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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/7/07

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Emily: I thought you were going to meet Will and Gwen.

Alison: I was. I still am.

Emily: Really? Then what are you doing getting off the elevator with him? And don't tell me it was just a coincidence.

Paul: I can explain.

Emily: Really?

Alison: No, let me. I'm the one who's getting grilled.

Paul: I was on an elevator with your sister for, like, five minutes. What's the big deal?

Alison: Emily is on red alert when it comes to me.

Paul: Yeah, well, me too, I guess.

Emily: Yeah, both of you, okay? For good reasons.

Alison: Just go, Paul. I want to talk to my sister alone.

Paul: Whatever you want.

Emily: I'm waiting.

Alison: Wow, so you really think I just lied to you deliberately?

Emily: Did you?

Alison: No, it was weird. Just as I was leaving, I saw Paul come into the lobby, and I don't know, it must've really hit me hard because before I knew it, I had followed him into the elevator.

Emily: Why, Ali?

Alison: Because I realized that, all of a sudden, I felt all this anger towards him, and I realized I had some major unfinished business with him.

Emily: About what?

Alison: You.

Lucinda: Thank you, Dear.

Meg: I get the feeling that you have your doubts about whether I'm up to this.

Lucinda: No, no, no, no! It's just that a lot of very smart women have done very dumb things with Craig.

Meg: Well, they didn't have his number. I do and I'm not afraid him. I think that's one of the reasons he trusts me.

Lucinda: Does he really trust you, Darling, or does he make you believe that he trusts you?

Meg: Look, it's a work in progress. He tests me and I don't mind. I'm highly motivated. I know how much is riding on how I handle him.

Maid: I'm so sorry, Mr. Montgomery, but I promise you, I didn't break your picture.

Craig: It's all right. No, it's all right. Stop. Stop your fussing. Please, stop! Just clean that up later, please. Thank you.

Maid: Yes Sir.

[Craig remembering]

Alison: I know you tried to kill me, Craig.

[Glass breaking]

Jack: Let's not force this, Katie. I don't think we need to rehash every moment, every conversation.

Katie: But I thought we decided that the not-talking thing is what's getting us in trouble. You run off to a conference in Chicago and I end up thinking it's 'cause you want to get away from me.

Jack: Yeah, but that's not why I went.

Katie: I know that now because we talked about it, but before that I was just letting my imagination run wild.

Jack: Okay, I will talk when I have something to say.

Katie: Okay, I guess I have something to say. Is it okay if I tell you how I feel?

Jack: Honestly, some things don't need to be explained, Katie. You've made your choice. Let's just leave it at that.

Katie: But it wasn't my choice.

Jack: Okay --

Brad: Is there a problem?

Jack: Nope, everything's just where you left it.

Brad: You want some? You sure?

Katie: No, no, you can have it.

Brad: Are you sure because, you know, you look like you might need a sugar rush. That face does not look happy. What'd you do to her, man? She was all smiles until you got here.

Jack: Hey, I'm here to provide security, okay? You guys are in charge of your own mood swings.

Brad: Yeah, but you've got to understand, we're here to do show business magic. You come in all down in the mouth and that's contagious, man.

Jack: All right, how about I just wait outside?

Brad: No, you don't have to do that, but, you know, when we start to shoot, can you stay out of our sight lines.

Jack: Oh, don't worry, Buddy. I'll keep my distance. Providing protection was Kim's idea. That's why I'm here.

Katie: Oh, okay, so you just came here 'cause you were forced to?

Jack: I didn't say that.

Brad: Okay, Katie, the point is our fans are expecting a fun segment.

Katie: That's fine. That's what we'll give them.

Brad: No, not if you come in there all, like, down, like someone just kicked your poodle. They want Brad and Katie, WOAK's dream team.

Jack: Is that what you're calling yourselves now?

Katie: One of the reporters at the City Times wrote that and now he can't get it out of his head. Relax, okay? The dream team will show our audience a fantastic time.

Brad: You promise?

Katie: Have I ever let you down before?

Brad: No, ma'am. You know, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the best show ever. And all Jack has to do is make sure that all the women screaming my name don't get out of control.

Alison: I'm sorry. I hadn't spoken to Paul since I came back into town and when I see him walk in here like he doesn't have a care in the world while you're still grieving, I had to yell at him. He had it coming.

Emily: What happened to impulse control? Aren't they teaching you that in therapy?

Alison: He's a selfish, sick psycho and you're gonna defend him?

Emily: Don't you do that! Don't you dodge and weave with me 'cause I'm not buying this act for a second.

Alison: I try to stick up for you and you have trust issues?

Emily: You know what? You've been home for days. You haven't once asked me how it felt to lose my baby, not once. Do you even know her name?

Alison: I just wasn't sure if I should open up that wound.

Emily: Oh, but now's the appropriate time?

Alison: Yeah, since you're accusing me of lying.

Emily: No, Alison, I'm asking you a question -- a simple question. You said you were going to meet Will and Gwen and you walk out of that elevator with Paul. It threw me, okay?

Alison: You still don't believe I'm going to meet Will and Gwen? Fine! Fine, here's my phone. Why don't you call 'em?

Emily: Just stop it! Put it away, okay? I don't want to humiliate you, okay? I know how hard it is to feel like you're being watched all the time. I get that.

Alison: I am being watched -- constantly!

Emily: I don't want you to have another setback. Mom's happy to have you home. You're getting better everyday, I know it.

Alison: It's still not good enough for you, is it? My shift starts in an hour. Why don't you come stop by Al's and make sure I'm there? At least you'll make one of us happy!

Lucinda: Okay, thank you. My driver. Craig has just pulled into the Lakeview parking garage.

Meg: Okay, then this is my chance.

Lucinda: Go right now, right? 'Cause we might not have another chance.

Meg: Amy? Hey, you know what, something's came up and I need to leave. I was wondering if you could cover for me and I'll cover for you tomorrow. You said something about your kid having a doctor's appointment?

Waitress: Oh, actually, yeah, between 2:00 and 4:00 would be perfect.

Meg: Okay, you got it. I'll leave the checks by the register. Thanks. Can I get you anything else before --?

Lucinda: Darling, just get rid of that menu for me, will you?

Meg: What's this?

Lucinda: A bug.

Meg: You want me to wear this?

Lucinda: Go into the ladies, and stick it in your bra.

Meg: I'm not even sure how to use this.

Lucinda: Darling, it's all activated. It's ready to go. Just stick it in. If we can get a confession on tape from Craig, we're home free.

Meg: Do you really think he's going to open up about Rosanna this soon?

Lucinda: Well, it might be wishful thinking, but what the hell? Let's give it a chance in case he gets chatty.

Meg: Okay, all right.

Lucinda: What's the matter? A bug in your bra, is that gonna cramp your style?

Meg: Paul is gonna hear everything.

Lucinda: Oh, oh yeah. Oh, well, it's all in a good cause and the victory parade will start at my house.

Meg: I'll do my best.

P.I.: They confirmed that a woman identified as Rosanna Cabot disappeared from her bed a few days ago.

Craig: What are the odds somebody could just walk out of a place like that?

P.I.: Slim, but it could've happened. I've heard of cases.

Craig: No security guards? No hospital staff saw her?

P.I.: Nope. Seems they've all got vision problems, and nothing's on the surveillance tapes.

Craig: Oh, wonderful. You made inquiries in town?

P.I.: Yeah, no action there. I checked the airport to see if anyone matching her description booked a flight.

Craig: No, no, what about private planes?

P.I.: I'm getting to that. A baggage handler said he thought he saw someone who looked liked Rosanna boarding a private jet.

Craig: That's all you've got?

P.I.: He didn't remember much more than that. I'm running a check on the flight roster now.

Craig: Stay on this, Zeke. I don't care if she's in bed or on her feet. I need to see my wife with my own eyes.

P.I.: Understood. I'll be in touch.

Brad: Do you know where we're going? Where are we?

Katie: Of course I know where we're going. We're almost there. I think you take a left at the next street.

Brad: Do you know we had 25,000 entries?

Katie: Can you believe it?

Brad: I am so popular!

Katie: I knew you were going to say that. It's all because of you, Brad.

Brad: What's the winner's name? What's her name?

Katie: Her name is Robin O'Malley. She has a husband who is lazy and keeps the basement dirty. That's where we're ending up, the basement of the O'Malley house. I think its right up there with the flag in front. Oh, it's so cute.

Brad: That is cute. It's so cute.

Katie: Are you ready?

Brad: I'm pumped.

Katie: Let's do it.

Brad: Yes, yes, another hit by Brad.

Katie: As always, I'll follow your lead when we're cleaning, too. This is your idea.

Brad: Think positive. Think positive.

Katie: Always.

Brad: Hey, Robin!

Katie: Hi! Nice to meet you.

Brad: And Brad.

Robin: Hi, Brad.

Katie: We're Katie and Brad and we're here to clean your basement!

Robin: All right! I can't wait.

Brad: Okay. Well, where's this basement?

Robin: Down there.

Brad: Down there?

Katie: He's not too swift. Its okay, you'll get used to him.

Robin: Well, I hope you guys are ready for a long day because it's pretty dirty down there.

Katie: It can't be so bad? The house is so pretty.

Robin: Well, my husband spends a lot of time down there and he's not very neat. Don't bang your head.

Brad: All right.

Robin: I did say don't.

Katie: He can't help it. Oh -- yeah. [Gasps] The hubby.

Robin: This is my husband, Kevin.

Katie: Wake up. Time to get goin'.

Brad: Hey, Kevin, Brad Snyder.

Robin: Katie, over here, this is my side of the basement.

Katie: I see that. Well, that's cool. The girls are gonna stay over here --

Robin: I want my side and his side to look the same.

Katie: We'll see if that can happen. So what do you think? You guys gonna get going? You've got your work cut out for you.

Brad: There's really not that much to clean.

Kevin: I've been working on it this morning, mostly.

Katie: Call that clean?

Brad: That's man clean.

Katie: That is dirty!

Brad: That's man clean.

Katie: All right, well, you're gonna clean it. Oh, wait. Speaking of dirty, Brad -- don't you have a dirty little secret that has something to do with this town?

Brad: What?

Katie: And a particular woman? Robin, would that be you?

Robin: Not me.

Katie: Have you ever seen this man before?

Robin: No.

Katie: All right, it may not be you, but I think it's something we need to talk about.

Kevin: Honey, what are they talking about?

Robin: I don't have any idea!

Katie: I'm sorry, no, I'm just playing. Just kidding. Brad's romantic strange past has nothing to do with you guys or your basement, which we need to get cleaned.

Brad: You guys go upstairs. Let Katie get to work, you know?

Katie: Me! No, no, no. This was your idea. You get to work.

Brad: Well, therefore I'm the supervisor and I shall supervise you cleaning up.

Katie: Okay, guys don't worry. It'll be beautiful. Hey! Are you gonna help me or what?

Brad: You're doing good.

Katie: Oh, no! No, no, no!

Brad: Okay, you take this side and I --

Katie: Will take that side. Got it. You need some paper towels? What are you doing?

Brad: I'm gonna check my fan mail. I got to keep in contact.

Katie: Brad, come on! This was your idea, let's go!

Brad: Okay.

Katie: Hey!

Robin: Wow! It looks great!

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Robin: You guys did such a great job.

Brad: You like? You like?

Kevin: Oh, yeah. This is good. This is great.

Robin: You can see the furniture again.

Brad: Right, right. Okay --

Katie: Okay! Well, thank you for having us.

Brad: We'll get out of your hair.

Kevin: Thanks for your help.

Katie: Enjoy your new basement.

Kevin: Aren't you forgetting one thing?

Emily: Thanks for showing up.

Paul: Well, if I hadn't, you just would've hounded me.

Emily: You're right, I would.

Paul: Okay, so what is it? What's the enormous crisis this time?

Emily: It's Alison. I thought that much was obvious.

Paul: Not really, no.

Emily: Okay, could you just please be straight with me for once? I think you owe me at least that much.

Paul: Okay, what is it you want to know?

Emily: What were the two of you doing together?

Paul: Didn't you ask her?

Emily: Well, I tried. She claimed to have read you the riot act because of the lousy way you treated me.

Paul: She's probably not the last.

Emily: You two didn't talk about me, did you?

Paul: No, not really.

Emily: What were you doing with her?

Paul: Okay, look, if you think that I'm involved somehow with your sister, personally --

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- you think I'm asking -- you think I'm asking because I'm jealous?

Paul: Yes.

Emily: No, trust me. She knows -- she knows that you are a disaster and she would never look at you that way, trust me.

Paul: Okay, well, then I guess you and I don't have a problem then, do we?

Emily: Hardly.

Paul: Please, don't make this into something that it's just not.

Emily: See, that's it. Exactly what it is, isn't clear to me, but when I saw you walk off that elevator with Alison, you both looked very guilty.

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: And very desperate.

Paul: That's because I knew that you were going to do exactly what you're doing right now.

Emily: Well, that's just too bad. If you don't like my questions, then stay away from my sister.

Paul: Your sister has a right to live her life without clearing all her choices with her big sister, Emily.

Emily: Don't do that.

Paul: You know, I have that right too, you know.

Emily: Don't do that. Don't bully me, okay? 'Cause I still know you better than anybody on the planet. Something is going on with you and Alison. It may not be romantic, but whatever it is, it isn't good.

Paul: How do you know?

Meg: Craig, I'm surprised to see you.

Craig: I could say the same thing.

Meg: Well, sometimes I stop by here after my shift at Al's. They ask fewer questions here than they do at the farm.

Craig: I thought you liked that wholesome farm living.

Meg: I do, but, you know, it doesn't mean I want to be waitressing forever, or reporting in to my mother.

Craig: You had other options.

Meg: Yeah, none of them would've done much for my self-esteem.

Craig: How's that going?

Meg: Slowly.

Craig: You still mourning Paul Ryan?

Meg: Trying to reconcile with him was an unfortunate detour that made things worse.

Craig: Well, you were warned.

Meg: I guess that just made me more stubborn. I have to admit, I sometimes wonder if my pride will do me in.

Craig: Are you too proud to let me buy you a drink?

Meg: No, that would be nice.

Craig: Excuse me, could I get two more of these, please? Thank you.

Meg: So, this isn't like you. Shouldn't you be over at the new Montgomery Enterprises, making competitors quake and heads roll?

Craig: I just needed some time to think.

Meg: Oh, Craig reflecting on his life. Is there any room for anything besides self-congratulations?

Craig: I think I would keep that one private.

Meg: Okay. Do you want to talk about weather and baseball, that's okay. I have to tell you that I have trusted you with deep dark secrets of my own, so if you ever care to respond in kind --

Craig: Meg, trust me, you're an amateur when it comes to deep, dark secrets. Thank you very much.

Meg: Well, I guess that's my cue not to pry.

Craig: Thank you.

Meg: You know, I do have eyes, Craig. I can't pretend that I don't notice your hands shaking.

Craig: It'll pass.

Meg: Craig, what's goin' on?

Craig: Rosanna.

Meg: What about her?

Craig: Either she has recovered and she's back or someone's setting me up.

Meg: So, Rosanna woke up?

Craig: I don't know. Maybe.

Meg: Well, I don't understand. Wouldn't the hospital have called you if there was a change in her condition? I mean, you are still married to her.

Craig: All I know is that I have been receiving threatening phone calls from Rosanna or from someone who sounds just like her.

Meg: Saying what?

Craig: I think I'll skip that part.

Meg: Okay. So did you call the clinic in Switzerland?

Craig: Of course I called the clinic. And all they can tell me is the bed is empty and they don't know why.

Meg: That's all? I mean, that's ridiculous. How can you accept that? You haven't accepted that. You think they're lying.

Craig: Well, either they're criminally negligent and they allow people to come in and kidnap patients --

Meg: I'm sure the clinic has surveillance videos, the place is world-famous.

Craig: Yeah, those cameras can be turned off.

Meg: I suppose, but wouldn't there be witnesses?

Craig: One would think and I have tried to imagine Rosanna just getting up and walking out of there on her own.

Meg: Well, she would need clothes and money. I can't see her leaving without someone's help.

Craig: So, then you can't see why I'm having trouble with the credence of these reports.

Meg: So where does this leave you?

Craig: There's another possibility.

Meg: What's that?

Craig: That nothing has changed, that Rosanna is still in the hospital, comatose, that the staff has been paid to lie, so that Rosanna can disappear and they can hire someone to pretend to be her.

Meg: That's extreme.

Craig: Well, that would have to be to be effective, to rattle me.

Meg: But who would gain from that?

Craig: And now that is the right question. Who benefits from my being vulnerable and cornered?

Meg: Well, you have a lot of people that don't like you, Craig. I'm sure we could go down the list.

Craig: Who wins? Who wins if I feel pressured enough to do something, I don't want to do?

Meg: What kind of something?

Craig: Like sell my shares of Montgomery Enterprises.

Meg: You wouldn't do that.

Craig: Oh, no, not willingly. I mean, I'm the majority stockholder. Which could be enough to target me, to have me set up. You know, someone who's bitter enough and has plenty of time on her hands, don't you think?

Meg: When you put it that way -- absolutely.

Emily: I swear to you, if you are lying to me about my sister, I will be in your face day in and day out. Alison may look like she's all put together right now, but she's very messed up.

Paul: I don't want to know how messed up she is.

Emily: Well, she is, and I'm in the middle of a crisis with her and one false move, she could go under.

Paul: Emily, as usual you're completely overreacting. It's nothing, nothing. I don't have an agenda with your sister. Alison's not in any kind of danger.

Emily: You are keeping something from me. I know it.

Paul: It's nothing you need to worry about.

Emily: You admit it. You are keeping something from me!

Paul: It's none of your concern.

Emily: It is my concern if it involves my sister! You don't know! She has made a lot of bad choices this year. The girl is lucky to be alive. She's very needy right now.

Paul: Oh, and you think that I would take advantage of that?

Emily: I don't know what you're gonna do. Maybe her name came up on your Ouija board or whatever and you're gonna predict some tragedy that's gonna happen in the future.

Paul: Oh, stop it. Emily?

Emily: Well, what?

Paul: It doesn't work like that. I try and stop bad things before they happen.

Emily: So do I, but I do it the normal way -- by asking you to stay away. God, please respect that.

Paul: Out of respect for everything that you and I have been through together, I'm gonna tell you the truth.

Katie: Yeah, Brad started out kind of slow, but he got his groove. It was pretty good.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. He changed, we're very happy.

Robin: Even Kevin's happy. That's great.

Brad: Okay, okay, here is --

Robin: Oh! Look!

Katie: Look at that!

Brad: Specialized check. You'll see the extra size and --

Robin: Yes, complete with my favorite people.

Katie: Let's take a picture.

Robin: Okay.

Katie: And another one.

Brad: And another one.

Katie: Switch me places.

Brad: All right.

Katie: And one more time.

Robin: Are you guys getting dizzy?

Katie: After all of this today, yeah.

Kevin: Is that it?

Katie: Yes, thank you so much. We had such a good time.

Kevin: Thank you.

Brad: Good to meet you. Take care.

Katie: Thank you.

Robin: Thank you.

Katie: Thanks for all your help, too.

Robin: Thanks for coming.

Katie: Bye.

Kevin: Oh, wait. Aren't you forgetting something?

Brad: Oh, yeah! Well, I was gonna go shopping, but --

Kevin: This isn't gonna cash.

Robin: That's mine! Thank you! Thank you very much!

Katie: Lady of the house. Thanks again. Gentleman all of a sudden. He learned something from the hard work.

Brad: Don't get used to it.

Katie: The true colors shine.

Robin: Have a safe trip back.

Katie: Thank you so much. Say bye to the dogs for us. Bye.

Katie: You know, Brad, you were actually very impressive.

Brad: Well, you were no slouch yourself.

Katie: Ooh, a compliment. I will have to write that down.

Brad: Well, I keep telling you to use your instincts.

Katie: It was actually more fun than I thought it would be. The people were great, weren't they? I can't wait to see what Kim uses as the promo.

Brad: Well, any two shots of us is a winner. Ah, good job.

Katie: Okay, you can put me down now.

Jack: Don't do it on account of me.

Stage manager: Sorry -- Katie, we need to see you for a second?

Katie: Okay, sure, I'll just be a minute. Do you smell smoke?

Brad: Yeah.

Jack: I think Brad's ego's burning.

Brad: Oh, give me a break.

Katie: No, it's cigarette smoke. Someone was smoking in here.

Stage manager: That's weird. Oh, Mr. Snyder, this is a non-smoking room.

Brad: Well, don't look at me. I'm clean.

Katie: Just air out the place. It's gross.

Brad: Yeah, it's about time you made yourself useful. Hey, sorry you came all the way here for nothing, man.

Jack: Hey, you know what -- the way I see it, when nothing happens, I'm doing my job.

Brad: No offense, but you know, I don't think we needed the extra security. I mean, you saw the crowd. It was all fans. It was a total love fest and all of them wanted me and Katie to be a couple, couple, couple.

Jack: Well, you know what they say. Give the public what they want.

Brad: Well, I'm doin' my best. So, you ready to take off?

Jack: Are you asking me to leave?

Brad: Well, it seems to me that we've wasted enough of your time.

Jack: Oh, okay, Bradley, this is where you say, "Thanks Jack."

Brad: Sorry. Okay -- thank you Jack. I appreciate you being here, but we don't need a bodyguard anymore. All right, I can take care of myself and Katie too.

Jack: You're sure?

Brad: Yes, and whoever called Kim and said she was going to kill me -- I mean, obviously, it was a practical joke. And if was going to go down, it would've happened by now, right?

Jack: Have it your way.

Brad: All right?

Jack: Yeah.

Brad: Hey, cheer up, Man. You can't be a hero every day.

Jack: Yeah, I know that, don't I? I'll see you at the farm.

Brad: Oh yeah, about that. Just -- don't wait up. I think me and Katie, we're gonna take the long way home.

Jack: That's good to know.

Katie: Oh!

Paul: First of all, you're right. That meeting with Alison was not accidental.

Emily: I knew it. I knew it. My sister's already sneaking around behind my back.

Paul: Before you freak out --

Emily: Why is she lying to me?

Paul: Will you let me finish? She's not, it's -- I asked Alison not to tell anybody about what it is that we're doing.

Emily: Oh, really and that's supposed to comfort me? You're encouraging my sister to mislead me?

Paul: You know, you asked me to tell you the truth and that's what I'm trying to do.

Emily: Okay Paul, fine. Fine, what's your big secret? What -- what are you guys --

Paul: Oh, I can't tell you that.

Emily: This is so typical of you. You say you're going to tell me the truth and then you say nothing to me.

Paul: You know what, Alison and I are working on a little confidential project and if it works, then -- look, you're going to find out all about it eventually, and when you do, you'll see that it's all for a really good cause.

Emily: Oh, right. Right. You make these fake promises and I'm supposed to just blindly accept this -- so typical.

Paul: Alison will not be hurt in any way.

Emily: You are not qualified to decide that. You have no idea what that girl has been through this year.

Paul: Okay fine. What has that girl been through this year?

Emily: I can't tell you. I can't betray her confidence.

Paul: Oh, so it's okay for you to have secrets and areas that are off-limits, but it's not okay for me?

Emily: She is my sister, okay? She needs to know that she feels safe when she is with me, that I will protect her. Can you do that for her?

Paul: Well, I won't put Alison in harm's way.

Emily: You're still not telling me the truth.

Paul: No, I am. Look, Alison is involved in a very small but very crucial way in something that, when it all happens, will do a lot of people a lot of good.

Emily: I don't care about a lot of people. I care about what happens to Alison.

Paul: You know, think of it this way. Maybe it's really good for her to have a purpose right now.

Emily: She's not very reliable.

Paul: Well, I'll keep a close eye on her.

Emily: You wouldn't have a clue on how to do that, Paul.

Paul: Emily, will you please just let this go? Can you do that for me?

Meg: Well, Lucinda does have enough clout in this town. I'll give you that much, but I really don't see how she could manage to revive a comatose patient half way across the world.

Craig: No, no she couldn't, but she can stage elaborate events. She has the resources to buy silence and cooperation.

Meg: That's true.

Craig: And the whole Rosanna calling me so I can't quite be certain if it's her? That just smacks of a scheme.

Meg: You're probably right.

Craig: Probably.

Meg: Well, let's just suppose that this isn't a trick. Let's think that Rosanna did regain consciousness. What would she do?

Craig: Well, I doubt I would be the first person she would call.

Meg: But if she did wake up, how would that affect you?

Craig: How would I feel if my wife miraculously recovered? Or are you asking something else?

Meg: I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Craig: You know exactly what I mean. You're just to afraid to come out and ask it.

Lucinda: And a little extra for you, Darling. I've been dawdling.

Waitress: Wow, thanks. Lots of people hang here when they're lookin' for work.

Lucinda: I bet, or when they're getting an alibi set up.

Alison: Guess what? I just made another call for Paul.

Lucinda: Shh -- quiet.

Alison: It went great. Did he tell you?

Lucinda: Do I know you, Dear? I thought we were never gonna speak in public about your assignment. I thought that was understood.

Alison: Yeah, yeah, just one more thing. After I wrapped up my little gig, Paul and I ran into my sister.

Lucinda: Oh, no! Is Emily sticking her nose in this now?

Alison: No, no, no, nothing like that, but it happened before Paul could take care of business.

Lucinda: What business?

Alison: Before he could pay me.

Lucinda: Darling, you've been paid -- very generously.

Alison: For my first time, but I was a lot better this last time. In fact, I should get a raise.

Lucinda: Oh, all right, Darling, I'll think about it.

Alison: That's cool, but I thought you wanted to keep me around, right?

Lucinda: Yeah, for now.

Alison: Thanks. I hope it stays that way.

Lucinda: Interesting, Honey. You think you're quite business savvy, don't you?

Alison: I've managed a few survivor skills.

Lucinda: Ah, okay.

Paul: I just need little time, that's all. Then I'll explain everything.

Emily: What if you can't? What if something goes wrong?

Paul: I promise you that Alison won't get hurt.

Emily: You can't promise me that. You don't know my sister anymore, okay? You don't know how she was gonna react to the simplest of things.

Paul: Why are you being so tough?

Emily: I have to be, Paul. You don't know, the lies are just the beginning. Whatever this is, you have to stop, please.

Paul: It's too late for that.

Emily: No, whatever it is, it's not good or you wouldn't be hiding it from me.

Paul: Oh, don't be naive. A lot of people have done a lot of really bad things under the radar and if you keep this up, Emily, you'll be helping them and you won't be helping your sister at all.

Emily: I want to believe you.

Paul: Well, then you'll have to. That's really all I have to say about right now.

Emily: Dusty, it's me. Paul is up to something -- I don't know what it is, but Alison is right in the middle of it. Please -- please, you have got to help me find out what it is.

Meg: Okay. There were plenty of rumors that went around after Rosanna's accident. The main one being that you forced her car off the road.

Craig: She was driving like a crazy person and I tried to slow her down.

Meg: That's your version. Paul still blames you and I've spent enough time with him to have heard all the reasons why.

Craig: All right, you know, you are listening to conjecture from a scorned lover. Paul has never gotten over the fact that I took Rosanna from him.

Meg: He tells everyone that wants to listen that you tried to kill her.

Craig: What's his proof?

Meg: He doesn't have any and you know that.

Craig: Because it doesn't exist.

Meg: So, it doesn't worry you that if Rosanna did come out of that coma, that she wouldn't be able to provide her own description of that accident?

Craig: Even if she remembered something, it's her word against mine.

Meg: Oh, so her version would be different? Is there anything Rosanna would say that would be able to help your enemies, Craig?

Katie: Where are you going?

Jack: I'm trying to catch the next flight back to Oakdale.

Katie: Oh, you're not going to stay and have dinner with us?

Jack: No, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna pass. I know you two probably have your own celebration. I want to get home to my kids.

Katie: I understand that, but I was just hoping --

Jack: Katie, I really won't have time. I just checked the flights. If I leave now, I can make the next one.

Brad: Yeah, you'd better get moving.

Jack: Yeah, hey, don't worry. Now that my job is done here, I don't want to spend another minute.

Katie: Wow, was it something I said?

Brad: No, no, that's just Jack being Jack.

Katie: No, it's not. Jack doesn't cut people off and just take off without saying good-bye.

Brad: He was in a rush.

Katie: To get away from me.

Brad: Look, it was rude, but don't let it get to you.

Katie: It's just not like Jack to be rude. You know, I thought we had cleared the air, but apparently, he just doesn't want it to go any further.

Brad: What do you mean?

Katie: Nothing. Never mind. Forget it. I don't want to be like that. I don't want to be the person that's like, "Oh, Katie, you poor thing, nobody wants her."

Brad: What are you talking about? I want you.

Katie: You want everyone.

Brad: Not anymore.

Katie: Oh, really? You're reformed all of a sudden? You weren't flirting with every girl there today.

Brad: No, come on. That's different. That's work. Those are fans. I love that they came out to support us. It's an honor.

Katie: If you really feel that way, it's pretty sweet.

Brad: I do, I'm changing. You're making me want to change. You can't tell?

Katie: Maybe it's not as obvious as you think.

Brad: Well, we do get along a lot better.

Katie: That's because we started at rock bottom. Any further down and we would've tanked the show.

Brad: No, that's not the only reason. I mean, I see the way you handle whatever comes your way. How you always want to get things right, no matter what. I gotta hand it to someone with that kind of passion.

Katie: For work, you mean.

Brad: No, for everything. I have a lot of respect for you.

Katie: You respect a woman? That must be a new experience.

Brad: See, I love the way you always say what you're thinking.

Katie: You do it, too.

Brad: No, sometimes. Sometimes. Well, you know, I feel like I'm more myself with you than anybody else. When I'm not with you, I can see your smile and I can hear your voice.

Katie: Brad, I don't know --

Brad: No, no, no, please just let me finish. Look, I don't know -- I don't know when it happened or how, but all of a sudden I can't think of any other woman but you.

Lynn: Put a hand on her and you're a dead man.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: She's using crystal meth like your sister used to, so if you're giving her money, that's where it's going. It's feeding her habit. Is that what you want?

Meg: I don't think what's getting to you is the idea that somebody's trying to isolate you. I think it's that little voice in your head that says, "This might actually be real."

Lynn: This is the only way that I know how!

Brad: Then do it!


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