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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/21/07

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Susan: You have to try to get through to her. I can't!

Dusty: Neither can I. She made it very clear to me that she can take care of herself.

Susan: Oh, then you have talked to her?

Dusty: Susan, I have to stay out of this.

Susan: You've noticed something. What else do you know? Tell me, please.

Emily: What are you doing here?

Susan: Nice outfit. Is that what all hard-working reporters wear these days?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: This from the woman who thinks wearing scrubs is making a fashion statement? What are you guys talking about? Let me guess, me?

Dusty: I've got work to do.

Emily: Were you grilling him, huh? That's nice.

Susan: Do you think I like going behind your back?

Emily: I think with Hal gone, Dusty's your new go-to guy when you don't approve of how I'm living my life.

Susan: I'm worried about you. And you can start by telling me why you're dressed like a --

Emily: I'm sorry, like a what?

Faith: Where's Ethanís blanket? It was down here.

Parker: I don't know. Faith, wait. What are you doing?

Faith: It's for when he gets back. I want him to have his stuff. We did the right thing, didn't we? I mean, Paul, he's okay. He wouldn't --

Parker: He wouldn't kidnap your brother, okay? No matter what your mother said, Paul is trying to keep Ethan from getting hurt.

Faith: But we did let him take the baby, and he didn't tell us where he was going. And my dad doesn't trust him.

Parker: Paul knows what he's doing.

Faith: Where's Natalie?

Parker: Aunt Emma and Luke took her home, you remember?

Faith: Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. Let's go.

Parker: Go where? We have no idea where your mom went.

Faith: Yeah, but she was looking for Paul. We'll start at his cabin.

Parker: Okay, I have a better idea, all right? Let's start here.

Meg: Hey, how you holding up?

Lily: Oh, his fever won't go down, and no one can tell us why. Why don't we have any answers?

Meg: Dr. Schuster is the best critical care pediatrician in the state.

Lily: Why isn't he here? I mean, you're a nurse. Can't you --? I'm sorry --

Meg: No, no, no. You know what? It's okay. It's okay. We're all kind of stressed out. Let's just hope we get the test results soon.

Craig: Do you want me to get you anything at the cafeteria?

Lily: No, I'm not hungry. Thank you.

Meg: I'll stay with the baby.

Lily: You want to help me? I want you to go down to that lab and find out what made my son so sick.

[Faith calling her mom on the cell phone]

Faith: Mom, its Faith. I'm really worried about Ethan. Call me as soon as you can, let me know he's okay.

Lily: Oh, Bob, thank goodness. Please tell me that you know what's wrong with Ethan.

Bob: Well, I put a rush on Ethanís blood work. As soon as they get the results, then we can target the treatment.

Lily: He's still so warm.

Bob: Well, we've given him something for that.

Lily: It's not working.

Bob: I promise you, Lily, we'll get to the bottom of this.

Meg: Paul, what is it?

Bob: The I.V. will keep him from becoming dehydrated. What we've got to find out is whether this is a virus or something bacterial.

Lily: What do you think it is?

Bob: I suspect bacterial, some kind of an intestinal infection. What would really help me if you can give me a list of everything Ethan has had to eat for the past 48 hours?

Paul: After I had the vision of Ethan, I had a vision of Lily feeding Ethan. And then when I was at the farmhouse, and I saw all the baby food in the baskets, I started feeling really strange.

Meg: Like something might be wrong?

Paul: Well, like one of the jars was contaminated. But now --

Meg: What?

Paul: I think the problem is bigger. I think its way worse. I think there's a problem with all of them.

Lily: I think this is it. And he had a teething biscuit this morning.

Bob: What was the brand?

Lily: Um, I don't know. Emma's at the farm.

Craig: I'll call her.

Bob: Well, listen, see if she can bring a sample if she has any left.

Lily: If this is bacterial, what are the dangers?

Bob: Ethan is showing early signs of kidney failure.

Lily: You can fix that, right? I mean, when Luke was having his kidney problems, you were able --

Bob: We can put him on dialysis, if it comes to that. We're monitoring him very closely. Where's Holden?

Lily: He's coming back today.

Bob: You should try to reach him.

Craig: I'll get a hold of him.

Bob: He should be here.

Lily: When you just asked about Holden, you sounded very serious. Is Ethan critical?

Bob: I'm afraid so.

Meg: Dump everything just in case.

Paul: Why?

Meg: Open them up, throw everything inside.

Paul: That's a good idea. Do you think there's any of these baskets anywhere else in the hospital?

Meg: I don't know.

Paul: Well, maybe we should talk to somebody on the staff.

Craig: What are you doing?

Meg: Paul thinks the baby food got Ethan sick.

Craig: Paul thinks a lot of things, but you're actually going along with this insanity?

Paul: You need to tell Lily.

Craig: Tell Lily what?!

Paul: About the food!

Craig: Meg, I expect this from a guy with his own custom-made straitjacket, but you can't possibly believe him.

Meg: Look, you need to take this seriously.

Craig: On the strength of what, a premonition from the voice of doom?! Look, Lily cannot have the circus coming into town when she's dealing with everything else.

Meg: But what if Paul's right?

Craig: Really, and what if he sees Elvis next? You're gonna believe him then, too?

Meg: Please, Craig.

Craig: All right, okay. I'm just gonna call Emma. At least somebody can do something sane around here.

Meg: Here. Give me one of those jars.

Paul: Hey, wait, look, if you don't believe me, you can just say so, you know?

Meg: Beth, hi.

Nurse: Meg, I'm so sorry about your nephew.

Meg: Thank you. Look, I need a favor, and it can't wait. Can you take this to the lab? I need it tested for contaminants.

Nurse: Meg, I can't authorize tests on my own.

Meg: Is Rich on duty?

Nurse: I think.

Meg: Okay, he's pretty good at going out on a limb. I need to find out if there's something in here that made Ethan sick.

Nurse: I'll see what I can do.

Meg: Thank you. And tell him to put a rush on it.

Paul: Was that a vote of confidence?

Meg: Let's just say I don't want to take any chances.

Faith: Mom, it's me again. Call me back.

Parker: Try Meg.

Faith: I did, like twice. Did you get Jack?

Parker: He's on some stakeout thing.

Faith: We have to do something.

Parker: Think about it, Faith. Paul was all worried about what Ethan ate, right? And now nobody's picking up their cell phones. What if something Ethan ate made him sick, and now everyone's at the hospital? What if that's why we can't get anyone?

Faith: You're right. Let's go.

Paul: This stuff needs to go in the dumpster. And if there are any more of these baby gift baskets scattered around the hospital, we need to get rid of every last one of them.

Meg: All the baby food samples need to be destroyed.

Paul: And do me a favor, too -- get the word out. If anybody finds any of this stuff, they need to get rid of it.

Janitor: Okay.

Paul: Thank you.

Meg: Okay, I need to call over to the medical buildings to make sure there aren't any more samples at any of the pediatric offices.

Paul: Parker called.

Meg: Paul, the kids, do they know what's going on?

Paul: They must be scared to death.

Meg: Did you tell them anything about the food?

Paul: No, nothing specifically, because I didn't want them to panic until I knew for sure. But I did ask a bunch of questions about when the last time it was that Ethan was fed. I'm sure it was enough to worry them.

Meg: Okay, they're probably still at the farm.

Paul: Well, I'll go talk to them.

Meg: Okay, I'm coming with you. I want to explain to Faith about Ethanís condition.

Paul: Okay.

Meg: We are heading over to the farm to talk to Parker and Faith.

Paul: Yeah, they need to understand why I took Ethan.

Craig: Well, you could always start by telling them you're crazy.

Meg: Okay, Craig, would you stay here with Lily and tell her where we are?

Craig: Why don't I go and talk to the children?

Paul: Because kids don't like you.

Craig: Sure they do. And if I slip them a $20, they really like me.

Meg: Craig, please. We won't be long.

Craig: All right. I'll stay. I'll just think of something heroic I can do to impress you.

Meg: Let's go.

Lily: He seems cooler.

Bob: The nurse is with him. Why don't you take a break?

Lily: Oh, I can't do that.

Bob: Beth, Ethan Snyderís labs up yet?

Nurse: No, I just checked. Dr. Hughes, we had them test one of those jars of baby food from those baskets that we had.

Lily: Why on earth would you do something like that?

Nurse: Meg suggested that we check it as a source of a possible contaminant.

Lily: That food has been prepared under the strictest conditions.

Bob: Has Ethan had any of that baby food in the last day or two?

Lily: Well, of course.

Bob: Well, then Meg is right. Until we're positive, everything is suspect.

Lily: It can't be the baby food. It can't be.

Emily: I'm a grown woman, Mother. I don't need you coming to my office, critiquing my wardrobe like I'm back in high school!

Susan: Honey, I love you.

Emily: And I love you. I know you love me. I love you, Mother. But can you just -- can you tell me how I can start earning back a little bit of your respect?

Susan: By showing better taste in men. By steering clear of guys that send you home in bruises!

Emily: Well, at least I didn't marry a serial killer.

Susan: Ha, I didn't see that coming.

Emily: I had one bad experience, Mother, one time. That does not give you the right to supervise my entire live. I know what I'm doing.

Susan: I've heard that so many times, I don't even have a comeback!

Emily: Okay, good, good, 'cause that means we're done.

Susan: No, we're not done. I need to know why you're never home anymore.

Emily: Okay, you want the truth? I'm working on a story.

Susan: Well, great. Why didn't you just tell me that?

Emily: Because it's about the sex trade. And there it is -- there's that look I know so well.

Susan: Is that why you got beat up?

Emily: He was -- he was a contact, and he saw through my cover. But it's a really important story, Mom. I mean, not just because it's gonna sell a ton of papers here at "The Intruder," but because it's gonna wake people up to what's going on, even in a small town like this.

Susan: But what about Daniel? Well, what's he gonna think? And I don't even want to think about what Tom is going to say when he finds out what you're doing.

Emily: What's he gonna do, take Daniel away from me? Daniel's life is at boarding school now. And my job from now on is to watch him walk in and out of my life on holidays and summer vacations.

Susan: It doesn't have to be that way.

Emily: It is that way, Mom.

Susan: Does Dusty know what you're doing?

Emily: Yes. He knows everything. But mostly, he knows what an incredible story this is, because I've earned the confidence of one of the most powerful women in the industry.

Susan: Oh, great, you're making new friends.

Emily: Mother -- Mother, where are you going? Mother, don't you --

Susan: How can you let her go out on the street like a common hooker? And all for some sleazy story. Do you really need the ad dollars that badly? What kind of man are you?

Emily: Just stop it, okay? This is my job. That's enough.

Susan: Did you approve this story?

Dusty: No.

Emily: I didn't ask Dusty's permission, because I decide who does stories at the paper, okay? It was my decision. And once the research started rolling in, I told him exactly what I was doing.

Susan: That's the kind of research that can get you killed. You're the money man. Pull the plug on this.

Emily: Excuse me, how would you feel if somebody busted into memorial to tell you how to do your job, huh?

Susan: You can't compare my job to this!

Emily: I decided to do this expose, okay, Mother? One time, there was one bad experience. But it's fine. I'm perfectly safe.

Susan: Until the next time.

Emily: There's not gonna be a next time, okay? It won't happen. And if it does, guess what? You get the added fun of saying I told you so.

Susan: This isn't fun! Far from it!

[Pager beeps]

Emily: Oh, God, I only hope that's an emergency at the hospital.

Susan: Yeah, well, I think the real emergency is here, my dear. Losing your life over a lousy story?

Emily: Will you stop being so dramatic? Thank you.

Dusty: For what, Emily?

Emily: For not telling her something that would obviously upset her.

Dusty: Well, she deserves better. So does your kid. I don't want any part of what you're doing.

Meg: Faith?

Paul: Parker?

Meg: Faith?

Paul: Parker? Faith!

Meg: Okay, where could they be?

Paul: I don't know, but I hope they didn't run away again.

Parker: Paul?

Paul: We're in here. Come on. Come on in.

Meg: Where were you guys?

Faith: How's Ethan?

Meg: Uh, he's in the hospital, Honey. But a lot of doctors are working on him to make sure that he gets better.

Parker: You knew he was gonna get sick, didn't you?

Paul: Well, I hoped I could save him by getting him out of here. But where have you been?

Faith: Uh, we went out of Route 23.

Parker: We were trying to get to the hospital.

Meg: By hitchhiking?

Parker: We didn't have money for a cab.

Faith: But no one picked us up.

Meg: Well, thank goodness.

Faith: We got tired of waiting.

Parker: So we came back.

Meg: Do you guys know how dangerous hitchhiking is?

Faith: Aunt Meg, I know, but I was worried about Ethan. Can you take us back to the hospital?

Meg: I don't think so, honey. He's -- he's in intensive care.

Faith: Why? What's wrong with him?

Meg: We don't know yet.

Paul: The doctors are still trying to figure out what made him sick.

Faith: And they really won't let me see him?

Meg: Not yet, Honey. He really is sick.

Faith: Is he going to die?

Meg: Sweetie, I can't answer that question. All I can tell you is every doctor is working really hard to make sure he gets well again. So all we can do is just hope, okay? Come here.

Nurse: Dr. Stewart is on her way in.

Bob: What about Dr. Tucker and Dr. Morton?

Nurse: They're already back.

Bob: And you've called in the available support staff?

Nurse: And alerted the CDC and the local health networks.

Lily: The CDC? Why? What's going on?

Bob: Well, we're not sure yet, but I'll be back to check Ethan as soon as I can. Holden.

Holden: Lily.

Lily: Thank God. Thank God you're here.

Holden: I -- I got Craig's message when we touched down. What is it? What happened to the baby?

Lily: They don't know. They don't know.

Holden: I just passed Bob, and he couldn't even stop to talk.

Lily: He talked -- said something about calling the CDC.

Holden: The CDC? What is it? Is it a strain of flu? And when did he get sick?

Lily: He was fine. I went back to the farm to feed him again, and Paul had taken the baby.

Holden: Paul?

Lily: Paul had one of those crazy visions where he thought Ethan was in danger. He convinced Faith and Parker that he could take the baby. He took the baby, brought the baby to Meg, and Meg -- they brought the baby here to the hospital. They think is some sort of bacterial infection, but they're not sure.

Holden: None of our other kids have been sick. Where would he pick up something like this?

Lily: I don't know. But Bob said that his kidneys --

Holden: What?

Lily: His kidneys are shutting down. I'm afraid we're going to lose him, Holden.

Holden: No, no, no, no. We're not gonna lose him. It's not gonna happen. He's gonna be all right.

Faith: Aunt Meg, do you think the doctors will be able to help my brother?

Meg: Yeah. I've seen them take care of a lot of sick kids, Honey.

Parker: As sick as Ethan?

Meg: Absolutely.

Parker: I guess we did the right thing, letting you take him.

Faith: I just thought of something. If you knew Ethan was gonna get sick, maybe you'll know if he'll get better.

Meg: Well, Honey, I don't think Paul can predict something --

Paul: No, no, I canít. But I do think that Ethan is gonna fine.

Faith: Did you have another vision?

Paul: No, I just -- I believe it, that's all.

Parker: How come?

Meg: Yeah, how come?

Paul: Well, did you ever feel like your life is just not going right, and everything that's bad keeps getting worse? And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you get this feeling that, you know, maybe life isn't so terrible after all? 'Cause something good happened, some tiny little good thing. Well, I got that feeling today. And it's not just about Ethan, it's about everything. And it's as strong as any vision I've ever had.

Holden: When I left, he was fine. This makes no sense. I don't understand. How did this happen so fast?

Lily: I don't know.

Holden: Was he around anyone who was sick?

Lily: No.

Holden: You shouldn't have done that commercial.

Lily: He didn't get sick from doing the commercial.

Holden: That's not what I meant. Maybe too many people were handling him --

Lily: No, he was with me most of the time. Kids get sick, Holden.

Holden: Lily, I'm not blaming you. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just trying to -- I'm just trying to understand what's going on here. Look, it's gonna be awhile before we can be with him. Do you want anything?

Lily: I don't want anything.

Holden: You know what? You're exhausted. You need to sit down. Come on. I'll go get you some tea.

Mother #1: She was burning up when I brought her in.

Nurse: Dr. Stewart is admitting her. The pediatrician on call is administering tests.

Mother #1: So you can't even tell me what's wrong?

Nurse: We suspect an intestinal virus or bacteria of some sort. Have you introduced her to any new foods she's not used to in the last couple of days?

Mother #1: Just that new baby food they were giving away.

Bob: Try to stay calm, Mrs. Vogel. We believe that we've found the source of the problem.

Lily: Well, what about Ethan? Do you know what made Ethan sick?

Bob: Ethan and other babies in the E.R. have been diagnosed with E. Coli.

Mother #2: But my son's been eating that new, all-natural brand.

Bob: What's the name of the brand?

Mother #2: Hers. Valley's Best.

Bob: Well, we don't have the results on the baby food yet, and we've given all the babies an antibiotic.

Lily: Well, what about Ethan?

Mother #1: Her baby's sick, too?

Bob: Among eight other babies in the E.R. so far.

Nurse: The latest labs, Dr. Hughes.

Bob: Thank you.

Lily: What is it?

Bob: The baby food came back positive as the source of the bacteria. I've got to call the department of health and get all of that stuff out of the supply chain.

Mother #2: What kind of company are you running?

Lily: No, no, no, it can't be.

Bob: Listen to me, Lily, we took different varieties from different sites in this hospital, and every one of them came back positive. I'm sorry.

Mother #1: You poisoned our children!

Parker: I'm not hungry.

Meg: It's a sandwich. Eat.

Paul: Come on. Nobody told you potato chips are good for you?

Faith: No.

Paul: Well, maybe somebody should have.

Faith: Well, I'm not hungry.

Paul: Look, not eating is not gonna help Ethan. Just -- come on, I opened the bag myself.

Meg: Which is a big thing.

Parker: Did you really mean it?

Faith: About Ethan getting better?

Paul: Yeah. I don't know. Look, most of the visions that I've had so far, they've been pretty scary. But I have managed to keep the worst from happening.

Faith: Like the dog.

Paul: Yes, like the dog. So I have a feeling that Ethanís gonna pull through. It's not, you know, a promise, but it's a pretty good feeling.

Dusty: Don't let the paper get in the way of your real job.

Emily: I don't like how we left things.

Dusty: Why not? You got what you wanted. Your mother thinks you're a very hard-working journalist.

Emily: Don't do that, okay? Don't -- don't blow me off like that, okay?

Dusty: I'm dumping you and the paper as soon as I can find a buyer.

Emily: Don't make that mistake, Dusty, please.

Dusty: Why not? You give me no choice. You're a hooker. You like being a hooker.

Emily: No, I like being in control of my life.

Dusty: I can tell by the beatings you like to take.

Emily: That's not gonna happen again.

Dusty: Why not? You picking up boy scouts now?

Emily: No, I'm -- I'm being very selective.

Dusty: Being a hooker isn't being selective.

Emily: It must be nice, living on that high moral ground.

Dusty: Whatever. You can work out your daddy issues any way you want, as long as I don't have to pay for your --

Emily: I'm sorry.

Dusty: Don't be. Hey, you're being honest.

Emily: I'm not looking for your approval.

Dusty: What are you looking for? What are you gonna tell your mother when your big story doesn't go to print?

Emily: Stories get pulled all the time.

Dusty: Okay, good. So you got that lie covered.

Emily: Don't you dare stand here and judge me.

Dusty: I'm not judging you. I just don't want to be around you. From now on, we work different schedules.

Emily: Fine.

Dusty: I suppose you want your nights free?

Emily: Yeah, that will be helpful.

Dusty: Its better we see as little of one another as possible.

Emily: Fine.

Reporter: Mr. Donovan, Tim Hayes, WOAK News.

Dusty: Yes, okay, what's going on?

Reporter: Sources tell us that an E. Coli breakout at Memorial has been traced back to a Worldwide subsidiary run by Lily Snyder. Any comment?

Holden: Lily, this is not your fault. You didn't even know.

Lily: It's my job to know.

Craig: Fair warning, the press is circling.

Holden: Great, that's just what we need.

Lily: None of this matters, as long as these babies get better. You heard Bob. They're all critical.

Craig: So why don't we do some digging, all right? We'll start with the growers --

Holden: You know what? Just stay out of it.

Craig: Look, your son is sick. You need answers. Do you got a better idea?

Holden: No, you're right. We need to get to the bottom of this, sooner rather than later. Lily, did you check any of the production reports, any of the statistics?

Lily: No.

Holden: Okay, here's what we need to do. You need to see if any of the processing centers have had any prior violations. If so, we need to get them shut down immediately.

Lily: No, don't do that! I mean, maybe the lab made a mistake. It happens all the time.

Holden: No, there's no mistake. All these parents here fed their babies that brand.

Lily: These girls, these girls from Valley's Best, they have a great track record.

Holden: And you're sure about that?

Lily: I'm gonna call them. I'm gonna call them and see if they can find out what went wrong. As soon as I can --

Nurse: Mrs. Snyder, a gentlemen just called for you. He said it was really urgent, so I transferred it to this extension.

Lily: Thank you. This is Lily snyder.

Dusty: I've got reporters in my face talking about sick kids and that baby food.

Lily: How did you find me?

Dusty: Meg told me. Is Ethan stabilized yet?

Lily: No.

Dusty: I'm sorry to hear that. But listen, you got to come down here. This is your company, so you're the only one who can do damage control. You're gonna have to come down here now.

Lily: I can't leave the hospital now.

Dusty: You have no choice. If you don't deal with this now, it's gonna bring the whole house down.

Meg: Thanks, Rich. I appreciate the update. I'll see you at the hospital.

Faith: How's Ethan?

Meg: The same. But the lab did confirm that it was E. Coli, and Ethan is getting the right medication right now. We caught it early.

Faith: Was it the baby food?

Meg: Yes, it was.

Parker: Nailed it!

Paul: Meg got him to the hospital quickly.

Meg: I wish I could just be there to help out.

Faith: Well, why don't you go?

Meg: Well, they won't let me work with patients anymore, Honey.

Faith: Why not just go and sit in the waiting room then?

Meg: You know what? The waiting room is pretty crowded right now. There's a lot of other sick babies. And there's just a lot going on. So let's just wait here, okay?

Parker: Do you want to go for a walk or something?

Meg: Hey, that's a great idea.

Faith: What if my mom calls?

Meg: I think she's with the baby, so she won't call right now. But as soon as I hear something or my friend from the floor calls me, I will come find you.

Paul: No more hitchhiking.

Parker: We won't.

Paul: All right.

Paul: Hey, hey, you know what? You get enough of that at the diner. I'll take care of the kp.

Meg: Hey, you okay?

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Meg: Did you have another vision?

Paul: No, no, I-- I just got a headache.

Meg: Do you get a lot of them?

Paul: I don't really want to talk about it with you right now.

Meg: Okay, come here. Sit down.

Paul: No, no, look, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Meg: Sit down. Mama has some ibuprofen.

Paul: I don't want to take anything. They usually just go away on their own, eventually.

Meg: You're really into this back to nature stuff. Okay, close your eyes.

Paul: Why?

Meg: Is everything a negotiation?

Paul: Yeah. Meg --

Meg: Don't talk.

Paul: Can I breathe?

Meg: By all means.

Paul: Thank you.

Meg: No problem. You know, I learned this at a holistic center in Waco.

Paul: I mean for believing me.

Meg: Well, I had nothing to be afraid of, except looking foolish, and I've kind of mastered that.

Paul: No, you haven't.

Meg: I have a resume to prove you wrong.

Paul: Meg, I don't regret a thing that I've done.

Meg: Well, you shouldn't. The outbreak would have been a lot worse if you hadn't --

Paul: I'm not talking about Ethan. I'm talking about switching the bullets before Craig got shot and what I did afterwards at the hospital.

Meg: Yeah, maybe we shouldn't go there.

Paul: Do you believe in penance?

Meg: You know, if this is gonna turn into some kind of philosophical discussion, I'd rather do the dishes. Rest your head.

Paul: Why? My head's fine. Look, everything that I -- before the shooting, I did out of fear and for revenge.

Meg: Okay, so you think these visions are some kind of punishment for that?

Paul: At first I did. But now I know it's the only way I'm ever really gonna get what I want.

Craig: Maybe you should go to Worldwide.

Lily: I can't leave the baby.

Holden: I'm here. I'll call you if there's any changes.

Lily: I don't care about Worldwide.

Holden: All these people trusted in that product. You need to get answers, and you can't do that here. I'll stay with Ethan. So go.

Lily: Holden --

Craig: Come on, Lily. You're in no condition to be behind the wheel. I'll drive you. Come on. Come on.

[Knock on the door]

Client: Sorry I'm late. I brought some party toys.

Emily: Really?

Client: Oh, great outfit.

Emily: Oh, thank you. Can I take your jacket off, stay awhile? Fix you a drink maybe?

Client: No, no. No, thanks. Here, I brought you a present.

Emily: Movie night?

Client: It's new. It's a bootleg. And it's very hot.

Emily: You want to watch a movie?

Client: No, not watch a movie? Be a movie.

Emily: Is it starring anyone I know?

Client: It puts me in the mood.

Emily: I -- I thought that was my job.

Client: No, you'll get to do your job. Here, pop that thing in and put this on.

Emily: You want me to wear this?

Client: No, I want you to look at it. Yes, wear it.

Emily: Oh.

Client: Yeah. That's better. Let's start the show. Here. This is for you, too. Cheri gave me an idea of what size.

Emily: Oh, what else did Cheri tell you?

Client: That I wouldn't be disappointed. So don't disappoint me. Change. And hurry, I don't want us to miss the best part.

Client: No, no, no, no. Not yet, not yet, not yet. Let me. Now hold still. This is my favorite part. Yeah, I know. She's something, isn't she?

Client: This is the third time this week I've used that flick. But this time -- this time was the best. From now on, I'm telling Cheri, you are my star.

Emily: Do you mind if I watch it again?

Client: Oh, sure. Watch it as much as you want. Here. Keep the scarf for next time. I'm gonna catch a shower.

Emily: Oh, Alison.

Dusty: I told you, we don't have the facts yet. It's an open investigation.

Reporter: Mrs. Snyder, over a dozen children have been infected.

Dusty: I'll fill you in as soon as I get the facts. Now get out of here.

Lily: How did they find out?

Dusty: What's he doing here?

Lily: Craig drove me.

Dusty: You got to go.

Craig: I'm not your biggest problem today, Dusty.

Dusty: You're always my biggest problem.

Lily: Well, how much do they know?

Dusty: Enough. Enough to bury us. How's your son?

Lily: He's critical.

Dusty: Well, I'm sorry to drag you away, but this is getting ugly very, very fast.

Lily: We'll launch our own investigation, Dusty.

Dusty: No, don't bother. Your friends at Valley's Best work with a growers co-op 300 miles south.

Lily: To support in-state farming, yes.

Dusty: Yeah, in-state farming with seven health violations in the last two years. Even better, your friends, right there, started that co-op.

Lily: They said they were the best organic growers in the country.

Dusty: I bet. Look, Lily, hey. This is what we're gonna do. I'm gonna get rid of the press. I'm gonna bring legal in here. And they're gonna control all statements that run through this office, okay? Don't say a word. If legal says you can talk, you can talk. But other than that, nothing.

Lily: Okay, I'm gonna go back to the hospital.

Dusty: Okay, my prayers are with your son. But this is your nightmare.

Lily: What am I going to do?

Craig: You are gonna concentrate on Ethan getting better, and you let me take care of the rest. Everything's gonna be all right.

Susan: The pediatric nephrologist has ordered more tests.

Holden: Are his kidneys worse?

Susan: There's been no improvement. But his condition hasn't deteriorated. For us, that's a win.

Holden: I feel so selfish.

Susan: Selfish? Why?

Holden: Well, I want all these babies to be better, but most of all, I just want my son to be all right.

Susan: That's not being selfish. That's just being a dad.

Faith: Can you believe Paul about what he said about Ethan getting better?

Parker: Paul's been right about a lot of things, hasn't he? And I bet he's right about this, too. You'll see.

Meg: Maybe we should finish cleaning up this mess --

Paul: I scared you, didn't I?

Meg: You didn't scare me. I just don't think it's good to continue this conversation --

Paul: Meg, I'm not talking about you falling in love with me again.

Meg: Paul, please.

Paul: What I want most in the world is to keep you safe. And I used to think that to do that, I had to be controlling. And these visions -- you know, the thing is that I always end up protecting you, or protecting somebody that you really love. So in a weird way, I do get to keep you safe, even though we're not together. And if that's all I get out of my life, that's enough.

Meg: Are you sure?

Paul: I should go.

Meg: You should go.

Paul: Meg --

Meg: You should go.

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Emily: Have you heard from Alison?

Susan: No, why? Has something happened?

Lily: I have to call my mother.

Craig: No, no, no, you don't.

Casey: Northern Michigan. I thought he was going to Florida. Not exactly where I want to spend my spring break.

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