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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/18/07

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Lucinda: Hello. What are you doing here?

Lily: Waiting for you.

Lucinda: Stalking me? I don't talk to stalkers.

Lily: Ah, I guess your yoga class didn't give you enough serenity to talk to your own daughter.

Lucinda: If you want to help my serenity, Darling, go home and look - look to your life, something that you have not tended to in a long time.

Lily: You know what, you can point out all the mistakes that I made in the past, or making now, or ones I'll make in the future, but first can you just listen to what I have to say?

Lucinda: No. I'm not interested. I don't want to hear it.

Lily: I have a way to get Worldwide back from Craig. And it's foolproof.

Holden: What are you doin'?

Faith: You scared me.

Holden: What are you lookin' for?

Faith: Nothing. I-I was just putting stuff back.

Holden: Here, let me help you.

Faith: No, that's okay.

Holden: (Sighs)

Tom: Hey, what are you working on?

Casey: Statistical probability, and I hate it.

Tom: You hate probability? That might be why that online gambling thing didn't work out for you.

Casey: Dad, you know what --

Tom: What?

Casey: Nothing. You know, I don't know much these days, but I know I need to take whatever you dish out.

Tom: Okay. That was a cheap shot. I'm sorry.

Casey: I don't think this is working out.

Tom: What's that?

Casey: This whole house arrest thing.

Tom: Well, it's better than the alternative.

Casey: I don't think so.

Tom: Because you don't know anything about prison, Casey.

Casey: Dad, can I just talk to you? You know, could you just listen like you used to?

Tom: All right.

Casey: You're not the type of Dad to take cheap shots. And Mom -- she's not the type of Mom to say the type of things she said to Maddie.

Tom: So you think we should've just acted as if nothing had changed?

Casey: No.

Tom: Look, your mom caught you and Maddie here. So what did you expect her to do or say?

Casey: Dad, look, I asked you to listen. Okay, you don't think that I see how unhappy I'm making you guys? I sit here, spend most of my days being miserable and screwing up. And mainly not dealing with the things I did. Do you really think that's better than prison?

Tom: Okay, this is a tough time. Let's wait till your mom gets home. We'll talk this thing through.

Casey: I have a better idea. Let's get them to speed up my sentencing.

Margo: The warrant finally came through. The letter of the law on this one. I don't want the guy's lawyer to get us on any point of procedure.

Cop: You got it.

Margo: I'm taking you and Grady to a steak dinner, we get this indictment.

Cop: Great.

Margo: You mess up, you direct traffic. No pressure.

Katie: You run this place kind of like you used to baby-sit. If you're good, ice cream. If you're bad, a little slap-slap.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, I got all the answers. Look how well I did with my boys.

Katie: Margo, please don't say that.

Margo: So what's up? What do you want? What are you doing here?

Katie: I need to talk to you.

Cop: Letter of the law, Lieutenant? I think there's a glitch on the timeline.

Margo: Mistake? I made a mistake? Ha ha.

[Katie remembering when Jack and she kissed.]

[Jack clears throat]

Katie: You're here.

Jack: Yeah, I work here. Did you come to see me?

Katie: No. Her. My sister.

Jack: Right.

Katie: She works here, too.

Jack: Really? That's something else. So have you heard from Henry?

Katie: Yes, I have. No, I haven't.

Jack: I see.

Katie: She called me. He's fine. He's okay.

Jack: She being --

Katie: Maddie.

Jack: Right. And he is Henry.

Katie: That's what we were talking about, right?

Jack: Very good.

Katie: Yeah. So now that he's okay, I'm sticking to my guns and saying that he did the right thing.

Jack: You shouldn't rush into something like marriage unless you're really sure. I got it, yeah. Well, I'm going to stick to my guns, too. He shouldn't have waited until the last minute to drop the bomb.

Katie: Well, maybe he just didn't know until the last second that he wasn't 100% sure. And you know, if I'm going to say -- never mind. I don't want to fight about this.

Jack: Are we? Are we fighting?

Katie: No, no. We're agreeing that you shouldn't rush into something when you don't know what you're doing. Right?

Jack: Right. So how are you doing? Yeah, it looks like its getting better already.

Katie: After a hockey puck, you know, it's nothing. [Talking over each other] I don't know why I didn't think you would be here.

Jack: Listen, I didn't know you were going to be here at all.

Katie: Of course, you work here!

Jack: You just kind of surprised me.

Katie: But you know what they say about no accidents --

Jack: I didn't hear what you said.

Katie: Nothing. I came to see her and she has a glitch and you think people should think things through, and I have a meeting, so I'm going to just, you know -- it was nice seeing you. Bye.

Margo: Jack, why did she run out of here like that? She said she kind of, sort of, really needed to talk to me.

Jack: She didn't seem to make much sense.

Margo: Oh. Was she interrupting herself and using so many pronouns you didn't know what she was talking about?

Jack: Exactly, like that.

Margo: All right, Jack, spill. What the happened between the two of you at that wedding?

Brad: Hey, I found a winner.

Katie: What?

Brad: The contest, the contest. You know, 75 words on why we should go to your town, do a chore, hello --

Katie: Yeah.

Brad: Yeah. This is pure poetry.

Katie: Oh, poetry. I can't wait. Oh, come on, Brad.

Brad: What?

Katie: This not a contest entry, it's a blatant come-on. To you.

Brad: Oh, well, you're going to have to expect that.

Katie: She doesn't even mention me once. What am I supposed to be doing while you're posing for her life studies project?

Brad: I don't know, clean something, iron, wash the dishes, paint.

Katie: Get lost.

Brad: What? You're really mad, aren't you?

Katie: Oh, you're such a shrewd judge of human behavior.

Brad: Yeah, but not at me.

Katie: Yes, at you, at you, at you! You're egotistical, you're narci -- nar -- you're really vain, all you care about is yourself, and you're ready to betray honest people entering a contest on the off-chance that you might get lucky.

Brad: You saw Jack, again, didn't you?

Katie: How do --

Brad: How did I know? You're so mad you can't even say narcissistic and you're looking for someone to blame for how mad you are? This has Jack Snyder written all over it.

Katie: You're so wrong about everything.

Brad: Oh, I guess when the two of you this morning in the kitchen, you were swapping recipes and not spit?

Katie: Go away. Go find artistic in Arlington and leave me alone.

Brad: He comes on to you, what, a few hours ago and now you're in a foul mood and your face is all scrunched up? That's fast, even for Jack.

Katie: All right, let's be clear a few salient points. My personal life is off limits to you and your infantile speculation. And number two, as far as the contest goes, posing nude for some so-called "art class" is not a chore. And I need for you to remember those two points from now on.

Brad: Jack Snyder strikes again.

Jack: Nothing. Nothing happened at the wedding. The wedding didn't even happen at the wedding.

Margo: Come on, Jack, I saw Katie with you and you with Katie. Whether you like it or not, something must have happened.

Jack: I want a lawyer.

Margo: Only one sure way to end an interrogation, Jack.

Jack: Okay, Margo, you of all people know that my life is too complicated for complications. And it just wouldn't make sense.

Margo: You can't say making sense and Katie in the same sentence.

Jack: Exactly. Exactly. Do you want to know the good thing that happened, though?

Margo: What?

Jack: The good thing is that I really know -- I know who she is. And I know what she's capable of. And what she's done. So it's easier to resist the whole situation. That why I can make sure that nothing happens. Nothing that could complicate things.

Margo: Yeah. Boy, that thing that didn't happen sure must have been something.

Jack: I'm going to go catch some bad guys.

Margo: Wait, wait, before you do that -- I really hate to do this to you right now.

Jack: What?

Margo: Well, you know, you've got a review coming up in a couple of months.

Jack: Yeah. Is something wrong?

Margo: No, no, no, it's just -- you know, with promotions and raises and everything, it's always good to have a couple of professional conferences under your belt. Like this one in Chicago. Tonight. New forensic techniques.

Jack: Margo, I got to check with Emma about the kids.

Margo: I know. I know that your life is really complicated right now. And there will always be conferences, but would you think about it, please?

Jack: Thanks, Lieutenant.

Margo: Yeah. Hey, before you go out and get the bad guys, I need that Cartlin report on my desk.

Jack: What, now?

Margo: Wah, wah, wah, I'm not going to let you drive around in the big car with the siren anymore.

[Jack sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Margo?

Margo: Hey, hi. Why did you take off? I thought you wanted to talk to me?

Katie: I realized I had a meeting.

Margo: Oh, nice cover.

Katie: Huh?

Margo: Nothing, nothing. Listen, I was thinking of taking a late lunch and everything -- but you've got that meeting.

Katie: No, it's over.

Margo: You, me, Al's diner, five minutes. Be there.

Katie: She knows.

Casey: Dad, this is hell for Mom. She goes to work every day and people look at her like she got me a free pass.

Tom: I don't think that's true.

Casey: I do. And let me ask you something, how've you been sleeping these days?

Tom: Fine.

Casey: Bull. You're up most nights. You just had a heart attack and you're not supposed to have any stress.

Tom: So you think I'd have less stress if my son were in prison?

Casey: I think it would be a lot less stress for everyone if we knew what was going to happen. I mean, don't you want to get out of limbo?

Tom: You know, you could be using this time to minimize your sentence. We can tell the judge that you're studying, going to group therapy.

Casey: Dad --

Tom: Look, I was the D.A., Casey. I know what I'm talking about.

Casey: Yeah, I know that. And that's what makes it worse. I'm sorry.

Tom: I just can't stand the thought of you in there.

Casey: I know, but it's going to happen. So let's get it over with. For Mom. I mean, I need to face the consequences.

Tom: Yeah, I think maybe we should sleep on this.

Casey: Dad, you don't sleep. All right, I think we both know this is the right thing to do.

Tom: I'm going down to the courthouse to work on a case. I'll see what the calendar looks like.

Casey: Thank you.

Tom: You know the problem with kids? They just grow up on you.

[Knock at the door]

Casey: Maddie, how long have you been out there? Did my dad see you? What's wrong?

Maddie: I'll tell you what, can you just hold me first, please?

Casey: Yeah.

Faith: Dad, I was going to throw them away.

Holden: Faith, don't lie to me, okay? You know, it doesn't mean anything if I throw them away.

Faith: Dad, I --

Holden: Sit.

Faith: I'm sorry.

Holden: I know. How long?

Faith: Huh?

Holden: When did you start up again?

Faith: I haven't. I haven't taken anything in days, its okay.

Holden: Okay, so why today?

Faith: I don't know.

Holden: I think you do. You're the only one who does know.

Faith: Well, I can't explain.

Holden: Try.

Faith: Well, there's this thing, and I want to look good for it, so --

Holden: What thing?

Faith: Well, Parker asked me to the pep rally. And I thought just this last time, and then I'll stop for good.

Holden: Faith --

Faith: Dad, you have to believe me. Dad?

Lucinda: Okay, you got my attention now. You have a foolproof way to get my company from Craig?

Lily: Yes. Mm-hmm.

Lucinda: Go on.

Lily: He offered me a job.

Lucinda: Oh --

Lily: Of course, I turned him down because I knew it was just to appease the board. But now I'm thinking that was a mistake.

Lucinda: Oh, you do? You think that?

Lily: Yes, yes. I can say I reconsidered, I can be in the board room at Worldwide, and I can see what Craig is planning --

Lucinda: You can be my eyes and my ears.

Lily: Exactly. I can be there when Craig makes a mistake, breaks a rule, a law --

Lucinda: So we can get him? We can win?

Lily: Yes.

Lucinda: We can be right back where we were before.

Lily: Why are you -- why are you doing this? Why are you being sarcastic? I'm trying to help you.

Lucinda: I just -- I can't believe this. I can't believe it. With all of the -- all the things in your life that need attention, and you're focusing and fixating on Craig and revenge?

Lily: No, I'm trying to make amends. To you.

Lucinda: First of all, Darling, I don't need your help.

Lily: Oh, thank you for that.

Lucinda: And second, I'm not going to allow you to use my business problems to run away from your own.

Lily: I'm not doing that.

Lucinda: My heart, when you are playing corporate spy for me, who is going to be supervising Faith?

Lily: Oh, I'm supposed to be a stay-at-home mother, just like you were?

Lucinda: And do you really think this is the time to be playing double agent when you're trying to get off amphetamines?

Lily: I am not taking the pills. I've stopped.

Lucinda: One thing to lie to me, Darling. It's something else when you lie to yourself.

Lily: Don't turn your back on me. Please, not this time.

Lucinda: Oh, great, great. My favorite thing. A round in public.

Lily: No, no, you only like those when you start them yourself, just like you like to point out people's failures. But not your own. The one, two dozen -- two dozen times in your life that you were actually wrong.

Lucinda: All right, do you want to itemize my deficiencies?

Lily: No, I just want to let you know that every single time, I forgave you. When you didn't want me to get to know Iva, I forgave you. Time after time that you tried to keep me from Holden, I forgave you.

Lucinda: Yeah, after putting me through bloody hell.

Lily: I almost lost Luke when he almost died because of your lies, I forgave you. Because I knew. And I still know that you did all of those things because you thought you were doing what was best for me. And now, I'm in trouble, I'm scared for my family. I've apologized. I know I've made mistakes and I said I was sorry, but do you give me forgiveness? No, you give me disdain. And I don't know why.

Faith: You think I'm lying.

Holden: I didn't say that. I don't think that.

Faith: You go through my backpack every day, and you just said it.

Holden: I think you believe it when you say, "One last time." But I don't think you're right.

Faith: It's the same thing.

Holden: Honey, it's the feelings that make you take that stuff, but those feelings, they always come back. Right now, its Parker and the pep rally. Next time, it will be something else that makes you feel bad. So you can't say, "One last time."

Faith: It's not just the pep rally. Vienna, she looks so beautiful. So thin and beautiful.

Holden: Yeah, but look what happened to her.

Faith: Dad!

Holden: Think about it. Did being thin and beautiful stop her from getting hurt?

Faith: No. You're so mad at me.

Holden: You know what? I'm just -- I'm frustrated. Parents, they tell kids that growing up is easy. And it isn't. You keep changing. You have all these feelings and sometimes they're not very fun. But you know what? I think it's your job as a kid to feel them. Its helps you grow. But kids, they drink, they take drugs to --

Faith: But I don't do that!

Holden: I know you don't. But, Honey, by saying that the pep rally would be okay if you were thinner -- you skip over feeling scared and nervous about things that you should probably feel scared and nervous about. Where's your mother?

Faith: You just don't know. Dad, I love you, but you love me so much that you don't see what I'm really like.

Holden: I don't?

Faith: No. I'm the fat girl that everyone laughs at. I don't want to be her anymore.

Casey: So he just left her standing at the altar?

Maddie: I guess he figured he didn't have any other choice.

Casey: Wow. So I guess you didn't get to eat any cake?

Maddie: Casey.

Casey: I'm sorry, but let me put it this way. Do we really care?

Maddie: You know what, I really used to think that you were a nice person.

Casey: I'm sorry, but I've seen fruit flies that last longer than their engagement.

Maddie: I know.

Casey: What?

Maddie: I wanted you to be there so badly. I put on my dress and I wanted you to see me in it. And I wanted to hear your stupid, stupid wedding jokes and when everything went wrong, I wanted you to tell me that it was okay.

Casey: I know.

Maddie: I just -- I just want this simple, ordinary life, but with you in it. And the whole time I was standing out on the patio, in my head, I kept saying to your father, "Just go away. We don't know how much time we have left." What?

Casey: I have something to tell you.

Maddie: What?

Casey: I asked my dad to speed up the sentencing.

Jack: Snyder, you got to relax. What are you, 16? Unbelievable.

Brad: I need to talk to you. It's important.

Jack: Oh, great. What, more parking tickets again?

Brad: Oh, yeah. Yeah, thanks, man. That would be great. But that's not why I'm here.

Jack: Unbelievable. Have you ever considered, maybe, paying these things?

Brad: This is about you and your life.

Jack: Two more, Brad! Two more, your car gets impounded.

Brad: And keeping you from screwing it up more than you already have.

Jack: Wow, wow. Try as I might, I can't imagine an occasion where taking your advice wouldn't screw things up.

Brad: I know about Katie. I know about you, okay? And more than that -- I know what she thinks about it.

Margo: Hey.

Katie: Hey. Thanks for coming.

Margo: Sure, no problem.

Katie: How's Casey doing?

Margo: Um, the same.

Katie: Have you heard anything about when --

Margo: You know what, I'm really done talking about my life, okay?

Katie: Got it.

Margo: Good. But thank you so much for asking. So, you, Jack, what's going on?

Katie: He kissed me.

Margo: And?

Katie: And I think I kind of liked it.

Margo: Huh. So that's is all you did?

Katie: Why do you sound surprised by that?

Margo: Given your track record, that shows remarkable restraint.

Katie: We were in Emma's kitchen, not Paris or the back seat of a car.

Margo: So this dither that you went into in the station, that's all because of one kiss?

Katie: Have I ever accused you of going into a dither? Ever?

Margo: Well, I've never been in one. Jack, huh?

Katie: I've never seen anyone as good with kids as he is.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Well, that always sends me into the throws of passions. So you kissed him?

Katie: He kissed me. But I was kind of asking for it.

Margo: Uh-huh.

Katie: Well, Vienna scratched my face and I kind of took advantage of it, I think. I mean, I acted like it really didn't hurt -- like it did hurt, but then I was pretending it didn't hurt, so that he had to -- you know, tend to it.

Margo: Well, then, he was just putty in your hands.

Katie: But then after it happened, he went -- really Jack-like, you know, and said that we shouldn't make an issue out of this.

Margo: What -- what does that mean?

Katie: Well, at first I thought it meant that we should just forget it happened. But I don't know. Maybe -- maybe he just was saying that because he thought it was something he should say. Or maybe he wanted me to not feel pressured? If I wasn't ready for it. Or maybe he just -- it was a way of saying get lost. Or all of the above. I'm hungry.

Margo: See, you really don't know?

Katie: No, I really don't know.

Margo: All right, then. Honey, I've got a question for you. Since you really don't know what Jack is thinking, what about you? What do you want to have happen next?

Katie: Well, if you're asking if Jack and I have the basis of a good, solid relationship, let's see. I'm responsible for his kids not having a mother, and when I was married to one of his best friends, I slept with the guy he hates most in the world.

Margo: Well, see, now I feel better. Because you have reasoned this out, and your life is dictated by reason.

Katie: You don't think it's a good idea, do you?

Margo: Do you want to know what I think? I think that the way that you stepped up to the plate and apologized for what you did and the way that you pitched in with sage -- I don't think Jack is as concerned about your past as you think he is.

Katie: Did he say that to you?

Margo: We're cops, not girlfriends. He did once mention that you weren't such a bad driver. And that -- that's huge for Jack.

Katie: So you're saying he didn't say anything about kissing me?

Margo: You know what, he passed me a note in study hall.

Katie: Oh, stop it! Margo, I need your help here. I really like him. And kissing him was -- really great. And I kind of want to see what happens from here. But I also want to be smart about this. And I just -- I don't want him again, ever.

Margo: See, I knew I liked you.

Katie: So the responsible thing here, to make sure that I don't hurt him again, would be to just stop it right here. And I think maybe that's what Jack was saying. That we should just not discuss it and we can pretend it never happened.

Margo: Ah. Don't do that.

Katie: What?

Margo: Well, this whole thing with Jack, I think that you should talk to him. Get him to talk about how he's feeling. What he's thinking. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but don't drop this, Katie. Because I think that you two would be fine. And it wouldn't be such a bad thing for Jack to be happy right now.

Katie: I never, ever expected you to say that.

Margo: I never expected to say it myself. But my life hasn't been exactly a bed of roses lately.

Katie: I know.

Margo: But seeing you two at the station, together, not together -- it was good to be around you because you seemed happy. And that's not nothing these days.

Katie: No. No, it's not nothing.

Jack: You know, there are books and movies about brothers who talk about their personal lives. We're not those brothers.

Brad: Which is pretty much the reason why your life is a disaster.

Jack: Oh, and yours isn't?

Brad: Well, we're not here to talk about my life.

Jack: We're not here to talk about anything. Go. Go back to your TV job and let me -- let me do some work that really matters in this town.

Brad: The reason why -- the reason why you're so hostile is because you know what I'm going to say and you don't want to hear it. But is that fair to Katie?

Jack: You don't know anything about Katie.

Brad: Okay, so she's not so guilty about what she did to Carly that she doesn't spend half her life bending over backwards with your kids to make up for it? And you haven't noticed that the reason why she feels so at home with you is because her ex was someone that people would say that was the strong silent type and you're pretty much the same?

Jack: Who told you that?

Brad: Nobody. I observed. I'm an observant person.

Jack: Well, you're not that observant.

Brad: Yeah, and also observed that a few months after your ex took off with the jewel thief, you found another unreliable blonde who's got a great -- she's in great shape.

Jack: Go away.

Brad: Jack, you and Katie -- you guys, you're the same, okay? You're the same. And if you two can just have a fling -- have a good time, that would be awesome. Well, you're both so --

Jack: What?

Brad: Complicated.

Jack: Yeah.

Brad: A little tongue wrestling in the kitchen and you're both like, "What does that mean?" I mean, did that mean what I think it meant, or did it mean something else? You guys are exhausting. What?

Jack: This is an awful moment.

Brad: Why?

Jack: Why? Because I'm actually considering the possibility that -- that you could be right.

Lucinda: Darling, you come to me with this wild scheme of revenge and Craig and all the things that you're going to do -- and I know, I know that you're not facing reality. I want my daughter to wake up and I want her to have her life. And I don't care how many times you tell me off. I don't give a damn about any of that. But I am not going to help you pretend that everything is fine and everything is lovely, when you're -- you're really living a dream. And it's a bad dream.

Lily: You have no faith in me at all.

Lucinda: Oh, no, Darling. On the contrary, I do. That's what you're so mad at me.

Lily: It must be nice to have all the answers.

Lucinda: As you so sweetly pointed out, Darling, I'm experienced. I made mistake after mistake. But this -- this isn't one of them.

Holden: I'm really trying to understand how you would think that something might be wrong with you.

Faith: Because there is.

Holden: But you can understand why I wouldn't think so?

Faith: Yeah, because you're my dad. But you don't get it. You don't go to school and hear what the kids say.

Holden: Do you want me to talk to their parents?

Faith: No.

Holden: Faith, I want to tell you something. When I first met your mother, something happened to me. And this is the important part. It wasn't because she was like everyone else. It was because she was so different. She was so -- she was so Lily. And that's what's beautiful about you. Because you're so Faith. So, when you tell me that you want to try and change yourself, it hurts because all I really want is for you to keep being you. My beautiful, beautiful little girl.

Faith: Dad.

Holden: Just promise me you're not going to do this to yourself. You got to do that.

Jack: Why are you here, Brad? I'm not going to fix these parking tickets.

Brad: I'm here to talk about Katie.

Jack: Why? Why? Why? What's in it for you?

Brad: Does there always have to be something in it for me?

Jack: Yes! Yes! You don't do anything unless it directly benefits you in some way. And the last time you cared about my personal life was when Becky Meister dumped me the night of the prom, and you asked if you could take her corsage to see if you could sell it!

Brad: Oh, come on! I thought there was a ready market.

Jack: So, why? Why? Why do you care what I do or don't do with Katie?

Brad: Because of you, I got a great gig. And I don't want Katie falling apart on me now. And you're my brother. And you just went through a really bad time. And I would rather not see you go through another one quite yet. And if I could trust either one you just to enjoy yourself -- new concept -- you know, that would be one thing. But Jack, you are so bad at having fun. I mean, it either gets really, really serious, or really not fun.

Jack: Okay. Margo -- Margo's going to send me on some conference in Chicago. Maybe I should go.

Brad: Good. That is a great idea. You and Katie take a timeout. When you get back, see how you both feel.

Jack: Right. And Brad, this -- talking like this, man to man --

Brad: Yeah?

Jack: I never want to do it again.

Holden: So, this doctor that you're seeing -- you like her? 'Cause if you don't, we can get you another one.

Faith: She's okay. It's not really her, it's me.

Holden: So you think everything is your fault?

Faith: Isn't it?

Holden: No. This is has been a really rough year. And we've had a lot of things that we've been really scared about. So, you know what I want you to do?

Faith: Stop what I'm doing?

Holden: I want you to remember what your name is, what it means, why your mom and I decided to call you that. You know, the bad times -- sometimes it seems like they're never going to end -- but that's what god gave us Faith -- so that we can remember that there's a way out.

Lily: No --

Holden: Lily --

Lily: Faith, you promised me --

Holden: No, Lily --

Faith: What does it matter? What does any of this matter?

Maddie: You asked your father, and you didn't even talk to me about it.

Casey: Maddie, this whole thing -- its killing my parents. And now that I can't even see you, what's the point? I mean, it's not doing anyone any good.

Maddie: I can't stand to even say good-bye to you.

Casey: Then don't. 'Cause you're not saying good-bye. We're just -- we're just doing what we have to do so we can be together all the time.

Maddie: It just doesn't seem fair.

Casey: It's not. Not to you. But I brought this on myself.

Maddie: Do you know when?

Casey: No, my dad just said he was going to talk to someone about the calendar.

Maddie: So we don't know how much time we have?

Casey: We have right now.

Brad: Thanks a million. Thank you so much. You know, now that you explained the parking regulations to me, it will never, never happen again. Okay?

Katie: What are you doing here?

Brad: Well, hey, Partner. I'm just here taking care of some business.

Katie: Really? I think you're here to grill your brother about something that is clearly none of your business.

Brad: No, no, my brother and I are close. There are no secrets.

Katie: You're close, huh?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Katie: When's his birthday?

Brad: It's in the summer.

Katie: Brad, go back to the studio -- read some letters, call the lady from Arlington who wants to see you naked -- but just go!

Brad: So you can talk to Jack?

Katie: What part of "None of your business" don't you understand?

Brad: Well, you can't talk to him, because he just left.

Katie: What?

Brad: Yeah, yeah. I mean, we were just -- you know, we just had a good talk. It was really -- you know --

Katie: What did you say to him?

Brad: Look, that's personal. That's private.

Katie: What did you say to him?

Brad: Look, the only thing I will say is that he thought it was best for him to go to Chicago alone. all right?

Maddie: I keep thinking -- about Adam, and how he didn't have to pay for anything that he did. And you have to '

[Car approaching]

Casey: Oh, that's my dad. It's my dad, it's my dad.

Maddie: I hate this.

Casey: I know. Look, I'll text you later, all right?

Maddie: Yeah, let me know when your hearing is, okay? I love you.

Casey: I love you, too. I love you, too. Mom, what are you doing here?

Margo: I came home with your dad. He told me what you said.

Casey: I just don't think we should put this off anymore.

Margo: I know --

Casey: Mom --

Tom: Casey, I spoke to the judge. Your sentencing is tomorrow.

Katie: He left?

Brad: Are you crying?

Katie: No, I'm not crying! Why would I cry about Jack --?

Brad: Well, you're trying not to --

Katie: Oh, come on! You know what? I have done some horrible, awful things in my life, but I don't know what I did to deserve having you push your way into my personal life.

Brad: I did not.

Katie: You barged into the kitchen this morning, you gave me the third degree at work, and then you scuttled over here and got Jack to leave.

Brad: I do not scuttle.

Katie: Why? Why?

Brad: Okay -- look, maybe, when you calm down a little, you'll just -- you'll realize, at the end, that this will work out for the best.

Katie: Brad, listen -- really listen, okay?

Brad: Okay.

Katie: I don't need you to analyze this for me. Jack is an adult, he can do what he wants. I am an adult, I can handle my friend going on a business trip. You are not an adult. Puppies have more sense than you. So just stay out of my life, okay? Got it?

Brad: You hungry? I mean, I was going to go get a sandwich on the way back to the studio -- no, okay. I'll see you there.

Katie: Did I scare you off, Jack? Or did it just not mean anything?

Holden: Lily, do you have that therapist's card? I want to call her. I want to see if she could fit Faith in --

Lily: Holden, I think that she's all right -- whoa, whoa, whoa -- give me my purse! Give me my purse!

Holden: What are you -- what are you -- what are these?

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Meg: Okay, you keep saying that you're going to change, but you never will. In your world, the ends always justify the means. And that's not the life I want to live.

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