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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 6/12/07

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Barbara: Well it's very nice that you're giving your mother the time of day when you've ignored her phone calls for two days.

Paul: Mom, please.

Barbara: I'm not worried. I'm not -- well, I am worried a little bit, yeah. Just tell me you're not having visions about your wedding anymore.

Paul: No.

Barbara: Good. Really, really good. And I know -- I know that when you and meg are finally married, and this is all settled --

Paul: Mom?

Barbara: What? You're not getting married?

Paul: Meg is. To craig.

Craig: Thank you very much. Also, we are going to be needing one more. We're expecting somebody else. Oh, hey.

Lily: Hi. I got your message, meg.

Craig: Thank you so much for coming.

Lily: I got your message. I didn't know that craig was going to be here.

Meg: I know.

Craig: We are engaged, lily. You know that. We're a couple now, like you and holden.

Lily: You like this place, don't you?

Craig: Yeah, it has fond memories for us.

Lily: No, you like it because it's a public place, and you know if you push people's buttons, we won't make a scene.

Meg: Craig, let's let it go, please.

Craig: No, no. Lily and I are having problems, I admit this. I am trying to find a way to work through them.

Lily: What are you doing? By setting up an ambush?

Craig: No, by trying to make this wedding a true family affair. You know, margo and I have had our problems, but she's willing to stand up for me at least --

Lily: Oh, oh. This isn't what I think it is, is it?

Craig: Meg and I would love for you to be her matron of honor.

Holden: Absolutely not. There's no way lily is going to have anything to do with this fraud.

Morgan: You're not eating your fries.

Parker: Want them?

Morgan: No. I want to know why you stopped talking.

Parker: Sorry. Nothing to say.

Morgan: It's okay. A lot of boys talk all the time and it's stupid. You don't say stupid things.

Parker: I just do them.

Morgan: Huh?

Parker: I wasn't supposed to leave the farm. And I'm pretty sure my little brother's going to rat me out.

Morgan: Why did you go, then? Aren't you going to get in trouble?

Parker: Yeah, well, what difference does it make? I'm always in trouble anyway.

Faith: Ow!

J.J.: Faith?

Faith: Ow!

Jack: War -- that's great, carly, that's just fabulous.

Carly: You give me no choice.

Jack: Because you keep charging ahead without giving one second's thought about the kids.

Carly: This is completely about the kids!

Jack: Yeah, right, after months of not knowing where their fugitive mother is, they have the thrill of a big custody fight. And we are wondering how to spend summer vacation.

Carly: What am I supposed to do, jack? Roll over and play dead while you threaten to kick my son, my son, out of the house!

Jack: That's what scares me. This is more about possession for you than what's best for parker.

Carly: You know what I think? That being sent away is not what's best for parker. I think it might be what's best for you and miss congeniality!

Jack: Don'T. Don't even go there!

Carly: Did I strike a nerve? Did I hit the nail right on the head? Ah, look who's here.

Katie: What's wrong?

Carly: What's wrong is your boyfriend is trying to keep me away from my kids. Now, I've got to ask myself, where would he get an idea like that? Captioning sponsored by procter & gamble productions, inc. And cbs

Barbara: Well, well. Craig and meg. Tying the knot.

Paul: They announced it last night.

Barbara: Ha ha! Well, where's she registered? Let's buy her fine china.

Paul: I don't think we're going to be invited.

Barbara: You know, I -- I can't, I can't understand this. You ask her to marry you and she -- knowing craig, who he is, what he has done. She chooses him? And you're so calm?

Paul: Well -- no point in overreacting.

Barbara: Why not? I've spent my entire life overreacting. And I tell you what I'm going to do right now. I'm going to go find her and tell her off.

Paul: It won't do any good.

Barbara: No, but it may pull the wool over craig's eyes.

Paul: I don't know what you mean.

Barbara: My darling son -- if meg were really going to marry craig, you wouldn't be sitting here chatting your mother up. You would be out there doing something rash, and probably criminal. You set this up, didn't you?

Paul: Meg did. This one's all hers. All of it. Including the part about actually going through with the wedding. That's an essential part of the plan.

Barbara: And you're going along with this?

Paul: I don't much like it.

Barbara: Like it? This is a horrible, horrible idea. I mean, you can't stand by and watch them get married.

Paul: Look, I'm not sure that I even really understand it, and I'm not sure how I can't explain it to you. But -- meg feels like craig took a part of her away from her.

Barbara: Craig takes something from everyone.

Paul: And this is her way, this is meg's way of getting that part of herself back from craig.

Barbara: I don't think I've ever seen you like this. Supporting someone when you hate what they're doing.

Paul: Well, meg backed me up when I had all those stupid ideas, and she forgave me when i lied to her. And I think that I have to back her up on this one. And that way, when it's all over, and we are married -- she knows that I've accepted her for who she actually is, the same way that she's accepted me for who I actually am.

Barbara: Hmm, nice. One problem.

Paul: Just one?

Barbara: One big problem. When you see craig and your fiancee as man and wife -- what's going to keep you from killing him?

Craig: I thought you and lily were more evolved. You would never hear me give meg a direct order.

Lily: That's okay. He's absolutely right. It's my decision. And the answer is no. I'm sorry.

Meg: It's fine.

Craig: Lily, can't you just put aside your feelings for me and think of meg?

Holden: I have been thinking about meg -- ever since she agreed to this deal with you. But you know what? It's her deal, not ours. None of us agreed to anything.

Craig: So then there's no talking about this?

Lily: Let's just say it's inappropriate.

Craig: All right, fine. But I can count on you coming to the wedding, right?

Lily: What is it with you? Just one more thing.

Craig: Look, this is a very important day for us.

Holden: Meg, he just said us. Again. He seems to be doing all the talking here. What is it that you want? Speak up. Do you want us there?

Meg: I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with.

Holden: Well, then we should leave. Because I am not comfortable pretending that this is a good idea.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Meg: Let me talk to him. Holden, please.

Holden: Meg, there's nothing to talk about. You've made up your mind. I don't want to be a part of it. So, end of discussion.

Meg: All my life, when you were really mad at me -- when I was really mad at you, when we fought -- it never felt scary like this before. You're being really cold to me.

Holden: Well then maybe that will make you realize how wrong I think this is. Lily, let's go.

Craig: Don't worry, he'll come around. Come on, cheer up.

Meg: I'm not sure I want any champagne right now.

Craig: Oh, come on. You know I -- when I tell you my good news, you will. Just come back to the couch, come here. Let's finish this off, and then I am going to take you someplace fun.

Meg: I don't know if I can deal with any more.

Craig: You know, did anybody ever tell you, you snyders, you're not very good at that festivity stuff, all right? Would you drink some champagne? Well, at least smile while I tell you that I've taken care of the last obstacle to you and I walking down the aisle together.

Meg: Just what do you mean by that?

Craig: My marriage to rosanna. Really, meg, what else did you think I would mean by that?

Parker: Me and jack. We're in this fight because he thinks everything I do is wrong. And then my mom shows up and within two seconds, they're fighting. And she's keeps saying, don't be so hard on him. But I'm thinking that she should butt out because this is between me and jack.

Morgan: You want your mom to butt out?

Parker: And stay out.

Morgan: I don't know what to say.

Parker: No one does. That's why I don't talk about it.

Morgan: But you think your brother will tell on you?

Parker: He's so lame. He and my sister, they both want to go back and hit the rewind button to when we were a big happy family.

Morgan: And you don't?

Parker: I know how long that lasts. Look, forget I said anything, okay? It's really not that bad. It's just loud.

Morgan: I don't want you to get in trouble because of me.

Parker: You didn't do anything. Besides, I'm used to it.

Morgan: I'm sorry.

Parker: No, the way I see it, the more mom and jack fight, the less time they have to yell at me.

[ Cell phone beeps ]

Morgan: My mom's outside. I've got to go.

Parker: All right, look. I'm really sorry that I talked about all that stuff.

Morgan: No, no. It's okay. It's just -- look, if you want, my mom can give you a ride back to the farm.

Parker: No, I think I'm just going to hang here for a while. I mean, that place is so boring. Nothing ever happens there.

Faith: Ow!

J.J.: Faith, please, please -- faith, say something, please.

Faith: I tripped -- and there was a noise, it was really loud.

Faith: J.J., Get somebody, please! It hurts!

J.J.: Okay. Okay, I'll be right back. I'm going to help you!

Jack: Keep her out of it, carly. This is between you and me.

Carly: Oh, the hell it is.

Jack: I mean it, leave her out of it.

Carly: Oh, she's the center of it! Here she is, no kids of her own, she can barely take care of a bunny -- until she sets her sights on you -- then all of sudden, she's super nanny! She used my kids to get to you.

Katie: No, I was a friend to them, that's all. I was there when they needed someone.

Carly: And then she gets you, and now all of a sudden, you're talking about shipping parker away.

Jack: Damn it, carly, after these past few months, you don't want to start comparing our parenting skills. Especially in court.

Carly: No, you know what? I don't even want to go to court. So maybe you should stop pushing me. And whatever you do, don't ask me to defer to her when it comes to my kids!

Katie: Nobody is asking you that.

Carly: I don't believe this. I know what I've done wrong -- believe me, I know I'm no saint. But what about her? When was the last time you spoke to your old friend mike kasnoff, huh?

Jack: That's not what this is about! It's about our children, they're a mess. I am scared for parker, scared of what he's going to do next. And you and I both know what his problem is carly, and it ain't katie!

Katie: I'm going to go wait for margo outside. I will call you later.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Jack: Yeah -- no J.J., Calm down. J.J., What you need to do is calm down.

J.J.: It's faith, she's shot, she's bleeding everywhere. You've got to come here right away!

Meg: So you got a divorce from rosanna.

Craig: I'm all yours.

Meg: Was it difficult?

Craig: Well, several american lawyers, an army of swiss ones, a boat load of cash, but it takes a lot of money to --

Meg: Was it difficult for you, personally?

Craig: Huh?

Meg: You stayed married with her for a long time. Maybe you still had hope --

Craig: Well, of course, of course I did. Yes, I'm very hopeful that rosanna finds a miracle, and I do believe it's time for me to move on with my life now.

Meg: You do know that we're alone, don't you?

Craig: What?

Meg: You want a miracle? It's time for you to move on? That's how you talk when you have an audience. It's me, meg -- the one you're straight with.

Craig: Being married to you is going to be very interesting, isn't it? You don't let me get away with a thing.

Meg: Was it difficult for you to divorce her?

Craig: No. I cared a great deal for rosanna. But it really is time for me to move on, and I want you. I want you so much, nothing else matters. Certainly not the past.

Meg: Good to know.

Craig: Now, when I said that I'd taken care of that last obstacle for us -- what is it that you thought I meant? I mean, I'm on to you, too, you know. I saw the reaction.

Meg: I'm worried that you're going to do something to paul.

Craig: Is he an obstacle?

Meg: No, but you think he is. And I don't trust either one of you to move on with your life.

Craig: Ouch.

Meg: I mean it, craig. You make a move against paul, and this engagement is over.

Craig: Understood.

Meg: Or you wait until we're married and you try something, and I'm taking you to the cleaners. Look, if I'm going to go through with this, things are going to be different. Very different.

Craig: Really?

Meg: Really.

Craig: Well, do you think that we could have just one evening of a more traditional non-confrontational kind of pre-wedding festivity?

Meg: Sure, why not?

Craig: Good. So, to my beautiful bride -- with the smart mouth.

Meg: How sweet.

Craig: It is. It is.

Margo: What's going on? What's wrong?

Katie: Oh god, there was some horrible accident at the farm, faith snyder was shot.

Margo: Oh, my god, no!

Katie: I just had to call holden and tell him, and I could hear lily in the background. It was awful. I've never had to do something so horrible. He was asking all kinds of questions, and I don't know what happened. I don't even know if it's serious.

Margo: Well, did they call an ambulance?

Katie: Jack did, before he left. Why didn't you go with him? He went with carly.

Margo: Oh, carly was here?

Katie: Yeah. They were arguing, she was yelling at him, and then she was yelling at me. And then it didn't seem important once we found out about faith.

Margo: Yeah, dispatch -- this is lt. Hughes. There's an ambulance run out to the snyder farm, possible gun shot wound, would you radio the unit and have them report directly to me? Thanks -- now, we wait.

Katie: Hasn't that family -- both those families -- been through enough already?

Margo: What do you mean, both those families?

Katie: Well J.J. Was the one that called jack to tell him and jack was asking all kind of questions, and he wanted to talk to parker -- and parker was missing again.

Carly: J.J., What happened?

J.J.: I don't know.

Carly: Just go get a blanket, all right?

Jack: It's okay, let me take a look -- ohh, what do we have here? Okay, oh honey, it's just a graze. Yeah, yeah, can I have one of those antiseptic swabs, please? All right, what I'm going to do, is I'm going to clean it up, and I'm going to put a little antiseptic on it. I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to sting a little bit, okay? But you're brave, I'm sure you can handle it. Here we go. Ready? Here you go. Oh, there it is, that's it. Here you go. Wow, man, you are the best.

Carly: Yeah, that's the worst of it, honey. The worst of it's over, okay?

J.J.: Is this okay?

Carly: Yeah, it's fine.

Jack: Here you go.

Lily: Baby, are you okay?

Jack: No, it's okay, she's fine.

Holden: It's okay, honey, we're here with you now.

Faith: I was scared before, but I'm okay now.

Holden: Somebody want to tell me what the hell happened here?

Jack: Yeah, let me find out, just a second. Do you want to tell me what you're doing out here with parker's B.B. Gun?

J.J.: I --

Carly: J.J., Answer him.

Faith: But it wasn't J.J., He wasn't even out here.

Jack: What?

Faith: It was my fault, I tripped over it and it went off.

Jack: You tripped over the gun? Where was it?

Faith: Right there.

Parker: Hey, what's going on? Oh, my god, faith, are you all right?

Jack: She will be, no thanks to you.

Parker: What?

Jack: I told you to put the gun away. I told you to stay here. Do you have any idea the kind of trouble you're in right now?

kodak and it's payback time. "Sesame street." Stafford.Happy birthday, mom.

Parker: Look, it doesn't make any difference what I say, because you're not going to believe me.

Jack: Parker, this isn't about you running away or getting bad grades. I asked you to put the gun away and you didn't do it.

Parker: I did!

Jack: Faith could have been seriously hurt! Why is it that nothing I say gets through to you? Even now you're not sorry.

Parker: I put it away! I did what you said.

Jack: So it just walked out here all by itself?

Parker: Okay, well maybe someone came into the house and got it. All I know is that I put it away!

Carly: Faith? Did you see anybody else here?

Faith: No. No one was here when I went into the kitchen. J.J. Must have been upstairs.

Jack: So you tripped on the gun on the way out? So when did this mysterious person move the gun?

Parker: Maybe when I was --

Jack: When you were what?

Parker: I left. Morgan came over and we went to al'S.

Jack: So you disobeyed most of what I said, but you managed to put the gun away.

Parker: Yes, and I locked it up after, like you said! Look, faith, I am so sorry that you got hurt, but I would never lie about this, and especially to you. I mean, you believe me, don't you?

Margo: So, jack and carly went at it, huh?

Katie: Yeah, they were fighting about the kids, and then as soon as I walked in, she turned it on me, and started accusing me of using the kids to get to jack. Which is just so infuriating because I was there for them when she wasn'T. I saw how worried he was about them and I stepped up.

Margo: All right, so bottom line, is carly was mad, huh?

Katie: Yeah, but not at jack. It was all about me. I mean, I think I'm just this red flag as far as carly is concerned.

Margo: What are you talking about? You? She was used as an accomplice in a grand theft. She hindered an investigation, she fled the country, she came back, she got caught.

Katie: That's my point exactly. Although I guess you have to respect her for coming back for her kids, even though she knew she would end up in jail. But that's the part that I get, I understand, I see you with your kids, and craig with his. I get that parent's are fierce when it comes to their kids. It's just that I don't like jack getting the brunt of it. It's because of me. It's because he's with me that it's all worse for him. Why don't they call?

Margo: It's the worst part of the job.

Katie: Yeah, I guess cops have to do it all the time, huh?

Margo: Yep, so do parents.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Katie: Jack, hey --

Jack: I can't talk long, I just wanted you know that faith's going to be okay. It was just a graze.

Katie: Faith's going to be okay. Well, what happened? Was it an accident?

Jack: Yeah.

Katie: Is everyone okay?

Jack: Well, they're a little bit shaken up, but, yeah, they're okay.

Emt: Detective snyder did a really good job, but I'd like to bring her in.

Faith: I don't want to go in the ambulance.

Holden: Any problem if we take her to see dr. Hughes ourselves?

Emt: No, if you'll wait a few minutes, I'll recheck her pressure and then she's okay.

Lily: Thank you.

Faith: I'm sorry I scared you.

Holden: Honey, you didn't do anything wrong.

Carly: Hey, can I just say one thing to you?

Parker: Has anyone ever stopped you?

Carly: Even if it's not your fault, you've got to drop the attitude.

Parker: Look who's talking.

Carly: Parker, you're in jack's face, you're just keeping him from listening to you. That's not what you need, you need him to hear you.

Parker: I keep telling you, it doesn't matter. No matter what I say, he won't believe me. Even about you.

Jack: I've really got to go. Tell margo everything's under control.

Katie: I will. And jack?

Jack: Yeah?

Katie: When you're finished taking care of everyone else, can you please take care of yourself?

Margo: So, faith is okay?

Katie: Yeah, thank god the emt said that it wasn't that serious.

Margo: Good. Have you ever noticed that you almost always get involved in really complicated relationships?

Katie: Yeah, tell me about it. Faith's okay, but jack still seems worried.

Margo: You know how you're always seeking my advice and counseling?

Katie: You mean, how you're always giving me advice when I ask for it or not?

Margo: Don't get between jack and carly.

Katie: There's nothing between jack and carly for me to get between.

Margo: Yeah, there is. Their kids. And if they are arguing about their kids, then there's no way that you can win, so you better find a neutral corner.

Katie: Yeah. I would like to do that, but there's no corner far enough away from carly. At least jack and I always have interesting things to talk about.

Margo: Where are you going? We have something to talk about, too, here.

Katie: Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I came here to talk to you. I just got sidetracked by everything. What's going on?

Margo: Yeah, I guess with all the drama, family matters are kind of a let down.

Katie: Margo, what's going on?

Margo: Oh, you're not going to believe what craig is going to do next.

Craig: Listen, it is a very beautiful night, and if you're hungry, we could take a lovely drive out into the country. I know this amazing little inn.

Meg: I'm sure you do.

Craig: They serve a wonderful duck.

Meg: And then up to one of the rooms for dessert? Uh-uh.

Craig: That's nice.

Meg: Look, craig. Any day now, we're going to be entering into a contract.

Craig: This is a marriage!

Meg: Which is a contract. And if you get delivery of services before the start date, what's to keep you from backing away? I mean, you wouldn't run your business that way.

Craig: I was kind of hoping this wasn't just business.

Meg: I'm protecting my assets.

Craig: I'm just talking about dinner.

Meg: You never just talk about dinner. But look, why don't you buy me a nice expensive dinner here and then take me home?

Craig: Home? To where, to --

Barbara: Well, well, well, the happy couple.

Meg: Barbara.

Barbara: What happened meg? You used to have such standards.

Craig: I see you've heard our news! And yes, we are thrilled, thank you.

Barbara: So you sold yourself out to the highest bidder? Are you proud of yourself?

Craig: Don't make a scene, barbara. What am I saying? That's like saying, "barbara, don't breathe."

Barbara: Why are you smiling, meg? Do you think this is funny? You think what you did to paul is amusing?

Craig: All right, I don't want you to think that we were intimidated, but we were just leaving.

Barbara: No, no, no, no! I'm going to talk to you upstairs right now.

Craig: No, no actually, I don't think that's going to happen. Lloyd, can I get a check, please? That would be great, thank you.

Barbara: Does he make all your decisions for you now, meg?

Meg: Craig, I'm going to go with barbara.

Craig: What? Why?

Barbara: Maybe she wants to find out what marriage to you would really be like.

Meg: You know, barbara, why don't you wait in the lobby? I'll be right there.

Barbara: Okay. Best of luck craig. I hope you choke on your wedding cake.

Craig: What possible reason do you have to go talk to her?

Meg: She was upset.

Craig: That's my point.

Meg: Look, there's no force on earth that's going to keep her from telling me off. So I'd rather her do it now than at our wedding.

Craig: Good point. All right, I'll wait here.

Meg: Well, you don't have to wait -- I mean, I don't know how long this is going to take. Okay, could we hire someone to be happy about our wedding? What's going on?

Barbara: Wait here.

Meg: No, not here. He's in the lounge.

Paul: Then we'd better get out of here.

Meg: No, it's too dangerous.

Craig: What do you mean, he wants a bigger donation? I'm buying a congressman, not a senator.

Bartender: Here you go, mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Oh, lloyd, sorry, it looks like I'm going to be sticking around for a while. Can you just do me a favor, clean this up and bring me a single malt, neat.

Bartender: Sure thing. Anything else, sir?

Craig: Yeah, you can act as my early alert system. Warn me if barbara ryan comes swooping in here again.

Bartender: I don't think you have to worry about her any more tonight, sir. I just saw her leave.

Craig: No, I think she just went upstairs to berate a friend. That's her idea of a good time.

Bartender: No, sir, I just saw her go out the front door. Thanks for calling dell. What can we build for you ?

Katie: Craig is going to marry meg?

Margo: I guess --

Katie: And meg is going to marry craig?

Margo: I guess.

Katie: Is she nuts?

Margo: I guess, but he says they're in love.

Katie: And you don't think this is a good idea?

Margo: Well, I hope it is. Because I'm going to stand up for him.

Katie: At the wedding?

Margo: Yep, at the wedding.

Katie: But you're furious with him. And you hate being in weddings, and you're furious with him. Oh, and then there's always that you're furious with him.

Margo: Yeah, katie, you know -- I'm just going to come right out and say this, I don't know what I would have done the last couple of months if hadn't been for you.

Katie: Where did that come from? You want something. You never talk like that unless you want something.

Margo: Yes, of course I want something. But it doesn't make it any less true. It's just that the last couple of months, I haven't even wanted to talk about the trouble that my kids have been in. And you won't talk about it, either. You know, you call two or three times a day and we go out for lunch and --

Katie: Mostly to talk about me.

Margo: Yes. And I love that, I love hearing about your problems. I love that you come to me. That you trust in me and you get comfort from me. It gives me comfort thinking that someday casey will be back and that adam -- well, adam -- but it just makes me feel like there is still something holding this family together. So, when craig came to me --

Katie: All right, all right.

Margo: I know it's asking a lot. It really is because you're still mad at him for whatever the last thing was he did to you.

Katie: For the fact that he couldn't care less about me.

Margo: I know, I know. But please, I just want you to come to the wedding. Please? The three of us together. Please?

Katie: Okay. I get it. I will pretend that my brother's adequate, and I'll be nice about him getting married.

Margo: Thank you. And let us pray for meg.

Katie: And her sanity.

Margo: There -- okay, so, it looks like you and jack aren't going to go out tripping the light fantastic tonight. And tom is visiting casey. And I've got nothing to do. Do you want to go get a drink?

Katie: Girls' night out? Sounds good to me. Do you think we should throw meg a shower?

Margo: I think we should stage an intervention.

Katie: Wait -- wait a minute. What about paul?

Meg: Paul, this is crazy.

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: I'm a big fan of crazy.

[ Meg laughs ]

Meg: You know, he is down there waiting for me.

Paul: Well, then let him wait. I miss you.

Meg: Me, too. But, think about it. I mean, I have to go, I --

Bartender: Here you are, sir.

Craig: Oh, thank you. Lloyd, when you saw barbara ryan leave earlier, was she with ms. Snyder?

Bartender: I don't think so, sir. Maybe ms. Snyder was already outside, but ms. Ryan left alone.

Craig: Thanks. Thank you.

Margo: Well, speak of the devil.

Katie: Oh, no, I didn't know I'd have to be nice so quickly. Can I go home and practice?

Margo: No, come on, come on. He's really excited about this wedding, and I think that he'll be nice for once.

Katie: Okay, we'll see.

Margo: So, a cop walks into a bar --

Craig: Oh, hey. Hey, sis. How are you?

Katie: Yeah, hi. I'm here, too. Your blonde sister. Name's katie.

Margo: Would you please try? You promised me.

Katie: Margo told me about you and meg. I hope you two will be very, very happy.

Craig: Thanks. Thanks, katie, that's great. Excuse me, I've just got to take care of something.

Katie: It just doesn't seem right, does it? Poor little faith getting shot, when he's such an obvious candidate.

Craig: Hey, hi -- did you happen to see barbara ryan about five minutes ago?

Desk clerk #1: Yes. Over by the elevators.

Craig: By the elevators. And was she with my fiancee, meg snyder?

Desk clerk #1: I think so.

Craig: What, did they change their minds and then go out the door together?

Desk clerk #1: Well, I guess, I wasn't paying much attention. Somebody pressed the button, I heard the elevator doors open. But like I said, I really wasn't paying attention.

Craig: Right. Paul ryan has a room here now, doesn't he?

Desk clerk #1: Yes. You can use our house phone.

Craig: You know what? Actually, I think it would be better if maybe I could, you know, surprise him.

Emt: She's good to go.

Holden: Thank you.

Lily: Thank you so much.

Holden: So how are you feeling, honey?

Faith: Much better.

Holden: Okay, good. We should get going and have dr. Bob take a look.

Parker: Faith --

Jack: Parker, don'T.

Parker: I wouldn't lie to you. I didn't leave the gun there.

Carly: Parker --

Parker: Just say that you believe me. Please?

Faith: Can we go now, please?

Parker: My god, why don't any of you believe me?

Jack: I promise you, this will be handled.

Carly: Parker, I need you to calm down and tell me exactly what happened.

Parker: Why? Nothing I say makes any difference.

Carly: It does. Because if you tell me that you didn't leave the gun out there, then I know that you didn'T.

Parker: I didn't!

Carly: Right. Then tell me everything that happened so we can figure this out.

Parker: You believe me?

Carly: Parker, I'm on your side. I'm always on your side.

Holden: Okay, we should get going. You sure you're okay?

Faith: I'm fine. Just a second, though. I just wanted to say, thank you.

J.J.: I'm sorry, faith. I'm really, really sorry!

Jack: Buddy, it's all right, it's okay.

Lily: J.J., Why are you sorry?

Faith: I know why. Before, when he got the first aid kit, he couldn't open it.

Jack: Yeah, but you called for help, that's what was really important.

Holden: That's right. Faith's mom and I are really grateful.

Jack: So, listen, you'll call me after she sees bob?

Holden: Yeah, yeah.

Jack: Okay, lily, again --

Lily: It's okay. Come on, honey.

Holden: Let's go, honey.

Carly: Did you hear me? I'm on your side, and we can figure this out.

Parker: I don't care.

Carly: What?

Parker: I don't care if you believe me, I don't care if you're on my side. All I care about is what they believe, and they all think that I did it.

Carly: Well, then let me help.

Parker: Don't you get it? I don't want your help. Besides, you don't really believe me, you just want me to forget what you did.

Carly: No, that's not true.

Parker: But I will never forget. Not ever.

Jack: You did the right thing, buddy.

J.J.: I didn't do anything.

Carly: Now, that's not true. You stayed by faith that whole time.

Jack: I'm proud of you.

J.J.: I'm going to go inside. I don't want to talk anymore.

Carly: Well, I'll be up in a minute to say goodnight, okay? Parker says he didn't do it. And I know him, jack. He doesn't lie.

Jack: He didn't used to lie.

Carly: He's so angry with me.

Jack: He's so angry, period.

Carly: You know what I think? I think he needs to spend some time with both of us. We can't send him away, jack. He needs to be with us. Not a bunch of strangers. Now, I'm sorry about what I said at the police station, I was way out of line. But please, don't take it out on parker.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. You think that's what I'm doing, carly? I'm paying you back, punishing you through parker?

Carly: No, no, that's not what I mean.

Jack: You think I don't feel like a total failure here? I tried to get through to him ever since you left, carly. I've been hard on him. I've gone easy on him. I got him therapy. He had me and emma and the school trying to get him some help, and still, he just pushed everyone -- everyone away.

Carly: Because of me.

Jack: No, the "why" doesn't matter anymore. Carly, I love that kid as if he were my own. And I want to do what's best for him. And right now -- right now, I don't think that's either one of us.

Carly: Please, don't say that, jack.

Jack: When I left, this gun was inside. So not only did he forget to put it away, he deliberately brought it out here.

Carly: No, you know, I have a really hard time believing that.

Jack: Well, I don't want to believe it, either. But the reason he may be so sorry about what happened to faith, because it wasn't supposed to be her, carly. It was me. It was an act of defiance. He cannot get away with it. Now, his therapist mentioned this camp.

Carly: No.

Jack: Yes, it might be exactly what he needs to get the help he clearly needs.

Carly: No, no, jack -- I cannot send him away, after I left him.

Jack: Well -- but you don't seem to understand, is that it's not your decision. It's mine.

Katie: You know, margo, when you're right, you're right. That was sweet. A sweet moment -- me, holding out an olive branch to craig, and him looking past me and shoving me out of the way. That was great. It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

[ Margo laughs ]

Margo: You might want to rethink that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Katie: So meg snyder, huh?

Margo: Yep.

Katie: I don't know, that -- oh, wait, I just thought of something.

Margo: What?

Katie: With all that chaos at the farm, I bet nobody called meg and told her about faith. They're really close.

Margo: You know, I just thought of something, too.

Katie: What?

Margo: Craig was supposed to meet meg here, but he was having drinks by himself at the bar. I wonder where meg is.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Meg: Oh, damn it, that must be craig.

Paul: Meg, no, stop. No, meg --

Meg: What are you doing?

Paul: There's still time.

Announcer: On the next "as the world turns" --

Cleo: Anyway, she seems really nice, and so does luke. Too bad when you become a big star, you're probably going to have to leave them all behind.

Jade: Cleo has got to go, before she ruins what's left of my life.

Paul: Meg isn't here!

Craig: Get out of my way. Meg!

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