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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/20/07

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[ Carly sighs ]

Carly: Here we are. Hey, is something wrong?

Parker: No, I -- I guess I missed this place more than I thought.

Carly: I know exactly what you mean.

Katie: Jack, I am so relieved to hear that you found parker. And I'm really anxious to hear about it, so I'm going to be at al's for a little while, if you want to stop by here when you're finished at carly'S. No pressure, though. I know it's been a long night, and if you want to go home, then I totally understand. I just thought -- that you could come by. Or call me. Okay, bye. That was just rambling.

[ Cell phone rings ] Kim, hey. What's going on? What can I do for you? Well, tell me what the job is, and I'll let you know whether or not I can pass it up. You want me to do what?

Noah: Luke, can we talk about the intern project?

Luke: Later. Can you actually help me with these before I drop them?

Noah: Yeah. Whoa, what's in this?

Luke: Videotapes. Let's -- let's put them over there.

Noah: Feels like every tape of every show they've recorded.

Luke: Yeah, yeah.

Noah: Watch your step.

Luke: I can't believe I did that. I had them sorted by date and category.

Noah: I'll help you redo them.

Noah: You okay?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Paul: Meg's still not picking up.

Lucinda: Well, the bride and the groom are simply taking their own sweet time. That does not mean that something terrible has happened to her.

Paul: I should have forced her to leave the church with me when we had the chance. I mean, who knows what craig suspects now.

Lucinda: If he had suspected anything, he would have called the wedding off.

Paul: Yeah, unless he figured it out after the ceremony. She was pressuring him to sign those stupid transfer papers, and he wised up.

Lucinda: Well, if they get here, and they see you lurking around, she'll never sign those papers. Now, go upstairs, make yourself scarce. The happy couple will be arriving any moment.

Lakeview manager: Actually, i just heard from mr. Montgomery. They're not coming to the reception after all.

Craig: Well? What do you think?

Meg: The place is -- stunning. It's a mansion.

Craig: I was hoping for something a little bit more effusive.

Meg: Sorry. Why are we here?

Craig: You're wondering why we're on our honeymoon?

Meg: Of course not. I was just expecting to be dancing at my reception just about now.

Craig: Oh, I know. But I know how you like surprises. And if it's dancing you want, we'll just dance right now, mrs. Montgomery, huh?

Meg: Yeah, well, surprising me is one thing. What about our guests, our families? You know my mother will probably be wondering where I am, and margo's probably worried. Don't you think it was a little rude to be standing everyone up?

Craig: Oh, I think that they will forgive a groom's impatience to be with his bride.

Meg: You know, and speaking of impatience, what about lucinda? She's got to be furious for not seeing the papers.

Craig: Lucinda would do well to learn how to wait. Whereas I no longer want to.

[ Knocking at door ]

Realtor: Oh, sorry to disturb. Is everything to your satisfaction?

Craig: Indeed it is.

Realtor: Then if I could trouble you to handle the paperwork?

Craig: I'll just be a moment, my bride.

Meg: I understand. Go.

Meg: Okay, come on. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. There's got to be a signal. Come on. Come on, come on, come on. Finally.

Craig: Oh, there you are.

Paul: Craig decided to skip the festivities and just start the honeymoon? Where did they go?

Lakeview manager: I'm sorry, it seems to be a secret romantic getaway.

Lucinda: And you're only now giving us this news?

Lakeview manager: Mr. Montgomery asked me to wait to make the announcement.

Paul: Yeah, so they could be halfway to god-knows-where by the time we found out.

Lucinda: Okay, why don't you make the announcement to the rest of the guests? Let's break this thing up.

Lakeview manager: Yes.

Paul: Why? Why did I -- why did I let meg talk me into this? Why didn't I just take her and make her leave when we had the chance?

Lucinda: If I can do anything, if there's -- we can find her together.

Paul: Yeah, and who knows what he will have done to her by then.

Lucinda: No, don't start that! Don't start that.

Paul: Craig did not whisk meg away for her honeymoon. He's abducted her, and he's going to punish her for betraying him! I only hope I'm not too late to stop it!

Lucinda: Hey. Paul? Paul, wait!

Craig: See, I know who you were about to call, meg. You shouldn't have.

Meg: Nobody knows where we are.

Craig: Your mother won't have long to fret. The manager at the lakeview should be telling our guests right about now about our change of plans.

Meg: Well, good. Good. It's good that she knows where i am. I don't want her to worry, in case she wants to reach me.

Craig: Then she'll have to wait. The only people that know we're here are the pilot, the broker and the two of us.

Meg: Well, don't you think that's a little irresponsible? What if there's an emergency?

Craig: Do you want me to call margo and emma, let them know you're all right? Meg, is it really so painful for you to be alone with your husband?

Meg: Of course it isn'T. It's just quite a detour, craig. I just wanted to have a little bit of a clue on our plans. I hate being kept in the dark.

Craig: Oh, I know. I hate being kept in the dark, too. But brides and grooms, they go away on their honeymoons, don't they? We just left a little sooner rather than later. And I was trusting that you would be able to enjoy this. That's what a marriage is about, isn't it? Trust? I trusted you with my fortune, with my heart. Come here. Come here. There's something I want to show you. Come on!

Noah: You were right. There's a million of these tapes.

Maddie: Am I a jinx tonight or what?

Luke: Oh, no, maddie, you didn't do any of this. This was all me.

Maddie: Oh, I know. But the copier's broken.

Luke: Oh.

Maddie: Yeah.

Luke: Well, what are you going to do?

Maddie: Well, we have an account down at that copy place in old town. So I guess I'm just going to have to go there.

Luke: Okay, well, noah -- noah, why don't you go with maddie? I can get this all by myself.

Noah: I don't mind staying here to help.

Luke: No, no, no, no. This is my mess, and I'll fix it.

Noah: Okay.

Luke: Anyways, you know, it's really late, and maddie shouldn't be going all the way down to old town by herself, so --

Noah: Whatever. Well, we're taking my car.

Maddie: Why? I'm a really good driver!

Noah: Maybe, but you just said you're a big jinx tonight. Didn't you ever see the movie "bad luck"?

Maddie: No. Was it a foreign film?

Noah: No, just b-list, but the actors mumbled so much, they could have used subtitles. It was a riot. I'll tell you about it in the car.

Maddie: Okay.

Luke: Damn it!

Parker: Can I go see my room?

Carly: Yeah, of course. You don't have to ask. Well, if you're worried about your stuff, you don't have to be. It's all there. I didn't touch anything.

Parker: No, that's not it. I just wanted to make sure that I definitely don't have to go to that camp.

Jack: Definitely. And just so you know, your mother never wanted you to go in the first place.

Carly: Hey, I know that you've been having a tough time. And I know that we still have some things to work out, but I think we can do it a lot better here. So I'm glad you're going to be sticking around.

Jack: Yeah, buddy, we came here so your re-entry wouldn't be so hard, but we've got to get to the farm before it gets too late. Your brother and sister are probably waiting up for you.

Parker: You think maybe I could spend the night here?

Jack: I understand that you're mad at your brother and would like to avoid him --

Parker: Yeah, like forever.

Jack: Yeah, but you can't steer clear of him forever.

Parker: Okay, how about just for tonight?

Jack: All right, you can spend the night tonight.

Parker: Thanks, jack.

Carly: You know, I don't even have a toothbrush for him. I don't have pajamas --

Jack: No, that's -- no, don't worry. Don't worry, I'll head out to the farm. I'll check in on the kids, and I'll grab some of his stuff. I'll bring it back before he goes to bed.

Carly: Thanks. What is it?

Jack: I just want you to know that now that -- even though we found him, it doesn't make everything okay.

Carly: I know that.

Jack: He was pretty quiet in the car, carly, so he's holding a lot of stuff inside that he's not talking about. He's still a very angry boy.

Carly: Well, I understand that. How would you like me to handle things tonight?

Jack: Watch him like a hawk. If you even suspect that he's going to run --

Carly: Yeah, no, I will. I will. I will be very aware. I will not mess this up, jack.

Jack: I know. I better get going. I have copd with chronic bronchitis which makes

Carly: Here you go.

Parker: So what's gonna happen to J.J.?

Carly: I'm not sure. I know that he feels really badly about what he did.

Parker: He ought to. The little jerk set me up, and he almost got me sent away.

Carly: I know. It was an awful thing to do. I think I know why he did it.

Parker: I don'T.

Carly: Well, I think he did it because he was scared and angry. And I know you know how that feels. You know, J.J. Didn't know what was going to happen when he left that B.B. Gun out.

Parker: Why not? Everybody expected me to know when they thought that I did it.

Carly: Well, jack and me and J.J., We've all made a lot of mistakes lately.

Parker: Yeah, and J.J.'S mistake totally messed up my life.

Carly: I think we need some music. You know, coming back here after being gone for so long, I keep finding things that I'd forgotten about. It's like christmas every day. You are not going to believe the cd that I found.

Carly: Remember that? When you were little, you couldn't get enough of it. If there was a thunderstorm, or you thought you heard something under your bed, you'd beg me to put it on. I guess somehow it made you feel safe.

Parker: Wuss.

It's hard for me my baby

Carly: I'll get you some more juice.

And the darkest hour is just before dawn

each night before you go to bed, my baby whisper a little prayer for me, my baby

Carly: Hey, parker? Oh, no. Parker? Hey. Hey, what's wrong? How about I just sit here and don't say anything, huh?

Parker: I'm sorry, mom. I'm so, so sorry.

Jack: Ah, I got here just in time. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Katie: Oh!

Jack: Oh!

Katie: Oh, I didn't think you were going to make it.

Jack: No, no. My cell phone was in my car. I got your message, like a few minutes ago. Sorry to keep you waiting. Please, sit.

Katie: Well, don't be sorry. I'm just glad you found parker. How is he?

Jack: Yeah. He's tired. Glad to be home, I think.

Katie: Home, meaning -- ?

Jack: He's out at the -- he's out at the house. I told him he could spend the night with carly. Yeah.

Katie: Oh.

Jack: Yeah, he had a -- he had a pretty rough night, and he's pretty upset at J.J., So I just thought --

Katie: Hey, no. I don't want you to feel like you have to explain everything to me.

Jack: Well, I want to explain everything to you. Anyway, I got to go out to the farm, grab some of his stuff and then take it back to him.

Katie: Oh. I didn't realize you had to go back.

Jack: Yeah.

Katie: Well, don't let me get in your way.

Jack: You're not -- whoa, you are not in my way. What -- excuse me. What is going on?

Katie: Nothing. I just don't want you to feel like, you know, you have to explain every little detail to me. And I just don't want to be another obligation to you.

Jack: I like that I'm obligated to you. That's why I called the farm earlier. I wanted to talk to you.

Katie: You did?

Jack: Yeah. Did you get my message?

Katie: Well, brad said that you called, and you were going to carly'S. You didn't know how long that was going to take, and that I shouldn't wait up.

Jack: Did he tell you that I wanted to speak to you?

Katie: No.

Jack: No. Well, I did, but you were putting sage to sleep. And I just figured that you'd go home after that, and after I was done, I'd go and meet you, and we could spend the rest of the night together. Yeah.

Katie: He did it again. I can't believe it.

Jack: Yeah, good ol' brad. Yeah, he's good like that.

Katie: He spun it around so that I would think that you and -- forget it now. It's my fault for letting him get to me.

Jack: No, don'T. Haven't you figured out by now that brad is an expert at twisting things around? It's like a hobby for him.

Katie: I know. And that's why I feel stupid.

Jack: Don'T. There's no roadmap here, okay? It's tricky, but nothing that we can't work out. Just understand that you have nothing to worry about. Anything that happened between carly and me was about parker and only parker.

Katie: Good. So you really want to come spend the night tonight?

Jack: Well, brad's got the kids at the farm. I've got the day off tomorrow. And I thought that maybe you and I could spend the whole day together. Maybe go to parker's game.

Katie: That sounds wonderful. Except for the fact that tomorrow, I'm leaving.

Jade: Hey, there you are.

Luke: Hey, jade.

Jade: Listen, I'm sorry to bother you at work --

Luke: No, trust me, I could use the distraction. What's going on?

Jade: Nothing, I just -- I need your help with something. You know that necklace I have?

Luke: Oh yeah, your initial thing, the "j"?

Jade: Yeah. I -- I can't find it anywhere. I was wondering if you've seen it or -- ?

Luke: No, I haven'T. But have you checked faith and natalie's room? I mean, sometimes they borrow stuff from you. Maybe they took it.

Jade: Yeah, it's not there. And I even went back to the gym to see if I dropped it somewhere. I love it. I'd be really upset if I lost it. You okay?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. I'm just -- you know, it's really, really, really late, and I'm just so sick of being here.

Jade: Mm-hmm. Yeah, there's something else going on other than your hours. What's up?

Luke: Look, it's really -- it's just nothing. It's so stupid.

Jade: Mm-hmm. Yeah, your voice is doing that little thing it does when you're upset. Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Luke: It happened again.

Jade: What did?

Luke: I've fallen for the wrong guy.

Elwood: Hey, maddie.

Maddie: Hi, elwood.

Elwood: Uh --

Maddie: Oh, sorry. Elwood, this is my friend, noah. Noah, elwood.

Noah: Hi.

Elwood: Hey, nice to meet you. Did you hear anything from casey?

Maddie: No.

Elwood: I'm doing summer school now. They gave me this new roommate, so --

Maddie: Oh, that's great.

Elwood: No. I mean, no -- yeah. Yeah, right. 'Cause he's nowhere near as cool as casey.

Maddie: That's too bad. Sorry to hear.

Elwood: Yeah, well, I mean, if you hear anything --

Maddie: Sure, sure. Listen, I'm really kind of busy, so if you'll just excuse me --

Elwood: Yeah, sure. See you around.

Noah: Okay, does awkward even begin to describe that? Did you guys used to date or something?

Maddie: Elwood? Hardly. He -- like he said, he was casey's roommate.

Noah: Casey?

Maddie: My boyfriend.

Noah: Oh, right. The guy you made the cell phone video for.

Maddie: Right. I guess elwood is kind of a bad reminder of some awful things that happened.

Noah: You and your boyfriend had a bad breakup, huh?

Maddie: You can say that. That's why I made the video for him. He couldn't come to prom with me.

Noah: Yeah, I got that. So where'd he go?

Maddie: To prison.

Paul: So where is she, huh? Can you give me a sign? The best person I know, in the hands of a monster. How did I let that happen?

[ Paul sighs ] Come on. You've got to give me something.

Craig: Can you believe what a spectacular view we have, meg?

Meg: You're right, it is spectacular.

Craig: It's even more dramatic in the moonlight. You see that? That is shadow cliff. The steepest drop in the area. Come on, take a look.

Meg: No, I can see fine from here.

Craig: What's the matter? You're afraid?

Meg: No, of course not.

Craig: Well, then come -- come stand beside me. Come on. Come on! Get a look at this view. All right. Now, I want you to take a look at the ground right below that spot over there. You see it?

Meg: Yeah, it looks like the world would stop there.

Craig: One misstep, and you are in freefall. It's just kind of like life.

Meg: What do you mean?

Craig: One moment, you think you're on solid ground, and then everything that you ever trusted, believed in, is suddenly swept away from you.

Meg: You know what, craig? You're right, the view is spectacular. But it is getting a little chilly. I'd like to go inside now.

Craig: Oh, I'll keep you warm. I want you to get the full effect, okay? Easy, easy, baby. Hey, are you all right? I'm not going to let you go, meg. I am never going to let you go.

Meg: I'd like to go inside now.

Craig: Meg, did I scare you?

Meg: No. It's just my vertigo.

Craig: I mean, you know I would never put you in a situation where you might get hurt.

Meg: Yeah, I know that.

Craig: Just as I trust that you would never do that to me.

Meg: All the same, I'd rather stay inside, if that's all right with you.

Craig: Well, of course it is. Whatever you want. Besides, it gives me a -- it'll give me a chance to give you my surprise.

Meg: You know, I'm not sure I'm up for any more surprises.

Craig: Oh, meg. This one, I think you're going to enjoy.

Lucinda: Oh, here you are!

Paul: Lucinda, get out of my way.

Lucinda: Wait, wait. If you are going to go searching for meg, wouldn't it be wise to have a lead? Now, I have been on the phone with my contacts at the airport --

Bill: Ms. Walsh?

Lucinda: Oh, hello. Are you bill martin?

Bill: That's right.

Lucinda: Thank you. Thank you for coming. This is paul ryan. Bill here is an old friend of my former pilot.

Bill: I work in air traffic control at oakdale international. What can I do for you?

Lucinda: Well, we are very anxious to know about two people who left town earlier today in a plane. One of them was a young lady -- the bride -- who we fear was forced.

Paul: We need the flight plans for all the small jets that left oakdale airport in the last three hours.

Bill: Sorry, I'd like to help you, but I can't do that.

Paul: Why not?

Bill: You have any idea how many laws I'd be breaking if I gave you that kind of information?

Lucinda: Oh, bill. You know I'm good for it. Just name it. How much will it take to make it legal?

Maddie: I hated not being able to write to him. More than that, not being able to hear his voice. And you know, I was used to him -- and used to talking to him every day.

Noah: Sounds like you really miss him.

Maddie: I do. And the worst part about it is, I don't even know how he's coping in there. It feels like he's been in there forever. If he thinks about me half as much as I think about him -- oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be dumping my issues on you.

Noah: No. No, it's okay. I just -- I can't believe you never brought it up before. I mean, seriously, the way you act, nobody would know.

Maddie: Well, I really don't have much choice. I mean, I know I feel bad, but i can't even imagine how casey's feeling, so -- the last thing he needs is for me to fall apart.

Noah: Casey's really lucky.

Maddie: Lucky?

Noah: You know how many guys would love to have a girl like you on his side?

Maddie: We should go before luke thinks we forgot about him.

Luke: After everything that happened with kevin, I promised myself that I wouldn't fall for a straight guy again.

Jade: I thought you didn't even like the new intern. What's his name?

Luke: Noah. And at first, I didn'T. I think, though, maybe I was just in denial. And I wish that I just stayed there.

Jade: Well, the heart wants what it heart wants.

Luke: Yeah, but jade, come on. Getting a crush on noah is kind of like shopping for bread in a hardware store.

Jade: When did you realize that you felt this way?

Luke: Today. We were face to face, and then all of a sudden, my hand touched his hand and -- I don't know, it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Jade: Are you sure he's not --

Luke: Oh, no. Yes, yes -- I'm sure. If he likes anybody, it's maddie.

Jade: Oh.

Luke: I just -- I wish that there was this button, and I could just press it and all these feelings out go away.

Jade: You know, luke, I really, really hate when you say things like that. Because the last time you tried to turn off your feelings, you ended up being drunk all the time.

Luke: Yeah, well, jade, that's not going to happen again.

Jade: Well, what are you going to do?

Luke: I don't know. I just -- I need to find a productive way to handle -- to deal with -- jade, you are a genius.

Jade: What'd I do?

Luke: You helped me realize how I'm going to sort this all out.

Katie: Why, why, why? Why is the universe determined to keep me from being with you?

Jack: The universe? That covers a lot of ground.

Katie: Too dramatic?

Jack: No, no. It's one of the things I find endearing about you, katie.

Katie: I love my work, I really do. I just really don't want to go out of town right now!

Jack: Yeah, where do you got to go?

Katie: I have to fly across the country and convince some celebrity to be a surprise guest on our show.

Jack: Oh, why can't brad do it?

Katie: Are you serious? This job is going to require delicacy and tact.

Jack: Scratch brad, then. You going to tell me who the celeb is?

Katie: No, then it wouldn't be a surprise.

Jack: All right, fine.

Katie: I really should do this, though. I think it's going to take our show to the next level.

Jack: All right, then it's a no-brainer. You have to do it.

Katie: It's just bad timing.

Jack: Will it help you if I tell you how much I'll miss you?

Katie: You're not going to have time to miss me. You're going to be shuttling the kids back forth to carly'S.

Jack: Okay, stop right there. Katie peretti, I do not want to be with any other woman other than you. Got it?

Katie: Got it.

Jack: Good.

Katie: You are so incredible to put up with my craziness.

Jack: Oh, that's funny. I was just about to say the same thing about you.

Katie: All right. I guess you've got to go back and get parker's stuff, so --

Jack: Yeah, I probably should go. Well, come on. Aren't you coming, too? Afterwards, we can go back to your place and I can help you pack. Come on.

Carly: You don't have to apologize, not to me.

Parker: But J.J. Was right.

Carly: About what?

Parker: He said that I didn't give you a chance -- and I didn'T. I just stayed on your case all the time, not talking to you.

Carly: You were angry -- and you had a good reason to be. I did a terrible thing when I went away. And then I came back just when you're getting used to me being gone. Of course you were mad.

Parker: Yeah, I just thought maybe if you knew what we felt like -- if someone you loved turned their back on you, maybe you'd --

Carly: Maybe I'd what?

Parker: Maybe you'd never ever go away again.

Carly: Parker, you have nothing -- and I mean this, you have nothing to be sorry for. I'm the one who hurt you and hurt this family. I'm the one who made an unforgivable mistake when I left. And there isn't anything that you've done or said to me since I've been back that hasn't been completely justified. And I want you to know something -- I am not going to leave you again. Ever. And I mean that with all my heart. I was pretty nervous, apprehensive.

Lucinda: Well, are we in business?

Bill: According to the tower, mr. Montgomery's pilot drew up a flight plan for seattle.

Paul: Seattle? Great, thank you.

Bill: Unfortunately, the plane changed course mid-flight. Now, my buddy at the tower pulled some coordinates, and his best guess is that it was headed north to canada. Somewhere around vancouver.

Lucinda: Well, is there no way, not technically, that you can be sure?

Bill: Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Lucinda: Hey, thank you for your time.

Bill: Don't mention it. And ms. Walsh -- I mean that. Don'T.

Lucinda: Oh, you can count on me. You can count on my confidentiality. Bye. Well, not much, but it's a start!

Meg: If you're going to insist on more surprises, then i have something to ask from you.

Craig: What?

Meg: Well, I was rushed out of my wedding, taken straight to an airplane, and then transported to an undisclosed location -- after all that, I would really appreciate a hot shower. At least wash my face and brush my hair.

Craig: You look fine to me.

Meg: I may look fine, but I feel like a mess. Please?

Craig: Sure. Of course, absolutely. Oh, why don't you take this to put on later? Hmm?

Meg: It's beautiful.

Craig: I bought that for you the day that you agreed to marry me. And I have been picturing you wearing that on our wedding night ever since -- not that you're going to be in it very long, you know what I mean?

Meg: Craig, can I ask you something? Between the wedding and the trip, I'm exhausted. Would you be terribly disappointed if we just -- went to sleep?

Craig: Do I mind? Now, meg -- what do you think?

Maddie: Hey, we're back -- sorry it took so long.

Luke: Hey, wait, wait -- one second. Just let me finish this thought. Done!

Maddie: With what?

Luke: I think I have the perfect proposal for our summer intern project.

Noah: You wrote a story?

Luke: Yeah.

Maddie: Well, are you going to share it?

Luke: Oh, yeah.

[ Maddie laughs ] It's about this -- this person, a woman.

Maddie: Ooh --

Luke: A woman who has been burned real bad by love. And -- she promises that she's not going to get involved with the wrong guy again.

Maddie: Okay, I'm going to interrupt you.

Luke: I know, I know. It's probably just so stupid. You probably hate it.

Maddie: No, no, no, no. Stop! I love it. I just -- I think that noah and I should read it ourselves.

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Oh, okay.

Carly: It's been quite a night.

Jack: Apparently.

Carly: Rollercoaster, more or less. You can sleep.

Parker: No, I'm going to go to bed. Good night.

Carly: Good night. I love you.

Jack: Thanks, buddy. Here. Here's your stuff.

Parker: Thanks.

Jack: Yeah. It's been months since he's hugged me. That was the last thing I expected. Wow. Yeah, 'cause when I left here, i was worried he was going to bolt.

Carly: Yeah, I know you were. I didn't know what he was going to do. I played a little music. At first, it didn't seem to register at all -- but then these feelings just came pouring out of him.

Jack: I'm glad you knew what to do. I owe you an apology.

Carly: No, you don'T.

Jack: Yes, I do. I've been really angry with you. And I think that got in the way of me seeing what a great mom you are. You're an amazing mother.

Carly: You know, I've been thinking. I was hoping that I could have dinner with all the kids. You know, maybe have a barbecue or something.

Jack: Yeah, all right. Well, we'll get our schedules together and we'll work something out.

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: They really missed you, carly. And even though holden and emma and everybody kind of pitched in the best they could, they -- they need you. They need you so much.

Carly: You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that. Between my two phone bills, its probably about $60 a month.

Katie: I'm sorry to interrupt. I -- you left parker's glove in the car. I thought he needed it for tomorrow.

Jack: Right. No, no. No, it's perfect. He's going to need this.

Carly: Thank you. And thank you for watching the kids today.

Katie: You're welcome. They're such great kids. I'll wait for you in the car.

Jack: You know what? I was just leaving. Good night, carly.

Carly: Good night, jack.

Maddie: Luke, this is incredible. I mean, it's just an outline and I'm practically in tears.

Noah: Maddie's right, it's really awesome.

Luke: Thanks.

Maddie: The main character, the girl, she's so afraid to fall in love again.

Luke: Well, it's not that she doesn't want to. She just doesn't want to keep falling for the wrong people. She's willing to have exactly what she wants or nothing at all.

Noah: You're really into this idea, aren't you?

[ Luke laughs ]

Luke: Is it that obvious?

Maddie: See, that's why you're such a good writer. You really get into the main characters' heads and show their feeling. I mean, all noah and I could come up with was old stuff that people have seen a million times. But you -- I feel like I'm eavesdropping on something that's happening right now.

Noah: So, who was your inspiration, luke?

Luke: Beats me.

Craig: Well, you look ravishing.

Meg: You're being kind. I'm exhausted, and I must look it.

Craig: No, meg. Actually, you look -- guilty.

Meg: I am. I feel awful for cutting the night short. But I just want to crawl under those covers and be unconscious for about eight hours.

Craig: Well, I'll just have to lay down next to you. I don't want to leave you alone on your wedding night.

Meg: No, I don't mind.

Craig: No, no, no. This isn't for you, actually. This is me. Believe it or not, I'm being selfish. And all I need is to lay down next to you and listen to you breathe.

Meg: All right.

Craig: Oh, my beautiful bride. You just close your eyes.

Meg: You know, craig, I'm sorry I'm not up to --

Craig: Hmm?

Meg: I know it's our wedding night, and --

Craig: Oh, shh. You just rest. We have a lifetime of wedding nights ahead of us.

Paul: Yes, I know I had you standing by for hours, but my plans changed unexpectedly, and now I need for you to fly me to vancouver. I don't want to hear about your next client, all right? I'll pay you double! No? Fine, I'll pay you triple! Great, I'll be right there. Just hang on, meg. I'm on my way.

Announcer: On the next "as the world turns" --

Aaron: As much as I thought i knew alison -- I didn't really know her at all.

Alison: I don't think I can ever face emily again.

Craig: Don't you think that you should at least change the wedding dress before you start making out with your boyfriend?

Paul: Something horrible is going to happen to her. You know, I can do this, lucinda, but I think I should do it alone.

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