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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/15/07

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Jade: Do you know what? If gwen and will are actually dumb enough to believe that you're their friend, they deserve every rotten thing you're gonna do to them.

Cleo: I'd never hurt them.

Jade: Oh, right.

Cleo: I mean it.

Jade: Maybe you can fool gwen and will with this little simpleton nerd routine, but you can't fool me, cleo. I know the real you.

Cleo: I haven't -- I haven't tried to fool anybody. Gwen and will really care about me.

Jade: Maybe that's because they need somebody to clue them in on who you are and what you're really about.

Cleo: Don't you dare.

Emily: Hey, dusty, it's em. I got your message, and I'm so glad you found ali. But every time I try to call you back, I -- I get your voicemail. I know you said everything's fine, but I would like to hear it from you in person. So will you please call me back as soon as you get this message? Bye. Aaron? Aaron -- aaron snyder, what are you doing?

Aaron: Hi, emily.

Emily: When did you get back in town?

Aaron: Uh, just -- just a little while ago.

Emily: Well, why were you just avoiding me?

Aaron: You saw that? You saw that.

Emily: Yeah, I -- yeah. Why?

Aaron: I guess I just lost my nerve.

Emily: Your nerve to do what?

Aaron: To ask you if you knew where I could find your sister?

[ Alison remembering ]

[ Banging at door ]

Dusty: Open up, lance!

Open up! Good, you're awake. How you feeling?

Alison: I don't know. Ask me in an hour.

Dusty: Guess you needed the sleep.

Alison: Yeah, I guess.

Dusty: I'm gonna call the cops and see if they found lance yet.

Alison: I was just having a nightmare about him.

Dusty: Oh, yeah?

Alison: Yeah. I was dreaming about lance and the fight and everything that happened last night with him. And then it got so weird. I was -- I was dreaming that you and I were making love, and -- oh, my god. It wasn't a dream? It happened. It really happened.

Lily: Are you sure you're ready to go back to dance class?

Faith: I already missed yesterday, and I don't want to fall behind on the new routine.

Lily: No, but you really should take it easy. It's not every day you get shot.

Faith: Mom, it was just a bb gun. I'm fine, see?

Lily: Oh. Do you have any idea how brave i think you are?

[ Phone rings ] Oh, phone. Sorry. Oh, it's a real estate broker.

Faith: We're not moving, are we?

Lily: Oh, no, no. We're not moving. Um -- it's about rental space for carly, the business that I'm starting with her.

Faith: You can answer it.

Lily: No. I'll call her back. So what's the matter?

Faith: I was just kind of hoping it might be parker wondering how I am.

Lily: Oh, honey, parker's in so much trouble right now, I don't think he can think about anything else.

Faith: You make it sound like he's a bad kid.

Lily: No, he's just a very angry kid. And he's made a lot of bad choices lately. So as much as I know you like hanging out with him, I think you should steer clear. And if parker doesn't like that, then that's --

Faith: Trust me, I'm the last person parker wants to hear from right now.

Parker: But I already told you that I didn't leave the gun out. I don't know how it got there. I put it away like jack said to.

[ Parker remembering ] I know how dangerous it is. That's why I -- yes, sir. Anyway, I was calling to see if faith was okay. No, they won'T. Bye.

J.J.: Do you want to go play soccer outside?

Parker: I'm on lockdown, remember? I can't leave the house.

J.J.: I'm really, really sorry.

Parker: What are you sorry about? You're the good kid, remember? I'm the problem.

J.J.: No, you're not.

Parker: Well, it's what holden thinks, and jack thinks that, too. And there's nothing that I can say to change their minds.

Carly: Hey. I got your message. What's going on?

Jack: Yeah. I need to let you know that I spoke to the director of that camp.

Carly: The camp for troubled kids?

Jack: The one the therapist suggested. Yeah, she really thinks that parker can get what he needs to turn his life around, so I -- I reserved him a spot.

Carly: No. Jack, I already told you, I'm not gonna let you send him away.

Jack: Actually, carly, you don't get a vote.

Carly: Like hell I don'T. I talked to a lawyer, jack, and he says I can fight you on this.

Jack: Yeah, I talked to an attorney, too. According to him, you don't have a leg to stand on. Captioning sponsored by procter & gamble productions, inc. And cbs

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Jade: You can't stand the idea of gwen and will finding out what a little con artist you are.

Cleo: You know what? Maybe you held all the cards when I first came to town, but not anymore. You don't have any power over me.

Jade: Yeah, cleo? We'll see about that after I talk to gwen and will.

Cleo: Go ahead. Go tell them everything. And then, why don't you explain to them how you know so much about me? Yeah, somehow, I figured you wouldn't want to do that.

Jade: I can't believe I didn't see this before.

Cleo: See what?

Jade: How totally phony your little wide-eyed, innocent girl routine is. You're no little hick. You're a sneak.

Cleo: And you need to make sure that you heard me. Stay away.

Alison: Are you just gonna stand there and not say anything?

Dusty: I'm gonna make that call to the cops.

Alison: Dusty, you and I had sex. You're just gonna go about your day like it didn't happen?

Dusty: Well, it was a crazy night.

Alison: That sums it up.

Dusty: We weren't thinking straight.

Alison: We weren't thinking at all. Why do I do this? I get myself out of one messed-up situation just to jump right into another.

Dusty: There's no situation. It won't happen again. Right?

Alison: Definitely not.

Dusty: So there's nothing to talk about. I'm gonna make that call.

Alison: I'm gonna go shower.

Faith: I should have told parker that I believed him.

Lily: If jack didn't believe him, there must have been a reason. You got hurt because parker was careless.

Faith: Even if he did leave the gun out, it's not like he was hoping I would trip over it.

Lily: No, but he didn't realize something bad could happen, and that's the point.

Faith: But it was my fault.

Lily: What?

Faith: Well, I wasn't even supposed to be at the farm. I wouldn't even be there if my feelings weren't hurt earlier.

Lily: Who hurt your feelings, parker?

Faith: Not on purpose. I kind of hoped for something that turned out not to be true.

Lily: I'm not following you. You know you can tell me anything, don't you?

Faith: Okay. I kind of liked parker.

Lily: In a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way, right?

Faith: Yeah. But I was kind of hoping that he would like me, too, but I was wrong.

Lily: Why? Why -- how do you know that?

Faith: Well, he told me that he didn't need a girlfriend or even want one. And that wouldn't have been so bad if --

Lily: If what?

Faith: If he hadn't left me to go hang out with morgan.

Lily: Aw. I'm sorry, honey.

Faith: That's okay. Morgan's really more his type than I am anyway.

Lily: What type is that?

Faith: Thin.

Parker: See?

J.J.: What is this?

Parker: It's proof that jack's trying to get rid of me. It's the application for that juvie-hall camp. Look, he's filled out everything, and especially this part -- "behavior issues." All he has left to do is pack me up and ship me off.

J.J.: Dad wouldn't do that.

Parker: It's done, J.J. I mean, at least it's gonna be good for you.

J.J.: What do you mean?

Parker: You know how you've been saying that you wish I'd just disappear? It's your wish come true.

J.J.: Parker, it's --

[ Phone rings ] Hello? Oh. Uh, hey, morgan. Uh, parker, he isn't here right now. So I guess that means you're gonna have to call him back later. Sorry. Bye.

Carly: How could any decent lawyer talk you into thinking I have no rights? I gave birth to that child.

Jack: See, you keep throwing the biological thing in my face, and I've got to do something to protect my own parental rights.

Carly: Well, I think you've gone too far with parker. And if that's the only weapon I've got, then that's what I'm going to use.

Jack: See, that's the thing, carly. You keep talking about weapons when we should be finding solutions. You know and I know that I've been just as muca parent to that boy as you have. I'm only trying to help him.

Carly: By shipping him off to some camp for bad kids.

Jack: You don't think this is killing me? I love that boy. But he needs help, more that you and I can give him. He's just not hurting himself anymore. He's hurting other people now.

Carly: He did not intend for faith to be hurt. Besides, he said that he did not leave that gun out.

Jack: Even if I believe that, it's not just about the gun, okay? What about the running away, the constant fighting with parker, the failing grades? Carly, this has been going on a long time. And I've set limits for him. I've bargained with him. I've held him when he's let me. And nothing -- nothing has gotten his behavior under control.

Carly: Well, maybe you're just not giving him enough time to turn things around.

Jack: Well, there was a -- there was a time there when I thought he was turning things around.

Carly: And then I came back, right?

Jack: I'm not gonna sugarcoat things for you, carly. Ever since you came back, parker's attitude went from bad to worse. Faith could've been seriously hurt. Next time, we might not get so lucky.

Carly: Well, I don't think the answer is some dumping ground for delinquents.

Jack: Carly, I'm not sending him to prison. It's a summer camp. I've checked it out thoroughly. He'll be outside getting a lot of fresh air and exercise and time to reflect on what he's done.

Carly: Didn't you initially tell me that you were just threatening parker for effect?

Jack: That was before, yes.

Carly: So if faith hadn't gotten hurt, then you wouldn't be doing this?

Jack: Then I wouldn't be so adamant about it. But I'm not gonna start arguing and covering the same old ground again and again with you. I'm calling the director and telling him that his application is on the way.

Carly: Wait. Jack, if you're sending him away because of what happened to faith, what if parker had nothing to do with it? I'm a busy working mom,

Emily: So anyway, alison's been living at home with me and mom and working here at al's, off and on.

Aaron: Just my luck. I manage to show up on her day.

Emily: Oh, well no. Actually she's out of town visiting some friends for a while. But she'll be back. How long are you going to be in oakdale? Maybe she'll be back before you have to go.

Aaron: My plans are up in the air, right now.

Emily: Good. That's good. Then there's time.

Aaron: Yeah, yeah. Emily, can I ask you a question?

Emily: Sure.

Aaron: How was alison when she got back here?

Emily: She was okay. Why?

Aaron: I'm just surprised she came back at all. I mean, she always swore to me she'd never set foot in this town again.

Emily: Well, you know how it goes. People say things. And then they start missing their family and their friends and -- you know, they remember how good the fries are at al'S. You know what, why don't I um -- why don't I let ali fill you in when you see her? She's going to be surprised that you're actually looking for her, I think.

Aaron: Yeah. I hope it's a good surprise.

Emily: She told me about the breakup. She said it was kind of rough.

Aaron: Yeah, well -- I mean, we headed out west to take care of my mom. And then she got better, and then we had nothing to do but focus on -- you know, us. I don't want to get into too many details, but you know, we made a lot of mistakes. A lot of mistakes. A lot of things we regret. I'm not going to lie, there was a lot of yelling.

Emily: I'm sure it's water under the bridge for ali.

Aaron: I hope so. But listen, I told my dad I'd call him when I got back into town, so I'm going to go ahead and do that.

Emily: Okay, okay. You go ahead.

Aaron: Good to see you.

Emily: You, too aaron. Damnit, dusty, will you call me back.

Alison: I know, don't say it. I've taken like a hundred showers in the last 24 hours. This was the last one, I swear, until tomorrow.

Dusty: You okay now?

Alison: Yeah. No nightmares. No blood. Just a regular old shower.

Dusty: Good. So, I spoke to the cops. They found lance, along with some other interesting things.

Alison: Like what?

Dusty: A car full of kiddie porn and all kinds of drugs. But you probably already knew about that.

Alison: I knew about the drugs, dusty, but I swear to god, I never knew he was involved in anything that sick.

Dusty: He's going to go away for a long time. He's not going to bother you anymore.

Alison: I owe you so much, dusty. I mean, if you hadn't come in when you did --

Dusty: Well, the ali-cat didn't do so back herself.

Alison: Yeah, I freaked like a baby.

Dusty: That's okay. It's not often you have to fight off a loser pimp.

Alison: I keep seeing him coming at me.

Dusty: Try to let it go.

Alison: I don't know if I can.

Dusty: Don't worry about that. It'll come off.

Alison: Here, let me help.

Dusty: It's okay. Well, if you insist.

Cleo: Oh, you're here. Cool. How'd gwen's meeting go with the new producer about the demo?

Will: I actually don't know. You're going to have to wait. She's not back yet.

Cleo: Oh. It's just the two of us then, huh? I work the late shift tonight at work. Are you hungry? I could make you something to eat. I could make you some of those cookies that you like so much.

Will: Thanks, cleo, but I think I'm going to pass.

Cleo: Come on, will, you've been so nice to me, letting me stay here and everything, you've got to let me do something for you.

Will: You want to do something for me? There is something you can do.

Cleo: Anything.

Will: Tell me why you lied to me.

Cleo: What are you talking about?

Will: You told me you didn't know who jade taylor was.

Cleo: Uh, I don'T. I don't know who she is. Um, is she somebody I could have met at the lakeview?

Will: Or what about at old town? I saw you two talking and it didn't look like you were strangers. Do you want to fill me in?

Lily: Honey. Parker is very young.

Faith: If you're going to tell us that we're too young, please don'T.

Lily: Absolutely not. Your feelings are valid no matter how old you are and I think grown-ups forget that sometimes. All I'm saying is parker's having a lot of trouble at home right now. I think a girlfriend is the last thing he's thinking about.

Faith: Unless she looks like morgan.

Lily: I don't want you comparing yourself to anybody else. Because you are beautiful.

Faith: I don't feel beautiful. And when I look at morgan -- I have to tell you something.

Lily: What? What is it?

Faith: After I saw them leave together, I ate all the snacks that I'd bought for the movies.

Lily: Because you wanted to make yourself feel better?

Faith: And I did, at first. But then I felt really, really bad.

Lily: So what did you do after you ate?

Faith: I didn't throw up, if that's what you're thinking.

Lily: Good. Good for you.

Faith: Not really. Because then I did something even more pathetic.

Lily: What did you do?

Faith: I followed parker to the farm. I wanted to spy on them. And that's when I fell and tripped over the gun. Got hurt.

Lily: Oh, honey. I'm sorry.

Faith: So do you finally get why we can't really blame parker? 'Cause it was all my own fault.

Jack: Don't do this, carly.

Carly: Do what, jack? Believe in my son?

Jack: Well, I'd love to believe him. Do I think he meant to do something so reckless? Absolutely not. Do I think he meant for faith to get hurt? No. He was shooting that gun off the other day because he was mad at the world. He was angry. He's not denying that.

Carly: I don't think that he would have made things worse by lying about it. If he left the gun out, he would have said so.

Jack: Taking up for him when he's wrong is not going to make him less mad at you.

Carly: That is unfair.

Jack: No, what's unfair is you thinking that this is easy for me. Do you think that I want to see parker go away?

Carly: You know, jack, it sure seems like it.

Jack: No, you're wrong. It tears my heart out that he believes that I'm so fed up with him that I can't deal with him anymore. But I've got to think of the big picture here. His future well being and his happiness means a hell of a lot more to me than what he thinks about me right now.

Carly: Well I don't think that a bunch of social workers disguised as camp counselors can make my child happier than I can make my child.

Jack: Carly, they're professionals! Okay? They can get him to deal with his feelings without you coddling him or me yelling at him. I wish to hell there was another way, carly. I just don't see any other option right now.

J.J.: No, dad, you're wrong! You can't send parker away because of the gun! It isn't right!

Jack: J.J., How'd you get here?

J.J.: I rode my bike.

Carly: All the way from the farm?

J.J.: I had to. Look.

Jack: Okay, where'd you get this?

J.J.: Parker found it and he showed it to me. Look, you can't send him to this place. It isn't right!

Jack: What's not right about it?

Carly: Yeah J.J., What's not right about it? You can tell us.

J.J.: Well, remember when you told me to muck out the stables and I passed it off for two whole days?

Jack: Yeah.

J.J.: Well, you're not mad at me.

Jack: Okay, J.J. That was a mistake. It was one mistake. You haven't been acting out the way parker has.

J.J.: But still.

Jack: No, this camp -- it's a pretty great place. He's going to get to go canoeing and fishing and play basketball.

J.J.: But he can do that all at home.

Jack: Yeah, there's other stuff there, too though, buddy. There's therapy sessions and workshops where he and other kids can talk about how to deal with their feelings better. Okay. That's got to be a major relief to you, right? I mean, aren't you tired of him picking on you all the time>

J.J.: Yeah, I hate it when he picks on me, but --

Jack: All right, all right. Great. So maybe when he gets back, every time I turn my back, he won't start something with you.

[ Phone rings ] Snyder. Yeah, transfer it to my desk. Thanks. I've got to take this.

Carly: Will you be long?

Jack: No. You can wait for me, and we can go over and talk to parker together if you want.

Carly: Well, you are a very loyal brother, J.J.

J.J.: No, I'm not.

Carly: Sure you are. You rode your bike all the way here to -- to fight for parker, right? How many brothers would do that?

J.J.: Well, it just isn't fair.

Carly: I know you don't think it's fair. But I don't want you taking on parker's mistake. You are not responsible for what happened to faith. He is. Is something bothering you? You can talk to me, J.J. You can tell me.

J.J.: Well, it's just -- I have to go to baseball practice.

Carly: Would you like a ride?

J.J.: No, that's okay. I've got my bike.

Carly: Be careful.

Cleo: I don't know what you're talking about.

Will: I didn't get to hear anything. But I saw you two talking and it seemed like you weren't exchanging recipes.

Cleo: Look, I understand that our conversation probably looked really intense. But honestly, I don't know jade. She saw gwen and I hanging out and I guess, you know, she figured out that we were friends and -- she didn't like that, so she threatened me.

Will: She threatened you? How?

Cleo: She told me to stay away from gwen or else.

Will: Cleo, that doesn't make any sense. Why would she care whether or not you were friends with gwen?

Cleo: I don't know. But I got the feeling that she doesn't really want gwen to have any friends. I don't really want to say what else she said.

Will: Well, come on, cleo. You've gone this far.

Cleo: She said that you and gwen were backstabbers. That you were mean people. That you used them and then you threw them away. But don't worry, I stood up for you guys. I told her how kind both you and gwen have been to me.

Will: Jade's actually caused a lot of problems for us in the past. I'm sorry you had to deal with her on your own.

Cleo: It's okay. I understand. If she's as mean as you say, I can see why you wouldn't want to get involved.

Will: And I'm sorry I seemed so suspicious when you came in.

Cleo: Oh, it's totally my fault. I should have told you right away. I was just really shaken up and I didn't want to upset you or anything.

Will: Next time, why don't you just be honest right from the start? Okay?

Cleo: Will? Jade -- jade would never do anything to hurt gwen, would she? I mean, she seems, she seems really mean.

Will: No. She's not going to hurt gwen. And I'm not going to let her hurt you, either.

Cleo: Where are you going?

Will: I think jade needs a talking-to, don't you?

Cleo: But she's going to say that I was lying, of course.

Will: Yeah well, jade's the one who lies. But I know not to believe a word she says. I'm going to go deal with her.

Alison: There. All better. The secret is ice cold water.

Dusty: You sure you're okay?

Alison: Yeah, I'm sure. I'm going to go get dressed.

[ Cell phone ringing ]

Dusty: Hello?

Emily: Finally! Where have you been?

Dusty: Right here.

Emily: Why haven't you returned any of my calls?

Dusty: I've been tied up.

Emily: With what? I got your message about alison. You had to know I'd be on pins and needles waiting to hear from you.

Dusty: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. She's fine.

Emily: That's it? She's fine? Dusty, what's going on that you couldn't pick up your phone?

Dusty: We were waiting for clearance -- from the cops. And they just found lance, so now we're free to leave.

Emily: The police? What the hell happened?

Dusty: I'll explain it all to you later.

Emily: Are you sure alison's all right? You're not just saying this to keep me quiet?

Dusty: She's fine. I promise. I'm going to fill you in when we get home.

Emily: I hope that means you're on the next plane back.

Dusty: We're going to try.

Emily: Dusty, I can't thank you enough. For taking care of my little sister. You really came through for me,

and I --

I just can't thank you


Can I talk to ali?

Dusty: You want to talk to ali?

Emily: Yeah. I want to tell her I love her.

Dusty: She's in the shower right now.

Emily: Okay. All right, just um -- pass along the message to her, please. And I can't wait to see her. Hurry home, okay?

Dusty: Will do. She says she loves you, misses you, can't wait to see you. So, we should probably hit the road. Are you coming or what?

Alison: I can't go, dusty. I can't go back with you.

Dusty: What's going on? You told me you were okay.

Alison: I said I was okay with everything that happened with lance. I didn't say I was ready to go back to oakdale.

Dusty: Why not?

Alison: I was really angry at emily, dusty. I said things I never should've said to her.

Dusty: So what? You're sisters. You fight, you make up. Everything's okay.

Alison: You weren't there. When she told me that she had lied to me about being a hooker, I called her a hypocrite. And now, I'm supposed to go back and lie to her face about what you and I did? I can't do that to my sister. I know how much she cares about you. She'd be so hurt.

Dusty: She doesn't have to know.

Alison: Please. What secret do you know that doesn't come out sooner or later? And what will we do if she found out?

Dusty: There's nothing to find out. What happened was between you and me. It's nobody's business.

Alison: I guess.

Dusty: Let's pretend it never happened. Deal? I'm going to go downstairs and get a cab. Get the rest of your stuff together, okay?

Aaron: Hey, emily. I just wanted to tell you it was really, really good to see you.

Emily: Aaron, I'm sorry. I'm glad you came back. I just uh -- I just heard from alison and she's on her way back into town. So she should be home soon.

Aaron: Did you tell her I was asking about her?

Emily: No. No, I figured I'd just wait until she came back.

Aaron: Maybe you shouldn't say anything at all.

Emily: Why?

Aaron: I don't know. You made it sound like ever since she's been back, she's got her life on track and I -- I don't want to derail her.

Emily: Derail her? I think it's a little late for you to be worried about that.

Jade: Do you want something?

Will: Do you?

Jade: No. Not especially. And I'm sure you can tell by the way that I've been avoiding you and your friends.

Will: Well what were you doing with cleo earlier?

Jade: Are you stalking me?

Will: Just answer the question, jade. Cleo said that you told her that if she didn't stop hanging out with gwen, then she'd be sorry.

Jade: Oh, um -- well, I don't know what cleo told you, but I didn't come after her. She came after me.

Lily: Why don't we make a deal?

Faith: What kind of deal?

Lily: The next time you're upset about parker and morgan -- instead of going for all those candy bars, you come and talk to me. And we'll work it out. Okay?

Faith: Okay.

Lily: I love you so much.

Faith: I love you, too, mom. I think I better get to class.

Lily: And I'm going to go look at that office space that carly was talking about. You have a great class, and I'll see you later. Okay? Bye.

Faith: Bye. Oh, hi J.J. Aren't you supposed to be at baseball practice?

J.J.: Yeah, but I just wanted to see if you're okay. Your dad told me you were here.

Faith: I'm fine. I guess parker's in a lot of trouble, huh?

J.J.: You won't even believe, faith. They're going to send him away. It's all my fault.

Jack: You remember the time we did the zip cord on our trip out west? You loved it, remember? This rope course sounds incredible. Plus they've got leadership games, and all the sports you like.

Parker: Great.

Jack: Parker, it's a chance to get a fresh start on your life. So, do we have an agreement? 'Cause they won't accept you unless you agree.

Parker: Whatever.

Jack: I'll take that as a yes. I'm going to call the camp director and let him know we're a go.

Carly: So -- I'm sorry this feels like a punishment to you.

Parker: What happened to all your talk about being on my side?

Carly: Oh, I am on your side.

Parker: You know what, forget it.

Carly: No, parker, don't go! Look -- if you say you didn't leave the gun out, then I believe you.

Parker: So how come you're quiet while jack tells me how great it's going to be on exile island?

Carly: What can I do to help you when you won't help me? You've got to give me something!

Parker: Like what?

Carly: Something to help prove to jack that you didn't do it.

Parker: What's the point? No one would believe me anyway.

Carly: Well you can't just throw your hands up thinking that everyone's against you, so there's no point in standing up for yourself.

Parker: But there is no point! Not when everybody already thinks I'm a liar.

Carly: I don'T. If you let me, I will help you.

Parker: And who's going to believe you? Because everyone already thinks you're a big liar. And now they'll figure, like mother like son. I was pretty nervous, apprehensive. I have copd with chronic bronchitis which makes

Will: You expect me to believe that cleo actually came after you?

Jade: Yeah, I do expect you to believe that. She's trying to keep me away from you and gwen, which is ridiculous because I don't want to be around either one of you. Just proves she's a head case.

Will: Cleo's harmless.

Jade: Really? You're actually trying to convince me that the girl's not completely weird?

Will: Yeah, so she has her personality issues. Fine.

Jade: Uh-huh. Personality issues? The girl is a nut job. If you and gwen were smart, you would cut her loose.

Will: If I had been smart, I never would have made friends with you, jade.

Jade: Oh, thanks a lot, will. That's really nice.

Will: If you and I have our problems, it's only because you brought them on yourself. All right? All the stuff you pulled.

Jade: I get it. I'm a terrible person.

Will: Listen to me. Cleo's a nice person and I'm not going to let you hurt her. So, you need to back off.

Cleo: I always dreamed will

would come to my rescue

like he's doing today!

He's out right now looking

for jade to defend my honor.

Although, I have to admit,

I wish he weren't talking

to her.

She's a real b!

And knows way too much.

On the other hand, she

can't afford to say

anything about how she

knows me because she'd just

be ratting herself out.

So maybe it's okay.

Actually, when I think

about it, it's more than

okay, it's kind of perfect.

But just in case, I got

myself a little insurance.

I think I have a way to

stop jade --

for good.

Emily: I guess what I'm saying is that alison has been through some -- experiences that have changed her, that's all.

Aaron: What kind of experiences?

Emily: You know what. Why don't I just let ali decide what she wants you to know when she gets back, okay?

Aaron: Fair enough. But is she all right?

Emily: She will be. I know it. But I'm going to be honest with you, the break-up was rough on here. I think she's a little fragile right now.

Aaron: So maybe I was right and she's not going to want to see me.

Emily: No. No, aaron, I think you are exactly what my sister needs right now.

Dusty: Car's downstairs. You ready?

Alison: Yup.

Faith: I don't understand. How could any of this be your fault? Parker's the one who left the gun out.

J.J.: But he didn't leave it out. I saw him put it away.

Faith: Okay. Then how could it have gotten back outside?

J.J.: Because I put it there! After parker locked it away, I went in, I took it back outside. I'm the reason you got shot!

Jack: I talked to mr. Jenkins from the camp. He's going to fax a list of everything parker's going to need, plus a bus schedule.

Carly: Please, jack.

Jack: Carly, I'm not going to argue with you anymore about this. It's done. Besides, I thought when we agreed to come here together it was going to be because you were going to support me on this.

Carly: I just want you to think it through. Just a little more. And I know how tough it is to trust my judgment --

Jack: Then don't ask me to.

Carly: I have to. Because he's our son. He's the same kid who didn't give up on you when your car went over that bridge and everyone, including me, thought you were dead. When everyone told him that he was believing the impossible, he didn't give up on you. And now I'm asking you, jack -- please don't give up on him. Please believe him.

Jack: I'm not giving up on him. But what I believe, carly, is that he needs serious help. That's what I believe.

Carly: If he needs help then we'll give him help right here. Just forget about the lawyers, and the shrinks and the intervention squad. We can do this for parker. Just the two of us. Like we used to. You and me together.

Announcer: Next week on "as the world turns."

Jack: We've got to face the truth.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Emily: What happened in vegas? I want to know everything.

Aaron: I want to make everything up to you. Starting right now.

Luke: It happened again. I'm falling for the wrong guy.

Cleo: It's clearer

everyday that I'm destined

to be with him.

And being in branson will

be the start of our lives


Meg: If craig finds out that we tricked him, then we're finished.

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