a problem?

Jack: For you. Look what happened the last time you two hooked up.

Carly: We haven't hooked up.

Jack: Yet. You know that's his M.O.

Carly: His M.O.? He's not a criminal.

Jack: He's done a lot of damage.

Carly: Okay, I'll consider myself warned, again. This is the second time that you've warned me. You really have a problem with me seeing him, don't you?

Reporter: So, Detective Snyder would be your brother, Brad?

Brad: Sad but true.

Reporter: So obviously you've got a thing for the Snyder men.

Brad: Obviously.

Katie: Well, Brad and Jack are brothers, but they're really nothing alike. I mean, they're both good looking and smart and funny, but Jack is a grown-up and Brad is -- Brad.

Brad: Nothing against my brother -- he makes the world a safer place for, you know, you and me and everybody else. But if you had to tune in every day and watch him, it would be like --


Katie: Okay, everyone, I think I need to get my co-star a cup a coffee.

Brad: How about a drink? A drink would be nice.

Katie: What are you trying to prove?

Brad: What, I mean, what? Jack could no more carry a show than I could wear your pumps.

Katie: I'm talking about you walking in here with Carly as your date.

Brad: Oh, well, you know, I felt sorry for her. She's all alone and she doesn't have a job, and with her record, who's gonna hire her? You know, so I thought, you know, raise her profile, let her show up, do some networking. Maybe it'll help.

Katie: Oh, yeah. She's networking, all right.

Carly: I didn't mean to chase you off.

Jack: You didnít. Drink?

Carly: I just wanted to tell you I think it's sweet how you worry about me.

Jack: Old habits die hard.

Carly: Nothing has to die.

Katie: You brought Carly here for one reason, to stick it to Jack.

Brad: Yeah, he looks real stuck.

(Alarm sounds)

Brad: Look at how upset he is, talking to his ex-wife. So upset he's getting her a drink.

Reporter: If I could follow up about your ratings.

Katie: Oh, you'll want to talk to Brad about that. He's a whiz with numbers.

Brad: Well, the only thing I know about the numbers, is that they've gone way up since I came onboard.

Carly: We have the kids and a lot of memories.

Katie: Carly, this is a surprise.

Carly: Well, you know Brad, didn't want to show up empty-handed.

Katie: Right.

Jack: Would you like something to drink?

Katie: I would love something to drink. A water, please.

Jack: Wonderful. Excuse me.

Carly: That's a pretty dress.

Katie: Thank you.

Carly: And the fita's an interesting choice.

Katie: Oh, you know about fitas?

Carly: And making a wish? And waiting for the string to rot?

Katie: Jack bought it for me.

Carly: Oh, my goodness. That's so sweet.

Katie: Yes, it was. But it was more than that, actually. See, this isn't a huge diamond pendant or anything. But I've never really been one to go for that sort of thing. And the look on Jack's face when he gave it to me, when he tied this around my wrist? That was something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Noah: So you think Will and Gwen will press charges?

Maddie: Absolutely. And then it's good-bye Jade and hopefully, if we're lucky, Luke will get his sense of humor back.

Noah: Luke's funny?

Maddie: When he's not worried about something? Hilarious.

Noah: I'll make a note.

Maddie: You'll really like him when you get to know him.

Noah: Well, I really liked his idea for the cell phone project.

Maddie: I know, me too, which is why I really want him to come down to Branson with us, so we could work on it together. But I guess we'll just have to do it when we get back.

Noah: We better. Because before you know it, summer's going to be over. And we're all going to go off to college.

Maddie: Right. Oh, hey, I totally forgot to ask you, where are you going?

Noah: Northwestern.

Maddie: Very impressive.

Noah: I got lucky, very lucky. I've wanted to go there ever since I was 14, and my next door neighbor got accepted there. But he was, you know, captain of the football team, you know, straight A's, president of the class. And it took me awhile, but finally, I got in.

Maddie: Oh, did you get wait-listed?

Noah: No. I had the grades. I had the scores. I even had the killer essay. It was just 'um, just a question of finances.

Maddie: Tell me about it. If I didn't have a scholarship, I would not be going to Wesleyan.

Noah: Yeah, I didn't qualify for a scholarship.

Maddie: Oh, so -- student loan? Sorry, that's totally not my business. I'm sorry.

Noah: No, no, please don't worry about it. It was -- it was just family stuff. But it all got worked out and I can't wait.

Maddie: Good. So, is your neighbor still there?

Noah: He's actually taking a semester abroad in London. They have all these amazing exchange programs. And it's a great school, you should come visit.

Maddie: I canít. I mean, because I'm going to be in -- all the way in Connecticut.

Noah: I wasn't trying to hit on you, if that's what you think.

Maddie: No, no, it's not it. It has nothing to do with you. I like you, Noah, I do, and I would love to come visit you. Just not in Chicago.

Gwen: Do you feel dizzy?

Will: Yeah. Do you have your key?

Gwen: No.

Will: Where's Cleo?

Gwen: Cleo?

Carly: Jack is a very special man.

Katie: Yes, he is.

Carly: I'm glad you have that fita to remind you.

Katie: Oh, I don't need any reminding.

Carly: I know what you mean. Every time I see my children, I think of him.

Jack: The photographer over there wants another -- wants another picture.

Katie: Thank you. All right, one more. Then we're out of here.

Carly: So, tell me what's it like, dating a superstar?

Jack: Well, I guess you're going to find out. You want to date Brad, that's your business.

Carly: I'm not dating Brad.

Jack: Whatever. We're divorced. You can date whoever you want. Good night, Carly.

Brad: Okay, this party did not rock. So, let me guess, you're tired and want to call it a night?

Carly: I am tired, now that you mention it.

Brad: What a surprise.

Carly: But you know what? I think we should do it again.

Katie: Thank you so much.

Carly: Very soon.

Noah: So, what's wrong with Chicago?

Maddie: Nothing, nothing, I used to live there. Just a lot of bad memories.

Noah: So, we'll meet in London.

Maddie: That sounds great.

Noah: Do you want to get another half-calf mochaccino?

Maddie: Yes, please. I cannot believe that you are a mochaccino lover.

Noah: Um, what's not to love?

Maddie: Ask Casey, he'll give you a complete list.

Noah: Hey, would we'd be overdoing it if we split a blondie?

Maddie: I have been craving a blondie all afternoon, how did you know?

Noah: You were fighting me for the sugar bowl, maybe?

Maddie: You know, I am so happy that you're here and that we're working together. I've been so lonely the past few weeks and we just -- we get along so well and you never pry, which I really appreciate. So, I'm just -- I'm really happy that you're here.

Noah: I feel the same way.

Jade: I'm so glad you're here. You got to call Luke. He was just here and he had to go.

Dallas: Luke Snyder? Your cousin?

Jade: Yes. He can confirm that I lost the necklace before tonight.

Dallas: Because that's what you told him to say?

Jade: No, because that's the truth. I told him yesterday afternoon that I was concerned because I couldn't find the necklace anywhere. And he can confirm that it's true.

Dallas: Listen, what you told Luke and when --

Jade: Dallas, I didn't do this. You have to call Luke, you have to look for the website --

Dallas: Jade, even if we find the website, if even we found the ad -- even if you told Luke that you lost your necklace, it doesn't change the fact that you broke into Gwen and Will Munsonís house.

Jade: I was trying to prove that Cleo is after them and she is!

Dallas: You have no proof.

Jade: The diary is proof.

Dallas: The diary that you don't have and Cleo doesn't want to surrender.

Jade: Of course she doesn't want to surrender it, because it's incriminating. You have to get a search warrant before she destroys it.

Dallas: No, what I have to do is read you your rights. Jade Taylor, you're under arrest. Anything you say, can and will be used against you.

Will: Cleo?

Cleo: Sorry, I'm so sorry, um, I fell -- I fell asleep. I know I shouldn't have. I was just -- I was tidying up and then I got really sleepy and my head started hurting because of that awful Jade, and I just kind of sat down on the bed, and I fell asleep. But don't worry, I smoothed it up.

Will: That's not a problem.

Cleo: What's that?

Will: It's your medicine.

Cleo: Oh, right. Thank you.

Will: We got some burgers, too, if you're hungry.

Cleo: You guys really are too good to me, I don't deserve it.

Gwen: It's just a burger, Cleo.

Cleo: I don't think you really understand. Where I come from, the girls are -- they're so mean. That's why I came here, to start over. I mean, that's why I was -- oh, thank you -- that was why I was on my way to Chicago. But you guys have both have been so good to me. And I just made everything worse. Now, Will is hurt and the car is damaged and -- Jade is in jail and that's all because of me.

Will: It's a good thing I like your cookies.

Gwen: Cleo, he's kidding.

Cleo: Oh. Well, if that is a joke, in that case, I want to make a big batch for you to take to Branson.

Gwen: I thought you had a headache?

Cleo: Oh, yeah, I do. I mean, I did. It got better when I took a nap. You know what? I'm going to go outside. I'm going to go for a walk and look at the stars and get some fresh air. And oh, Gwen, I washed that little top of yours, with the paisleys on it? And you have to bring that because it looks -- it looks so cool on you.

Will: Yeah, I like that top, too.

Gwen: I'll take it.

Will: So, do you still think Jade is telling the truth?

Gwen: Oh, no, no, you were right. Cleo could never do anything like that.

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