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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/26/07

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Jack: I'm no doctor, but I think that lip looks just -- fine.

Carly: Thanks to you.

Jack: So -- you feel okay, then?

Carly: I feel great.

Jack: Good. I should -- probably get going.

Carly: That's not like you, Jack.

Jack: What do you mean?

Carly: You usually finish what you start.

[Jack and Carly move in for a kiss]

[Door opens]

J.J.: They're in here –

Lily: Oh -- did we interrupt something?

Noah: Great. And just to let you know, during Gwen's interview, she wants to talk about her husband's father -- and all the things that cops and their families go through. And -- sorry? You're breaking up. Can you get me a coffee?

Will: Hey.

Maddie: Hey. Hey, where's Gwen?

Will: She's at the Lakeview. Ever since Lisa told her she could go to Branson, she's been working at the Lakeview every time Lisa wants her to.

Maddie: Right.

Will: I heard you're coming with us. I'm glad about that.

Maddie: Yeah.

Will: Did you tell Casey about it? 'Cause I was thinking we could make him, like, a videotape or something. He was Gwen's first big fan so -- he'd like that. What's wrong?

Maddie: I definitely think that you should make a tape for Casey. He would really like it.

Will: Yeah, but what's wrong?

Maddie: When he gets out -- Casey’s not coming back to Oakdale.

Will: Why? Where are you guys going?

Maddie: I'm not going anywhere. We broke up. Well, actually, to be accurate, he broke up with me.

Will: Maddie, I'm sorry --

Maddie: I wanted you to know. So -- okay. That's out of the way. Let's talk about something else, please.

Will: Okay, fine. But before we talk about anything else, I just want to say that he's an idiot.

Maddie: Okay, you can say that -- but it's not true.

Will: It's kind of true.

Maddie: All right.

Noah: Hey, Will, nice to see you again.

Will: So how's everything going?

Noah: Great. Sorry, I've got to write this down right away, or I will forget.

Maddie: Did you get the interview?

Noah: Yeah, I told them we'd be filming it, too.

Maddie: Oh, good.

Noah: Maddie and I are doing a project on Gwen's trip to Branson for "Oakdale Now."

Will: Oh, that's great.

Noah: You know, whenever people hear about how the profits are being donated to help cops and their families -- well, no one's turned us down yet. Gwen's going to be really busy.

Will: Well, she likes busy. That's good.

Noah: That is good. I hope Cleo feels the same way.

Will: Why wouldn't she?

Noah: Well, because, as Gwen's assistant, she's going to be handling all the scheduling and traveling and arrangements and stuff. It's going to be her job.

Will: That's going to be Cleo’s job?

Noah: Yeah. She must be pretty organized, right? Or Gwen wouldn't have picked her.

Will: Gwen didn't exactly pick her for her organizational skills.

Noah: You think it's going to be a problem?

Will: No, there's not going to be a problem. It's going to be a disaster.

Maddie: Oh, come on. Maybe Cleo will surprise us. Maybe she's not quite the airhead that she seems to be.

Cleo: Oh, Man. Not only do I forget my purse, but I forget my -- I -- I thought I shut the door. I don't even know anything anymore! I forget everything. It's absolutely ridiculous. My diary -- what happened to my diary?

Jade: Are you looking for this?

Craig: You stupid idiot, I'm trying to help you!

Paul: Yeah, and I'm trying to kill you.

Craig: Stop fighting me! I can't pull you up if you're fighting me!

Paul: Any last words?

Craig: Let me help you!

Paul: That's not going to happen!

Meg: Paul! Paul, no, let him help you!

Paul: It's over, Montgomery. It's all over!

Meg: Paul!

[Paul falls in the water]

Meg: Paul!

Craig: Meg, no. No, no, it's too steep!

Meg: No, we need to find him!

Craig: We will -- we will, but you've got to be careful. Help me, help me, damn it!

Lucinda: I'm trying to help you!

Meg: Let go of me, I need to find him!

Craig: Meg, listen to me! Stop! We will find him, we'll go down another way.

[Police sirens]

Lucinda: All right, the police are already on their way. They'll know what to do!

Craig: The police?

Lucinda: The police -- you didn't think you were going to get away with this without us doing something? Take it easy. Shh!

Craig: You have got to get Meg out of here.

Meg: No!

Craig: Do you hear that? The sirens? That's the police. Go with Lucinda. Find them. Tell them what happened. Bring them here. I'm going to wait here and look for Paul.

Meg: I am not leaving.

Craig: This is what Paul would want. If you want to find him, you've got to calm down.

Lucinda: Let us not waste time. And don't you even think about escaping!

Craig: Why would I? I tried to save him.

Lucinda: Oh, sure, right. Our hero. Come on, Darling. We'll find him. It'll be all right. It'll be all right. We'll find him. We will.

Meg: I did this, this is my fault.

Lucinda: No, no. It's his.

[Craig remembering shooting Paul]


B.C. Cop: You see him?

Craig: No. He just went over a couple minutes ago. Did you call the coast guard?

B. C. Cop: My partner's radioing it in.

Craig: You think there's any chance he could survive this?

B. C. Cop: Maybe. But only if we find him in the next few minutes.

Maddie: So you really don't think Cleo can handle being Gwen's assistant?

Will: I thought she would when I thought she was going to be getting messages and going to get orange juice --

Maddie: Right, but she has a job now. So she's --

Will: Maddie, she's a maid at the Lakeview. She does the same thing over and over, she doesn't make any of her own decisions.

Noah: I just got another interview. A local radio show.

Maddie: Oh, great!

Noah: Yeah. But they want us to send over a press kit. Like right away.

Will: Well, do you guys know what you put in a press kit?

Noah: Mrs. Hughes said she could help us with stuff like that. I'll get on the phone and give her a -- you know, give her a call.

Maddie: Oh, no, no, no. I can do it. You're busy with the scheduling and everything.

Noah: Yeah, but I was about to hand the scheduling all over to Cleo. You know, so she can kind of get her feet wet and see what it's going to be like when we get down there.

Will: Guys, you're talking about there being a lot of pressure when we get down there -- and Cleo’s going to have to be dealing with a lot of people.

Noah: Yeah?

Will: Well, does it bother any of you that this is the girl that crossed the country to dress up and act like someone that she heard sing once?

Noah: I sense a lack of confidence here.

Will: Right, and now you're talking about her doing scheduling stuff. I mean, have you ever tried to have a conversation with her?

Maddie: Yeah, it's not exactly a straight line. And --

Noah: What?

Maddie: Well, she's a little on the emotional side. I mean, I was over there today, and I needed to talk to Gwen about something, and she asked Cleo if she didn't mind leaving and -- Cleo tried to cover, but she -- you could tell her feelings were really hurt.

Will: Well, that's not good.

Maddie: I know.

Noah: Well, do you think we should let her go?

Will: No. It would kill her. And besides, she was the one who got Gwen to finish the CD. So, she kind of earned this.

Noah: So, you're just pointing out that this is going to be a disaster but won't let us do anything about it?

Will: No, no. I didn't say that. You know what? I'll try and help her out and I'll back her up.

Noah: Well, you could start by reminding her to show up when she's supposed to.

Will: Let me just tell you one more thing before you start working with her. The more you yell at her, the more Cleo-y she gets. I'm going to go and see what's keeping her, see if her feelings are still hurt.

Maddie: That's very sweet of you, looking out for her.

Will: Yeah, well, Gwen and I wanted to spend some time together in Branson. I don't think that's going to happen with her new assistant managing things. That's just what I wanted, a little more one-on-one with Cleo.

Jade: "At breakfast, this morning, I kept looking into W's eyes, and thinking about the day when it would be just the two of us."

Cleo: Stop it!

Jade: Hmm, W? I wonder who that is? It's like a secret code.

Cleo: Give it back!

Jade: No, I'm just getting to the good part. "It's just obvious that G doesn't appreciate what a wonderful man he is." G and W? Hmm, I wonder who these people are?

Cleo: This isn't funny, Jade!

Jade: You're right, it's not funny, Cleo. It's pathetic! "I realize I must do whatever it takes to destroy that marriage. W is too fine a person to love me while he's married to somebody else." Wow, that's some creative writing style you got there, Cleo. I got to admit, though, you're not so flowery when you talk about me. "I'm going to get rid of J for good." I wonder how you were planning on doing that.

Cleo: I wasn’t. I just make up stories.

Jade: Oh, really? I got to level with you, I really don't see a happy ending here.

Cleo: You know what? I have to say something -- Will and Gwen are right. You are a terrible person!

Jade: Will and Gwen? W and G? Could it be?

Cleo: You know, it's not enough that you had to make me look like a thief. You go and read my private diary -- I mean, you enjoy this, right? This is fun for you.

Jade: Cleo, I'm not going to enjoy this for very long. Because this time, you really are going to get on that bus, and you really are going to leave town.

Cleo: I was just making that stuff up, I wasn't going to do anything with it!

Jade: You think that Gwen is going to believe you're just making stuff up when you're staring into W's eyes over breakfast? Or that you want to start a new life with Will in Branson?

Cleo: You can't let them read that!

Jade: Oh, yes, I can. But in fact, Cleo, that's really up to you. If you get on the bus, I'll give you back your little book. And if you don't, Gwen and Will are going to get the number one pick from Jade's book club.

Cleo: You would do something like that, wouldn't you?

Jade: Like you said, Cleo. I'm a horrible person.

Cleo: Okay. You win.

[Cleo picks up her bag]

Jade: Yeah, that's right. I win. So, where do you think you're headed, Cleo?

Cleo: I don't know. I'll just decide when I get to the bus station.

Jade: Yeah. Well, just remember -- get a one-way ticket.

[Cleo hits Jade with her bag and Jade falls and Cleo hits her with her fists]

Cleo: Give it back to me!

Jade: No!

Cleo: Nobody's going to stop me ever again!

[Jade screams]

Carly: Jack was just -- administering first aid.

Lily: Right --

Carly: Yeah, it turns out when this family plays a board game, it's more like a contact sport.

J.J.: It was all my fault -- again.

Jack: Oh, J.J., come on.

J.J.: I'll go finish cleaning up the grill.

Carly: No, Sweetheart, you don't have to do that now. Your friend is here.

J.J.: No, that's okay.

Jack: He really feels bad about what happened to you.

Faith: I know. We talked about it, its okay.

Jack: Good.

Carly: And how's your arm?

Faith: It barely hurts.

Lily: And just maybe a little teeny scar. Maybe.

Carly: Oh, all right. Good.

Faith: Is -- is Parker here?

Jack: Yeah, he's upstairs. One kid upstairs, one out on the porch. Our version of neutral corners. Parker, Faith's here.

Parker: Can I come down?

Jack: That's why I called you. I'm going to go check on J.J.

Carly: So, Honey, would you like something to drink? Lemonade or iced tea or something?

Faith: No, it's okay. I'll just wait for Parker.

Carly: Okay. And what about you?

Lily: Me?

Carly: How about a glass of wine?

Lily: Oh, hmm. How about some champagne?

Carly: Champagne?

Lily: Yeah. I wanted to let you know that we have our first client.

Carly: No, we don’t.

Lily: Yes, we do.

Carly: We do? Oh, that's fantastic.

Lily: Yeah, that's why I wanted to come over here and tell you in person!

Parker: Hey, Faith.

Faith: Hi, Parker.

Carly: Why don't you and I go to the kitchen?

Lily: Okay.

Carly: And we can talk about this new client.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Somebody extraordinarily wealthy, I hope. With a tendency to overspend?

Lily: My favorite kind of people.

Parker: So, how's the arm?

Faith: Better. So, were you in trouble just now?

Parker: Yeah, like always.

Faith: And J.J., too? What happened?

Parker: We got in a fight. And he ended up giving Mom a fat lip.

Faith: Meant for you?

Parker: Yeah. Jerk.

Faith: So you're still mad at him about the thing with the gun.

Parker: What? You don't think I have a right to be?

Faith: Okay, Parker -- can you do me a favor? Make up with J.J.

Jack: You just got to try not to let parker get to you.

J.J.: Yeah, I'll try.

Jack: And I know it's not easy. No one knows better than me that brothers can be a real pain. But, look what happened. Look what happened to your mom.

J.J.: I'm sorry.

Jack: I know you are. And I know you're going to try real hard not to let anything like this happen again. Right?

J.J.: I will.

Jack: Okay. Things are going to get better, Buddy. They really are.

J.J.: I think so, too.

Jack: Good.

J.J.: Dad?

Jack: Yeah?

J.J.: When I came in with Faith and her mom --

Jack: Uh-huh?

J.J.: I'm sorry I hurt mom's lip. But I think it helped you and her get back together.

Jack: Have a seat. I think it's time we had a little talk.

J.J.: What did I do now?

Jack: Nothing. No. I think it's really important that we all work on getting along.

J.J.: Yeah, I said I'll try.

Jack: Yeah, I know. I know you will. But Carly and I, we're trying to get along, too. 'Cause we want this family to be a happy unit, you know? We only want what's best for you guys. And J.J., I told Carly this before -- I just don't want you to get your hopes up because you saw Carly and I --

J.J.: Were going to kiss?

Jack: No, no. No, we weren’t. I was checking out her lip. Buddy, I don't want you waiting for something to happen that's not going to happen.

J.J.: Parker says it's not going to happen. He said that Mom was never coming back, so --

Jack: So sometimes Parker's right, and sometimes Parker's wrong. Just like everybody else.

J.J.: Just like you, too.

Jack: You've got a really smart mouth. Has anybody ever told you that?

J.J.: Yeah, you.

Faith: Do you ever think about how other people feel?

Parker: What?

Faith: Okay, the kids who make fun of me -- the thing that I hate most about them is that they never stop to think what other people might be feeling. Do you ever wonder how J.J. feels?

Parker: Give me a break.

Faith: He was trying to be nice to your mom. He wanted his family back. And you were acting like -- well, you know how you were acting.

Parker: He got me in trouble on purpose.

Faith: And he's sorry that he did, but you don't care about that. You just want him to keep paying.

Parker: Okay, when did you two get to be best friends?

Faith: Oh, come on, Parker. If I can forgive him, you can, too. Oh, hey, J.J. I got that new video game you were talking about. You want to go play?

J.J.: Yeah, there's a TV downstairs. We can use it. Come on.

Jack: You don't look too happy. You want to talk about it?

Parker: No. I have to go finish Sage's doll house.

Jack: We are going to talk about that fight this afternoon, though.

Parker: Does anything ever happen in this family that we don't talk about?

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Hi.

Carly: Guess what?

Jack: What?

Carly: We've got a client. Lily's on the phone right now. She's setting up an appointment.

Jack: You're kidding me? That was fast. Well, I'm proud of you. That's great.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: Are those what I think those are?

Carly: Well, you don't think I would ask you here to referee this family without making your favorite brownies, do you?

Jack: Oh, thank you.

Carly: Any time. So Lily's only going to be here for a few more minutes. You know, maybe we could have a drink together. Like old times.

Cleo: Give me my diary!

Jade: Get off me!

Cleo: Give it back to me!

Jade: No!

Cleo: Give it back! It's mine! No!

Jade: If you think I'm going to let you get away with this, you're crazy!

Cleo: No! No, he's -- I'll show you how crazy I am, you jerkface!

Will: Hey! Hey, what the hell's going on in here?

[Cleo slides her diary under the couch]

Jade: Will --

Will: You want to tell me what's going on? What are doing in my house, attacking Cleo?

Jade: I found her diary.

Will: So? That gives you the right to break in and start attacking? I'm pretty sure that's against the law!

Jade: Wait -- wait, wait, wait. Just read the diary before you decide what to do. Cleo, give it to me.

Cleo: I don't know what she's talking about.

Craig: You can ask anyone. They'll tell you Paul Ryan and I had a pretty bad history. But he went off the rails when I married Meg Snyder.

B.C. Cop: He followed you on your honeymoon?

Craig: Yeah, the guy was pretty obsessive. Always. And then, last year, he got in this car accident. And he was never really right again, you know?

B.C. Cop: But why didn't you let us know when you found out he was here?

Craig: My wife, she's -- she's very protective of him. I was just trying to keep things quiet. No drama.

B.C. Cop: But it didn't work. It's a miracle you both didn't go over.

Craig: No, it didn't work.

B.C. Cop: You sure this wasn't a fight to the death over your wife?

Craig: No. On the contrary, I tried to save him.

B.C. Cop: Well, I'd believe that a lot sooner if Mr. Ryan was here to back that up. But he's not talking, is he?

Craig: It doesn't matter. My wife and Mrs. Walsh -- they saw it. They heard me plead with him to stop fighting me. Just go ask them.

Lucinda: We should go.

Meg: No.

Lucinda: Us being here isn't helping anyone, Darling. And you're exhausted. And you're body's still filled with drugs.

Meg: I am not moving until they find Paul. I'm going to stay right here until they bring him back. And then I'm riding to the hospital with him.

Lucinda: Hey, Darling. Darling --

Meg: Stop. Stop. He's going to get better, and then we are going to go home together.

Lucinda: Right.

Meg: And then I am never leaving his side, ever.

Lucinda: Right. In the meantime, though, we've got to talk practicalities.

Meg: No, we don’t.

Lucinda: Yes, we do. Because Craig’s up there, alone -- alone with the police. And we know what he's doing. He's giving his own version of what happened. We know what that is. It's a litany of self-serving lies.

Meg: That doesn't matter. Paul matters.

Lucinda: Of course Paul matters. But what Craig did matters, too. This was planned. This was premeditated. He drugged you, he lured Paul. He wanted Paul dead, and he wanted you his prisoner. We cannot let him get away with that.

Meg: My head hurts.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey. We can't let him get away with this. He killed Paul.

Meg: No!

Craig: She's right, Lucinda. I didn't kill Paul. I tried to save him. I'll never forgive myself, but I couldn't hang on.

Meg: They find him?

Craig: Not yet.

Meg: Well, tell them he's a strong swimmer. He could have swam to a place where he could've climbed back up.

Craig: I'm sure that they'll take that into consideration.

Meg: Okay, well, tell them! Go tell them what I said!

Craig: I will, I will. [Helicopters passing] They told me they've got the helicopters. They're searching the shore for miles. They're doing the best they can.

Lucinda: Please, let me take you back --

Meg: No, I said no!

Lucinda: Okay.

Craig: Meg, the police want to ask you some questions. They need to talk to you -- to you both.

Lucinda: I imagine they do.

Craig: Just tell them what you saw. Tell them that I tried to save him.

Lucinda: Craig -- Craig Montgomery is worried about himself?

Craig: I never wanted this to happen. Never. Meg -- just tell them the truth.

Lucinda: Tell them the truth? Tell them about the drugs? Tell them that Craig set everything up?

Meg: Okay, you know what? Stop talking. Please, just stop talking to me.

Lucinda: Oh, God, Craig, what are you up to now?

[Craig takes Meg’s cell phone and search’s for the text message he sent to Paul]

Craig: Where, where, where, where?

Craig: Delete? I think so. Bye-bye.

Noah: Mrs. Hughes says she'll meet with me this afternoon. Says getting a press kit together won't be too tough at all.

Maddie: You know, everyone calls her Kim.

Noah: I know, I know. It's just old habits. My family was pretty strict about stuff like that.

Maddie: I guess that's why you're so good at lining things up in Branson. People can't say no to someone as polite as you are.

Noah: Well, everybody down there was always really nice to me. They were very patient with a dumb high school kid.

Maddie: Right. So when we're down there, I guess you're going to be pretty busy, right? Seeing old friends and family.

Noah: Seeing old friends and avoiding my family. Well, they don't live that close to Branson anyway. My father's stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood.

Maddie: Oh.

Noah: Let's just say we don't have a lot in common.

Maddie: Not an old movie buff?

Noah: If John Wayne’s not in it, he ain't interested. I thought Will and Cleo would be back by now?

Maddie: Yeah, I know. Is he answering his phone?

Noah: Maybe I'll swing by before I got to the studio. You know, see if there's a problem.

Jade: She must've stashed it somewhere. I just had it in my hands.

Will: Cleo, are you okay?

Cleo: Yeah, no, I'm fine, really. I think I just twisted my ankle.

Jade: She's fine. She's just trying to stop you from finding the diary.

Cleo: How can you find something that's not even here? Will, please don't leave me alone with here. I'm worried about her. I think she's crazy.

Jade: Nobody has left the room. Which means the diary is still in the room. If you find it and read it, you'll figure out which one of us is crazy!

Will: Jade, what are you doing here?

Jade: I knew that she was up to something.

Will: And that gives you the right to break into my home?

Cleo: Will, I honestly don't know what she's doing here, but she kept talking about Gwen and the new CD.

Jade: That is a lie! I was talking about how stupid you are to write down all the sick stuff in your head.

Cleo: No, she said she was going to sabotage the trip to Branson.

Jade: She's making stuff up that she can't even prove. I can prove what I'm saying if you just find the diary.

Cleo: I keep telling you, there isn't any diary!

Will: But there is. I saw you writing in it. So, Cleo, where is it?

Jack: Carly, when I was talking to J.J. out on the porch -- he already thinks we're getting back together. He saw me taking care of your lip, he got the wrong idea. I think it's important that we be careful not to --

Carly: Yeah, I get it.

Jack: The cookout was a special occasion, okay? But he's going to start getting the wrong idea if I start hanging out -- you know, with you.

Carly: Right. I should have realized that myself.

Jack: I told him that we were going to try getting along better. And I think we should.

Carly: I think we are.

Jack: Let's keep that going. But I think they need to see us as not together.

Carly: Right. Yeah, it's just today was so great for the family, you know. I just wanted to keep it going.

Jack: Yeah. Getting smacked in the face, that's a blast.

Carly: It was worth it. They'll end up brothers again, eventually.

Jack: Yeah, I hope so. Sage is still quiet upstairs, and I got a lot of paperwork to do at the station. So if you wouldn't mind, can Sage and J.J. hang out here for a while?

Carly: Are you asking me to deal with my own kids in my own house? [Jack laughs] Sure. And when you come back, I'll have the brownies -- I'll wrap them up so you can take them with you, okay?

Jack: Great, thanks. And congratulations again. It's just -- it's outstanding.

Carly: Thank you. Thanks for everything.

Jack: I should get going.

Lily: Okay, I set up everything for tonight. Ooh! That's some smile you have there. You know, last time I was here, you weren't that interested in Jack. Has something changed?

Carly: A lot of things are going to change around here. A lot of things.

Carly: So Parker ran away, and we had to go to Chicago together.

Lily: Oh, did something happen?

Carly: Well, nothing -- nothing really obvious. It's just, things sort of shifted so that we're back on the same side again. And not just about Parker. It's hard to explain.

Lily: Okay, I hate to be -- I hate to be the fun sponge here, but did Jack notice this shift?

Carly: No, I don't think so. He doesn't really analyze what goes on between us.

Lily: Okay, so when does this happen? Are you going to send him a memo?

Carly: When it happens, I think the communication's going to be a lot more personal than a memo.

Lily: Oh, okay. I'm trying to be a very supportive girlfriend. But --

Carly: But what? What?

Lily: Simon --

Carly: I'm never going to regret what happened with Simon. But with Jack, it's different. What we have is -- it's different, and it's special. And he knows that as well as I do.

Lily: What about Katie?

Carly: What about Katie?

Lily: Okay, the fact that the two of them are kind of an item, and that's not an impediment?

Carly: No.

Lily: No?

Carly: No, not at all. Don't you understand?

Lily: No.

Carly: His Katie cancels out my Simon.

Lily: Yes, but Katie didn't have Jack steal jewelry and flee the country.

Carly: No, don't you see what's going on here?

Lily: No.

Carly: Jack and I got divorced, and Jack got mad because I took up with Simon -- who's sort of like the anti-Jack, you know -- so then he took up with someone that I can't stand. Clearly -- clearly, he can't possibly, actually be attracted to her.

Lily: No, she's horrible to look at.

Carly: Now, we have a rule in this house. We don't say anything nice about her because she's a traitor.

Lily: Okay, fine. Well, I do wish you luck.

Carly: I don't even need luck. I don't even have to work at it.

Lily: No?

Carly: No, no. You should have seen the look in his eyes when he was taking care of my lip. I am telling you. It's inevitable.

Jack: Hey!

Holden: Hey.

Jack: What's up?

Holden: I need a little cousinly advice.

Jack: Oh, yeah, what about?

Holden: My sister.

Jack: And her so-called marriage to Craig Montgomery? Yeah, sorry I had to miss that. Why? Why would she marry him?

Holden: You know what? I don't think I'll ever be able to answer that, but at this point, that's not even the issue.

Jack: What is the issue?

Holden: She left a room full of people waiting at the Lakeview for a reception that never happened because she and the groom never showed up.

Jack: Oh, and I take it that you don't think that they just wanted to get a jump on their honeymoon?

Holden: No, he kidnapped her. He took her someplace against her will.

Jack: Knowing Craig, I wouldn't doubt that, but I don't think we can technically call it kidnapping if they're married.

Holden: I don't care what you call it, but I don't trust the guy, and I want to find her. I want to talk to her. So if you can't tackle it officially, what I need you to do is give me the name of a P.I. that you trust.

Jack: I got his card here.

Holden: Paul Ryan, he's supposed to be in on it, but that doesn't really put my mind at ease.

Jack: Yeah, all right. Well, hey, listen, this guy I used to work with at the bureau, he's really good.

Holden: All right, thanks. You know, I might be making more of this than it is, but sometimes you got to go with your gut.

Jack: Yeah, of course, I understand. So how's everything else? How's Faith doing?

Holden: Everything's fine. I was surprised to hear that Parker's staying with Carly.

Jack: Off and on. But Carly and I are still feeling our way through this. I have mixed feelings about it, but you know.

Holden: Yeah, yeah, I can imagine. And from what I hear, you and Katie got a pretty good thing going.

Jack: We do.

Holden: So, Carly showed up -- it must have provided a few awkward moments.

Jack: A few, but Katie and I, we're doing okay.

Holden: Well, good. I wish you the best.

Jack: Thank you.

Holden: Does Carly wish you the best?

Jack: Carly's got her hands full trying to get back in good graces with her children. And, of course, this business thing with Lily.

Holden: Ah -- yeah, that.

Jack: What? What, you don't think it's a good idea, the two of them working together?

Holden: No, I don’t. I don’t. I think it's a big mistake.

Jade: The man asked you a question. Where's the diary?

Cleo: It's -- it's in my locker at the Lakeview.

Jade: She's lying. It is in this room.

Will: Hold on. Cleo, why did you say you didn't have one?

Cleo: Because I thought that you would think it was stupid.

Jade: It is stupid to write down all the stuff you're planning.

Cleo: But she didn't read it. I mean, it's in my locker.

Jade: I can give you direct quotes.

Cleo: And she's just trying to come up with a reason for why she was here.

Jade: She calls you "W" and Gwen "G." And she says flat out that she's in love with you.

Will: Oh, come on, Jade.

Jade: It's the truth. I'm not asking you to believe me. I'm just asking you to look for the diary! Would I ask you to look for it if I didn't think that it was here? [Knocking on door] You can get the truth in her own handwriting.

Cleo: I'll get it.

Jade: Don't let her go! She's probably got it under her clothes!

Will: And maybe you're the one that's lying right now.

Cleo: Oh, hi, Noah. I'm not at the diner.

Noah: Good to know.

Cleo: I forgot my keys, and I went home to get them, and I got in a big fight with the female over there. Do you have any iodine?

Noah: Not on me.

Jade: Come on, can't you see that that's an act? That nobody could be that -- that.

Will: It's true. Sometimes people lie to me over and over, and I don't catch on. Other times, they actually tell me they're pregnant, and I believe them.

Jade: Okay, fine, throw the past in my face, I understand that. But what I don't understand is why you won't just look for the diary to see what I'm talking about! That's all I'm asking you to do.

Noah: I'm sorry, what's going on here?

Will: Nothing. Hey, Noah. Actually, we can start talking about the scheduling right after I call the cops and have her arrested for breaking and entering.

Lucinda: Darling, Meg, I know you don't want to talk.

Meg: That's right.

Lucinda: But I think there isn't much time. And we have to make some decisions before Craig gets back with the police.

Meg: No, we don’t. We don't have to do anything but wait. And pray that, somehow, Paul is safe.

Lucinda: Meg, I want you to think. Would you think, please, think about everything that we know about Craig, and then think about what we saw. Do you think it's possible that Craig saw us coming? Do you think that he may have staged one final great performance just because he knew he had witnesses?

Meg: What?

Lucinda: Well, think what he did to get Paul to the cliff. He drugged you. I mean, he didn't get -- he didn't get Paul to the cliff in order to have a chat with him. Do you think its right that we help him get away with this?

Meg: That's all that matters to you, isn't it? It's not Paul. It's revenge.

Lucinda: No, I care about Paul. I can care about him and still want Craig to pay. Absolutely, pay for everything he's done. We will tell the police the truth -- only the truth. But we don't have to tell them what Craig said at the end. Why should we help him evade justice yet again?

Meg: Did you find him?

B.C. Cop: Not yet, Ma'am.

Meg: It's taking too long. The water's freezing. You know how quickly hypothermia sets in?

B.C. Cop: Yes, Ma'am.

Meg: He's gonna lose motor skills. He won't be able to swim!

Craig: Meg --

Meg: Don't touch me! Just don't touch me.

B.C. Cop: I'm really sorry, Ma'am, but I'm going to have to ask you a few questions about what just happened.

Meg: It's taking too long, isn't it? Tell me the truth.

B.C. Cop: We'll keep looking. But I don't think there's much hope that Mr. Ryan survived.

Craig: Do you want some water?

Lucinda: Are you going to drug her again?

Craig: All right, you know what? Why don't you just leave? She does not need this!

Lucinda: What she doesn't need is to be alone with you.

B.C. Cop: Are you all right? Do you want me to call you a doctor?

Meg: No, I just want to get this over with. And then I want to be left alone.

B.C. Cop: Why don't you just tell me what you saw when you got to the falls?

Meg: Paul -- Paul --

Lucinda: Officer, I can tell you. I was there. This is what -- I saw this man, Mr. Montgomery, push Paul Ryan off the cliff, deliberately. That's what happened.

Jade: Can you come up with one possible reason why I would make up something like this?

Will: Because you're so pathetic, you can't handle that Gwen and I are actually friends with Cleo.

Cleo: He's never called me a friend before.

Jade: You think I'm actually jealous of that?

Will: Yes, I think there's something in you that doesn't like most people.

Jade: She's a con! Can't you see this -- it's an act! If you find the diary and read it, I can prove it.

Will: If I actually go look for that book, then I'm taking your word over hers, and I'm not gonna do that!

Jade: You little witch! Where's the diary?!

Will: You know what I finally figured out about you? All the stuff you pulled. It wasn't about me. It was about Gwen. You couldn't handle that she was a better person than you are.

Jade: Stop talking about me like that! You know I'm not like that!

Will: And you're even worse than I thought you were.

Jade: Get your hands off me!

Will: All right, I'm gonna go call the cops.

Jade: Don't you dare! I'll kill you!

Jack: Oh, you really don't think Lily and Carly working together is a good thing?

Holden: Lily's had a very bumpy ride this last year. The last stop was rehab. I'd have been very happy if she'd just come home and decided to keep things simple for a while.

Jack: Yeah, I understand. With Carly, nothing's ever really simple.

Holden: Lily's vulnerable right now. When she got addicted to those pills, she became somebody that I didn't recognize. Lying to me, to the kids, to herself. I don't want her to go back to that. She might, if she gets under too much pressure.

Jack: Yeah. Why don't you tell her how you feel?

Holden: Well, it's not so easy to say that stuff without her thinking that I don't trust her.

Jack: Right.

Holden: And it's not that I don't want her to have a job outside of home.

Jack: I understand, it's the partnership.

Holden: I just think she needs to be careful about who she listens to right now. But who knows? These two could be a huge success.

Jack: Oh, yes, they could.

Holden: Hey, I was thinking, maybe the four of us should get together some time. You, me -- Lily, Katie.


Jack: That'll go over great. Not now. Soon, but --

Holden: I know, I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Listen, I'll call you. When I find my runaway sister. I'll be in touch.

Jack: Please do.

Jack: Hey, it's me. I miss you. When are you coming home? All right, okay, great. Just get home safe, please? 'Cause I am ready to start having some damn fun.

Lily: I just have to say this. The feelings that you're having for Jack -- are you sure it's not because you're just a little lonely?

Carly: Well, that could be part of it. The way I felt when he was touching my face, that's probably part of it. But earlier when we were outside, and Sage said something, Jack was laughing. He was so happy. Then it hit me -- when we're together -- when he and I are together, and we're with the kids -- I'm home. And I don't ever want to leave home again.

Lily: I know how you feel.

Carly: There's nothing I can do about it. I love him, and I want him back.

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