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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/13/07

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Craig: Wow.

Meg: Hey.

Craig: You look extremely productive and attractive.

Lily: Oh, I'm glad someone thinks so.

Craig: Is something wrong?

Lily: Oh, I'm just a little fried, is all. We have this product launch for Valley's Best tomorrow. All these gift baskets are going to the pediatric and the maternity ward at the hospital.

Craig: Ah, go to your newest customers. Good strategy.

Lily: I thought so. Yes.

Craig: You need help with media coverage?

Lily: No, no. I have a launch at the farm tomorrow. Everything's all set. And we're going to have camera crews there and --

Craig: Wow, looks like you won Lucinda over.

Lily: The jury's still out on that one. My mother's in Montega visiting Sierra, so --

Craig: Well, congratulations.

Lily: Thank you.

Craig: I knew it was just a matter of time.

Lily: Yeah. I wasn't so sure about that. My mother was second-guessing everything that I was doing up until the last minute she left.

Craig: Well, I told you not to take it personally. That's just the way she operates.

Lily: Yeah, you seem to understand my mother a lot better than I do. And I could not have put this plan together without you. You know that. And your creative accounting.

Craig: Come on, I didn't do anything.

Lily: No, you did. You taught me how to channel cash into a subsidiary without my mother finding out about it. You know, if my mother -- if she did know -- if she were here, she'd have my head for giving so much to a start-up.

Craig: Well, if she's still unaware of the extent of your investment, it'll just make your success all the more sweeter.

Lily: I know, that's exactly what I plan on doing. I'm going to prove that I am right about this. Thanks to you.

Craig: You know, it might be wise not to mention me. Let's just keep this matter our little secret.

Emma: Hi, Sweetheart.

Meg: Hi, Mama.

Emma: Hello.

Meg: Holden told me you were coming. I didn't realize it would be this soon.

Emma: Yeah, I got in tonight. I just got in.

Meg: Oh, and you came right over here? You know, the tea is hotter in your kitchen, trust me.

Emma: Why did you move out of the house? And why are you working here in this diner, of all places?

Meg: What else did Holden tell you?

Emma: Well, he didn't tell me anything. He said you would explain. So, tell me. Tell me, what's going on, Meg?

Maddie: Don't bring the cops into this, Jade. Please.

Jade: Oh, now you're being polite? That means I'm definitely on to something.

Gwen: Please, you're only going to make things worse.

Jade: Excuse me? Adam is missing.

Maddie: Maybe.

Jade: No, definitely. And finding out why is my one and only priority.

Maddie: So, why call the cops on us then?

Jade: Because there are too many unanswered questions. Like, why do you care who I tell? And he attacked Gwen, right?

Maddie: Yeah --

Jade: Yeah, and you should've gone to the cops first thing. But you didn't, which makes me wonder why.

Maddie: Because Margo has been through so much already.

Jade: Yeah. And Margo's a cop, which means she has a much thicker skin than you give her credit for.

Maddie: Adam is her son. It changes everything.

Jade: Yeah, that's right. Adam is her son. Which means she has the right to know what happened to him, no matter how terrible it is. Don't look at me with those Bambi eyes. If you had anything to do with the way Adam disappeared, the police should know.

Gwen: No, please, they can't!

Jade: What?

Maddie: You're not going to the police. And we'll stop you if you try.

Dusty: I told myself you still had some self-respect. But this is for real, isn't it? You're turning tricks.

Emily: What are you doing here? You're going to ruin the best story I'm working on.

Dusty: Your story about hookers?

Emily: I told you, I'm working undercover.

Dusty: You told me a lot of things. But never how much you charge.

Emily: What do you mean?

Dusty: I just paid off your next client. He told me how much you charge and what services you offer.

Emily: Well, you had no right doing that!

Dusty: Well, he certainly wasn't coming over for an interview.

Emily: You think I tell the johns that I'm a reporter? Come on, they'd never open up to me. They need to believe that I'm a real working girl.

Dusty: Uh-huh. So, how many do you serve?

Emily: You know what? Take your insinuations and get out.

Dusty: You're a liar. You haven't been doing a story. You've been turning tricks. You've been missing in action --

Emily: I do not report to you, Dusty!

Dusty: No, no, you don't. You report to Cheri! You're one of her biggest money makers.

Emily: Fine. Fine, I admit it. I'm a prostitute.

Dusty: Try whore.

Craig: And while we're on a sensitive subject, is it wrong if I say that I notice that you've lost weight?

Lily: Oh, thank you. Thank you for noticing that. You're one of the people that encouraged me.

Craig: I am?

Lily: Yes. You said, "Donít stress out about taking a couple of diet pills if it gets the number down." And I have to say, if I lose a couple more pounds, I don't mind being the face of Valley's Best.

Craig: Well, I can't think of a better choice.

Lily: Oh, that's very sweet. I couldn't have done any of this without you believing in me.

Craig: Well, that was the easy part. I just wish that there were some other people that trusted me like you do.

Lily: People? Or a person in particular?

Craig: Meg.

Lily: Oh --

Craig: She's struggling right now, and I want to help her out. She seems to think that my help comes with ulterior motives.

Lily: Doesn't it?

Craig: No. But she's gotten to me. And, I don't know -- she's just -- you know, she's not afraid to tell me what she really thinks.

Lily: All I can say is keep being honest with her. That's the only way to have a relationship that means anything.

Craig: Well, that sounds right. Look, I've got to go. Kisses.

Lily: Oh, bye.

Craig: And please, have fun tomorrow.

Lily: I plan on it.

Craig: All right. Don't work too hard.

Lily: Okay.

Meg: Anyway, I was so distracted that I spaced when I was taking the patient's medical history. I didn't write down all of her allergies.

Emma: And that's why the husband blamed you?

Meg: I blame me! The woman died because she got meds that she never should have been given. And the husband went crazy with grief, and that's why he came to the hospital with a gun. He lost his wife because I didn't listen.

Emma: Now, look -- it was a horrible, terrible, terrible mistake, but I cannot believe that there was no one else at the hospital that was responsible for this --

Meg: Mama -- Mama, you don't understand. This was neglect. I'm lucky I'm not in jail.

Emma: Maybe we can talk to Bob and get you back at the hospital again. Honey, he knows what a wonderful nurse you were --

Meg: Mama, I need to leave it alone, okay? I don't belong in the hospital anymore.

Emma: And what? You belong here?

Meg: I'm getting by.

Emma: And that's enough, is it?

Meg: It's what I can handle.

Emma: You know, working in a diner and crashing in a cheap motel, I believe you can handle a little more than that.

Jade: Get off me!

Maddie: No, I am not letting you go to the cops!

Jade: What are you going to do? Hurt me, too?

Gwen: Let her go, Maddie! No one is threatening you!

Maddie: We didn't do anything to Adam!

Jade: Then why are you having a breakdown?

Gwen: I just don't think you should go to Margo with stories you aren't even sure are true. It's just going to make everything worse.

Jade: How? She thinks he's dead. This is going to give her hope.

Maddie: She means it's going to make it worse for you.

Jade: Huh?

Maddie: You already have a reputation of being a liar, so why add to it?

Gwen: Look, it's all really complicated --

Jade: Oh, okay. Well, if you speak real slow, then maybe I'll be able to understand.

Gwen: I just don't think you should go around pointing fingers, unless you're sure. Otherwise, a lot of other people are going to get hurt!

Jade: Like me?

Maddie: Exactly.

Jade: You know what? Stop trying so hard. You two could care less if I was tied to railroad tracks. This just proves you're guilty.

Maddie: Of what?

Jade: I am done talking to you.

Gwen: No, please. Please, wait --

Jade: I have waited too long as it is. Margo needs to hear everything I know.

Maddie: No!

Jade: The police are going to find out whatever it is you're hiding. You can count on it.

Lily: Oh! [Laughs] You scared me! How long have you been standing there?

Holden: I just walked in.

Lily: Oh, is everything okay? Are the kids okay? I had my cell phone on, you would've called if there was a problem, right?

Holden: Yeah, Mom's fine. Everything's fine, I think.

Lily: Good. Good, good.

Holden: Why are you working so late? I thought you were going to try to get to bed early?

Lily: I couldn't sleep. I'm so excited. Company launch, can you believe it? Tomorrow! I can't believe it.

Holden: You want to look your best, don't you?

Lily: What do you mean?

Holden: You should be home, you shouldn't be pulling an all-nighter.

Lily: There's so much to do. And it feels good to be useful again.

Holden: What's the matter? You don't feel useful at home?

Lily: Not lately, no.

Holden: So this is the solution? Stuffing baskets with food for other peoples' babies? Lily, you heard what Dr. Seidman said. Faith is not getting any better. She's still purging and lying about it.

Lily: Holden. Holden --

Holden: We need to be there, for her. And instead, you're here wearing yourself out. Why? Is it the money? Because we don't need it.

Lily: No, of course not. It's not that --

Holden: Well, then what is it? Because, there's this disconnect here. And I think we need to do something about it.

Meg: I'm doing the best I can, Mama.

Emma: I see. Well, I think you're setting your bar very low.

Meg: At least I get out of bed and into the shower. And I make it in to work, whether I want to or not.

Emma: Oh, then I see. Is that enough for you?

Meg: Well, since I want to stay in the dark room with the blankets over my head, yeah, it is.

Emma: Meg, you know you can't give in to those kinds of feelings. You can't! You've got to have a purpose in life.

Man: Hey, Meg, can I get the check?

Meg: Yeah, I'll be right there. You know, I need to pick up my orders.

Emma: I'm going to stay here until you get your next break.

Meg: No, no, you don't need to do that. You've been traveling, and you've made your point.

Emma: Well, I hope so.

Meg: Look, I knew you wouldn't approve of what I'm doing. You never do.

Emma: I'm sorry, Meg. I'm sorry if I hurt you. But I think you're capable of more than this.

Craig: Do you think you're being fair to her?

Emma: Excuse me?

Craig: I'm sorry, I heard a little bit of what you said in there.

Emma: What, you were eavesdropping?

Craig: No, no. Emma, you're kicking her when she's down.

Emma: No, I wouldn't do that.

Craig: Not on purpose, but that's how it feels to Meg.

Emma: And since when are you an expert on Megís feelings?

Craig: I'm not. But I was there when she took responsibility for an accidental death. She faced the consequences, and they were harsh. She lost her job, her license. And not once did she complain or feel that it was unfair, and that's a hell of a lot more than I'm capable of. But what I think that hurts Meg the most, is that she feels that she's let her family down. So that's why she's striking out on her own. So the rest of you can get distance from what she's done.

Emma: I would never want distance from my daughter.

Craig: Okay, all right. Maybe she's just punishing herself. But whatever the reason, that's why she's trying to rebuild her life. And she doesn't want to lean on anyone. And for that, I think she deserves a lot of credit. Don't you?

Meg: Here you go. Do you want to start with water or coffee?

Craig: Water, please. Everything okay?

Meg: Sure, it's great.

Dusty: Why are you doing this to yourself? Don't you care about your life?

Emily: You have no right to judge me.

Dusty: What about your son?

Emily: Just leave my son out of this.

Dusty: He's got a mother who sells her body?

Emily: Would you stop! Do not make yourself my son's protector!

Dusty: Well, somebody should be. You think he's not going to find out about your new life?

Emily: He's away at school. He will never know about this.

Dusty: If he's lucky, he won't.

Emily: Oh, would you stop? Just stop hounding me!

Dusty: I put my reputation on the line so you could keep your job. Because I know somewhere inside you, you're a decent person.

Emily: Oh, gee, thanks. That's big of you.

Dusty: I know you're pushing people away, all right? I guess I just didn't think I was going to be one of them --

Emily: Well, guess again.

Dusty: What's your problem? Is this what you're trying to do? Is this progress? Destroying yourself?

Emily: No, no, Dusty. This is exactly the opposite. This is me rebuilding my self-esteem.

Dusty: I thought you were doing that, at the paper.

Emily: When I'm in a room like this, alone with a client, I'm in control. I set the terms.

Dusty: I didn't know getting slapped around was being in control.

Emily: That was one time. It won't happen again.

Dusty: You let strangers do whatever they want to you for money. That's not power. That's giving up!

Emily: Why the hell do you care?

Maddie: What are we going to do if the cops start questioning us?

Gwen: Maybe we should just come clean.

Maddie: No, I can't! Okay, we can't be here. We shouldn't have come back here. This is the first place they're going to start looking. Get your car. Let's go, get your keys.

Gwen: No, I can't walk out on Will. I'm not doing that to him.

Maddie: Gwen, I can't stay here. I will go to prison! Okay? I am the one that killed Adam.

Gwen: No, listen, okay? For the last time, I am just as guilty as you are. You were just trying to protect me. I dug his grave with my own hands.

Maddie: I am the one who killed him, and I don't want you to keep lying, okay? It's not right!

Gwen: So, what are you going to do?

Maddie: I'm going to find Henry, and see if he can hide me until I can get away.

Gwen: No, where are you gonna go? You shouldn't be alone.

Maddie: It's the only choice. It's the only thing I can do.

Gwen: Will you call me? Let me know where you are.

Maddie: Maybe it's better if you don't know.

Gwen: No, that would be worse. I need to know that you're okay.

Maddie: Okay, I'll call you if I get a chance, okay? It might be a while, though.

Gwen: Maddie, I don't know if I can let you do this.

Maddie: You have to. Please don't make this any harder than it already is, okay?

Gwen: Be safe, okay?

Maddie: Okay. You, too.

[Door opens and closes]

Gwen: Maddie? Hey listen, its okay. We're gonna find him -- Will, why aren't you in D.C.?

Will: Well, after we got cut off on the phone, and the phone went dead, I just -- I got this really terrible feeling about you being here alone.

Gwen: Oh, Will!

Will: Gwen -- tell me what's wrong.

Gwen: I can't!

Will: Gwen, you have to. This is killing both of us.

Gwen: I can't. I did something unforgivable!

Will: How many times do I have to say this? Whatever you've done, it can't be that bad.

Gwen: It is. You're gonna hate me.

Will: I could never hate you. Think of everything we've been through together.

Gwen: I'm scared.

Will: Just tell me.

Gwen: It's about Adam.

Will: Okay. Do you know where he is?

Gwen: No, not exactly. I thought I did, but now I'm not sure.

Will: Well, is he stalking you? Because if he tries to hurt you again, I --

Gwen: No, no. He never tried to rape me. That's not what happened.

Will: Then why did you tell me that he tried to attack you?

Gwen: Because we were arguing and he grabbed me. Maddie thought he was really trying to hurt me. And then she panicked.

Will: And what happened?

Gwen: I'm sorry, Will. I was just trying to protect Maddie, cause she protected me. But we did something really horrible.

Will: Gwen, what?

Gwen: I can't say it. We think that we killed Adam.

Maddie: Oh Henry, Henry! Please help me! I need your help.

Henry: Of course I'll help you. What's that matter with you? You're out of breath.

Maddie: I know. I didn't know where else to go, or who else to ask.

Henry: Tell me what you need.

Maddie: It's big. It's huge.

Henry: All right, come over here, sit down.

Maddie: I really don't have that much time.

Henry: Then give me the short version.

Maddie: Okay. And I really hate asking this, because I know that money has been so tight for you.

Henry: Oh, shhhh. You can ask away. My fortunes have changed. I am no longer the pitiful little broke creature living on the edge. I have hit the mother lode.

Maddie: Was it a horse?

Henry: Hmm, you could say it was a filly. But that would kind of be disrespectful. So, tell me, Baby, how much do you need? Hmm?

Maddie: Oh my God.

Henry: Yeah, like you can see, I can afford to be generous.

Maddie: Henry, you didn't win that all at the track.

Henry: Oh, I never said I did.

Maddie: Is it legal? Henry, is that legal? Is it real?

Henry: It's real and it's legally mine.

Maddie: How?

Henry: Fate.

Maddie: Henry, that's not an answer.

Henry: I've been -- no, no. I've been blessed -- from above!

Vienna: I was wondering what took you so long.

Henry: Were you getting thirsty?

Vienna: Lonely, too. Why, this must be little Madeline.

Henry: Sorry, sorry. Madeline, this is Vienna. This is my little sister.

Vienna: Oh, she's marvelous! Just the way I imagined she would be. Oh, Madeline. I feel like you're my little sister now too!

Meg: Not now, Mama. I can't take another round.

Emma: I want to tell you, I want to tell you that I'm sorry.

Meg: You are?

Emma: Yes, please forgive me. I just judged you. I mean, I didn't even try to see things through your eyes.

Meg: No, you didn't.

Emma: I think you were very right to make amends like you did. It must have taken a lot of courage. I'm very proud of you.

Meg: Mama, Mama. I'm not courageous. I think too much about myself. That's why I made such a big mess of all this.

Emma: No, no, no. You made a mistake. It was a mistake. You have to begin to forgive yourself, that's all.

Meg: I'm not sure I can.

Emma: Well, you're already doing that. You're making amends in the best way that you see fit. And I respect that.

Meg: You do?

Emma: Very, very much. I love you with all my heart. I don't want you ever to doubt that. It's just that I -- I don't want you to get hurt, and I sometimes want so much for you. That's all.

Meg: I know, I just need to do this on my own, Mama.

Emma: All right. All right. But if you ever -- ever want to come back home, you know your room is waiting for you.

Meg: Thank you.

Emma: Okay, now I'll let you get to work here. But, watch out. I might turn out to be a regular here.

Meg: Okay. I've been warned. Lucky for me, I know how you take your coffee.

Emma: I'm a poor tipper, so watch out.

Meg: Okay, ready to order?

Craig: Yes please. I think I'll have the cheesy cheese steak. With the fries, with cheese.

Meg: Oh, are you sure? That's a real artery blocker.

Craig: I'll take my chances.

Meg: Oh, you like to take risks, don't you, Craig?

Craig: I could say the same for you. You seem to be in a better mood. Can I thank your mother for that?

Meg: She said some nice things.

Craig: And that surprises you?

Meg: Kind of. She started telling me that I made a bad situation worse, and then she did a sudden 180. And you know why.

Craig: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Meg: When will you get it? I want you to stop messing with my life!

Lily: So what happened? I thought you supported my going back to work.

Holden: I do. But that doesn't include you exhausting yourself.

Lily: Well, sometimes that's what you have to do to do a good job. This is important to me, Holden.

Holden: You know, you keep saying that. But it becomes a question of priorities. You didn't call home. You didn't say goodnight to the kids.

Lily: That's not fair, Holden.

Holden: Hey, I stood back. I let you do this your way, but I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I should still do that, especially with Faith the way she is.

Lily: You know, I just don't know what to do with that child. But everything I say, she takes everything I say the wrong way.

Holden: So what are you going to do? Just give up?

Lily: I would never give up, on any of our children. But sometimes it makes sense to just take a step back. Right now, Faith seems happier when I'm not around. When she's with you, or her friends, or Tea.

Holden: Lily, would you listen to yourself. The way Faith behaves, it's all part of the illness. The way she acts, like she's unhappy with you, she's really unhappy with herself. You need to show her that no matter what, she cannot push you away, and that you will always love her.

Lily: I don't know if I can do that anymore. I don't know. Faith, the way she's acting, she doesn't seem like herself. Most of the time, she's vicious. Holden, you don't see that side of her. You don't hear the language she uses on me.

Holden: She is in the grip of something. We cannot let that win.

Lily: You think that's what I'm doing?

Holden: I don't know what you're doing! That's the problem. I don't even think you do either. When did baby food become the center of your universe?

Lily: It's not. I hate what's happening with Faith, but I can't stop it. I feel like I'm making it worse. At least when I'm here, I feel like I'm doing something productive, even if I'm just putting baby food in baskets. It's the only thing -- this project is the only thing keeping me together.

Holden: You still have me.

Lily: And I'm afraid I'm going to drive you away, too.

Holden: That's not going to happen. Because I love you. But I'm very worried about Faith, and I'm worried about you.

Dusty: You really had me thinking you were rebuilding your life. I defended you to Lucinda when she told me I was wasting my time --

Emily: Well, I'm sorry, if I didn't live up to your expectations.

Dusty: My expectations don't matter. But you're certainly breaking my wife's heart.

Emily: Jennifer?

Dusty: Yeah, she told me to look after you. After what you did for our son.

Emily: Jennifer's dead. Fine! Fine, you think I'm such a waste. And if you're worried about the promise that you made to Jennifer -- as far as I'm concerned, it died when she did.

Dusty: I should just walk away.

Emily: Yeah, well then, what's stopping you? Okay, look, I'm releasing you from your obligation.

Dusty: It's kind of like hanging out after a train wreck, you know. Just to see what's left.

Emily: I am not a train wreck. I am in control of my life, maybe for the first time.

Dusty: Uh-huh. Well, I suppose if you're going to get abused, you might as well get paid for it.

Emily: Yeah, that's right. Because I've let men take advantage of me way too many times in my life.

Dusty: Who told you that? Your shrink?

Emily: No, maybe I'm learning something I didn't get in therapy.

Dusty: What do you get? Besides 1,000 bucks?

Emily: A chance to forget my lousy life for a while. And you know what? At the rate I'm going, I'm going to be able to buy myself a brand-new one real soon.

Dusty: No, you're not. You're so naive, you know that? What you're doing is dangerous. It's stupid. It's illegal --

Emily: Stop it! Stop it, okay? I'm so sick of people like you telling me what I need. What I should do. What shouldn't I do. This is my choice --

Dusty: It's a lame choice!

Emily: Yeah, well, that's too bad. There's nothing you can do about it.

Dusty: Yeah, I guess not.

Emily: Oh God, wait, wait, Dusty, wait! Please, just wait. God, please, wait. You're not going to tell anybody about this, are you?

Craig: I just heard a little bit of what your mother said earlier, and I told her that I didn't agree.

Meg: That's all?

Craig: Yeah, I told her what my opinion was and how you're handling things.

Meg: Which is?

Craig: That I think you're very brave, despite public scorn.

Meg: I'm getting what I deserve. Don't try to make me into a martyr.

Craig: Well, I just wanted your mother to appreciate the challenges of what you face staying here. And admitting guilt. And she seems to.

Meg: Okay, look, I appreciate the impulse, but I don't want you or anybody else to fix my problems. My work and my family are off limits. Understood?

Craig: Okay.

Meg: You know, you keep saying that, but then you turn around and do exactly what you want.

Craig: Well, you have to admit, that I did make some headway with Mama.

Meg: I was never expecting her blessing. So, what, do I get a bill for that?

Craig: You wound me.

Meg: So, I don't owe you anything?

Craig: Of course not, but I will take dinner.

Meg: No. That's out. But I will treat you to breakfast. Is that a good compromise?

Craig: Delightful. I accept.

Vienna: Oh, this is so cozy. We're like one big family now.

Maddie: We are? What did I miss?

Vienna: Madeline, do you like to shop? I'd love to take you to New York.

Maddie: New York?

Vienna: Yeah, we could get you a new wardrobe, and maybe a makeover, and a dog.

Maddie: A dog?

Vienna: Yes! Marzipan, Marzipan, she's been sulking. She hates being alone, just like me.

Maddie: Henry, say something. Now.

Henry: Vienna likes to do things for people.

Vienna: No, no, not just people. My boyfriend's little sister.

Maddie: Boyfriend?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. We've gotten very, very close.

Vienna: Oh, no, closer than close. We're madly in love.

Maddie: Since when?

Henry: It was sudden. It was sudden. I was driving Vienna out of town, and then the limo broke down.

Vienna: And we spent a magical night together. It was love at second sight.

Maddie: Wow. That's amazing. So, you guys really are together now?

Henry: Yes, we are. So, you can see how money's not a problem, Sweetheart.

Maddie: Gotcha.

Henry: Right, so tell me how much you need. And think of a big number, okay?

Maddie: Henry, it's not the money that I need.

Henry: Then what is it?

Will: Adam's dead?

Gwen: Yeah. At least, what I thought so, but now I don't know for sure.

Will: Well, you don't know?

Gwen: Maddie hit him over the head. Maddie, she didn't -- she didn't mean to, it was an accident. She didn't mean to hit him that hard, but he fell, and I'm really sorry.

Will: My God! Gwen, why didn't you go to the police? Or call an ambulance?

Gwen: I don't know. I wanted to, but I didn't.

Will: Why not?

Gwen: It just -- it happened so fast. And he didn't move, and he didn't say anything. And he didn't even open his eyes. And he wasn't breathing. As far as I could tell.

Will: So what did you do?

Gwen: What?

Will: What did you do?

Gwen: We buried him. We buried him in the woods.

Will: You let him die?

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: Gwen, you lied to me, and to the police, and to his mother.

Gwen: No, I didn't. I never thought I could be like this, I never thought that I could do something like this, I was either scared and confused --

Will: He's dead. Adam, he's dead.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: What about the e-mail? He wrote an e-mail to everyone?

Gwen: Maddie wrote it.

Will: And this happened after he died?

Gwen: Yeah. But since then, Will, things just starting happening. And I can't explain them. And I don't even know what they mean.

Will: Well, tell me what happened.

Gwen: Adam's body, it's gone. I mean, it's not where we buried it.

Will: Well, what does that mean?

Gwen: I don't know. But since then, other things have started happening, and none of it makes sense in my head anymore.

Will: Okay. Tell me, like what?

Gwen: Like, I lied to you about my ring. I lost it the night that we buried Adam. And yesterday -- yesterday, somebody sent it to me in a box filled with dirt.

Will: Who would do this?

Gwen: I don't know. And I swear to God, I swear I saw him tonight standing in front of my car.

Will: Gwen, this is crazy.

Gwen: And then, we got a phone call and it sounded just like Adam, and he told us to meet him in the woods.

Will: And did you go?

Gwen: Yeah. But he wasn't there. Jade was.

Will: Do you think that maybe she wants you to think that he's actually alive?

Gwen: Yes, I don't know. I thought so, maybe at first. But now I'm starting to think everything might be Adam.

Lily: You don't have to worry about me. Working on this project helps me cope with what's going on at home.

Holden: I get that. I don't like it, but I can understand. And I didn't come here to check on you.

Lily: No, was that part of it?

Holden: No, I'm actually planning a trip to see some new horses, and I wasn't sure whether or not I should leave you alone.

Lily: Oh, I know, I seem a little compulsive right now, but that's -- I'm going to be fine, once this launch happens, it will be okay. So you go, you do what you have to do.

Holden: You sure about that?

Lily: Yeah.

Holden: Because if I go, I have to do it tomorrow, and tomorrow's your big day.

Lily: You said Emma's back? Emma can help out.

Holden: Sure.

Lily: Okay, that's all I need. I just have to get through tomorrow with a big smile on my face and launch this product, and everything will be fine. I could ask Faith to help. And Parker. They'll feel involved.

Holden: Yeah, it's worth a try.

Lily: Yeah, I'll try anything. I don't want anything else to happen to this family.

Holden: All right, now.

Lily: No.

Holden: Hey, are you sure you're okay?

Lily: Yeah, I'm okay. Why?

Holden: Your heart, its racing.

Lily: I'm excited. In spite of everything. I am excited. Everything's going to be fine. It has to be. So, you go. You go now, so I can get back to work, okay?

Holden: Okay.

Dusty: You're a prostitute, and you're worried about who I might tell?

Emily: Just don't. Don't tell anyone.

Dusty: I thought you were okay with being a whore.

Emily: Please stop calling me that.

Dusty: You play the game, you earn the name. It's who you are.

Cheri: What's he doing here again? I told you to get rid of that guy.

Emily: You did this. You did -- this is your fault.

Cheri: I didn't set him up for a date.

Emily: He found out where I was. You gave him access to me. I don't consider that protection.

Cheri: I didn't speak to him.

Emily: Yeah, well, he knows that I'm here. He knew I was here. And paid off a john.

Cheri: Damn it! I knew he was going to be trouble.

Emily: No. He's gone. He's not coming back. It's just me now.

Henry: Um, maybe I should talk to Maddie alone.

Vienna: But why? We're almost family now. And we said we wouldn't keep anything from each other.

Henry: I know. I know. I know. I just think she needs a little privacy.

Vienna: But if she did, I'm sure she'd say so. Tell us, Maddie, Darling, what can we do to help you?

Maddie: You know what? It's -- it's not a big deal. I'm really sorry I was so dramatic.

Vienna: No, no, don't be shy. We're here for you.

Maddie: That's great. That's great. Thank you. And I really appreciate that. But I don't want to interrupt, you're celebrating --

Henry: No, no, let's go ahead, hold on a second. Here, just take some of this, okay? Take, just get the big ones -- take this, maybe it'll take a little edge off the crisis.

Maddie: Wow.

Henry: Okay, if you need anymore, Maddie.

Maddie: No, no, this is perfect. Thank you.

Vienna: Oh, and stay here and have a toast with us before the champagne gets all warm.

Maddie: I really can't. I'm sorry. But you guys, have fun. And I'll meet up with you guys later, okay?

Vienna: Okay.

Henry: Maddie, are you sure you don't need me?

Maddie: Yeah, absolutely. Have fun. Vienna's really good for you. It's been so long since I've seen you this happy. Henry, I love you.

Henry: Yeah, I love you. I love you.

Maddie: Be good to him, okay?

Vienna: I will. Oh, I knew I would love her. Oh, she's as sweet as you are.

Maddie: Bye, Henry.

Will: Wait, I don't get this. Gwen, one minute you're positive Adam's dead, and the next minute, he's not.

Gwen: He didn't have a pulse.

Will: Well, are you sure?

Gwen: I was. I don't know. We were so scared though, maybe we were confused. Maybe he was just unconscious and we didn't realize.

Will: But he fell, and you moved the body?

Gwen: Yes.

Will: And then you dug a grave?

Gwen: Yes. Stop, please.

Will: And then you covered him with dirt? And he was lying there. And he didn't move?

Gwen: Yes!

Will: Is that what happened, Gwen?

Gwen: Yes! Yes! God, yes! It must have taken hours.

Will: Well, that's a long time for somebody to be unconscious.

Gwen: It's too long. We weren't thinking. We just wanted to get rid of the body. But now, it's gone. How does that happen?

Will: I don't know.

Gwen: Maybe Jade followed us, maybe she found him.

Will: Then that doesn't explain how you just said you saw him standing in front of your car?

Gwen: Maybe I just -- maybe I just imagined it. I mean, I'm so tired. I haven't slept since it happened.

Will: Yeah, I'm not surprised.

Gwen: I couldn't admit it.

Will: Gwen, you have to admit it. Especially if Jade's already going to the cops.

Gwen: They're going to arrest me, you know.

Will: And you'll just tell them that it was an accident.

Gwen: No, it wasn't an accident. Hurting Adam was an accident. But burying him -- there's no excuse for that or an apology. But I'm so sorry. I really am. I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you like this. And it's all my fault.

Will: Gwen, this is not -- this is not your fault.

Gwen: Yes, it is. I have destroyed everything that I've ever cared about. I've ever cared about.

Will: Don't -- don't say that.

Gwen: I don't expect you to forgive me. I really don't. I don't know how you could.

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Lily: Faith, where's your brother?

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