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Henry: Vienna!

Vienna: Oh, I've missed you!

Henry: What do you mean, you missed me? I've only been gone an hour and our wedding gifts seem to have doubled since then.

Vienna: Of course they have. The mail came when you were gone. Ooh, my darling, Henry, you've got your wedding shoes. Let me see.

Henry: No, you can't see them. Not until I walk down the isle. Some things are still sacred.

Vienna: Guess who's coming to our wedding?

Henry: Emma, Katie, you, me --

Vienna: Sven and Ingmar and Viggo, Isak and Bjorn!

Henry: Vikings are coming to our wedding?

Vienna: No, my brothers! They're my brothers. All five of them are coming! And Sven and Ingmar, they're bringing their families, too. So my nephews and nieces, they're going to be at our wedding and they can -- they can walk down the isle in a long, long line ahead of me.

Henry: That's lovely. How many nephews and nieces do you have?

Vienna: About 20 or so. Our family's very fertile. So, we got to get them costumes. I am going to call Sven.

Henry: Sweetie, that's a lot of people there. I didn't know we were inviting people from out of town.

Vienna: Yes we are. Our friends and business associates.

Henry: Our friends?

Vienna: So with all the people you know here and everyone I have flying in from all over the world, Oakdale is going to have the biggest wedding they've ever seen.

Cleo: It's her, I'm going to go say hi.

Jade: Wait, Cleo, you cannot go over there.

Cleo: No, I'm just going to go say hello. I mean, it's not every day that I get to meet somebody who looks so much like me. At least, I think she looks like me, even if you don't think so. What did you say that her name was again?

Jade: Listen, forget whatever her name is. Would you please just sit down?

Cleo: Gwen. That's it, her name is Gwen. You know what's really funny, though? Is that she really doesn't look like a Gwen, but you know what, a lot of people say that I don't really look like a Cleo --

Jade: Cleo, Cleo, whatever your name is, would you please just sit.

Cleo: Wouldn't it be funny, though, if her name was Cleo and my name is Gwen?

Jade: Would you please just sit?

Cleo: I can't believe it. I mean, this is just my luck. Here I am. I'm about to get back and go on a bus and go home, thinking I'm never going to be able to see my double, and then she just walks right in here. And she's so pretty. Oh my goodness. Is that her boyfriend?

Jade: No.

Cleo: Wow. I bet she wishes he was her boyfriend. He is so cute!

Jade: Cleo, Will is Gwen's husband, and I would appreciate it if you keep your voice down.

Cleo: Oh. I'm sorry, that's like the story of my life. My grandma's always telling me, "Cleo, you need to use your inside voice," but it doesn't really matter if I use my inside voice or my outside voice, because my voice always just kind of sounds exactly the same.

Jade: Okay, Cleo, you're going to have to give it your best shot, because I don't want Will and Gwen to see you here with me.

Cleo: Well, why not? You guys are friends, right?

Jade: Yeah, but --

Cleo: Oh, I get it. I was supposed to be a surprise, huh? Like a look-alike for a birthday or something.

Jade: Yeah, listen. Forget whatever it was, okay? Because it's not happening.

Cleo: I'm sorry you don't think I look like her. I guess I kind of wrecked her surprise, huh?

Jade: Yeah. Yeah, I guess you did. So it's just better if she doesn't even know you were here.

Cleo: Wait a minute. I have an idea.

Jade: Cleo. Cleo! You don't need any ideas. You need to go home. Do you have enough money for the bus ticket? What are you looking for?

Cleo: I'm looking for that printout I did of the webpage that you had. The one with my picture on it. I'm going to take it over to her and her husband and I am going to show her what a sweet friend that you really are.

Jade: No, no. You can't do that. Cleo, I mean it! Don't do that!

Cleo: I have to do it, Jade, for you.

Jade: For me?

Cleo: Listen, just because your plan didn't work out doesn't mean that you didn't try. And my grandma always says it's the thought that counts. And Jade, I think Gwen should know just how thoughtful you really are.

Casey: Look, Mom, I know that I should've talked to you about this before.

Margo: Before you had sex on my sofa?

Casey: Just, before you start yelling, could you let us get dressed?

Margo: He wants me to wait. He wants me to wait.

Casey: Just so we can get dressed.

Margo: Like you waited. Don't you move, Maddie!

Maddie: Margo, I --

Margo: I can't believe you are asking me to wait to have this conversation. You have lost the right to ask me anything, Casey, because you obviously don't respect me or my home.

Casey: I do too respect you!

Margo: If you had shown any maturity in the last couple of months, I might believe that, but you continue to disregard the -- the consequences of your actions.

Casey: I do not!

Margo: Well, then, what do you call this? You're being intimate with someone who is still in therapy for being sexually assaulted. Casey, she's not ready for this. Maddie is not prepared for something like this.

Maddie: Please, please don't blame Casey for this. I wanted to do this. Casey has been great through all of this and he has been willing to wait for as long as I needed to. And finally, I thought that the time was right. So if anybody is to blame here, it's me.

Margo: Why don't you just let me deal with Casey for now?

Casey: Fine. What do you want me to say, Mom?

Margo: Just answer me one question.

Casey: Sure, what?

Margo: Is this your only form of protection?

Casey: Well, yeah. We were gonna --

Maddie: I was gonna -- I was gonna go on the pill and then -- we were going to use condoms, too, as extra protection.

Margo: But for now, today, because you couldn't wait, this is it?

Casey: Yeah.

Margo: What is it going to take, Casey? Another unwanted pregnancy? One wasn't enough? One criminal charge wasn't enough? How many times and in how many ways are you going to continue to ruin your life?

Dusty: You want to explain this?

Alison: It's nothing. I'm just holding it for a friend.

Dusty: Is this why you're doing porn? To keep yourself jacked up on this stuff?

Emily: What are you talking about? What is that?

Alison: It's nothing.

Dusty: Nothing? Your sister's on crystal meth.

Emily: Alison, is that true?

Alison: No, it's not true! I don't use drugs.

Dusty: Are you kidding me?

Alison: I don't! Some of the people I know do, and I probably shouldn't make it easy for them, but my friend Naomi, she just -- she just shoved it in the purse before I could even say anything. I don't even know what that is.

Dusty: What are you talking about? You're high right now.

Alison: He's crazy! I'm clean. I'm totally clean! I can't believe you're being so mean! Why are you acting like I have to do drugs to do my job? There is nothing wrong with my job. I'm just an actress supporting myself.

Dusty: Oh, you're an actress, all right.

Alison: Lance is a serious producer, and he's going to start branching out and doing other films. So what I'm doing is just temporary, okay? I'm going to start working on a whole new level. And that's part of the reason why I would never do drugs, Em. You've got to believe me.

Dusty: One trip to the bathroom. She's paranoid. She's talking her head off. She's on crystal meth.

Alison: I told you, that wasn't mine. It was my friend's.

Dusty: You're high. And what does your friend, Lance, get out of it?

Alison: You know, maybe you're the one who's using. Otherwise, why else would he know so much about it?

Dusty: Because my wife had a problem with it, that's why.

Alison: You're married? And you flew out here with my sister? What's really going on between you two?

Emily: Alison, you know better than that.

Alison: Why are you getting so defensive, Em? Am I coming too close to the truth? It wouldn't be the first time you stole somebody else's husband.

Emily: Dusty's wife died, Alison. You knew that.

Alison: Jennifer. Mom told me. I'm sorry.

Emily: What's going on with you? Are you really using this stuff?

Alison: I'm just trying to make it on my own.

Dusty: Oh yeah.

Alison: Be on my own.

Dusty: Giving it all you got.

Alison: Shut up, Dusty! What business is of yours anyway? The two of you tricked me into coming here, and now you're making me feel bad for having a legitimate job? And you're calling me a drug addict?

Emily: We're trying to -- we're trying to figure out why -- why you're such a mess. I'm trying to figure out why, when you ran out of money and you had nowhere to live, you didn't call me or Mom! We are trying to help you! God, I wish you'd just talk to me. I am standing here. I will listen. I will not judge you, I swear! I want to help you!

Alison: I don't have to stay here and explain myself to either of you.

Emily: Alison --

Alison: Get your hands off me! You can't keep me here. If you make me stay here, that's kidnapping. And I swear, I'll call the cops.

Dusty: You're not going anywhere.

Cleo: I know it's in here somewhere.

Jade: Forget the post, okay? I will think of another surprise for Gwen, all right? She doesn't ever have to know about you. You really have to be getting back to the bus station. Because you don't want to miss your ride.

Cleo: Jade, it seems like you're really just trying to get rid of me.

Jade: No, I just feel like I really inconvenienced you. I mean, you traveled all this way. And if you would have just sent me a photograph, I would have --

Cleo: Okay, but just a second, all right? Now that you have both of us in the same room, look at Gwen, and the look at me. I mean, don't you think that we favor each other?

Jade: Um, yeah, you resemble each other a little more than I thought.

Cleo: I knew it! I knew that you would come around! So, why don't we just go back to your original plan and we can surprise her, just like you wanted --

Jade: No, no, I just think the timing is really, really bad. I mean, here is she, eating in a diner with her husband, and in walks your double? It would just be very creepy.

Cleo: So, you think it's going to freak her out?

Jade: Yes, exactly. Exactly. I just remembered, she's very, very sensitive, you know what I mean?

Cleo: Oh, yeah, yeah. I know exactly what you mean. I have a cousin like that. She's really sensitive, too. And there was this one time we were watching the television, and there was this cat outside, and it screeched. And she started screaming and crying and the doctors had to, like give her a sedative --

Jade: Okay. Okay, so you understand?

Cleo: Oh, yeah. I understand exactly. The timing's not right. Okay, so is there a back way out of here?

Jade: I will distract them and you can leave.

Cleo: Okay.

Jade: Okay.

Cleo: That sounds like a plan.

Jade: Okay.

Jade: Hi.

Will: What do you want, Jade?

Jade: To ask you something.

Will: What?

Jade: Why are you so rude to me?

Will: Because you're always so rude to us. Unless you want something. So what do you want?

Gwen: I mean, isn't it obvious? I'm sure you heard about Adam, that he called?

Jade: Yes, I did. I heard something about that. His mother, right? He spoke to his mother?

Will: Yeah, he called Margo just to say that he was okay. He really didn't stay on the line too long.

Jade: Did he leave a message for me?

Will: You know what, if Margo didn't let you know, then I guess not.

Jade: Yeah, well, that's fine. He was always into Gwen, anyway.

Gwen: Why do we have to run into her? You know, I'm sick of thinking about Adam. And every time I managed to put him out of my head, she comes along, and --

Will: She's just got really bad timing. Do you want to get out of here?

Gwen: Uh, no. Its fine, we already ordered.

Will: Okay. Well, do you want french fries or onion rings?

Gwen: You pick. I'm going to go wash my hands.

Cleo: Hey Jade, they didn't see me, right?

Jade: No, Cleo, you did a great job. Now, go home.

Cleo: Well, wait a minute, now that you see that I look so much like your friend, Gwen, can't we go back to the original plan A?

Jade: No. We cannot go back to the original plan A. I just realized that my friend is so sensitive and it's just -- it's not happening. It's not happening.

Cleo: But I just got here, and I have to go all the way back on the bus so soon --

Jade: Do you want to take the train? Cleo, this should be enough to get you back to Sherlock.

Cleo: Turlock.

Jade: Whatever.

Cleo: It's okay. A lot of people make that mistake. You don't have to give me your money.

Jade: Keep it. Good luck getting home.

Cleo: Thanks for everything, Jade.

Henry: All of these people are coming?

Vienna: Yes.

Henry: Well, my side, you see, is going to be a little unbalanced because I just have Katie and Maddie, and I don't know, maybe Snickers.

Vienna: Who is Mr. Snickers?

Henry: Don't worry about it. He probably won't make it anyway.

Vienna: Well, what about your family?

Henry: We're not that close. They probably won't even send presents.

Vienna: Which reminds me -- I have a little something for you.

Henry: Oh, those are beautiful. Thank you so much. That's great.

Vienna: Have I invited too many people?

Henry: I don't know. I just thought it could be a little more personal.

Vienna: Oh, so you were serious when you were saying that you only wanted our friends here in Oakdale to come?

Henry: Yeah, what's the matter with you and me and a couple of witnesses?

Vienna: Oh. Oh. Whatever you want, Henry.

Henry: Are you serious? You're going to un-invite hundreds of people?

Vienna: I have you. I don't need anyone else.

Casey: Um, Maddie's getting dressed. But what you said earlier about what Maddie's been through -- I know more than anyone what she's been through. And I would never do anything to hurt her.

Margo: You know what? I don't want to go round and round about this, because what you just did, is --is wrong in so many ways. So, when I left here, you said that you were going to study.

Casey: Yeah, Mom, I was. And then Maddie came down here -- I'm sorry! What do you want --?

Margo: Don't say that! You don't mean it anymore.

Casey: Yes, I do.

Margo: Oh, so, you're saying that it was a mistake -- that you and Maddie having --

Casey: No, I'm not going to say it's a mistake because I love her. It wasn't a mistake.

Margo: How can you be so irresponsible?

Casey: We didn't mean to be.

Margo: How do you think it makes me feel to walk in here and find you two like this?

Maddie: We weren't thinking. If we thought that you were going to walk in, we wouldn't --

Margo: You would have gone up to your room? Or to Casey's room? How long?

Maddie: I don't know --

Margo: How long have you two --

Casey: A few days.

Margo: You know, anything you say to me, I'm going to think it's a lie. So, just don't talk.

Maddie: No, he's telling the truth. It has only been a few days. I just -- I wish you can believe that this isn't all Casey's fault.

Margo: You're right, Maddie. It's not all Casey's fault. So, you're going to pay the price for Casey's latest mistake.

Casey: Wait, so you're going to punish Maddie for this, and not me -- no, what's that about --

Margo: Your father and I are responsible for Maddie --

Casey: No, I'm your son, okay? If you want to punish someone or yell at someone, yell at me --

Margo: You have to earn that trust, but obviously --

Casey: This is not fair!

Margo: No, it's not fair! Life isn't fair! You learn your lessons. Maddie, the reason that Tom and I wanted you to stay here with us is because you had become like a member of our family. And I honestly thought that you would be a good influence for Casey.

Maddie: And I tried. I tried to be good. And I tried to do the right thing. But I love Casey and if he goes to prison, we don't know how long we're going to have to be together. So, yes, okay, we were a little desperate. But if I love him, and if he loves me, then is it really that wrong?

Casey: Yeah, Mom, is it really that wrong?

Margo: What's wrong is you broke a promise that you two would not take this step. What's wrong, Maddie, is that you're not prepared to take this step. You're not prepared physically, and you're not prepared emotionally. You're still recovering from what your brother-in-law did to you.

Maddie: I didn't hurt Louis! He hurt me! Why do I have to spend the rest of my life paying for that?

Margo: Because becoming sexually active is a really big step for any young girl. This is going to hurt you so much --

Casey: Mom, I'm not going to hurt her!

Margo: Honey, if these charges stick, you may go to prison for over ten years, you don't think that is going hurt Maddie? And you don't think that hurt is going to be even more profound now that you slept together?

Maddie: We just -- we wanted something that was ours. Something that we can hold onto and have forever, no matter what.

Margo: I'm sorry, baby, you chose the wrong time. And you definitely chose the wrong place. And now I have no choice but to do what's right for my family.

Casey: Well, what do you mean?

Margo: Maddie, you got to move out.

Henry: What's wrong, Pumpkin?

Vienna: Nothing you need to worry about.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Oh, Henry, this is terrible! I was going to ask Elizabeth to be my maid of honor, and now, she's going away for a month-long cruise in the Mediterranean. And you have Katie to be your best man and I don't have anybody to be my Katie!

Henry: Okay, shh, okay, okay. I will talk to Katie. Maybe she'll reconsider it and be your maid of honor. How about that?

Vienna: Then you wouldn't have a best man. I couldn't do that to you. I love you too much.

Henry: Look, come on now. There are hundreds of women in here. Surely, somebody must be available.

Vienna: No, those women are just acquaintances. I want someone who cares about me beside me. Maybe I should ask Emma. You know, she's the closest thing I have to family here.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, you could ask Emma. But then, she's hosting our wedding at the farm, so she might be really busy with all the festivities.

Vienna: You know, this is what I love about you. You always thinking of others.

Henry: Oh, I know. I'm thinking of you know, my dearest. Because this is your day and I want it to be perfect. So, as much as I want to marry you, like I want to take my next breath. I'm willing to make a sacrifice. And if you want to wait until Elizabeth is ready, you just say the word.

Alison: You can't keep me here against my will.

Dusty: I just did.

Alison: Lance is waiting for me.

Dusty: It's going to be a long wait.

Emily: I can't believe you would willingly go back to that guy.

Alison: Lance has been great to me. He gave me a job, and he paid me more money than I've ever made in my life.

Dusty: He got you hooked on crystal meth.

Alison: I'm not hooked. I can quit any time I want.

Dusty: No, you can't. It's crystal meth. One hit, and you're hooked.

Alison: That's what I'm trying to tell you. I don't use it all the time. Just when I need a little boost.

Dusty: Well, how often is that? Every day? Every hour?

Alison: Leave me alone.

Emily: Dusty. Sweetie, listen to me. I know I haven't been there for you in the past couple of years. But I'm here for you now. Please let me help you.

Alison: How are you going to help me? I know what's been going on with you, Emily. The reason you haven't been there for me is because you're too busy going off the deep end.

Emily: Yeah, I've had some problems.

Alison: What are you going to do if I don't come home with you? Are you going to shoot me like you shot Paul? Try to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff?

Dusty: Oh, come on! This is stupid! This is enough! This isn't your sister talking. It's the drugs.

Alison: I'm not an addict, okay? Stop telling me how to run my life! My life is fine the way it is.

Dusty: Here's the deal. You're coming back to Oakdale with us, to straighten yourself out, or we're calling the police.

Alison: Would you really let him call the police on me?

Emily: I'll do whatever I can to help you, Ally. Even call the police.

Alison: I'm an adult. Porn isn't illegal.

Dusty: Possession of narcotics is.

Alison: Mom will lose it if you have me arrested.

Emily: I'm not thinking about anybody but you, Baby.

Alison: I don't want you to think about me. I don't want anything from you.

Emily: What does Lance have on you? Whatever he did to talk you into this, we will get you out of it.

Alison: But I like what I do. I don't want out of it.

Emily: You like -- don't you miss your family? Your home?

Alison: You really think I want to go back to living with you and Mom? Listening to lectures every day about how I can do nothing right?

Emily: So, you want to stay here? You want to live your life here? You would rather do that, huh? Do more drugs, make more money, lose your health, your looks, your life? I'm telling you, Ally, you stay here, you will die.

Alison: I'm happy here. And I'll be even happier once you and Dusty are gone.

Emily: Call the cops.

Alison: Wait! Okay. You win. I'll go back to Oakdale with you. For now.

Casey: Well, I wish I could at least drive you. I hate that you have to leave by yourself.

Maddie: I know, but I'd hate it even more if you tripped that alarm on your ankle bracelet and got hauled off to jail. Don't worry. We'll see each other.

Casey: I love you.

Maddie: I love you, too. And I'm really sorry that we hurt your mom. And that I have to leave. But I don't regret it. I don't regret being with you, not for a second.

Casey: I don't regret it either. Never will.

Margo: Maddie, one more thing. House keys.

Casey: Mom, why are you doing this? She's not going to sneak over here --

Maddie: It's okay.

Tom: Oh, what's going on?

Maddie: I loved living with you. And I'll miss you. All of you.

Tom: What was that about? Where's she going?

Casey: Mom caught Maddie and I having sex, so she kicked her out.

Tom: What?

Casey: Yeah. And she kicked her out, made her live with Henry in a hotel, which is not like having a home at all. Dad, please, you got to do something here.

Tom: Um, obviously. I need to make something clear with you. You seem to be still living under this false impression that there is not real threat to your future looming over you.

Casey: Whoa, whoa, I think I get that threat loud and clear --

Tom: Evidently not. So, let me tell you about house arrest. It's not a free pass. It doesn't mean you just can't leave the house, it means you can't have a job, you can't go to class, you can't have your friends waltzing in and out of here anytime you want, and you will not sleep with your girlfriend under our roof!

Will: Casey and Maddie were kind of getting hot and heavy, huh?

Gwen: Yeah, they're getting to the point of no return.

Will: Yeah, something must have happened up in Michigan. Because they're a lot closer.

Gwen: Do you mind if we -- can we change the subject?

Will: Yeah. You want to talk about hockey, baseball, football --

Gwen: You're being really patient with me.

Will: Gwen, Adam attacked you. If I hadn't been there, he could have really hurt you. So, I know that everything we do, or talk about, he's going to be on your mind for awhile.

Gwen: And that's the part I hate the most. I mean, I always loved music. And then Adam became a part of it, so now every time I think about music, I think about Adam. And with you, I have the most amazing memories with you and I love you. But every time that you touch me, I think about him.

Will: It's okay.

Gwen: I just hate it. And I really want it to stop.

Will: And it will. Eventually. I promise you that.

Gwen: You want to talk about baseball?

Gil: Gwen -- I've been trying to call you. Where have you been?

Gwen: Hey.

Will: What's up, Gil?

Gil: What's up, Will? You know I started working at Crash. Took over Casey's job.

Gwen: Oh, yeah. How's that going?

Gil: You know, it's the best job ever! Casey's grandmother? That lady is awesome!

Gwen: Yeah, I'm glad that they found somebody. I was hoping that they wouldn't have to close the club down.

Gil: Well, you know, you don't have to worry about that. Everything's going to be fine. I mean, I really hate that Casey's probably going to go to jail, or whatever. But I'm really glad I got this shot. You know what I mean? I hope that doesn't sound cold.

Will: It kind of does.

Gwen: So, what's up? What do you need from me?

Gil: Oh, I wanted to show you these flyers that Lisa had me make up. Isn't it cool that Mrs. Grimaldi lets us call her Lisa?

Will: What's the flyer for?

Gil: Uh, Gwen's next performance at Crash?

Gwen: I completely forgot about this. I don't think that I can do it.

Will: It's okay. Gil, you're just going to have to ask Lisa to find someone else.

Gil: Why?

Will: Because she can't do it.

Gil: This is my first big night at work. I mean, I can't just go back to Lisa and tell her -- Gwen, come on.

Will: Hey, all right, take it easy. She's having a rough time right now. And we've got a lot of stuff going on at home, okay?

Gil: Gwen, listen, you know you're the biggest draw. Whenever you sing, the place is packed. Lisa's counting on you. I'm counting on you.

Will: Gil, she can't do it.

Gwen: Wait, will. I made Lisa a promise, and I'm going to keep it. Something good to put in my head. Tell Lisa I'll be there, okay?

Vienna: You want our wedding day to be perfect? That's so sweet.

Henry: Aw, it's just the kind of guy I am.

Vienna: I can't believe you're willing to postpone getting married so I can have my maid of honor.

Henry: Oh, anything to please you, sweetheart. Now, you told me Elizabeth, right? She's going to be gone for a month, and then when she gets back, she'll probably have, what -- a month's worth of things to catch up at least. So, we're looking at what -- June?

Vienna: At the earliest. No, wait. No. No, I can't. I can't. I don't care if a cow and a chicken are our only witnesses. You know, nothing is going to make me wait that long to be your wife. Let's do it, Henry. Let's do it today!

[Knock on the door]

Henry: I'll be right back. Maddie! Thank God, come on in. Hey, good to see you.

Maddie: Hey, what's with the gifts?

Vienna: Well, Henry and I are getting married! We're going to be sisters!

Maddie: Okay, congratulations! When's the wedding --

Henry: Thank you so -- what's with the bag here? Are you going out of town again?

Vienna: No, no, you can't be leaving. You're going to miss our wedding.

Henry: Maddie? What's wrong?

Maddie: Margo kicked me out.

Henry: What? Why would she do that?

Maddie: She was pretty mad.

Henry: Mad about what? Was she mad because Casey followed you out of town?

Maddie: That's part of it.

Henry: What's the other part?

Maddie: She caught Casey and me.

Henry: What do you mean, she caught you and Casey? Are you guys trying to run away again?

Maddie: No.

Vienna: She caught you guys having sex!

Tom: Um, so how is he?

Margo: Oh, he's sitting up in his room, with his headphones on, completely ignoring me. Feel free to do the same.

Tom: What is that supposed to mean?

Margo: Well, I know that you think I was too harsh on Maddie, kicking her out of here.

Tom: I backed you up.

Margo: Gee, thanks.

Tom: Look, I just felt a little bad for Maddie, that's all.

Margo: You think I don't? That little girl is like a daughter to me. I went to all of her therapy sessions with her, I sat up with her when she couldn't sleep at night, but one of them had to go. And it couldn't be Casey, or he would go straight to prison. But maybe you're all right with that.

Tom: I think you might need to calm down.

Margo: Well, what if he'd done something responsible like, oh, say, follow her to the Canadian border? What if he had followed her?

Tom: I don't think he would've.

Margo: I supposed you would have been perfectly calm, cool, and collected if you walked in here and found them naked?

Tom: No, I would have probably had a heart attack. And thank you, but the way. I think this is probably the first time we've argued since my heart surgery. It kind of feels good.

Margo: Baby, I'm so scared for Casey.

Tom: Hey, so am I.

Margo: I'm such a failure. I can't get Adam to come home and I kicked Maddie out of our home. And Casey, when did he become so reckless and irresponsible? I know, I know, you don't think that we were too hard of him as a child, but I think we should have been harder on him when he was younger.

Tom: True. Casey is reckless and irresponsible. He's also kind, loving, caring -- he's smart, he's brave.

Margo: Yeah, and what's he going to be after ten years in prison?

Tom: Ours, Honey. He'll still be ours.

Henry: Sweetheart, I just want you to shut up for just a second. Because my baby sister hasn't had sex --

Vienna: My sweet darling. Look at the glow, look in her eyes. It's like she has a special secret.

Maddie: You can see that?

Henry: Maddie, tell me that Vienna's wrong, please?

Maddie: No, she's not. Casey and I slept together.

Henry: Ohh, I'm not hearing this. I'm not hearing this.

Vienna: Oh, Darling, will you calm down?

Henry: No, she's a baby!

Vienna: Oh, you Americans are such puritans when it comes to sex. Madeline, she is a grown woman now, in every sense of the word, we should celebrate! You know, Madeline, if you have any questions about anything, you just come and ask me. Because when it comes to pleasing a man, I know everything there is to know.

Maddie: Really, what kind of --

Henry: No, no, no! She's not going to ask you any question, because she's not going to do it again, right?

Maddie: Henry, I love Casey and I want to be with him.

Henry: I need a drink. I need a drink --

Maddie: And I need to ask you if it's okay if I move in with you now.

Henry: Yeah, that's fine. That's fine.

Maddie: I don't want to, you know, intrude or anything, or be in your way.

Vienna: No, no, no, you are my sister now. You would never be in my way. And besides, we're going to get you your very own room, here at the hotel, won't we, Henry?

Henry: I can't believe this is happening.

Maddie: My own room?

Vienna: Yes, and then, you can have your boyfriend come visit you --

Henry: No, no, no, no, he can't!

Maddie: Yeah, he's right. Casey's under house arrest. He can't come visit me.

Vienna: Well, you can have long phone conversations with him. Sensual, long conversations.

Maddie: Oh, that's a really good idea --

Henry: What are you -- are you trying to teach my sister how to have phone sex?

Vienna: All you have to do is just one little thing for me. Be my maid of honor.

Maddie: Okay.

Vienna: Great! That's settled! We can get married immediately!

Henry: That's great. I'll drink to that.

Dusty: If we leave now, we can catch the next flight.

Alison: I need to use the bathroom.

Dusty: Leave your purse.

Alison: Enjoy your power trip.

Emily: Well, I think we got to her in time. We just got to get her home, get her into a treatment center for drugs. And I don't know, maybe she'll go back to college. We'll fix this. We will fix this.

Dusty: What about you? Are you going to quit your night job?

Emily: I told you I quit.

Dusty: I didn't know if that was temporary or permanent.

Emily: Can we just concentrate on Alison, okay? Let's get her home, off the drugs, keep her away from that Lance guy.

Dusty: Yeah, good luck with that.

Emily: Well, what does that mean? Are you finished helping me?

Dusty: Yeah, I mean, we found your sister, so, yeah, what else do you need?

Emily: I need you to keep quiet about my other life.

Dusty: Keep quiet about your other life? You mean, your life as a prostitute --

Emily: It's over, okay? It's in the past. And Alison can never find out about it.

Dusty: Suddenly, you're ashamed?

Emily: I'm telling my sister not to do porn, while I've been sleeping with men for money? Does the word hypocrite mean anything to you?

Dusty: You are one.

Emily: Are you going to tell her or not?

Dusty: If you're going to help her get straight, of course, I'm not going to tell her.

Alison: Can I have my purse back now?

Dusty: Yeah. Ready?

Emily: I need a minute with her.

Dusty: I'll be outside.

Alison: Emily, I've got to help. I've got to get me out of here. I know Dusty made it sound like I'm a major addict, but I'm fine. Look at me. I'm totally fine.

Emily: Alison, Honey, I know what it's like to try to convince yourself that you're making all the right decisions here. Even when everyone around you is telling you you're wrong. I know what it's like.

Alison: I don't care what anybody thinks about my life.

Emily: Someday you will. You'll get beyond thinking that it's enough for people to notice you. You'll want them to respect you. Especially your children. Honey, it's okay. Think about it, we -- we will get out of Vegas and we will leave this all behind us and it will be like it never happened. Think about that, Baby. A fresh start for you.

Alison: I need to get some of my things at the apartment. Photos of you and Mom and Hal. Can we stop there before we have to go?

Emily: Yeah. Oh, God, I'm so glad I found you.

Maddie: I really like Vienna. I really -- I didn't think I would. But when I came over here, I was pretty miserable. And now, she kind of made me feel okay.

Henry: Yeah, she has that effect on people.

Maddie: Can I ask you a question?

Henry: Mm-hmm. As long as it's not about you or Casey or sex.

Maddie: Henry, are you happy?

Henry: I'm getting married.

Maddie: Yeah, I know. That happened so fast.

Henry: That's the way these things go sometimes.

Maddie: Yeah, but is this what you really want? Do you really love Vienna?

Henry: Vienna is a beautiful woman and she has everything that a man could want, even money. Plus, she loves me more than any woman ever has in my entire life. I would be a fool to pass that up.

Casey: Can I talk to you guys?

Margo: No, Casey, now is not a good time. I'm still mad at you.

Casey: Yeah, that's fine. You have every right to be.

Tom: What do you want to talk about?

Casey: Okay, I stole Will's money and I jumped bail. And I can go to jail for a lot of years, I know that. And trust me, no one is taking that more seriously than me. But I've grown up. I haven't wanted to, but I have. And that's because of Maddie.

Tom: Well, having sex with someone does not make you a man, Casey.

Casey: Yeah, Dad, I figured that out a long time ago. But what I meant about the growing up is Maddie believes in me. She believes in everything about me, and when I don't own up to that, she calls me on it. And instead of getting mad at her, like I used to, it makes me love her. Like really love her. Forever. And I know that you don't believe that.

Margo: Honey, I just want you to stay free long enough to find out.

Casey: I've made a lot of mistakes, but Maddie's not one of them. So, you can be as mad at me as you want to be, but that's not going to stop me from being with her.

Gwen: I haven't sang in a long time. We'll have to pull out some of my old charts. Do you remember where we put that box of stuff from the recording studio?

Will: Um, yeah, hall closet.

Gwen: I think I've got some old tracks in there that I can sing to.

Will: You know, you don't have to do this.

Gwen: It's too late for Lisa to find somebody else.

Will: Well, then let me go to the club, and I'll talk to Lisa for you.

Gwen: No, I don't want you to do that.

Will: So, you want to sing?

Gwen: No. But I still feel guilty for what Maddie and I did to Adam. And I'm still angry at him for what he did to me. But I hate the most is that nothing feels the same. Not you and me, nothing.

Will: Then maybe you need to give yourself more time.

Gwen: If I want my life back, I'm going to have to take it back. And I'm going to start by singing.

Jade: It's a dumb idea. Bye-bye, Cleo.

Gil: Hey, check it out. Gwen Munson, tonight at Crash.

Cleo: Excuse me? Can I have one of those?

Gil: Oh, absolutely.

Cleo: Thanks.

Gil: You new in town?

Cleo: No, just passing through.

Gil: Well, if you can, you should stick around and check it out. Gwen's the best.

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