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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/11/07

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Gwen: Does this look okay?

Will: You look beautiful. I'm serious. You look great. Just like the last four outfits you tried on.

Gwen: I'm fussing too much.

Will: Well, it's the first time you're getting in front of an audience in a while, so I think you're allowed to. But, you don't have to put too much pressure on yourself, you know?

Gwen: No, no, no, I --

Will: You don't have to do it this time.

Gwen: No, I promised Lisa I'd get back on the schedule.

Will: Well, I'm sure she would give you time with that.

Gwen: No, I want to keep my word. It's just as important as anything else.

Will: Yeah, but you don't seem too happy about it.

Gwen: It's just going to be weird, you know? Casey's not going to be running the lights and the sound. And if he's not there, then Maddie probably won't show.

Will: I'll be there.

Gwen: I know. But what if Adam shows up?

Jade: There's no escape. Everywhere I go, there she is, with that innocent little smile. Totally fake, by the way.

Luke: Look, it's my bad, okay? I didn't know that she was going to be singing. But that's not really going to stop you from having a good time, right?

Jade: It might. I hate the way that she thinks that she's better than me. And if I don't see her ever again, it would be too soon.

Luke: Okay, I get that, but you can't totally avoid her, either.

Jade: I could try.

Luke: So what? You're just going to go nowhere, you know, so you don't run into her?

Jade: Running into her by accident is one thing. I don't want to hang around and watch her grope the microphone.

Luke: Do you really want to leave? Because I don’t. And I never go out.

Jade: Okay, okay. I'll stick it out. But when she starts to sing, I might have to go for a long walk or hide in the bathroom.

Luke: Whatever.

Jade: She can't sing all night, right? So how bad could it be?

Katie: Hey, if you have a minute, I just want to go over the arrangements for the Coleman party.

Bartender: About that, Ms. Peretti --

Katie: I have a list of the canapés and the champagne that I ordered.

Brad: Canapés? I mean, is this for Henry’s bachelor party or for his wedding shower?

Katie: Don't start. I asked you nicely. Please, don't have anything to do with this.

Brad: All right. Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Katie: I have everything under control, yes.

Brad: All right, then. Well, I'm only here because I'm meeting someone for drinks.

Katie: I'm sure her ice is melting already.

Brad: Hope so. Have fun.

Katie: Thanks.

Brad: Hey, Des. Yeah, hey, it's Brad Snyder. What's going on, man? Great, great, great. Hey, I know its last minute, but maybe you could help me out?

Katie: Why would I cancel the party? Everything's all set.

Bartender: I'm sorry, I thought you knew. The police just hauled Mr. Coleman off to jail.

Jack: You were asking for this, Henry. If you're going to play cards with a bunch of guys who just got out of the joint, have the smarts not to do it at the Lakeview. Have a seat.

Henry: I got carried away, all right? I finally had enough money for some high stakes.

Jack: Those high stakes pushed the charges way into felony territory. We're not talking a slap on the wrist here, buddy. You're looking at three counts.

Henry: Prison time?

Jack: I'm afraid so.

Henry: Yeah? How long?

Jack: I'm not really sure. But if the charges stick, you can say good-bye to your wedding tomorrow.

Henry: Okay, what about bail? I finally have enough money for bail.

Jack: You have enough money for a lot of things, like a private jet, which makes you a flight risk.

Henry: Well, this is not how it's supposed to be. Money is supposed to make life easy.

Jack: Yeah, a common misconception.

Henry: Isn't it supposed to make it more comfortable?

Jack: Are you comfortable now?

Henry: At the moment? Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Jack: Why? Why is that? Were you looking for us to pick you up?

Henry: No, I didn't plan it.

Jack: Why? Why were you hanging out with a bunch of losers the day before your wedding? Why would you do something like that?

Vienna: I know why. It's because of me.

Henry: Vienna, no. No, this is not your fault. I got crazy and careless and I -- sweetie, I never meant to hurt you or embarrass you.

Vienna: Well, of course you didn't, Henry. You love me and I love you even more than I did before.

Henry: Why?

Vienna: Because it was so obvious what you were trying to do.

Henry: It is?

Vienna: Yes, you were trying to be an equal partner. You didn't want to come empty-handed to the altar.

Henry: Uh. Uh. But, Honey, I lost. And when I think about how much, I feel sick to my stomach.

Vienna: Oh Henry, please forget about the money. You are bringing everything I need to this marriage just by bringing yourself.

Henry: No, no, it doesn't feel right.

Vienna: You know what? I have had money my entire life. And it's lovely, but it has never brought me close to anyone, and it has never made me feel the way you do. You know I love you so much.

Henry: I don't deserve you. I don’t. When I think of all the men in this world who have chewed you --

Vienna: Okay, stop. Stop. Jack, you know, it would be a crime to lock up a man with such noble intentions.

Jack: It doesn't matter what his intentions are, Vienna. He broke the law.

Vienna: He just gambled a little, which isn't even illegal in most countries. Please, Jack, we want to get married tomorrow. Nobody got hurt. There must be a way out of this. Show some mercy?

Henry: Not for three felonies.

Jack: Felonies? Did I say felonies? I meant misdemeanors. It's a good thing I didn't write up this report.

Vienna: Jack, does that mean --

Jack: That means that I made a huge mistake. I'm sorry. Come on, let's get you out of here.

Vienna: Oh, thank you. You see, Darling? Nothing stands in the way of true love.

[Henry sighs]

Vienna: Katie! Did you see what Jack just did? He's releasing Henry back into my arms.

Katie: That's because Jack knows what's important.

Vienna: He's a good man. This town has quite a few ones, Darling. You should get one yourself, soon. Of course, the best one is already taken.

Henry: Easy, Vienna.

Katie: That was close. I thought I was going to have to cancel your party.

Henry: No. No cancellations. Everything's on.

Vienna: You know, I don't know how I'll be able to thank you for this.

Henry: Me either.

Jack: Maybe encourage Henry to take up some new hobbies. Ones without cards or dice, preferably.

Vienna: Are you saying I should change him? You know, that would be to tamper with perfection.

Jack: Just keep it legal.

Henry: Yes, yes, yes. I got it.

Jack: Some advice?

Henry: Sure.

Jack: Why don't you take the rest of the day off? You look a little jumpy.

Katie: Oh, don't worry about that. We'll fix it. It's about time to party, right?

Henry: Yeah, if you say so.

Vienna: Am I invited to this party?

Katie: Oh, well, no. I'm sorry. In this country, the bride doesn't get to come to the bachelor party.

Vienna: Oh. Oh, well, that's all right. I'm going to use the time to write my vows.

Henry: You don't need to fret about that, sweetheart.

Vienna: No, no. I have so much in my heart. And there are so many things I want to tell you. It's just that I'm a little worried about my English.

Henry: Oh, your English is adorable, just like you are.

Vienna: Thank you. But I want my vows to be something that you -- you always remember. And I'm not sure if -- Katie, you're a writer. You could help me!

Katie: With your vows? Oh, I'm not sure that's such a good idea.

Vienna: No, no, you would be perfect. You know Henry almost as well as I do. Please say yes? Please?

Luke: Where do you want to sit?

Jade: You go find a place. I have to go check on something. What are you doing here?

Cleo: Nothing.

Jade: Well, do it someplace else.

Cleo: Why? What's wrong? I just want to see my look-alike sing.

Jade: Cleo, you're supposed to be on the bus, going back home to Turlock.

Cleo: Don't have a cow. There's a bus out of here later tonight. Come on, if you had the opportunity to see your double on stage with everyone whistling and carrying on, you wouldn't miss it, would you?

Jade: I don't want you hanging around here, because people might think there's a connection between us.

Cleo: Why? We're not doing anything. At least, I'm not.

Jade: Keep it that way.

Cleo: You're the one who came over here. I'm just minding my own business. I want to hear her sing one song, and then I'm going to leave.

Jade: Don't talk to anybody.

Cleo: I'll be right here.

Jade: Okay. You don't know me and I don't know you.

Cleo: Then why are you talking to me?

Jade: One song, Cleo.

Cleo: Okay.

Luke: Who was that?

Jade: Oh, nobody. Just somebody I thought I knew.

Will: I know it's going to be hard, but you got to try and keep Adam out of your head tonight.

Gwen: How? He's there all the time anyways! And I know that he thinks that he owns a part of me -- and he's right, he does. You know, he always will.

Will: That's not true.

Gwen: He thought that he had the right to force himself on me. He can justify anything that he does, because of what Maddie and I did to him. And he can take his word back whenever he wants. He's just waiting for the right time.

Will: And you think that time is tonight?

Gwen: It's crossed my mind like a million times. I mean, why settle for private humiliation when you can do it publicly?

Will: Okay, I'm going to call Lisa.

Gwen: No.

Will: Gwen, what are you trying to prove? Why are you doing this to yourself?

Gwen: Because, if I don't stand up to him tonight, I don't know if I ever will.

Will: But why does it have to be at Crash? The place has so many memories for you and Adam was a big part of them.

Gwen: That's exactly why I have to do it there, Will, because time doesn't change anything. It just reinforces what was already there.

Will: I want you to sing. But I want you to sing because you love to sing.

Gwen: And I will. But tonight is about getting back a part of myself that Adam tried to take away. I want to be able to lay with you and make love to you.

Will: Gwen, I love you, okay? And I know you think that you have to do this alone, but you don’t. Because I'm going to be there. All right? I'm not letting go.

Vienna: You are my cupid. And thank you, Katie, for writing my vows. Until tomorrow.

Jack: Okay, so Henry, you are a free man.

Henry: For another 24 hours, at least.

Katie: What's wrong?

Henry: I don't know. I just think I may have broken my lucky streak, that's all.

Katie: We'll see. The only critical thing you've missed now is your fitting for your tux.

Henry: Really? Okay. What do we do now? Do we postpone?

Katie: No, everything's fine. Brad stood in for you. It'll be ready on schedule.

Henry: Fabulous.

Katie: So everything's on track.

Henry: Yeah. Except for me. So I -- I better get on those vows. Thank you for helping Vienna. You can see, she's a hard woman to say no to.

Katie: What you did for them was pretty amazing.

Jack: No, not that amazing. I've got a full house, anyway.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Jack: You better go get started on Vienna’s vows.

Katie: Yeah, that should be interesting. All right, so I'll see you at the bachelor party?

Jack: Yeah, I wouldn't miss it.

[Knock at the door]

Henry: Good.

Maddie: What's the crisis? You out of olives?

Henry: I'm out of ideas.

Maddie: What's going on? What's this?

Henry: I'm trying to write my wedding vows.

Maddie: Okay. How far have you gotten?

Henry: I haven't gotten anywhere. There's a reason that people use the ones that are already in print, okay? Everything I write needs to be followed by a shot of insulin.

Maddie: It can't be that bad.

Henry: It can't be -- Vienna expects me to be this big romantic. I'm going to disappoint her.

Maddie: Disappoint her? How?

Henry: Because she's expecting these sort of life changing promises. Not some gooey song lyrics that wouldn't cut it on a cheap valentine.

Maddie: Henry, you know what love is.

Henry: I do, I just don't know how to put it into words. Not this time. So, I need your help. I need your help.

Maddie: And this is just about the vows. I mean, you really love Vienna?

Henry: You're a big movie fan, aren't you?

Maddie: Yes.

Henry: I just got a great idea. You could probably recite entire scenes from those old black and white tearjerkers. Can you give me something like -- "We'll always have Paris." Except, it won't be Paris, obviously. Can you do something like that? I'm running out of time here, Maddie.

Maddie: Okay, all right. I will give it a shot. You're going to need to give me something specific, though. Like how you felt when you first saw her.

Henry: That's odd. I don't remember. Probably that she was out of my reach.

Maddie: Okay. What about the moment you knew that you would spend the rest of your life with her?

Henry: That was really her idea.

Maddie: Vienna is the only woman in the world to you, right?

Henry: Yeah, you know what? I don't think we should go specific. I think that's the wrong route here. I think we should go, like, bigger and broader and safer.

[Cell phone rings]

Maddie: Hang on. Vienna?

Vienna: Darling, Madeline. I need your help.

Maddie: What's wrong?

Vienna: I'm searching for the perfect wedding gift for your brother and I don't -- I just want to buy everything.

Maddie: Your problems are so unique.

Vienna: Can you please, please help me to make the right choice? If you have time.

Maddie: I don't know if I can get away.


Henry: Yeah, yeah, go, go. It's fine.

Maddie: Are you sure about this?

Henry: I'm fine. I've just been over-thinking it. Don't worry about it. Go.

Maddie: Okay. Okay. Yeah, where are you? Mm-hmm. I'll be there in a bit. Are you sure you're okay?

Henry: Yes, I am sure I'm okay. No one's going to remember my vows anyway. Right?

Maddie: I know that Katie remembered what you said to her when you two got married.

Henry: I bet she didn’t. I don't remember myself.

Maddie: Liar. Bye.

Henry: Bye. I remember what she said to me, though. "I used to think about what it meant to find a soul mate. I used to think it was some gigantic love that you chase all around the world, or for different lifetimes or whatever. And maybe that looks good on paper, and then I finally realized the biggest prize is the person running right beside you. Who really likes you, even if you're not really likeable. Who thinks you look your best even when you think you look like something the cat dragged in. Who can finish your sentences, because they know you so well, but they don't have to. The person who gets you. Who gives you back the best part of yourself. The -- you, you really want to be. That's a soul mate. That's you, Henry."

[Jack laughing]

Jack: I guess I don't have to ask how it's going.

Katie: I'm close. Not quite there.

Jack: Well, read me what you got so far.

Katie: Can you handle it?

Jack: Let's hear it.

Katie: Okay. [Katie clears her throat] "Sometimes it takes a broken heart to qualify for true love.

Jack: Go on.

Katie: My heart was shattered. I was sure it was beyond fixing, but you made it whole again, and I didn't even have to ask. That's how you are. You do things because they're right and then everything falls into place the way it should. Life is easy with you. Simple in the best possible way."

Jack: Eh --

Katie: What?

Jack: Well, I think we discovered today that life with Henry’s not going to be simple, exactly.

Katie: This is hopeless.

Jack: No, it's not hopeless!

Katie: It is!

Jack: No it isn't! How about you start with the way they got together?

Katie: Vienna says it snuck up on them.

Jack: Okay, start with that.

Katie: Okay. Well, she says that Henry isn't exactly the kind of guy she was looking for.

Jack: Yeah. Yet, she fell for him anyway.

Katie: Out of nowhere.

Jack: Isn't that the way it happens sometimes? You fall in love when you least expect it. And even though it seems crazy, you go with it.

Katie: Just to see where it leads. Yeah.

Jack: Why don't you start with that?

Katie: Why don't I? Okay.

Jack: I better go.

Katie: Yeah, and I should finish this.

Jack: Yeah, so I'll see you later.

Cleo: Hey! Hi, big fan.

Will: Hi. Thanks for coming. You okay?

Gwen: I guess we'll find out.

Will: You're going to do great. There's a lot of people here that have missed you.

Gwen: If you say so.

Will: Look at me. I said it because I mean it. All right? You're going to do awesome. You worked so hard to get here and no one's going to take that away from you, all right? And if you doubt that for one second, just look right here. Because I'm going to be sending you love the whole time.

Gwen: Thank you.

Will: I mean it. All right? Just look in my eyes. I love you. I'm going to be two feet away if you need me.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: All right. I'm going to go get a seat. They're ready for you.

Will: Jade, what are you doing here? Are you trying to mess this up for Gwen?

Luke: Will, Will, it's okay. I brought Jade. She didn't even know that Gwen was going to be singing.

Will: Yeah, I'm not so sure about that. I want you to stay away from her. Do you understand? You got it?

Jade: It's not a problem.

Will: Yeah, good.


Gwen: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for being here. I never would have been able to get through it without you.

Will: Are you kidding? You were great. Did you hear that? Want to do another song?

Gwen: No, I can’t.

Will: Okay, that's fine. Always leave them wanting more, right? Let's go.

Luke: Well, the girl can sing. You got to give her that.

[Cell phone beeps]

Luke: Gwen's done singing. You're leaving now?

Jade: I got to get some air. Gwen! God, I should've known it was you. So what are you going to do now? Are you going to call the cops? Well, I hate to break it to you, but there's nothing illegal about being in a public place. You know that, right? I mean -- Cleo?

Cleo: Yes! I fooled you. I knew it. And you thought I was Gwen. I'm so psyched!

Henry: One, two, three, four. The fifth time is a charm. [Knock at the door] I'm coming. Hi!

Katie: Oh, it's time to set up!

[Henry laughs]

Katie: Will you put all that stuff -- probably over there, I guess. All right -- ooh, we need to tidy up a bit. Get ready to celebrate your last night as a bachelor. I thought we already did that? Wait, that was before our marriage and it didn't last that long, that's right. That's why it doesn't count.

Katie: It's going to be different for you this time, Henry.

Henry: Really? It's going to be different? Is love really lovelier the second time around? It wasn't for you.

[Knock at the door]

Jack: Am I early?

Katie: No, come on in. We were just setting up.

Brad: Oh, great, because I wasn't sure if I had the right time.

Katie: I cannot believe you would crash Henry’s bachelor party when you tried to sleep with his fiancé! I told him not to show up here!

Jack: Yeah, I'm sorry. My brother's got a mind of his own. If you can call it a mind.

Katie: This is the most brazen thing I have ever --

Brad: Br-azen! I'm so brazen. Listen, Granny, don't get your panties in a twist. I am bringing Henry a peace offering.

Katie: I'm sure he doesn't want it.

Henry: Well, Vienna doesn't want him, so there.



Brad: Yeah, she made that perfectly clear. I was a total jerk. I'm sorry.

Henry: That's an apology. That's a real apology. It's very gentlemanly of you. It is.

Brad: I'm trying.

Henry: Good. Apology accepted. All right, great. Just stick around. Hey, let's get this party started! Want to help me with this?

Bartender: Yeah, I can do that for you.

Henry: And listen, by the way, I want to thank you for standing in for me with the tailor, because I was otherwise engaged.

Brad: Oh yeah, man. My pleasure. Really nice tux, by the way.

Henry: Really? You like it? If you want to wear it tomorrow, that can be arranged.

Brad: Huh?

Henry: That was a joke. It was a total joke. That's my attempt at humor, so --

[Brad laughs]

Jack: Can you water down those martinis?

Katie: No, that would never fool him. But maybe I'll try to soak it up with some food.

[Knock at the door]

Katie: Now what?

Henry: Who else is coming to this?

Katie: Yes?

Stripper cop: You need to keep it down in there.

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry. We're not exactly raising the roof here.

Stripper cop: I'm responding to a noise complaint, ma'am.

Katie: "Ma'am?" Well, I'm sorry. We're just having a couple hors d'oeuvres and toasting the groom. Very low key.

Stripper cop: Well, in that case -- let's pump it up!

[Brad cheers]

Brad: That's what I'm talking about!

Henry: Nice. Very nice!

Stripper cop: I hear somebody's been naughty.

Henry: Oh, it's me, Officer. It's me. Please, arrest me. I've been awful. [Henry laughing] Oh my goodness.

Henry: Yeah, Officer. Use the force. The force is with you. Oh my goodness.

Stripper cop: It's your night, Honey. Any special requests?

Henry: I'm sure I can think of something.

[Henry giggling]

Katie: Okay, your shift is over. Time to go home. Thank you very much. We really appreciate it.

Henry: What? I didn't get my party -- Katie! I didn't get my party favor!

Katie: What is wrong with you?

Brad: Nothing! Who made you party sheriff? Look, he was having a blast!

Katie: He is wasted!

Brad: He's getting married tomorrow! What did you think was going to happen?

Katie: Not this!

Brad: Look, we've got to give him a real send off, not tea sandwiches! There is a reason why most men don't ask women to be their best man.

Katie: Okay, now you're going to make fun of that? Henry is my best friend!

Brad: You act more like his wrangler.

Katie: Excuse me?

Brad: You heard me.

Katie: You couldn't even begin to understand what Henry and I share.

Brad: Oh, why? Because I'm so shallow?

Katie: Because you can't get past your own selfish needs to understand that a real relationship is about give and take, compassion and patience. And the worst part is, you think that everybody else is just like you!

Brad: No, Katie, actually, I don’t. You know, I think two people that are in love that have been together for 60 years and I think, "What have they found that I haven't?" I envy them.

Katie: Then why do you do stuff like this?

Brad: Because I thought it would be fun! I'm sorry.

Katie: Oh, two apologies in one night. That must be a record.

Brad: I can't talk to you. I'm getting out of here. Henry, congratulations. Good luck.

Henry: What, is the party over? Is the party over?

Katie: No, no, no. It's not over. It's just going to be a little smaller now.

Henry: All right.

Brad: Woo!

Jack: Brad didn't mean any harm. He was just trying to create some memories, that's all.

Katie: Yeah, not something I would want to remember. All right, Henry is not good. Can you just --

Jack: Yeah, why don't I take him outside and walk him around a bit, get him some fresh air?

Katie: No, that's not going to work. He's past that now. Can you just help the bartender pack up and get rid of the champagne? We'll take care of Henry.

Jack: You got it. Yeah. Come on, let's get this stuff out of here. Here, let me help you. Good night, Henry.

Henry: Hey, good night.

Katie: Thanks. Brad says I ruined your party.

Henry: No.

Katie: Are you mad?

Henry: No.

Katie: You're being kind of quiet. You know, it's okay to be nervous about tomorrow. But you don't have to be. Vienna loves you.

Henry: She does.

Katie: She loves every part about you. I mean, she's actually kind of surprised me.

Henry: You? I never saw it coming.

Katie: Neither did I. Looks like you're going to get your happily ever after, after all. Let's just stop with that now. You don't want to be completely hung-over on your wedding day. It goes by fast enough. You want to be able to enjoy every minute.

Henry: Our wedding didn't go by fast. I remember every single minute of it.

Katie: And you can still look at me?

Henry: Yeah, that's never been a problem. My eyes are already wide open. I knew that you didn't love me and that our marriage was more about you and mike than it was about you and me, but I didn't care.

Katie: Why?

Henry: Because I was in love. And for a moment, I had you, and that was all I really needed. It was the happiest moment of my life.

Katie: Don't say that, please. Don't say that, Henry.

Henry: I'm sorry. Don't get -- now look. Now come here. Don't get all guilty, okay? Because you know what, I got a chance to love and not hold anything back. To get to give everything to somebody else, not just to myself.

Katie: Is that what you and Vienna have?

Henry: Oh, that's what she has, yeah.

Katie: But both people have to feel the same thing. Henry, you know that by now.

Henry: What I know is that this is going so fast. I haven't had a chance to think about it.

Katie: Okay, then stop now. And think. If this is a mistake, just say the word, okay? It's not too late.

Cleo: I can do it, Jade. I can convince people that I'm Gwen.

Jade: No you can’t. Because as soon as you open your mouth, it's all over.

Cleo: That's just because I haven't had a chance to practice yet. Don't give up on me, please. I just got here. Just give me a chance.

Jade: For what? You don't even know what I want you to do.

Cleo: You said you were cooking up a surprise, right? And then you said you changed your mind. But the best thing about changing your mind is that you can always change it back. Please, let's do this.

Jade: Maybe I should.

Cleo: Of course you should. I fooled you, didn't I?

Jade: All right, well, it's going to need a lot of work, but the raw material is there. If we do this my way, it might work after all.

Will: You were amazing tonight. It was like the whole room was with you when you were singing.

Gwen: Except for Jade.

Will: Well, let's not talk about her.

Gwen: Why? I mean, she was just shooting these looks at me the whole time. It's like she was daring me to sing, and it worked. I barely got through one song.

Will: You did sing, right? You were great. And a few days ago, you were talking about maybe never singing again. So --

Gwen: Just thank god Adam didn't show up.

Will: Yeah. Adam didn't show up. And so what? Even if he did, you sang. And no one can ever take that away from you.

Gwen: You want to know something, honestly? If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even have tried. I mean, you stood by me when I was turning into somebody that I couldn't even recognize.

Will: Gwen, we promised to look out for each other in good times and in bad. And tonight's one of those good times. So let's not lose it.

Gwen: I mean, I know this hasn't been easy for you.

Will: It's okay. We're coming through it.

Gwen: Do you have any idea how much I wish that I could believe that as much as you do?

Will: You mean that? So do you want to come to bed with me?

Will: When I said "go to bed," did you think that I meant have sex?

Gwen: Don't you?

Will: No. That's your call, Gwen. When you're ready to do that, you're going to let me know. Tonight, I just wanted to go to sleep with you next to me.

Gwen: And that's all you want?

Will: No, I lied. I want to make love to you, always. But only if you want to. I mean, we both have to want that. And you're not ready for it, and I don't expect you to be.

Gwen: I'm sorry.

Will: Don't be. Tonight, I just want to -- I just want to hold you while we fall asleep, that's all. Is that too much?

Gwen: No.

Will: So then, let's give it a try.

Cleo: Listen, so you're onboard for this? You're going to help me turn into your friend, Gwen?

Jade: I'm probably crazy to try this, but it's going to be a lot of work.

Cleo: But you're willing to see if it's possible, right? And you'll pay me, because the ad that you posted online, you definitely said that there was money involved.

Jade: Yes, Cleo. I know what the ad said. But that was before I met you.

Cleo: Well, I was willing to do this before I met you or Gwen.

Jade: And you still haven't met Gwen and you're not going to, okay? You got that?

Cleo: I got it. So that's a yes?

Jade: For now.

Cleo: Yes, yes, yes! This is so awesome! Nothing this exciting has ever happened to me before. It's going to be so cool to turn into somebody who's so beautiful and so talented!

Jade: Would you just -- enough, okay? This is going to require some strategy.

Cleo: Whatever you need.

Jade: All right. I'm going to call you and we're going to figure something out, on a trial basis.

Cleo: Okay, I got it. I got to prove myself. You just call me and you tell me when and where, and I will be there with bells on.

Jade: No bells.

Cleo: Oh no, that is just something that people say.

Jade: Don't say it. It's stupid.

Cleo: Okay, I won't say it.

Jade: Okay.

Cleo: Or wear them.

Jade: Okay. And remember, when we're in public, you don't know me.

Cleo: I got it. All right, see you later! Whoever you are.

Vienna: Isn't this the perfect gift for your brother? I hope he thinks of me every time he looks at this.

Maddie: He's going to love it. Henry's never had a nice watch. Well, this one is going to show him that I consider every minute of his life to be precious.

Maddie: That's great. But Vienna, this is a lot of change for Henry.

Vienna: But it's all good. I love change. You know, soon I'm going to change my name. I'm going to be Mrs. Henry Coleman and I love it! Oh good, this is for me.

Maddie: What is it?

Vienna: It's my vows. Katie wrote them for me. Oh, this is perfect. She knew exactly what I wanted to tell him. And how much I love him.

Maddie: Well, if anyone knows my brother, it's Katie.

Katie: You don't want to go through with this, do you?

Henry: I said I would marry her, so I'm marrying her. I have to.

Katie: You don't have to.

Henry: She has given me everything she has and she trusts me to do good by her.

Katie: Then don't you think she deserves the truth?

Henry: The truth -- the truth is, Katie, that before she decided to look my way, I had lost my self-confidence. I lost my dignity. I damn well lost any reason to live.

Katie: Then shouldn't you be happier marrying her?

Henry: I'm working up to it. What are you talking about, happiness? What is happiness? It's all relative. Happiness is relative. It's different for different people, right?

Katie: You would not be getting so philosophical if you really loved her!

Henry: Oh my God, you sound just like Maddie. What is it with you two girls? Why are you picking on me?

Katie: Because we love you! We don't want you to settle for less than you deserve!

Henry: Vienna is more than I deserve!

Katie: Says who?

Henry: Stop it! Okay, I'm doing this.

Katie: You are trying to talk yourself into this marriage.

Henry: You were trying to talk me out of it. Now I am doing it, Katie, okay? No matter what, I'm doing it!

Katie: Okay. Okay, you're doing it. You're doing it. But not until tomorrow, so you need to get some sleep, okay? Come here. It's okay. You just need a lot of sleep. Okay.

Henry: I'm doing it.

Katie: Yes, you're doing it. But you need some sleep first, okay? Just rest and whatever you decide, whatever happens, I just want you to know that I am here for you, like you've always been here for me.

Henry: I'm doing it, Katie.

Katie: Yeah, you're doing it.

Henry: Mmm. Mmm.

Katie: All right. Just remember, whatever you decide, whatever happens, I'm here. Always.

[Katie sighs]

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Vienna: Good morning, my darling. I'm so happy to see you. I can't wait to be your wife.

Barbara: Well, I know about it. Will told me.

Maddie: What?

Jade: Haven't you ever wanted to stick it to somebody who's hurt you?

Cleo: Yes.

Jade: That's why you're here.

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