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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/23/07

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Craig: Morning.

Meg: Craig.

Craig: I hope you weren't expecting someone else.

Meg: No, no one else.

Craig: You sure?

Meg: I know what happened last night.

Craig: Good, now that we got that settled, you want some coffee or should I let you sleep?

Meg: I just feel like I could sleep forever.

Craig: It's amazing you could sleep at all. This mattress feels like it's made out of cardboard and rocks.

Meg: It's fine.

Craig: Don't be brave -- and don't tell me about nights where you crashed on the straw in the hayloft or a couch at the hospital. This place lacks both rustic charm and a higher purpose.

Meg: Yeah, well that didn't bother me last night.

Craig: Well, it should have.

Meg: I'm not looking for luxuries.

Craig: Well it doesn't mean you don't deserve them. I'll bet you'd get used to the finer things in life if you'd let me take care of you.

Meg: What do you mean?

Craig: I mean that I'd like you to come stay with me in Fairwinds.

Jack: Anyone want my bacon? It's crispy, the way I like it.

J.J.: I'll take it.

Jack: Good man. Go for it.

J.J.: Hey, can you pass the syrup?

Jack: Parker. Pass your brother the syrup.

Parker: He can reach it.

Jack: Can you just pass him the syrup please?

J.J.: Hey!

Jack: I said you could read, not be rude. And you know I felt bad that we hadn't brought Sage along, but now I'm kind of glad, I wouldn't want her to see you act this way.

J.J.: Well she sees it at home.

Parker: Why don't you shut up?

J.J.: Why don't you?

Parker: I didn't saying anything.

Jack: Guys, please.

J.J.: Dad, its okay. Sage is happier at school. And you know they're rehearsing the play today.

Parker: That's why she couldn't come, remember?

Jack: Yeah.

Parker: Right.

Jack: Hey, listen, Dallas Griffin got us tickets tonight to the hockey game at Oakdale U. Anybody interested?

J.J.: I am.

Jack: They're great seats.

J.J.: You'd let me go even if it's a school night?

Jack: You get your homework done sure.

J.J.: Sweet!

Parker: What happened to band practice? You'll get dropped if you don't go.

J.J.: Oh, -- I forgot.

Jack: That's okay, we'll do it some other time.

J.J.: You know, Mom -- she always put that stuff on the calendar.

Jack: Yeah, I know, I forgot too. You've been great about keeping your schedule straight.

Parker: Somebody has to.

Jack: What about you, Parker?

Parker: What about me?

Jack: You want to go to the hockey game?

Parker: I'm grounded.

Jack: Yes, I know that -- you pull a couple extra chores, I can let it slide this one time.

Parker: Don't worry about it.

Jack: Come on -- I know you love hockey.

Parker: You don't know anything! I hate hockey!

Kim: Oh, boy! Looks like you're all ready for Cooking with Katie.

Katie: Definitely. This is one area where I know I can shine.

Kim: I hope we're gonna get some of these samples -- whatever it is you're making. 'Cause it smells delicious.

Katie: It's meatloaf.

Kim: Oh, retro cooking.

Katie: Well I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but believe me, when you try it you won't believe how delicious it is -- especially when paired with mashed potatoes and gravy. And my recipe is foolproof.

Kim: All I can say yum-yum. I'm so glad this isn't a show about diets.

Katie: Well, we'll do that tomorrow -- if we're still feeling guilty. I just wanted to get a little bit of a head start 'cause I want to have a cooked meatloaf ready so the camera can pan to it when I'm done explaining the recipe. Oh, and I brought extra forks and paper plates for the crew.

Kim: Oh my gosh, there gonna love it. Just don't forget to get Brad involved okay?

Katie: By the way, does he even know how to cook?

Kim: Are you kidding? Somehow I doubt it. But you know that's gonna be the fun part.

Katie: He's so fun -- to everyone but me.

Kim: Oh, come on now don't be a sour puss. Your audience wants to see you smiling and laughing and having fun.

Katie: Okay, well don't worry. I can do this recipe in my sleep. Not even Brad's stupid little comments are going to throw me.

Kim: That's what I want to here! Good, good, good. I really do want you to work on that partnership.

Katie: I know.

Stage manager: Where's Brad?

Katie: I don't know. Kim?

Kim: I haven't seen him.

Stage manager: I hope somebody has! We're going to tape in five!

Kim: Oh, for Pete’s sake. I talk to him this morning. He knew what his call was. Now what?

Stage manager: Do you want to re-order the segments?

Kim: No, no, no, no. We're all ready to go.

Katie: No, don't worry if Brad's a no-show I can do this bit solo.

Margo: Yeah, no, no, no an e-ticket is fine. What time do I arrive in L.A.? That's great, okay. And then I have to pick up the rental car from there. You will? You'll arrange all of that? Oh, great, you are the best. Of course I will. Yes, yeah. Thank you so much.

Maddie: You're going to Los Angeles?

Margo: Yeah, yeah, excuse me. This afternoon, today.

Maddie: Don't you think that's kind of soon. Shouldn't you wait a few days?

Margo: No I can’t. Adam is wanted for questioning in obstruction charges, so I prefer to be the one who finds him, for a lot of reasons.

Maddie: Right, but if he doesn't want to be found, isn't looking in L.A. a big waste of time?

Margo: No, of course it's not. I want to bring him home here before his trail gets cold.

Maddie: You think he left a trail?

Margo: Yes, everybody leaves a trail whether they know it or not. There's all sorts of ways. There could be surveillance camera in a teller, it could be a cell phone, tracking the cell phone. Or it could be, someone who's a stranger that sees him at the airport.

Maddie: But couldn't you check all that from here though?

Margo: Both my sons are facing criminal charges. So I want to do the leg work. I know I might not find Adam, in L.A. but at least I can get some answers.

Casey: Put your travel plans on hold, Mom. I've got some answers right here.

Will: I keep waking up and finding your side of the bed empty. Am I snoring or something?

Gwen: No, no, it's me. I'm just restless my legs keep jumping. And my head's worse. It keeps reminding me of all the things I've done wrong.

Will: You're not still worried about us, are you?

Gwen: No, not exactly, no.

Will: Hey. You see this ring? This means that we're not the same two people who stopped trusting each other, all right. We're back to being us.

Gwen: I love that.

Will: Me too. So, you got to tell me what's bothering you. Because obviously, I don't do well when I have to guess. Or I don't get the full story.

Gwen: Would you tell me I was crazy if I told you that it was school?

Will: No, I mean I understand why you'd be freaking out about the fact that you missed a semester, but that's why we're gonna take it easy and your not gonna take a full load this time.

Gwen: I know, I just, I still want to do well. You know I already failed at one thing, I don't want to fail at something else.

Will: You didn't fail. You just didn't get to finish the demo. And we're going to change that.

Gwen: It's just going to take a along time you know, to find a new producer and set up studio time and stuff like that.

Will: Yeah, but we're gonna get it done. And I'm gonna help you with your classes -- just like you helped me.

Gwen: Oh, my God.

Will: What? Whoa -- you got a message from Adam?

Will: Open it! I want to see what my brother has to say.

Gwen: It's not from him! It can't be.

Will: Why not?

Gwen: Because -- it's the last person I expected to hear from. You wanna read it?

Will: "To my friends and family, it's hard to know where to begin. I never set out to hurt anyone, but I have.”

Gwen: He's admitting what he's done wrong?

Will: Sounds like it. Listen. “But I have, and I can't live with myself any longer without admitting the truth.”

[Casey reading his email from Adam]

Casey: “I turned my back on all of you, everyone who matters most to me. I have no real excuse. I did it for my own selfish reasons.”

Will: I lost track of everything but what I wanted. I stopped caring about all of you. Gwen, I made my dreams your dreams. Casey and Will, I used your trust against you." You got that right.

Casey: "And I'm so sorry. Mom, Tom, you helped me my whole life. I always knew you'd be there, no matter what. I counted on you, and I hate that I've let you down.”

Gwen: “There are no words to say how sorry I am. I've done an awful thing and betrayed the people I love most. Now it's time for me to admit it and hope that one day you'll find it in your hearts to forgive me. I know what I did was wrong, and I should be punished. But trust me, I'm paying for what I've done. I've lost your respect.”

Margo: “And I have to spend the rest of my life running from the people I love, the people who used to love me." Adam, we still love you. "I can't look any of you in the eye, so please –“

Casey: “So please, don't try to find me. I've already caused too much pain.”

Will: “I've hurt the people I love most and I'll have to find a way to live with what I've done. No prison could be worse than the thought of never seeing my family and friends again. I wish I could go back and make it up to you, but if it's any consolation, I'll live the rest of my life regretting the person I've become. I love you all, more than I can say. Adam."

Gwen: Wow.

Will: I should have expected this. He's taking the coward's way out.

Gwen: I'm sorry.

Will: Yeah, me too. It's too bad. This isn't going to change anything for me and Casey. And he tells me to be a man! I'm going to go get dressed.

[Cell phone rings]

Maddie: Gwen?

Gwen: Maddie, what's is going on? Did you write that email?

Maddie: What did you think? Was it believable?

Gwen: I guess so. Maddie, you're taking a huge risk.

Maddie: Did it sound like him though?

Gwen: Will thought so.

Maddie: Okay, good.

Gwen: Maddie, you should have talked to me about this first.

Maddie: I know I tried to tell you yesterday. Listen, now is not good. Come over and I'll explain everything.

[Gwen hangs up the phone]

Gwen: That was fast.

Will: Yeah, well I'm a guy. I don't have to try on three shirts.

Gwen: So what do you want to do now?

Will: I was thinking about that.

Gwen: We should probably talk to Margo about this. I know that you probably don't want to see Casey.

Will: Yeah, I don’t. But this isn't a good thing for him. So let's go.

Katie: Today I'm sharing with you my very favorite comfort food -- good, old fashioned, stick-to-your-ribs, meatloaf. One taste of this recipe and you'll know why this old favorite is making a comeback. The best part is you can make it ahead of time, and when you get home from work, throw it in the oven and while it's baking you can mash up some potatoes. You don't have to be a four-star chef for your family to love your cooking. And if you're not frazzled they will love it that much more. Just have dinner ready when they come home. And when they're hungry just make it sure it taste good. Okay, these eggs are beaten. Let's get this puppy started. We're going to start with three pounds of ground beef. Throw in one cup of soft bread crumbs and then three beaten eggs. Okay, now, as long as you have your hands --

[Dog barking loudly]

[Katie screams]

Jack: Come on, you used to be all about hockey. Whatever. I just thought we could have some fun at the rink tonight. Hot dogs, nachos --

Parker: Who are they playing?

Jack: I'll have to check the tickets. That's me. It's the station guys, sorry. Snyder. Okay, when? Are you sure it was my brother? At WOAK. Yeah, no, I'm on it. Bye.

J.J.: Did Uncle Brad do something wrong?

Jack: I'm going to go find out. Come on guys, let's get you off to school.

J.J.: Can't I finish my pancakes?

Parker: We still have a half an hour before school starts. And Mrs. Haff will make us wait anyway -- she's like the warden.

J.J.: Dad, you know we can just walk. It's not that far.

Jack: Yes, yes, I know it isn’t. But can I trust you to get there?

Parker: Totally.

Jack: I'll pay the tab. Watch the clock --

Parker: I thought you were going to trust us.

Jack: Show me I can and I will, Parker. You guys have a good day, all right. See you later, Dad.

J.J.: "See you later, Dad."

Parker: What?

J.J.: You know what.

Meg: Do you always ask women to move in after they only spend only one night with you?

Craig: We spent more than that with each other.

Meg: Well, I'm comfortable here for now. Hey, no one is comfortable here, you have to stop punishing yourself. I have an enormous home and it would be my pleasure to have you as my guest.

Meg: A guest -- with benefits?

Craig: Meg I'm not talking about a long-term commitment here. You'd just be a visitor, stay as long as you like.

Meg: I know it can't be that simple.

Craig: Come on, just let me pamper you for a little while, all right? I promise you learn to love the silk sheets, and roses, and a perfumed baths, and breakfast in bed --

Meg: No, no, no, you know what I'd feel like Scarlett O’Hara.

Craig: Would that be such a bad thing?

Meg: I don't know are there any staircases I should be worried about?

Craig: That's very funny you'll be perfectly safe.

Meg: Yeah, just like a kept woman should be.

Craig: What is this, the nineteenth century? Who's kept? No strings attached.

Meg: Of course there's be strings attached. You wouldn't have it any other way. So tell me which strings you plan on attaching to me.

Craig: I was hoping, after last night, you'd know my offer is sincere.

Meg: Sincerity's not what I'm worried about.

Craig: What, you think I want you to be indebted to me?

Meg: At the very least.

Craig: I thought we've moved beyond suspicions. Or, did last night change nothing for you?

Meg: Craig, I'm not pretending that we didn't sleep together, but I know you. You don't do anything without ulterior motives.

Craig: No, no. I make some exceptions.

Meg: Not for your children. So, why for me?

Craig: See? See? I need that strong sort of frankness from a woman.

Meg: Right.

Craig: No, I'm serious. You always call me on things like that, and I think that's a good thing.

Meg: You know, you are a true master of subtle manipulation. I will give you that.

Craig: Where's the manipulation here? You have no job, no home. And since you lost your nursing job, you have no income. So, I'm merely offering you a safe haven.

Meg: Okay. Well, you know what, thank you anyway, but I'll work something out.

Craig: Meg, I know for a strong woman like you, it is very hard for you to accept that you're vulnerable. But let's face it -- you need help. Especially now that Paul has made it very clear that he's going to keep coming after you.

Meg: Whoa, what has Paul got to do with any of this?

Craig: He's trying to suck you back into his unstable world, and that's exactly what you don't need right now.

Meg: I don't disagree with that.

Craig: Okay. So, be practical. You need a place to live, and I am offering you my home. Leave tomorrow or stay as long as you like.

Meg: And?

Craig: And, nothing. I won't touch you, all right? Unless, of course, you want to be touched. And, of course, I hope that's what you want -- and me.

Meg: You know, it's pretty amazing. I've never been seduced quite this way before.

Craig: Mmm. Is it working?

Meg: I will think about your offer, okay? That's saying something.

Craig: Okay, okay, okay. Don't think too hard. I'm going to go out and do some business right now. I'll be back in an about an hour. We can talk about the details, okay? Thanks.

[Door closes]

[Dog panting]

Brad: Easy, easy, easy. You know, if you want a taste, you just have to say "Please," not "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

Katie: What is going on? Why is this filthy beast on my set?

Brad: Katie, this is what you call a "Dog," you know? And you might want to keep your voice down, because I think you're scaring him.

Katie: I'm scaring him? He looks possessed!

Brad: Hey, this is the old guy that I had to stun last night in Coker woods.

Katie: I don't care where he came from. What's he doing here? This is totally unsanitary!

Brad: Well, speaking of which -- you might want to clean yourself up, unless you're used to having egg on yourself.

Katie: I'm just not used to having an animal on my stage.

[Brad laughs]

Brad: Well, I mean, you work with me. You've must've learned something.

Katie: Not my choice, believe me.

Brad: Well, sometimes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you just get lucky. Like my good pal Rusty here. You know, who knows what might've happened to him if I didn't come, pick him up at the pound? He could still be in that cage.

Katie: Well, if that's where he belongs, then why isn't he there?

Brad: No -- no, no, no, no, no, no. No. You see, Rusty here just got into trouble. The vet who checked him out said he might've got hit by a car and went into the woods to lick his wounds, then couldn't find his way home, and then, was wandering around all lost and scared. And he acted a little freaky for a while, but he's back to his old self, aren't you, Bud?

Katie: How do you know that, Brad? Did Rusty tell you?

Brad: Nope, no. I just have a big heart.

Katie: Ah.

Brad: And you're just a big baby. That's right. A big baby.

Katie: Aww. It takes one to know one.

Jack: We've got to get his dog off this set. It's attacked people.

Kim: What?

Jack: Well, first it went after Faith and Parker. And then it bit Paul Ryan. This is not safe.

Kim: Oh, no!

Brad: Come on, Katie. Come on. You want to say hi to him?

Kim: Okay. All right. He seems to have it under control. So let's just let him wrap it up. I don't want to scare anybody.

Katie: You know what? I think Rusty's 15 minutes of fame are up, and yours aren't far behind, Brad. So, why don't you let me finish my meatloaf? Which, when finished, will look like this -- woila.

[Katie screams]

Brad: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, we haven't been invited to dinner! You know -- ahh! Well, you know, I think he likes it. I think he really, really, really does, you know? I think you've got a winner here, Katie. All the right ingredients to make -- to make a guy smile.

Casey: Yeah. It's just like the one we got.

Margo: I've never heard Adam sound like this. How did he come to this?

Will: I don't have any answers for you, Margo.

Gwen: You know, Margo’s probably traced that email. She's going to find out that you sent it.

Maddie: No, she won’t. I broke into Adam's email account. It's totally covered.

Gwen: I really hope so.

[Doorbell rings]

Margo: Um, I'll get that.

Jade: Hi, Mrs. Hughes. I hope its okay that we're here. I wanted to return this.

Margo: That's Adam's sweatshirt. How'd you get that?

Jade: Oh, he gave it to me once when we were walking through the park. I didn't feel right keeping it. I just wanted you to have it.

Margo: Oh, okay. Thanks.

Luke: Also, I just wanted to say how sorry I am. I mean, your family's really gotten slammed.

Margo: Thanks, Luke. Come on in.

Jade: Yeah, if there's anything we can do --

Margo: I wish there was.

Jade: Adam had got in touch with you, maybe a phone call --

Margo: He did, actually. We got an email from him. [Cell phone rings] Sorry, I've got to take this. Excuse me.

Jade: Well, at least he got in touch with his mom. But there are a lot more people who should've heard something.

Will: Well, he sent the same thing to Gwen and Casey and me.

Jade: What? Let me see that! I don't understand. Why would Adam write to all of you and skip me? If he's apologizing, he should apologize to me, too.

Maddie: Why?

Jade: Because he owes me that.

Maddie: Adam owes you nothing. He was using you. Don't you get that?

Jade: We had something.

Maddie: You had nothing. It was over between you two before he turned off the lights. You're just too clueless to figure that out!

Jade: Where do you get off weighing in on this? You barely know Adam.

Maddie: I know that he was so into Gwen that it made him totally twisted.

Jade: Maybe that's the way it seemed to you, but Adam and I connected.

Maddie: Yeah. For one thing only.

Jade: You're disgusting!

Maddie: Nope, not me. You're the one that let it happen. Easy come, easy go.

Jade: I've had enough of your mouth.

Luke: Okay, you know what? You know what? Nobody needs this right now. Maddie, what's your problem? I mean, why are you trash-talking Jade? It's not going to make things any easier for Casey or for anyone else, and it sure as hell's not bring Adam home.

Maddie: I'm just so sick of Jade trying to put herself in the middle of everything. Nobody cares whether you got an e-mail from Adam or not.

Jade: You know what? That's it. I've had enough, I'm out of here.

Luke: Okay, Maddie. Maddie, you didn't need to go there. Jade's my family now.

Maddie: Lucky you.

Gwen: Maddie! Would you stop?

Luke: Okay, look. I'm going to go make sure that Jade's okay. I hope that you guys find Adam, and I -- I mean that.

Casey: Maddie, you just burnt Jade so bad, I wouldn't be surprised if she finds Adam before my mom just to prove you wrong.

Meg: Yes?

Manager: Sorry to interrupt your breakfast. I was wondering when you'd be leaving.

Meg: I'm not.

Manager: You sure?

Meg: Yes, I told you when I checked in that I'd be staying until further notice.

Manager: Yeah, people say lots of things. But your bill's paid now, so could you clear out as soon as you can?

Meg: Are you asking me to leave?

Manager: I got people waiting for rooms.

Meg: Well, this room's occupied. Wait, wait. You said my bill was paid? Who paid my bill?

Manager: I guess it was your boyfriend. Tall guy, dark hair --

Meg: Craig.

Parker: What's wrong now?

J.J.: Forget it. I'm going to school.

Parker: Just tell me.

J.J.: You know, I'm sick of it. Everyone has to be all worried about you all the time.

Parker: I didn't ask anybody to be worried. I wish they'd leave me alone.

J.J.: You know what? "Oh, is Parker going to take off again? Oh, is he okay? Poor Parker, both his parents are gone." In case you haven't noticed it, you're not the only one who misses Mom.

Parker: I don't miss Mom! I don't! I don't miss her at all.

Kim: Cut! That certainly turned into something interesting.

Katie: Interesting? Oh, that's a nice way of putting it. Please don't tell me you're taking his side. Look at me, look at this place. And it could have been worse.

Jack: The dog goes to animal control. Now.

Brad: No. I mean, come on, does he really have to? I mean, he was just hungry, that's all. Speaking of which, I'm hungry. Is there any leftovers from --

Katie: Oh, you know what? He should he put on a leash!

Kim: Jack, do you need us right now? I'm going to talk to Katie alone.

Jack: By all means. Are you firing on all cylinders? What made you think it would be a good idea to bring that dog into this studio?

Brad: I am just trying to show that you can train any animal if you know what you're doing. I mean, that pup was like a lamb in my hand after I spent a little time with him. I mean, you saw him. You noticed that, right?

Jack: Tell Katie's meatloaf that.

Brad: Look, you said you wanted me to do a good job. I thought this would be a win/win. Maybe whoever lost the dog would see it on TV, call in or something.

Jack: We don't know it's somebody's pet. And what if had bitten Katie?

Brad: Well -- he didn't, all right? He ate some meatloaf. So no harm, no foul, okay? All right, I may have been overboard. I admit that.

Jack: I am done cutting you slack. That's it, you're pressing your luck here. Let's go.

Katie: I didn't even get to finish my recipe.

Kim: Well, we'll put it up on the website. And the audience is going to love this just as much.

Katie: I don't think so! I really, really wanted this segment to be a regular thing. I think Brad is deliberately sabotaging my career.

Kim: I think you're over-reacting a little bit. But, I promise you I am on the case.

Katie: Good because I think Brad is getting worse. If he keeps pulling stunts like this, we're not even going to have a show anymore.

Kim: I would say we have a few things to straighten out. First of all, your call was for one hour before we start taping. Not in the middle of the show.

Brad: So Rusty and I violated protocol?

Kim: Oh, don't give me that "Aw, shucks" line. You know perfectly well you did. And if you ever do anything like this again, I am going to fire you on the spot. Understood?

Brad: Understood.

Kim: I'm also not very happy with the way you and Katie are relating off screen.

Brad: I know, I know. She's so scratchy, you know, but I am fine with mood swings. I don't take it personally.

Kim: Well, I'm glad to hear that, but I wasn't talking about Katie. I was talking about your style. About all these surprises and jabs -- heaven only knows what. You're like a loose cannon.

Brad: I thought you said you wanted me to be spontaneous.

Kim: Spontaneous is good, but it looks as if you are purposefully trying to overshadow Katie and I thought I made it clear -- I don't want that! Ever! Got it?

Brad: No I in team. Got it. Don't worry, I totally get it. I'll take care of it right away.

Kim: You better. 'Cause if you don't, you're not gonna have a show.

Brad: Sorry about the dog. I didn't know he liked meatloaf. No, I guess I went too far.

Katie: You think?

Brad: I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it. Next time, I'll run it by you first, okay?

Katie: Kim tell you to say that?

Brad: She said if I didn't she'd fire me. Also, I would like to know if you had any more of that meatloaf.

Katie: Nope. Sorry, all gone. You can thank your furry friend.

Brad: Too bad. It smelled great.

Katie: I think we are all done here.

Brad: Can I ask you something first? I mean, was that hard for you to talk about all that family stuff and home sweet home?

Katie: What do you mean?

Brad: I just thought it might hard because you don't have a husband to cook for anymore.

Craig: Moving service. Van's out front. Open up, Meg.

Manager: What are you doing?

Craig: Rescuing a lady in distress.

Manager: She's not in there.

Craig: She already moved her things?

Manager: I don't think so. Said she'd be back tonight.

Craig: But I already paid her bill.

Manager: Look, I try not to get involved in people's personal business, but your lady friend told me she's not moving out.

Craig: What?

Manager: She's staying put. Indefinitely.

Luke: Hey, Jade, wait why did you run off like that?

Jade: It was either leave or rip Maddie’s head off. But since there were witnesses I just --

Luke: Hey, look, Maddie was way out of line. But, you know, some of what she said was kind of true. I mean, Adam went through a lot to try to break up Will and Gwen. So, if he was really that into you, it wouldn't have gone down like that.

Jade: Adam's a complicated guy.

Luke: Why are you defending him? He treated you like crap. You deserve much better than that.

Jade: You have never even been in a relationship, so what do you know about it?

Luke: Well, Jade, thanks for the reality check.

Jade: Well, I'm sorry Luke, but it's true. The closest you've ever come to being with someone was when you and I were pretending to hook up. So you're the last person who should be giving me advice.

Will: Well, it's like he said, he couldn't face any of us. So let's just forget about him. Let's go get something to eat. Is anybody else hungry?

Maddie: Yea I am. But, actually, we could stay here. We don't have to go out. We could make breakfast.

Casey: Sounds good to me.

Maddie: We're out of O.J. though. Could you go to the store?

Casey: Yeah, do you need anything else?

Maddie: Nope I think that's it. We'll make pancakes.

Casey: Cool. Will, you coming?

Will: Yeah, I might as well.

Casey: Thanks.

Maddie: I'm so sorry, I always let Jade get to me like that. And how could I forget to copy her on the email -- it is a disaster!

Gwen: It's fine. I don't like to think about her either.

Maddie: You hated the email, didn't you?

Gwen: You made it sound very real.

Maddie: Yeah, well now Jade's all revved up. And I don't need her causing trouble for us.

Gwen: Look, you don't really think she's gonna go looking for him, do you?

Maddie: I don't -- I don't know. We'll look at it this way. She's not going to be looking in the right place.

Gwen: Maddie, she was with him right before it happened. Remember, she went looking for her in the woods.

Maddie: Yeah, but it's already been a few days since we had to bury him.

Gwen: Do not say that out loud again, please!

Maddie: No one has found him yet. And from what I hear from Margo, the police aren't even looking in Oakdale. Maybe this will just go away on its own.

Meg: Okay, are you ready to order?

Diner #1: Two poached eggs on toast. Coffee and hash browns.

Meg: Okay.

Diner #2: The number three special.

Meg: All right. Coming right up.

Craig: What are you doing?

Meg: Getting my customers coffee.

Craig: So, this is more self-inflicted punishment?

Meg: How'd you find me?

Craig: The manager at the Wagon Wheel. He also said that you decided to stay on.

Meg: That's right.

Craig: So, you would rather work at a greasy spoon and stay at a rat trap instead of being with me?

Meg: I need to do this.

Craig: Meg, I opened up my home for you -- on your own terms. What did I do wrong?

Meg: You assumed that I would drop everything and run off with you.

Craig: I thought you appreciated the offer.

Meg: I did, but I also realize that I need to be able to stand up on my own.

Craig: Look, no one's trying to take away your autonomy --

Meg: Okay, Craig, you know what, save your breath. Look, I made my final decision. From now on, I'm taking care of myself.

Katie: You need to stop listening to that twit, Vienna.

Brad: She seems to know a lot about why your marriage broke up.

Katie: She is misinformed.

Brad: So your husband didn't walk out on you?

Katie: I am not discussing my personal life with you, okay? You and I have to work together, that's as far as it goes and not even for that long because this is a cosmic mistake that will be rectified by the next full moon.

Brad: Whoa. Okay, well, I hit a nerve. I apologize, Ma'am.

Katie: I've had it up to here with the good ol' boy routine of yours.

Brad: You know what? I'm sorry your hubby took a powder on you, but it's not my fault and don't you think it's about time you stopped taking it out on me?

Katie: You don't know what you're talking about. Mike is coming back. He is coming back very soon. I know it.

Brad: All right, hey, whatever you say.

Jack: Hey, what's wrong? Whatever it is, it can't be that bad.

Katie: It's Mike. He's not coming back.

Luke: Okay, so, maybe I haven't been with anybody yet, but it's not because I messed up. It's just, I haven't had the chance to make somebody I love happy.

Jade: I know.

Luke: I just -- I need to find somebody I like, who's cool, and who accepts me for who I am.

Jade: I know, I know, I'm sorry for what I just said.

Luke: Maddie had you going.

Jade: Yeah, but I took it out on you and that wasn't right. I mean, you're the only person who's been totally fair to me.

Luke: I just didn't like what Maddie was saying about you and Adam.

Jade: Yeah, because that's who you are. You know, you let her have it. You stand up for the things you believe in and the people you care about. And whatever guy gets you is going to be very lucky.

Luke: More like if that ever happens.

Jade: It will.

Luke: Not in high school.

Jade: Yeah, but some amazing guy is just waiting for you.

Luke: The thing is, is like, sometimes I look at people and I have no idea why they're together -- like you and Adam for instance. You know, I never saw that look. You know, that one where everyone else in the world just disappears. And you didn't see it either.

Jade: Okay, yeah, so maybe Adam didn't bring me flowers or candy, but that doesn't make me a slut! And that's the way Gwen and Maddie judge me. And who knows? Maybe things could've worked out between me and Adam if Gwen hadn't gotten in the middle of it.

Luke: This isn't Gwen's fault.

Jade: She turns people against me. So does Maddie. Someday they're gonna pay for it.

Gwen: Maybe you're right. Maybe we just have to wait this out.

Maddie: We just need to stay cool.

Gwen: And think before we say anything.

Maddie: I've had secrets before, but this -- I just -- I don't know? I can't -- I don't know if I can do it --

Gwen: Listen to me. We have to, okay? Both of us.

Maddie: But there's so many little things that can give us away.

Gwen: That's why we have to be careful. And if we are, maybe this will all just blow over.

Casey: Will, before we go in -- I know that there's nothing I can do or say to make it up to you and Gwen --

Will: Casey --

Casey: No, no, I told you that I was gonna pay you back and I am -- every cent.

Will: It's not about the money.

Casey: I know. I want to make it up to you in other ways too.

Will: Look, its better if we just don't talk about it. At least not for now.

Maddie: Hey, Casey. Can you --

Casey: Get the O.J.?

Maddie: Yeah, can you pour me some please? I'm so thirsty.

Casey: Yes.

Gwen: Is everyone having pancakes?

Will: Yeah, I'm in.

Casey: Me too.

Maddie: Hey, Margo has some blueberries in the fridge.

Gwen: Yeah, let's put them in.

Casey: Hey, Mom, we're making pancakes. You want some?

Margo: No, sorry, I gotta get to the station.

Maddie: Is it Adam?

Margo: It's -- I don't know. A body was just found in the woods near the airport.

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Jack: Here comes that slap shot you wanted!

Katie: Goal! Ow!

Vienna: You deserve love, Henry.

Henry: Maybe someday --

Vienna: No, no, no! Not someday -- now!

Maddie: Are you gonna be here?

Gwen: Why, where are you going?

Maddie: I'm gonna go see if it's Adam.

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