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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/5/07

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Maddie:  I thought for sure they were going to lock you up.

Casey: Well, they kind of did.

Tom: Casey's under house arrest until the sentencing hearing.

Maddie: And then what?

Casey: We don't know.

Will: You want to light some candles?

Gwen: Yeah, sure. I'm sorry.

Will: For what?

Gwen: It's just, I thought the trouble all this time was that I was lying to you and that once I told you the truth about Adam, that I'd be okay. I mean, not okay, but you know, I'd be able to at least breathe.

Will: Gwen, he beat you up. He tried to rape you.

Gwen: Yeah, he went crazy, Will. I mean, I'd probably go crazy too if somebody buried me alive.

Will: No, there is no excuse for what he did to you. And I know that you still feel guilty for what you and Maddie tried to do to him, but --

Gwen: It's not just that. I mean, it's the lying, you giving your trust fund to my mom, running away -- all to cover up something that I should've taken responsibility for.

Will: And the reason that you feel like that makes you a good person. There is no reason to feel guilty about this. You need to let it go.

Gwen: I'm trying. It's just that something happens, like your mom showing up, that reminds me --

Will: I actually think my mom showing up was a good thing, because, you know, I wasn't sure if she was going to understand about the trust fund, but she did. She's on our side, so we got nothing to worry about. I know it's going to take time for you to calm down. I can help you with that. [Knock at the door] I'll get it. It's probably Maddie. I told her to let us know how Casey's doing.

Jade: I agreed not to tell the police about what you did to Adam, but that was before you told your mother about all of this. From now on, you are on your own.

Will: I didn't say anything to my mother.

Jade: She threatened me in front of Al’s. She made it sound like she would slit my throat if I did anything to spoil your happy little marriage.

Will: You know, I feel sorry because I know what it's like to have my mom go crazy on you, but she was just threatening you. She's not going to hurt you. She wants to make sure you're not going to talk to the police. She was protecting us.

Jade: She was protecting you from me? Maddie tries to kill your brother and your wife covers it up, and I'm dangerous?

Will: Jade, you locked Casey and I in the store while Adam tried to have his way with Gwen.

Jade: Yeah, well, I didn't know he was going to do any of that. He told me that he just wanted to talk to them.

Will: Well, whatever. Point is, you go to the cops, then we go to the cops.

Gwen: Barbara shouldn't have threatened you, but the fact is, hey, you could ruin things for us and we're hoping that you won’t.

[Phone rings]

Will: Yeah?

Maddie: Will, hey, its good news so far. Casey's home. He has one of those ankle bracelet thingies on, so he can't leave the house, but at least he's not in jail.

Will: Yeah, I guess that's good news. So can we come see him?

Maddie: Hey, can you have visitors?

Casey: I don't see why not.

Maddie: Sure, come on over.

Will: Casey's home.

Gwen: They let him come home?

Will: Yeah, he's under some kind of house arrest. We should go see him.

Jade: Yeah, maybe when you go visit him, you can decide to pick up some pointers the next time you whack somebody.

Gwen: You know what? I'm sorry, but nobody decided anything. Adam was attacking me, and when he did it again, you were there and you tried to stop him!

Jade: That does not justify what you did to him.

Gwen: No, it doesn't and I'm not proud about it, but it's over, all right? Adam is alive and I would really appreciate it if we could just move on!

Jade: I'm sure you would, but things don't work that way, Gwen, and you are going to get what's coming to you when you least expect it.

Dusty: $32,000?

Emily: Cash.

Dusty: Did you make that on your back?

Emily: No, sometimes I was on top.

Dusty: I'm not really interested.

Emily: You want more?

Dusty: I don't want any of the money you made as a prostitute, that's for sure.

Emily: You've never been with a pro, Dusty?

Dusty: Why are you so worried about your sister? Maybe she enjoys control, like you.

Emily: Alison has no control. Don't you understand? That DVD could end up anywhere.

Dusty: Let's get back to the 32 grand. At your rate, that's over 30 guys.

Emily: Or five guys who came back for more.

Dusty: Well, there you go, you've got happy customers.

Emily: Let me just consider it my retirement fund a little early. Is that pure enough for you?

Dusty: Good luck, I'll see --

Emily: My sister is being held against her will, okay? She's an innocent kid. She's been forced to do things that I don't want to think about, but I have to because she's my sister! Now, maybe you can live with yourself knowing that, but I sure as hell can't!

Katie: Of course I want Henry to be happy, but does it have to be with Vienna?

Jack: What are you talking about? She's perfect for him. I'm serious. Hey, like it or not, henrys’ a party animal. He's always at a bar or a nightclub or at the track, and he's never really held a real job or had a career, besides resident card shark. And she's rich, so she can foot the bills and share his barstool. She loves that. The nightlife, getting dressed up, going out, making the scene --

Katie: Remind me again why you're my friend?

[Jack laughs]

Katie: No, you're right. It's just --

Jack: Hard, I know.

Katie: So you're at peace with everything, with Carly out there robbing banks with Simon or whatever the hell they're

Jack: Well, I hope they're not robbing banks, Katie, and no, I'm not at peace with any of it.

Katie: I'm sorry, that's not fair. Ugh, I can't even think of Mike with someone else without getting sick. [Katie sighs] All right, what am I doing? I should be helping Henry with this wedding. I should be out buying bunting.

Jack: Bunting?

Katie: No, you're right. First things first -- we don't even know where we're having this wedding.

Jack: The farm, I thought.

Katie: Yeah, I know, but where -- the orchard, the barn, the parlor?

Jack: Since I know the layout, how about we go grab a bite and we talk about it?

Katie: Al's?

Jack: We're getting two sides of fries this time.

Katie: Oh, what kind of friendship is this gonna be? You're not even going to let me have my illusions?

Jack: Just the ones that work for me.

Katie: Yeah, like you and me planning a wedding where neither of us have ever had a successful one?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Hey, I'm great at weddings. Carly and I -- we walked down the aisle or we tried to how many times? I forget.

Katie: Yeah, me too. No more talk about exes though, okay?

Jack: Deal.

Katie: Just cakes, candles and caterers.

Jack: Okay, Katie, carry on.

Vienna: Tell him what happened?

Brad: You sure? I mean, most men would rather not know.

Henry: Yeah, I'm one of them.

Vienna: But nothing happened. You left to buy that gorgeous ring and then he came and knocked on the door with an inferior bottle of champagne.

Brad: That hurts. I spent a lot of money on that champagne.

Vienna: And I thought it was you, so I went to open the door -- you know how you keep forgetting your key -- only it was him and he barged in and he tried to make love to me --

Henry: Oh, I don't need the blow by blow.

Vienna: No, but it's all true! Tell him, Brad! Tell him how I tried to push you away and we fell on the bed!

Brad: There is nothing like a soft landing.

Vienna: But nothing happened! Tell him! If you don't tell him the truth, I will call -- I swear, I will call Katie and tell her what you've done!

Brad: Oh, whoa, Katie! Oh, yeah, hey, got me licked. I confess, Henry. She's right. Nothing happened, yet.

Vienna: And nothing will happen because I love -- I love Henry and Henry loves me and we are getting married! Right, Henry? You believe me, don't you?

Brad: Sure he believes you, he's in love.

Vienna: Don't use a word you don't understand. Henry and I are engaged.

Brad: Henry, let me be the first to congratulate you. Job well done. You took a world-class flirt off the market.

Vienna: I am not a flirt.

Brad: No, no, not anymore, now that you're taken. You know, Henry, I don't know how you did it and I mean that sincerely. I really do. When I first met Vienna, I mean, I got to admit, I was a little intimidated. I mean, look at her. She's gorgeous and rich. She's been with movie stars. I mean, I think her last boyfriend was like a count or prince or --

Vienna: He was a prince, except he wasn't a prince.

Brad: You see?

Vienna: Henry is the only man who has really, really understood me.

Brad: You believe that, Henry? I mean, come on, you really believe that? I mean, not that you aren't a real interesting guy. I'm sure if I dug deep down, I would find a thing or two that would hold my interest, but, oh, man, let's be honest here. You're you and Vienna’s made the rounds, but hey, if you two got it going on, who am I to argue, right?

Vienna: Made the rounds? How dare you! Hit him, Henry.

Henry: Hit him?

Vienna: Yes, hit him. He just called me a slut. You have to defend my honor. En garde, Brad!

Brad: Whoo, whaw! I admire you, Henry, willing to die for the woman that you love.

Henry: Die?

Brad: Whaw!

Vienna: You're the one who's going to suffer, Brad, for your insolence. Any time you're ready, Henry.

Brad: My insolence?

Vienna: Any time you're ready, Henry, before he breaks something, quick.

Henry: Hey, I'm sorry. This is just not my style, okay?

Brad: See, that's the spirit. What do we say we shake hands?

Vienna: Shake on what?

Brad: Huh? May the best man win?

Vienna: Well, the best man has already won.

Henry: Why don't you get out of here, Brad, before I call security?

Vienna: Yeah, take that, you cad.

Brad: Cad? Okay, all right, you know what, Henry? No hard feelings. You definitely have your hands full.

Vienna: He is so obnoxious.

Henry: He certainly got a rise out of you.

Vienna: You're mad at me.

Henry: No, at you? No, I can never be mad at you, no.

Vienna: Then, what is it?

Henry: Let's not spoil this, okay? We've had a great time, but Brad has a point -- you are way out of my league.

Vienna: No, no, don't be ridiculous. You're a gentleman.

Henry: According to whom?

Vienna: I don't care how many titles a man has. If he's a bore, he's a bore, and Dali -- he was the most selfish man I've ever met in my entire life. It was all about him. He even used to watch himself in the mirror when we were --

Henry: Yeah, that's overshare, overshare, overshare, Sweetheart.

Vienna: But you are -- are wonderful and generous and caring and loving --

Henry: I know, I know, I make a great best friend.

Vienna: No, I don't need a best friend, I need a husband -- you. Now, give me that ring.

Henry: Yeah, why not? You paid for it.

Vienna: Aren't you going to put it on my finger?

Henry: Oh, Honey, I'm crazy about you, but this is never gonna work. The wedding is off.

Vienna: No, wait! Henry, come back! I won't let you! No, Henry! Henry?

Katie: I will have the chef salad.

Waitress: Dressing on the side?

Katie: Yes, please. Thank you.

Jack: Burger, medium, two orders of fries.

Waitress: You say two orders?

Jack: Of fries, yeah. I'm hungry.

Waitress: You got it.

Jack: Thank you.

Katie: Such a gentleman.

Jack: Yeah, that's me. So, how many people do you think are going to be invited to this wedding?

Katie: Well, you were at the party they threw the other night.

Jack: So we're talking you, me and Brad?

Katie: That would be sad.

Jack: Yeah, right.

Katie: No, I think a few more people. I'm sure Maddie and maybe Casey, Tom, Margo, Emma, Lisa --

Jack: A dozen people, give or take, so we can have it just about anyplace.

Katie: Yeah, I was thinking the barn, maybe. It might be kind of quaint.

Jack: I can't see Vienna in the barn. I mean, it's clean and everything, but it's got a strong sense of horse. I remember when Carly and I got married in Montana --

Katie: No, no, no. No talk about exes, remember?

Jack: Sorry. Sorry, I was just remembering the barn smell, a rather pungent smell. Not that anybody cared, but Vienna might.

Katie: Yeah, Vienna might. Henry? Henry? Are you okay?

Henry: Hey, sorry. I didn't see you guys over there.

Katie: What's going on? Why don't you come join us?

Henry: I don't want to rain on your parade.

Jack: What happened, Henry?

Katie: You were supposed to give Vienna the ring that we picked out.

Henry: Yeah, that was the plan.

Katie: So what happened?

Henry: Well, what happened is I went home and found her in bed with Brad.

Jack/Katie: What?

Henry: Yeah, so it just sort of sucked the air out of the old balloon, you know?

Katie: Oh Henry, I'm so sorry.

Henry: Don't be, don't be. It's for the best. I don't know who I'm kidding. I can't keep a woman like Vienna happy, so I'm just gonna quit while I'm ahead.

Jade: Luke! Luke! Hey, why are you ignore me? Luke, I -- oh, oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were somebody else.

Luke look-a-like: I could be for a pretty girl like you.

Jade: Maybe another time.

Luke: Oh, hey, Jade.

Jade: Hey. The weirdest thing just happened. Did you see that guy?

Luke: Yeah.

Jade: He looked exactly like you. I mean, he could've been your twin.

Luke: Lucky man.

Jade: No, no, I'm serious.

Luke: So am I.

Jade: How do you do that? I am in a terrible mood and you're always cheering me up.

Luke: Oh, you know, it's just me and my doppelganger.

Jade: Your what?

Luke: My twin. You know that saying that everyone has a twin out there somewhere?

Jade: Oh, God, that is a really scary thought. Can you imagine it -- two Gwens, two Maddies?

Luke: Well, you know what? I always wanted a twin when I as little, somebody that I could blame for everything, like, "It wasn't me, Mom. I didn't eat all the apple pie, it was him."

Jade: With my luck, she'd probably get all the credit and I'd get all the blame.

Luke: Well, then you'd just have to train her.

Jade: What do you mean?

Luke: To do your dirty work. You know, my twin would be mucking out the stables and taking all my calculus exams, but then I guess I'd have to pay him because even twins wouldn't work for free.

Jade: Yeah, but it could be worth it. You could get away with almost anything.

Luke: Or you could get into a lot of trouble.

Jade: You or somebody else?

Will: So how's he doing?

Maddie: Good. I mean, we know it's not over, but at least he's home. Case!

Casey: Hey.

Will: Hey.

Casey: Thanks for stopping by.

Will: Yeah, so tell us what happened?

Casey: Well, this is what happened and I have to call twice a day.

Gwen: That looks really uncomfortable.

Casey: It's a lot more comfortable than a jail cell.

Will: Yeah, we really appreciate you taking the hit like this.

Casey: No, no, no, hey, I did what I did and now I'm paying for it, and apparently they don't take plastic. Not really funny, huh?

Tom: Ah, so what's this?

Casey: Dad, Gwen and Will just stopped by to say hi.

Will: We just wanted to see how he was doing.

Gwen: Yeah, I was actually wondering if they'd let him serve the sentence here at home instead of going to prison.

Tom: Thought you'd just stop by and it'd be like old times?

Will: No, we were just concerned.

Tom: Well, you should be. See, Casey committed a felony. He stole $10,000 worth of bonds, vandalized his grandmother's club, lied to his family and the court, left jurisdiction for reasons yet unknown, and I've heard the story in all its versions and let me tell you what I think -- I think it's a crock. So while you guys are standing around, congratulating yourselves for putting one over on the court, let me tell you this -- in all the years that I've practiced being an attorney, I've never seen anyone get away with it.

Gwen: With what?

Tom: With anything.

Dusty: How do you know your sister's being held against her will?

Emily: I tracked down the producer of the film. He said that Alison wasn't the girl in the film, but I know he's lying.

Dusty: How?

Emily: Because when I got home, I called him and I told him that if he ever runs into Alison, to tell her that her mother is very sick. Well, wouldn't you know that Alison called my mother five minutes later?

Dusty: Okay, so it proves he knows her.

Emily: It proves he was lying. She's the girl in the movie.

Dusty: What did she say to your mother?

Emily: Nothing -- nothing. That she's between jobs, between apartments.

Dusty: Did your mom buy it?

Emily: My mother was happy just to hear her voice. Her whole face lit up.

Dusty: So you were there? Did you speak to her as well?

Emily: No. No, the minute Alison knew that my mother wasn't sick, she hung up.

Dusty: Well, if she had a problem, wouldn't she tell your then?

Emily: I can't leave her out there, Dusty, knowing what I know. She's a kid. She's a little kid. She's got her whole future ahead of her.

Dusty: And you don't?

Emily: Don't do this, okay? I don't need a lecture from you now. I need your help.

Dusty: Wait a second.

Emily: Just -- just leave me alone, okay? Just go away.

Dusty: If you need help, I'll help you.

Emily: Why?

Dusty: Why?

Emily: Why?

Dusty: Because I care about your sister. I don't want anything bad to happen to her.

Emily: Thank you. Thank you.

Dusty: Okay, so you think your sister is being held against her will someplace. After the calls you made today, they're going to know you're onto her.

Emily: Oh, God, I didn't think of that. What if they do something to her? Maybe we should call the police or something.

Dusty: And tell them what? Tell them what, that your sister phoned home? You said the producers have an office in Vegas?

Emily: Mm-hmm, right off the strip.

Dusty: How long does it take you to pack?

Emily: Pack? I never unpacked. I just got home an hour ago.

Dusty: Good, let's go to Vegas.

Emily: Now?

Dusty: Yeah, we can catch the last flight.

Emily: It's late, everything's closed.

Dusty: Let's hope so. Come on.

Luke: So why the look?

Jade: What look?

Luke: That look you get whenever you're up to something.

Jade: I'm just thinking about that twin thing. Do you really think it's true that there's somebody out there who looks just like me or anybody else?

Luke: Didn't we just go down this road?

Jade: What are you talking about?

Luke: Like when I first met you. Okay, you were my cousin, then you weren't, then you were. [Cell phone rings] Oh. Yeah, Dad. She what? Okay, I'll be right there.

Jade: What's up?

Luke: I have to go.

Jade: Wait, wait, wait, what's up?

Luke: It's Faith. She just keeled over.

Jade: Oh, my God. Is she okay?

Luke: She says she is, but my dad is obviously worried. He said it's because she's not eating.

Jade: Okay, well, I want to go with you.

Luke: No, no, no, no. It's okay, just --

Jade: No, no, she's my cousin. I should be with her. I still feel bad about not being there when Ethan was sick.

Luke: No, why don't you just stay here and I'll call you if something happens, because maybe my mom needs you to pick something up or something.

Jade: Okay. All right, call me. Hmm, a twin. It could work.

Gwen: Mr. Hughes, we know what we did and that Casey's the one taking the fall.

Tom: What you did?

Casey: By taking Maddie with them on spring break. That's why I followed them and I'll accept whatever punishment they give me.

Will: Yeah, and we just wish there was something we could do because we feel responsible.

Tom: Look, I don't know what happened up in those woods, but I can tell you this -- sometimes what may seem like an adventure can come back to haunt you.

Casey: Yeah, we know, Dad, and it will never happen again.

Tom: Well, I hope you're right, because one of these days, your luck's going to run out.

Gwen: He knows that we're lying.

Casey: You know, even if he does, it doesn't matter. He's got his hands full with me right now. I plead guilty, it's over. We move on.

Will: We should go.

Casey: All right, I'd walk you out, but --

Maddie: You'd set off every alarm from here to Bay City.

Casey: Yeah.

Will: Here, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Casey: Good seein' you, man.

Gwen: Bye, guys.

Maddie: I'm really proud of you.

Casey: Oh, yeah?

Maddie: Yeah.

Casey: Then it's worth it.

Katie: What exactly happened? You went to buy Vienna the ring, you came back and she and Brad --

Henry: Were in bed together.

Jack: Oh.

Katie: I cannot believe he would go after your fiancée like that. That is just so --

Jack: Brad.

Katie: Yeah, it is him. Are you sure that Vienna was buying what --

Jack: What he was selling?

Henry: Yeah, she said that nothing happened and that she just tripped and he happened to fall on her.

Jack: That's classic Brad, though. You gotta believe her, Henry.

Henry: It doesn't matter what happened or didn't happen, okay? The fact is I am no match for the Brads of this world.

Katie: Oh, come on, Henry. You're a million times better than Brad Snyder.

Henry: You may think that and Vienna may even think that, but what about the Brads that are CEOs or making movies or don't have to work at all, better yet. I can't compete with that.

Katie: She loves you.

Henry: You loved me too and look how that turned out.

Katie: That was different and I still love you.

Henry: Yeah, just not that way. Look, this is what I learned from you, okay? I am a girl's best friend and that is not going to satisfy a woman like Vienna. Sooner or later, someone like Brad is just gonna come along.

Katie: And she will be smart enough to kick him to the curb. I know you've had your share of disappointments, Henry, and it's made you a little gun-shy, but Vienna’s all over you all the time.

Henry: Okay, I can let her have her way with me as long as it lasts, but it won’t. Brad proved that.

Katie: Oh, this is all my fault. I was giving Brad a hard time at the studio today. He kept going on and on about how he was irresistible, and I said that Vienna had no problem resisting him.

Jack: Like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Katie: Exactly, so he started saying that he could get her back anytime he wanted.

[Jack scoffs]

Katie: It is all my fault. I goaded him into doing this to you.

Jack: You are not to blame for my brother being a jerk.

Waitress: Here we go.

Jack: Great, yeah, what do I owe you?

Katie: Wait, you're not going to stay and eat?

Jack: No, I gotta go take care of a little something. I wouldn't worry about Brad, Henry. He's not going to be a problem.

Maddie: There is a Fred Astaire movie on at 11:00 and a Humphrey Bogart after that.

Casey: Nice, nice.

Maddie: Hi.

Tom: Hi. I'm going to head up. Your mom still at the station?

Casey: Yeah, I just talked to her about an hour ago.

Maddie: Good night.

Tom: Okay, listen, don't stay up all night. This is house arrest, not a slumber party.

[Maddie laughs softly]

Maddie: Mmm, no, your dad --

Casey: -- Is gonna be out cold in, like, five minutes. We've got the house to ourselves.

Maddie: Okay, I -- I am pretty sure when your parents pleaded with the judge to let you come home, it wasn't so you and I could hook up.

Casey: No, but that's why I pleaded with him. Besides, the only time I feel good is when I'm next to you. It keeps my mind off what could happen down the line, and my parents might not approve, but they're not stupid. My dad knew what was going on.

Maddie: You think?

Casey: Guarantee it, so your room or mine?

Maddie: Mmm, mine, in an hour.

Casey: All right.

Gwen: Wow, for somebody who is not hungry --

Will: Well, it's cold out, and Mabel’s Red Hots? Those are good. What's that?

Gwen: I don't know. It's not mine. It's pretty.

Jade: It's mine. I must've dropped it when I was here earlier.

Will: You know, you could've called.

Jade: Yeah, right, like you would've picked up. Trust me, I didn't want to see you just as much as you didn't want to see me.

Will: Okay, well, you got what you came for, so have a good night.

Jade: Perfect.

Katie: You know, when Mike left me, I couldn't really eat for days.

Henry: Yeah, well, Vienna was not the great love of my life. Besides, she ate my breakfast. She's cute. I'm trying to forget that. Excuse me? Hey, hey, thanks. Could I get another burger -- make it a cheeseburger with some bacon and some fries and then a mocha milkshake and a slice of apple pie.

Katie: Since when do you drink mocha milkshakes?

Henry: Vienna makes them, actually. She takes the coffee from breakfast and throws in a couple pieces of chocolate, then half a glass of milk.

Katie: Ooh, and she can cook, too. Who knew? You want to marry her, Henry.

Henry: I don't want to marry anyone, Katie.

Katie: You want to marry her. Stop denying it.

Henry: Look, okay. Do I enjoy the attention and the sex and the money? Yes, of course. What man wouldn't?

Katie: You enjoy the mocha milkshakes and the pillow talk, which I'm sure is very juicy considering all the jet- setting she's done.

Henry: Yes, she's fun. What do you want me to say? She smells good, too.

Katie: And you want to marry her.

Henry: Okay, all right, fine, say I want to marry her. Fine, Katie. What then? She catches the eye of some professional linebacker or a senator. Better yet, another prince, and then she's off, and I'm left just a bleeding wreck and it takes me two years to drink myself back to sanity and another year to hold a pool cue and another five years to bluff. I've got my career to think about here. It's not worth it.

Katie: Henry, listen to me. I know what it's like to lose someone. It hurts really bad, but I would never take away any minute that I had of any relationship, because it's not about the pain, it's about feeling alive and sharing that feeling with someone. You know, Vienna’s not my favorite person, but I'm starting to see that she does care about you, and you obviously care about her. You guys have a lot in common. She likes to get dressed up and drink champagne, go out and gamble. I think you two were meant for each other. So just take the risk, okay? It doesn't matter how long it lasts, it's worth it.

Henry: You'll be there for me when she walks out?

Katie: You know I will. Go on. Come on.

Henry: All right, all right.

Katie: Go get her, tiger.

Henry: Tiger? Thanks.

Jack: Get up. Get up.

Brad: Whoa, man! I mean, that was -- that was rude, that was just rude.

Jack: Yeah, well, why haven't you been answering your phone, Brad?

Brad: 'Cause I was taking a nap. You know, I mean, I'm a TV star now. I gotta start thinking about my looks. Can't be dragging dark circles, you know, in front of the camera.

Jack: Yeah.

Brad: Especially with this contest comin' up. Hey, hey, hey, you know what? You know, we should have you on the show, yeah! We should have you on the show and you should, you know, tell the folks how fun it is to have me under foot.

Jack: Yeah, that sounds like a barrel of laughs.

Brad: No, folks are lovin' it! They're lovin' it! We've already had, like, 1,000 responses -- 1,000 families want to have me and Katie over to their home, you know, to do a little chore for them.

Jack: What do the losers get?

Brad: Oh, man, there are no losers, not in my world, Jack. All right, so -- all right, you wanted to get a hold of me.

Jack: Yeah, I wanted to give you a message from Henry.

Brad: Ugh!

Brad: What the hell is your problem, man?

Jack: Get up.

Brad: Ow!

Jack: You trying to muscle in with somebody's fiancée?

Brad: Ow, man!

Jack: Not nice, not nice at all.

Brad: No, it was a joke! It was just a joke!

Jack: Henry didn't think it was funny!

Brad: Well, I can't -- ahh! I can't help it if he doesn't have a sense of humor!

Jack: I'm thinking of all the women and their boyfriends out there who are gonna thank me, Brad. Think of this as an intervention. The next time I'm gonna get serious.

Brad: And this is your business because?

Jack: Because Henry’s a friend of mine!

Brad: And I'm your brother!

Jack: Exactly, so the next time you let me down, I'm not gonna go so easy on you!

Brad: Man, I was just trying to prove a point.

Jack: What, that you're a jackass? Case closed.

Brad: No, come on, man! You really see Vienna with a man like that? I mean, really.

Jack: No, but she sees herself with him.

Brad: I don't have anything against Henry, all right? He's a nice guy, but nice guys finish last, especially in Vienna’s world.

Jack: Yeah, and idiots get black eyes.

Brad: You gave me a black eye? You gave me -- you are so lucky you have a gun! Oh!

Katie: Oh! Oh, don't worry, Brad, the makeup people here have plenty of experience with shiners, and if they can't cover it up, I'll just go solo.

Brad: Ice! I need some -- I need some ice! You --

Jack: Well, I did my part.

Katie: And Henrys’ on his way over to make up with Vienna.

Jack: Outstanding.

Henry: Vienna? Oh.

Vienna: Don't ever do that to me again. I never thought you were coming back.

Henry: What? And leave my lucky shoes? Not on your life. Hey.

Vienna: Are those for me?

Henry: Yeah, yeah, these are yellow because I'm a coward, and roses because you smell so good.

Vienna: Are we getting married?

Henry: Yeah, if that's what you want.

Vienna: Of course I want it. But you have to want it too or it won't work.

Henry: You really want to marry me?

Vienna: Yes, I do.

Henry: You put the ring on?

Vienna: Because I knew you were coming back.

Henry: Did you? Then what's with all the tears and everything?

Vienna: In case you weren’t.

Henry: That's my girl, always hedging your bets.

Vienna: It's a beautiful stone.

Henry: You bought it.

Vienna: Well, you picked it out and that's what counts. Don't ever do that again to me, ever.

Henry: Buy you a ring?

Vienna: No, walk out on me like that.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Do you know how it feels to watch someone you love just walk away from you?

Henry: Yeah, I do.

Gwen: It just doesn't seem fair, Casey taking the blame.

Will: Casey's taking the blame for jumping bail and stealing the bonds, which you had nothing to do with. And as far as Adam’s concerned, Maddie didn't kill him, and apparently burying him alive didn't hurt him, so let's just stop worrying about him, all right, at least until tomorrow?

Gwen: Deal.

Will: Okay.

Waitress: You going to want cream with that?

Jade: No, I'm good, thanks.

Waitress: Okay.

[Jade posts an ad on the internet looking for a someone who looks like Gwen]

Emily: See? That's her.

Dusty: Maybe.

Emily: Dusty, I know my sister. It's her.

Dusty: She's changed.

Emily: Yeah, of course she's changed. She's been forced to do porn movies. What are doing? What are you looking for?

Dusty: Look at all these films. There's got to be a record here.

Emily: What, do you think Alison gave them her social security number or something?

Dusty: I don't see her name.

Emily: Just give this to me, just give me the light.

Dusty: Relax, it's alphabetical. I don't see any Alison Stewarts.

Emily: It's Jody. Jody -- that's the name. The producer said the girl's name was Jody. It's Alison. I know it, I know it.

Dusty: Okay, all right.

Emily: Okay, all right, what? What does that mean? We got a book full of aliases -- no numbers, no addresses? What the hell are we gonna do?

Dusty: I guess we're gonna have to get into the porn industry.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns --"

Maddie: I'm not going back in, either, until you tell me what's wrong.

Gwen: It's me and Will.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Dusty: Hi, Alison. Long time, no see.

Brad: So, you want Katie and me to come to your hometown and do a chore for you? Then tell us why.

Katie: Send your response to and follow the on-screen instructions to enter. If you're chosen, Brad and I will show up on your doorstep and do our thing -- oh, and we also have a $5,000 check for you.

Brad: So all entries must be received by April 12th. So, hurry up and get to your computers. You'll be glad you did.

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