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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/6/07

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Dusty: Heavy reading?

Alison: I just came from a meeting. This book's a part of the program. "No is a complete sentence," you know, stuff like that.

Dusty: Got it.

Alison: Yeah, I'm getting there.

Dusty: I'm proud of you for sticking with it.

Alison: Well, like they say, one day at a time.

Dusty: So, your former producer friend just checked out of the Lakeview.

Alison: You mean it? Lance is leaving?

Dusty: Yeah, he should be on the way to the airport as we speak.

Lance: I don't care how small the airport is. I still have to get through security and my flight leaves in less than an hour. Where's the damn limo?

Alison: Thank you, Dusty. Knowing he won't be around stalking me is going to help everything a lot.

Emily: Who won't be around?

Alison: Lance.

Emily: I don't understand.

Alison: He followed me here.

Emily: What? He was here in Oakdale? What did he want?

Alison: What do you think? He wanted me to pick up my career. He said he wasn't going to go back to Vegas without me.

Emily: Oh, my God. He didn't try to hurt you, did he?

Alison: He always tries to hurt me, just not in the way you mean.

Emily: Did he offer you drugs?

Alison: He was dangling them in my face from the minute he got here. He was promising movie careers and tours and deals and all this stuff, and tons of money.

Emily: Ali, please tell me you didnít.

Alison: No, I actually thought I handled him pretty well, but he kept trying to wear me down, telling me I was a loser and that I was running away from everything I worked for.

Emily: As a porn star.

Alison: Well, he didn't phrase it like that. Please, it's adult entertainment. Lance knows how to get to me.

Emily: How did you get rid of him?

Alison: Well, it wasn't me. Dusty got him to leave. He gets all the credit.

Emily: Really? Humph, and who gets credit for deciding not to say one word about this to me?

Cleo: Oh, wow, you look really sharp, especially the shirt. I didn't use starch. The clothes are a lot softer. Did you notice?

Will: Yeah, you don't need to do that. You're not the maid, Cleo.

Cleo: Oh, I like cleaning. That's why I'm going to love my job at the Lakeview so much.

Will: And I hope it works out for you.

Cleo: Of course it will. I'm all about leaving places in better condition than when I first got there.

Will: Yeah, you know, I don't want you thinking that you need to do anything else around here. We like our place the way it is.

Cleo: Oh, I wasn't criticizing. I was --

Will: I know, but starting tonight, you're going to have your own place at the Wagon Wheel and you can dust your brains out there, and it's good too, because it's in walking distance from the Lakeview.

Cleo: Yeah, that's another perk.

Will: Yeah, I got to head to the bookstore to start filling out some papers, so you're probably going to be moved out by the time I get back. Good luck to you.

Cleo: You too.

Craig: Well, well, look at you. Bad guys haven't even had coffee and you're already up making the wheels of justice turn.

Margo: Yeah, as opposed to you, who brings them to a grinding halt?

Craig: Oh, I see your mood has not improved since last we spoke.

Margo: How did you get in here without cuffs?

Craig: I'm in here voluntarily.

Margo: Really? Are you turning yourself in, confessing?

Craig: Actually, I wanted to share some good news.

Margo: Oh, well, I hope I think that it's good.

Craig: Well, me too. I'm getting married.

Margo: Well, that's not news, and from what I gather, it's not very good either. So, are you going to bribe Meg all the way down the aisle?

[Door slams]

Holden: Have you made up your mind yet?

Meg: I'm not sure we should get into this.

Holden: Yes or no, are you marrying Craig or not?

Meg: Yes, I am. I don't expect you to be happy for me.

Holden: Good, because I'm not. I'm not completely in the dark like I was last night when Craig announced your engagement.

Meg: What do you mean?

Holden: Lily told me that Craig is going to hand you Lucinda's company once you become his wife.

Meg: So you understand why I'm supposed to go through with it?

Holden: I understand it even less than I did before, but one thing is very clear -- you need to back out of this marriage right now.

Meg: I was right. This topic should be off limits.

Holden: I know you, Meg. You believe you're solving a problem by keeping Lucinda out of jail and making sure she gets her company back.

Meg: What, and you don't think that should happen?

Holden: Come on. It's the way it's happening. You don't need to sacrifice yourself, and marrying Craig -- there's got to be a better way to restore things.

Meg: You know, I wish you would give me some credit. I have thought this through.

Holden: Okay, what happens beyond the wedding? What are you going to do? You're gonna marry him one day and divorce him the next? Because if that's the case, you'll unleash a whole new firestorm.

Meg: Why do you assume that I'm just going to make things worse?

Holden: Just don't get into a sham marriage because you feel like you owe it the family.

Meg: Oh, and I couldn't possibly have a reason other than that?

Holden: If you do, I'd like to know what it is.

Emma: Hey, did you get that tractor purring? Okay, what did I miss?

Craig: Bribe is a very judgmental word.

Margo: Yes, but very accurate, according to Tom.

Craig: Apparently you've got no idea what I've been through the past couple of days, you know? If tom is going to tell you about the engagement, it might have been nice if he told you I was in cardiac ICU.

Margo: Does it really upset you that I didn't come and visit you because it really upset me that you didn't come and visit tom when he was in cardiac ICU.

Craig: My heart stopped. Apparently that's not good enough for my sister to show concern about me.

Margo: I was just thrilled to know that you had a heart.

Craig: Okay, then I guess I'll skip the details, but I did have my own encounter with the white light.

Margo: Oh, and you came back to life. Why? I know why -- because you had to finish off all the people on your hit list.

Craig: I have had a vengeful past.

Margo: It is all that you drives you, Craig, and I don't want to be a part of it anymore.

Craig: A near-death experience can change a man.

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Craig: I know you're going to have a hard time trusting me, but I am different. I've got a different set of priorities. I want to be a man that's capable of healing the family, not hurting them.

Margo: You really expect me to buy this?

Craig: Meg bought it.

Margo: Oh, Craig --

Craig: When I marry Meg, when I hand over Worldwide, it will prove I can be a better man.

Margo: Just a few convincing gestures. Will you look at your track record since you've been home? Lucy's gone. Johnny's gone. Even Danielís afraid to come home.

Craig: No, you can't -- you can blame Emily for that.

Margo: No, I blame you for that, and there's other people on my list here.

Craig: Margo, you, of all people, should know a person has a chance to redeem themselves.

Margo: Why me?

Craig: Why don't you try Casey and Adam?

Margo: I'm not discussing my sons with you.

Craig: No, but you're counting on them learning from their mistakes. You are counting on them being better people because of it. Now, if it's good enough for them, why not me?

Cleo: Oh, I wasn't trying to be you. I was just listening.

Gwen: Who told you you could play this?

Cleo: Nobody, but nobody told me that I couldn't, either.

Gwen: Well, I'm telling you right now. It's okay to play music, but stay away from the demo.

Cleo: Absolutely. I just -- I saw demo on the CD and I had to find out if it was yours. Your voice is amazing. I mean, you should be on the radio and in clubs. I mean, every single song could be a big hit. Of course, I knew that when I saw you sing in L.A.

Gwen: Cleo --

Cleo: I'm sorry, I just can't help myself. That song that I was playing when you came in, I mean, it touches my soul. But if you don't want me to play it anymore, I wonít.

Gwen: Thank you.

Cleo: But, here's the thing -- I noticed on the demo list, there's a lot of songs. I mean, it's got to be almost finished.

Gwen: I guess.

Cleo: So, wrap it up and get some air time! I bet you that everybody is going to love you as much as I do.

Gwen: That's not going to happen any time soon.

Cleo: Why not?

Gwen: I -- you know, Cleo, because for a lot of reasons that I don't really feel like talking about right now. Don't you need to get ready for work?

Cleo: No, I work the night shift. But I'll put this stuff away so you could get going. You have to be at the Lakeview soon, right? Go ahead, I know how to use a refrigerator.

Gwen: Okay, just don't be late. Lisa's counting on you.

Cleo: Don't worry. I'm not gonna let her down, or you. I'm so grateful to have this job. Gwen?

Gwen: Mm-hmm?

Cleo: Well, since I'm gonna be on duty almost all night, it's going to be hard for me to check into the Wagon Wheel. So, I was wondering if maybe I could stay here one more night. I probably wouldn't even sleep here. I'd just come back in the morning and get my bags. I mean, if that's okay with you?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, that's fine. I mean, what's one more day?

Cleo: It's everything to me. Thank you so much.

Gwen: I'll see you.

Cleo: Later, Alligator. I'm sorry, Gwen, about your music. I mean, playing it without permission.

Gwen: Bye, Cleo.

Cleo: Bye. Have a good day.

Lance: The clock is ticking, man. I was told this trip to the airport was confirmed. What the hell happened?

Desk clerk: I'm sorry, Mr. Barton. The Lakeview doesn't have its own limo service.

Lance: I don't care who's service it is! Just find me another limo, okay? Because as of now, my flight has left.

Emily: Were either of you going to tell me that Lance was here, or were you hoping that I just wouldn't find out?

Alison: Don't get all paranoid. We weren't trying to keep a secret or anything.

Emily: That's exactly what you were doing.

Dusty: You're right, you should have been in the loop.

Alison: We didn't do it on purpose. It all happened so fast and lucky for me, Dusty stepped in right before I was about to cave.

Emily: Well, you're safe now. That's what's important.

Alison: I'm just glad it's over. You know, I just realized, I forgot a contact sheet in the meeting. There's some phone numbers I need, so I'm going --

Emily: Do you want me to go with you?

Alison: No, no, no, I won't be long.

Emily: All right, we'll meet at the Lakeview for coffee later?

Alison: I'd like that. See you in a bit.

Emily: Okay.

Dusty: So, I'm glad we ran into each other.

Emily: Can we skip the small talk, please?

Dusty: There's some things I want to go over with you.

Emily: Well, don't bother. Really, you've made your feelings perfectly clear. I appreciate all the help you've given me with Alison -- bringing her home, helping her get through detox. Obviously, I didn't realize what a threat Lance still is.

Dusty: It's okay. I'm going to stand by your sister until she can stand on her own two feet.

Emily: She doesn't need a bodyguard, Dusty. Ali and I won't be bothering you ever again.

Dusty: You and Alison aren't bothering me. Why would you say something like that?

Emily: We've dragged you into a family problem, Dusty. Alison's problems obviously started long before she got hooked on drugs and porn.

Dusty: I'm sure they did. Right now, we're treating the symptoms, not the problem.

Emily: Well, I can take it from here, thank you.

Dusty: What's with the attitude? You're mad at me because of what I said to you after we sold that phony break-up to your mother.

Emily: You said a lot of things, didn't you?

Dusty: I said I wasn't in the market for a relationship.

Emily: No. No, you said you weren't in the market for a relationship with an ex-hooker.

Dusty: What's your problem? You wanted me to be honest with you.

Emily: And you were. End of story.

Dusty: I should have never kissed you, I should have never pretended we were a couple.

Emily: No, it served a purpose. It kept my mother from finding out what was happening with Alison.

Dusty: Well, I should have known it would have messed with your feelings.

Emily: I'm sorry, feelings? I don't have any feelings. Why would I have feelings? I'm a pro, remember?

Dusty: I'm sorry.

Emily: Don't be. Really, my sister's doing great. She's recovering. It's a job well done on your part. I should be nothing but grateful to you. Don't give it another thought.

Cleo: You're back!

Will: I live here, Cleo.

Cleo: I just wasn't expecting you so soon. I wanted to have sandwiches ready for you.

Will: Cleo, how many times do I have to say this? You're not the maid and I can make my own lunch.

Cleo: It's no bother. I mean, I already mixed the tuna.

Will: No, thanks.

Cleo: With mayo and celery -- but if you'd rather get your own -- Will?

Will: What?

Cleo: I just think you should know that Gwen told me its okay if I stay here one more night since it's my first shift at the Lakeview and I won't be getting off till almost morning. So, I'll be here a little while longer. I hope you don't mind.

Will: Well, if Gwen says you can stay then you can stay, but no more extensions.

Cleo: Thank you so much for not being -- I'm sorry, that's my bad.

Will: You said you were gonna knock.

Cleo: I know. I spaced. I'm sorry.

Will: They said I didn't need a tie at work. What do you want?

Cleo: Um, can I talk to you about this?

Will: That's Gwen's demo. What about it?

Cleo: Why didn't she finish it?

Will: That's a tough answer.

Cleo: Was it money?

Will: Among other things.

Cleo: But that's Gwen's dream. I mean, what could be more important than that? Look, I know this is really none of my business, but --

Will: Yeah, it's not.

Cleo: But, I couldn't help noticing that when I talked to Gwen about the CD, she got really upset.

Will: You talked to Gwen about the demo?

Cleo: I tried. What's wrong? What is it about Gwen's music that makes the both of you so sad?

Craig: I need your help, Sis. You remember what I was like before I became this thing everybody in town hates. You remember me. We have childhood memories. We have stood by each other in very dark times.

Margo: All right, all right, all right. What do you want from me?

Craig: I want this marriage. Everything about it to be a fresh start. I am marrying a wonderful woman. Can't you find some hope in that?

Margo: I'd really like to. I really would. But suppose -- just suppose that Meg is marrying you only to get Worldwide out of your hands?

Craig: Meg isn't like that.

Margo: Really? Then how come she didn't say yes until the company was part of the deal?

Craig: No, that was my hook, but once we're together, when she sees the kind of life I want to give her, I don't think the deal's going to matter anymore.

Margo: Really? What if you're wrong?

Craig: Then Meg will tell me if she has a change of heart. No matter what, I trust her.

Emma: What are you two arguing about? I mean, is somebody going to tell me?

Holden: Well, it's Meg's news to share, but okay. I think congratulations are in order.

Emma: Oh, you found a new job already?

Holden: No, no, no. It's nothing like that. Meg's is -- Meg is marrying Craig Montgomery.

Emma: Is this true?

Meg: Yes, Mama.

Holden: Mama, come on, you're not going to say anything?

Emma: What's there to say? I mean, I hope you love him. Because if you don't, nothing good could come of this marriage.

Meg: I don't expect you or anyone else to understand. My reasons for marrying Craig are complicated.

Emma: Well, usually the reasons someone gets married is pretty simple. I think when they try to complicate things, it's when they're into trouble.

Meg: I suppose that was true, once upon a time -- the world's more complicated than it used to be.

Emma: I don't think so. Not when it comes to things that matter. When you're ready to tell me what's behind all this, just come and find me, okay?

Meg: Mama, wait -- I've let her down again.

Holden: You haven't done anything, yet. So, why don't you take some time to think about the fact that Lucinda's the only one who wants you saddled with Montgomery and it's all for selfish reasons.

Meg: Not entirely. She knows if she gets her company back, it cuts way down on Craig's power to hurt anyone, and that benefits all of us.

Holden: So you're okay being his wife? You're going to wake up in the morning, you're going to see him lying there next to you --

Meg: Okay, stop.

Holden: All right, so I have my answer. Fine, so why don't I call Craig and tell him that the wedding is off?

Meg: It's already too late. Look, Holden, I admit I'm scared, but it's the only way to keep Craig in line, and I can make this work for everyone.

Holden: Even for you? What you're doing is self-destructive, and if I can't stop you, I'm not going to pretend to be on board.

Meg: Think about what he did to Lily.

Holden: I don't need to do that.

Meg: And how he used Ethanís illness to get Lily to sign over the company.

Holden: Yeah, and now he's using the company to get you to sign your life away, and you're playing right into his hands.

Margo: You know, marriage has a 50/50 shot of working out for anybody at anytime, so good luck with that. And I really do wish the best for you and Meg, and if you mean what you say about making a fresh start, I think that you've got a shot at this, but don't drift too far into that fantasy world, okay? Good luck with everything.

Craig: Does this mean you won't stand up for me?

Margo: You want me to be a witness at your wedding?

Craig: Actually, I was thinking you might be a really terrific best person. No one else I could think of.

Margo: Nah, there's just nobody else that you could ask.

Craig: Well, that's true too, but I also thought that if you were there, supporting me in front of god and everyone, it might up the chances of me being a better person, you know?

Margo: Boy, Craig, I'd really like to believe this.

Craig: I know I don't deserve Meg, but for some reason she's got faith in me and she's going to give me another chance. Can you?

Margo: Oh, what the hell. I've stopped counting.

Craig: So, you'll be my best person?

Margo: Yes, I'll be your best person, but I know I'm going to live to regret this.

Craig: Thank you, thank you.

Cleo: I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why Gwen wouldn't want to make music. I mean, if I sounded like her, I'd probably sing all day long.

Will: It's a talent Gwen was born with.

Cleo: You want to know what? When I growing up in Turlock, my mom, she worked in a factory, and right after she'd leave to go to work, I would turn on the radio and I'd grab a hairbrush and I'd go in front of the mirror and I'd sing my heart out.

Will: Yeah, I think a lot of kids do that.

Cleo: I guess, but you know what? For me, it was like the only time I felt free. It was like I was flying.

Will: Yeah. It's probably a lot like that for Gwen, too. I mean, she practically raised herself and one of the first jobs she ever had was singing in a band, so she's always had to rely on her voice.

Cleo: So why would she walk away? I mean, all Gwen really needs to do is finish the demo. Once she does that, her voice will be all over every radio station in this country, and how great would that be?

 Lance: All right, so I made some calls, rearranged my schedule. Just let me know when the car gets here, all right?

Desk clerk: I certainly will, Sir.

Lance: Let's just hope that they don't mess it up this time, all right? I'm sorry, I couldn't help staring, but you remind me of this painting that I saw once.

Pretty woman: In a museum?

Lance: No, actually it was in a hotel lobby in Vegas.

Pretty woman: You know what? I'm not really interested.

Lance: No, wait. See, she has this wicked little smile on her face, like maybe she knows someone's watching.

Pretty woman: Someone should be watching you, like a police officer.

Lance: Come on, don't be like that.

Pretty woman: Don't come near me again.

Lance: Like I'd waste my time.

Cheri: A man as attractive as you are shouldn't have to work so hard.

Lance: It's the people in this town -- uptight.

Cheri: Maybe I can help you out with that.

Emily: So tell me what you learned in your meeting today.

Alison: It's not fifth grade, Emily. It's a process.

Emily: Okay. Okay, I understand. I'm just so happy you're going to meetings, Ali, and making a difference. I'm just trying to understand a little bit more about them.

Alison: Well, I know now that an addict isn't a bad person trying to be good, that we're just sick people trying to get better.

Emily: So you're feeling the support?

Alison: Yeah, I was really alone with all this before you stepped in, and it's not like that anymore. Not that I don't have days that suck, but they're still better than when I was using.

Emily: So, you stopped being angry at me and Dusty for dragging you home?

Alison: Yes.

Emily: Good.

Alison: What is up with you two, anyway?

Emily: What do you mean? Nothing.

Alison: You both keep saying that, but the air between you two is totally charged, and when I asked Dusty yesterday about it --

Emily: Whoa, whoa -- wait, wait. You spoke to Dusty about me?

Dusty: Yes and he says that you just see him as a friend, but I can tell he really likes you. And you get this glow when you're around him, like I don't --

Emily: I do not. Whoa.

Alison: You definitely do. So, why don't the two of you just drop the act and just let yourselves be together?

Emily: There are some things I've done. Some things Dusty knows about that he can't forgive. And as much as I would love things to be different, I don't think he'll ever see me for who I really am.

Alison: Yeah, I get how that feels. One day you're so connected to someone, it's like you're sharing the same breath, and then all of a sudden this wall comes up and he's on one side and you're on the other.

Emily: And you somehow feel responsible for that.

Alison: Yeah, that's what happened between Aaron and me.

Emily: You know what? I never asked you. Why did you guys break up?

Alison: Because I guess we wanted different things. I wanted an acting career and he didn't want me to have one.

Emily: I'm sorry.

Alison: Yeah, I tried to get past it, but Aaron was just so angry all the time. He'd flip out over the littlest things, like a wrong number or a flat tire. It's like I lost my ability to help him get over it. I just couldn't make him smile anymore.

Emily: So, you went to L.A.?

Alison: Yeah, that was supposed to be my escape route, and when that didn't work out so well, I tried meth.

Emily: Did Aaron know what was happening to you?

Alison: Can we actually not talk about this right now? I've already said more than I wanted to.

Emily: Okay, I understand. But if you ever do want to talk about it, Ali, I'm here for you, okay? From now on, I will always be here for you.

Alison: So, why don't we concentrate on you and Dusty?

Emily: Let's not, okay?

Alison: I think you should give him another shot. He obviously cares about you, if he can get past all that craziness when you kidnapped him or whatever it was.

Emily: Okay. Maybe. Maybe. Ali, there are some things that have happened more recently than not that -- you know what? I don't want to talk about this.

Cheri: My specialty is helping attractive, successful men, such as yourself, meet their recreational needs.

Lance: Really? The Lakeview didn't strike me as that kind of hotel.

Cheri: It's not. But these times, well, we must remain flexible. So, are you interested?

Lance: Yeah, definitely, but I've got a plane to catch, so, sorry.

Cheri: Change your flight.

Lance: Yeah, I already did that once today, and to be honest, I'm not that anxious to stick around in this town. There's this guy named Donovan who's appointed himself my own one-man unwelcoming committee.

Cheri: Dusty Donovan?

Lance: Yeah, that's him.

Cheri: What an interesting coincidence.

Will: At this point, Gwen's demo, it's not even an issue.

Cleo: But why?

Will: You saw why. She shut down. She doesn't want to discuss it. Besides, we don't have the money to go back into the studio and finish the cuts.

Cleo: But Gwen's a great investment. Couldn't you just get someone to put up the money and promise to pay them back out of the profits?

Will: We actually already did that with my mom, but at some point, you've got to stop asking for help and do things on your own.

Cleo: But I bet you ask your mom again.

Will: No, it's not going to happen. And besides, Gwen doesn't want to. Cleo, none of this is your business.

Cleo: I don't understand. You don't think that deep down Gwen still wants what she's always wanted?

Will: Well, it's her call, not mine.

Cleo: But if you could still make her dreams come true, I mean, wouldn't you at least want to try?

Will: Before we met, Gwen was dumped on and cheated out of happiness for years, and everything she ever got, she fought for, so, yeah, I'd give anything I could to finally make her dream come true.

Meg: Coming up.

Margo: Thank you.

Craig: Thank you very much. Hey.

Meg: Hey.

Margo: Hi, there. Hi. What? Are you all right?

Meg: Fine, fine, it's just been a long day.

Craig: Huh, and to think Meg always gives me a hard time about dragging her away from all this. I think you're developing a masochistic streak.

Margo: Oh, that's why you're marrying my brother.

Meg: He told you?

Margo: Yeah, I think you've made him very happy. I hope he can do the same for you.

Meg: Thanks.

Craig: Listen, I've got some good news. Margo has agreed to stand up for us at the wedding.

Meg: Oh, but we haven't set a date or planned the ceremony.

Craig: Well, it doesn't matter. Whenever the wedding is, we're going to need a witness, and I think with Margo standing with us, it will show all of Oakdale we're serious.

Meg: All of Oakdale is invited? I thought -- I'd pictured it more like just the judge's office or city hall or something smaller.

Craig: No, I don't want to hide in some dark room. I want to celebrate with family and friends.

Waitress: Two light coffees, two jelly donuts.

Margo: Thank you.

Craig: Here, I'll get that.

Margo: Oh.

Meg: Are you taking off?

Margo: Yeah, I've got to get back to the station. It looks like you and my brother have a lot of planning to do. If you need any help at all, call me. I mean that.

Meg: Thank you.

Craig: Well, let me tell you what I've arranged so far. I've booked the minister at Lutherís Corners Church. Afterwards, we have the reception at the Lakeview. And by the way, I want you to take the corporate jet. I want you to fly to Paris and pick out whatever gown you want. And if you can think of anything else to make the day more perfect, you tell me what it is. I will make it possible.

Meg: You can't!

Craig: I can't what?

Meg: Craig, you need to slow down, okay? You can't plan everything without me. All this is becoming way too elaborate.

Craig: Is there some reason why we shouldn't get married with all of Oakdale watching?

Cleo: You look out for Gwen in every single way, so I know you only want what's best for her. I feel the same.

Will: Okay, well then you need to understand that Gwen doesn't want to talk about the demo right now, so it would be a really good idea if you didn't bring it up.

Cleo: Not at all?

Will: Yeah.

Cleo: Can I not even listen to the CD, even when no one's around?

Will: Probably not a good idea right now.

Cleo: Right. I can still hear her singing in my head. I couldn't even forget that if I wanted to. I mean, not that I do.

Will: Um, I've got to go back to the bookstore, so lock up when you're all done, okay?

Cleo: Yeah, here.

Will: Thanks.

Cleo: It was really nice talking with you. [Door closes] Bye. Dear diary, I'm back. This day has been filled with so many incredible revelations. I asked G about her music career but she couldn't even talk about it. It was too painful, which means she's still running from something. And then I spoke with W for a long time, but first, I walked in on him when he wasn't wearing a shirt again. Note to self, remember to knock. Anyway, they both seem upset that G's career is on hold. They're brave and pretending to be fine, but guess what? I've got a fantastic idea and everyone is going to be so happy when I pull it off.

Cheri: Dusty Donovan, what an unpleasant coincidence.

Dusty: Cheri, out for a stroll?

Cheri: Cute.

Dusty: Well, unless you want to get picked up for soliciting, you probably shouldn't hang out here. Your photo's all over the police blotter.

Cheri: Does it do me justice?

Dusty: If you're out looking for customers, I think you're wasting your time.

Cheri: Why? Is Oakdale already taken by someone else you know?

Dusty: Don't go there.

Cheri: Why not? Because of you, I've got to worry about the competition. I don't have my own territory anymore.

Dusty: I'm sure you'll figure out a way to ruin women's lives.

Cheri: Oh, no. That's you, my friend. Do you realize you take my whole operation at the Avalon?

Dusty: You give me too much credit. Going down goes with your line of work.

Cheri: Still the tough guy, huh? Well, no hard feelings, especially since I found a way to even the score.

Emily: I am so happy to have you home. We finally get the chance to hang out, you know, be close again. We're not having to cram it into a weekend or a holiday or something like that.

Alison: You know, if you keep being so sweet, pretty soon, I'm going to have to stop calling you warden.

Emily: Oh, no, not that. I'm just happy that I have somebody to go shopping with. I'm so sick of shopping with Mother. I can't begin to tell you.

Alison: So, finish your coffee, because there are shoes waiting -- Lance, I thought you went back to Vegas?

Lance: I've decided to change my flight, but I still have that ticket for you --

Emily: Excuse me, she doesn't want you or your ticket, okay?

Lance: I think Alison can speak for herself, can't you, Babe?

Emily: No, she came here to get away from you and the drugs you were drowning her in.

Lance: She wasn't doing anything I didn't want her to do. You know, she wanted to do it, too. We were having a great time, Baby, you and me partyin'.

Emily: No, she's cleaned herself up, okay? And I'll be damned if I'm going to let you drag her through the dirt again.

Lance: Well, I'm sorry, Lady, but if Alison wants to get herself cleaned up, I think you're the last one she should turn to.

Alison: That's not true. Emily is the one who finally helped me quit meth.

Lance: She doesn't have a clue, does she?

Emily: Alison, let's go. Get your bag, let's get out of here, right now.

Alison: It's over, Lance. I don't want anything to do with you anymore.

Emily: Alison, let's go.

Lance: Well, at least I'm not a hypocrite like your big sister, the one that wants to make you all shiny and new.

Alison: I'm grateful to Emily. Because of her, I've felt better than I have in a long time.

Lance: Well, listen up, Bright Eyes, because I've learned some fascinating things about your big sis and I think it's time you got a clue.

Holden: Why didn't you say anything to Meg about what a big mistake that she's making? It's like she's selling her soul here.

Emma: She knows all that.

Holden: Are you sure about that? Because if anyone can talk her out of it, it's you.

Emma: Look, I raised her, I love her, and I've second guessed her one too many times. I just have to trust that she's going to do what she thinks is right for herself.

Holden: But what could possibly be more wrong than marrying Craig Montgomery?

Emma: I do not want Meg to have to defend herself to me any longer, nor any of us. She's got to listen to her heart. Let's just hope she'll come to her senses on her own.

Craig: Hey, hey -- hey, what's going on? Is this some second thoughts you're having about the wedding or is this second thoughts about the marriage?

Meg: Are those my only choices?

Craig: Well, you said you would marry me, Meg. Are you backing out of the deal?

Meg: No, I havenít. I havenít. Look, you're just throwing a lot at me all at once, and I just need some time to process the fact that I'm going to be your wife.

Craig: You're making that sound like it's facing a major surgery or a prison term.

Meg: Okay, will you cut it out? Look, we haven't even seriously talked about a ceremony or set a date and you're making public announcement and decisions left and right.

Craig: I was trying to take care of details to make things easier for you.

Meg: Did I ask for easy? We even have a contract between us that makes this more business than romance. And now you're pushing to close the deal like some kind of used car salesman.

Craig: I guess I have been a little eager. Who wouldn't be eager to marry you?

Meg: Look, are we having control issues?

Craig: Is that what's going on? Is that what this is about?

Meg: Craig, I need you to stop making assumptions of what I need. And I understand you're not used to clearing things with anybody, but if it's going to work between us, you need to talk to me before you start making arrangements without my input.

Craig: I'm not trying to usurp your rights as a bride.

Meg: So you can concede that I have those?

Craig: Meg, what -- I have nothing invested in doing this my way.

Meg: Okay, so we'll get married at the farm.

Craig: I would like to be allowed to spoil you. Come on. You don't want a lavish, designer, just take your breath away wedding?

Meg: Is that what would make you happy?

Craig: It would thrill me.

Meg: Show me the wedding. Yeah.

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Faith: Guys, Guys, what are you doing?

Lance: Sooner or later, she's going to find out what you really are, a high-priced whore.

Dusty: And downing a six pack, that was for what, inspiration?

Carly: Your brother was here.

Jack: Brad?

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