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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/4/07

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Katie: I just think we should be looking at this from the perspective of a person winning the contest. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't winning the contest be something they would actually like to have happen?

Brad: You're explaining the contest to me? I'm the one who came up with the idea. I mean, I'm the one who nursed it through development.

Katie: Development? Shouting out, "Hey, let's have a contest" is not exactly a development.

Brad: Now you're going to tell me how to produce it?

Katie: All I'm saying is that me showing up with a nice bottle of champagne says festive. You showing up with a six-pack of beer, says hey, our brother-in-law lost his job again.

Brad: Well, I don't want to seem high-fluted.

Katie: You don't ever, ever, ever, have to worry about that. You'll never even have to worry about seeming medium-fluted.

Brad: Okay, okay, I get your point. We'll do it my way.

Katie: We always do it your way!

Jack: Hey, you two, do I have to give you both a time out?

Brad: Oh, great. I get a lecture in stereo now.

Jack: No, actually, I came here to talk to Katie.

Brad: No, no, we are in the middle of a meeting, okay? And where's your professionalism?

Katie: I cannot believe that you two are from the same gene pool.

Jack: I can't believe that myself.

Katie: What's going on?

Jack: I wanted to talk to you about Henry.

Katie: Really?

Jack: Yeah, I've been thinking about how upset you were about Henry and I think I might have come up with an idea of how you can smooth things over.

Katie: After everything that you're going through right now, you have time to think about me and Henry?

Jack: Well, yeah, you were crying. I don't like it when anybody cries, about anything --

Katie: Okay, so what's your idea?

Jack: Well, Emma agreed to let Henry and Vienna have the ceremony at the farm. I thought maybe you could give Henry the news, kind of like an olive branch type deal.

Katie: Nice.

Brad: Are you guys talking about Vienna marrying Henry?

Katie: Gosh. I thought I was having a private conversation over here with your brother.

Brad: Okay, well, just don't waste time on a bunch of wedding stuff. Because I have decided that they are not going to get married. I think it's a really bad idea.

Vienna: Darling, there you are. I've been so worried.

Henry: Worried?

Vienna: Yes, whenever you're out of my sight, I keep thinking about all those beautiful women who throw themselves at you -- tempting you.

Henry: Yeah, that's my lot in life.

Vienna: I know you're hiding something. And more than that, I know exactly what it is.

Henry: You do?

Vienna: Mm-hmm. And I think it's very, very, very sweet, although, you shouldn't be doing that type of shopping all by yourself.

Henry: Huh?

Vienna: Okay. You can take it out and slip it on my finger.

Henry: You know what, I don't think we're on the same page.

Vienna: Of course, we are. Open the box, and put it on my finger.

Henry: Okay. Do you want jelly or powdered sugar?

Emily: I got your message. What, are you and my mother double-teaming me or something?

Dusty: Why don't you sit down?

Emily: Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Dusty: I want to talk to you.

Emily: Talk to me or tell me off?

Dusty: I need you to listen. For once, okay?

Emily: What is it? What's wrong?

Dusty: Craig Montgomery has taken over Worldwide. And I've quit.

Lily: This is just a very, very creepy feeling, to look over the last couple of months, thinking I'm making decisions, living my life -- and Craig was manipulating me the whole time.

Meg: Yeah, that is a very creepy feeling.

Lily: All he said was he was just looking for Johnny and Lucy -- but the way he talked to me, the things he said, the way he went after my mother -- it feels a lot more like revenge.

Meg: Yeah, Craig doesn't ever have one reason for doing something.

Lily: He enjoyed it. He enjoyed it, like it was a game.

Meg: Yeah, we're all on his chess board, and he decides the moves.

Lily: I trusted him. I am a fool. I am a fool.

Meg: Lily, you were worried about Faith. You have a family, a new job, a new baby --

Lily: I will not use my family as an excuse.

Meg: No, no, that's not what I mean. Craig just has this -- this genius for sniffing out someone's vulnerability and using it against them.

Lily: Yeah, he wouldn't been able to do that if I -- it's just all my fault. It's all my fault.

Meg: Hey, hey, are you okay?

Lily: To think what I've done to my family. It's Holden.

Meg: Good.

Lily: No, no, this is -- how am I going to face him after everything that I've done?

Holden: It's going to be okay.

Lily: I'm sorry. I'm so --

Holden: You know what? You got sandbagged, it happens. But I'll tell you this, you and I, we are a lot stronger than Craig Montgomery.

Meg: He's right, you know.

Holden: How's Lucinda taking all this?

Lily: Terrible. She's furious. Furious with me.

Holden: Okay, you know what? I think it's time we start putting this family back together again. I'm going to call your mother.

Lily: No. No, no, no, you can�t. You can�t. You can't do it.

Holden: Lily, how many times have you and your mother fought and made up?

Lily: No, please, you can�t. You can't talk to her. You just can�t.

Holden: Okay, we don't call Lucinda.

Lily: Thank you.

Holden: Not right now. She came down on you pretty hard, huh? Well, of course, she never made any mistakes in her life, right?

Lily: No, my mother has every right to be furious with me. She lost something she has worked her entire life for.

Holden: Lily, your mother and Craig, they've been going at it for years and unfortunately, you got caught in the middle.

Lily: No!

Holden: Yes! In a million years, you would never do anything to hurt a child. You were used and Lucinda, she's kicking you while you're down.

Lily: You don't know why.

Holden: Okay, why? What is it that I don't know?

Meg: Why don't I go see how Faith is doing --?

Lily: No, please stay. Please? Meg has been great while you've been gone. And things haven't gone very well.

Holden: Yeah, I know that. Lily, what is it that you're not telling me?

[Lily remembering]

Lucinda: What are you doing?

Lily: Getting rid of the rest of the pills.

Holden: Lily? What is it?

Meg: Faith started throwing up again.

Holden: Oh, Man. I knew it. I knew I shouldn't have gone.

Meg: I don't think that would have changed anything.

Holden: I'm sorry that I wasn't here. You know what? I need to talk to her.

Lily: No, no, not right now. She's terrified that you're going to be angry with her.

Holden: I'm not angry, just frustrated.

Meg: Well, it looks like the same thing to Faith.

Holden: So, what do we do? I thought we had this under control. What happened?

Meg: This morning, I found her outside of Al's. And she was telling me she wasn't feeling well and then begged me not to tell Lily.

Lily: And then she begged me not to tell you.

Holden: What set it off this time?

Lily: I don't know.

Meg: You know, there's been a lot of stress.

Lily: Right.

Meg: Ethan was sick. She could have absorbed that.

Holden: I don't understand this. I don't understand why she's doing this. And she's keeping it all a secret.

Lily: I told her she can't do that. I said this family cannot have any secrets.

Faith: Why did you tell them, you fake? Why don't you tell him about yourself?

Jack: Okay, you don't want Henry and Vienna to get married, so you've decided you're not going to let them?

Brad: It wouldn't be right.

Katie: You're jealous. Because she dumped you.

Brad: She did not dump me.

Katie: And now she's in love with Henry, so you're jealous.

Brad: Jealous of him? Please. No, I am just worried about the poor girl, okay? It is obvious that she's circling the drain.

Jack: Yes, it's obvious.

Brad: You know, she couldn't have me, so she's marrying him. Can you spell rebound?

Jack: R-e-b-o-u-n-d --

Katie: There have been times, and people, who have thought me self-centered. But you make me look like Mother Teresa.

Brad: I'm just using common sense, Guys. I mean, it's a known fact that you shouldn't make major decisions when you're in mourning.

Katie: Oh, Vienna is mourning the loss of you?

Brad: Yeah, well, I mean, why else you think she would marry that --

Katie: That?

Brad: That --

Katie: That really great, really smart guy, who is giving and loving, and loyal?

Brad: He's a loser.

Katie: All right, you just crossed the line. Some of the things you see are funny, but that was just mean.

Brad: Okay, all right, he's your friend. He's a -- whoa, he's a great guy. You know, but to think what is life will be married to Vienna. She will wear him out and throw him away like yesterday's Prado.

Katie: You mean Prada.

Brad: That's what I said.

Katie: No, what you said is a museum in Madrid.

Brad: Whatever.

Katie: Jack, thank you for telling me about Emma. I will use that as good news to go over and congratulate Vienna and Henry on their marriage.

Brad: Well, you're offering congratulations on a train wreck.

Katie: I'm sorry. The better man won. Walk me to my car?

Jack: Sure. What about your meeting?

Katie: Um, I'll tell Brad everything that's going on tomorrow.

[Jack laughs]

Brad: So, how do you stop a train wreck? Get one of the trains off the track.

Vienna: We get engaged and this prompts you to buy -- doughnuts?

Henry: I usually get doughnuts when I'm nervous.

Vienna: But why are you nervous? Oh, it's because I proposed, isn't it? Because you're very traditional.

Henry: Yeah, I guess -- I guess that's it.

Vienna: What's more traditional is an engagement ring.

Henry: I'm really sorry. I had no idea that you wanted one.

Vienna: Oh, it's not important. What's more important is that my beloved Henry is unhappy.

Henry: Of course, I'm unhappy. They didn't have any crullers.

Vienna: No, it's not that. You're upset about the fight you had with Katie.

Henry: No, I'm not upset about that. I'm not going to be upset about having a fight with someone that I can't stand. She's egotistical, and arrogant, and selfish. And if you look under selfish under the dictionary, there's a picture of her.

Vienna: Henry, you're not going to be happy until the two of you get this settled.

Henry: I'm not settling anything with her, until she realizes that you and I love one another and belong together.

Vienna: Sweetheart, think about it. Her husband ran away. Her lover ran away. And you're blissfully happy. You know, take the high road. And cut her some slatch.

Henry: Slack. I never expected you to be so generous with Katie.

Vienna: Well, you're in for a lot of surprises. And you know what? We are lucky, Henry. Because we have each other. So, we can afford to be generous and forgiving.

Henry: I think I'm going to buy you a very big ring.

Vienna: You do know, don't you, that I am just being little bit selfish, too, right?

Henry: Selfish?

Vienna: Uh-huh. I want our wedding to be perfect and she's your best friend. Oh, I have it.

Henry: You have what?

Vienna: Ask Katie to be your best man. That will bring that beautiful smile back on your face.

Emily: You quit, and now I'm stuck to deal with Craig all alone?

Dusty: I think you can handle it.

Emily: Yeah, I'm fired. This is great. You know what, this is just fabulous. Like my life can't any worse than what is already is, and now Montgomery owns me all over again?

Dusty: I told you ahead of time, so you can get your act together.

Emily: Oh, well, thank you. Your concern for me is overwhelming. You cut and run and I got to get my act together?

Dusty: I am concerned about you. So is your mother.

Emily: Okay. Go ahead. Here it comes, here we go --

Dusty: You left town, you didn't tell her where you were.

Emily: Like that's your business?

Dusty: Look, I didn't ask to be your friend. I didn't ask to know the things I know about you.

Emily: I'm sorry I'm such a burden.

Dusty: Oh, it's so classic. You're going to run away? You run away from anybody would could possibly help you?

Emily: You can't help me, okay? Not now.

Dusty: With what? What's wrong with you?

Emily: Nothing, okay? Nothing. You quit. So, just go. I'm fine. I'm just fine.

Dusty: P.S. your mom thinks you left town because you were doing a story on hookers.

Emily: Yeah, but you knew my research was hands on, right?

Dusty: No. I know you quit.

Emily: What?

Dusty: But I don't know why.

Emily: You were spying on me?

Dusty: Your mother called me, because she was scared.

Emily: Oh yeah, far be it for you not to help a woman in distress.

Dusty: I ended up having to speak with Cheri.

Emily: Right. And she told you I quit.

Dusty: Yes.

Emily: Great. See, that's terrific. You don't need to worry about me anymore. You saved me from myself. Now you get to quit with a clear conscience.

Dusty: Tell me this isn't about the girl in the movie?

Emily: What difference does it make?

Dusty: Did you go looking for her? Did you find her?

Emily: It's none of your business. Okay, my mother is my mother. I'm stuck with that. I'm stuck with her, but you for the life of me I can't figure out why you give a damn about where I go, or what I do.

Dusty: Well maybe it's because lately you've been making such healthy decisions.

Emily: That's nice. That's nice.

Dusty: I have got to wonder, what possessed you to try to track down a porn star.

Emily: Don't talk like that.

Dusty: Come on what's going on with you?

Emily: None of your business, okay! This is not your business.

Dusty: Do you want to self-destruct?

Emily: Oh, God.

Dusty: What am I doing here? What's the point in talking to you?

Emily: Dusty.

Dusty: You're not worth it. Do you hear me?

Emily: No, Dusty please.

Dusty: You're not worth it!

Emily: Oh thanks. Thanks a lot, Alison.

[Cell phone ringing]

Emily: Hey, Mom.

Susan: Hey, Mom? You fall off the edge of the earth and that's what I get? Hey mom?

Emily: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, work has been crazy, I can't talk.

Susan: You have to. It's about Alison.

Henry: You want Katie to be my best man?

Vienna: Yes, she will be adorable. I can see her now, in a little tuxedo, and that little top hat --

Henry: A top hat?

Vienna: And she will have to look after you and the rings, so she won't have time to think about her own failed marriages.

Henry: Yeah, are you sure this is such a good idea?

Vienna: Yes. And a better idea is for you to go out and find her. You need friends, Henry. Not doughnuts.

Henry: I don't know if she'll talk to me. I mean, when I left her she was pretty mad.

Vienna: But you were defending me and that was very sweet. But go and find her and take back everything you said and let her be a part of our happiness.

Henry: Did you order room service?

Vienna: No.

Katie: Vienna, Henry? It's me, Katie.

Vienna: You see? She was just as upset about the fight as you were.

Henry: Hi.

Katie: Hi. Listen, I'm really sorry.

Henry: I'm sorry about what i said. I didn't mean it.

Katie: I really am happy for you.

Henry: You actually sound like you really mean that.

Katie: I do.

Vienna: Katie, how nice of you to drop by, please come in.

Katie: Thank you. I want to start out by saying, congratulations to you because you have nabbed yourself one hell of a husband.

Vienna: Oh, thank you.

Katie: And secondly, I have good news. Jack said that Emma said that you guys could get married at the farm.

Vienna: Oh, that makes us so happy, doesn't it?

Henry: Yes, yes, yes it does. Thank you for stopping by.

Katie: Oh, and I know this might be a bad time. If it is, just say so, but I was wondering if -- I thought --

Vienna: You need to spend some time with Henry. You two have a lot to talk about, it's fine. I was just about to soak in a bathtub, so take your time.

Katie: Thanks.

Vienna: And take the doughnuts, too. Because Henry is all the temptation I need.

Henry: Ohh. Do you know what you are? You are a decent broad.

Vienna: A decent broad. I like that. Now go and don't forget to ask her you-know-what.

Henry: I'll see what I can do. So, Katie, what do you want to do?

Katie: Well, Henry I don't know, what do you want to do?

Vienna: I managed to make him happy and put her in a man's suit for my wedding. Henry, is that you? Did you forget your keys? You have to --

Brad: Look like you knew I was coming.

Holden: Okay listen, I know you're upset, but you can't talk to your mother like that!

Faith: That's not fair.

Holden: No, it's not fair that you yell at her like that when she's trying to help you out. Okay?

Faith: Everything she says is right and everything I say is wrong.

Holden: Okay, we need to try to calm down. Remember what the doctor said --

Faith: Why did she have to tell you about that? I didn't want you to know.

Holden: Honey, I have to know. I'm your father, I have to know so that I can protect you. That's my job.

Faith: You promised.

Meg: No, I didn�t. I didn't tell to get you in trouble. We want to help you.

Faith: I'm not the one who needs help. I'm not the one who messed everything up.

Holden: Okay, I think that's enough.

Faith: Ask Grandma what's wrong!

Lily: Oh my God.

Holden: What are you talking about?

Faith: You say we can't keep secrets, but you're the one keeping them.

Holden: Faith, stop.

Faith: Ask her about her diet pills.

Holden: The diet pills? I know all about them.

Faith: You do?

Holden: Yes. I know that your mother was taking them and I know that she stopped.

Faith: She's still taking them! She asked Grandma not to tell you.

Holden: Lily?

Faith: Grandmother said that's why they lost the company. She's on drugs.

Holden: Faith, you can't say things like that, you've got to stop lying.

Faith: Tell him. Tell him I'm not lying.

Holden: Okay, I think you need to tell me what the hell is going on here?

Faith: Tell him. Tell him that I'm not lying.

Holden: Meg?

Meg: Faith, how about you and I go to the barn and check on the animals, okay?

Faith: It's not fair, she knows --

Meg: Faith, we're leaving your parents alone. Come on, let's go.

Faith: It's still not fair.

Meg: Yep.

Holden: It's true, isn't it? You can't even look at me because it's true.

Lily: I tried.

Holden: Lily, we talked about what those pills could do.

Lily: I'm fine.

Holden: A heart attack, a stroke -- that's what they could do.

Lily: That is a warning label, Holden.

Holden: But I think what we need to do is talk about what it's doing to this family. To Faith.

Lily: Don't say that.

Holden: We have a battle on our hands here, and from what I can see, we're losing that battle.

Lily: No.

Holden: Lily, wake up. What Faith needs is two strong parents to make her feel safe and protected. And thanks to you, you two are on an equal footing here. Why should she listen to anything that you have to say when you're just as self-destructive as she is?

Lily: You don't understand, you have no idea what --

Holden: You're right, I don't understand! Because I stood in this kitchen and I watched you throw away those pills. What was that, some sort of performance?

Lily: No, no.

Holden: Well, I bought it. I didn't think that I had to worry about you.

Lily: You have no idea how hard it is.

Holden: I'll tell you what I do know. That when you started taking those pills, you never bothered to come to me.

Lily: I was ashamed.

Holden: So you started up again. And from that second on, everything that you told me, every look that you gave me, was all a lie.

Lily: No, please, I'm so sorry.

Holden: That's why you didn't want to me to call Lucinda. Because Faith was right, she knows. That's funny. She never mentioned anything to me, either. Seems like old times.

Lily: My mother knew. She just found out, she wanted to tell you herself.

Holden: Yeah, no wonder Faith was upset with you. No wonder she might think that you're a little hypocritical.

Lily: Well, maybe I was worried about how you would react. Judgmental --

Holden: When? When did it all start up again?

Lily: Does it really matter at this point?

Holden: Yeah, it does matter! I might want to know if you were a little altered when you went into the baby food biz. Or when we were waiting to find whether or not our son would live or die. Or when you handed your mother's company over to Craig.

Lily: Yes, yes, yes, yes! You're right. I'm a horrible, horrible, worthless person. Are you happy now?

Holden: I'll be happy when I get my wife back.

Katie: I thought you didn't like apple cinnamon.

Henry: They were out of crullers. Because of you. You're the reason they're out of crullers.

Katie: When you have a really horrible fight with a friend, you have to have a cruller.

Henry: Yeah, you bought all of them, though.

Katie: It was a very horrible fight.

Henry: You're right. I know you were just trying to be honest with me. And I'm sorry I said what I said.

Katie: Maybe you went a little far when you said that I didn't know what friendship was?

Henry: Well, no, not exactly. See, I said that after you -- yes, I went a little too far.

Katie: Friends again?

Henry: Always been friends, always been friends. Just we were friends that were mad at each other.

Katie: I know, it threw me. Oh, I don't know if you know this, but Vienna and I sometimes don't get along.

Henry: No.

Katie: But she loves you, you say she loves you, and so maybe she's not as self-centered, vain and tacky as I thought.

Henry: You know, when you showed up, she was telling me I needed to find you and make up with you because I was unhappy without my best friend.

Katie: Well, now I feel really good about slamming her behind her back.

Henry: She had an idea, too. I think it's a good one. She wants you to be the best man.

Katie: Ah, just so she can see me in a suit at her wedding.

Henry: Well, I hope that won't keep you from saying yes. I'm really pretty nervous about this, I am. And I'd feel much better with you by my side.

Katie: Can I come to the bachelor party? And I don't want to jump out of the cake. I want to be one of the guys.

Henry: Oh, please. In a million years, Peretti, you will never, ever be one of the guys.

Katie: All right, I'll do it.

Henry: Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great. You know, Marlene Dietrich -- she pulled off a tux. She wasn't half as pretty as you are.

Katie: I know. [Henry laughs] Okay, I'm thinking Vienna would like bottom, third from the right.

Henry: I don't think that one's big enough.

Katie: It's not about big. She has plenty of big diamonds. She needs flawless. And her hands are beautiful and long and elegant. She needs something classy.

Henry: That was a very nice thing for you to say.

Katie: Well, I figured if she can be classy, I can be classy.

Vienna: You've come to toast my engagement. How sweet.

Brad: Sure, whatever.

Vienna: Henry is not here.

Brad: I know.

Vienna: You do?

Brad: Yeah, he left with Katie. I saw. And I keep saying, who is this guy? When his drop-dead gorgeous fianc�e is wearing a negligee that any man would go wild for -- and he walks off to have doughnuts with a neurotic talk show host?

Vienna: You are so predictable. You find out I'm getting married and you show up at my door with this bottle of champagne. Are we feeling a little rejected?

Brad: Now, why would I feel rejected when I haven't been rejected?

Vienna: Oh, Brad, you have to accept it. But you're sweet and amusing. Henry's what I call the real deal.

Brad: Henry's the real deal? I mean, that's your story, that's it, you're sticking to that?

Vienna: It's not a story, it's the truth.

Brad: I don't know. I don't know, but I think I have the means to prove it, one way or another.

Susan: I was so worried about you.

Emily: I'm sorry.

Susan: I don't like not knowing where you are.

Emily: What are you talking about? I told you. I was going out of town on business. I had a story -- I left you a message.

Susan: Right, a story about prostitution. And then, Dusty got me all worried about how you were getting your information. You were posing as a -- because that would be dangerous.

Emily: Oh, mother, please. I'm fine. What's going on with Ally?

Susan: I still haven't heard from her. And the number I have for her apartment has been disconnected. There is no new number. Same with her cell.

Emily: Her cell was disconnected?

Susan: And then I called the restaurant where she's been waitressing. They said they haven't seen her in a couple of months.

Emily: Well, she's young, Mom. You know Ally, she gets bored fast.

Susan: But if she quit, or if she lost her job, then why hasn't she asked me for money? What is she living on?

Susan: You don't know what it was like when I couldn't find either one of you.

Emily: Mom, okay, you were worried about me. And I'm fine. I will find Alison.

Susan: How? It's like she's fallen off the edge of the earth. A detective --

Emily: No, I've got lots of contacts at my newspaper.

Susan: This is just like an article in your newspaper. How anything can happen to a young person in a big city --

Emily: Okay, okay --

Susan: When they don't have the right contacts or make the right friends -- I am worried sick about her --

Emily: Mom, you were worried about me and I'm fine, okay? We will find Alison and she will be fine, too.

Susan: No, she won�t. Because when I find her, I'm going to strangle her.

Emily: I'll help. You know what, why don't you -- go splash some water on your face and take a deep breath. I'll order us some more coffee.

Susan: I don't get it. If she needs help, she can always ask me. Doesn't she know that?

Emily: We both know that, Mom. Sick with worry? With a little editing, that just might work.

Lance: Talk to me.

Emily: Lance, its Emily.

Lance: If this is about your sister, I have no idea where she is.

Emily: But -- but please, can you just -- can you just put it out to anyone who might know Alison, that our mother is very, very sick.

Lance: I'm sorry to hear that.

Emily: Well, it would mean a lot of me if you just -- if you could just get the message to Alison. You have my number, right?

Lance: Right here.

Emily: Okay, well, thank you. It's really important because well, I'm not quite sure how much time we have.

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: Who is it, Mom? Check.

Susan: I don't know. Hello?

Alison: Mom?

Susan: Alison, where have you been?

Emily: Give me the phone. Let me talk to her.

Susan: Are you all right? I've been worried sick about you.

Alison: Look, I'm really sorry. I moved and it's taking forever to get a new phone.

Susan: What about your cell?

Alison: It died. But how are you? Everything okay there?

Susan: Better since I found out you're alive.

Alison: But you feel okay? Physically?

Susan: Yes, I'm fine. Now, for the future. You know they have these things called pay phones? So if it's impossible for me to reach you you could at least call and tell me that you're not dead?

Alison: Mom, moving's been hell and I've been really, really busy. Can you skip the sarcasm?

Susan: This sarcasm is keeping me from screaming at you. What about that restaurant? Were you fired?

Alison: Quit. But I already have something else. I'm fine.

Susan: Are you still looking into the real estate course?

Alison: Yeah, I'm just -- you know, want to get settled down a little bit. A new job, new apartment, you know.

Susan: Do you want me to come out?

Alison: No!

Susan: I could help you get settled.

Alison: Mom, heal the sick. I'll unpack myself.

Susan: You sound tired to me. Are you getting enough rest?

Alison: I think this is the same conversation we had before I went to sleep-away camp. Look, I have to go. I'm on my friend's cell phone, eating up her minutes.

Susan: Wait. Your sister wants to talk to you. Get her new address.

Emily: Ally? Ally? I think we got disconnected.

Alison: Just like I thought, it was a trap.

Lance: But your old lady wasn't in on it?

Alison: No. I don't think Emily wants her to know that she's looking for me. Anyway, now Emily�s proved to herself that you're in touch with me. So, if anybody -- anybody asks for me -- you tell them you don't know me.

Lance: Never seen you before in my life, Kid.

Susan: Thank God. At least we know Alison is fine.

Emily: Yeah. She's fine.

Lily: It just -- it just feels like you're giving up on me.

Holden: That's funny. I think it's the other way around.

Lily: I don't know how to say this. But you are absolutely right to be mad at me. You're right about everything. But it also seems like you think this is easy, just shape up. Just get with the program.

Holden: I'm not talking about the pills. I'm talking about the lies. The evasions.

Lily: I don't even feel like I was lying to you. But I was still -- I was just protecting you.

Holden: Right.

Lily: Do you think I've forgotten how you took care of all the children while I was in that coma? How wonderful you were. I don't want to put one more thing on you.

Holden: Lily, come on, our daughter's life is at stake here. We can't afford excuses. And you said it yourself, no secrets.

Lily: You're right. You're right.

Holden: How can I be right? I don't know what's real or what isn�t. And I feel like you're slipping away from me.

Lily: Holden --

Holden: I feel like my family is slipping away from me. What's happened? I got this beautiful daughter who is starving herself and I don't have a clue why. I have this beautiful wife who thinks that the numbers on the scale are more important than the rest of her life.

Lily: No, that's not it. That's not true.

Holden: It's how it seems. And I don't know what to do. I hate not knowing what to do.

Faith: Are you really mad at me?

Meg: I'm trying not to be.

Faith: Everyone else is.

Meg: Maybe you should think about the difference between mad and scared.

Faith: I'm scared.

Meg: Oh, Honey.

Faith: My parents are going to get a divorce this time, for real. Because of me.

Meg: Okay, look, first of all, your parents are not going to get a divorce.

Faith: I shouldn't have told Daddy about Mom, but I was so mad.

Meg: They'll work it out, okay? They always do.

Faith: Everything is my fault.

Meg: Okay, you know what? You need to calm down, all right?

Faith: Tell them I'm sorry.

Meg: What, what, wait, wait, wait. Where you are going?

Faith: I'm --

Meg: Faith? Faith? Faith? Faith! Faith!

Lily: I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Holden: Lily, we just have to stop going around in circle.

Meg: Holden! Holden, get out here!

Holden: What is it? What happened?

Lily: What happened? What happened?

Meg: I'm not sure. Honey.

Holden: Honey?

Faith: Daddy?

Holden: Hey. It's okay. It's all right.

Meg: Okay, look in my eyes, okay? I need to look in your eyes. Do you know what day it is?

Faith: Wednesday?

Meg: Okay. Follow my finger, okay, with your eyes. Okay, when was the last time you ate?

Faith: This morning. And then you got sick, right? When was the last time you ate before that? Faith, you need to tell me.

Faith: I don't know, like a couple of days, I guess.

Meg: Okay, you should bring her in to the doctor, okay. See if she could see him.

Holden: Okay.

Meg: Okay.

Holden: Come here, Sweetie. Let's get up.

Faith: I'm sorry.

Holden: It's okay. It's all right. Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right. Come on. Come on.

Lily: It's like I'm not even here.

Meg: He was just worried about her.

Lily: No. No, Holden's right. My daughter didn't eat for days, I didn't even notice.

Meg: Okay, let's go inside.

Lily: I didn't even notice.

Jack: You rang?

Katie: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Katie: Is it true what they say about cops and doughnuts?

Jack: Thank you for reducing me to a stereotype. Custard cream, my favorite!

Katie: Okay, so I've decided. I can't hate Vienna as much as i thought I could.

Jack: No.

Katie: No, because Henry told me that she told him that he needed to make up with me, because he needed his friend.

Jack: Really?

Katie: Yeah. So, obviously she must care about him, somewhat.

Jack: Makes sense.

Katie: Just like you cared about me. So, I wanted to offer you a doughnut and a thank you for pushing me in the right direction.

Jack: Yeah, well, when you've been as successful with interpersonal relationships as I've been, you tend to dole out advice. Set people straight.

Katie: Yeah, you and I, between the two of us, we've really set a track record, haven't we? Who am I to say who should and shouldn't get married?

Jack: Well, wouldn't it be a kick in the pants if Henry and Vienna were the ones to make it?

Katie: I don't know. I just know my next marriage is going to be arranged. Because it's way too important a decision for me to make on my own.

Jack: Yeah, well, the divorce rate's, what, 38%? So, if you think about it, if you get married enough, sooner or later, the law of averages are going to kick in and one of them is bound to work.

Katie: Oh, yeah. That would be good for you. I'm just going to let other people get married, and keep my mouth shut.

Jack: Always the bridesmaid, huh?

Katie: Oh, yeah. That's the other thing.

Jack: What?

Katie: I forgot to tell you. I'm not the bridesmaid, I'm the best man!

Brad: And then I realized that I had to do the thinking for both of us.

Vienna: This is not thinking --

Brad: And I decided to forgive you and keep you from making a terrible mistake.

Vienna: Forgive me?

Brad: A terrible mistake -- think what you'll do to Henry. Using him to forget me. That is so --

Vienna: Enough, Brad! You are attractive and can be amusing, but --

Brad: I can be a lot more than just amusing.

Vienna: I am with Henry now. And I realize that you are a rhinestone next to the diamond.

Brad: You've got to be kidding me.

Vienna: No, Brad. Go. I have chosen Henry.

Brad: You really mean that? I mean, he's -- he's him. And I'm me.

Vienna: Good-bye, my friend. I hope that you find someone who is half as wonderful as you -- think you are.

Jack: You're the best man, huh?

Katie: Yeah. The best man.

Jack: Good. Good for Henry for asking. And good for you for saying yes.

Katie: You think so?

Jack: Katie, don't you feel good about this?

Katie: I know I should, but no, I don�t.

Vienna: Get off me!

Brad: You see. You know what? I knew you couldn't keep up the act.

Vienna: I fell! And it was an accident!

Brad: There are no accident. Don't you see? As hard as you tried, you couldn't send me away?

Vienna: Well, we'll see about that!

Henry: Hey, Vienna, I �

Emily: Dusty, I need to talk to you.

Dusty: It feels like we've said everything we need to say to each other.

Emily: I just -- I need to explain to you, why I acted the way I did.

Dusty: Why would I care?

Emily: Please -- please, Dusty? I need your help.

Dusty: What? With Montgomery?

Emily: No, no, it's worse than that. It's horrible.

Dusty: What is it? Are you okay?

Emily: The movie, the porn movie -- the girl -- the little girl in the movie --

Dusty: What about her?

Emily: It's Alison. It's my sister.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Gwen: And I would really appreciate it if we could just move on.

Jade: I'm sure you would. But things don't work that way, Gwen. And you are going to get what's coming to you, when you least expect it.

Henry: I'm crazy about you, but this is never going to work. The wedding is off.

Vienna: No, wait! Henry, come back! I won't let you.

Jack: Yeah, I wanted to give you a message. From Henry.

Brad: So you want Katie and me to come to your hometown and do a chore of you? Then tell us why.

Katie: Send your response to and follow the on-screen instructions to enter. If you're chosen, Brad and I will show up on your doorstep and do our thing. Oh, and we also have $5,000 check for you.

Brad: So, all entries must be received by April 12th, so hurry up and get to your computers. You'll be glad you did.

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