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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/20/07

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Cop: Detective?

Jack: Peterson, did I or did I not tell you to get a hold of Dallas Griffin if you needed help?

Cop: You told me.

Jack: Then why are you here?

Cop: Uh, there's a perp out here. Says he's your brother.

Brad: Hey, Bro! What's up?

Jack: What did you do, Brad?

Brad: You know, why do you always have to come on me at like? Like it's always something I did. Maybe somebody else did something.

Jack: You're the one in handcuffs, Bro.

Brad: You know, just for that, I'm using my right to remain silent.

Jack: Peterson?

Cop: Yes, Sir?

Jack: What'd he do?

Katie: He assaulted a man, that's what he did. Are we rolling, Barbara?

Jack: Why did you do that?

Brad: What are you doing here?

Katie: You've told me many, many times that you're the one who brings in all the ratings. So, bring it.


Emily: I'm prepared to ignore the argument we had earlier.

Dusty: Are you?

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, let's put it aside. Back to business as usual.

Dusty: That's so big of you.

Emily: Yeah, I thought so. So, did I see Oliver Blackstone by the elevators, earlier?

Dusty: Yup.

Emily: What's he doing here?

Dusty: Business. That's what we do here.

Emily: Really? What are -- are we doing a merger with the -- are we buying one of his radio stations, television stations, what?

Dusty: That's confidential.

Emily: Confidential? It's news. What's the scoop?

Dusty: Blackstone's thinking about buying a newspaper.

Emily: You're kidding me, Lucinda’s selling the City Times?

Dusty: No.

Emily: Wait a minute -- you're selling -- you're selling Blackstone my paper? You're selling The Intruder?

Dusty: We're exploring our options. Do you have any more questions?

Emily: Yeah. How could you be so stupid? The Intruder's done nothing but show a profit since I've been on board. And you're going to kiss all good-bye because you don't approve my personal life?

Dusty: Call it what it is. You're a hooker. And yes, that's why we're selling.

Iris: Well, you kids seem to be in a bit of a hurry. What was that you were saying about leaving town?

Maddie: Oh, well, its spring break, so we thought that we would go someplace sunny and warm --

Will: Maddie, you don't have to explain anything to Iris. What's going on?

Gwen: She knows everything because she's the one behind it all.

Maddie: No way.

Will: What did you do?

Gwen: She knows what happened to Adam.

Maddie: That's impossible.

Gwen: She's the one that sent Jade the flowers, the one who sent me my ring - - she's the one who's been driving us crazy, Maddie. It's been her all along, not Jade.

Maddie: Why?

Gwen: Because she wants to own me. And now she does

Iris: Gwennie, why do you always got to put a negative spin on things? See, don't you see that by my not saying anything about what happened to Adam, it's actually sparing my little girl a life in prison.

Gwen: Ah, that's really sweet of you, Mom.

Iris: Yeah, I thought so.

Gwen: So, how much is that going to cost me?

Maddie: Nothing. It's not going to cost you anything. Because I'm calling the cops right now.

Iris: Hey, you know what? I would think twice about doing that, little girl. Because you know, prison, it's just like the way it is in the movies. It's colder, it's scary --

Will: Shut up, Iris.

Iris: You know, you better watch the way you talk to me.

Will: You're not calling the cops.

Maddie: No, I can't let you and Gwen get in trouble for something that I did.

Will: We won't, all right? I promise you that. What you're going to do, is you're going to get the car -- you're going to take Gwen, you're going to fill up the tank --

Gwen: No, I'm not leaving you alone with her.

Will: And then you guys are going to go to Al's, and get some food and stuff for the trip. All right, you got that, Maddie?

Gwen: I'm not leaving.

Will: Maddie?

Maddie: I'll be in the car.

Will: Okay, Gwen will be right behind you.

Gwen: No, I won’t.

Will: If you stay, she's going to push your buttons. And we're all going to get in this big fight, all right? She's going to hold us up. And we need to get out of here as soon as we can.

Gwen: She wants money, okay? We already know that.

Will: Well, that doesn't mean she's going to get it. I can handle your mom.

Iris: Don't think you're going to handle me the way Maddie and Gwennie handled your brother.

Will: I'm not going to lay a finger on you, Iris. But I am going to make sure that you disappear for good.

Katie: Don't be shy, Brad. Don't you have a few words for our viewers?

Brad: Yeah. Yeah, I've got something to say. Roll it, Barbara.

Katie: Are you sure about this?

Brad: Oh, yeah, this is the best job I've ever had. I might as well go out in a blaze of glory. So, hey, Oakdale. It's Brad Snyder here.

Katie: And Katie Peretti.

Brad: Yeah, of course. And here's what's happening in Oakdale Now. I have been arrested and brought to the very efficient Oakdale Police Station for booking. And if you stick around, you can watch firsthand how Jack Snyder, my brother, and the rest of the gals and guys dressed in blue take a bite out of crime. Daily.

Katie: Well, Brad, how does it feel to be a criminal?

Brad: Oh, Katie, it feels great. Just great.

Katie: Okay, I think that's enough of that. Oh, Brad look -- it's your innocent victim. I guess it wouldn't be responsible journalism if I didn't go interview the teacher, too. Come on, Barbara.

Brad: No, no, no, no. No, the camera stays with me. Okay, the money shots of me getting processed, right? The fingerprinting, the mug shot, you know -- my face getting slammed --

Jack: Is this -- it this really necessary?

Katie: No, you know -- you know what? It's not. We'll go interview Mr. Ladue.

Brad: No, no, Katie, the camera stays with me.

Katie: Okay. If that's the way you want it. Fine. Stay here. I'll go talk to Mr. Ladue, but make sure you get every gritty detail.

Jack: Are you sure you want all this on camera?

Brad: Hey, Man, if it keeps that guy off camera, hell yeah.

Jack: Okay, listen, I know you're not one to back down from a fight, but you usually -- usually take out guys your own size. This guy, you could mop the floor with him.

Brad: I almost did.

Jack: Why? What did he do to you?

Brad: He did nothing. Not to me.

[Brad remembering]

Ladue: You should have seen the ruckus he caused on the class outing at Raven Lake?

Brad: Really? Raven Lake?

Ladue: It was a disaster. Flaunting himself like he was in San Francisco or something. By the end of that trip, every student there knew he was, well, who knows what word we're supposed to use for it now –

Brad: Yeah, you just couldn't trust that he wouldn't do something like that again?

Ladue: That's right.

Brad: So, no matter how well he wrote, you just couldn't let him represent the school?

Jack: If this isn't about you, then who's it about?

Brad: Let's just forget about it, okay? Just forget about it.

Jack: Are you drunk?

Brad: Do I look drunk?

Jack: Okay, then why, Brad?

Brad: Man, the guy just rubbed me the wrong way. Okay, I went too far. Like always. Now, if you don't mind, Barbara’s going to get a dislocated shoulder from that camera that she's got on her. I'm sure that she'd be more than grateful if we could just speed this up. So, officer, could you please book me? And remember, all right, that Katie said, every juicy, gritty detail. Come on.

Katie: Mr. Ladue!

Ladue: I thought I made it clear, Ms. --

Katie: Peretti. Katie Peretti. I'm the co-host of Oakdale Now.

Ladue: Yes. Well, I'm not interested in making a statement to you or anyone else of your kind.

Katie: I totally understand after everything you've been through. Will you please accept my apology?

Ladue: You want to apologize to me? I just had your co-worker arrested.

Katie: He totally had it coming to him. He attacked you for no good reason.

Ladue: Yes, he did.

Katie: I'm actually surprised you were able to restrain yourself from popping him one. I mean, you could've taken him out, you know.

Ladue: I did consider it. But in a civilized society, violence should always be avoided when possible, don't you think?

Katie: I completely agree. But I thank you for filing charges. Because the longer Brad is in jail, the longer he's off my show and out of my hair.

Ladue: I'm glad I could be of service.

Katie: Actually, here. Wait, let me give you my card. If you want to tell your story on air, I would love to interview you.

Ladue: I really couldn’t.

Katie: Oh, come on. You must be furious.

Ladue: I am. That maniac invited me to your station under the guise of wanting to do a story on me. But he really just had an axe to grind about that gay kid being passed over for the merit award.

Katie: Gay kid?

Ladue: I really have to be going.

Katie: No, listen, you know what? I'm sorry. Brad is just a bully. Trying to tell you how to do your job. He does the same thing to me every day. Believe me.

Ladue: He knew nothing of the circumstances. I wasn't the only one who made the decision not to give Snyder the award.

Katie: Luke Snyder?

Ladue: You know him?

Katie: Barely.

Ladue: Look, Ms. Peretti, this conversation needs to be off the record. I see no reason for any of it to be made public.

Katie: Absolutely. I completely understand.

Ladue: Thanks for seeing my side in this.

Katie: Well, I forget that sometimes. That there's always another side.

Dusty: My decision to sell The Intruder isn't personal.

Emily: Well, it sure as hell isn't financial -- The Intruder's done nothing but make a profit since I've been here.

Dusty: You're a liability. I'm protecting the company.

Emily: You think you're trying to keep me under your thumb.

Dusty: In case you didn't get the memo, prostitution's illegal. That might not matter to you. But it matters to the board, certainly when you get arrested.

Emily: I'm not going to get arrested -- I'm not going to get arrested. What do you think, I'm walking the streets? I see my clients by appointment only.

Dusty: Do you hear what you're saying to me --

Emily: What about all your illegal things, huh?

Dusty: You're telling me its okay? You think its okay with the board of directors --

Emily: I'm telling you that it's -- it won't matter if you don't tell them.

Dusty: Well, I'm not keeping it from Lucinda.

Emily: Why? Why, because you have a legal obligation to Lucinda and to Worldwide?

Dusty: Yeah, that's right.

Emily: Oh, that's bull and you know it. You're not trying to protect Worldwide. You're bailing on The Intruder because you can't control me.

Dusty: You think I want to control your life?

Emily: No, you're trying -- you're trying to punish me. You're trying to punish me because you want to save me, Dusty, and I won't let you.

Emily: You know, it's funny. You didn't have a problem with me partnering with Worldwide when I was a needy, pathetic mess, did you?

Dusty: You're a mess right now. You think you got it put together because you would give it up for $1,000 a night? Are you being healthy?

Emily: I'm taking care of myself now.

Dusty: You think you're taking care of yourself?

Emily: Yeah, I'm taking care of myself. I'm making my own money. I'm my own boss.

Dusty: You're no boss. You answer to another hooker named Cheri. You get used by strangers --

Emily: Oh, I thought it was better to get used by people I actually knew -- like your precious Jennifer?

Dusty: What are you talking about?

Emily: Jennifer, you threw the whole guilt trip on me about how your dead saintly wife would be rolling in her grave if she knew I was getting paid for sex.

Dusty: Are you crazy?

Emily: She would have understood.

Dusty: She would say you're crazy --

Emily: She would have understood. Because she tried, just like me to figure out what men really wanted. And when she couldn't figure it out, she settled.

Dusty: My wife didn't settle!

Emily: She settled. What do you call the one-night-stand she had with Montgomery? She settled.

Dusty: Call it whatever you want. She found me.

Emily: Yeah, she did. Well, guess what? I haven't found it. And I probably never will. Jennifer would have understood, even if you can't, that sometimes you just want to be wanted. And I get that. I get that on my own terms. And all I got to do is pick up a phone and make an appointment.

Dusty: You have no idea how much trouble you're in, do you?

Emily: I'm happy and I'm making a profit. I really don't see the problem.

Dusty: You're a prostitute. You got beat up.

Emily: Oh, stop bringing it up. It happened one time. And it's not going to happen again.

Dusty: What if you get beat up again even worse?

Emily: I won’t.

Dusty: What if you get busted?

Emily: Well, then, I'll use the same story that I said before. That I'm writing a story for the paper. I've got the notes on my hard drive to back it up. And if the cops get involved, the press get involved? There, there's my story. We've got spin. We'll sell lots of papers. I thought about this. I thought about all of this, Dusty. I thought about you and my son. I thought about -- my son. And Lucinda. And this company. You're all protected. Please, do not sell your shares of The Intruder.

Dusty: I have to.

Emily: No, no, God -- please, stop. I'm begging you, okay? I am begging you, just give me the chance to make a success of my own paper here.

Dusty: Is it that important to you?

Emily: You believed in me. Once. I want to prove you right. Please give me that chance.

Dusty: Okay. Do it.

Emily: You mean it?

Dusty: You give up the other thing, 100%? You put all your attention here? Yeah, I mean it.

Emily: You got to leave my personal life out of it.

Dusty: Personal? I thought it was business?

Emily: It is.

Dusty: So is this. So, you can make your money on your back or you can make it here, it's your choice.

Emily: Stop trying to control me.

Dusty: You're in control. Choose.

Katie: Where's Brad?

Jack: He's been taken down to holding.

Katie: Where's Barbara? Did she get it all on tape?

Jack: No. And before you say anything --

Katie: What happened?

Jack: I want you to know I was the one to send her away. Look, I know you think that Brad's arrest is must-see TV, but like it or not, he's still my brother, Katie. Whatever he did to get in this mess --

Katie: He didn't tell you why he went after Ladue?

Jack: No details.

Katie: Typical. That's so typical of your brother. Just when you think you can count on him to be a total jerk, he turns it all around and makes you feel like -- oh, I'm going to strangle him!

Jack: Why? What did this Ladue guy say? Is Brad in more trouble than I thought?

Katie: I have to do something. I don't want to do it, but I have to. And I need you help.

Jack: What is it?

Katie: I need to pay Brad's bail.

Gwen: Hey.

Maddie: Hey.

Gwen: Did you order already?

Maddie: Yeah, I got enough sandwiches and stuff so we don't have to stop on the road.

Gwen: Okay, the car's ready outside.

Maddie: Good.

Gwen: Come here for a second.

Maddie: What's going on?

Gwen: Do you need to call anyone?

Maddie: I'm not calling Casey.

Gwen: He loves you, Maddie.

Maddie: I know and I love him. But as soon as I hear his voice, I'm going to start crying and I'll tell him everything.

Gwen: You know what? That's basically what happened with Will and me. And you know what? He understood and I have to believe that Casey will too.

Maddie: He loves his brother so much.

Gwen: I know, but if he knows that you were just trying to protect me from Adam, I think he would understand, that's all I'm saying.

Maddie: Well, the truth's going to come out anyway. As soon as we leave, Iris will tell or Jade. And then, he'll know the real reason why I left.

Gwen: Maddie, honestly, I think you have to call him, because my mom could be with the police right now --

Maddie: I don't think she is. Did you see how she looks at Will? She's scared of him. He's the only one that can get her to do the right thing.

Gwen: No, the only way that he can get her to do anything is if he paid her off.

Maddie: Well, then, that's what he's going to have to do.

Gwen: But what he doesn't understand is that it's not going to be enough. My mom is not going to leave us alone.

Maddie: Not if she can't find us.

Gwen: I have to go.

Maddie: What's wrong?

Gwen: My mom's not going to let up, and neither will Will.

Maddie: Well, okay, I'll go with you.

Gwen: No, no, stay here. Actually, wait for the food. And I'll be back for you, okay?

Maddie: Actually, I can just take a cab. Don't worry about me. Go.

Gwen: Okay. Take that.

Waitress: Maddie? Hey, your order's ready.

Maddie: Thank you, Megan.

Waitress: Are you guys going on a picnic or something?

Maddie: Yeah, something like that. Oh.

Kim: Maddie, hi. Where are you off to in such a hurry?

Maddie: I'm not. In a hurry. I mean. We're kind of having a party later.

Kim: Oh, you and Casey? Oh, that's nice. You know what? Come sit with me for a couple of minutes. I want to call you and try to grab some time, so we can have a little talk.

Maddie: About what?

Kim: Well, about you and my grandson.

Will: I need you to come over to my place right way. No, this can't wait. I need this done before my wife gets back. Yes, I understand the consequences. Just hurry up.

Gwen: Will.

Will: Hey, what are you doing back?

Gwen: Where's my mom?

Will: Listen, I haven't settled anything with her. So, maybe you should go back to Al's and just wait for me.

Gwen: Just tell me how you handled my mom.

Iris: Hey, did you get hold of the banker?

Will: Yeah, she's on her way.

Gwen: Someone from the bank is coming over here?

Iris: Yeah, that's right. Your hubby has decided to show his mother-in-law the appreciation and respect which I deserve.

Gwen: You're paying her off? Why?

Iris: Honey, Will is just trying to stop you from serving time for murder, and actually he's doing a damn good job. So why don't you go --

Gwen: How much?

Will: I don't care about the money.

Gwen: How much are you paying her?

Iris: Hey, you don't got to know that.

Gwen: Will?

Will: You're not going to change my mind about this.

Gwen: Just tell me how much.

Will: It doesn't matter.

Gwen: Yeah, that's right. It doesn't matter. Because no matter how much it is, it'll never be enough for her!

Will: Iris can't take from us what we don't have.

Gwen: Please tell me that doesn't mean what I think it means.

Will: Iris asked for my entire trust fund, and I said yes.

Jack: Are you sure you want to do this? Thanks.

Katie: No. But it's done. It can't be undone.

Jack: Well, you can stop payment on the check.

Katie: Don't tempt me, really.

Jack: Katie, if you don't want Brad back on the job --

Katie: I don’t. I don't want to work with him. I don't want to see him. I still thinks he's a pig-headed chauvinist who's done pretty much everything in his power to make my life a living hell and will continue --

Jack: And you bailed him out because --

Katie: Brad accused me of being the type of person who ruins people's lives and asks questions later. You agree with him.

Jack: I didn't say a thing.

Katie: Well, unfortunately, for once, I had to agree with him. I mean, nobody knows the exact story about what happened between him and this guy that he hit, so, until I know the whole story --

Jack: Katie, Brad has done everything he can to be a pain in your side ever since he got here. It takes a lot of character to rise above that.

Katie: I'm not rising above anything. I still have my fantasies.

Jack: Like?

Katie: Like Brad's in the middle of the coliseum and they let all of those hungry tigers go and I'm the one who gets to give the thumbs-up or the thumbs- down.

Jack: You sure can hold a grudge, can't you?

Katie: Well, if I've got to admit that I'm not all good, then I have to admit that Brad can't be all bad. Maybe.

Jack: Well, this is something you're probably not going to hear from my brother. Thank you.

Katie: You're welcome. He's not. But you are.

Brad: Somebody paid my bail?

Jack: Yep.

Brad: Okay, I know you don't have that type of cash, even if you did want to cut your brother a break.

Jack: Nope.

Brad: So who sprung me? Vienna?

Jack: I didn't know that you and Vienna were still close.

Brad: I knew it was only a matter of time before she dumped that Henry guy. So, where is she? You know, I'm going to give that beautiful girl a thank you that she will never forget --

Jack: Beautiful. Yes, she is beautiful, but it wasn't Vienna. It was Katie.

Susan: Were you and Dusty having some kind of fight?

Emily: Why would you think that, mother?

Susan: Well, I just passed him in the hall and he looked about as angry as you did when I first --

Emily: Creative differences, Mom. Creative differences. You know, everybody has them. What do you want, Mom?

Susan: Well, I would like to know what's going on.

Emily: What's going on? I'm trying to meet deadlines, make advertisers happy, and appease my boss --

Susan: What were you and Dusty fighting about? He's done a lot for you, you know.

Emily: Yeah, I know. And I will thank him profusely, Mother, the next time I see him. I really have a lot to do. What can I do for you?

Susan: Daniel called.

Emily: What, is he okay?

Susan: Oh, no, he's great. He's very happy at his new school and he loves it. And he wanted me to tell you that he loves you too.

Emily: So, he called you? And not me, why? Mother? Mother, would you just spill it out? Why did he call you and not me?

Susan: He didn't want to hurt your feelings. He's decided -- that he's not coming home for the spring break.

Emily: Well, that's not his decision to make.

Susan: He's already talked to Tom, and Tom cleared it. He just wanted you to know.

Emily: Well, so, where's he going?

Susan: He's been invited by his roommate's family to spend a week at their beach house. I know you're hurt --

Emily: No, no, no -- I think its okay. Whatever Daniel wants, it's the best for him.

Kim: I really had been wanting to check up on you. See how you are doing. Because Casey told me that he'd lied to you and how much it hurt you.

Maddie: He did?

Kim: Well, you know, Casey’s not into keeping secrets, not anymore anyway.

Maddie: Well, secrets can really tear people apart.

Kim: You know, I think he understands that now. And in a way, I'm really glad that his gambling addiction is out in the open because I think I see a big change in him. And in my opinion, you have no small part in that.

Maddie: No, he really, he did it all on his own.

Kim: Oh, I disagree. Bob and I both think you've had huge, positive influence on him. I don't know if Casey’s told you, but he's certainly told me how important you are to him.

Maddie: I can't be.

Kim: Oh, but you are.

Maddie: No, I can't be there for him anymore.

Kim: I don't understand.

Maddie: Casey and I -- we broke up.

Gwen: No, no no, you can't sign over your entire trust fund. Will, that money is for your future.

Will: If keeping the money means losing you, then I don't have a future. Can you tell her what you promised?

Iris: I promised that once Will gives me the money, I will keep quiet about Adam. And I also promised that I wouldn't bother you two ever again.

Gwen: Until she spends every last dime and comes back for more. Don't you see? No matter how little or how much we have, she will threaten us until she gets it.

Will: Okay, can you give us a minute?

Iris: I'm staying. I'm not going to let her talk you out of this.

Will: Look, you're going to leave, or you're not going to get a cent. Thank you. Gwen, I need to do this.

Gwen: She's taking everything that you have. And you didn't do anything. I'm the one who did something wrong. I'm the one.

Will: And I'm the one who can't live without you.

Gwen: You can't give my mom all of your money.

Will: Even if it guarantees us an Iris-free life?

Gwen: What guarantee? She lies about everything, we can't trust her. You both know that.

Will: Yeah, and maybe she won't keep quiet forever, but at least it will buy us some time. Some time to get away, start someplace new.

Iris: Are you two done in here?

Will: Are we?

Gwen: Yeah. And I think you should probably leave, though.

Iris: What? Why?

Gwen: The woman from the bank is good friends with Will's mom.

Iris: Who cares?

Gwen: If she identifies you to Barbara, there's no telling what she'll do.

Iris: Hey, I'm not scared of Will's mama.

Gwen: You should be.

Will: Yeah, Gwen's right. We should do this someplace safe, someplace on our way out of town --

Iris: No, no, no. I'm not meeting you anywhere. Until I have that money in my hand, I'm staying right here. But I'll just stay back here in the bedroom, just in case.

Will: Are we on the same page about this?

Gwen: I wish there was some other way. But I mean, if you're hell bent on saving my life, I'll let you.

Kim: You and Casey broke up? When?

Maddie: Today.

Kim: Maddie, I am so sorry. Here I am going on and on -- what happened?

Maddie: I really -- I can't talk about it. I have to go, okay?

Kim: All right. Well, listen, if there's anything I can, I mean anything at all, you call me at any time.

Maddie: Thank you. Actually, can -- would you mind checking in on Casey later, and seeing if he's okay?

Kim: Of course. Of course.

Maddie: Thanks. But don't tell him that I asked you to. Bye, Mrs. Hughes.

[Cell phone rings]

Kim: Hello? So, Brad's at the police station, what's he doing? Some kind of story or something? He what?

Katie: Brad, you're already out?

Brad: I know you paid my bail. What I don't know is why.

Katie: I found out about what you did, defending Luke. I was surprised.

Brad: Well, you wouldn't have been if you would have just given me a couple seconds to explain what happened instead of watching them haul me off in handcuffs.

Katie: You wouldn't have been arrested if you didn't attack the guy!

Brad: Well, he deserved a lot worse. I mean, how can you call yourself a teacher when the only main thing you're teaching is that you should penalize kids for being different? Make sure they know that they don't deserve to represent their school. I mean, Luke, you know, he's a smart kid. He's a good kid. Ladue even admitted that he wrote the best essay but shut him out just because he was gay.

Katie: I know. It's sick.

Brad: No, no, don't agree with me. It totally messes my flow. You know, I mean --

Katie: I'll remember that.

Brad: Okay, maybe I shouldn't have gotten physical with him, but I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't fight back.

Katie: Right, you just can't change who you are, right?

Brad: I tried. It doesn't stick.

Katie: Yeah, I know the feeling. I keep making the same mistakes. And when I try to do something well, I just mess up.

Brad: What are you doing?

Katie: I guess I'm trying to offer some empathy.

Brad: Sure you want to do that? Makes it kind of hard to hate you.

Katie: Yeah, I know what you mean. After today, I'm having a hard time hating you, too.

Iris: I don't know. I feel like I should be out there in case somebody pulls a fast one on me.

Gwen: You show your face to that banker, and Barbara Ryan will have lawyers and cops all over you.

Iris: Oh Honey, don't be so angry at me. This might be the last time we ever see each other again.

Gwen: It better be the last time.

Iris: The only reason why I'm taking the money is because Will offered it, and I need it to survive. But Sweetie, I'm still your mother. And I'm going to miss you, Gwen.

Gwen: I'm sure you'll get over it.

Iris: You know, it's not going to be easy for me, just living out there, high on the hog, knowing that my daughter is struggling to make ends meet.

Gwen: Then why do it? Why can't you once, just once, care about me more than you care about yourself?

Iris: Sweetie, I care about you.

Gwen: Prove it. Walk away.

Iris: You don't need Will's money. I mean, he makes you happy the minute that he shows up.

Gwen: I'm surprised you noticed.

Iris: Honey, of course I noticed. I'm your mom.

Gwen: No, you've never been my mom.

Banker: Are you certain you want to transfer ownership, Will?

Will: Yes, absolutely.

Banker: What's your mother going to say about this?

Will: Well, I'm over 18, and it's my money, so there's no reason why she ever needs to hear about this, is there?

Banker: It's your decision.

Will: Okay. This one's yours.

Banker: If you ever need banking services in the future --

Will: Yeah, I know who to call. Thank you.

Iris: Hand them over.

Will: I named you as the beneficiary. Which means you're going to get the money, in installments, the way I used to.

Iris: Yeah, yeah, just give it to me.

Will: And you remember our deal, right? You're not going to go to the cops.

Iris: I said I wouldn’t. And you promised you're never going to contact Gwen and me ever again.

Iris: Yeah, I won’t. Gwennie Darling, I always knew you'd be good for something.

Maddie: Iris looked real happy on her way out of here.

Gwen: Will paid her off.

Maddie: It must have been a lot.

Gwen: His whole trust fund.

Maddie: Will, no! I can't let you do that --

Will: It's already done. It's already done.

Maddie: No, I --

Will: Maddie, it's going to be okay.

Maddie: I should have turned myself in before it got this far.

Will: Yeah, well, then I'd have a lot of money and one less best friend, right? So, what would be the point?

Maddie: Are you totally broke now?

Will: No. Almost. Anyway, we got to get going. I'm going to go get the bags.

Gwen: Hey, are you all right?

Maddie: I want Casey. And I want Will to have his money back. And I want us all to stay here and go to college together.

Gwen: Hey Will, are we all set?

Will: Yeah. Look, there's one more mother that we have to deal with.

Gwen: Barbara.

Will: Yeah, if we don't want her hunting us, then I got to call.

Gwen: And say what?

Will: Tell her exactly where we'll be.

Susan: I thought you'd be a little bit more upset.

Emily: My son wants to spend his vacation on a beach? Why wouldn't he?

Susan: Emily, you haven't seen Daniel in months.

Emily: There's a parents' weekend coming up, and I'll have him to myself all summer long.

Susan: You know, you're saying the words, and I just don't --

Emily: Mom, I'm so busy. No, I'm so busy. I probably wouldn't have time -- I probably wouldn't have time to see him.

Susan: Okay, but will you call him?

Emily: Yes, I will call him. I will call him tonight. And I'll reassure him that I'm fine with it. Now, I've got a lot of work to do. Okay, if this is it --

Susan: Do you want to have dinner tonight?

Emily: I can’t. I'm tied up. I'm sorry. I'll call you over the weekend, okay?

Susan: Sure. Let me know.

Emily: I will. Thanks for coming by.

Dusty: Susan? Is anything wrong?

Susan: Yes.

Dusty: Can I help?

Susan: I wish you would. Emily's in trouble.

Dusty: What kind of trouble?

Susan: I was hoping that you could find out before it's too late.

Emily: Yes -- I look as good as I sound. Well, you know, I've got my money-back guarantee. Did Cheri give you the room number? Good. I'll see you there.

Dusty: Have you told Emily you're worried?

Susan: Of course, but she doesn't care about that or even Daniel.

Dusty: She loves Daniel very much.

Susan: I just told her that Daniel is not coming back for spring break, and she barely reacted. She didn't even -- she was so distant.

Dusty: Well, she's got a lot going on.

Susan: Ever since that night when she came home, when she was all bruised up after that horrible date. She hasn't been herself.

Dusty: Well, she was attacked.

Susan: Exactly. But you would think that that would make her stay closer to home. But she's home less than ever. She always says she's coming to the office, but I've been a couple of times on my way home for work, and she's never here. I was hoping that maybe you could find out what's going on with her.

Dusty: Oh, that's not my place.

Susan: But you're her boss, you're her friend. Can you at least talk to her?

Dusty: And say what?

Susan: Can't you just get through to her? I can't do it.

Dusty: I can't either. She made it very clear to me that she can take care of herself.

Susan: So you have talked to her?

Dusty: Susan, I have to stay out of this.

Susan: But you've noticed something. What else do you know? Tell me, please.

Kim: Thank you. Oh, Jack. I just heard Brad has been arrested.

Jack: Yeah, he was.

Kim: Did they set bail?

Jack: No. Bail's already been paid, Kim.

Kim: Okay, listen, I can reimburse you. We have a legal fund at the studio.

Jack: No, no, I didn't pay bail, Kim. Katie did.

Kim: Katie? She hates Brad. Unless she took my advice, and she made peace for the sake of the show.

Jack: No, that has to be it. Because we certainly know there's no love lost between those two.

Brad: You're not going to tell anybody about what I did, you know, about defending Luke, are you?

Katie: Why, are you worried I'm going to ruin your reputation as an insensitive jerk?

Brad: Yeah, damn straight.

Katie: I won't say a word.

Brad: Thank you. Don't worry. Even though I went after Ladue for good reasons, you know, I guarantee you, I'll do something to tick you off for no good reason tomorrow.

Katie: I have no doubt.

Will: Hey Mom, it's me. I'm sorry I missed you. I wanted to catch you before we left. Gwen and I are going to go to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break, and I don't know where we're going to be staying. So, I guess I'll give you a call and let you know when we decide. So, I'll see you when we get back.

Gwen: We're not really going to Ft. Lauderdale, are we?

Will: No. Not even close.

Gwen: We've had some good times here.

Will: Yeah, and some bad ones, too. You scared?

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: Look, maybe it will be even better than we ever expected.

Gwen: As long as I'm with you.

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