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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/25/07

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Parker: Is this ready to go?

Carly: Yeah, the drinks are all set. You can take them out to the grill. I'm looking for some games. Do you know where they are?

Parker: We're playing games after dinner?

Carly: I thought it would be fun.

Parker: But -- how long are they staying? I mean, I thought Sage and J.J. were just coming to eat.

Carly: Well, yeah. We'll eat, and then I thought we'd play a game or watch a video or something.

Parker: I can't do that.

Carly: Why not?

Parker: I have to go over to Toddís later.

Carly: Since when? Hey. You know that J.J. is very sorry about what he did to you.

Parker: Is that what he told you?

Carly: Can you at least think about forgiving him?

Sage: We're having a cookout!

Carly: Yes, we are. Did you thank your dad?

Sage: Thanks, Dad. Parker!

Parker: Hey, Squirt.

J.J.: Why are you here? Why weren't you at the farm for breakfast?

Jack: Parker wanted to spend some time with your mom.

Carly: Hey, come here.

J.J.: Hi, Mom.

Carly: Hi, Sweetheart.

Sage: Hi, Parker.

Parker: Hey, Sage. Guess what? I fixed your dollhouse.

Sage: You did?

Parker: Come on. I'll show you.

Carly: I'm looking for some games. Do you know where they are?

J.J.: They're downstairs. I'll get them.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: Looks like it's going to be a rocky afternoon for you.

Carly: They'll make up eventually.

Jack: I guess I'll head out.

Carly: Hey, you know, we do have plenty of food. Why don't you stay?

Cleo: I'm going to Branson! Iím going to Branson. Hey, can you actually believe you're really going to be singing there?

Gwen: Actually, when I think about it, my heart starts going at about 100 beats a minute. In a good way. What are you doing?

Cleo: I'm just looking at some clothes. I'm going to get a new outfit.

Gwen: Need some help?

Cleo: I'd love some. Oh, all the ones right the with the green tabs, all the green tabs mean what I like.

Gwen: Oh. Well, I mean, what's the look that you're going for?

Cleo: I want to look hot.

Gwen: We can definitely do hot. All right. Hey, you know, maybe you'll meet some cute guy there, and you'll fall madly in love.

Cleo: Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking.

[Knock on door]

Gwen: Hey, I was literally just about to call you.

Cleo: Hey, Maddie, have you heard the news?

Maddie: Hi, Cleo.

Cleo: Hi. Well, guess what? Gwen finished the CD and she's going to Branson with Will, and I'm going with them!

Maddie: Yeah, I heard about the CD and Branson. Noah told me.

Cleo: Oh. Well, guess what else she gave me the very first copy of the CD, of the very first CD she ever made. And just wait until you hear the new cut! It's incredible.

Maddie: Okay.

Gwen: Yeah, actually, I thought Casey would be really happy about this. That's why I was going to call you. To see if I could write him a letter to see if he could get mail yet.

Maddie: Yeah, yeah you can write him a letter. I just got one from him today.

Gwen: Oh. Well, what did it say?

[Maddie starts crying]

Lucinda: Never leave home without it. Okay. Hi, Meg. Meg? Meg? Meg. What has he done to her?

[Craig is holding a gun and pointing it at Paul on the cliff]

Craig: Easy.

Paul: What did you do to her? Where's Meg?

Craig: I know you're willing to give your life for her, but think about it. I'm just saying, if you're dead, you can't see her, so back off! You and I are going to have a little talk about you and my wife.

Paul: Did you hurt her?

Craig: Just a little, but that's your fault. Imagine my hurt when I saw you kissing her not five minutes after we were married at the church. And then I had to hear how much she wanted you.

Paul: So that's why you hurt her?

Craig: Weíll work up to that. Next question.

Paul: Where is she?

Craig: Well, thatís right. I didn't tell you that, did I? Because you want to go rescue her, don't you? Well, you know what? That's not going to happen. You are never going to see my wife again.

Paul: I will find her myself.

Craig: If you do not stop, I will shoot.

Paul: Go to hell.

[Craig shoots Paul in his side, Paul falls down stunned Craig shot him]

Lucinda: Hey. Oh, good. There you are. All right. Thank goodness. Here. Wait. Here. I don't know what happened. I just got here. I just got here this moment. You were passed out. Drink.

Meg: Lucinda?

Lucinda: Yes, drink. Easy. Drink.

Meg: Okay.

Lucinda: I don't know what happened. After you didn't show up at the wedding reception, at the lake, everybody got terribly worried, terribly worried about you. And I started looking for you. And do you know where you are? Do you know?

Meg: Honeymoon.

Lucinda: Uh, yes. Craig swooped you away.

Meg: Craig, Craig. Where is he? Where is Craig?

Lucinda: I don't know, Darling. You're in British Columbia. I don't know where Craig is because I just got here. I would have thought that Paul would be here.

Meg: Paul. Where's Paul?

Craig: Wow, that must hurt. That must really hurt. Maybe you should stay put.

Paul: Yeah, so you can finish me off, huh?

Craig: Don't be ridiculous. If I wanted to kill you, I'd have taken another shot. But that just looks like a graze to me. That's lucky for you that you're not dead, because that allows us to have a little talk.

Paul: Okay. What do you want, Craig?

Craig: I want you to live a long, long life, Paul. I want you to savor just what a failure you are.

Paul: Oh, what a failure I am?

Craig: You always end up hurting the people you're trying to protect. But they never are. Think about your little sweet sister, Jennifer.

Paul: My sister? My sister whose baby you stole. That sister, Craig?

Craig: I allowed her to believe that her son was dead, but I didn't ask you to help perpetuate that myth. But you did. All the while claiming you were protecting her. And when you tried to protect Rosanna, she ended up in a car crash that sent her into an irreversible coma.

Paul: A car crash you caused.

Craig: And now Meg, poor little Meg, all in the name of getting back at me?

Paul: What have you done to her?

Craig: I know you're bleeding, Paul, but I need you to focus. This is about you, Paul, what you've done to Meg. You used her as a pawn, and I will not let you do that. Otherwise you have a very good chance of her winding up like Jennifer and like Rosanna.

Paul: What are you planning?

Craig: I'm planning a long and happy life with Meg. She's going to be happy, healthy and well loved.

Paul: With you.

Craig: More importantly, without you. And you, my friend, are going to help me.

Paul: What do you want?

Craig: I want you to agree to disappear from our lives forever.

Paul: And what if I don't?

Craig: Then I may be forced to come up with another plan.

Gwen: So Casey finally wrote to you?

Cleo: What did he say?

Maddie: That when he comes back, he's not coming back to Oakdale.

Gwen: What! That's crazy. His entire family's here.

Maddie: Yeah, well, apparently he doesn't care about that. Or me.

Gwen: Well, where does he think that he's going to go?

Maddie: I don't know. I just know that he's not coming back to Oakdale.

Cleo: But why? Why isn't your boyfriend coming back?

Maddie: He says that he's no good for me.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I really -- I don't understand.

Maddie: He was talking like that since before he went away. And we always argued about it. And I kept telling him that I love him. And then in his letter, he told me that he doesn't want me to wait for him anymore. What am I supposed to do?

Gwen: You know what? We'll figure something out, okay? I promise.

Cleo: I think -- I think you should forget about the convict. No, I'm serious. I mean, I mean you're so cute, I bet you could pick up another guy in a heartbeat.

Maddie: I don't want anybody else.

Cleo: Oh, I said the wrong thing, didn't I? Hey, Maddie, you know what? Stay right there, and I'm going to get a box of tissues and some ice cream. I read somewhere that ice cream is an absolute cure for heartbreak. Okay?

Gwen: Cleo, we don't need anything right now.

Cleo: Are you sure?

Gwen: Yeah. We just need a few minutes alone.

Cleo: Oh. Yeah. I've got, like, a million things that I could do now. I could do them -- I could do them right now.

Gwen: Thank you, Cleo.

Cleo: Oh, no problem. And Maddie, I'm really sorry about your boyfriend.

[Cleo leaves and stands outside by the door and looks in the window]

Jack: Thanks for the invite, but I can't stay.

Carly: Why not? You have plans with Katie?

Jack: Katie's out of town.

Carly: You have to work?

Jack: Carly, I can't stay.

Carly: Why not?

Jack: Because it will confuse the kids.

Sage: Stay, Daddy, please?

Carly: Hey, Honey. So how's that dollhouse, huh?

Sage: I forgot how to put the dolls in.

Jack: Eating, playing games afterward, it sends the wrong message.

Carly: Well, Jack, J.J. heard us arguing about whether to send Parker to that camp. Parker saw us at each other's throats before he ran away. What kind of message did that send?

Jack: Okay, so we'll be better about that. We'll try not to argue in front of the kids.

Carly: So how will we be in front of them, then?

Jack: What do you want from me, Carly?

Carly: I want you to do this with me, Jack. I feel like Iím doing everything wrong. And I don't know how to make it right, but I know what we're doing is wrong.

Jack: So you think I'm doing something wrong with our kids?

Carly: No. No, not you. We, Jack. If we work together, if we really work together, I know that we can be better than just good parents. We can be great parents.

Jack: But we're not together, Carly.

Carly: We don't live together anymore, and we're not married anymore, but they still need us both. We still have to prove to them that we can be united front when they need us to be.

Jack: And me sticking around for a cookout, that's going to accomplish all that?

Carly: It's a start.

Jack: I don't know, Carly.

Carly: Jack, you know, let us not forget that you are, after all, the grill master.

Jack: Yeah, there is that.

Carly: I'll make you potato salad.

Jack: Okay, I'm in. Get those burgers ready, I'll go fire up the grill.

[Carly smiles after he goes outside]

Gwen: You know, Maddie, I think you might need to give Casey some time. Just keep writing to him and telling him how you feel.

Maddie: No, he won't write me back, and he already said he's not going to open any letters I send.

Gwen: Well, if he said that, then he's a jerk.

Maddie: I know. He's a jerk that I love.

Gwen: No. I'm being serious. I mean, this prison thing didn't just happen to him. It happened to the both of you. And if, you know, he's decided to end the relationship without even giving you the option to talk about it, that's not okay. I do know one thing. I know he's sitting there thinking that what he's doing is best for you. And there's absolutely no way that he's stopped loving you.

Maddie: I know. I keep telling myself that. It doesnít really help though.

Gwen: Well, since everything else has failed miserably, you want some ice cream?

Maddie: Not really. I don't know. Let's wait till Cleo gets back. So tell me about your CD.

Gwen: Come on, you don't want to talk about that right now.

Maddie: Yes, I do. Have you ever been to Branson?

Gwen: Oh, yeah. Like -- no. Never. I'm really excited, though. I mean, this is a huge opportunity for me.

Maddie:  Are you scared?

Gwen: I mean, it's not that big of a deal. I've sang on stage -- yeah, I'm terrified.

Maddie: You're going to be great. I'm proudest of you finishing the CD in spite of everything that happened with Adam, really.

Gwen: Do you still think about that?

Maddie: Of course. You?

Gwen: I mean, obviously, it was a huge deal, finding out that Adam was still alive, but that doesn't change the choices that we made. I still feel really horrible about myself a lot of the time.

Maddie: I know. Me, too. And I think I couldn't even -- I couldn't even tell Casey about it. I mean, I was so shut down when I met him, and then he -- he used to tease me all the time. And he flirted with me and annoyed me to no end. And he really saved me, Gwen. A lot of times, and I just wish that --

Gwen: That maybe he'd let you save him just once?

Maddie: Yeah. I don't want to lose him. I donít. But I think I already did.

[Cleo comes in quietly in the front door]

Gwen: You know what? Maybe we should, you know, take a break from work. Get away.

Maddie: And go where?

Gwen: Why don't you come to Branson?

J.J.: I thought it was fixed.

Sage: It was. Then it broke again. Is the food ready?

J.J.: It will be a while. Mom's making potato salad.

Sage: Potato salad's your favorite.

Parker: I know. Look, I don't think I can fix this piece.

Sage: Can you fix it?

J.J.: Sure. I can help.

Sage: I think I'm going to go play with my dolls.

J.J.: Parker?

Parker: Yeah.

J.J.: I'm sorry about leaving the bb gun out and making it seem like you did it. And I didn't mean to get you in trouble.

Parker: Yeah, you did.

J.J.: Yeah. I guess I did. But I'm sorry.

Parker: Why did you do it?

J.J.: I blamed you because we couldn't see Mom.

Parker: So you wanted me gone, send away to some Juvie camp for the summer.

J.J.: Well, I didn't mean for all that bad stuff to happen and for Faith to get hurt and for Mom and Dad to send you away.

Parker: Okay. What did you think was going to happen?

J.J.: Look, Parker, I just wanted all of us to be back together. Like today. Mom and Dad and all of us here at home. And you're my brother. And that thing that I did was stupid and wrong. And I really am sorry.

[Jack and Carly look in the front window at Parker and J.J.]

Jack: How's it going in there?

Carly: You know, I'm not sure. J.J. looks nervous. Parker looks stubborn. I'm going to go referee.

[Jack holds Carlyís arm so she wonít go in]

Jack: Give it a minute. I kinda coached J.J. into making a good apology.

Carly: You did?

Jack: Yeah, now that I think about it, I should have talked to Parker, too, but I didn't have a chance.

Carly: I did. I told him to take it easy on J.J.

Jack: Good. So the boys should be able to take it from here.

[Carly looks down at Jackís hand holding her arm]

Meg: When was the last time you saw him?

Lucinda: I saw him near Vancouver when he was hiring a private eye, making phone calls, and I offered my services to him, but he preferred to go alone. And, of course, we had one of our usual arguments.

Meg: Okay. So you think he's coming here now?

Lucinda: I'm sure that he is, Darling. Now, Craig, tell me. I mean, what happened? Did he find out about you and Paul? Did he tear up the contract?

Meg: The contract?

Lucinda: The contract. Delivering Worldwide to you, the contract, which you married him. What did he do with the contract?

Meg: I don't know.

Lucinda: Come on, Darling, trying to remember, this is important.

Meg: I've been drugged, Lucinda. I'm having a hard time getting my brain to work.

Lucinda: Okay. Okay. What is the last thing you do remember?

Meg: Going to bed last night and Craig wouldn't let me call anyone.

Lucinda: And you had sex?

Meg: No, no!

Lucinda: Well, you're dressed appropriately.

Meg: We slept in the same bed together. I can't remember.

Lucinda: It doesn't matter, Darling. It really doesn't matter to me. But, now, Craig, when? When? Did he find out that the marriage was a setup?

Meg: At the church, he saw us.

Lucinda: Us? Oh, you mean you and Paul?

Meg: Yeah, we were kissing.

Lucinda: Why couldn't you keep your hands off each other for just a few hours?

Meg: He started blaming Paul, and I told him that he had nothing to do with the marriage. And then I started telling him about the fake phone calls about Rosanna.

Lucinda: Oh, my heavens. What did Craig do with the contract?

Meg: I don't know! Lucinda. He was angry, and then he was quiet, and then he gave me this tea. It didn't matter what I said.

Lucinda: What? What, Meg?

Meg: I begged him to leave Paul alone, but he said that he had to make sure that our stories matched. That he had closure. Oh, my God. Lucinda, he went after him. He went after Paul.

Paul: You donít really expect me to just walk away from Meg?

Craig: I told you to stop, you didn't, I shot you. So maybe now you will believe me this time. Stay away from my wife.

Paul: Because with me out of the way. Sheíll learn to love you?

Craig: She agreed to marry me.

Paul: Because you blackmailed her! Because she wanted to get Lucinda back her company. Getting Worldwide was all she cared about. And marrying you was the quickest way to accomplish that.

Craig: Meg's an honorable woman. Once she makes a commitment, she likes to stick to it.

Paul: She doesn't love you, Craig. You heard so yourself at the church. You heard us in the church we were going to run away together. Where in that do you see any hope for the two of you?

Craig: Because when you were gone, Meg will be free to choose who she wants to love. I will simply make sure she chooses me.

Paul: Why can't you just leave her alone?

Craig: Why can't you?

Paul: I did. I left her alone. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I did it for her.

Craig: Then you came back.

Paul: She came back to me. Because she wanted to. Not because I forced her.. Not like you.

Craig: But you have made promises that you can't keep. Protecting people like  Rosanna and Jennifer. I will not let you do that to Meg. You will not break her heart.

Paul: She will never love you. She can't stand the sight of you. She'll never let you touch her.

Craig: I wouldnít be so sure about that. It was just a few hours ago. Meg made love to me. 

Paul: I don't believe you.

Craig: Meg is my bride, after all.

Paul: In name only.

Craig: Granted, she was a little shy at first, but you know, there's this sweet spot on the back of her neck. Once I touched that -- I see you know what I'm talking about.

Paul: Meg would never sleep with you.

Craig: We already have. We have several times. Having quite a go at it. The first time, you actually barged in on us.

Paul: Meg and I weren't together then. She would never willingly sleep with you. She wouldn't let you near her unless -- did you threaten her?

Craig: All right, you've got me. I admit I did offer Meg an incentive.

Paul: What did you do?

Craig: When she realized that I knew how you two had deceived me, she was so worried about you that she was eager to consummate this marriage. She tried not to enjoy it, but my Meg is a passionate woman.

Paul: You used her --

Craig: Yes. I used her feelings for you. Meg made love to me so I wouldn't kill you.

Meg: You've got to help me. I need to get to Paul.

Lucinda: Sit down before you fall down. You're worrying about something you don't need to worry about.

Meg: But Craig was furious. Who knows what he'll do?

Lucinda: He'll have to find Paul first.

Meg: I've got to get my phone.

Lucinda: No, no. I'll get the phone. Okay. Here we are. Hereís your phone. Here it is. I'm sure that Paul will get back to us.

Meg: You said you two had an argument? What was it about?

Lucinda: Paul, he thinks I'm more interested in retrieving my company than your welfare.

Meg: Well, he'll answer the phone now that he thinks it's from me. It says here that a text message was sent to him.

Lucinda: What is the message? What does it say?

Meg: Craig must have used my phone to make Paul think that it was from me. He asked Paul to meet him at Shadow Cliffs.

Lucinda: Oh, my God, where is that?

Meg: I have to get him. I have to stop him.

[Meg gets up and faints]

Maddie: Going to Branson isn't going to help me not think about Casey.

Gwen: I really want you to be there. And Will would love it, too. You're practically his best friend.

Maddie: Yeah, but he wants to spend time with you, not hang out with me.

Gwen: I'm going to be busy. He's going to be bored stiff.

Maddie: And instead of watching you, your husband can watch me be depressed? I don't think so.

Gwen: Please, Maddie? I need you there. I need moral support. I haven't performed much since Adam.

Maddie: You'll be fine.

Gwen: I'll be better if you're there.

Cleo: Just say no. Please say no!

Maddie: No, I canít.

Gwen: Okay. That's cool. That's fine. I thought best friends forevers were supposed to be there for each other no matter what. But if that's the way you feel -- whatever.

Maddie: Oh, okay. You're going to play that card. Okay, I will come. I'll come. Okay.

Gwen: Yes! We're going to have so much fun! There's music, an amusement park, outside the city.

[Cleo hears this and walks out the door]

Jack: I got to get those burgers off the grill.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: You should come with me.

Carly: What if they start swinging at each other?

Jack: They'll be fine. Come on, let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Parker: When your mom died, and Jack said you were going to live with us, I didn't want you here.

J.J.: I know. You told me like everyday.

Parker: I couldn't stand how you hated my mom so much. I wished every night for you to go away. But I didn't lie about you. I didn't set you up. I didn't do anything like that.

Carly: It looks like rain, so we'll eat inside. Okay? How are things going in here?

J.J.: Good.

Parker: Yeah, it's cool.

J.J.: I'm gonna go get Sage.

Parker: I'll grab the potato salad.

Carly: I guess you were right. Leaving the boys alone worked.

Jack: You were right. It's easier with the both of us here, together.

Carly: So what did you tell J.J., about the good apology?

Jack: That you have to let the other person be mad if they want. Let them say what they need to say. But admit that you're wrong, say you're sorry, and mean it.

Carly: I'm sorry for all the ways I hurt you and our kids, Jack. I really mean that.

Jack: I'm sorry, too.

J.J.: I told you we'd win.

Carly: And we did.

Jack: Everybody gets lucky every now and then, right?

Carly: Okay, guys. Best two out of three. Set it up.

[Parker tips the game board over]

Jack: Hey, hey. Parker.

J.J.: I did not cheat.

Parker: You've been cheating the whole game.

J.J.: Are you kidding me?

Parker: Right, and you never lie either. I forgot, you're perfect.

J.J.: I didnít cheat. Take it back.

Jack: Guys, don't shove.

[Parker and J.J. roll on the floor fighting]

Carly: Parker, no.

J.J.: Get off me!

Jack: That is enough. That is enough. What is going on with you two? Carly, take him.

[Carly holds Parker back, and Jack holds J.J. Suddenly J.J. swings at Parker. Parker ducks and Carly is hit in the mouth]

[Jade comes in the diner. Cleo is sitting at a table writing furiously in her diary]

Cleoís voice: And that's why Branson is a dead dream. I can't believe G wants M to go instead of me. And G said that M was practically W's best friend! When did that happen, by the way? And now M doesn't have a boyfriend, and she's going to be spending all that time with W while G works. And I'll be stuck here with nothing and no one. All I wanted we to be alone with W while G becomes a big star. I just wanted to be there for him.

Gwen: So Maddie and I checked with Kim.

Maddie: And she said that she'll give me a couple days off to go with you guys to Branson.

Noah: Excellent. So Maddie's going to be your assistant?

Gwen: No, Cleo's still going to be my assistant. Sheís really excited about that. But I have to say Iím really glad you're coming.

Noah: Me, too. Since "Oakdale Now's" covering Gwen's concert, and you know all about her music, right?

Maddie: Absolutely.

Noah: You can help me figure out a good angle for the story.

Gwen: I'm going to call Will and tell him that you're coming.

Noah: You'll love Branson. It's the live music show capital of the world. And thereís parasailing and horseback riding and -- I'm sorry, am I talking to myself here?

Maddie: I'm sorry. Iím sorry. What were you saying?

Noah: You were thinking about your boyfriend, huh?

Maddie: Oh, no. I've just got a lot on my mind.

Noah: Hey, why don't we do a video diary of Branson for "Oakdale Now?" Like the one you did at prom for your boyfriend? And we could do a B roll of just you and send it to him.

Maddie: That's okay.

Noah: I think he'd get a kick out of it. We can video of you at amusement parks, car shows, rock climbing and whatever else he's into.

Maddie: Yeah. Casey loves all that stuff, except the part that includes me. Because he definitely doesn't want to be with me anymore.

Paul: How long do you think you can keep Meg tied to you?

Craig: As long as it takes.

Paul: If you keep threatening people she loves --

Craig: It isn't a threat. It's an ultimatum. Leave or I will kill you.

Paul: Go ahead, kill me. You'll lose Meg forever.

Craig: Meg is my wife. We were in bed last night. We're going to be in bed together tomorrow.

[Paul hits Craig. Craig drops the gun]

Paul: Did you hurt her?

Craig: What?

Paul: You said before that you hurt her. Did you hurt her?

Craig: What difference does it make? You'll never find her.

Paul: Where is she?

[Craig punches Paul. Paul falls and is hanging by his hands on the cliff]

Craig: You have really got to stop trying to kill me. It never works out for you.

Maddie: So Casey doesn't want to be with me anymore.

Noah: I don't know this guy at all. But he sounds like a real idiot if he wants to let you go. What can I do to help?

Maddie: Keep me from crying. I'm a little dehydrated.

Noah: I can do that.

Gwen: I just got off the phone with Will. He's getting off work soon. So we thought we could go to dinner. All of us?

Noah: I'm in. Maddie?

Maddie: I donít know. Iím not gonna be that fun. Please go. I'm just going to go home.

Gwen: Come on, please?

Noah: How many I supposed to keep you happy if you go home?

Maddie: Fine. Okay, I will go. You ready to go now?

Gwen: Yeah, let me just call Cleo first.

Maddie: Okay.

Cleo: They're going to be so sorry. After everything I did for them. After the way they made me love them. [Phone rings] Munson residence.

Gwen: Hey, Cleo. It's me.

Cleo: Who?

Gwen: Do we have a bad connection or something?

Cleo: Oh no, the connection's fine. What do you want?

Gwen: I just wanted to thank you.

Cleo: What for?

Gwen: For being really sweet to Maddie. And you barely even know her. And I donít know I wanted to thank you for that and for giving us some time to talk alone.

Cleo: Well, you did ask me to leave.

Gwen: Yeah, about that. I hope I didn't sound too harsh. It's just that, you know, she was really upset. I hope you're okay with it.

Cleo: I'm fine.

Gwen: Well-- the good news is, Maddie's coming along to Branson. And Will wants us all to go to dinner.

Cleo: Oh. So you'll be home late? Fantastic. Have a wonderful time. Thank you very much for calling.

Gwen: Cleo, wait! Iím calling cause I wanted to see if you wanted to come.

Cleo: Well, I donít know since you all are going to Branson and I'm not going.

Gwen: You're backing out of Branson? Why?

Cleo: Well, I just -- I don't know. I thought that you didn't want me to go anymore.

Gwen: Of course I want you there. Why would you think that?

Cleo: I just -- I don't know.

Gwen: Cleo, none of this would be even happening without you. And you promised to be my assistant, right?

Cleo: Oh, yeah. You bet! I just got confused. I'm dying to go to Branson!

Gwen: Okay. Great. Meet us at Al's.

Cleo: I will! I'm on my way! Thank you so much for calling, Gwen. Boy, did I read that so incredibly wrong.

[Cleo runs out the door and leaves her purse on the table. Jade sees Cleo leaves and uses the key to open the door. She goes to Cleoís purse and takes out her diary]

[Jade reads]

"I just know pretty soon, it's going to be about us. Me and W." "All I want is to be with W. I was trying to get W away from G the nice way -- but it looks like I'll have to do it the mean way instead." Cleo, you are so busted.

J.J.: I'm sorry, Mom.

Carly: Well, you ought to be. But I'm fine.

Parker: I'm sorry, too.

Jack: Parker, go upstairs. J.J., go outside and clean the grill. I'll deal with you two later. Let's have a look at that cut. How's it feel?

Carly: It's fine.

Jack: I just going to dab just a tad, it might sting.

Carly: Ow.

Jack: Keep it from getting infected. Sorry. I've got to tell you, I'm a little disappointed in you.

Carly: What did I do?

Jack: Did I or did I not teach you how to block a punch?

Carly: No, it's just that I didn't see it coming.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: And that's your fault.

Jack: Why?

Carly: You have taught our boys to fight dirty.

Jack: Who, me? How does it feel?

Carly: Good. Thanks for distracting me.

Jack: Any time.

Craig: Kicking you when you're down seems so unsportsmanlike.

Paul: You already shot me in the back.

Craig: You deserved that. You had that one coming. You know something, Paul, I've been thinking. Maybe you should just let go. Wouldn't it be easier to be dead than face the fact that Meg and I are husband and wife?

Paul: Meg is not your wife and she never will be!

Craig: See, here you go with all those delusions again. And I really think you should disappear. And helping you fall would certainly facilitate that. Come on.

Paul: What are you doing?

Craig: Maybe I would rather see you alive and miserable than dead. Just give me your other arm. Come on!

Paul: You should have killed me when you had the chance!

Craig: You fool. You're going to kill us both.

Paul: And the world will be a better place.

Meg: No!

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" Ė

Cleo: Give it back to me!

Jack: I just don't want you to get your hopes up because you saw Carly and I --

J.J.: You were going to kiss.

Lily: Last time I was here, you weren't that interested in Jack. Has something changed?

Carly: A lot of things are going to change around here.

Paul: It's over. Montgomery, it's all over.

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