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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/12/07

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Gwen: What do you want for breakfast?

Will: You. But I'll settle for toast.

Gwen: How about toast and a kiss?

Will: How about a kiss and then toast?

Gwen: Okay. Thanks.

Will: For what?

Gwen: For letting me take it slow.

Will: We've got the rest of our lives. [Doorbell rings] Do you want to get that? I'm going to finish reading the paper.

Gwen: Sure.

Maddie: Hey, sorry I didn't call first.

Gwen: Hey, that's okay. Wow. You look really pretty.

Maddie: Oh, thanks. I can't stay. I have this thing I have to go to, so I can't get together this afternoon.

Gwen: Are you okay?

Maddie: No. Is Will here?

Gwen: Oh yeah, he's in the bedroom.

Maddie: Is everything okay with you two? After what you told me yesterday --

Gwen: Yeah, actually, we had a conversation and we worked things out. It's a lot better. What's going on?

Maddie: My life just fell apart.

Barbara: Well, good morning, Ladies. Oh Maddie, don't you look nice so early in the morning? Blue is your color and in heels yet too.

Maddie: Thank you.

Barbara: Why the long faces? Oh, don't tell me that Jade's been making trouble again. I warned her. I told her what would happen if she mentioned anything about the mess with Adam.

Maddie: What do you mean?

Barbara: Well, I know about it. Will told me.

Maddie: What?

Cleo: I plucked my eyebrows.

Jade: Is that blood?

Cleo: Uh, yeah, I kind of plucked myself too, a little bit. But I think it's going to heal soon. I hope. Can I ask you a question? Does Gwen wax?

Jade: Her eyebrows?

Cleo: You can wax your eyebrows?

Jade: Uh, yeah. Cleo, you can wax your eyebrows. Look, I'm willing to give this a shot, but we're going to have to set a few ground rules.

Cleo: You know I was thinking, I'm really excited about being Gwen, because I always wanted to be a singer. Did I ever tell you that? I sing every morning in the shower. At 5:00 A.M., I do the top 20 countdown.

Jade: That's really great.

Cleo: Yeah, it is really great and you're going to hear it one day. But first, before we go any further, I need to know more.

Jade: About what?

Cleo: About what you're paying me to do. Because I saw you talking to Gwen's husband last night at the club, and I could pretty much tell that you guys hate each other. So, I start thinking. I mean, the surprise that you're planning. Maybe it's the kind of surprise that isn't very nice. And if you hate Will, maybe you hate Gwen, too. And maybe this -- this whole thing is just a big plan to hurt her.

Jack: Parker? Hey, Parker? Hey, there you are. Come on, Buddy, you better go take a shower before Vienna uses all the hot water. Parker?

Parker: Do I have to?

Jack: The wedding's in less than an hour, Man. If you want to get all slicked up and downstairs on time.

Parker: What about J.J. and Sage?

Jack: J.J. spent the night at Matthew's and Sage is at the sitters.

Parker: Why, if they don't have to go to the wedding, neither do I. I'll just hang out in the barn until it's over. It's not like anyone's going to miss me.

Emma: Ohh.

Vienna: It's for lingonberries. We always used to have some at the table at home.

Emma: It's so beautiful. Thank you so much.

Vienna: Thank you so much. You've been so kind to me, Emma. Letting me stay here and opening up your home so I can married here.

Emma: It's my pleasure.

Vienna: Oh, thank you so, so much.

Emma: So, so welcome.

Brad: You really going through with this?

Emma: I won't listen to him, Vienna. He can't even find his shirt.

Vienna: Oh, it's all right, Emma. Nothing can upset me today. I'm marrying the man of my dreams.

Brad: Okay, all right, I'll go get dressed and get out of here.

Vienna: Oh, aren't you coming?

Brad: What, you mean I'm invited?

Vienna: Of course you're invited. I want the whole world to see how happy I am.

[Knock on the door]

Henry: No, you're killing me. Stop it.

Katie: Henry?

Henry: Oww! Ow! What?

Katie: Oh, you look --

Henry: Why do you have to yell like that?

Katie: That bad, huh? Well, don't worry. I brought you coffee.

Henry: I don't want any coffee, it will just keep me up.

Katie: Okay. Oh, no, no. You have to sit up.

Henry: Either lie down and go to sleep or go away, okay?

Katie: So you're not going to the wedding?

Henry: What wedding?

Katie: Your wedding.

Henry: Oh, is that today?

Katie: In about an hour. And if you don't want to be late, come on --

Henry: What -- what are doing here?

Katie: I'm your best man, remember? I brought coffee, I brought a whole big thing of aspirin. You need to get in the shower, get in your tux --- do you remember at all the conversation we had last night?

Henry: There was some substantial blanks in my memory from last night.

Katie: Okay, well, I told you that if you're not ready to go through with this marriage, then it's not too late. And it's still not. So, there it is. Last chance. Do you want to go through with this or not?

Lily: You know, I was talking to Emma earlier, and I had completely forgotten that Henry and Vienna are getting married today. I thought you might want to go to the wedding.

Faith: With you?

Lily: I have a doctor's appointment, but maybe with Luke.

Faith: So, Luke would watch over me?

Lily: You need to be watched?

Faith: Well, you and Dad haven't let me out of your sight since -- we had that talk.

Lily: Well, you and I both were making some severe, horrible choices about our health. But I know what it's like to be watched, because your father has been keeping an eye on me. So I know what it feels like. But I think that we're working things out and talking -- so, I think we should trust each other. So, if you want to go to the wedding, I think it's a great idea. And Parker will be there and Emma -- if you need anything.

Faith: So, Luke would just --

Lily: Just drop you off. That's it. I know we're talking and working things out, but I know you're going to be anxious about your weight -- be aware of what you're eating -- but as long as we keep talking, I think everything's going to be okay.

Faith: Okay.

Lily: So, you want to go to the wedding? I thought you would. I thought you would like to go, so I'm going to call your brother. But in the meantime, we should get some fabulous shoes. Come on. Come on.

Jack: Okay, if you don't want to go to the wedding, I'm not going to make you. I just thought it would be nice to have someone to smile at when something funny happens.

Parker: Something funny --

Jack: Yeah.

Parker: This is a wedding.

Jack: Well, there are weddings and there are weddings. And this one promises to be one for the record books.

Parker: They're useless.

Jack: What do you mean?

Parker: Well, they never last. And even if they do, they're just torture on everybody.

Jack: Oh, you got a point there. Marriage is work. But it's also rewarding. Kind of like kids.

Parker: What do you mean?

Jack: You think -- you think you're easy? You and your brother and Sage? You're work. But you're also the greatest thing that's ever happened to me and I would never give you up, not for anything. Never.

Parker: Right.

Jack: Okay, what's -- what's going on? Is it me?

Parker: No.

Jack: Then what is it?

Parker: I miss the way it was.

Jack: Yeah, I hear you there.

Parker: I still can't figure out what happened. You were so happy. Remember when you and Mom got married?

Jack: In Montana?

Parker: Yeah, you probably think I was too little to remember anything, but I do. I remember the barn, the flowers in the haystacks, and the lady that did the services.

Jack: Hannah?

Parker: I remember everything.

Jack: That was a happy day.

Parker: So how could you let it all get destroyed?

Jack: Oh, Parker, if I could go back and change things. There was always this long-standing -- I don't know, for lack of a better term, issue with your mother and I. I was a police detective and your mother had a tendency to -- to make up her own rules. And in the end, that's what brought us down. I'm not saying that she was wrong and I was right -- no, no, no, I failed your mother on -- in more ways than I care to admit. But we had a lot of great years and three great children.

Parker: She doesn't have kids anymore --

Jack: Oh, come on, are you kidding me? Your mother loves you. And she loves your brother and Sage, too.

Parker: Then why'd she leave?

Jack: Parker, if she stayed, she would have gone to jail.

Parker: And this is better?

Jack: Honestly, I don't know. One thing I do know for sure is that she loved you guys. And so do I. And I'm not going anywhere. Except to this wedding. So this reminds you of Montana? Okay. All right. I'll give you a pass this time. But I want you to catch up with me later. Maybe we can go fishing. I don't know. What do you think?

Parker: Well, I think Aunt Emma might not like it if I'm not at the wedding. And she did bake a couple of cherry pies.

Jack: Yeah, cherry pie. That's tough to give up.

Parker: But if I do go to the wedding, can we still go fishing? Just you and me?

Jack: Count on it.

Brad: You really want me to come to your wedding?

Emma: Well, I hope not dressed like that.

Vienna: I'm sure Brad will put on a suit and a tie.

Brad: Oh, I can -- I can get dressed up, you know, the whole sha-bang. I just -- I don't know -- I'm just wondering why you want me there. After I did my best to try to convince you that I'd make a better -- a better boyfriend for you than Henry.

Vienna: He tried to seduce me in front of my fianc'e.

Emma: He has the manners of a goat.

Brad: But I made up for it. Last night I gave Henry an old-fashioned sendoff.

Emma: An old-fashioned pie-eye drunk, huh?

Vienna: Oh, no, I don't think that's possible. Because Henry, he can drink anybody under the table.

Emma: Oh, so that's where you spent the night? Under the table?

Brad: Well, as matter of fact, I left early with the, um -- with the entertainment. But you know, hey, I'm rested, rarin' to go. So, if you're serious about me coming to this wedding --

Vienna: Well, you're a part of this family and this is your home. Of course, unless it's too painful for you to see me marry the man of my dreams.

Emma: Oh, now, I don't know about that. I think that -- I think that Brad can manage that.

Brad: I don't know. I don't know. It all depends what's on the menu.

Emma: A shave and a shower.

Vienna: Oh, it's all kinds of wonderful treats. And Emma's cherry pie. Henry's favorite.

Brad: I don't know. I wouldn't count on Henry eating much of anything today. Not after last night. But I will be happy to eat his share.

Vienna: Well, I'm sure Henry will get his appetite back once he sees me in my wedding gown.

Katie: No, no, two, two -- two is plenty. You don't want to poison yourself. That's hot! That's hot, that's hot!

Henry: Katie.

Katie: Sorry, I know I'm being a pain. I'm just worried about you.

Henry: It's not the first time I've had a little bit too much to drink, okay?

Katie: A little bit too much?

Henry: It's my bachelor party, why don't you to ease up.

Katie: Sorry. Okay, I'm not trying to make you feel guilty. I'm just trying to let you know that you do have an out.

Henry: I don't want an out.

Katie: Are you sure about that? You got yourself arrested yesterday. And if Vienna hadn't thrown herself on the mercy of Jack, then you'd still be in jail right now.

Henry: I know. She's just a peach.

Katie: She is. She's a lot nicer once you get to know here.

Henry: Yeah, she's great. And it's not only the beautiful and rich part, but the generous part of her as well. She actually enjoys giving to other people. Who wouldn't want to marry someone like that?

Katie: You? You? I don't know. All I know is that I know you and you seem different. It's -- something's off. You seem uncomfortable.

Henry: I slept in my clothes, Katie.

Katie: That's not what I'm talking about. Ever since this marriage talk came up, you haven't been yourself.

Henry: What, because I'm not good enough for her -- is that what you're saying?

Katie: No. Oh, come on. You know I don't mean that. You are the most kind, sweet, fun guy I know, and the thing is, she agrees. Vienna loves you.

Henry: And that surprises you.

Katie: I think it surprised you. And I think you maybe need some time to get used to the idea before you go bounding down the aisle and make a huge mistake.

Henry: Because I'm not in her league, right?

Katie: Oh, stop it, fine, I'm just going to say it. Vienna is in love with you. Deep down, I'm not so sure that you're in love with her. And you deserve that. We all do. It can't be one-sided. One person can't be head over heels in love and the other person --

Henry: On the rebound?

Katie: All I'm saying is that -- in a mere few minutes, you're supposed to be getting married and you're not even smiling.

Henry: I'm so hung over.

Katie: Just don't do something that you're going to regret because you think you've already gone too far to back out. That's all I'm saying.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: Where are you going?

Henry: I'm going to shower and put on my tux, and go get married.

Maddie: I thought that we had an agreement. I cannot believe that you told her.

Barbara: Of course they told me. We're family. But listen, there is nothing to worry about here. I've handled much worse than Jade, believe me. And she's not going to be bothering you, not after I told her what would happen if she did.

Will: Mom after you talked to her, she came here and threatened to go to the cops.

Maddie: What?

Gwen: She didn't go.

Barbara: Will, I certainly hope you reminded her that if she did go to the police, she would be implicated, obstruction of justice --

Maddie: Do you think that's going to stop her? She is obsessed. So, just stay away from her before you make anything worse than it already is!

Barbara: Excuse me?

Gwen: Come on.

Barbara: Your little friend is rather rude.

Will: Maddie's right, Mom, Jade's dangerous.

Barbara: No, she's not. She's small time.

Will: Well, you know, if she opens her mouth, she can cause a lot of problems for us.

Barbara: That is not going to happen. You know what? That's not why I came here, anyway. I have some very exciting news.

Will: That's great. That sends chills down my spine.

Barbara: No, no, come on now. This is good. I'm going to fix everything.

Maddie: Why did you tell her?

Gwen: We had to, Maddie. She was going on and on about the trust fund. She's going to go after my mother and try to make her give it back.

Maddie: And now, she's going after Jade?

Gwen: Jade won't say anything. She was irritated that Barbara was in her face but we talked her out of it. It's going to be okay.

Maddie: Yeah, I hope so.

Gwen: Hey, Mad, what's going on?

Maddie: You know how you walked in on Casey and I on the couch? Well, you're not the only one, unfortunately. Margo came in awhile after --

Gwen: Oh, God, Maddie.

Maddie: She kicked me out.

Gwen: Well, where are you going to stay?

Maddie: Oh, it's okay. My brother's girlfriend got me a room at the Lakeview. But -- I really miss Casey. I mean, his parents went ballistic. Not only are we not allowed to see each other, but they're not even letting us talk on the phone.

Gwen: Well, I don't understand that. I mean, Margo wouldn't even talk about it.

Maddie: No. They're not even mad about just that we had sex. It's -- they feel that we aren't being serious enough about the situation. You know, with Casey being under house arrest and -- probably going to jail.

Gwen: Whoa, whoa, they sentenced him already?

Maddie: No, Tom and Margo think that's what they're gonna do. I just -- listen, I have to go.

Gwen: Whoa, whoa, where are you going?

Maddie: My brother's wedding.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Maddie: Yeah, I know. I don't have time to explain. I'll call you later though. But can you please handle Barbara. If she goes to Margo, after everything that happened, I just -- it's going to be a nightmare.

Gwen: I will.

Maddie: Thank you.

Barbara: Oh, good. I was waiting to share the good news with you.

Gwen: Before you do, I need to say something. And please don't think I don't appreciate everything that you've done for us. But from now, Barbara, please, you've got to stay out of our lives.

Jade: I don't have a problem with Will.

Cleo: Well, then he definitely has a problem with you.

Jade: Let's just say that Will and I and Gwen have history.

Cleo: Care to share?

Jade: What is the point, Cleo? Until I can be sure you're willing to go all the way with this thing.

Cleo: What are you talking about? I fooled you last night.

Jade: It was really dark.

Cleo: You expect me to turn into a whole another person when I don't even know why. I don't know you. It could be illegal. You can be trying to hurt somebody.

Jade: It is not illegal to dress up and pretend to be somebody else.

Cleo: But why? What's the point? Why do you need me to look like Gwen?

Jade: You know what? This is way too much trouble.

Cleo: Wait. Just promise me that it's not illegal. Swear.

Jade: I swear. It's not illegal.

Cleo: On your mother's life.

Jade: On my mother's life.

Cleo: Fine. We have other things to talk about anyways.

Jade: Yeah. We do, like that accent. And those teeth. Luckily, I know a really good dentist.

Cleo: Hey, nobody is doing anything to my teeth until I get paid.

Jade: Not until you get paid? Cleo, you haven't even done anything yet.

Cleo: I came all the way here. And I've been doing all this research. Besides, you promised. I made a print out of what you put on the web. I have it in writing. Big money if you look like this girl.

Jade: When you really look like this girl, then we'll talk.

Cleo: And what am I supposed to do until then? How am I supposed to live? How am I supposed to eat?

Jade: How much, Cleo?

Cleo: $1,000.

Jade: $1,000?

Cleo: Yeah, do you have any idea how much it costs to rent a room in this town?

Jade: A room is the least of it. You weren't supposed to need speech lessons and cosmetic dentistry. You were supposed to just really look like this girl. And you don't.

Cleo: Fine. Then why don't you respond to one of the other girls who responded to your ad? I'm sure they're lining up at your door.

Jade: How am I supposed to get $1,000?

Cleo: I don't know. You look rich.

Jade: Well, I'm not.

Cleo: Then borrow it. I was at Crash last night. Everyone in this town looks like they have money to spare. I'll be at the Wagon Wheel until tomorrow morning. And then I'm going to go back to Turlock. Unless of course, you can pay me. I'm sorry. But do you mind? By the way, just so you know, the blueberry pancakes here are incredible. And the sausage is particularly amazing.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Jade?

Faith: I want to talk to her!

Lily: Hold on, Honey. Hello?

Jade: Lily, hi.

Faith: What's the name of the nail polish you let me borrow?

Jade: Um, rum raisin.

Lily: Rum raisin. I'm sorry. We're just doing a little shopping.

Jade: I'm sorry I interrupted.

Lily: Oh, it's not a problem. What's up?

Jade: I need to talk to you about something important.

Barbara: Stay out of your lives? Gwen, Will is my son. I think of you as my daughter.

Gwen: I know. And I love you. And we're still family and we're going to do all the things that families do, like get-togethers, and dinners and stuff like that. But you can't fix everything for us. You know, you can't get involved in all of our problems.

Barbara: Does this have to do with my talking to Jade?

Gwen: No. It doesn't. I understand why you did that. I don't -- I don't blame you. You were trying to protect us, but we got to take care of ourselves.

Barbara: I was saying that very same thing to Will just now, wasn't I, Honey?

Will: She said that she would stay away from Jade.

Gwen: Good.

Will: And no talking to anyone else, Mom. Not your lawyer, not the bank, no one can know what happened with Adam.

Barbara: You have my word.

Gwen: I mean, we got to make mistakes, you know, and figure things out.

Barbara: And be an adult, yes. Which is why this is so perfect.

Gwen: What is?

Barbara: Out of respect for your wishes, I have decided to let that woman, forgive me, your mother, keep Will's trust fund. And I won't speak to anyone about it, not to the banks, not to the police, not to the attorneys, not to the court, no one. But I will set up another account for you. Another fund, so you can enough money to live on while you try to cope with all this. Perfect, right?

Faith: Hey.

Parker: Are you taller?

Faith: No. New shoes.

Parker: Cool.

Faith: Do you think so?

Parker: Yeah, I mean, I wouldn't wear them --

Faith: Well, good. But yeah, I didn't think you'd be here.

Parker: I didn't either. J.J. isn't coming or Sage.

Faith: So, how'd you get so lucky?

Parker: My dad. Jack kind of wanted me to be here. You?

Faith: Well, I wanted to see Vienna in her dress. It's so gorgeous. The waist is like this big. She's going to look like a supermodel.

Parker: Too bad.

Faith: What do you mean?

Parker: I hate the way those women look in the magazines. They're like -- you can't talk to somebody who looks like that.

Faith: Well, she's not like that. Not really.

Parker: I wouldn't marry her. Here he comes.

Faith: Who?

Parker: The groom.

Katie: Hey, guys. Look at these beautiful flowers.

Parker: Hey, Henry, are you okay? You look a little tired.

Henry: Tired, me? No. Never.

Maddie: Well, it's about time you got here.

Katie: Well, it's not my fault.

Maddie: Wait, until you see the bride. She looks absolutely beautiful.

Henry: Oh, great. How are you? Are you okay?

Maddie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Henry: Really? You don't -- you want to go talk about it?

Maddie: No, go. You're getting married, lucky man.

Katie: What are you doing here?

Brad: I live here.

Katie: Well, that doesn't give you any right to crash Henry's wedding.

Henry: Hey, the more the merrier.

Brad: I'm not crashing. The bride invited me.

Katie: Oh, really? Does she know that you got her fianc' wasted last night and hired a stripper for him?

Brad: She knows. Some of that. She's a very forgiving woman.

Katie: All the women you know are. They have to be.

Brad: So, they're never bored.

Katie: Yeah, you got me there.

Brad: Hey, did you hear that? You're a witness. Katie said I was right.

Katie: Yes, we were agreeing that he's impossible.

Brad: So, how you feeling, Henry? You get some breakfast?

Katie: He's not really in the mood for food. I think they're ready for you.

Brad: Are you ready for them?

Vienna: Good morning, my darling. I'm so happy to see you. I can't wait to be your wife.

Will: Mom --

Will: Mom --

Barbara: Honey, I promise you I will stay out of it. You can manage this all on your own. You can take care of the paperwork, the withdrawls, filing your taxes you can pay for your medical expenses, your tuition.

Will: Yes, we will. Mom, but without your help.

Barbara: Yes, without my help. I promise I will stay out of it. Unless of course there is a question that the attorneys can't answer and I can.

Will: Mom, we're a married couple living on our own. We need to be making our own money.

Barbara: No, you're a married couple who needs to be worrying about your studies.

Gwen: We will. And we know that you love us and that you want what's best for us.

Will: And this is what's best.

Barbara: Okay, all right then, I will just pay for your tuition and I will pay for whatever it would be for room and board if you were still at the university and your medical expenses.

Will: No.

Barbara: I would be shirking my responsibilities as a parent if I didn't pay for your schooling and put a roof over your head.

Will: But you did pay for my education. You gave me a trust fund and I blew it.

Barbara: That wasn't your fault. That woman --

Will: Okay, look I did what I had to do and I would do it again. And I really appreciate this offer. But -- we can't accept it.

Jade: The good news is that I found some classes I'm interested in taking just some non credit night school classes at Oakdale U. Just to get into the classroom again to see how it feels. You know I was thinking that maybe going to college in the fall.

Lily: That's great news, Jade.

Jade: Yeah -- maybe studying merchandising or marketing, that kind of thing. But the thing is the classes cost a few thousand dollars and I hate to bother you about that especially now.

Lily: Please, I'd be happy to help you. Do you want me to call the school office and arrange a payment or --

Jade: No, no, no, I can do that. I have to make sure the course numbers are right and I want to get my student id.

Lily: The bank is right across the street. I'll get you some cash.

Jade: Perfect. Lily I just want you to know I really appreciate this.

Lily: I feel good to do something positive. I've been feeling kind of jinxed lately.

Jade: Well today is your lucky day. Because if things work out, this could really change things for me.

Minister: And he answered and said unto them. Have ye not read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and they two shall be one flesh. What therefore god hath joined together, let no man put asunder. It's my understanding that the bride and groom have written their own vows.

Vienna: Yes, we have. Katie helped me with them. Do you have the vows? A copy of them?

Katie: No, I'm sorry, I don't.

Henry: Did you leave them at the Lakeview? I could go back and see if they're there?

Vienna: That's so sweet. No, no. That's not necessary.

Henry: We don't have to do this right now. It will give you a chance to find them.

Vienna: I can speak from my heart. Thank you, Katie. Henry, I know that I wasn't what you expected. And that this is very sudden. But all my life, I've just been this pretty girl with beautiful clothes and lots of money that rich men like to drag to parties. And it was fun for awhile. But it wasn't until I met you that I realized how lonely I was. And we spent time together and you talked. We did silly things. And it was so much fun. And you were such a good listener. And I fell madly in love with you. And you've given me this beautiful family, friends, these lovely people. And you make me so incredibly happy. And I want to spend the rest of my life, every single moment with you. I love you so much.

Minister: Well, that was very, very special, Miss Hyatt, I must say. Henry, now you.

Vienna: Henry?

Barbara: You put every cent you had into Gwen's career. And I applaud that because she deserves it. Because she's very talented. But, Honey, you don't have anything left. Iris has your trust fund. What are you going to live on?

Will: Well, school's paid for through the end of the semester.

Barbara: Uh-huh.

Gwen: And the house is paid up for the next couple of months.

Barbara: Uh-huh.

Will: And once school gets out for the summer, then we'll get jobs. So --

Barbara: What kind of jobs? I mean, neither of you has a degree.

Gwen: We can both work at Crash.

Barbara: Do you really think that Lisa is going to keep that place open after what's happened?

Gwen: Then, we'll work at Al's and we'll get by.

Barbara: On tips. That might pay the rent here but what about tuition?

Gwen: I mean, I've always managed to get by on scholarships.

Barbara: You two aren't thinking. What if something happened to you? What if something happens -- you have no medical coverage.

Will: We'll be okay, Mom.

Barbara: You have nothing, Will.

Will: We have each other. That's enough. We're going to be fine.

Minister: Son? Do you have something to say?

Henry: I -- I can't.

Vienna: Did you lose your vows too?

Henry: No, no, I just -- I can't.

Vienna: Oh, this is all my fault! I shouldn't have insisted that we write our own vows. Can you just proceed as usual and just have Henry say, "I do" in all the right places?

Minister: Of course.

Henry: No, no. It's just -- I don't mean that -- I just -- it's not necessary.

Vienna: No, you're right. You're right. Just put the ring on my finger and kiss me and that's all I need.

Henry: Oh, Vienna, I'm so sorry.

Vienna: What, did you leave the ring in your other coat?

Henry: No. No, I have the ring.

Vienna: Well, then put it on my finger.

Henry: You're so beautiful, you know that? And you're so giving. And you're so generous and you're so kind. And I hate myself for having to do this. But I can't marry you.

Will: Hey, do you know what a steamfitter is?

Gwen: Someone who puts in steam pipes

Will: How do you know these things?

Gwen: Because I'm a lot smarter than you are.

Will: What?

Gwen: I'm sorry, do you want to wear my coffee?

Will: No. Um, what about a short order cook?

Gwen: You know what, I love your eggs but I'm not sure that the rest of the world will. What about a night nurse?

Will: Uh, you need a degree.

Gwen: Ooh, a stripper -- in a woodworking shop.

Will: Do you remember what happened when you tried to sand the stairs on the deck?

Gwen: Yeah. Oh, there's a landscaper. I like being outside.

Will: Let me ask you a question. What's a hydrangea? Next. What?

Gwen: I love you.

Will: It's about time.

Gwen: I've always loved you.

Will: It's about time you lightened up.

Gwen: Well, why do you keep reminding me?

Will: We'll be okay.

Gwen: You know why? Because you're amazing.

Will: I'm incredibly amazing.

Gwen: Okay, Mr. incredibly amazing, what other kind of job qualifications do you have?

Will: Patience.

Gwen: You're a jerk!

Will: I'm also very strong.

Gwen: Oh, yeah? No! [Gwen laughs] You have a really cute --

Will: I have a cute wife.

Gwen: Say it again.

Will: We'll be fine.

Cleo: Hey, what are you doing? That's my lunch.

Jade: You are lucky if I left you suck on a ice cube after the breakfast you had.

Cleo: Well, I'm sorry, but I happen to have a very fast metabolism.

Jade: Well, Gwen doesn't. Okay? Let's get started.

Cleo: Okay. Not until you tell me why you need me to look like Gwen.

Jade: I'm not having this conversation with you again --

Cleo: Hey, I didn't say that I wouldn't do it. But if I don't know what you need from me, I might say the wrong thing. I could mess up. And I'm taking a huge risk.

Jade: All right. All right. All you need to know is that I tried to be friends with Gwen. And she didn't want to have any part of me. No matter how hard I tried, it just -- it wasn't good enough.

Cleo: So, this is payback.

Jade: Gwen is using Will. And she's just turned him against me. And for the past year, she and all of her friends have done everything that they could to make me miserable. And I'm just sick of it.

Cleo: Well, have you ever tried to talk to her about it?

Jade: What do you think would have happened if you walked up to Gwen after she sang?

Cleo: I don't know. She probably would have given me her autograph or something.

Jade: She would have looked right through you, Cleo. You know why? Because you're not cool. You're not in her inner circle. She wouldn't have given you two seconds. Haven't you ever wanted to stick it to somebody who's hurt you?

Cleo: Yes.

Jade: Well, that's why you're here.

Vienna: No, no, I don't understand.

Jack: Parker, why don't you take Faith inside?

Parker: But it's just getting good.

Emma: Let's go. Let's go.

Maddie: Henry, maybe you just need a glass of water. You had a really rough night last night.

Brad: You need some aspirin --

Henry: No, no, I've had enough aspirin, I don't need any water, thank you.

Vienna: What, is it all these people? I know you didn't want a crowd.

Henry: No -- no, it wasn't all these people, and it's not you, okay? God, it's not you. It's me. I don't love you. I don't love you the way I should. And I can't do that to you. I can't do that to you. I know what it's like to marry somebody that you really love and two months later, you find out that they didn't love you back. And I can't do that, okay? I won't do that. So, I'm sorry. No, I'm so sorry. I'm so -- I have to go. I have to go --

Vienna: No, no, Henry, no! No, no -- I won't let you! You can't leave me!

Katie: Just let him go. It's okay.

Vienna: No, no! I love him too much! No!

Katie: It's okay.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Alison: I don't have to report every move I make to you --

Emily: Were you trying to buy drugs?

Will: I'm actually going to mark this day down in my calendar, you know that? I'm going to put a big gold star right next to it.

Gwen: Why? Because Alison came back into town?

Will: No, because you're jealous.

Jade: This is Gwen's life. Starting with the most important person in it, her husband.

Katie: It's okay. If it helps her to feel better, to attack me, then just let her.

Vienna: Thank you!

[Katie screams]

Jack: Whoa!

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