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[Casey remembering]

Casey: Maddie, I love you. And I don't want you to leave.

Maddie: Don't you get it? It doesn't matter what you want anymore! We are better off apart, so you'd better start facing it, okay?

[Doorbell rings]

Henry: Hey! Hey, this is Casey. This is the one true love of my sister's life.

Casey: Hey, Henry.

Vienna: Ohh, you Colemans are so romantic.

Henry: I know, it's sad, but it's very true. Where is your girlfriend, by the way? Maddie? Maddie, get down here. We need you.

Vienna: You know what? We're having a party and you're invited, too.

Henry: Yes, yes, of course he's invited. Wouldn't be a party without him. And music, can you bring music? This boy is a whiz with the music.

Vienna: Something we can dance to, because we are celebrating.

Henry: Vienna gave me all her money.

Vienna: And now they're not gonna throw me out of this country. Isn't it wonderful?

Casey: That's great, um -- Maddie's not here. She left.

Henry: She left? Where'd she go?

Casey: I thought you knew.

Henry: Knew what?

Casey: She went to Dwight's to see your sister.

Henry: What? Why? What happened?

Casey: I don't know. I think she just wanted to see her.

Henry: She wanted to see Eve?

Casey: Yeah, I know. At first I thought it was strange, too. I thought she was using it as an excuse just to get away, but -- I thought she told you about this.

Henry: No, Casey, she didn't.

Emily: Oh, Alison. Oh, Baby.

Client: I told you she was hot. She looks kind of like you.

Emily: I bet you say that to all the girls.

Client: Just the ones I like.

Emily: So, do you mind if I keep the tape?

Client: You like her too, don't you? Sure, why not? Give you something to remember me by.

Emily: Oh, I'll never forget you.

Client: Tell you what. Next time I'm in town? I'll bring you another one.

Emily: Ohh. Alison, little sister, what are you doing?

[ Cell phone ringing ]

Meg: I should get that. It could be my brother. Yes?

Holden: You okay?

Meg: Yeah, I was just running for the phone. How's Ethan?

Holden: Better. The antibiotics are starting to kick in.

Meg: Well, that's good news.

Paul: Is he okay?

Meg: What's Bob saying?

Holden: Bob says that he's out of danger. His fever broke, and he doesn't think there will be any lasting impact.

Meg: Okay. How are his kidneys?

Holden: Working, thank God.

Meg: Holden, I am so glad.

Holden: I understand that Paul was the first to figure out Ethan's situation before anyone else. You know, I have had my differences with him in the past, but I'm going to have to thank him at some point. I really appreciate what he did. Anyway, I need to get back to Ethan. Tell Mom and the kids that everything's okay.

Meg: Yeah, of course.

Holden: Lily isn't there, by any chance, is she? I need to reach her. She left her cell phone here at the hospital.

Meg: No, I haven't seen her.

Holden: We sort of had a fight.

Meg: Of course you had a fight. You were worried, and she felt guilty.

Holden: Yeah, but I shouldn't have dumped on her.

Meg: You were terrified, so was she.

Holden: And then she ran out of here all stressed out. Catching a lot of flak over it, Worldwide.

Meg: But you can't reach her over there?

Holden: No, all the lines are all jammed up. And I need to reach her. I need to let her know about Ethan. Like I said, she left here, she was so stressed out.

Craig: This is not your fault, Lily. You're not the manufacturer.

Lily: I am the one that took Valley's Best from the drawing board to the people. It is my responsibility. If the food is contaminated, it is my fault.

Craig: You're an executive. You're not expected to micromanage production.

Lily: I should have visited the plant. I should have hired somebody to check their record. My mother was absolutely right. I hear the words organic, all natural, I go full throttle. Babies are suffering. They have E. Coli because of me.

Craig: All right, I admire that you want to accept the blame, but -- do not confuse liability with moral failing. Part of being a good executive is -- is delegating responsibility. These women, they came to you with a project, right? And you spoke to them, you tasted the food, and then you gave them funding. They're the ones that are responsible for this fiasco, not you.

[Knock at door]

Edith: Mrs. Snyder? If I might have a word.

Lily: Come in, come in. Edith Prisk, this is our house counsel. Craig Montgomery.

Craig: A pleasure.

Edith: Mr. Montgomery, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we've got a bit of a crisis on our hands.

Lily: Anything you say to me you could say in front of Craig, he's family.

Edith: I understand your son's been taken ill.

Lily: Ethan? Yes.

Edith: I'm so sorry.

Craig: He's going all right.

Edith: I certainly hope so. I hate to trouble you with more bad news at a time like this, but --

Lily: No, please, I understand.

Edith: Over a dozen babies have been admitted to the hospital, and more are arriving every hour. We need to be prepared in case this thing snowballs.

Lily: I saw some babies coming in. I was hoping they weren't as sick as Ethan.

Edith: I'm afraid some are dangerously ill.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Craig: They're getting treatment.

Edith: Mrs. Snyder, we've already been served notice that several of the families plan to sue us. So while your compassion is admirable, any admission to blame isn't helpful.

Craig: It's just legal talk.

Edith: Even if all these children survive --

Lily: What do you mean, if they survive? They're not gonna die.

Edith: We don't know that, Mrs. Snyder. The latest information is that there's a chance that some of the children may die. In which case, Worldwide and the board could be facing criminal charges.

Lily: Criminal charges?

Craig: I think we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

Edith: In any event, Ms. Walsh must be notified. I believe she's in Montega?

Lily: Yes, with my sister.

Edith: If you'd like me to make the call --

Lily: No. I'll call her.

Craig: Yeah, Mrs. Snyder would like to have some privacy with her mother. You understand.

Edith: There are legal issues.

Craig: And I'm sure you'll keep us apprised. And if you'd be so kind to leave the paperwork here, I'll go over it with Mrs. Snyder.

Lily: Craig can explain everything to me. I trust him.

Edith: As you wish.

Lily: I can't believe this.

Craig: It's all right. It's all right. She's an attorney. She's paid to over-react.

Lily: A dozen babies are sick. Poisoned, because of me. If anything happens to them -- if anything happens to my son -- because I was so impatient, I didn't want to listen to my mother!

Craig: Let's not jump to conclusions.

Lily: He's so sick. My baby's so sick. I'm so scared. I feel so helpless!

Craig: No, it's all right. You're not helpless, and neither are they. These children are getting the best care money can buy.

Lily: That Worldwide can buy. I have to call my mother.

Craig: No, no, no, you don't.

Meg: Well, Ethan is gonna be fine. Thanks to you.

Paul: Thanks to me? I just had a hunch. You're the one that got him to the hospital, got him the actual care that he needed.

Meg: You saved him, Paul. You knew he was in danger, and you took steps to help him. Even though everybody else was jumping all over you, you didn't care. I should go tell Mama that Ethan's fine.

Paul: You should tell the kids. Faith, especially.

Meg: Yeah, I think she's outside.

Paul: After we do that, you want to go somewhere?

Meg: Where?

Paul: Somewhere we can be alone.

Vienna: Did Madeline leave you a message?

Henry: No, no messages.

Vienna: Maybe she e-mailed you?

Henry: I never check my e-mail, and she knows that. All I can think of is that she didn't tell me this on purpose. She knows I wouldn't approve of her going to see Eve.

Casey: I would've called you, but I thought you knew.

Henry: Did she call Maddie?

Casey: No, I think that this was more about Maddie wanting to see eve.

Henry: I don't understand that. If there was a problem here with your folks or at school, she would've come to me.

Vienna: You know, I wouldn't worry about this, Henry. Maddie obviously needed to confide in another woman.

Henry: So she picked Eve?

Vienna: Well, why not? She's her sister.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I hate to break this to you at such a late date, but my sister Eve is a serial killer, and this place, Dwight, that Maddie is going to, it's a maximum security institution for the criminally insane.

Vienna: Oh.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: Don't worry. Every family I know has someone stashed away in a hospital someplace. You know, it happens.

Henry: Why didn't she come to me, though? She's always come to me when there was a problem.

Casey: Not always. Remember what your brother-in-law did to her? She didn't tell anyone about that.

Henry: You don't think that --

Casey: No, no. I think this time, it was more about me. And wanting to get away from me and my family.

Vienna: You know what? I'm sure she'll be in touch. Henry, we should go. Casey probably needs some time to think.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Casey, look, I'm sorry. I thought that you two were --

Casey: Yeah, me, too.

Vienna: You know, I love the men in this town. Everybody speaks from their heart. It's beautiful.

Henry: She's easily impressed. Take it easy. Yeah?

Casey: Yeah, let me know if you hear from her.

Henry: I will. You, too.

Casey: Okay, thanks.

Emily: Mom --

Susan: Emily.

Emily: Yeah.

Susan: Honey, I don't have time to talk. I'm right in the middle of an E. Coli outbreak. Is that why you're here? Are you covering the story for "The Intruder"?

Emily: No, no.

Susan: Well, that's too bad. It's about time somebody stuck it to Lucinda. She apparently signed off on this new company and just handed it over to Lily. And all these poor children were given baby food right here at the hospital. Can you imagine?

Emily: That's terrible.

Susan: Contaminated baby food.

Emily: Oh God, I will definitely look into it.

Susan: I hope you do, because this is the kind of story that people really, really want to read. Its powerful companies who are more interested in the bottom line than they are in the people that they're serving. It's much more relevant than that other story that you're working on.

Emily: Mother, I'm not gonna discuss that with you anymore, okay? Just drop it.

Susan: Listen, if you want to be a crusader, don't pick a lost cause. Anybody can write about prostitutes.

Emily: Mother, that's not what I'm here to talk about. Have you heard from Alison?

Susan: No, why? Has something happened?

Emily: No, nothing's wrong. I'm just -- I'm just curious. You know, it dawned on me, I haven't spoken to Alison since Christmas, and I ran into a friend of hers at the mall.

Susan: Who?

Emily: You know, I don't remember her name. You know, little blonde.

Susan: Oh, they're all little blondes.

Emily: Yeah, well, anyway, after I talked to her, it made me realize it's been so long since I've heard from her. I'm wondering, when was the last time you talked to her.

Susan: Well, she called me Valentine's Day because she knew that we would both be lonely. And, oh, then I got a postcard from her, early -- early March. And it was from Hollywood. She said she was auditioning for something.

Emily: For what?

Susan: I don't know. I guess some of her friends are working as extras, so she wanted to give it a try. I wasn't surprised at all. Ali used to love to play dress up when she was a little girl, remember?

Emily: Uh-huh.

Susan: I just hope that she can make a living.

Emily: Did she --

Susan: This acting is so unreliable.

Emily: Did she say anything that she'd been working on, Mom?

Susan: No, no. I don't think she's that serious about it. It's just something to do while she gets her real estate license.

Emily: Yeah.

Susan: She's gonna need a new car. She can't take people out in that old jeep of hers. You know, that reminds me. I called her about leasing a new car, because I want to get her started, you know, showing houses, but she never called me back.

Susan: What? You look worried. Did that friend of hers say something?

Emily: The friend -- oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Susan: At the mall.

Emily: No. No, she just was curious what she was up to and just wanted me to say to hello to her when I spoke to her.

Susan: And now you've forgotten her name.

Emily: Yeah. I forgot her name. You know, it'll come to me when I see her again in the mall.

Susan: What is bothering you? [Beeper sounding] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. That's me. I gotta go.

Emily: Okay.

Susan: Call your sister. Tell her to call her mother, okay?

Emily: Okay.

Susan: See you later.

Emily: Yeah, will do.

Casey: They keep the key under the -- I'm sorry. I just saw you looking for the key.

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Casey: Looking for Will and Gwen.

Barbara: Why?

Casey: Well, because I tried to call Gwen, and when she didn't pick up --

Barbara: Well, can you blame her after what you did to them?

Casey: Okay, you have a nice night, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: Excuse me, not so fast. I want to know what you're doing here.

Casey: Well, not that it's any of your business, but I'm looking for Maddie, and I wanted to know if Will and Gwen knew why she left town or where she's gone.

Barbara: They're out of town. It's spring break.

Casey: They left town?

Barbara: Don't be so transparent. I know you know they're not here. Were you planning on going in and stealing more money, Casey?

Casey: See, the thing is, I wouldn't have to break in because they showed me where the spare key is, because they trust me. Maybe you're the one who's trying to break in.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: Don't be ridiculous, I'm Will's mother. Give me the key.

Casey: Not until you tell me why you want to get in there.

Barbara: I'm not the one who's being accused of grand larceny.

Casey: Yeah, well, you've been accused of a lot worse.

Barbara: And unlike you, I have been exonerated on every count.

Casey: Yeah, have it your way, its fine.

Barbara: You know what? I got a phone call today from my accountant saying there was a very strange incident involving Will's trust fund. Not that I'm going to give you any details about it, but suffice it to say, I need to talk to my son, it's urgent, and he said he was going out of town. I thought perhaps there was a note somewhere on a calendar. He left a voice mail for me saying they were going to Ft. Lauderdale. That's all I know, but I need to get in. Thank you very much. And where do you think you're going?

Casey: I need to talk to him, too.

Paul: I'll throw a log on. It usually takes a minute or two for this to warm up.

Meg: Yeah, I remember.

Paul: You sorry you came back here?

Meg: Well, I didn't think you were gonna bring me here.

Paul: This is where I live.

Meg: And why is that, Paul? Why are you back here in the middle of nowhere?

Paul: Well, for one thing, my -- my mom doesn't like to come up here, so that's a bonus. And being here, where I recovered, where we spent so much time together, it makes me feel closer to you.

Meg: Paul, I can't blame you for being confused. I kissed you a little while ago.

Paul: Yeah, no, I remember that.

Meg: And it doesn't mean what you thought it meant, I've moved on.

Paul: Yeah, you said it.

Meg: And whatever you thought would happen, it can't.

Paul: Okay. You want some crackers?

Meg: I'm not hungry.

Paul: You want me to take you home? Okay, look, I won't lie to you. I want to be with you. But if that's not what you want, and if you can't just be here, even just to sit and talk with me, then I'll take you home.

Lily: I have to call my mother. We're being sued.

Craig: No we're not. Not yet. Nothing's been filed. It's just attorneys smelling money.

Lily: Which we do not have. My mother was adamant about not investing in valley's best. I had to go to a dozen different accounts to fund this launch. Ethan is her grandson. He's sick. She needs to know.

Craig: All right, look. Just go back to the hospital and take care of Ethan and see your husband, okay?

Lily: I don't think Holden wants me there. I think he blames me for all of this.

Craig: No, no, no, he's just upset. Now, there's nothing you can do here.

Lily: Dusty is dealing with the press. He told me to handle this.

Craig: Don't worry about that. Just go. I'll take care of things here, all right? Just give me access to the accounts and then when there's any problems, I'll take care of them, all right? You still have Lucinda's power of attorney?

Lily: Yes.

Craig: Okay, great. Then when I get up to speed on Worldwide�s current status, then I'll probably make some recommendations. And then we'll have to act quickly, all right? Now everything's going to be fine. Ethan's gonna recover and so are all of the other children. And then it's just bookkeeping.

Lily: Here's the password and the code. And you call me, please.

Craig: No, no, you call me when you know something.

Lily: Okay.

Craig: Okay?

Lily: Now if Dusty says anything at all --

Craig: Now don't worry about Dusty, I know how to handle him. Just go see Ethan, all right?

Lily: Okay, thanks.

Craig: I'm afraid Edith's right there, Lily. If all these people sue, we're going to definitely go bankrupt. Unless someone can come up with some serious money. A white knight, going to step in and take over. Roy? Craig Montgomery. I need to get access to Rosanna's account.

Vienna: Oh, and Jack Snyder, of course. And who's that lovely lady who runs the Lakeview and that cute little dress shop?

Henry: Lisa Grimaldi.

Vienna: Oh, Lisa, yes. And, the woman from the television station, Kim, and, oh, and Katie and her sister, of course. What do you think?

Henry: About what?

Vienna: Our guest list.

Henry: Oh. It's great. It's great. Invite the whole town.

Vienna: You're worried about Maddie, aren't you?

Henry: Yeah, I'm sorry. I wished she would have called me. When she gets back, I'm gonna be a much better brother.

Vienna: You know, hey, no one could get a better brother. You're the sweetest man in the entire world, you know? Henry, before I met you, I had pots and pots of money, but no one to love. And now, I have you, and Madeline, and the rest of the people on this list. Don't be sad. She just needed a little bit of away time. She'll come home. She has to, because you're wonderful!

Henry: You know what? My little -- how did you say butterfly? Sommerfugl?

Vienna: Sommerfugl.

Henry: Sommerfugl. You know what, my little Sommerfugl? I'm really glad that I met you.

Vienna: Oh.

Casey: Yeah, do you have any reservations under the name of Will Munson? M-u-n-s-o-n? Okay, how about a Gwen Norbeck.

Barbara: She wouldn't register under her maiden name.

Casey: N-o-r-b-e-c-k. All right, how about for tomorrow, or the day after? Do you know if they flew, or did they drive?

Barbara: I assume they flew. I don't know that for sure, but the car's not out there though. He could've parked at the airport parking lot.

Casey: Or they could be on the road right now.

Barbara: If Hal were still with us, he would have that parking lot canvassed, he'd be calling the Ft. Lauderdale police department.

Casey: Yeah, I checked all the places on that beach. So, there's no reservations in that name? All right, thank you. Are you sure they said Ft. Lauderdale?

Barbara: I saved my voice mail. Do you want to listen to it?

Casey: No, that's fine. I mean, if that's what he said, then that's what he said.

Barbara: Oh, I see. My son told his gullible mother that he was going to Ft. Lauderdale, when he was really going somewhere else.

Casey: Well, going to Ft. Lauderdale or staying at Ft. Lauderdale?

Barbara: Oh, you think they're staying somewhere else?

Casey: Well, I checked every place on that beach, and they're not there.

Barbara: And where's Maddie going?

Casey: Not to Florida. I just think it's kind of weird that they all left at the same time.

Barbara: You know what? It's spring break.

Casey: Yeah, true.

Barbara: Obviously, they did not want to include you in their plans, because they don't trust you any longer, and aren't you out on bail? I mean, you couldn't leave town if you wanted to. And you know what? I don't know where else to look, so, shall we?

Casey: Yeah.

Barbara: The key, please? This is my son's home. So, can I give you a lift back to town?

Casey: No, I've got my car.

Barbara: All right, then.

Casey: Good night.

Barbara: Good night, Casey.

Casey: All right, Maddie, where did you go? Did you go somewhere with Will and Gwen? Come on, pick up. Fine, you don't want to pick up, that's fine. But you need to call your brother, because he didn't know you were leaving town, and -- Maddie, I'm worried about you.

Meg: Look, it's not like that I don't appreciate what you've done. And I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you for saving Ethan, especially after the way I've treated you --

Paul: I don't want you to thank me. I don't. I know -- okay, look, this gift, and I hate to call it that, but that is what it's become. It's forced me to think about other people instead of my stupid obsessions that were taking over my life. And now I'm really just trying to enjoy every moment. You're biting your lip. I miss you. But I'm good. I'm doing better now than I have been in a long time. I really am.

Meg: Good. I'm glad.

Paul: How about a glass of wine?

Craig: The law is on my side. I have every right to that money. I'm her husband. The investment is none of your concern. It's confidential. Her sister. She fled the country. She's wanted in connection with a jewel theft, so I'm all that Rosanna has left. I'm her husband, and I have every right to that money, so you give me access to the account, or I'm moving everything out of your bank -- that's right. Okay. Make the arrangements and call me back.

Casey: Hey, when you get this, give me a call. I just stopped your mom from ransacking your place -- something about your trust fund. I was looking for Maddie. She said she was going to see her sister, but that doesn't add up. I mean, is she with you? Just call me.

Jade: So, your best friends went away without you. But you're out on bail. I guess there's no spring break for bad boys.

Casey: Shut up, Jade. I'm looking for Maddie.

Jade: So? She went with them.

Casey: Wait, what do you know about that?

Jade: Like I'm going to tell you?

Casey: No, no --

Jade: Hey -- hey! You want to add assault to those charges? Keep it up. You're just like your brother. When you don't get what you want, you get nasty, but he got what he deserved.

Casey: What does that mean?

Jade: Nothing.

Casey: Have you spoken to Adam?

Jade: No. Not recently.

Casey: Well, when?

Jade: Somebody sent some flowers with a little note, saying he's "Oh, so sorry."

Casey: Does my mom know about that?

Jade: Yeah. Yeah, I gave her a full report. You can call her and ask her.

Casey: No, that's fine. Do you know where Maddie is? Or Will and Gwen?

Jade: No. And I don't care.

Casey: Well, I don't believe you.

Jade: Let me tell you something. Those friends of yours are sick. They think they can get away with murder, especially Maddie. And I can't believe she was blaming me, when she's was the one who -- if there's one thing I've learned, what goes around, comes around, and she is way overdue.

Casey: Hold on, what do you mean, murder?

Jade: It's a word. Look it up.

Casey: I know, Jade. Just stop being so mysterious and tell me what you know.

Jade: Why don't you ask your little girlfriend? Oh, yeah, that's right. You can't, because she's out of town.

Holden: I didn't mean to jump on you.

Lily: That's okay. You had questions.

Holden: Yeah, but I don't want you to feel like I blame you. I was panicking. He's so little.

Lily: Its okay, its okay, its okay. I have questions, too. How could this happen? We were so careful to use the best ingredients.

Holden: Well, you make mistakes. You have problems. Remember what happened down at the farm a few weeks ago? Stuff happens. It's not your fault.

Lily: I hope not. There's another baby, suffering because of me.

Holden: You'll make it right.

Lily: Yeah.

Holden: You and Worldwide. Did you speak to your mother?

Lily: No. No, no, no. Not yet. I wanted to come back and see how Ethan was doing.

Holden: Well, he's doing fine. I tried to call you at the office. You left your cell phone at the hospital.

Lily: Oh! The lines were jammed. Well, that's because the press has gotten a hold of this story, playing that stupid commercial. My mother was right. She said, "Do not put your face on that product." Now, I have to watch myself holding a jar of baby food? A newscaster saying that I almost killed my own child?

Holden: Anything new is risky. What did Dusty say?

Lily: He's dealing with the press.

Holden: He didn't want you to stick around?

Lily: I got to get back to our little boy.

[Cell phone ringing]

Craig: Roy? I told you the doctors would be on my side. Now, sequester whatever money you need. I want her to have the best care. All right. Good. Thank you, Roy. Oh yes, I have very good use for the money. Don't you worry.

Meg: I should go.

Paul: And do what?

Meg: I don't know. Check on the kids. Make myself useful.

Paul: Why you got to leave?

Meg: I can't do this.

Paul: Do what?

Meg: Any of this.

Paul: We just did.

Meg: I know, and I shouldn't have.

Paul: Did I ask anything of you? Have I pressured you in any way?

Meg: No.

Paul: Then why are you gonna run away?

[Casey breaks into Will�s house and goes to Will�s computer]

Casey: All right, Will, what's your password? Okay. When's Gwen's birthday? Okay, that was way too easy. Northern Michigan? I thought you guys were going to Florida. "Grey Island is located in Lake Superior off Thunder Bay. Accessible only by boat or seaplane." Not exactly where I want to spend my spring break. Unless I'd done something bad, and I didn't want to be caught. Okay, now no one will know about this but me. The only problem is, I'm out on bail. But if Maddie's in trouble, then �

Emily: Come on. Pick up, Ali. Pick up.

Operator: I'm sorry. This number is no longer in service. No other number is available at this time.

Emily: Where are you, Ali? Someone has to know where you are.

Paul: Was it really so horrible?

Meg: It was wonderful. You know it was. And that's the problem. When it's good, when we're close, and we make love -- no one's ever made me feel the way you do.

Paul: I love you.

Meg: Stop.

Paul: I do. And you love me.

Meg: Okay, fine. So we love each other. And what's the use? I mean, all it's ever done was make us miserable.

Paul: We've had some problems.

Meg: Some problems?

Paul: Meg, I have spent all these years wasting all of my time and energy trying to change everything in the world and everybody in it. And you got caught up in that, and you got hurt, and so I can -- I can understand why you would be cautious, but -- okay, look, I'm not gonna pressure you. You've tried to make a new start. You've got a great new job and a relationship that's working for you. That's great. That's great. That's not great. It's not. It's not great. I can't convince you of anything. I love you. And it's probably not gonna change any time soon. But you go ahead. You run away, if that makes you feel safe. You do what you gotta do. But you could stay. The fire's so warm. I'll pour you another glass of wine that you don't drink. You have to know by now that I don't want anything from you that you don't want to give to me.

Susan: Ethan, you're such a brave boy.

Lily: Yes, he is.

Susan: Well, he's not showing any signs of discomfort, and his temperature's back to normal.

Lily: Oh!

Susan: I think he's going to be fine. You're very, very lucky.

Lily: I know, I know. What about the other children? Are they recovering?

Susan: Lily, you know I can't discuss other patients.

Lily: In general.

Susan: Lily.

Lily: I'm not asking you to breach people's privacy. I feel responsible. I told people the food was safe, and it wasn't.

Susan: But you didn't mean any harm.

Lily: Can you at least tell me if any of the children have died?

Susan: None have died.

Lily: But I tell by the looks on their faces that the news isn't good. Those babies are worse off than Ethan.

Susan: Listen, I'll check in with you later.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Oh, oh. Craig?

Craig: How's Ethan?

Lily: He's gonna be fine.

Craig: Oh, Lily, that's wonderful news.

Lily: It's everything.

Craig: Yeah. I told you he was going to be all right.

Lily: And I'm so relieved. But the other children, they're sicker than Ethan.

Craig: Not to worry. I've talked to my attorney and marshaled all the necessary funds. Worldwide can settle out of court, and that way, we can avoid any catastrophic class action.

Lily: What are you talking about? The company doesn't have that kind of money.

Craig: I told you I'd take care of it. And by offering a generous settlement upfront, we can avoid any lengthy litigation and stop all that negative publicity. Oh, and I'm going to get a gag order as soon as we hang up.

Lily: Craig, where's all this money coming from?

Craig: From me.

Lily: From you?

Craig: We'll work it out. The important thing is to protect the company. And by reacting so quickly, we can turn this to our advantage. Worldwide will come out smelling like a rose.

Lily: You really think so?

Craig: That's the way it's done, Lily. Don't you worry anymore. It's all over.

Lily: Craig, I don't know how to thank you.

Craig: Oh, you'll think of a way. Get some rest, okay?

Lily: I will. Craig, I could not have gotten through this without you.

Craig: Well, Lily, it's like you said, we're family. Good-bye. And it's so sweet to be home.

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