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Henry: A mimosa. Good. I'm glad you're getting your Vitamin C.

Vienna: Henry, thank you for coming.

Henry: Of course. I'm glad you called. I wanted to talk to you about some things.

Vienna: Did you bring the papers?

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: Good.

Henry: All we have to do is sign them, and then you'll get all your money back.

Vienna: Aren't you going to try to extract some kind of a holder's fee?

Henry: Of course not. I'm happy about this.

Vienna: Really? Why?

Henry: Yeah. Because you should always be obscenely wealthy. It suits you.

Vienna: That's true.

Henry: You should have it to do whatever you want, to follow your heart's desire.

Vienna: If you say so.

Henry: So, what are you going to do? What's your heart's desire?

Vienna: Henry, I can't have my heart's desire. So what I will do is -- leave Oakdale.

Will: Hey, do you want me to go with you?

Gwen: No, you finish your paper. I don't even know if they're going to let me see Carly.

Will: And that's what's got you so upset?

Gwen: Of course, it is.

Will: Right.

Gwen: I am worried about Cleo.

Will: Well, yeah, sure. Somebody tries to steal your identity, and that makes you responsible for her.

Gwen: She tried to help Carly.

Will: Or maybe she's trying to get in good with you.

Gwen: Well, maybe you're right. But it still bothers me. Knowing that she's out there all alone.

Will: Gwen, I'm sure no matter where she is, she's fine.

Cleo: Ladies and Gentlemen, everything has to go. No reasonable offer refused or unreasonable offer refused. Right here, I have a pair of authentic, genuine knock-offs from a hot new designer straight from the big apple. Hey, for you, five bucks.

Clerk: For you, a warning.

Cleo: Excuse me?

Clerk: Close up shop right now, or I'll call the cops.

Holden: So, any idea when Jack will be getting back?

Meg: Well, he's out with the kids, trying to help them get a handle on Carly coming back.

Holden: Now that could take a couple of years.

Meg: Yeah. You know, you guys have a lot in common.

Holden: Yeah, on the surface, maybe. But Lily and I, we're going to be fine. Jack and Carly, on the other hand, I'm not so sure about.

Meg: So you think there's no hope for them to work something out?

Holden: I think you can only arrest your wife so many times before that connection is finally broken.

Meg: Well, sometimes that connection is beyond your control.

Holden: You broke your connection with Paul.

Meg: Right.

Holden: No.

Meg: What?

Holden: That's the "Right" you use when he's pleading for another chance and you're letting him do it.

Meg: That's not what's going on.

Holden: Uh-huh. Is he wearing you down, like he always does?

Meg: He doesn't have to wear me down. We never broke up.

Holden: Oh. Oh, what, you didn't want us to know?

Meg: No. We didn't want Craig to know.

Craig: Hey.

Margo: Busy.

Craig: Yeah, for how long?

Margo: A long time. Weeks, months, years.

Craig: Margo, you're my sister. We're supposed to go through the tough times together.

Margo: Yeah, don't we almost always? And don't you almost always use those tough times to manipulate me?

Craig: That is not true. All right, look, you know what? You can hang up on me like you did last night, you can refuse to talk to me like you're doing right now, okay?

Margo: Yeah, I can.

Craig: But that is not going to stop me from loving you.

Margo: Oh, please! Even if I did believe that, you are way, way too late.

Lucinda: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Nurse: It's no problem, Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: I really appreciate this. You don't know -- you know, I'm the hospital board, and if I hang around for any length of time, people come up to me and I'm buttonholed, and they tell me all the grievances about the hospital --

Nurse: I understand. And as soon as Dr. Hughes is out of his meeting, I'll let him know you're here to see him.

Lucinda: Thank you. No hurry, I have a book. [Lucinda looks through the medicine cabinet] Okay, all right then. Oh, wait a -- lovely. Let's see what we can find to help Craig shuffle off -- ah --

Bob: Lucinda, would you mind telling me what the hell you're doing?

Gwen: I've been -- I've been thinking about it all morning.

Will: Cleo.

Gwen: Yeah, and why she was dressing up like me. She wasn't doing it for money. I think she just wanted to have some people in her life.

Will: You think that's why she did it?

Gwen: I think that's why she kept doing it. To be close to Carly and the kids. To be a part of a family.

Will: Yeah, or, alternative theory, she's a whack job.

Gwen: Okay, yeah, she is that, too. But she's also very lonely.

Will: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new world record. You've gone from blind fury to compassion in less than two days.

Gwen: You know, I don't mind when you make fun of me, except when you're right.

Will: Well, if it means anything to you, I love that you're so nice.

Gwen: I don't.

Will: Look, when you see Carly, tell her that I said -- I don't know the right thing to say to Carly right now.

Gwen: Not to mess up any more than she already has.

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: Anyways, finish your paper, it's really good.

Will: Yeah, the three sentences I have are just great.

Gwen: And don't go for coffee, we have plenty here, and just put off the inevitable.

Will: Why did she have to say coffee?

Cleo: Look, I'll leave. I promise. Please, just don't call the cops. I didn't know that I was doing anything wrong.

Clerk: All right, just don't let me catch you again.

Cleo: How could this day get any worse?

Lucinda: Hello to you, too, Bob.

Bob: Tell me you weren't considering self-medication.

Lucinda: No, no, I was -- I was just browsing. Passing the time.

Bob: Oh, this may come as a shock to you, but we're pretty serious about our drug cabinets around here. We don't joke about them too much.

Lucinda: Oh, sure. Sorry. I'm not the kind of person -- I mean, I would never think of myself as the kind of person who deals with any kind of problems by -- with a bottle. Any kind of a bottle. But just, I have been feeling, the way I've been feeling, I just -- I hate it. I hate it!

Bob: You hate needing help?

Lucinda: Well, all my life I really despise people who whine -- I admire people who can take action.

Bob: Well, you know, after what you've been through with Lily and your company, I don't think it's whining to maybe seek some help.

Lucinda: Well, that would be an admission of weakness. I can't do that.

Bob: Oh, I get it. I get it. You came here and asked to see me so that you could tell me that you didn't want to see me. Just so that we could hang out and maybe waste some time together.

Lucinda: No, no. I came because you always talk to me straight. And you have, yet again. And I just -- I just can't take it!

Bob: Well, you know, maybe it is difficult for you to talk about personal matters to me. And I can make a referral --

Lucinda: Bob, I'm losing control.

Meg: Gee, I wonder why I don't share more with you. You're always so supportive when I do.

Holden: You pretend to break up with Paul so that you can make out with Craig so he doesn't suspect that you're in cahoots with Paul, who's trying to get Craig -- and you want support?

Meg: Look what Craig did to Lily.

Holden: I know what he did to Lily. That's why I flipped out when I saw the two of you in lip lock. And I still don't understand why you were defending the guy.

Meg: I couldn't let him know I was setting him up.

Holden: Meg, do you remember another time when you playing Paul's secret agent? Do you remember how well that turned out?

Meg: Well, you know what? This time around, I had no help from Paul. Because I screwed up my life so much that I had nothing to lose. So why not go undercover? Why not make Craig pay for all the stuff he's done to our family?

Holden: No, no, you have to stop. You cannot play this game anymore.

Meg: It's already over. I could see it wasn't working, so I stopped it.

Holden: How?

Meg: I broke it off with Craig. Completely.

Holden: Did he know what you were up to?

Meg: No.

Holden: And what about Paul? You're not going to have anything more to do with him, I hope?

Meg: Holden, I love him. Deal with it.

Holden: You don't think Craig is going to figure out what you were up to if you and Paul go public again?

Meg: I don't think that's so important.

Holden: Meg, have you seen what's been going on lately? Lily was Craig's friend. Look what he did to her. She did nothing to him. You made him look like a fool!

Meg: So why are you so mad at me?

Holden: Because I don't want to see him hurt one more person that I love and care about!

Craig: Sis, could we get out of here? I really can't talk here.

Margo: Yeah, sure you can. Anything you have to say to me, you can say right here.

Craig: And besides, it's more fun making me grovel in public, is that it?

Margo: Well, now that you mention it, yeah. But, there isn't anything that's much fun about you anymore.

Craig: All right. Okay. All right. You know what, I'm sorry, but this is really weird here. You are treating me like I'm not even your brother.

Margo: You know what, I wish that you would stop using the word "Brother" like it's some sort of credit card with no spending limit.

Craig: Okay. I get it. I hear it. Okay, I understand that you have to get through to me just how angry that you are with me.

Margo: No, I don't have to do anything --

Craig: But we don't do that here. Sis, would you look at our lives? My son is still missing, you are worried sick about Casey and Adam.

Margo: All right, I'm going to say this to you one time, Craig, and I'm going to try to make it really, very, very clear. Johnny -- how many times have you told me that you would do anything to see him again? How many times have you told me that you could justify any behavior to get him back into your life?

Craig: That's right, yes.

Margo: Yes, but Dusty, and Barbara, and your own daughter, Lucy -- well, they were all just collateral damage. All for the love of your son, but for me -- for Tom -- the man that I love more than anything in the world. That didn't mean anything to you. And I will not forget when Danny went missing, what those days were like, Craig. What that did to Tom. What you did almost killed him. I will not forget that there was a time in my life when I thought I might not ever see my love again. So do not use the word brother with me, all right? And don't come around here with your phony biannual concerns for my son, because I don't think it's going to mask what you've really become.

Craig: Margo -- I didn't do anything to Danny.

Margo: Sorry, Craig. Like everybody else in this town, I just don't believe you. So, you can go. Go!

Craig: You are -- you are wrong about me. And someday, you are going to see that.

Bob: Well I think would prescribe a mild sedative that could relieve some of the anxiety.

Lucinda: Oh, that might be a very good idea.

Bob: But you know, this isn't really my area of expertise. I'd like you to see a specialist.

Lucinda: Oh, Bob, you don't want me to lie down on a couch someplace and talk about my youth or something like that.

Bob: I'm not talking about analysis.

Lucinda: Craig is -- okay.

Bob: I'm talking about seeing a diagnostician who can kind of do an overview of the whole situation. You know, it could very well be that you're handling a very bad situation on your own very well.

Lucinda: I know why I come to see you you always make me feel better.

Bob: Well, I'm glad you came in. I'll write that prescription and I'll give you a list of referrals.

[Bob leaves and Lucinda takes a bottle out of the cabinet]

Lucinda: Forgive me, Bob. It's in a worthy cause. Okay. Maybe I'll take your advice. Another day.

[Lucinda leaves]

Henry: You really feel like you have to leave Oakdale?

Vienna: There are too many memories, Henry. I can't live a life of what could've been.

Henry: But what about all your friends here? What about Maddie? What about me?

Vienna: Isn't there an old American song -- "Give me all, or give me nothing at all"?

Henry: Right.

Vienna: So, why don't we just sign the papers and say adieu?

Henry: Okay -- I thought I had a pen -- you don't have a pen, do you?

Delivery man: Ms. Hyatt? These are for you.

Vienna: How sweet.

Henry: How big.

Vienna: Will you please ask the concierge to have them put in my room?

Delivery man: Yeah, of course -- you just have to sign for them.

Vienna: Henry, give him a big tip, and I'm sure he'll let us keep the pen.

Delivery man: Yes, ma'am. Thanks. And, here's the card.

Vienna: Thank you. "Have booked your favorite floor of the Negresco. Be here by Saturday or you will miss Guy and Madonna. Mad love, Sebastian." Where are those papers?

Henry: Vienna, but it sounds like you're going to an outlet mall, not the Riviera.

Vienna: What?

Henry: Well, you're signing papers that would make you rich beyond my wildest dreams, and it's like you were signing an extension for a warranty on a vacuum cleaner. Doesn't this tell you something?

Vienna: What, Henry? What exactly does it tell me?

[A man steals Cleo’s purse]

Cleo: No, wait. You can't take that, my money's in there.

Thief: That's the point, you idiot.

Cleo: Ow!

Will: Hey. Hey, are you all right? You okay? Cleo?

Cleo: Hi, Will.

Will: Cleo, you're bleeding. Come here, let me help you up. Let me see that. Oh. I got to get you to the hospital.

Cleo: No!

Will: Yeah. Yeah, you need to have that looked at.

Cleo: No, if I go to the hospital, they're gonna have to report it!

Will: You just got mugged. Don't you want to report it?

Cleo: No, because Jack will know that I'm still here and that I never left town.

Will: You think?

Cleo: I can't to go to jail, but, please –

[Cleo faints]

Holden: Craig has got the hots for you, and that is a very dangerous position to be in.

Meg: Holden, what you do not need right now is somebody else to worry about. So I will steer clear of Craig, and I will be very, very careful.

Holden: Okay, that's good. But that gives you more time to devote to your stable, functional relationship with Paul.

Meg: Paul wants what's best for me. It would really mean a lot to me if you just tried to get along with him.

Holden: I get along with him fine.

Meg: Good, good, because I think he's going to ask me to marry him again.

Holden: Great. That's great.

Meg: Yeah. Yeah, I can see you're thrilled.

Holden: No, I want you happy. And if he makes you happy -- so, are you going to say yes, if he asks?

Meg: I don't know. Everything's so up in the air for so long -- it would be nice to know what a good decision feels like. It's been so long.

Holden: You just made a good decision. You decided to leave Craig's fate to fate. That's good.

Meg: I don't think that's exactly accurate. I decided not to do anything about Craig personally, but I don't think Lucinda's quite ready to throw in the towel.

Holden: Yeah, I wouldn't think so either.

Meg: I think Craig's fate is in her hands now.

Lucinda: I'm here to see the report on the Hansen deal.

Craig: People in hell want ice water.

Lucinda: I am a stockholder.

Craig: Which gives you the right to read all about it in the quarterly report like any stockholder.

Lucinda: If the company makes it to the end of the quarter.

Craig: If you're that concerned about it, you can sell me your stock. Of course, I will miss you terribly.

Lucinda: Do you think I could get your attention if I told you that Charles Hansen is calling me daily at home?

Craig: No.

Lucinda: No? Oh. He's upset, you know. He's upset because he says you won't pay any attention to details.

Craig: Really? That is so interesting, because he didn't sound that way when I spoke to him on the telephone, five minutes ago, and what were we talking about? Oh that's right, yes. We were talking about going over the details.

Lucinda: Oh. Well possibly, he didn't want to let on to you that he has doubts about you.

Craig: Well, if he didn't want me to know, then it wasn't very shrewd of him to tell you, was it?

Lucinda: But I'm the one that can make things right.

Craig: All right, you know what? It's a done deal. I did it. It's set. Set, by me. It's done.

Lucinda: You know, someone must have told you. I'm sure somebody did, that decisiveness -- decisiveness is not an asset when you are wrong.

Craig: You know, Lucinda, you and I have this very complicated, long history, and you know that I have always held you of a certain regard.

Lucinda: I know, I saw the regard when you took away the company.

Craig: Okay, well in honor and respect, you know, of what, you know, we once were, I just think I need to tell you that you're embarrassing yourself. Do you really think that I would let you come into this office without my okay? Do you think you can get into this building without my okay? Now, I don't want to embarrass you. I don't want you turned away. I'm good enough to allow you to delude yourself into thinking that you're still functioning.

Lucinda: But are you enjoying it? Are you enjoying it -- the desk, the telephones, the buttons, the chair that swivels?

Craig: I really don't want to have to call security.

Lucinda: Or do you hear that tiny, tiny, small voice? That tiny voice in your ear?

Craig: Because really, you're wasting my time.

Lucinda: No, it's the tiny voice, like Tom Thumb in your ear saying that it's the truth that you don't know what you're doing.

Craig: Lucinda, I really think that you should go, try to spare your dignity.

Lucinda: You can call meetings, you can have market research, but the voice keeps getting louder and louder --

Craig: All right, I really think that's enough.

Lucinda: -- And louder because you don't want to be a fraud. Do you? You don't want that. You want to be a captain of industry. You want to be a good father and a good husband, and a man. But Craig Montgomery just won't -- he just could never get the job done.

Craig: Okay, you know what, Lucinda? That's very good. And really, it would be much more painful if this wasn't happening in my office, about my deal, next to my phone where I can call my assistant and have my security team throw you out on your butt.

Lucinda: This is my company.

Craig: Oh, really? Not according to my sign!

Lucinda: Oh, that thing -- the minute I saw that thing, I said, "My heavens!" "ME?" "ME?" Who is this guy that thinks he can say "ME" all over other people's property?

Craig: All right. That's it. That's it. Really. Okay? Sorry. Drew, get security for me, please.

Lucinda: Wait a minute! If you're calling security, let's give them something to talk about. Okay? Oh, God.

[Lucinda takes the sign off the wall and throws it to the floor]


[Lucinda laughs]

[Lucinda sighs]

[Lucinda laughs]

Craig: Nice move.

Lucinda: Ah, I enjoyed that.

Craig: Well, good. I mean, it's good. Because it’s really given me the evidence that I've needed to prove to the world that you are -- what is the technical term I'm looking for? Bats.

Lucinda: Oh really? Now, what would you call that?

Craig: Well, I would not call that behaving in self interest, I actually would call that kind of behavior self-destructive.

Lucinda: Ah. Is that a considered opinion?

Craig: Well suppose if I call Hanson, and I let him know, after you have been dragged out of here in a straight jacket, just what you've done, that you've trashed my office.

Lucinda: Kiss him for me.

Craig: I just don't think he’s going to be offering you consulting work. I think he, indeed, he might be telling other people in our business world, that you are -- what's that word I'm looking for again -- bats.

Lucinda: You think so.

Craig: There's also the possibility that I could call the police. I do believe that there is a law about destroying private property.

Lucinda: You have so much respect for the police.

Craig: We'll see what a criminal record does for your credibility in the boardroom.

Lucinda: I don't get you. Why haven't you gone to summon your security? Where the hell are they anyway? How do you know what I'm going to do next?

[Lucinda laughs]

Craig: Fine, you know what? Knock yourself out, really. Have a big public meltdown, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Oh, thank you, Darling! Wonderful.

Craig: There's nothing like a washed up executive getting a new start.

Lucinda: Whatever you say. Tell the whole world, its okay with me. Shout it. Okay. Okay. Eat your heart out, Craig Montgomery.

[Lucinda puts the medicine in Craig’s cup]

Craig: They are on the way.

Lucinda: Oh gosh, spoiled my fun. All right, well I'll say good bye to them on the way out.

Craig: Good.

Lucinda: Uh, but Craig?

Craig: Yes?

Lucinda: You know Craig, I've had a long career, and I've done a lot of rough things. But I never exploited weak people, and I never betrayed people who cared for me. So, you deserve anything bad that happens to you. I'm just going to say it. You deserve having to be you.

Craig: Lucinda. Drop dead.

[Glass clinks] [Craig drinks his drink] [Craig passes out]

Vienna: Henry, please. You have advice for me? You think I'm making a mistake by leaving Oakdale?

Henry: I realize whatever you do, it is none of my business.

Vienna: But you are concerned about me?

Henry: I want you to be happy.

Vienna: Well, of course I'll be happy. I have money. And that's -- that's all a person like me needs, right?

Henry: No. You're so beautiful, and you're so much fun. And I know that when you're at the Riviera or whatever fabulous place you're going to be you’re going to find some guy who really makes you happy and he is going to be the happiest and luckiest guy in the world.

Vienna: I don't know, Henry. They have to compete with the memories I have of you.

Henry: I'm not daunting competition.

Vienna: You're underestimating yourself.

Henry: Have fun. Au Revoir, Vienna.

Vienna: No, Henry. Good-bye.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: Do you think that --

Margo: What? Do I think what?

Gwen: Never mind. It doesn't seem like a very fair question to ask.

Margo: Do I think that she's going to do prison time?

Gwen: Yeah.

Margo: Well, I'll be really honest with you, Gwen -- I don't know.

Gwen: Okay. I was just thinking that prison -- I'm sorry, I feel like this is a conversation that you don't want to have.

Margo: Yeah, that part we don't want to have, but that's okay. We can talk about Casey. Actually, I think I'm in a much better place than you are.

Gwen: Really?

Casey: Yeah, yeah. Because I know exactly how many days, how many hours, how many minutes. I can count them. But you -- you just don't know what's going on.

Gwen: Yeah, I guess. I'm just really worried about her kids.

Margo: Oh. Well, yeah, of course. They've been through so much. But whatever happens, Jack is going to be right there for them.

Gwen: I know. When Will and I told him that Cleo had taken the kids -- I've never seen him like that before.

Margo: And yet -- you paid her bail.

Gwen: Well, I mean, she wasn't -- she wasn't going to hurt anyone. She --

Margo: She?

Gwen: I mean, she's messed up, but she's -- she's harmless.

Margo: Yeah, but don't you think by paying her bail, and letting her out, you run the risk of her doing it again?

Gwen: No.

Margo: No?

Gwen: No, I mean, I did pay her bail, but the deal is that she had leave town. So, she's long gone by now.

Will: If you don't want to go to the hospital, then let me take you back to the Wagon Wheel, okay?

Cleo: I don't think that's a very good idea.

Will: Why? You got to have that looked at, and I think you need some rest.

Cleo: Maybe, but I can't rest there. I already checked out.

Will: So, you're on your way to the bus station?

Cleo: Well, I had to do something first.

Will: What'd you have to do?

Cleo: I had to make enough money to afford the ticket.

Will: Cleo, we offered you money. You didn't want to take it.

Cleo: Because it didn't feel right.

Will: Cleo -- when did you check out? Did you sleep here last night?

Cleo: I didn't really sleep here. Well, I didn't sleep much. The benches are really comfortable, though.

Will: Okay, come on. Let's go.

Cleo: Where are we going?

Will: I'm taking you someplace where you can get that looked at. Maybe some rest. I'll take you home.

Cop: We just caught that guy snatching purses in Old Town. Hey, and get a load of his last Vic's name. Cleo Babbitt. Where have I heard that name?

Will: All right, I'm going to clean this cut for you.

Cleo: Were you writing something?

Will: Yeah, I have a paper due.

Cleo: What's it about?

Will: Sorry.

Cleo: Are you going to tell me what your paper was about?

Will: Yeah, um, it's about Emily Dickinson. It was assigned.

Cleo: Oh. Hey, did you know that you can sing all of Emily Dickinson to "The Yellow Rose of Texas?"

Will: What?

Cleo: Yeah. Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me there is no frigate like a book, to take us lands away.

Will: I didn't know that.

Cleo: I don't think she did, either.

Will: Yeah, so you like Emily Dickinson, huh?

Cleo: Yeah. She's my favorite, along with Emily Bronte.

Will: Cool. This is probably going to sting.

Cleo: Okay. You know, I was never really good at writing papers. I couldn't stick to the point.

Will: You don't say.

Cleo: Ow. If you were supposed to be writing your paper, what were you doing in Old Town?

Will: I was getting a cup of coffee and a donut.

Cleo: But Gwen left you alone so you can focus, so did you kind of sneak out?

Will: Yeah. How did you know that?

Cleo: Well, because she's not here. And she worries about you. She wants you to do well in school.

Will: Let's not talk about Gwen, okay?

Cleo: Okay. Do you know how Carly's doing?

Will: No, actually, we don't really know for sure.

Cleo: I really liked her a lot. I think if she has to stay in jail for a long time, I'm going to send her health food.

Will: Cleo, you're not supposed to push your way into Gwen's life, her family, right? That was the agreement.

Cleo: Oh. I thought maybe it was different since she was going to be in jail. Carly, I mean.

Will: Yeah. I'm going to put the band-aid on now, okay?

Cleo: Okay. I can't believe this happened to me. I mean, not getting a band-aid put on, I've had plenty of those. But I can't believe I was mugged. I've never been a victim of a random act of violence before.

Will: All right, move your hair for me. Hold still.

Gwen: Will? Guess what? Cleo's -- she's here.

Bob: I'm sorry to bother you, Holden. But I know you've got a lot on your plate.

Holden: No, what's wrong, Bob?

Bob: I want to talk to you about Lucinda.

Holden: What's going on?

Bob: Well, she came to see me this morning.

Holden: Not her cancer?

Bob: No, no, it's not that. You know, I don't want to violate her trust, but I really am worried about her. She complained about stress and losing control. I went to write her a prescription and she took off. That's not like her.

Holden: No, it's not at all.

Bob: Now, you have noticed any behavior that's out of character for her?

Holden: Well, I don't know that I would put it that way.

Bob: But --

Holden: Obviously, it bugs her that Craig took her company and that he used Lily in the process. She's pretty obsessed with him right now.

Bob: Well, that's not out of character.

Holden: No, but what makes it even worse, is that the company used to take up all her time and energy. I always used to say that Lucinda, she didn't have a lot of time to think.

Bob: Listen, don't mention this conversation. And if -- if you see any trouble, keep an eye on her and let me know.

Holden: You're really worried about her, aren't you?

Bob: Well, you know, I've known her a long time. And I kept thinking this morning -- even if she felt that she was losing control, it's hard to believe that she would admit it to me.

Holden: Yeah, you're right. She doesn't talk. She acts.

Meg: Lucinda? What are you doing here?

Lucinda: I'm just sitting, thinking. Waiting.

Meg: Well, it's going to rain soon.

Lucinda: Yeah, oh, good. We could use a good storm.

Meg: Who are you waiting for?

Lucinda: No, not who, necessarily, but what. Deliverance.

Meg: Okay, I'm not following. Is there something I can do? Do you need my help?

Lucinda: No. No, no, no, no, no. It's true that they say, you know. If you want something done, do it yourself.

Meg: What are you talking about?

Lucinda: Well, since you told me yesterday you're not longer interested in any of this. I don't think that you should ask any more questions.

Meg: Lucinda, no.

[Church bell rings]

Lucinda: Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

Meg: Craig.

Vienna: What are you doing here?

Henry: Well, you're going to the airport. I thought I could give you a lift, we could get lost, run out of gas, and you'd miss your flight.

Vienna: You think this is funny?

Henry: I think this is private.

Vienna: Could you give me a moment, please. Make it fast, I have a plane to catch.

Henry: What, your first-class ticket is more important than what I have to say?

Vienna: It's a private jet that belongs to a friend of mine. It would be rude to keep him waiting. So say what you have to say.

Henry: We should have never gotten engaged.

Vienna: You've made that perfectly clear.

Henry: Yes, but remember that song you were talking about?

Vienna: About all or nothing?

Henry: Yes. Old blue eyes, he's got another song. It's about taking all the stops along the way. We had a lot of fun together, but we were trying to nail something down before we even knew what it was.

Vienna: I was trying to nail it down.

Henry: Can we -- can we start over and just slow it down? I didn't even know what you like on your pizza and we're already picking out rings.

Vienna: Everything, but anchovies.

Henry: See? See, we are so compatible. I'm some chauffer that drinks way too many martinis, and bets on too many bad hands. And you're this gorgeous socialite who's seen everything and been everywhere. And yet for some weird reason, we are compatible.

Vienna: But you don't love me.

Henry: Okay, love, marriage. Those are big -- big, scary words. And people just throw them around way too easily. No, I cannot swear until death do us part. But I do swear that I don't want you to leave. And I swear that I want the chance to make you happy the way we were before we weren't.

Vienna: So, you want me to give up the Riviera, and Sebastian, and everything for a chauffeur who won't marry me?

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: Okay.

Henry: Okay?

Vienna: Henry, you had me with the cap.

Henry: Come here.

Gwen: Uh, Cleo, your purse is just down at the station. I think you could probably go there and pick it up.

Cleo: Oh, I don't think that would be a very good idea.

Gwen: Because of Jack? Well, if you want, I guess I could go pick it up for you?

Cleo: And you would maybe dress up like me? That would be cool.

Gwen: Yeah, and pretty unnecessary. I was just thinking I could go get it for you.

Cleo: Oh, yeah, I guess I complicate things some times.

Gwen: What is it?

Will: I just made some lunch for Cleo.

Cleo: Oh. No, you've been too nice to me.

Will: Cleo, you don't have any money. You can't just starve.

Cleo: And I like I said before, you both have been too nice to me.

Gwen: Cleo, it's going to start to rain.

Cleo: Sorry.

Gwen: Cleo, that settles it. Okay, you're staying here with us.

Lucinda: Thanks. "ME." Montgomery Enterprises. Craig, ha. "ME." Rest in peace.

Meg: Craig? Craig! Craig! Oh, Craig!

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Lucinda: Smooth. Very smooth.

Brad: Carly's back.

Katie: Did Jack say something?

Brad: He's with her right now. I think that says it all.

Jack: I've been thinking long about this, and about your situation. I may be able to help you after all.

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