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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/11/07

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is somebody outside?

Will: No, just stand still and listen.

Gwen: I'm sorry, will. I don't hear anything.

Will: Yeah, exactly. We're all alone.

Gwen: You nerd, you scared me.

Will: I scared you? You know what's scary? Is cleo lurking around day and night.

Gwen: How long has she been with us now?

Will: Too long. I'm tired of whispering everywhere and keeping the doors closed.

Gwen: Do you even remember what it feels like to be alone?

Will: No, I think we should remind ourselves.

Gwen: How?

Will: I think we should do something that involves making the kind of noise we don't want anybody else to hear.

Gwen: Uh -- where do you want to start?

Will: The bedroom. And then the kitchen. Maybe the bathroom.

Gwen: Wow, that's a pretty full schedule. We better get busy.

Will: Yeah, that's the idea.

Gwen: I told you getting cleo at job would pay off.

Cleo: Oh, ms. Ryan! Gee, what a coincidence! Do you remember me?

Barbara: Excuse me, have we met?

Cleo: Uh, yeah. Remember? I mean, I wasn't me. I was me, but I didn't look like me. At will and gwen's house? You gave me, I mean, you gave gwen a really pretty dress.

Barbara: Oh yes, I remember you.

Cleo: My name is cleo babbitt.

Barbara: That was a vile stunt you pulled, cleo babbitt. I don't know if you realize it or not, but the woman who owns this hotel is a very dear friend of mine -- and I'm going to talk to her about who she hires.

Cleo: No! Wait, ms. Ryan. Please. Will and gwen are the ones who talked ms. Grimaldi into giving me this job in the first place.

Barbara: Excuse me?

Cleo: Yeah. Will's helped me out a lot. Which has been great. That's why, actually I was waiting here to talk to you.

Barbara: What do you want to talk to me about?

Cleo: I think I came up with the perfect way to thank will and gwen for being so nice to me. And I could use your help.

Alison: I could have stayed in there another hour.

Lance: What's the matter, baby? You look a little tense. Down or something?

Alison: You know those little shampoos? They're the kind emily buys -- I can't believe she had the gall to pass judgment on me -- when she was lying the whole time about her own life.

Lance: Forget about your hooker sister.

Alison: I wish -- she's the only sister I've got. It's like this huge hole just opened up in my life.

Lance: That's why you can't always count on blood, baby. Sometimes you have to make your own family. And I'm willing to be all the family you need.

Alison: But I was just -- it was starting to feel -- I don't know, comfortable, you know. Like my bedroom -- shopping with mom and the routines.

Lance: Come here, gorgeous. Look, you and me? We're going to make our own new routines. All right, it'll be great. It'll be better than home. All right? You'll never have to think about that place again.

Alison: But I was just starting to think about my future there.

Lance: That's funny because I've been thinking about your future, too. All right? We're going straight to the top. We're going to turn this around. I've got big plans.

Alison: Starting with going to that swanky restaurant?

[ Knock at the door ]

Lance: Yeah, yeah. We'll do dinner, later. But right now, I've got a better idea. Hey, come on in.

Rex: I'm not late, am I?

Lance: No, you're right on time. You ready to roll?

Rex: I'm always ready, man, that's why they keep hiring me.

Lance: Alison, you remember rex, right?

Alison: Yeah. Hi.

Rex: I saw your last flick. Hot.

Alison: Thanks. Are we all going out to eat together?

Lance: No, I thought we'd hang here a bit.

Alison: Why? Lance, what's going on?

Lance: What's going on is that future we were talking about. I've got a great idea. We're going to shoot it right now.

Alison: Now?

Lance: No better time then the present, baby.

Alison: You didn't say anything about shooting tonight.

Rex: Are we talking or working?

Lance: Working.

Alison: No. I -- I can't do this.

Jack: Do I make myself clear?

Parker: Yeah, I got it. You want to send me away.

Jack: No, parker. I don't want to send you anywhere, but you're mad at the world and you're taking it out

on this family.

You're not giving me much

choice here.

Parker: That's totally

messed up.

Jack: You know what's

messed up is that you can't

seem to control yourself. It's getting to the point where I can't control you either. So maybe what you need is some discipline. There are camps out there for kids with behavior problems.

Parker: Yeah, kids at school call them "hoods in the woods." Where can I sign up?

Jack: You think I'm kidding around about this?

Parker: No, no, no. Go ahead and send me wherever you want. Maybe then you can stop pretending that I'm a part of this family.

Jack: Yes and maybe you'll appreciate what a family is once you're away from us.

Carly: Jack, that's enough! Parker is my son and no one is sending him anywhere while I'm around. Captioning sponsored by procter & gamble productions, inc. And cbs

Jack: Where do you come off coming in here issuing orders?

Carly: You were threatening my son.

Jack: J.J., Why don't you wait here with your brother. Parker, put the bb gun away, please.

J.J.: Where are you going?

Jack: Outside.

J.J.: Mom --

Carly: It's all right. I'm just going to settle things with jack. I'm sorry, jack, you went too far with parker.

Jack: It has been a constant struggle trying to get through to him, carly. And maybe I was overstating the consequences to make a point. But you coming in and undermining me doesn't help.

Carly: Well, I don't think anything that you've been doing is helping.

Jack: Excuse me? Do you even know what this whole thing was about?

Carly: Why don't you tell me?

Jack: First, he blew off his chores, and then he stole a key to get out the bb gun without permission and unload it for target practice.

Carly: Well, he's used the gun before. Am I right? You taught him how to do it safely.

Jack: But we have always said that he's never allowed to shoot it without an adult present. He knows that. This was serious, carly.

Carly: All right. All right. Well, maybe he just needs some understanding.

Jack: Oh, okay. So you're saying that parker's acting out because I'm not listening? Carly, this is about -- this is about you. When he blows a gasket, it's because he's mad at you.

Carly: It's my fault?

Jack: You know what? What you say doesn't matter because when you abandoned your kids, you lost the right to express an opinion about our family.

Carly: Oh no, no, no, no. I am their mother. And you can be mad at me -- you can resent the hell out of me for coming back. But I did come back. I came back and I'm not going anywhere.

Jack: Yh, you keep saying that.

Carly: And the last thing I intend to do is surrender my right to weigh in on what my children need. If I think being sent away is not what parker needs, you're damn right I'm going to speak up about it whether you like it or not.

J.J.: They're fighting again.

Parker: So what?

J.J.: Now mom can't come back because of you.

Parker: Who cares?

J.J.: I care! And you should too, you idiot. Mom was just sticking up for you.

Parker: I don't need her sticking up for me. It's too late.

J.J.: How do you know if you won't even give her a chance?

Cleo: First of all, can I just start by saying how lucky i know I am? Will and gwen are so generous with me, even after I pretended to be gwen. Which I know, was really stupid in the first place because I'm not nearly as smart or talented or pretty as she. But I'm not sorry.

Barbara: You're not sorry?

Cleo: I mean, I am sorry, but I'm not sorry. Because otherwise, I never would have gotten to meet you and see what an amazing mom will has. I wish I would have had a mom like you when I was growing up.

Barbara: Can we just move this along, please?

Cleo: Yeah. Anyways, I listened to gwen's demo and I think it's awesome.

Barbara: Yes, I think she's a wonderful singer.

Cleo: Good. I'm really glad that you agree. And will and I both think that she should finish the demo. I think she could have an amazing, huge career in front of her.

Barbara: Well, I agree with you there as well. But I don't think she's going to go back to that project. She had a very difficult time during production.

Cleo: Talking to will, I got the same sense. That, for some reason, she wouldn't want to finish it. So I starting thinking. I thought, what if there was a reason, a really good one, why she should change her mind? And so I couldn't come up with anything, but barbara -- can I call you barbara, ms. Ryan?

Barbara: Yes, you may call me barbara.

Cleo: Okay, good. Barbara, I don't know you very well, but I can tell that you're a very intelligent woman. And I bet you could come up with a great reason for gwen to change her mind. Which would be totally awesome, especially since the idea would come from you.

Barbara: You know something, cleo -- you might have something there.

Will: Where are you going?

Gwen: You said we had to do it in every room! We still have the living room and the kitchen to go.

Will: Okay, whatever you say.

Gwen: See? You didn't want to help get cleo a job, but it paid off just to get her out of the house.

Will: Yes. My wife is a real genius. She was right, as usual.

Gwen: Admit it -- she's not as bad as you thought?

Will: No, she's not that bad, but for a mousy girl, she does leave a big footprint.

Gwen: Aw, come on. She's got a good side.

Will: Okay, fine. Yeah, she does.

Gwen: You're a big old softy.

Will: Well I'm not going to be for too long if you keep doing that.

Gwen: Really? Then I won't stop.

Alison: You didn't say one word to me about shooting tonight, lance. I just got back.

Lance: That's why you'll be fresh.

Alison: Lance --

Lance: Hey, rex, could you run down and get us a coffee? I think alison likes those mochaccinos with the extra whipped cream. Is that right?

Alison: Yeah.

Lance: See, I take care of you, right baby?

Rex: When I get back, I want to get to work. My time is money, man.

Lance: Just do this one thing for me, all right? What's the matter, baby? You feeling shy?

Alison: I don't know -- you just sort of sprung this on me.

Lance: I thought you'd be happy. You're always raring to go.

Alison: Yeah I know, but it's been a while.

Lance: Look, you just have to make that first step. I mean, once you get going --

Alison: That's just it. I don't think I want to do it anymore.

Lance: This is about your sister again, isn't it?

Alison: Emily helped me kick meth and -- and once I did, I started thinking about how I was living out here and it's not --

Lance: You had a great life. Look, I always took care of you. We worked as a team, right?

Alison: Lance, I was high half the time and you made all the decisions --

Lance: I did that for you, okay. So you could be a star. I mean, the people in that hick town actually make you feel bad about that --

Alison: No, it's not.

Lance: Listen, we're making an honest living here. I'm not ashamed of what I do.

Alison: And I don't think you should be. But I'm just -- I don't -- it's just, I don't want to work this way anymore.

Lance: Listen, this thing that we're going to do tonight, it's different than the regular stuff. It's more like a demo reel. You know, like an audition. You'll get to do some real acting.

Alison: Really? For who?

Lance: I got us a new distributor.

Alison: Who is it?

Lance: His name's manny, and he's a real player. He's looking for the real thing, you know. Legit talent with a hot look. And that's you all the way, baby. Look, you're going to blow up, all right? You're going to be bigger than triple X. You'll be up there with all the greats -- julia, scarlett and everybody.

Alison: But --

Lance: This is just the beginning, all right.

Alison: But how is making something tonight on the cheap going to help that?

Lance: I know. This thing with rex, tonight, it's a little short on production value, but really, it's just the first step to a legit career. Come on, just do this one thing, all right. And the next film we make, you won't even have to take off a glove, all right?

Alison: Really?

Lance: Would I lie to you? What now, baby?

Alison: Did you see rex's eyes? He's still using -- I just got clean. I don't --

Lance: I know, okay. Look, I'll make sure I keep that stuff away from you, all right? Will you do it?

Alison: I guess -- if we can use it to take me to the next level.

Rex: Mocha-whatever for the princess. Now is everybody ready to work?

Lance: Yeah. Alison's on board now.

Rex: Great.

Alison: So you know this producer, manny?

Rex: Manny bloom? Sure, who doesn't? Runs more porn sites on the net than anybody. He'll cut this thing up into 60 second spots and get a dozen mini's out of it.

Lance: That's enough yapping already, rex.

Alison: Lance, you just said --

Lance: Yeah, I know what I just said, okay. And I'm getting a little sick of having to defend myself here. All right, so why don't you just show a little respect and let's get down to it?

Alison: Don't touch me.

Lance: Don't test me, little girl -- I've had just about enough of you, all right? If you weren't such a money-maker I'd have you out on the street, all right!

[ Pounding on door ]

Dusty: Open up, lance! Open the door or I'm going to knock it down!

[ Pounding on door ]

Open up!

[ Knock on the door ]

Will: I thought you said cleo wasn't going to be back for another hour?

Gwen: She isn'T. We have plenty of time. Keep going.

Barbara: Will!


Are you home?

Gwen: It's your mom.

Will: Just be quiet. Maybe she'll crawl onto another porch.

Gwen: Come on, that's not right.

Will: And showing up without calling first is?

Gwen: I'll get dressed, you get the door.

Barbara: Hi.

Will: Hi mom.

Barbara: Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt.

Will: What's up?

Barbara: Gwen's around?

Gwen: Yeah, yep. I'm right here. How are you, barbara?

Barbara: Hi. I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm happy to share something with you that I think you'll both be interested in. Don't look at each other like that. Just hear me out, okay?

Will: Okay, what's up, mom?

Barbara: All right. You have heard of a charity, called the watchkeepers, haven't you?

Will: Yeah, they raise money for cops' families, right?

Barbara: Well, specifically for families of officers who've lost their lives in the line of duty. I have agreed to give them a portion of profits from this seasons' line.

Gwen: That's really generous of you.

Will: Yeah, um, maybe we could come up with something too. Like, is $100 all right?

Barbara: Well, I was hoping maybe you'd come up with something bigger.

Gwen: We're actually kind of strapped right now. We're saving for the fall semester --

Barbara: I know, I know. I wasn't really talking about cash. I was thinking that maybe, a percentage of profits from a best-selling demo could bring in a lot.

Gwen: I wish I had one.

Will: Well, you would. If you finished the one with adam.

Gwen: I don't think so, will.

Will: Look, I know how many bad memories are attached to it, but --

Gwen: You understand then, why I can't go there right now.

Will: Yeah, but gwen, you worked so hard on it. And even if adam, you know, was a part of it, they're your songs. And they're great songs. This is your chance to reclaim them.

Gwen: I just don't know.

Barbara: I'm not trying to pressure you, honey. But I do know how much you loved hal.

Will: Yeah, and this would be a great chance for you to finished the demo, and maybe dedicate it to him.

Barbara: That is a beautiful idea. I'm really not trying to pressure you, gwen, but this is a very special organization. They can make the difference to families between surviving or falling through the cracks.

Will: And who knows, maybe this is your chance to really put it to rest.

Gwen: If it did, that would be great. I still have to think about it though. I'm going to go for a walk actually.

Will: Okay. You all right?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm fine, I just need a few minutes to think, okay?

Barbara: I didn't mean to upset her.

Will: You didn't, mom. All the stuff with adam, it's there, it's just underneath the surface. But I think this is a good chance for her to let it go.

Barbara: I hope so. I mean, aside from this being a really wonderful organization, i want to do something for her. She's like a daughter to me.

Will: That's really sweet of you, mom. Where'd you come up with this idea?

Barbara: Well, actually, I can't lay claim to all of it. So if you want to thank somebody, you better thank cleo.

Jack: You still have unbelievable nerve to come to me and start talking about your parental rights.

Carly: Am I not a parent anymore?

Jack: When you happen to feel like it.

Carly: That's low.

Jack: Is it? They haven't had a mother in months. They've only had me. I was there when they were sick. I held them when they were crying themselves to sleep. And I was getting them to start laughing again, while they were trying to put the past behind them and move on.

Carly: Oh, is that's what parker's doing? He's moving on?

Jack: Okay, okay. This has hit him the hardest, carly. But he was just starting to pull out of it when you came back and upset him all over again.

Carly: I'm the last person on earth to say that you haven't been a good father. You have. And I will admit all my mistakes, but I will not turn my back on those children again.

Jack: Well that might not be an issue if they turn their backs on you first.

Carly: J.J. And sage won't do that.

Jack: And parker?

Carly: Well jack, no matter what parker is feeling right now, he and I have a bond that no one can break. I am his only biological parent -- and I will do whatever it takes to keep you from making decisions that affect him without me involved. Whatever it takes.

Jack: Are you threatening me?

Dusty: Open the door! Lance, open the door!

Lance: Keep your mouth shut or else. Rex, come here. Keep her quiet and keep her in there.

[ Pounding on the door ]

Dusty: Open the door!

Lance: If you're looking for alison, she ain't in here, man.

Dusty: Where is she?

Lance: I don't know! Maybe she went to get her nails done or something.

Dusty: Yeah, right.

Alison: Oh, my god! What'd you do to him?

Lance: Not half of what we're going to do to you -- if you don't shut up and stop making trouble, all right.

Alison: You stay the hell away from me! I swear, I'll use this I'll cut you, I swear! Stay away! I'm a busy working mom,

Lance: Just put that thing down, all right?

Alison: Get out, both of you! I swear, I'll use it! Just get out!

Lance: Rex, take care of her.

Rex: I'm done. Call me when you've got a co-star who's not a nut job. And you owe me for my time.

Lance: Do you have any idea how long it took me to get him? The calls, the cash, the crank?

Alison: Then maybe you should have let me know! I mean, I believed you! You made me so many promises!

Lance: I didn't mean to trick you, all right. I just wanted a really spontaneous vibe. A real spur-of-the-moment thing, all right.

Alison: So none of it's true? You were never going to show me to anybody legit?

Lance: Look, of course I was, okay. I just -- just give me the razor, all right. And we'll talk about it, all right? Just give me the razor, all right! Damn you! You little --

Carly: I'm not threatening you, jack. I'm just telling you that I will be a part of my children's lives.

Jack: That's rich. Before, you had to be with simon because he was your great love. And now you have to be with your kids because they mean so much to you. Carly, don't you see it's all about you. You, you, you. What you want.

Carly: That's completely unfair.

Jack: You know what, this conversation's going absolutely nowhere. I think you should leave.

Carly: All right. I'll go -- for now. But don't think you're getting rid of me. I do not intend to take a back seat where my children are concerned. Get used to it.

J.J.: Where did mom go?

Jack: She had to leave.

J.J.: But why? I thought you two were going to work things out.

Jack: Let's go inside. I've got to get ready for work.

Parker: Told you so.

J.J.: This is all your fault. Mom knew you didn't want her to stay so she left!

Parker: Oh, sure, don't blame her for running off with a stupid boyfriend. Blame me --

Jack: Okay, okay. Guys, all right. It's nobody's fault. We all feel differently about your mom leaving, that's just how it is.

J.J.: What's going to happen?

Jack: I don't know what's going to happen. But we're not going to figure that out tonight, okay. Sage is at her friend jill's house. Now, can I trust you two to stay here and not to kill each other while I go to work? Huh? Or do I need to get a sitter?

Parker: We can stay here on our own.

Jack: J.J.?

J.J.: Yeah.

Jack: You don't go anywhere without permission. That includes visits to your mom, do you understand me?

J.J.: But dad --

Jack: I know. I know you want to see her, okay. And you will. But not until everybody's on the same page and knows what the boundaries are.

J.J.: When's that going to be?

Jack: I don't know. But in the meantime, I need you to follow my rules. Can I trust you to do that? Parker?

Parker: What?

Jack: You're still on notice. And for the 100th time, I want you to put that bb gun away!

Parker: I will.

Jack: Do your chores and don't pick any more fights with your brother, okay?

J.J.: You'll be sorry.

Will: You know I'm not cleo's biggest fan. But this time I've got to hand it to her. It's a nice idea.

Barbara: Well, she's a little off-center, to say the least, but you know, I think the girl does have a lot of insight. And you never know what's in a person's heart.

Will: Yeah. She is kind of sensitive when it comes to gwen. Maybe she's just trying to pay us back for all the weirdness.

Barbara: You know, something does stump me, though. Why've the two of you taken her in?

Will: It's crazy, I guess.

Barbara: Yeah. You always did have a soft spot for strays. Anyway, I hope that gwen goes along with this. I better be going. It would mean a lot to hal, god rest his soul.

Will: Bye, mom.

Barbara: Bye, honey.

Cleo: Hi, will.

Will: Hey. How are you?

Cleo: I'm okay, I guess.

Will: You guess?

Cleo: Uh -- something happened.

Will: Cleo?

Cleo: I might have done something bad.

Will: What'd you do?

Cleo: I saw your mom and I couldn't help saying something about gwen's demo.

Will: I know. It's okay.

Cleo: You're not mad?

Will: No. Actually, I think it's a really good idea.

Jack: Tom, thanks for meeting me on such short notice. You want to go inside? Jonesie, I'm in conference, okay? It's about parker.

Tom: Everything okay?

Jack: No, not really. He's kind of having a tough time.

Tom: Because carly's back?

Jack: He was getting back on an even keel, and everything -- I know it's a little late in the game and everything, and I should have taken care of this a long time ago, but I had a lot on my plate, tom.

Tom: Okay, so what can I do for you?

Jack: There was a while back, I talked to him about adopting him -- you know, making everything legal between us.

Tom: This is after hal was killed?

Jack: Yeah. But the timing wasn't right, and parker said he wasn't ready. And I understood that he was grieving and everything. But I never should have let it go. I mean, I've basically been his full-time dad since he was a little kid. Just that we never signed anything.

Tom: Well that's something attorneys don't like to hear, jack.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Well I didn't think, it didn't matter at the time though, tom. Do you understand?

Tom: And because carly's back, now it does?

Jack: We're not seeing eye to eye on how to handle the kids. Not the kids, not the house, not the color of the sky.

Tom: So what do you want?

Jack: I just want to know that I have some kind of legal authority to make the best decisions for them.

Tom: So what makes you think that carly's going to even interfere?

Jack: Okay, with sage and J.J., She probably won'T. But parker is acting out, and we are both having very different opinions on how to handle it. She even reminded me that I'm not his biological father. So, I was wondering if we could sign something now that would make me his legal guardianship.

Cop: Sorry, detective, I tried to tell her you and mr. Hughes were in a meeting.

Carly: You may as well call this guy off, because there's no way I'm leaving. I should have known. There is no way you're taking my kids from me. Do you understand me, jack? No way.


let nothing stop you

in the pursuit

of your passion. kodak and it's payback time. "Sesame street." Stafford.Happy birthday, mom.Z

Cleo: So you're really not mad at me?

Will: No, I'm not mad.

Cleo: And your mom came up with a way for gwen to finish the demo?

Will: Um, yeah. Actually, she's going to do it for a charity.

Cleo: I knew barbara would come up with something! That's so great. I can't wait to listen to her sing in this -- I mean, listen to her sing on her cd when I buy it in the store.

Will: Yeah, or we can send you one if you give us an address.

Cleo: Oh, I don't have one yet. But I will tomorrow.

Will: Good. So, wait. Does that mean that you got an advance? Or are you going to be able to get your own place?

Cleo: Um, not exactly. I haven't had a chance to talk to lisa yet. But, I'm sure she'll be at the lakeview tonight and I'll be able to get it.

Will: Good.

Cleo: Did gwen tell you that I was staying 'til tomorrow?

Will: Yeah, she did. And actually considering what you did for her, I don't see there being a problem in you staying until you get your own paycheck and can afford a place.

Cleo: You really mean that?

Will: Yeah.

Cleo: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I just wanted to say thank you.

Will: It's okay. You're welcome.

[ Knock at the door ]

Parker: Morgan?

Morgan: Hey, parker. My mom dropped me off to see the horses. You didn't forget, did you?

Parker: No, I didn't forget.

Morgan: Good. Um, listen. In a half hour, my mom's going to pick me up. Do you want to go get ice cream?

Parker: Sure. Why not? Anything to get out of this place. Look, there's something I need to do first. Can you wait out on the porch?

Morgan: Sure.

Parker: All right.

J.J.: You heard dad. He said we're not supposed to go anywhere.

Parker: Who's going to tell him? You snitch?

Morgan: Parker? Are you coming?

Parker: Yeah -- coming right now.

[ J.J. Remembering ]

Jack: Either you

straighten out, or I'm

going to have to send you

someplace where they're

going to do it for you!

Tom: Jack, perhaps we should talk another time.

Jack: Carly, I can't talk to you right now, because I'm in a meeting.

Carly: Well, I'm not here to see you. I came looking for tom. Your office said you were here.

Tom: Then maybe you should make an appointment with my secretary.

Carly: Well I always say there's no time like the present. Especially since this concerns jack, as well. I'd like to talk about regaining custody of my kids.

Jack: Are you kidding me? Tom's not going to represent you.

Carly: Why? 'Cause you got to him first?

Tom: Hold on. I can't represent either of you right now.

Jack: What tom --

Tom: These are human beings that you are about to play tug of war with.

Jack: Yeah, I know that.

Carly: And I don't?

Tom: Okay. At this juncture, I should be your last resort. You two need to sit down and talk this thing through with your children's interests in mind. Otherwise, you'd tear them apart.

Jack: I can't believe you.

Carly: Did you expect me to let you shut me out of their lives? They're the only reason I came back!

Jack: Spare me. Spare me the sob story about how you can't get enough of your kids or how you came back for your kids. I've heard it all, all ready.

Carly: You left them once too.

Jack: No. No, carly. I left you. I left the house. The kids knew where to find me. I was a phone call away. You didn't leave so much as an e-mail address.

Carly: Because you're a saint, right? And I'm the sinner!

Jack: This has nothing to do with you. This isn't about you, it's about them.

Carly: Ever since I came back, I have done things your way. I've agreed to every rule you've set, I have done more than my fair share of groveling. And you turn on me every chance you get.

Jack: I'm only trying to make this as easy as possible for the kids. Okay? They need time to adjust, parker more than anyone.

Carly: He's angry. And he doesn't trust me. And how is that ever change if i don't even get a chance to try get through to him?

Jack: Maybe you'll never get through to him.

Carly: Is that what you're hoping? That I've lost him forever? Because if that's the case, jack, then it's not parker's anger that's threatening to keep me away from him -- it's yours.

Lance: Are you out of your mind? You cut me!

Alison: You come near me again, and I'll do it again! I swear! Just get out! Get out!

Lance: You'll pay for this, you freak!

Alison: Dusty. Dusty, wake up! Dusty, wake up!

Dusty: What happened? What happened?

Alison: I didn't -- he came at me I had a razor -- I didn't mean to --

Dusty: It's okay. You're okay, ali. It's going to be okay. Eat food off the floor.

Dusty: Okay, try to calm down. Calm down, ali. Calm down. Where'd he cut you? Come here. Where'd he cut you? Show me. What happened, alison?

Alison: I didn't want to. I didn't --

Dusty: Where's lance? Huh? Tell me where lance is.

Alison: I can't -- I can'T.

Dusty: It's okay. It's all right, it's all right. Sshh. It's going to be okay. Hey, it's going to be all right. You hear me? Shhh. I'm here. I'm right here. It's all right. You're all right.

Cleo: It's really working out with G. W says she's thinking about singing again -- and that's so great. But even better, w is finally seeing me as somebody who wants the same things he does. We could be such great partners. I think we really bonded today. It was about g, of course -- but that's how it starts. So I can live with that. Because one day, it's going to be all about us. W and me.

Jack: You left. Parker can't forget that. And he doesn't want to see you. So get over it.

Carly: I'm not going to stand by and let you dictate all the terms. I will see my children. I will see all of them, and if you and I can't work something out, then I'll take you to court.

Jack: There's not a court in the country that will look at your record and award you custody.

Carly: I'm their mother. No matter what I've done, that still stands for something.

Jack: Yeah, well, tell that to parker. Because he can't even speak to you. What makes you think he's going to want to live with you.

Carly: I'm not going to let you turn parker against me just because you're against me.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I have never run you down to parker. Never! In fact, I've defended you, believe it or not.

Carly: Big man. You holding all the cards. Well, I'm still holding one, jack. I gave birth to that boy and I will fight for him.

Jack: Well, I don't doubt it. That's one of your strong suits.

Carly: You know when I want something, I go all the way.

Jack: Too bad, never in the right direction.

Carly: Is this just about the kids, jack?

Jack: What do you think it's about?

Carly: Well, you got me off the hook, legally. But it seems like you still want me to pay.

Jack: Pay for what?

Carly: For what I did to you when I left with simon.

Jack: We were already divorced, carly.

Carly: Right. But I remember you coming to me, after I'd gotten together with simon, you came to me and you told me you'd made a mistake. And you asked me to take you back.

Jack: Wait a minute. That's enough. That's enough. This is not a case of I'm only doing this because I still love you.

Carly: Are you sure about that?

Jack: I don't love you, carly! That's done. It's over.

Carly: I don't care what you think of me -- I will not let you take my children away. You want to turn this into a war, I'm ready. Bring it on!

J.J.: You asked for it, parker.

Faith: Must be in the barn. Ow!

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Carly: What's wrong is your boyfriend is trying to keep me away from my kids. Now I've got to ask myself, where would he get an idea like that?

Jack: I told you to put the gun away. Do you have any idea the kind of trouble you're in right now?

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