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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/28/07

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Emily: What makes you think something's going on between me and Eliot?

Dusty: I don't know. Body language?

Emily: Well, you know what? The next time you want to make sneering accusations, maybe you should have something a little more to go on than body language.

Dusty: It's not an accusation, it's a question.

Emily: Okay, let's suppose you're right. Let's suppose tonight wasn't the first time I met Eliot.

Dusty: Okay, let's suppose that.

Emily: Well, here's the question. How the hell is that any of your business?

Dusty: So, I'm taking that as a yes.

Vienna: Henry, what are you doing here in this ludicrous disguise?

Henry: It is ludicrous. But it's no disguise.

Vienna: Oh, Henry.

Henry: I am -- a limousine driver.

Vienna: Je suis desolee.

Henry: C'est la guerre.

Vienna: And you do look kind of cute in that cap.

Henry: Really? Well, you look -- you look ravishing, chic -- no, sneaky.

Vienna: Excuse me?

Henry: Yes, let me just ask you a question here. It just dawned on me. What are you doing here in the middle of the night, at the mall, with these Jackie O. sunglasses and this disguise, that would fool no one?

Vienna: I am making a discreet exit!

Henry: A what? A discreet -- this is discreet for you? I'd hate to see showy.

Vienna: You know, Henry, I normally don't really discuss my personal life with the chauffeur. So, please, let's just proceed to the airport in silence.

Henry: Wait a second, wait a second. Wait a second, I think I've got it now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Could it be, could it be -- let's see --

Vienna: No, shhh! Like a little mouse --

Henry: Loading the bags at the hotel, and I pick you up here.

Vienna: I do have a plane to catch.

Henry: I understand that. But you are -- you are not making a discreet exit, are you? You're running.

Vienna: Henry, move it!

Henry: No, I don't think so. I don't think so. I think I just got a very profitable fare.

[Will remembering]

Will: I'm going to head into town and get us some food for later. Do you want anything?

Gwen: No, I'm okay. I'm just going to try to get some sleep, if I can.

[Cell phone rings]

Gwen: What did you just say?

Jade: I just got a message from Adam.

Gwen: A voice message?

Jade: Yeah, that's right.

Gwen: Not a text, not an e-mail?

Jade: No, what is with the third degree? And aren't you going to answer that?

Maddie: That's impossible.

[Cell phone rings]

Gwen: When? When did you get this so-called voice message?

Jade: Just now. Tonight. And obviously it's not impossible, because he called.

Maddie: Right.

Jade: Now, I know I wasn't on that stupid e-mail list with everybody else. Adam wanted to be a little more personal with me.

Maddie: Right. You want us to believe that he's closer to you than anybody else. That's why she's lying.

Jade: I am not lying.

Maddie: She made up that message from Adam so she doesn't have to feel like such a loser.

Jade: It's always a thrill with you two. Let's do this again in, like, two years.

Gwen: No, please don't go. Let me hear the message. Let me hear Adam's voice.

Maddie: What do you want to hear it for?

Jade: You can't figure it out? I wonder how Will would like to hear this, that you just want to hear Adam's voice.

Gwen: Why would you even bother telling him?

Jade: Well, I think he'd like to know.

Gwen: Fine, go ahead, Jade, go tell him whenever you want. And then I'll tell him the real reason.

Jade: The real reason?

Gwen: Yeah, Margo is really upset about her son. If I heard the message, I could tell her that he's okay.

Jade: Oh, that's a real nice one, Gwen. You really had me fooled. Here. Enjoy. Just look at her eyes when she hears it, and then tell me that the only reason is because she's worried about Margo.

Gwen: Well, I'm sorry, Jade, you're not really going to get that big reaction, because there isn't any message.

Jade: What?

Gwen: In fact, there aren't any messages from anyone.

Jade: You little, jealous witch! You deleted the message. That's why you wanted my phone.

Maddie: Quite a performance, Jade. You know what? Maybe if you hadn't been lying for the past year, I'd believe it.

Jade: I am not lying. Adam called me.

Gwen: Oh, really? And said what? "Here's my number, call me back"? Let's call him. We'll all say hello.

Jade: No, he didn't leave his number.

Gwen: He didn't leave an address, nothing?

Jade: No, there was a lot of static. And I really couldn't hear him that well.

Gwen: Well, then I guess you're just going to have to wait for him to call you back then.

Maddie: Yeah, don't hold your breath.

Jade: Why are you two so confident? You're so sure it wasn't Adam, that he won't call me back?

Gwen: We never said anything like that.

Jade: How is it that you can be so sure? How?

Casey: Will, we're talking about Gwen here. You really think that something went on with Adam? Because I donít.

Will: I don't know. If something did happen, I'd deal with it. I'd have to. But I feel like this could be something worse.

Casey: What could be worse than that?

Will: I'll tell you what could be worse. She misses him.

Will: Focus. Get to work.

[Will remembering]

Adam: Gwen, this is for you. It's your --

Gwen: Thank you.

Adam: It's your master tape, charts, contact lists, cover mock-up.

Gwen: I didn't think it was going to end like this.

Adam: Yeah, me neither. But just try to remember how far you've come.

Vienna: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Henry: What I'm talking about is a very substantial gratuity for my -- what did you call it? My discretion.

Vienna: Well, you know what, there is another word -- blackmail.

Henry: Well, a rose by any other name, Sweetheart.

Vienna: Why would I pay you anything when you know nothing?

Henry: What I know is that you're all dolled up and you're using a false name, and you're trying to escape out of here under the cover of night. And what does that tell me? That tells me that Simon Frasier is going to be on that tarmac when that airplane lands.

Vienna: What?

Henry: Oh, gosh. I can't believe it. What is he -- what is he, tired of Carly already? Or -- or, was this the plan from the get-go?

Vienna: There was no plan!

Henry: Oh, please. Come on, come on, come on. Simon knows that Jack still loves Carly enough to make sure that they both get away safely. What, was he supposed to contact you after he dumps her? What?

Vienna: You know what? You should be a writer, not a driver. With such an imagination.

Henry: You're not meeting Simon?

Vienna: No.

Henry: Okay. Okay. All right. Then I'll just call Jack and give him the heads-up.

Vienna: No!

Henry: A-ha! So, I was right!

Vienna: No! It's not that. Put the phone down.

Henry: You know what? I'm just going to call him so he can say "Bon Voyage."

Vienna: No, I am not running to Simon Frasier. I'm running from the U.S. Government.

Henry: The feds?

Vienna: Yes, Dolly's trying to have me extradited. For revenge!

Henry: Feds -- wow. You know, the bad thing about the feds, they have way too many guns and no sense of humor.

Vienna: And they're trying to send me back to Leonia and freeze my assets. You know what? Now, now I'm really happy, because I have you as my chauffer. My dear, smart Henry to help me escape from this terrible injustice, this abuse of power, this --

Henry: This -- this is where I say adios, Sweetheart.

Emily: Yeah, I love this. I just love this. I finally get Craig and Paul out of my life, and then I feel like I'm standing on my own two feet, everything's going great. And then I realize, I have to answer to the likes of you?

Dusty: We're partners. We answer to each other.

Emily: No, not about our private lives. No, we donít.

Dusty: Private? Gerard's private? He's our client, our client.

Emily: Yeah, because of me. Or what? What, did you ask me to sit in on our little meeting so I could cross my legs and smile and look all pretty for him while you closed the deal?

Dusty: No.

Emily: And you know what? I don't like the implication that the only way I could close a deal is by playing footsies with somebody.

Dusty: Well, how else do you close a deal in eight minutes without discussing any terms?

Emily: Wow, you really have a high opinion of me, don't you?

Dusty: I have the right to an honest discussion with you, don't I? With my business partner, about your relationship with our new client? But all you're giving me is a bunch of dodgeball.

Emily: No, I'm not. I'm not evading. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell kind of partnership I've gotten myself mixed up with.

Dusty: I was looking for mutual trust leading to mutual profits. But you're holding out on me, and I don't like it.

Emily: Why does it bother you?

Dusty: Sorry, am I keeping you?

Emily: I told you, I have something to do.

Dusty: Something?

Emily: I'm just trying to figure out how much time I have to set you straight. And I don't have much, so could you kindly listen up?

Dusty: I am listening. You're not saying anything.

Emily: You asked me before if I had met that guy. The truth is, I knew him the minute I laid eyes on him.

Dusty: How?

Emily: Not him -- Eliot Gerard, potential client. Him -- generic guy, armed with a big expense account and even a bigger ego.

Dusty: I see. So you played him?

Emily: Yes, I played him. Come on, he just wanted to show me what a hot shot he was, and how he could make big decisions on the spur of a moment, and change my life over cocktails.

Dusty: And that's just what happened.

Emily: Well, I'd like to say that I landed the account by pitching him a well-thought-out ad campaign, but I don't think he's got that kind of attention span.

Dusty: So you showed him a little attention?

Emily: Dusty --

Dusty: Hmm?

Emily: If tonight, instead of drinks, he wanted to play a game of squash, would you have beaten him? Or would you have given him what he really wanted? A chance to drop a hand on your shoulder and tell you what's wrong with your serve.

Dusty: You really hate this guy, don't you?

Emily: I think it's more like contempt.

Dusty: You think you can do business with someone you have contempt for?

Emily: I better, or I can't deal with, like, 98% of the men on this planet. [Cell phone rings] Have I answered enough of your questions? I can take my call?

Dusty: Sure.

Emily: Thank you. Emily Stewart.

Eliot: I think we should meet tonight.

Emily: I'm sorry, I have another commitment.

Eliot: Cancel it. Look, I'll double your going rate.

Emily: That's not the issue.

Eliot: And I'll give you what you need for more of those little articles that you write.

Emily: Well, that does sound interesting, but I'm sorry, I can't change my plans on such short notice. I'm sorry.

Dusty: Trouble?

Emily: Oh, no, nothing I can't handle. But now, I've got to go. Not a good idea to keep your source waiting. They get jumpy.

Dusty: So you're working on a story?

Emily: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Dusty: Great. I'll go with you.

Vienna: No, no! Henry, no! Don't, don't -- don't do me this way.

Henry: Why, you won't survive, won't stay alive? Oh, great. Great, I'm going to have that in my head for the next week.

Vienna: If you leave me now --

Henry: You know what? Song lyrics are not going to change my mind. You have a grip like a vice!

Vienna: Oh, don't you see? Fate meant for you to help me. You know, we were brought together by something bigger than what we are!

Henry: I'm losing the sensation in my hand.

Vienna: Henry, do the right thing and help me escape.

Henry: Okay, I know this -- I know this matters to you not at all, but what about me, Vienna?

Vienna: You?

Henry: Yes, me, me. What happens to me when the feds arrest me for helping you escape?

Vienna: Okay -- you are just a chauffeur doing his job.

Henry: I know, I wish that made a difference. But you see, I just wiggled my way out of charges for aiding and abetting a fugitive. And that's how I became a chauffeur in the first place. And would you please let go of my arm?

Vienna: No, not until you say you will help me.

Henry: I'll help you.

Vienna: I don't believe you.

Henry: You know, after 20 more seconds, I'm not going to be able to drive.

Vienna: Fine. So, shall we talk about that gratuity?

Henry: I'm so weak.

Vienna: Well, all you need is an incentive to do the right thing. And at this point, it has to be money, because there's no time for anything personal.

Henry: Money's fine.

Vienna: No?

Henry: No, no, no. What am I talking about -- no, money is not fine. What good is money if it ends up sending me up the river?

Vienna: Okay, I wonder, what do you say about $200?

Henry: What, is that a joke? How about $2,000, lady?

Vienna: $2,000 that's absurd! Why would I ever pay you $2,000?

[Police sirens wail]

Henry: I think you just got your answer. Come on.

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Gwen, where are you? Hello? Adam? Who is -- what the hell's going on with Gwen and Adam? "Gwen, you were amazing last night. Adam."

Jade: So what's going on with the two of you?

Maddie: Nothing.

Jade: Uh-huh. It was a little weird when you said it was impossible that I could have heard from Adam. What do you two know that I don't?

Gwen: We know that you're a compulsive liar.

Jade: I'm not lying.

Gwen: No? The little phone fairies fly down and erase the message --

Jade: You smug little --

Maddie: Hey, hey, maybe it was a special message that only female dogs can hear.

Jade: Uh-huh, right. Or maybe somebody wanted me to think that Adam was calling me.

Maddie: Why would anybody do that?

Jade: To mess with me?

Maddie: Nice try, but I have better things to do with my time than to mess with the head of someone who is already messed up beyond belief.

Gwen: You know what? There is another option. Maybe you wanted to hear from Adam so much that you just thought that he called you.

Maddie: Oh, just like you thought you were pregnant.

Jade: Right. You know, this is all good and fine. You don't have to believe me that Adam called. We'll see what Margo thinks.

Gwen: No. Don't do that.

Jade: There really isn't any end to your nerve, is there?

Gwen: Please, don't call Margo.

Jade: Who died and made you sheriff? I will call who I want.

Gwen: Whenever you want? Look what time it is. You're going to wake her up and start talking about Adam? Don't you think she's upset enough already?

Jade: She's upset because she doesn't know where he is. This could help that.

Gwen: What, a non-existent voicemail?

Jade: It's not non-existent, it's just erased. And Margo isn't just Adam's mom, she's also a cop. Which means she has access to people who can trace phone calls.

Maddie: Yeah, but don't you care about getting her hopes up? Because once this turns out to be a dead end --

Jade: It's a lead.

Gwen: Look, if Adam called you once, he's going to call you again. I just think it would be a lot easier on Margo if you waited until you had a voicemail that she could actually listen to.

Jade: Oh, okay, so you're just worried about Margo?

Gwen: Yes, please, just wait until you have something that's real. Please.

Jade: Okay. Yeah. Sure, whatever.

Gwen: Thank you. Listen, I got to get back.

Maddie: Yeah, me, too. Listen, she's right, okay? Just wait.

Jade: Yeah. Like I'm going to listen to what you tell me.

Henry: You can come up for air now.

Vienna: You're sure it's safe?

Henry: I haven't seen another car for the last ten minutes.

Vienna: Well, you need to clean the floor back here.

Henry: You know, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I have to say, it was magnificent the way I got you out of that fraud situation. Don't you think? Side roads, doubling back.

Vienna: Half an hour and three blocks. You know, why are we stopped? And where in heaven's name are we?

Henry: The middle of nowhere.

Vienna: Well, I'm not paying you to take me to the middle of nowhere. I need an airport! You know, the place with planes.

Henry: Yeah, I know what an airport is. And it got me to thinking that it might be a little crowded, and that you might be rushed. So I thought we'd come to a nice, quiet place like this to complete our transaction. You want me to turn on the dome light back there so you can count my money?

Vienna: I am not paying you to stop. Now, let's get going!

Henry: So far, you haven't paid me at all. I think we agreed on $2,000.

Vienna: But we didn't agree on anything. Because I got scared from the sirens.

Henry: Hmm, I see. So you want a do-over, you want a rewind, is that it?

Vienna: Yes, yes, I think we should take another look at the deal.

Henry: Great, okay. Why don't we go back to Oakdale and we can renegotiate?

Vienna: No, no! Well, apparently, I misjudged you. I thought you were a nice and sweet person.

Henry: You thought I was a patsy.

Vienna: Here.

Henry: Would you like a receipt for this?

Vienna: What, for my tax records? You know, $2,000 for bribing a limo driver.

Henry: Oh, and also, I don't know if I mentioned this -- also, there is some free mineral water in the fridge back there.

Vienna: Oh, just start the car and take me to the airport.

Henry: All right.

Vienna: What are you doing?

Henry: Do you happen to know which one is the North Star?

Vienna: Oh, God. You don't know which way to go?

Henry: Well -- well, yeah, I think just losing g-men, I got a little lost myself.

Vienna: Oh, I paid $2,000 to get lost?

Henry: Look --

Vienna: No, no, no. Turn on that GPS thing that gives directions.

Henry: No, I can't do that. I sold it. See, I was in way over my head on this one particular -- -

Vienna: Oh, I don't care. Stop talking and drive. You know, find a place to get directions.

Henry: Okay. Apparently, $2,000 buys you the right to be rude and demanding.

Vienna: Just start the car! [Engine stalling] What happened? What are you doing?

Henry: Nothing. Nothing happened.

Vienna: Well, I can see that. Why did you stop trying?

Henry: Do you ever have that feeling that you've forgotten something? I've had that feeling all day.

Vienna: What did you forget?

Henry: To get gas.

Emily: You're not going with me.

Dusty: It's partly my paper.

Emily: And it's fully my source. And you know what? Sources don't appreciate it when you promise them they're anonymous -- and then you show up with some random guy they've never met?

Dusty: Explain who I am.

Emily: Well, one, that won't work. And two, that's not what this is really about, is it? You don't care about my source. You want to make sure I'm not running off to go see Eliot.

Dusty: What are you talking about? I didn't say that.

Emily: Yeah, you didn't have to. "Come on, Emily, I'm not saying straight out you had sex with a client."

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: I'm not going to see Eliot. Okay? I came here with an appointment, I did what you asked, now I'm going to go keep that appointment. And just for the record, I'm sick and tired of your attitude.

Dusty: Okay, I'm sorry.

Emily: I'm sorry? Yeah, that was real sincere. You know what? Maybe tomorrow morning, when you read my story, you'll believe me.

Dusty: I'll tell you what. Tomorrow morning when I read your story, I'm going to enjoy it, and I will forget about everything we said tonight, if you can.

Emily: Fine.

Dusty: Okay. Have fun with your source. I'll see you tomorrow, Partner.

Eliot: I thought he'd never leave.

Emily: What are you doing here?

Eliot: Well, things between us were still kind of up in the air.

Emily: That's funny, I thought they were totally nailed down. I have plans, a previous engagement?

Eliot: You know, when I do business with someone, especially someone who I'm practically throwing money at, I expect a little flexibility.

Emily: Hmm --

Eliot: You're going to need to make your schedule more fluid.

Emily: We will talk about my schedule when you sign the contract. Until then, I'm a free agent. Now, if you don't mind --

Eliot: Actually, I do. I mind very much.

Emily: Am I meant to be intimidated? Cause I'm not.

Eliot: I want you to hear what I'm telling you. You're making a decision without all of the information.

Emily: I can't wait to be brought up to speed.

Eliot: Well, I've talked to Cheri. Your previous engagement has been reassigned.

Emily: I see.

Eliot: You costed me a great deal of money this evening.

Emily: Oh, I guess that means I'm going to make a great deal of money this evening.

Eliot: I know you're game, Emily. I'm totally on to you.

Emily: Really?

Eliot: Still, it works. All that cool blonde disdain, it just drives me crazy. And the mercenary streak just makes you hotter.

Emily: We aim to please.

Eliot: Yeah, but not here. The kind of business we're going to do requires a little more privacy.

Emily: Can you give me a minute?

Eliot: Checking with the baby sitter?

Emily: I'm checking with Cheri. You don't really think I'd take your word for anything, do you?

Vienna: Give it back! Give me my money back!

Henry: I think you're overreacting.

Vienna: No, I am not paying $2,000 to a driver who is to stupid to get gas!

Henry: Now wait just a second. You were two minutes away from getting nabbed by the feds and I saved your butt.

Vienna: And you put me in the middle of a cornfield! Give me my money back!

Henry: Here. I am beginning to understand why Katie doesn't like you.

Vienna: Katie! Oh, oh, that's what this is all about, isn't it?

Henry: Excuse me?

Vienna: Yeah, now I understand. She put you up to this, you know this is her petty attempt to get back at me.

Henry: Yeah Vienna, that's what it is. She set the whole thing up with the feds, and then she pulled some strings to make sure I was the limo driver, and then she siphoned the tank. It's the only logical explanation.

Vienna: Start walking.

Henry: What?

Vienna: Yeah, we are wasting precious time here. Start walking, find the gas station and get me to the airport.

Henry: Do you have any idea how far the nearest gas station is? Do you know what direction it's in? Do you know how cold it is out there?

Vienna: Do you know who got us in this mess in the first place, huh? You know, this is your chance to redeem yourself, Henry. To prove that you are a real man.

Henry: Ah no, no, no, you did not just play the real man card with me? Honey, I am way too secure in my masculinity to fall for that stuff, okay? Besides I hate the cold. Wait, what are you doing? What are you doing back there?

Vienna: I am doing what needs to be done.

Henry: Sweetheart you are dressed for Cannes, all right, not February in Illinois.

Vienna: You know what? In my country, we just laugh at the cold.

Henry: Really, you laugh at it? In your country do you walk out in four-inch stilettos on the icy road in the pitch black? You're out of your mind.

Vienna: What you don't understand is that once I get my mind to something or set my mind to something -- nothing, nothing can stop me.

Henry: You can't -- you can't let her go alone. Okay, you can't let her go alone.


Henry: You're going to hate yourself in the morning.

Jade: So, you can have the phone if you want. On those crime shows, they can always find out where the call was made and when and everything.

Margo: Yeah, thanks.

Jade: I'm sorry. I thought this would be good news.

Margo: Well maybe it is, maybe it is. So, you can't think of anything else now huh?

Jade: No. That's everything. I know you don't have any reason to trust me.

Margo: No, it's not that. It's just -- why did Adam call you? Why didn't he call me? Why didn't he contact his family? His parents?

Jade: I don't know --

Margo: See that's just so not like Adam. Then, I have to remind myself I have no idea what Adam is like these days. So, thank you Jade. Thank you for calling me, thank you for trying.

Jade: I'd do anything. I don't understand it, either.

Margo: Yeah me too. We will get this cell phone back to you tomorrow, maybe we can find something.

Jade: Oh, okay like, if someone deleted a message, you could find that out?

Margo: You deleted the message?

Jade: No.

Margo: Well then what -- what is it?

Jade: Okay. The message was there, and then Gwen said she wanted to hear it, and I gave her the phone and then Maddie started talking to me and I wasn't looking and then Gwen said there wasn't any message. And it was gone.

Margo: So you're saying that Gwen deleted the message?

Jade: No. I don't know what happened. But maybe --

Margo: What? Jade, what is it? Out with it.

Jade: When I said I wanted to tell you, she kind of freaked out. She said that I shouldn't bother you, that it would only upset you. And if I did, I'm sorry.

Margo: No, I want know anything and everything pertaining to my son.

Jade: That's what I told her. But she tried to convince me that you wouldn't want to know, but I didn't think that was a reason -- I didn't think that was a good reason not to tell you.

Margo: Do you think Gwen had another reason?

Jade: Yeah, I think she did.

Maddie: I don't know why you're so mad at me.

Gwen: I didn't say I was mad.

Maddie: Well you didn't say a word the whole way home.

Gwen: Well I think you did enough talk for the both of us.

Maddie: What's that supposed to mean?

Gwen: Look, I know that you don't like Jade. I don't like her either but we can't let that make us say things we shouldn't say.

Maddie: I don't know what you mean --

Gwen: There's was no reason why we shouldn't believe that Adam would leave her a message.

Maddie: But you said the same thing.

Gwen: I was trying to figure what she knew. You were just trying to get under her skin.

Maddie: Yeah, well, she's a liar she's lying.

Gwen: It doesn't matter. Don't you see that it doesn't matter? All that matters is that we keep people from asking questions, and make sure that they don't get to suspicious.

Maddie: I'm sorry, she just gets me so mad.

Gwen: We can't afford to get angry, Maddie. We have to make sure that Jade doesn't think we're keeping something from her. Because if she does then nothing in the world will keep her from finding out what's really going on.

Maddie: I really don't think she's that smart.

Gwen: No, but Margo is. And we make Jade mad enough, she will go to her with every single thing that we say and do.

Maddie: All right. Okay, I'm sorry. Okay, I will try and be more careful.

Gwen: No, Maddie, okay you can't try, you have to do it. You have to start thinking.

Maddie: I do.

Gwen: Yeah? Like you were thinking when you killed Adam in the first place?


Henry: I'm unarmed and she left ten minutes ago. It was a setup, Officer, I had no idea she was a fugitive.

Vienna: Open the door, Henry.

Henry: Vienna, I thought you were the feds.

Vienna: Obviously.

Henry: And I was just trying to engage them to help you escape.

Vienna: Open the door! You can lie to me once I'm inside.

Henry: Oh wow, you look like --

Vienna: Do not say a word. I'm freezing and my feet hurt. And this -- do you know how long we have been together? I snubbed Princess Caroline with these shoes.

Henry: I really am sorry.

Vienna: Do you think Simon would forget to get gas? Do you think Jack would be afraid of the dark?

Henry: Actually, I was afraid of the coyote. It sounded very hungry to me.

Vienna: So my shoes pay for your cowardice?

Henry: Look, I'm sure we can get these fixed.

Vienna: Right, right. I'll send them out while I'm in prison in Leonia. I'm -- oh, I'm --

Henry: You're down and out? You're up the creek? You're down for the count?

Vienna: Hold me.

Henry: Whoa, that's a mood swing.

Vienna: Believe me, Henry. If I wasn't freezing to death I wouldn't let you touch me. But the situation right now is that we're here and you're the last man on earth.

Henry: Well, I always wanted odds like that. Here, come here.

Vienna: So our options are to get caught by the feds then nothing would freeze to death in the arms of an incompetent chauffer.

Henry: You know, you're not going to generate a lot of warmth with that atte.

Vienna: So I'll end like my shoes. Frozen, broken -- in the middle of nowhere.

Henry: No. No. No, no. Like Rhett Butler, going off to join a war that's already hopeless, I, Henry Coleman, will save you or go down trying.

Vienna: Wait! Wait.

Henry: A kiss for good luck?

Vienna: No. If I couldn't get out of here, there's no way you can. There's only one way you can help. And that's by keeping each other warm and hope for the best.

Henry: Okay, if you say so. Here I am. Hoping for the best.

Maddie: You think that I don't know that this is all my fault? I --

Gwen: No, listen, I'm sorry.

Maddie: I told you, I'm not going to let you pay for what I did. So if you want to go to Margo, you can go.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I said. I just get scared and I panic and I don't know what I'm doing.

Maddie: I understand.

Gwen: But I do know you. And I know that you were just trying to keep Adam from hurting me.

Maddie: I was the one who killed him, not you.

Gwen: But we are in this together. And I'm sorry that I jumped on you. But the worst thing that could happen right now is if we turn on each other.

Maddie: It's too much. Maybe we can't handle it.

Gwen: Look, I'm fine. It was just hearing that Jade got a message from Adam, it really freaked me out. And listen, you need to be honest with me. Did you send Jade that message?

Maddie: No. No, you know I would tell you if I did.

Gwen: I know. And I know that Jade's a liar, but I don't think she was lying. I looked her right in the face. She really thinks she got a message from Adam.

Maddie: Who can't send messages.

Gwen: Then who was it?

Maddie: Okay. Okay, this is what I'm thinking. Jade said that it was a bad connection, right? So maybe somebody else called her and she just didn't understand them and then her fantasy life kicked in again.

Gwen: That's has to be it, because there is no other explanation.

Maddie: Which means that we don't have to worry about Jade.

Margo: My son is missing. It's really late. Not that I sleep at night too much these days anyway. But I'm just going to tell you flat out -- if you're trying to play me or if you're trying to use the fact that Adam is missing to set Gwen up in some way, you'll be sorry, I promise you.

Jade: I'm not stupid. And lying to you would be very stupid.

Margo: Yeah, that would be very stupid to lie to me. So no games, no coy little, "Oh, you're going to have to drag this out of me." You just tell me what you think.

Jade: I think Gwen is keeping a secret.

Margo: A secret.

Jade: Yeah. I think there is something that she is desperate to keep you from finding out.

Margo: And why do you think this?

Jade: Well, for one thing, she literally pulled the phone out of my hand when I told her I was going to call you and --

Margo: Jade.

Jade: I'm not trying to play you, I'm just trying to get it right. Okay? Gwen and Maddie are friends. But lately they've been attached at the hip, like inseparable with their heads together. Very intense.

Margo: Well, they've gone through a lot together.

Jade: I know. But I think whatever it is that Gwen's hiding, Maddie knows it.

Margo: And do you think that maybe you know the secret?

Jade: A guess? I think that Adam and Gwen were a lot closer than Gwen wants anybody to know.

Margo: Well, she told me flat out that it was strictly a business relationship.

Jade: Yeah, like she's going to tell you that her and Adam were fooling around. For one thing, you're the guy's mother. And for another, you're a cop. And you're also someone who cares about her husband.

Margo: Yeah, she's got a lot of reasons to be quiet. And you, you got a lot of reasons to slam her, don't you?

Jade: I won't pretend I like her, because I donít. And I don't expect you to believe me, but I really cared about Adam. And I don't want Gwen or anybody else to keep you from finding him.

Margo: You get any more messages, you talk to me. You don't talk to anybody else. Here's a receipt for your phone. Oh and one more thing -- if the phone rings, do you have any objections to my answering it?

Jade: No. I'm not the one keeping any secrets.

Maddie: I know I should feel bad about what I did to Adam, but I'm not sure that I do. But I do hate what I did to you.

Gwen: It's okay.

Maddie: No, it's not. I really want you and Will to be happy.

Gwen: We are. We will be.

Maddie: I hope so. Somebody should be. One last thing. Okay, bye.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here. I didn't see the car.

Will: I am.

Gwen: How long?

Will: Long enough to get worried.

Gwen: I'm sorry. You know, Maddie called, I needed to talk to her.

Will: After what? Like an hour since the last time you saw her?

Gwen: I don't know. She's really going through a hard time with everything that's going wrong with Casey. You know, she just needed someone to listen.

Will: Yeah, I'll bet she is having a hard time dealing with how long he's been lying to her.

Gwen: I don't really think that's the main issue.

Will: Well, I figure that's why she wanted to talk to you. Because, you know, you dealt with all the same stuff with me.

Gwen: I don't really talk to her about you or that time.

Will: Well, maybe we can talk about it.

Gwen: What?

Will: Well, it's weird. I was thinking about it tonight, but I lied to you for so long and now we just kind of act like nothing happened.

Gwen: You know, it happened and it's over.

Will: Yeah, but we sure paid for it, didn't we? Especially you.

Gwen: You know, I don't -- I don't really know why we're talking about this right now. I mean, it's late. It's really late.

Will: I just -- I wanted to tell you that I figured something out. I wish that I told you right away, right after everything happened.

Gwen: It's fine. It's over.

Will: Because I believe that the worst thing that happened wasn't me sleeping with Jade, it was lying to you day after day after day.

Gwen: Okay, I get it. Okay, it's over. All right, it's over. I don't want to talk about it

Will: All right. I just wanted you to know how I felt.

Gwen: I get it, okay? I really do. I'm sorry. I'm just exhausted.

Will: Yeah, I'm sorry too. I'm sorry Maddie woke you up.

Gwen: Yeah. I think I'm gonna go to bed.

Will: Okay.

Gwen: You gonna come?

Will: I'll be there in a minute. You go on.

Gwen: I love you. What happened doesn't change how much I love you.

Will: And you know that nothing could happen that would change the way I feel about you.

Gwen: Yeah. Will?

Will: Yeah?

Gwen: Don't stay up too late, okay?

Will: I wonít.

Eliot: Ladies before gentlemen.

Emily: Oh, do you really think that's an appropriate term?

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