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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/10/07

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Jack: Tuck in those tags, or you'll be made before the deal goes down.

Cop: You got it, Detective.

Jack: All right, and if our perp makes a move, you let me know.

Cop: Will do.

Jack: Oh, make it quick. I'm in the middle of something here, Brad.

Brad: No, man, this shouldn't take long.

Jack: Oh? So, out with it. Why are you here?

Brad: I came to finish what you started when you took your frustrations out on my face.

Katie: All right, the printer says he can put a super rush on the announcements.

Vienna: Oh, wonderful. And I can get any color I want?

Katie: Yeah, as long as we get the text to him as soon as possible. Oh, those were definitely the way to go. That way, all of your friends can feel like they were a part of the wedding, even though they weren't here.

Vienna: You know, I did shorten the guest list, because Henry, he thought a smaller wedding would be more personal. Didn't you, my love? You know, you have a such a way with words, Henry, maybe you can be in charge of the announcements.

Henry: Me? I wouldn't know what to say, Vienna.

Vienna: Yeah.

Katie: Just something like, Vienna Hyatt and Henry Coleman have the honor of announcing -- no, that's too formal. Vienna and Henry --

Vienna: They've committed themselves to each other for eternity.

Katie: It's not so easy planning a wedding overnight, is it? We've got the menu, the flowers -- oh, you should talk to Maddie about what she's going to wear.

Vienna: Yes.

Katie: Henry?

Henry: I'm working on it. Working on it.

Katie: Something's going on with you, isn't it? Don't answer that. Because I know exactly what it is. B-r-a-d?

Henry: Uh, well --

Katie: It's okay. Don't worry about a thing. Jack took care of everything. He made sure that Brad will stay at least two feet away from Vienna, okay?

Henry: Okay.

Katie: It's all taken care of. All right, what do you think about the menu selection?

Vienna: I love the tarragon veloute with the truffle infusion, but I'm not sure if Henry will agree with me. What do you feel about truffles, Henry? Where did he go?

Lily: French toast.

Faith: Uh, thanks.

Lily: You're welcome. You should try to eat it when it's hot. You all right?

Faith: Why?

Lily: Well, you fainted the other day, and you said you hadn't eaten for a couple of days --

Faith: I'm fine. But what about you? Have you stopped taking those pills?

Lily: I threw out every single last one of them. I know it frightened you to see me taking those pills. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for so many things. And I will make it up to you.

Faith: You don't have to make anything up to me, trust me. But what about Dad and Grandma? I feel like our whole family's falling apart.

Announcer: The role of Craig Montgomery is now being played by Scott Bryce.

Lucinda: Oh!

Guard: Mrs. Walsh -- I'm sorry, I'm under strict orders not to allow you onto the premises.

Lucinda: Well, hogwash! No, wait, stop -- stop! Don't do that! You cannot do that! No, the name cannot be changed!

Craig: Oh, of course it can, Lucinda. The name Worldwide, it no longer exists. Hang that new one high, boys!

Paul: You must be tired after, you know, a long night of slinging hash. You want to go back to my place? Crawl into bed?

Meg: With you?

Paul: Well, yeah, I was hoping that I could be there for that, yeah.

Meg: I'd love to, but I've got a mission to accomplish.

Paul: That sounds like fun. Anything I can help you with?

Meg: Only if you're interested in taking down Craig Montgomery.

Jack: You and I don't have any more business, Brad.

Brad: Oh, yes we do --

Jack: That ring around your eye was my final word.

Brad: You had no right to sucker punch me.

Jack: And you had no right to try to seduce Henry's fianc'e. Unless, of course, you've come here to say that you've apologized --

Brad: I was doing that loser a favor! All right, there is no way that Vienna is going to stay faithful to him.

Jack: And you had to prove that by trying to sleep with her? Aren't you just a walking public service announcement --?

Brad: You know, man, I'm just a firm believer that you should know what you're buying before you sign the check. Maybe if you'd put your wife to the test, you wouldn't be in the situation that you're in now.

Cop: Detective, sorry to interrupt, but there's action on that set-up.

Jack: Yeah, I'll be right there. Well, you've got one thing right -- this isn't over.

Brad: Good.

Vienna: Do you think he went for a walk?

Katie: I think it's natural for guys to get bored with menus and flowers.

Vienna: You know what? I bet he's making a surprise for me. That would be such a thing Henry would do.

Katie: Yes, he is very sweet. Oh, did you take a look at the calla lilies? I priced those out. I also got prices on three of those menu selections. And I talked to some local musicians.

Vienna: God, I can't believe how much you've done already.

Katie: I hope its okay?

Vienna: Okay? No, it's wonderful! I couldn't expect more of you if you were my sister. Thank you.

Katie: Well, what else is the best man for?

Vienna: Right, a best man is there to support a husband. But you, you are taking care of me, too. And that is more than you signed on for. And I want you to know that I really, really appreciate it. You know, I always knew that one day we would find each other on the same page.

Katie: I think I have to apologize to you.

Vienna: For what?

Katie: I don't know if Henry told you, but I was less than enthusiastic when I found out you guys were going to get married.

Vienna: Lata oss icke ripa upp I det. I think you guys say -- let bygone be bygones? You know, this wedding will be wonderful, much thanks to you. Now, what do you think about this dress?

Katie: Oh, Vienna, you are going to be a beautiful bride, no matter what you're wearing.

Vienna: Of course I will, but will Henry's heart skip a beat when he sees me walking down that aisle?

Katie: Henry will love you in it.

Vienna: Or out of it.

Katie: Okay, back to work.

Vienna: Oh, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.

Katie: No --

Vienna: Katie, I can tell that you're still heartbroken over your own failed marriage. But maybe this reception will create some magic, and a young, handsome man will find your irresistible.

Katie: First things first. Oh, God -- oh, I've lost track of time. I need to meet Henry at the studio. I need to meet Brad there.

Vienna: Brad? You know, keep that man busy. I don't want him falling all over me again and upset Henry.

Katie: I will do my best.

Katie: There's the groom.

Henry: Ah!

Katie: Oh, multiple martinis for breakfast? Are you sure you're okay?

Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I just got some pre-wedding jitters, you know?

Katie: It's moving pretty fast, huh?

Henry: Ooh --

Katie: Well, Vienna and I have the menu pretty settled and the flowers --

Henry: Yeah, great. If you could just do something about warming up my feet, we'll be great.

Katie: You're really that nervous?

Henry: I just -- I feel like I'm taking the road test again after I've already failed it.

Katie: You didn't fail our marriage, Henry.

Henry: Well, how long did it last? A couple of months? Vienna's expectations are very high. And I'm just scared I'm going to disappoint her.

Katie: Vienna does not need perfection, she needs you.

Henry: Well, thank you for flattering me. That was -- that was lovely, Katie --

Katie: You know that came out wrong. The important thing is that Vienna is crazy about you. You don't have to worry about this marriage sticking.

Henry: Okay, good. I needed to hear that. That's good.

Katie: Vienna's very sure about what she wants. As long as you're sure, too --

Henry: Of course I'm sure --

Katie: Because if you're not, you can tell me. That's what the best man is for, right?

Henry: Hey, why would I not want to marry her? She is gorgeous. I'm crazy about her. She loves me more than I could ever possibly dream of. I'm just -- I'm a little jittery, all right?

Katie: Okay. All right. Good. Well, let's go.

Henry: Go where?

Katie: Your fitting for your tux.

Henry: Oh, right. Don't you have your show to shoot?

Katie: Yeah, I'm having the tailor come to the studio. That way, we can fit this in between shooting.

Henry: Wow. You think of everything. That's great, that's great.

Katie: You're my best friend, Henry. I want this wedding to be everything that you and Vienna dreamed of.

Henry: Okay. You know what? Why don't I meet you there? I should go up and touch base with Vienna, because she's probably wondering why I left like that.

Katie: Okay, but hurry.

Gambler: Henry?

Henry: Mum Eddie. What are you doing here?

Gambler: Looking for the king of high stakes action.

Lily: I don't want you worrying about the family, Faith. Everything's going to be all right.

Faith: But Dad was so mad at you.

Lily: Daddy was just mad because I broke a promise, and he thought I was hurting myself with those pills.

Faith: Were you?

Lily: Yeah. When I would take the pills, I wouldn't be hungry, so I wouldn't eat right. And you of all people know what happens when you don't eat. Bad things can happen.

Faith: Like when I fainted.

Lily: Exactly. Those pills had chemicals in them that made me very jumpy. And when I took them, I wasn't thinking very clearly.

Faith: Is that why Grandmother lost the company?

Lily: I have a lot to make up to your grandmother -- and to you.

Faith: I told you, you don't have to --

Lily: I am your mother, okay? Sit down. I'm the one you're supposed to look to when you're making choices about your life. And I wasn't handling my life very well lately. Obsessing about weight and taking those stupid pills!

Faith: I just want things to be back to normal.

Lily: They can be. If we get better.

Faith: How?

Lily: Well, I think the first thing that you should do is make another appointment with Dr. Seidman.

Faith: But I hate therapy --

Lily: I know you hate it. But maybe now that everything's out in the open, maybe it will be easier for you to talk to her. I'm going to see a therapist myself. To see where my life got so off track.

Faith: You are?

Lily: Yeah. I have to understand why losing weight became so important that I almost lost everything that I love. I want to start healing. So, would you make me a promise to try to do the same?

Faith: I want to, but I don't think I can.

Paul: Look, I know you're angry at Craig, but revenge has traditionally been my domain.

Meg: Yeah, well, not anymore.

Paul: That's true. Look, for a long time, my only aim in life was to get even with Craig. And it didn't make me happy. I wouldn't recommend it to you or anybody else.

Meg: Great. Just when I could use your twisted mind.

Paul: Well, you untwisted me. Hey, stop. Come on. Look, this is not like you, Meg.

Meg: Of course it's not like me. But Craig came this close to destroying my brother's family.

Paul: I know, I know it hurts that he tricked Lily into making a bad business deal.

Meg: Lily was one of the few people that gave him the time of day, and this is how he thinks her? I have to try and get the company back from him.

Paul: Okay, I'm going to say something, and don't jump on me, all right?

Meg: Just don't tell me it's wrong to get justice for my brother and sister-in-law.

Paul: Okay, I won't. But I don't think you're doing this for Holden or for Lily.

Meg: Of course I am!

Paul: I think you want to get even with Craig, for yourself.

Lucinda: I just got off the phone with my personal assistant --

Craig: Are you sure you can afford the phone call?

Lucinda: She is talking to the lawyers even as we speak about your attempt to change the name of this company.

Craig: Oh, bully for her, it's about time she tried to earn her keep around here. But you'll be throwing your money at your lawyers for nothing. The name Worldwide is history.

Lucinda: No. No! Because in the charter -- no, the name cannot be changed, no matter whose hand is at the helm.

Craig: Oh, well, you see, the board voted to override the charter. It's the dawn of a new era around here.

Lucinda: You can't do it!

Craig: They've already done it. What do you care about it, anyway? It's not longer your company.

Lucinda: I named it.

Craig: Oh, what's in a name, anyway? Denial? See, I'm afraid that you think that as long as it's called Worldwide, you won't have to admit that your beloved daughter signed over your company to your hated ex son-in-law.

Lucinda: Oh, Craig -- Craig, I've battled cancer. You're nothing. You're just a gnat in my soup, an annoyance -- no, don't worry! The lawyers will get the situation turned around.

Craig: Yeah, well, I won't hold my breath. You should see the new stationary, Lucinda. Oh, look! Look at the business cards. They're modern, yet elegant. And the board loved the look of the new prospectus. Oh, as long as we're throwing around the French, this is what's called a fait accompli. And 1,000 lawyers can't change that. So, you say good-bye to Worldwide, Lucinda, and hello to Montgomery Enterprises.

Katie: Sorry I'm late.

Brad: What the hell happened? You hit the snooze button like a million times? I mean, you do remember that we're taping another promo today, right?

Katie: Of course I do.

Brad: Okay, so, I mean, what's the matter? I mean, you don't want America to know they can win a day of your housecleaning services? Katie on her hands and knees -- a sight to behold.

Katie: Well, you're going to be on your hands and knees with me, Buddy. The rules are, whatever the chore is, we do it together.

Brad: Oh, whatever. I'm just glad you're finally here, okay? I've been waiting for you all morning.

Katie: Oh, shut up. I called on the way over here, you weren't even here yet. By the way, that has turned into quite a shiner.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, my brother's turned into a real piece of work.

Katie: Your brother was trying to send you a message and he knew that was the only way it would stick. You have no business trying to break up Henry and Vienna.

Brad: Look, I was trying to do them a favor, okay, believe it or not. All right, since it's not going to work out, I was just trying, you know, hurry along the process.

Katie: Well, I hope you can adjust that attitude.

Brad: Why should I?

Katie: Because Henry's on his way over here for his tux fitting. I was hoping there might be a little bit of gentlemen in there somewhere.

Brad: All right, all right, you know, when Henry gets here, I'll make myself scarce. Don't worry about it. But, Katie, whether you want to hear it or not, your buddy is headed for a heartbreak.

Stage manager: Ready to roll?

Katie: Ah, yes, just a minute. I think I see Armando.

Brad: Wait, who's Armando?

Katie: He's the tailor that's fixing Henry's tux.

Brad: Oh, come on, are you a talk show host or a wedding planner?

Katie: It will just take a minute. Henry will be here any second.

Henry: Yeah, didn't you get my message? I'm not seeing much action these days.

Gambler: The Balzo brothers are in from Chicago, Penthouse B. Pot limit, Omaha. No table limits. And a seat crying your name.

Vienna: Henry?

Gambler: So, what's been keeping you away?

Henry: Hey --

Vienna: There you are.

Henry: Hi, Honey.

Vienna: Hey, I don't think we've met. Would you like to introduce me to your friend?

Henry: Yeah, Eddie, Vienna. Vienna, this is Eddie.

Vienna: Hello. He's awfully quiet.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, that's why they call him Mum Eddie. I haven't gotten five sentences out of him in all the years I've known him.

Vienna: Well, maybe you should invite him to the wedding, maybe he'll open -

Henry: No, no, no, no -- that's not -- that's not a very good idea. What did you want, Sweetie?

Vienna: Okay, your sister, she's a doll. She's meeting me at the store. She's going to help me pick out my dress. But what do you think about these?

Henry: Oh, I think -- oh, yeah, that's lovely, lovely. Of course, you look stunning in anything.

Vienna: Oh, you always say the right thing. Meanwhile, would you mind looking at this?

Henry: Yeah, what is this?

Vienna: It's a list of the songs. We need one song for our first dance. And I just seem to be having a problem deciding, so, you with your sense of romance, please?

Henry: Yes, I am very romantic. I'll pick a song, of course. I can do that. Yes.

Vienna: Great. Well, I'll miss you. I'll miss you. Bye.

Gambler: That hottie, the reason you're not up for my game?

Henry: Yeah, yeah, hold on a second, Eddie. Who says I'm not up for the game? Why don't you count me in?

Lily: You don't think you can try to get better?

Faith: I've tried, I just -- I just can't do it.

Lily: Why do you say that?

Faith: Well, I've promised myself like a million times that I'll stop, but I just keep doing it.

Lily: Well, do you mean it when you make that promise?

Faith: Yeah, I really do, but then I just start pigging out and I feel really bad about it, so, I just have to get rid of it. And then, I feel just as bad for doing that. I hate myself.

Lily: Don't say that, Faith, please.

Faith: But I do. I hate myself for making myself sick all the time, being mean to you, ratting you out to Dad --

Lily: No, no, I'm glad that you did that. I'm glad you told Dad. I would have told him myself, I just couldn't -- couldn't get up the courage.

Faith: You were scared?

Lily: Oh, I was scared. I felt like you. I felt angry with myself. I love you so much.

Faith: Why?

Lily: Because you're -- I just -- I just do. Because you're beautiful and you're talented, and you're smart.

Faith: How smart is it to pig out and stick my finger down my throat?

Lily: How smart is it to take a pill that messes up your kidneys and your heart and your brain? You know, I think we both feel terrible about what we've done. So, maybe we can help each other get better.

Faith: How?

Lily: We continue talking to therapists and maybe forgive ourselves for what we've done. I think it's worth a try to get better, don't you? I know it won't be easy, but we got to try, right?

Faith: Hi, Dad.

Holden: Hi. What's going on?

Faith: Mom will tell you. I have homework to check before I get to school. Can I finish my breakfast upstairs? I promise to eat all of it and keep it down.

Lily: Okay. It's a start. Whatever you're thinking, please just say it.

Holden: I just don't know how I missed it, you being on those pills. I made a bunch of excuses about why you were up, why you were down. And for a while there, it felt like I didn't even know my own wife.

Lily: I know. And I'm so sorry. And for what it's worth, I have not taken any pills today.

Holden: What about tomorrow?

Lily: It's over. No more. It's done.

Holden: You said that before.

Lily: But I mean it this time.

Holden: What's different?

Lily: Before, I hadn't almost lost everything that I loved and cared about. Tell me I haven't lost you? Please tell me I haven't lost you.

Lucinda: Craig, printing business cards and new stationery and things like that, I mean, that has absolutely nothing to do with reality. The whole world knows this is my company, the world knows it if you don't know it. Then you are more delusional that even I suspected.

Craig: I really, I do, I admire the bravado, Lucinda. But just admit it, you've lost.

Lucinda: Enjoy the big chair while you can. Because the situation will turn around. I'm in for the long haul.

Craig: You sure you still got the stamina?

[Lucinda laughing]

Lucinda: Oh, Craig, Craig. We've done battle before, darling. You're tried to unseat me before and you failed miserably. This time, I'm going to recover my company, and I might just dismember you.

Craig: You know, I might have believed that, 20 years ago, but not today.

Lucinda: I've faced death now, Darling. And I have endured rounds and rounds of woeful chemotherapy, and Darling, I still brought in the fourth quarter profits. And if I can do that --

Craig: You're battle-scarred. You've lost your edge. Besides, you've lost your support systems. Sierra's in Montega and poor Lily has that pesky little substance abuse problem --

Lucinda: You are such a dirt bag -- you encouraged the poor girl to take those pills --

Craig: That doesn't matter. That doesn't matter. What matters is, years ago, you never would have let Lily do that. You would have seen it coming. But you missed it, Lady. By a mile. You're just not what you used to be.

Lucinda: I'm still a shareholder and I got more influence with the board then you'd like to admit.

Craig: Oh, I'll treat you with the same respect as I would give any shareholder. But your company, as you knew it, is gone. And it will never be yours again. Your glory days are over.

Meg: Okay, I admit it. I hate that Craig made a fool of me. And I hate that I was so desperate, and so unsure of myself that I bought his act.

Paul: Well, you're the kind of person who would give even the hardest case a second chance. And if anybody could help Craig to change, it would be you.

Meg: Are you trying to flatter me into changing my mind?

Paul: No, I'm trying to get you stop playing with fire. Look, do you like handcuffs?

Meg: I'm serious, Paul --

Paul: So am I. I know what it's like to hate Craig. I know what it's like to make him want to pay --

Meg: But you've turned over a new leaf.

Paul: Yes, I have. Because you wanted me to.

Meg: Yeah, me and my big mouth.

Paul: You showed me a better way to be. And I wanted to do what you asked. Meg, I'd do anything you wanted.

Meg: Anything?

Paul: You know what you're asking me to do?

Meg: Yes. And I know it's unfair. But I want the old Paul back. Just this one time, okay? Okay, I can't believe I just said that. You know what? I'm crazed. I'm crazed. Okay, this is not your fight.

Paul: Yes, it is. Listen. If it's your fight, then it's my fight. And if you're going to go to war with Craig, I'm not going to let you do it without backup. He's very dangerous. I can't talk you out of this?

Meg: No.

Paul: Okay, you need my help. You have a plan?

Meg: I thought you'd never ask.

Katie: The groom isn't picking up. I'm sorry. He must be on his way.

Stage manger: Any idea how much longer this is going to take? We've got a crew waiting.

Katie: Just a couple more minutes. Henry will be here soon, I'm sure.

Brad: Can you just -- can you reschedule this so we can get this show on the road?

Tailor: If you reschedule, I cannot guarantee the alterations will be finished in time.

Brad: Take him to Tony's. They've got a monkey suit in every color.

Katie: This is not just your everyday rent-a-tux, okay? It's couture.

Brad: Oh, its couture, it's special.

Katie: Can you just even pretend for a second that you might care that my best friend might have been in a car accident and could be hurt. Henry has never stood me up before. I don't know what's going on. I hope he's okay.

Brad: All right, he's fine. He's fine. He's probably just stuck in traffic or something.

Katie: Sorry, I know I'm holding everything up, it's just -- I've never -- I wasn't very supportive of Henry when he told me that he and Vienna were getting married, and he deserves so much more than that. He's my best friend. And the least I can do is make his wedding great.

Brad: Okay. Um, Henry and I are about the same size, right?

Katie: I guess.

Brad: All right, so, why don't I try on the tux and let the tailor do this thing?

Katie: You would do that for me? I mean, for Henry?

Brad: Can't let the guy walk down the aisle in his birthday suit, can we?

Lily: I haven't lost you, have I, Holden? Oh, I was so scared.

Holden: For better or for worse, remember? Lily, I love you and if you're in trouble, I want to help you out.

Lily: Oh, even if it's trouble that I created myself --

Holden: Even then. But I can't ignore that you lied to me. That you didn't tell me about this addiction.

Lily: I was very messed up. I'm sorry.

Holden: I know you are. But I have to tell you it's going to be awhile before I can take anything I say at face value.

Lily: Well, what does that mean? Are you going to watch every move I make?

Holden: If I have to, yes. I'm sorry, but it's going to have to be that way for awhile.

Lily: I'm going to see Dr. Michaels. And I'm going to try to put my life back together. And I've stopped taking those pills for good. I promise.

Holden: Well, that's great. Let's be honest here, it's not going to be easy for you to get off those pills. And I'm sure you mean everything that you say, but what are you going to do if you start craving those pills again?

Lily: I have to be strong. I will be, I'll be strong, as long as I know that you love me.

Holden: I do. I'll love you more than I ever have. I just don't trust you. Not yet.

Craig: Thanks. You can put that box right down there. Thank you very much. That was all for now. This represents what remains of your office. I'll give you a few minutes to sort through it.

Lucinda: Hey, the subsidiary meeting was scheduled for today.

Craig: Oh, I'm very aware of that.

Lucinda: I go back decades with Gisham at Alco.

Craig: Yes. And I'll be seeing him downtown later today. I will deliver your regards. Oh, by the way, I have informed security that you have exactly 15 minutes. And then you are to leave. Otherwise, you'll be escorted off the premises again.

Lucinda: That won't be necessary.

Meg: Why does it feel like I'm corrupting you?

Paul: If I can't talk you out of trying to get even with Craig, at least I can do is be on the board with your plan.

Meg: Okay, good. Because there is no plan without you. You're the one who sets everything in motion.

Paul: Okay. I'm listening.

Meg: Okay, the reason Craig wanted to take Worldwide away from Lucinda is that he blames her for helping Lucy leave the country with his son.

Paul: Yeah, but he's got the company, and he still doesn't know where Johnny is.

Meg: That's why you have to go to him.

Paul: And then say what?

Meg: That you had a vision. That you saw his son and you know where Johnny is.

Paul: Okay, I know you said that I was the only one that could help you, but I didn't expect this.

Meg: Okay, look, I know it's extreme. And if you want to back out, I'll understand --

Paul: No, it's not that. Look, my mom already asked me if I could help find Johnny and I couldn't do it. I can't control these visions.

Meg: Yeah, I know. The point is not for you to actually tune into where Johnny is. I just want you to tell Craig you did.

Paul: So, I tell Craig I know where Johnny is and then what? I mean, it gets his attention, but it just sends him on a wild goose chase.

Meg: That's exactly what I want.

Paul: Yeah, but he won't give up the company unless he gets his hands on Johnny.

Meg: I don't want him to get his hands on Johnny.

Paul: Craig's always been skeptical. I mean, why would he believe now?

Meg: I don't want him to believe you. As a matter of fact, I'm counting on him thinking you're trying to put one over on him.

Paul: Why?

Meg: Look, I just need you to do this, okay? And then the next step is up to me.

Lucinda: Outstanding performance in ethical practices -- okay.

Lily: Hi. Your assistant said you were here.

Lucinda: And so I am.

Lily: She also said that Craig changed Worldwide's name?

Lucinda: Read it and weep.

Lily: Yes, I didn't think I can feel any worse, but I see that. And I just want to crawl into a hole and never come out. I'm so sorry.

Lucinda: I know, dear.

Lily: Are these your things?

Lucinda: Um, all that blood, sweat, and tears in a cardboard box.

Lily: Let me help you.

Lucinda: Don't touch them!

Lily: You have every right to be angry with me. But I, as far back as I can remember, I can't think of you not running this company. Building this company.

Lucinda: Pity that you didn't bare that in mind when you sold it.

Lily: I would do anything -- anything to undo what I've done. You know that.

Lucinda: I know.

Lily: But you do realize you're more than this company. You're the woman that choose me and then raised me as your own. And my children are your grandchildren. And they love you. The company may be gone, but we're still here. And we need you.

Lucinda: I have needs, too. I need Worldwide. I'll give you an example, because you'll understand. When I was facing the surgeon's knife, Darling, I would fool myself and be God myself, I had this idea in my mind, that if I came through it okay, I'd be all right. But if I didn't, then those damn -- damn accountants, they would make the budget cuts that I was opposed to. And then thousands upon thousands of people would have struggled to put food on the table, talk about being an egotist. And I made it. And because I made it, I knew what I had to do. I had to restructure. And I did. And I'm proud -- I'm proud that in this era of layoffs in the business world, we didn't lose one drop. And we came in the black.

Lily: You're a force to be reckoned with and those people owe you so much.

Lucinda: No, dear. I owe them because they saved my life. And what good am I to them without a company? What good am I to anyone without it?

Katie: Wow, you look --

Brad: Hot. Go ahead, you can say it.

Katie: I'm not going to say you look hot, your head will explode.

Brad: You know what, after this, I think I'm going to start making a living walking down the runway.

Katie: Yeah, um, you can take out the sleeves a little bit, please.

Brad: Yeah, you're going to have to take the chest in because mine's a lot bigger. And of course, my waist is smaller so you're going to have let that out.

Katie: Okay, you can stop now before you ruin all the good karma you got by doing this favor for me.

Brad: All right.

Tailor: I need to mark the hem.

Brad: This is a seriously nice tux.

Katie: Well, Vienna's got serious taste and money.

Brad: Yeah, too bad it's all wasted on Henry.

Katie: Bradley? Yeah, the detail is amazing. Oh, yeah, you know what, you're right. You're going to have to take in the chest a little bit.

Brad: So, Henry's not this pumped?

Katie: I don't know. I don't remember. Yeah, you must work out a lot.

Brad: Oh, yeah, I've got to keep the ladies happy.

Katie: Mm-hmm. Go to the gym all the time --

Brad: All time.

Katie: Yeah, okay.

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: Let me check this.

Brad: Thank you.

Katie: Make sure to take in the ego, too.

Brad: That's impossible.

Katie: That's possible.

Brad: That's not possible.

Katie: Yup, looks good.

Brad: Yeah. I think I should wear this.

Katie: No.

Brad: Are you ready, or do I have to put on a veil and some satin shoes?

Katie: We are done. And thank you. I've never been a best man before. I didn't really know what it entailed.

Brad: Well, believe it or not, I know a lot about being a best man. So, where is Henry's bachelor party?

Katie: Oh, I'm not going to tell you that.

Brad: Well, hey, I have thrown some bachelor parties that are legendary.

Katie: I'm sure you have.

Brad: Guys weep when they think of the babes, the booze --

Katie: No, no, stop, stop right there. I'm doing something tasteful. I don't want you anywhere near it.

Brad: Talk about ungrateful.

Stage manager: Places!

Katie: We'll be right there. I mean it. I don't want you anywhere near Henry's bachelor party. I've got everything under control.

Jack: Yeah, well, next time, leave the Balzo brothers in Chicago, you got that?

Gambler: Yeah, next time.

Cop: That one over there hasn't heard his rights yet.

Jack: Yeah, I'll handle it. Henry, damn it! Why'd you pick the day of all days to sit down with mum Eddie and those other chuckleheads? What the hell were you thinking?

Henry: Obviously, I wasn't. Just get it over with, Jack, okay?

Jack: Fine. Henry Coleman, you're under arrest for conspiracy and unlawful wagering. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand that?

Holden: Hey? How's it going?

Faith: I ate all my food and didn't, you know, get rid of it, if that's what you were wondering.

Holden: I really just wanted to know how you are.

Faith: Well, how are you?

Holden: Like you, a little hurt. A little sad. A little worried.

Faith: I never should have told you about mom's pills.

Holden: No, Honey, you did the right thing.

Faith: That's what Mom said, but you're mad at her.

Holden: I'm worried about her. And worried about you, too.

Faith: Are you mad?

Holden: Yeah, a little bit. But you know what? I can still feel these feelings and love you. You do know that I love you, right?

Faith: But, what about Mom? Do you love her?

Holden: I love her as much as the day I met her.

Faith: So, you're not going --

Holden: No, no, Honey, I'm not. I'm not going anywhere. I promise.

Lily: Please don't give up on this. Mother, please don't give up on me.

Lucinda: Darling, this is over.

Lily: No, it isn't over -- I've seen you have horrible times in the past. And you've always bounced back. You just have to reinvent yourself. You have to regroup, you have to start over again. I've never seen you defeated.

Lucinda: And I'm not defeated!

Lily: Good.

Lucinda: I'm sure that I will rise from the ashes of this and I will do something. I will build a company that will swallow up that little guppie Montgomery --

Lily: That's right. That's exactly -- that's the Lucinda Walsh that I know and love.

Lucinda: I hope to accomplish that and maybe I'll accomplish even more. There's just one thing --

Lily: What?

Lucinda: You will never be a part of this part of my life. Ever again.

Paul: Craig.

Craig: I see you've got a rouse going, what is it? What do you want? You got the girl. Came here to gloat.

Paul: Oh, I'm not gloating. Am I gloating?

Craig: What's your point, Ryan?

Paul: I just thought that maybe we can be gentlemen about this. You don't want to touch me? Look, I'm not a leper, I'm clairvoyant. But it probably won't work with you because you hate me so much.

Craig: All right, fine. You know what? If this will get you to leave me alone, I'm willing to go through the motions. So here's to letting the past stay there. Oh, what is it, Paul? What's going on? No, something happened when you touched my hand. What is it?

Paul: Nothing.

Craig: You saw something, didn't you? Tell me, what did you see?

Paul: I saw a little boy.

Craig: What little boy?

Paul: I saw your son.

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Vienna: I know why. It's because of me.

Gwen: Baby, you know nothing else seems to matter.

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