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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/7/07

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Katie: Sorry.

Jack: No, help yourself, please.

[ Jack chuckles ]

Katie: What?

Jack: I just -- I'll never understand women.

Katie: What do you mean?

Jack: Well, you guys order a salad, then you spend the rest of the meal stealing fries off the guy's plate.

Katie: That's because we like the taste of fries, but we know how bad they are for you, so we order a salad and then we get a little tempted. Men just go straight for what they want.

Jack: What?

Katie: Why does henry want that woman?

Jack: We're back on vienna.

Katie: I mean, I know she's stunningly gorgeous. I get that. But she's also manipulative and she can't make up her mind when it comes to men, and she's just going to end up hurting him. She's using him.

Jack: Wl, from what I know of henry, she's met her match.

Katie: No. No, behind the martini-swilling and the poker-playing, henry is all heart. And she's going to break that heart into a million pieces.

Jack: Again, I'm no henry expert. But if he can survive losing you, he can survive anything.

Katie: Well, that was sweet. Thank you.

Jack: Don't worry about it. He'll get sick of vienna, or she'll get sick of him. Either way, the whole thing will fizzle out in a week or two -- hey, guys. How was practice?

J.J.: Great!

Parker: What's she doing here?

Emily: Cheri, it's emily. Listen, I'm sorry I ran out of there so fast. And thanks, for covering for me with that guy. I promise I'll make it up to you. Oh, and your dress, I've got your dress and shoes. I'm sorry, I ran out of there so fast, I didn't have a chance to change. And I think I left -- well, actually, I dropped my shoe on the way out. So, if you don't mind, I'm at the bar at the lakeview. If you happen to find it, maybe you could drop by with it?

Dusty: Did you lose something?

Jade: Luke had to go home and help his father with something, but he said you could call him later if you want. I still don't know why adam sent these. It's just so unlike him.

Will: To apologize?

Jade: Yeah, he'd rather eat ground glass. And I just can't imagine him picking these out. He knows I hate pink. But I guess it's the gesture that counts.

Will: Jade, do you know where adam is?

Jade: No. Of course not --

Will: Because I can understand it if you were lying to gwen --

Jade: I'm not lying to anybody, will. In the past, it was different. I mean, why would I lie out this? What's in it for me? I don't want adam back. He wants gwen, and -- I didn't mean to make it sound that way --

Will: No, no, yeah, I hear you.

Jade: Besides, I'm not the only one who's heard from him.

Will: What do you mean?

Jade: The e-mail.

Will: Right.

Jade: Yeah. So, did anybody try to e-mail him back?

Will: No. No, I haven't e-mailed him. Whether or not anybody else has --

Jade: Well, what about gwen?

Will: No, gwen wouldn't e-mail him. Why?

Jade: No, I was just wondering, you know, if anybody tried to contact him and if he had answered. But why would he, right? With the cops after him, it's just such a risk. And his poor mom, this is like her worst nightmare.

Will: Yeah, for all of us.

Jade: Maybe that explains it.

Will: What?

Jade: Why gwen and maddie got out of here so fast. I mean, their reaction, it was just so strange. I mean, I know they don't like me, but maddie was so intense about how adam couldn't have sent these flowers.

Will: But isn't that what you just said, too?

Jade: I said it wasn't his style, or much of an apology. But I never said he didn't send the flowers. It was maddie and gwen who kept saying it was impossible, like there was something that they know that I don'T.

Will: Like what?

Jade: I don't know. Do you think they've heard from him again, and maybe they haven't told anyone yet? What if they know where he is?

Gwen: How did this get sent to me, maddie? I lost it. You know when I lost it.

Maddie: I know, when we were burying adam. It's not the same ring. It can't be.

Gwen: No, it's the same ring.

Maddie: Maybe it's a copy or something. Will knew that you missed the old ring, so maybe he went and surprised you and got a new one made.

Gwen: Okay, and what about the initials on the box?

Maddie: Maybe it's a jewelry store or something! I mean, did you -- is there a note? Did you even check the box? Maybe --

Gwen: No. No, whoever sent this to me knows where I lost it, maddie.

Maddie: Well, I am the only one that knows where you lost it, and I didn't sent it, so maybe there has to be an explanation here.

Gwen: Hey, there is another explanation. Adam is still alive, and he sent me the ring.

For fast

heartburn relief,

Will: Gwen hasn't heard from adam, that I know.

Jade: What about maddie?

Will: No, it doesn't make any sense. I mean, she'd be the first person to help casey out. So, if she heard from adam, she'd go straight to the cops to clear casey's name from the obstruction charge. She'd be the first person to speak up.

Jade: Okay, then why did gwen and maddie freak out over the flowers?

Will: I don't know. Gwen still gets rattled any time someone mentions adam's name. She doesn't want to think about singing, she can't even talk about finishing the demo.

Jade: Wow, she must be really upset.

Will: Yeah, of course she's upset. He attacked her. Which is why we're going to find him, so that he pays for what he's done.

Jade: To all of us.

Will: Where are you going?

Jade: I told mrs. Hughes that I'd let her know if I heard anything from adam.

Barbara: I don't know why you children insist on carrying cell phones when you never answer them.

Will: I'm sorry, mom, I didn't have it turned on.

Barbara: And you expect me to believe that, huh? And what are you doing here?

Jade: Always lovely to see you, ms. Ryan.

Will: Jade, call me and let me know what happens.

Jade: Yeah, sure.

Will: So what's so urgent that you've been trying to reach me?

Barbara: It's about your father. We need to leave town tonight.

Maddie: Adam is dead.

Gwen: No, maybe we thought he was, maybe we were just terrified --

Maddie: We couldn't get a pulse.

Gwen: It was freezing, maddie. I couldn't even feel my own hands.

Maddie: Stop it! We buried him, and when we went back to look for your ring, he was still in the ground, cold. There has got to be another explanation. Somebody else found the ring!

Gwen: And knew it was mine and put dirt in the box just for fun? Whoever found that knows what happened.

Maddie: No, not necessarily. It could -- if jade found it --

Gwen: If jade found it, then she's been to adam's grave!

Maddie: Or she was on one of those walks that she's always taking. And she found your ring and she knew it was yours.

Gwen: Okay, okay, what about the dirt?

Maddie: It's like she's saying, "how could you be so careless just to lose your ring and just leave it lying around in the dirt?"

Gwen: No! I don't know, maddie. You're really reaching here.

Maddie: No, no. Think about it, okay? First she gets the voicemail from adam that mysteriously disappears when we try to listen to it. And then, she gets the flowers at crash, knowing that you will see them --

Gwen: Which brings us-- wait, maddie, how would she find the ring in the first place? And you can forget the whole bit about her going for a walk. Because we buried adam's body off the trail and we went back, and we looked for this ring and it was nowhere near the surface. So, the only way that jade found this ring -- is if she dug up the ground.

Maddie: How would she know where to look? And why would she even be looking in the first place? She thinks that adam is out of town, that's what the e-mail said.

Gwen: Unless she saw us. And she was in the woods that night, we heard her.

[ Maddie remembering ]

Will: Adam, are you afraid?

Maddie: Don't drag him

into this.

Will: You should be.

Jade: Adam, he means it!

Maddie: If jade would have found the body, she would've went straight to the cops.

Gwen: So, if she didn't find him, then she didn't find the ring. Which means that adam sent it, and he's still alive.

Maddie: Then there's only one thing left for us to do. If you are positive that he is alive, then we have to make sure. We have to go back to the woods and check the grave.

Dallas: "While I, for one, applauded your promotion to police chief, I have to say you're a --"

Margo: What? I'm a what?

Dallas: "You're a disgrace to the force. Given the crimes your son has committed, you should have the decency to resign." She misspelled "applauded."

Margo: Great. The one complement I got out of her.

Dallas: You can't possibly be thinking of resigning.

Margo: Well, they say for every letter you get, there are at least ten others that feel the same way. So, by my calculations, I've got about 100-plus angry citizens who want my resignation. And that's just today.

Dallas: What would hal say?

Margo: He'd say it comes with the territory. I'm not hal.

Dallas: No, you're not. And you're new to the job, and you just got sandbagged by your kids. But --

Margo: I'm a liability.

Dallas: You're good at what you do.

[ Margo scoffs ] So, why hasn't the mayor asked for your resignation? I'll tell you why. Because she's giving you a chance to deal with this. Hell, I heard her kid got slapped with a dui a couple years ago, so she knows what you're going through. Of course, if you want to quit --

Margo: No! I don't want to quit, I love this job. I need the money. You know, jessica offered to waive the fee, but I can't let her do that. But, you know, with tom laid up, on the mend, it's -- this is it. It's me. I've got to do it, or else we're out of luck. We already tapped into our savings.

Dallas: Well, you're not going to lose the job.

Margo: I don't know. It's not going to go away, this story. Adam's out there. I need him to be here. I need him to face what he's done.

Dallas: Can I help you, jade?

Jade: Yeah. I need to speak to lt. Hughes.

Katie: Actually, I should get going. I have to go.

Jack: No, absolutely not. You didn't finish your salad. Or my fries. Besides, the guys are hungry. Right, boys? Excuse me.

Waitress: Oh, hi. Yes, detective?

Jack: Yes, we've got two more mouths to feed. Have a seat, guys. What'll it be?

J.J.: A cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla shake.

Parker: Same.

Jack: And two side salads for both of them.

J.J.: What? Wait, a salad?

Jack: You got to have something green. Thank you very much. So -- how's school today?

J.J.: The math quiz from yesterday -- a 97.

Jack: Outstanding. Way to go. What about you, parker? I know you were worried about that book report. Did you get it back?

Parker: Yeah.

Jack: And?

Parker: It was good.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Jack: Sorry. Yeah, I got to take this. Snyder. Okay, he's willing to testify against the dealer? Okay. Well, then get dallas on it.

[ Jack sighs ] Yeah, okay. I'll be in. Right. Sorry, guys, we got to head over to the station, so we got to pack up.

Katie: What about their dinner?

Jack: Well, they can take it with them.

J.J.: Again? I hate eating at the station.

Jack: I know, buddy, but it's not like I can leave you alone here at al'S.

J.J.: Well, there's, like, 1 million people.

Jack: 1 million people? Well, none of them have time to watch you and your brother.

Katie: I can watch them. I mean, I know they're not kids. They don't need someone to take care of them, but we could just hang out. And when they're finished eating, I'll drop them by the station. Unless you're not cool with that for whatever reason, you guys, which I totally understand.

Jack: Well, what do you say, guys? Are you willing to take up katie on her more than generous offer? It'd certainly bail me out. Of course, I wouldn't blame her if she changed her mind, seeing you two are so enthusiastic about the idea. Not to mention grateful that she's willing to volunteer to make our lives easier.

J.J.: Whatever you need, dad.

Jack: Thank you, J.J. Thank you very much. Parker?

Parker: Fine.

Jack: Well, katie, last chance to change your mind. You sure you want to hang out with these troublemakers?

Katie: Absolutely. We'll have a great time. It'll be fun.

Dusty: It doesn't go with your dress, but you weren't wearing that the last time I saw you. Go home and change.

Dusty: That is some dress.

Emily: What's with your sudden obsession with my clothes?

Dusty: Well, your clothes say a lot. Like your shoes. They're too small.

Emily: No, they're -- you know, actually, I think I got these on sale.

Dusty: They don't even look like something you'd go for, no matter what the cost.

Emily: You have no idea what I'd got for, do you?

Dusty: Why are you being so hostile?

Emily: I'm being hostile? Oh, sorry. Sorry. You know what? Let's -- let's start all over, okay? Hey, dusty. That's a nice -- nice shirt. That looks great on you. Going someplace special tonight?

Dusty: No. I was at the avalon earlier.

Emily: Really? With chaz?

Dusty: No.

Emily: Hmm. I hear they have a new pool table there, in the lounge. Did you know that?

Dusty: I wasn't in the lounge. I was at a party.

Emily: Really? Good for you. Did you have fun?

Dusty: No, not really.

Emily: Why not?

Dusty: Not really my crowd. A bunch of women trying to show me a good time for a price. Paying for it's never been my idea of a good time.

Emily: So you just left?

Dusty: And found your shoe in the elevator.

Emily: What are you asking me, dusty?

Dusty: What are you doing, emily? Want more moisture?Without all the weight?

Dusty: I'm not trying to pry.

Emily: No?

Dusty: No. You and I have been around the block more than once.

Emily: And while I appreciate your help last night, I don't think that's --

Dusty: It's not about last night. And it's not about all the decent things that you've done for me.

Emily: Well, that's an interesting choice of words -- decent. You don't owe me anything.

Dusty: It's not about what I owe. Or what you owe. It's about what the market's willing to pay for whatever it is you do.

Emily: Let go of my arm.

Dusty: Or what? You're going to call cheri? How much does it cost to hold your hand? There it is. There it is!

Emily: Dusty, let go of me!

Dusty: Look at that. Look at your eyes. Look at your eyes right now.

Emily: What do you want from me?

Dusty: I know you. I know you feel reckless right now, 'cause you think there's nothing to lose. But I'm your friend. You understand? You and I have become friends.

Emily: Thank you -- for your support and your kindness, but you're wrong about me. I have never been more in control of my life than right now.

Dusty: As you were last night?

Emily: Well, that won't happen again.

Dusty: I saw you. Look at me. I followed you to the avalon.

Emily: Was I there? No. Am I there now? No. I'm here. I'm here trying to have a little time to myself.

Dusty: You look very under control.

Emily: What about work? Huh? Am I performing at work? Am I increasing your circulation

Dusty: Yeah, you are. You're doing a great job.

Emily: Well, then this conversation is over.

Dusty: I'm worried about you.

Emily: Will you stop -- stop. You're not my father, you're not my brother, you're not my boyfriend, you are certainly not my husband. We work together. Okay? That is it. So stop following me. Stop trying to sit me down and tell me what I need and what's right, because I'm starting to resent the fact that you think you know! You don't know, so just stay the hell out of my life. Please.

Dusty: All right. All right. Hey, hey, hey. It's okay! I'll go.

Katie: Try it. It's delicious. And they have really good raspberry vinaigrette.

J.J.: I think I'll pass.

Katie: Oh, come on, just try it. It's really good. I mean, of course, unless you don't like raspberries.

[ Parker makes a fart noise ] Yeah, that's one kind of raspberry everybody likes, right? So, parker, you were about to tell your dad about your book report.

Parker: Are you my dad?

Katie: No, I just -- I thought --

[ J.J. Makes a fart noise ] You know what? You don't have to eat the salads. I'll just take them home to my rabbit, snickers. He loves raspberries.

[ Both make a fart noise ] Okay. Um -- so, you guys are pretty entertaining. Maybe I could get a spot for you on my show or something.

J.J.: What show?

Parker: It's uncle brad's show.

Katie: Well, your uncle brad is in it, but it's my show.

J.J.: Can I ask you something?

Katie: Mm-hmm. Whatever you want.

J.J.: Where'd you get the black eye?

Katie: Oh, I stopped a hockey puck with my face.

J.J.: Are you serious?

Katie: Yep, right there.

J.J.: Cool.

Margo: Well, for me? How thoughtful.

Jade: Actually, they were sent to me. You asked me to let you know if I'd heard from adam.

Margo: These are from adam?

Jade: Yeah, I got them about an hour ago.

Maddie: We have to go back to the grave and make sure that adam is still there.

Gwen: I'm sorry, maddie. I can't go back there.

Maddie: Do you think that I want to? But it's the only way that we're going to know.

Gwen: So you agree with me? It's the only possibility. Adam's still alive, and he sent me the ring.

Maddie: Okay, listen. We are in this together. Okay? And if you are so sure, then the only thing left for us to do is to go back there and figure this out, okay? Because if it's not adam, it's jade. And if it's jade, then we ed to start protecting ourselves, all right? So, we're not going to be digging. It's not going to be like last time. We're just going to go, and look and see if the body is there. And then we'll get out of there. We'll be back -- and it'll take, like, a minute.

Gwen: And if he's not there?

Maddie: Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I just -- we're going to need boots.

Gwen: Okay, I have an extra pair you can borrow.

Maddie: Okay, good. And a -- and a shovel and a -- shovels, and those flashlights. I need -- I have one in my car, but it's too small. I think we need the bigger one. Gloves, too. Okay, good. Good, good, good. Okay, listen, we're just going to get in and get out. And we'll be back here in, like, an hour.

Gwen: I'm sorry. Okay, I really -- I don't mean to be so scared.

Maddie: It's okay. I'm scared, too. But listen -- promise me, gwen, if we -- whatever we find out there --

Gwen: I won't tell anyone. I promise. Let's go.

Will: Sorry.

Barbara: Whoa, girls. What's going on? Are you going out hiking? I lost my job and my health insurance.

Katie: So, your dad had an extra ticket to the oakdale u game --

J.J.: And he was supposed to take me, and I couldn't go. And parker didn't want to go, either. Idiot.

Katie: Well, anyway, he was kind enough to take me, and so, I got to go to my first hockey game.

J.J.: You've never been to a hockey game before?

Katie: Well, no, not ice hockey. But I loved it. It was so exciting. I was screaming and cheering. And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this puck comes careening out of the rink and hits me right in the eye.

J.J.: Did you pass out?

Parker: Was there blood?

J.J.: Did you have to have stitches?

Katie: Well, no -- well, I was a mess. But no stitches, no.

Parker: That's too bad.

J.J.: Stitches are cool.

Parker: Who hit you?

Katie: Ardenowski.

[ Both together ]


Katie: Yeah.

J.J.: Man, you should've got him to sign it.

Katie: My eye?

J.J.: Yeah, why not? I would.

Katie: Well, I could think of why not for a couple reasons. But -- anyway, does this happen a lot? People getting hit by pucks?

Parker: Only if you're lucky.

Katie: Because I used to cheer for field hockey in high school --

J.J.: You know, field hockey's a lot different from ice hockey.

Parker: It's slow.

J.J.: And boring.

Katie: And we never got hit by anything.

J.J.: Told you, boring.

Katie: Well, you guys play, right?

J.J.: Yeah. Are you kidding? I'm leading the league in assists.

Parker: In your dreams. Assists mean nothing. Goals are what you want.

J.J.: You know, I have goals.

Parker: Yeah, like 10? I have 30.

Katie: Wow, well, since you guys are such experts, you should teach me a little bit more. So next time I go to a game, I can avoid the shiner.

Margo: So, I guess adam didn't deliver these to you. You would have said something.

Jade: No. A delivery guy dropped them off.

Margo: Where?

Jade: At crash. Which was strange, because nobody knew I was there. I was just stopping by to meet luke.

Margo: And this is it? No note, no message?

Jade: Just the card, and it's not handwritten.

Margo: Did you talk to the florist?

Jade: No, I just thought I would bring everything here.

Margo: Okay, great. Yeah, you did the right thing. Dallas -- I want you to call the florist and see if you can get a description of whoever bought these flowers.

Jade: So what happens next?

Margo: That depends on what the florist has to say. So, you said that these were delivered to you at crash, that there's a chance that adam could still be in the area.

Jade: You think he's still in town?

Margo: I hope so. I mean, I know it's a mom talking here, but I don't want to see my son ruin his life. I want him to come home. I want him to clean up his mess. Would you tell him that if you talk to him?

Jade: I don't know where he is.

Margo: Well, if he calls you.

Jade: Sure.

Margo: Listen, jade, I don't think that adam treated you very well, and for that, I do apologize. He really does have a lot to offer.

Jade: Yeah, well, I'll let him know that you said that. And the second he calls me, I'll let you know. If he does.

Margo: Great. Thank you. Yes, jade, what is it?

Jade: I just -- I don't know if it's really my place to say.

Margo: I might have just sounded like a mother there, but I am a police officer, and this is a police investigation. If you know anything pertinent to the case, it's your responsibility to tell me.

Jade: It's just that will told me, so maybe you should ask him.

Margo: Well, I'm talking to you now. Well, you said the flowers were delivered, what? An hour ago? Adam could be on his way out of town right now. So, if you know anything --

Jade: Just that something happened with gwen right before he left. Something that nobody knows about.

Barbara: Honey, how are you? You look so pale. Are you coming down with something?

Will: What's up with the boots and the shovels, guys?

Maddie: Gwen volunteered to help me with a bio project. And we should get going.

Barbara: It's already dark.

Maddie: These are nocturnal plants. So, we should go.

Barbara: Well, I was counting on gwen.

Gwen: For what?

Barbara: To go with us to washington.

Will: Dad's getting a medal of valor from the police department in washington, D.C.

Barbara: You know that will's father lost his life saving a teenager's life during a robbery attempt down in washington, so the police department down there has decided to honor him.

Maddie: Oh, that's nice.

Will: Yeah. So anyway, the ceremony's first thing in the morning.

Barbara: Yeah, we're flying out tonight.

Gwen: Tonight? But I promised maddie --

Barbara: Well, I'm sure maddie can find someone else to help her dig a few little plants. I mean, this is will's father, after all.

Gwen: And he deserves every medal ever made. He was the best.

Maddie: I'll never forget how nice he was to me when I needed help.

Barbara: So I'm sure you can understand why his daughter-in-law needs to be with her husband, his son, at a time like this.

Gwen: It's just that, with no notice --

Barbara: You know, margo has been so distracted with casey's gambling and adam going awol, god knows where. Evidentially, the oakdale P.D. Found out about this a week ago and didn't notify family until this afternoon. So, I'm sure we can find something to throw into a suitcase in there. So, let's get going, all right? You know, with the world being what it is, you have to be ready to go to a funeral or an awards ceremony at the drop of a hat.

Gwen: No, I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

Gwen: I can't go.

Barbara: Honey, of course you're going with us. You're family, gwen.

Gwen: I know, and I'd love to go. Hal was like a father to me.

Will: Mom, can you just give us a moment?

Barbara: Of course, you take all the time in the world. Convince her. Well, maddie, you certainly seem to be applying yourself at school.

Maddie: I have to think about college.

Barbara: Of course you do. A girl like you, so ambitious.

Maddie: That's one way of looking at it.

Barbara: I wish your boyfriend was that ambitious.

Maddie: I beg your pardon?

Barbara: Well, if casey had applied himself at O.U. Instead of gambling his tuition away, his mother would have called me about the ceremony for hal and i wouldn't have to be scrambling like this --

Maddie: You know what, ms. Ryan? Could you tell gwen that I'm going to wait for her outside? Thanks.

Gwen: It's not that I don't want to go, it's just --

Will: It's just for one night. You know, we're going to be back tomorrow afternoon.

Gwen: I know, but I have a make-up exam tomorrow and I'm already behind in all my classes -- I don't mean to make school sound like it's more important than your dad, it's not. It's just --

Will: No, you're stressed.

Gwen: Yeah. And I mean, I knew this semester was going to be really tough, which is why I said no to spring break. And I need to show my teachers that I'm taking school seriously. And if I start asking them to reschedule tests -- you know how it would look. It's just a bad time.

Will: Yeah, especially with everything that's going on with adam.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Will: Well, I talked to jade.

Gwen: When?

Will: I saw her at crash after you and maddie left. She told me about the flowers that he sent her.

Gwen: Yeah, that was a big surprise.

Will: Yeah, jade said how upset you got after you saw them. A few days ago, I would've been really worried about it, but since you told me what he did, i guess it makes perfect sense, you know? He tries to hurt you and then he sends jade flowers. It's just twisted, so -- so I understand why you freaked out.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: So, look, I'm just going to go down there with mom, and I'm going to support her. It's not going to take long.

Gwen: They were married a long time.

Will: Yeah. I'm only going to be gone one night, okay? Unless -- unless you don't want me to go.

Gwen: No. I'm fine. I'm just tired.

Will: All right. Because I want you to be okay. You know? I don't want you to worry about anything.

Gwen: No, it's -- I just wish I could --

Will: What?

Gwen: Be with you. I should go help maddie. I'll call you.

Emily: Oh, I found the shoe, sorry.

Cheri: Oh, the shoe's the least of it. Why are you so buttoned up? Is there a reason for that? I would think you'd be trying to do a little business. The clientele's certainly rich enough --

Emily: No, I know people here.

Cheri: You seem to know people everywhere.

Emily: Well, I'm sorry about that. And I'll give you your shoes and your dress back.

Cheri: Look, you're new to the game, I get it. But unless you're going to set up shop in a brand-new city, there's always going to be someone you know. Word gets around. If you care about what people think --

Emily: I don'T. I don'T. It's just that that one particular guy, he's my colleague. I'm a journalist, remember? And well, I have this whole other life. I'd just as soon keep it separate, okay?

Cheri: What you do for me?

Emily: What I do for him.

Cheri: What do you do for him?

Emily: I write.

Cheri: Yeah.

Emily: I do.

Cheri: And you've never slept with him?

Emily: No! No, of course not.

Cheri: Of course not.

Emily: No, I told you. I like to keep my business separate from -- the business. And it's a non-issue, because he didn't see me.

Cheri: And you're sure he's not going to make trouble for us?

Dusty: You got a minute?

Jack: Sure.

Dusty: What can you tell me about the avalon hotel?

Jack: The avalon hotel? It's newer than the lakeview, closer to the airport. Does a lot of conventions, business types.

Dusty: Did you ever hear a woman named cheri? Runs high-class hookers through the place?

Jack: Boy, it wouldn't surprise me. But the guys down at vice, they'd know a little better. They keep an eye on all the hotels in the area. Why? You want me to call them?

Dusty: I'd appreciate that.

Jack: Of course they're going to want to know why you're interested.

Dusty: I was over there because worldwide's thinking about buying the real estate. Anyway, there was a party going on upstairs with a bunch of suits from out of town, and a bunch of hot-looking women.

Jack: So far so good.

Dusty: Expensive hot-looking women.

Jack: Is there any other kind?

Dusty: Well, the one I spoke to broke it down for me in no uncertain terms. And I don't think lucinda would be interested in that kind of real estate. So, if you could find out what's going on, I'd appreciate it.

Jack: Yeah, okay, no problem. Anything for lucinda.

Dusty: Thanks, jack.

Jack:Ou got it. Yeah, get me vice, please.

Emily: This friend of mine -- he won't make any trouble.

Cheri: Sweetheart, I've been in this business a long time. When a guy tries to save you from yourself, whether you've slept with him or not -- I'm not sure which is worse. A crusader, a man on a mission, when he pries into what you're doing, it's always a problem. And I'm not about to ruin everything I've worked so hard for because you can't keep control of your friends.

Emily: You're not going to lose anything, I promise you.

Cheri: What about eliot gerard? I've lost him. He's not coming back.

Emily: So what? Good. The man was a monster. He beat me up. I mean, what if he really hurt me? I could have ended up in the hospital. And then what? You'd have the police all over you. You're better off without him.

Cheri: What about what happened tonight?

Emily: What happened? I showed up, I left, no one the wiser. It's not my fault your girl didn't show up. Take it up with her.

Cheri: I needed you to fill in.

Emily: I won't do parties.

Cheri: Who do you think you are?

Emily: Have I made you money? Have I?

Cheri: Yeah.

Emily: And I will continue to make you money on my terms. Which means a low profile and no parties. I will see my clients privately. I'll show up on time, and when i leave, he'll have a smile on his face. Agreed?

Cheri: You could make a lot of money in this business with an attitude like that.

Emily: That's the plan.

Parker: She missed.

J.J.: Not possible. Katie, you're supposed to hit the flat end of the stick at the rock.

Katie: I know, I'm just so afraid that I'm going to hit the ground.

J.J.: So what? The point is to steal the puck. And to aim for the goal. He shoots!

Katie: Oh, watch out!

J.J.: He scores!

Jack: Oh, my word! What are you thinking?

Katie: Are you all right?

Jack: I'm kidding. Totally. What's going on here?

Katie: The guys are teaching me how to play ice hockey. Well, rock hockey, right?

Parker: She's terrible.

J.J.: And she keeps missing.

Jack: Well, I think it has something to do with the teachers. Okay, guys. Katie? We are going to hit this rock.

Katie: Oh, great.

Jack: Yes, we are. Guys, get over here.

Katie: Oh, yeah. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Jack: I'm just kidding. I'm just giving you space. All right. Let's see what you got. Okay. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Katie: This is embarrassing.

Jack: No, it isn'T. You're just getting warmed up. All right, we're just going to make a few simple adjustments. Here, this hand over down here. Keep that arm nice and straight -

[ J.J. And parker laugh ]

Katie: Stop laughing!

Jack: Okay. Ready. She shoots! She scores!

Katie: Yes!

Jack: Beautiful. Nicely done.

Dallas: The florist said it was a cash transaction.

Margo: So adam was in the shop?

Dallas: He can't recall. Apparently, there were several people in the shop at the time.

Margo: And there's no security camera, and there's no written record, and he's not going to recognize him if he sees him again.

Dallas: And you want to quit this job?

Jade: Any luck with the flowers?

Margo: Not yet. Let's get back to gwen. I questioned her right after adam disappeared. And she made it very clear to me she has no interest in him.

Jade: Well, she doesn'T.

Margo: Well, then I'm confused. What are you trying to imply?

Jade: You know, like I said, this is third-hand, so --

Margo: All right, fine. Well, I'll talk to will. But adam could be still be in town, right? We need -- what happened?

Jade: Apparently, he assaulted gwen. Or he tried to. I'm sorry, mrs. Hughes, I didn't mean to upset you.

Margo: He sexually assaulted her?

Jade: Yeah.

Margo: And will told you this? You believe him?

Jade: Gwen told will. And I know this is going to be hard to hear, but adam could be a little rough, especially if he wanted something. I mean, he never crossed any lines with me, it's just that I -- I could see it happening.

Margo: All right. Thank you for telling me this.

Jade: Yeah, sure. So, what are you going to do?

Margo: I am going to talk to gwen and check what you've just told me.

Jade: She'll just lie.

Margo: No, she won'T. Not this time.

Barbara: Honey, are you coming?

Will: Almost done, mom.

Barbara: The limo's outside. You know, I don't understand gwen's attitude at all.

Will: Mom, she's got a lot of work to do.

Barbara: Well, I understand that. Then why is she tromping around with maddie? I -- I don't get it. She loved your father.

Gwen: Yeah, she did. A lot.

Barbara: Then why hasn't she packed up her books, like you're doing, and she can study on the plane?

Will: Because she has an exam tomorrow. She can't do that on the plane.

Barbara: There is such a think as working too hard. And that girl looks exhausted.

Will: She is exhausted. And especially after everything's that happened with casey getting arrested, and adam and her not finishing the demo --

Barbara: And I thought now that she's back in school --

Will: Well, yeah, she's way behind, though, mom. And you know her, she's a perfectionist.

Barbara: And that's what I love about her. Well, at least I'll have you with me. Sometimes our family feels very small.

Will: Well, I'm here, mom.

Barbara: I know you are. I know. We're going to hold our heads high and make your dad proud. And if anyone asks about adam, then we will smile and say nothing. I can't believe he's humiliating you and your father like this.

Will: I'm just glad he's gone.

Barbara: Poor hal. He must be rolling over in his grave.

Gwen: Are you sure this is the right spot?

Maddie: I'm positive. I remember we buried him right here in this clearing, by that rock over there.

Gwen: Then where is he, maddie? We've been digging for 20 minutes.

Maddie: Just keep digging.

Gwen: The last time we were here, we barely even starting digging and you touched his hand.

Maddie: Yes, I know. But we covered him, remember? We put all that dirt on top of him. He's here. He has to be.

Gwen: Maddie --

Maddie: He's here!

Gwen: Maddie, hey --

Maddie: No!

Gwen: No, he isn't, okay? His body is gone, all right? Adam is gone.

Announcer: On the next "as the world turns" --

Meg: Paul, please, don't go.

Margo: I am going to find out who is really lying about adam's last hours here -- jade or gwen.

Maddie: It is impossible!

Gwen: Maddie, it's gone.

Maddie: I know. But if it's not here --

Gwen: Then somebody knows exactly what've done.

Lucinda: Wrap it up, spielberg. You're through here.

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