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Lucinda: Thank you. This is absolutely, absolutely delicious stuff. I didn't know that you carried this. I didn't know it was in stock.

Bartender: Mrs. Grimaldi always makes sure we carry the best.

Lucinda: Well, here's to -- hey, and here's the best of men. Hello, Darling.

Dusty: Hi, Gorgeous.

Lucinda: Could we have another glass, please?

Dusty: I'm not staying long.

Lucinda: Oh, come on. Come on, you got to taste this. This is exquisite. It's really nice.

Dusty: Hey, that smile really works for you.

Lucinda: Yeah, it's on my face. I'm going to keep it there.

Dusty: What changed? New yacht? New plane?

Lucinda: New outlook. Newer outlook. I think we may be working together again soon. Soon.

Dusty: How'd that happen?

Lucinda: Oh, you know, a little planning. A little kismet. I love life. Don't you?

Dusty: What are you drinking?

Lucinda: Oh, this isn't the drink, Darling.

Meg: Craig? Wake up! Craig! Help! Help! I need some help in here.

Secretary: What's wrong? Mr. Montgomery!

Meg: Call 911. Tell them he's unresponsive, breathing is shallow. And CPR is being initiated. Hurry! Okay. Come on, Craig! Come on! All right. I hope this works. I hope this works.

Emily: Hey, I thought you were going to get us a table.

Alison: I forgot to ask where we're doing this. Lounge or dining room?

Emily: Well, Mom said she wanted to have drinks before dinner, so I told Dusty to meet us in the lounge. How's my lipstick? Do you like this color?

Alison: It could use a boost. So, why do we have to get all dressed up and come here just to have dinner with Dusty? He could have just came to the house.

Emily: Well, 'cause Mom has it in her mind that Dusty and I are a couple now. So --

Alison: You and Dusty? Why would she even go there?

Emily: Well, because she saw him kissing me, and got some ideas. And we decided to let her run with it.

Vienna: Henry and I are back together!

Katie: Oh, Vienna, that's great.

Vienna: I know. You know, I didn't want to rub it in now that your love life is not that lovely, but I'm so happy!

Katie: Is the wedding back on?

Vienna: No, no. We're just back together and happy.

Katie: And that's enough for you?

Vienna: No, it's everything. And I want the same for you. So I'm here to help.

Katie: With what?

Vienna: Simon and Carly are back in town.

Katie: Simon's not. Carly is and she came back alone.

Vienna: That's even worse!

Katie: I know. It's going to mess things up with her kids --

Vienna: No, no, I mean for you. First, she stole your ex-husband, now she's going to take your new man!

Public defender: You've been charged with aiding and abiding the flight of a fugitive, obstruction of justice, and assault of a police officer. Now, we need to have a strategy for each charge. Let's start with the assault of the police officer. The officer was your ex-husband?

Carly: Right. Jack Snyder. We have three children together. And they really are my main concern here. Especially Parker, he's the oldest boy and he's having a very difficult time with all this.

Public defender: Can we stay on point, please? The assault of your ex-husband. How did that come about? Mrs. Snyder?

Carly: Um, you know, I really need to check on my kids. I'm just going to give them a call, quickly.

Public defender: Mrs. Snyder, these are very serious charges. If you really care about your kids, you better start paying attention.

Jack: Okay, come on.

Sage: Why did we have to go for such a long car ride in the rain?

Jack: Well, because sometimes it's good to drive around and talk about things that are hard to talk about. Everybody okay?

Parker: Yeah, everyone's great, except for Mom, who's going to jail. But, that's okay. Because it's where she belongs.

Jack: Sage? Was that entirely necessary?

Parker: Yeah. I'm out of here.

Jack: Where are you going?

Parker: I'm going to go check on the cows. They get spooked by the thunder.

Jack: Stay close.

Parker: Yeah, right.

Brad: Hey Parker, how are you doing, man?

Parker: My mom just came back to Oakdale and Jack just locked her up.

Jack: If I can make things easier for you guys, I would.

J.J.: You can make it easier. You can.

Jack: How, J.J.?

J.J.: Just get Mom out of jail and bring her home.

Carly: You don't understand. I just put my kids through hell. They found out that I'm back in town. I just want to make sure that they're okay.

Public defender: I'll check on them for you, but when we're done. Right now, we need to get back to work.

Carly: It will just take a minute. I'll just check on them myself.

Public defender: This is a very complicated case, Mrs. Snyder, and we have next to no time to prepare our defense. These are serious charges.

Carly: Just how serious are we talking?

Public defender: If you're convicted on all counts? Under sentencing guidelines, you could get 25 years to life.

Jack: I know you miss her.

J.J.: Dad, I love her. And no matter how hard you try to make things okay, it won't until Mom comes back. Dad, please. Do it for me. Talk to the judge.

Jack: Can you do me a favor? All right? Sage is pretty upset. Would you go check on her for me? I got to step out for a bit.

J.J.: Dad, talk to the judge, please.

Jack: If you need to talk to me, call my cell, okay? Now, go. Hey.

Brad: That was intense.

Jack: Yeah, will you watch the kids for me for a little bit?

Brad: Sure. Where are you headed?

Jack: The station.

Brad: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What for? What for? I know every kid thinks his daddy can move mountains, but J.J. does not understand how these things work. You're really not going to try to get Carly out of jail, are you?

Jack: I'm not going to be long.

Brad: Why do you always go back to her, Jack? She is bad news, man! She helped some guy steal millions in jewels, then she ran off. She left her kids so she didn't have to go to prison. Why can't you just leave this alone?

Jack: As soon as I got the slightest interest in your opinions, I'll be sure to ask.

Vienna: Where's your purse?

Katie: What are you saying? That Carly would seduce Jack in the interrogation room?

Vienna: Small room, hot man, shifty woman. Keys?

Katie: I'm not just -- I'm not going to hang out in the police station just so I can keep an eye on Carly. That is ridiculous.

Vienna: Well, you should go to Jack's house first. Maybe you can catch him there.

Katie: No, Vienna, I have work to do.

Vienna: Well, maybe Carly is working on Jack right now.

Katie: Jack has other cases that he's working on. Okay, he's probably working on them right now! I'm going to let him work. If he wants to see me, he can call me.

Vienna: Do you want this man? Then, go! With Carly Snyder back in town, you don't have a second to lose!

Emily: So, anyway, you were in the hotel room, getting sick as a dog, going through withdrawal. And suddenly, Mom comes walking down the hall. So Dusty decided to reach over and grab me, and --

Alison: Plants one on you.

Emily: Yeah. Well, he wanted her to think that we had gotten a room together.

Alison: Like that would make Mom stop from asking questions.

Emily: Yeah, well, it didnít. Of course she keeps asking. And we kept dodging and weaving, until finally she --

Alison: Now she thinks you and Dusty are madly in love.

Emily: Exactly.

Alison: What are you going to do?

Emily: Oh, Dusty's breaking up with me tonight.

Alison: Why does he get to be the one to break up with you? Why can't you break up with him?

Emily: What difference does it make?

Alison: Because you're beautiful and amazing and smart. And no guy would dump you. It's unrealistic.

Emily: Well, thank you. I've been dumped like a million times, Ali.

Alison: So, this time you should do the dumping.

Emily: Honey, what does it matter?

Alison: I just don't want you to get hurt because of me.

Emily: Alison, this is fake hurt. This is not really happening, okay? There is nothing to worry about.

Alison: I know. I know. But I swear, Em, one day, all the trouble you've gone through to help me, it'll be worth it. I'm going to turn out to be an amazing person.

Emily: Alison, you are an amazing person.

Alison: So, tell me about this kiss. How hot was it?

Dusty: To you and me, working together again. Are you sure it's just not wishful thinking?

Lucinda: Hey, now wait a minute! Wait a minute. Sometimes I get lucky and my wishes come true. Oh, my heavens. Are you having dinner with Emily and Alison?

Dusty: And Susan.

Lucinda: With Susan? Good grief. That has all the trappings of a meet the new boyfriend movie.

Dusty: I'm nobody's boyfriend, you know that.

Lucinda: Oh, sorry, Darling. It's such a shame. Hey, we have to do something about that. Look, you've got needs. You're a great guy.

Dusty: Needs?

Lucinda: Yes, you do. And Jennifer would not want you to grieve all the rest of your life --

Dusty: Give me a call sometime --

Lucinda: I'm going to count on that.

Dusty: Yeah. I'll see ya.

Lucinda: All right, Darling.

Dusty: Well, you two look great.

Emily: Thanks. So do you. So, how's Lucinda?

Dusty: Great. How are you feeling?

Alison: Oh, non-stop headaches, pains all over and I'm exhausted. I thought I was supposed to feel better once the meth was out of my system.

Dusty: It takes time. Sleep helps.

Alison: Yeah, I should probably go splash some cold water on my face, or else I'll end up asleep in my salad.

Emily: You okay, Honey? You all right?

Alison: Yeah. Fine. Thanks to my future brother-in-law. The look on your face. Priceless. I'll be right back.

Emily: Okay. So, are we breaking up before or after dessert?

Dusty: Before. Definitely before.

Lucinda: I think no more for me.

Bartender: Can I get you anything else?

Lucinda: No. No, I don't think so. But wait a moment, yes you can. You can wrap up another one of those wonderful champagnes and I'll take it with me and I'll drink it in my car on the way home.

Bartender: Yes, Ma'am.

Lucinda: Thank you.

Lucinda: Soon. Very soon. Soon.

Meg: Come on, Craig. Why isn't this working? Craig, wake up!

Craig: What --

Meg: Hey -- it's all right. You're going to be all right. Everything's going to be all right.

Craig: Meg --

EMT #1: What's his name?

Meg: Craig. Craig Montgomery. I came in here and he was lying on the floor right here. And he was non-responsive. No pulse. And --

EMT #1: Craig, we're going to check you out, okay, Buddy?

Craig: Meg?

Meg: I'm right here. I'm right here. It's okay.

EMT #2: We were told that you started CPR.

Meg: Yeah. But he was non-responsive. So, I had an epi-pen and I gave me a milligram.

EMT #2: Are you a doctor?

Meg: I'm a nurse. Freelance. I do some in-home care. So I had a case with me.

EMT #1: Does he have a history of seizures?

Meg: I don't know. I'm just a -- I'm not family.

EMT #1: Look, let's get him to the E.R. stat.

Meg: It's okay. It's okay. Don't worry. You're going to be all right.

Craig: Meg?

Meg: Don't worry. It's okay. Don't worry you're going to be all right.

EMT #2: We'll get you to the hospital, Craig. And we'll figure out what caused this.

Craig: Meg?

Meg: Don't worry!

Dusty: Are you feeling better?

Alison: Not really. I think I'm gonna just bail on dinner, because I'm feeling really wired right now.

Emily: Oh, I'll drive you home, Honey.

Alison: No, no, it's okay. You stay here, do your break-up routine for Mom. There's a meeting starting in ten minutes. So, I'm just going to go to that and then curl up in bed.

Emily: You really shouldn't be alone, Ali.

Alison: I'll be fine, Emily. Chill. I don't have any money on me and nobody's going to jump out of the bushes and offer me free drugs between here and Sixth Street. It will be okay.

Emily: I'm really proud of you, Baby.

Alison: I'm proud of me, too. I'll see you at home, okay? Oh, and if you change your mind and decide you want to marry Emily, you know you can always move in with us. We could be one big happy family.

Susan: Isn't this lovely? All of us together?

Alison: Hey, Mom, I think I'm going to take off. I'm not feeling well.

Susan: Baby, what's the matter?

Alison: Don't worry, it's just a bug, Dr. Stewart. Nothing to worry about, okay? Enjoy your dinner.

Dusty: Susan, thanks for inviting me.

Susan: Oh, my pleasure. I'm glad we could do this.

Dusty: Should I check the reservation?

Susan: No, no, let's just sit and visit for a minute. And maybe its better that Alison is not here because she is not as much as a romantic as I am. And I want to hear the whole story, chapter and verse.

Emily: What story?

Susan: The story -- of how you and Dusty decided that you were in love.

Lance: Hey, Babe.

Alison: What are you doing here?

Lance: Let's get out of here.

Alison: I have plans, Lance.

Lance: What, with some other guy?

Alison: No, I just -- I can't do this right now.

Lance: Okay. I understand. I'll just, you know stay here and party with your mom and your sister. Let them get to know me a little. Would you like that?

Meg: Lucinda!

Lucinda: Hello, again.

Meg: Your housekeeper said that I could find you here.

Lucinda: Oh, really? Well, not for long, you're not. As a matter of fact, I was just about to get in my car and drive. I want to see a summer suit that's in a shop down there. Come with me. You can advise me --

Meg: We have more important things to discuss than your wardrobe. Like this.

Lucinda: What is that?

Meg: It's coffee. Mixed with something else. I don't know what the other ingredient is, but I'm betting you would.

Katie: Hello. Is Jack here?

Brad: Hi. No, you just missed him. He's headed to the station.

Katie: Oh, he picked up an extra shift?

Brad: No, no. I think -- he's going to talk to Carly.

Katie: Oh. Okay, well, just tell him I dropped by.

Brad: Katie, you should run while you can.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Brad: Whatever you had going on with my brother, you could kiss it good-bye. Carly's back.

Katie: Did Jack say something?

Brad: He's with her right now. I think that says it all.

Jack: Could I have a moment alone with Carly, please?

Public defender: That's inappropriate, Detective Snyder. You were an assault victim in this case as well --

Carly: I need to talk to Jack, okay?

Public defender: Not alone.

Carly: I'm going to waive my right to an attorney. Jack isn't going to get me to say anything incriminating. We just -- we need to talk about our kids.

Public defender: I'll be in touch.

Carly: How are they? Jack?

Jack: Every morning since you took off with Simon, I woke up with the same thought. Today is the day. Today is the day when I'm finally enough for my kids. The day that I won't forget to add an apple to Sage's lunch. The day that J.J. doesnít have to look after his little sister. The day that Parker will smile, maybe, just once, the way he used to.

Carly: You are a wonderful father.

Jack: I used to think so. But now, all I see is how much I don't see, and how much I lose track of, and how much I don't know about what Parker's thinking and what J.J.'s feeling. They miss you.

Carly: That's a nice way to put it. The truth is they needed me, and I knew it, and I left anyway.

Jack: You would have gone to prison, Carly.

Carly: I know. The thought about being behind bars for years terrified me. It still terrifies me. But what I did to those kids --

Jack: What do we do now?

Carly: We do what we promised. We raise them together. You'll be here. I'll probably be locked up, but at least they'll know where to find me when they need me. And every morning when they wake up, they'll know that you will be there for them. Like you've always been. Giving more than enough.

Jack: Your lawyer wants you to cop a plea?

Carly: I don't even have anything to bargain with. So if I get these 25 years, do you think that Parker will forgive me by then?

Jack: I've been thinking long about this, and about your situation. I may be able to help you after all.

Jack: I start with getting Tom Hughes to represent you instead of this public defender.

Carly: I can't afford Tom --

Jack: He's a friend. We'll figure something out. He was also the D.A. I'm sure he can pull some string and get these felony charges dropped down.

Carly: No, how is he going to do that? There's evidence, Jack. You were a witness.

Jack: I was also the officer that was assaulted when you and Simon took off. But I was the only witness to the escape, Carly. So --

Carly: You would do that for me?

Jack: Let's get something straight. I'm not doing it for you.

Carly: No, right. Of course not, right. I know, it's for the kids. But Jack, I really appreciate it.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: I really do.

Jack: There's something that hasn't happened before, though.

Carly: Anything. I'll -- whatever you say, I'll do it.

Jack: I want you to make an official statement, saying that the reason you violated your parole, the reason why you aided and abetting Simon, is because Simon coerced you.

Brad: You think you know my brother, but you donít. Right, Carly leaving him for Simon? That really -- whoa, that really got to him, Katie.

Katie: That would get to anyone.

Brad: Yeah, but now he has something to prove. First, he'll make sure that things are really over between Carly and Simon.

Katie: He already knows that. Carly's back. Simon's not --

Brad: Then -- then -- then he will do his best to get her out of jail. Make sure that she owes him.

Katie: Jack does not think like that. Maybe you do --

Brad: Does Carly know that you two have been sniffing around each other?

Katie: We've not been --

Brad: Right, you see, my guess is -- my guess is that he hasn't told her yet. He'll make sure that things are really over, that she's cut all ties with Simon, and then, guess what, I've got me a new honey.

Katie: That is disgusting. Who thinks like that? Who does that?

Brad: Then he'll sit back and watch Carly fight for him.

Katie: And what will I be doing?

Brad: You'll be the one getting hurt. And that's why I'm saying, run.

Katie: You're just trying to mess with my head again, Brad.

Brad: No. No, I am telling you the whole truth. Do you want something to drink?

Katie: No. I don't want anything from you! All right? Don't you learn? You already tried to keep Jack and me apart, and it didn't work that time. Now, you've come up with some other scheme.

Brad: You know that's not what this is.

Katie: Just take your advice and go to hell.

Susan: So, indulge me. When did you and Dusty realize that you had feeling for each other?

Emily: Well --

Dusty: Susan, I'm going to be honest with you.

Susan: You have always had your eye on Emily, haven't you?

Emily: Would you stop it? You're embarrassing us.

Susan: I've always known that there was something there.

Emily: Would you stop? Okay, just listen, when you saw us standing outside that hotel room door --

Susan: I know. It was the first night you'd spent together?

Dusty: The only night. And Emily and I have agreed that's as far as it's going to go.

Susan: You mean, until you get married?

Emily: Mother, we're not getting married --

Dusty: We don't want to get involved in anything serious.

Susan: Then what are you doing?

Dusty: Nothing.

Susan: You're telling me that you had a one-night stand? And that's all you wanted?

Dusty: That's what we both wanted. Right, Emily?

Emily: Right. Exactly.

Susan: No, don't do that.

Emily: Mother, stop --

Susan: No, if you want to lie to Dusty about what you really want, then go ahead. But don't lie to me. Don't lie to yourself. You want a lot more from that man than just a one-night stand.

Emily: I'm getting a lot more than I ever expected. I have Dusty's friendship. I don't want to ruin that.

Dusty: I'm not in the market for a relationship. That's all.

Susan: Oh, I get it. You're just using her.

Emily: Nobody's using anybody, mother. Really. We -- we were attracted to each other, we acted on an attraction, okay? And now we've decided that --

Susan: Who's decided? You or Dusty?

Emily: Dusty is still grieving over Jennifer. Okay, we work together, we don't want to complicate things.

Susan: Oh, forgive me. But I am very disappointed.

Dusty: Susan, we're all adults. And Emily and I know what we're doing.

Susan: Really? You got close enough to my daughter to be her friend, and her lover. And you still don't know that it's not just all about the sex with her? Oh, well.

Emily: That was fun.

Dusty: Better now than later. You know, you don't want her to get invested in something that could never be.

Emily: What does that mean?

Dusty: You and me. It would never happen.

Alison: Get your hands off me, Lance! I'm not making another movie with you!

Lance: You think I stayed in this town just to get you to come back to Vegas and work for me, Baby?

Alison: Well, when I saw you yesterday --

Lance: I know that's what I said, but -- you and me, we've got more than the business, right? That weekend in Vail. Remember?

Alison: Sure. We've had some good times.

Lance: You know, you're so sexy, all right? You're totally uninhibited. You're like nobody else and you come back into this small town USA? I don't get.

Alison: It's my home.

Lance: It's your grave. All that stuff that you do -- there's no place for that stuff here.

Alison: Maybe I don't want to be that person anymore.

Lance: So you're just going to bury who you are? And just lay down and die? You know what a loss that would be?

Lucinda: What is that that you're waving around? Is that coffee?

Meg: Craig's coffee. The coffee you poisoned.

Lucinda: Keep your voice down.

Meg: If I hadn't shown up when I did, you could be facing murder charges.

Lucinda: Somebody tried to murder Craig? But he survived?

Meg: For now.

Lucinda: Well, of course he did. He's too ornery to die. Thank you for informing me of this. I'm on my way.

Meg: He stopped breathing, Lucinda. And they had to rush him to the hospital. And he's -- why did you even do this?

Lucinda: I don't know what you're talking about.

Meg: I know how devastating it was for you to lose the company that you built.

Lucinda: You know nothing! About how devastating it was for me to lose my company!

Meg: But murder -- murder, Lucinda, do you really believe that's a solution for anything?

Lucinda: I mean, if I were to do what you're suggesting that I might do, I wouldn't -- my intent would never to be kill him.

Meg: Okay, then what? What are you hoping to gain?

Lucinda: Well, I mean -- this is hypothetical. Hypothetically, I mean -- I might want to frighten him and to shock -- we talked about that. Or even incapacitate him in some way so I could get back what belongs to me.

Meg: You're not even sorry you did this.

Lucinda: I'm ecstatic that somebody finally did something! What's the matter with you and Paul anyway? The two of you have no backbone. None.

Meg: I could have done it. There were many times I was just steps away from it.

Lucinda: Then you should thank God that somebody else did it for you. Yeah.

Meg: Well, I'm going to make sure that never happens again.

Lucinda: Is that a threat?

Meg: Yeah. It is.

Lucinda: Be warned, my enemy. Align yourself with my enemy and you become my enemy. Do you want that? I'm so very fond of you, Meg. I really am. But if you cast yourself in the role of Craig Montgomeryís nurse, protector -- you're going to live a life so dangerous -- what are you doing? Who are you calling? Paul?

Meg: Jack. I am sure he's going to be interested to hear about your favorite coffee flavoring.

Lucinda: There's no need to do that.

Meg: Then give me your word, Lucinda. Promise me that you won't try to hurt Craig again.

Lucinda: I canít.

Meg: Do you really think I'm bluffing?

Lucinda: Somebody comes into your house in the middle of the night. A thief. My soul, if I have any kind of soul, my soul is tied up in my companies. And I want this company back! And I will have it back!

Meg: And you think killing Craig will get you what?

Lucinda: I -- I didn't kill him.

Meg: Your freedom is more important than that company. And so is Craigís.

Lucinda: Okay. I get what you're saying. All right. I'll do whatever you say. Give me back your laboratory experiment. And I'll dispose of it and then I'll go forth and I'll sin no more.

Meg: You know what? I'm going to keep this in a safe place.

Lucinda: For Craig?

Meg: For you.

Carly: Simon didn't coerce me into anything.

Jack: If you want to reduce your charges, then you've got --

Carly: You want me to lie?

Jack: No, I want my kids to have their mother back. I thought that's what you wanted too.

Carly: Of course it's what I want --

Jack: Then do what you need to do, Carly.

Carly: He loves me. Simon loves me. He's the reason I was able to come back at all.

Jack: Well, I think you're overlooking the fact that he's the reason you had to go in the first place. It was Simonís idea to steal those jewels, not yours. If it wasn't for him --

Carly: Why do I have to blame him?

Jack: That's the way it works in the criminal justice system. In order for anyone to get off, someone's got to take the blame. Now who's that going to be? Is that going to be you or Simon?

Carly: I don't know, Jack.

Jack: Someone's got to pay for what he did, Carly. Is that going to be Simon or our kids? Because our kids will pay.

Carly: I just -- I just need to think about it, okay? Just --

Jack: Parker, J.J. and Sage will still be living a life needing a mom that isn't there. You can stop that!

Carly: Jack, if Simon gets caught, and I've signed some statement that says that I was coerced, would that be considered kidnapping? For him? Because I don't want him to go to jail for something that he didn't even do.

Jack: Wow, I almost made a huge mistake here, didn't I? Thank you. Thank you for clarifying the situation for me. Enjoy prison. You're right, though. The kids will know where to find you after all.

Carly: Jack, don't!

Alison: Stop! Stop, Lance! Wait!

Lance: I can't wait, Babe.

Alison: Just stop it, okay?

Lance: No, I canít. What's this about?

Alison: I just need a minute, okay?

Lance: Look, I came a long way to be with you, Alison.

Alison: Well, you can have any girl you want in Vegas. You should have saved the airfare.

Lance: You're the one I want.

Alison: I missed you, too. But I need to stay focused. And to do that, I've got to stay here.

Lance: Am I pushing you too hard?

Alison: Kind of.

Lance: I'm sorry, Baby. I'm sorry. I just -- I know you're stressed. I just --

Alison: Oh that feels good. You know what? It has been kind of tough here, but I needed it. You know, Lance, I just needed time to think and figure things out.

Lance: I think I know what you need. Just one bump of this and everything will be fine.

[Lance shows Alison some crystal meth]

Dusty: What happened?

Emily: Nothing. Nothing happened. Nothing will ever happen between us. You were very clear about that.

Dusty: You're acting like you're surprised?

Emily: The plan was that we were going to show up and break up our fake relationship to my mother.

Dusty: We just did. I told your mother.

Emily: We mutually decided to do it, right. And then my mother left. And you dumped me. I mean, for real. You announced that not only do you not want me, that you would never want me. And you know what? It's hard enough to hear that from a guy that you're actually involved with. But to hear it from you, in that moment, it was not --

Dusty: Emily, we work together. If you and I started something, it would be complicated, wouldn't it?

Emily: So, is that your reason? I mean, is that real reason? Your only reason?

Dusty: My real reason for the make-believe relationship?

Emily: You know what I'm asking.

Dusty: I just don't feel that way about you.

Emily: Okay, so that -- that makes sense. See, that's reasonable. Right now, today, that's how you feel. It's the looking into the future thing that's getting me going a little bit. The no way, no how, never thing?

Dusty: That's just how I feel.

Emily: That we will never have a relationship?

Dusty: We can drop this conversation, have dinner, or I can leave, whatever you prefer.

Emily: I would prefer the truth, actually. Can you just -- can you just tell me what you're thinking?

Dusty: Well, you seem to know what I'm thinking.

Emily: So, you were married to a saint. A living, breathing saint. And there's no way a man can go from being Jennifer Munsonís grieving husband to getting involved with an ex-hooker. Is there? I'm afraid it's more than a, um...

Dusty: Why are we having this conversation?

Emily: Because I need to know how you see me. It's not -- it's not that I'm looking in having a relationship with you -- I haven't really thought about it. I mean, but when I look at you, I see a man that I could be attracted to. You know, you're handsome, kind, stubborn, sexy kind of guy --

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: And if we ever to have one of those of those moments that friends have -- you know, where they look at each other, and in an instant, they -- if in that moment, you were to reach for me, I don't think I would turn away. Wait, you would, wouldn't you? I mean, if I reached for you --

Dusty: You're a beautiful woman. And I respect you.

Emily: But it would never be more than this.

Dusty: I'm just not in the market for a relationship.

Emily: You mean, you're not in the market for a relationship with an ex-hooker? I'm not hungry. Excuse me.

Dusty: Emily? Hey -- nice work, kid. Nice work.

Alison: I can't do this.

Lance: Sure you can. Just one little hit to take the edge off. What, you know you want it.

Alison: Oh, I want it. So bad I can taste it. But I've got to stop messing up, Lance. I mean, my family --

Lance: You don't care about your family. I mean, you had me hide you from your sister in Vegas. Ali, you wanted nothing to do with her!

Alison: But things are different now! Emily's been so good to me. I've got to keep trying to get better. And Lance, if not for my sister and my mother, for me.

Lance: You know, unless you want your momma to see how talented you are, stay here.

Alison: You would let her see you like that? Just break her heart like it's nothing?

Lance: You know, I don't want to. But if you give me no choice.

Alison: You're even more of a sleaze than I thought you were. Do what you've got to do, Lance. Just stay the hell out of my life!

Meg: How is he?

Susan: Stable. So you just showed up at worldwide and found Craig in cardiac arrest?

Meg: He was unconscious when I got there.

Susan: Well, we know for sure it wasn't a heart attack. We'll know much more when the toxicology screens come back in. Hey there, Craig, how are you feeling?

Craig: What happened?

Susan: What happened is Meg saved your life. Don't stay too long.

Meg: I wonít. Need anything?

Jack: This is the only way, Carly.

Carly: I know. Simon knew it, too. He wanted this for the kids. He wanted it for me. No matter what it cost him.

Jack: So, he knew this was coming? He's got to be long gone by now.

Carly: Whatever you want me to tell the judge, I'll do it. No matter what it means for Simon. I just want our kids to be okay. That's all I want.

Jack: Now, at least there's a chance for that to happen. So, I'll call Tom, see what I can work out.

Carly: Thank you, Jack. After everything I've done --

Jack: I -- I made mistakes, too. I'm sorry. I'm glad you're home.

Katie: Hey.

Jack: Katie, what are you doing here?

Katie: Whatever Carly just asked you to do -- don't do it.

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns."

Brad: You have no idea, do you?

Carly: No, no, no. No, not Katie.

Dusty: Trust me.

Alison: Dusty, please. I need your help!

Craig: Marry me.

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