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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/20/07

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Katie: Hey -- those for company.

Henry: I'm company.

Katie: Okay, we've got the martini bar set up over there. This looks good.

Henry: Whoa, these are really good. When did you find the time?

Katie: I didnít. They're frozen. They're from the big savings club. Don't tell anyone.

Henry: Katie, who am I going to tell? I don't know these people.

Katie: You know Kim and Nancy, and the rest are, you know, WOAK crew and production.

Henry: Yeah. [Knocking at door] Speaking of WOAK, you think Kim would give me a job?

Katie: Um, why don't you not push that right now? Thanks. Will you get the door? I've got to get this. Hello?

Kim: Katie, its Kim.

Katie: Hey, where are you? The show's about to start.

Kim: That's why I'm calling you.

Katie: Hey, Guys, come on in. Sorry, the crew from WOAK just got here.

Kim: The problem is, I just got out of my meeting.

Katie: Oh, that's okay. Head straight over. Please help yourself to the food and the drinks.

Kim: I'll try, but I need to make a stop first.

Henry: Hello, Nancy. I've got a special mixture just for you.

Nancy: Oh, be careful. I'm driving, you know?

Henry: Oh, this is nothing you can't handle. Somebody put on the tube, please.

Katie: Oh, okay. No, no, no no. It's no problem. If you have to run, you have to run. Just get here as soon as you can, okay? All right. Excuse me. Nancy, hi.

Nancy: Hello, Dear. Where's Kim?

Katie: Oh, she will be right here. She's running a little bit late. But she should be here soon.

Henry: Try my mini-quishes, okay? I made them myself.

Nancy: Is the show about to start?

Katie: It will. It's gonna start in a few minutes.

Henry: Hey, places everybody. Places everybody.

Katie: Henry, I'm kind of nervous. What if they hate me?

Henry: Oh, many have tried. Most have failed.

Katie: Thanks.

Henry: A star is born -- again.

Brad: Hey, what are you doing? The Bulls are playing the Sixers.

Vienna: What? Don't you want to watch yourself on TV?

Brad: No, I want to watch the basketball game.

Vienna: Oh, look look! I was watching upstairs when they made an announcement that you and Katie were up next.

[Knocking at door]

Brad: Just a second!

Vienna: Why didn't you tell me you were going to be a TV star?

Brad: What? Have you been drinking?

Vienna: Shh -- listen. They're going to say it again.

Announcer: Stay tuned for the premiere of Oakdale Now, with Katie Peretti and Brad Snyder.

Brad: Yeah, who are you and what do you want?

Craig: Hello. I'm looking for Meg.

Brad: She left.

Craig: Could you tell me where she is?

Brad: It depends on who wants to know.

[Meg imagining]

Milo: You can't drink away your guilt. You killed Sarah. You can't forget that. I won't let you forget that.

[Lily gasps]

Lily: I love that outfit. Isn't it gorgeous?

Faith: It's a weird color. I like that one.

Lily: Hey, let me see that. Is that Aunt Megís bracelet?

Faith: Yeah.

Lily: Did she give it to you?

Faith: No, I found it in the trash.

Lily: I doubt that Meg would throw out an expensive bracelet like this.

Faith: You're right, Mom. I stole it, and I'm gonna wear it around so everyone could see. That way I'll get in even more trouble -- possibly be grounded for the rest of my life.

Lily: Don't be sarcastic with me, please.

Faith: Why don't you call Aunt Meg and talk to her? You never believe me anyway.

Paul: Dammit. What the hell does it mean?

Lily: All I'm saying is that Meg might not know that the bracelet ended up in the trash. She might not know that it's missing.

Faith: You're right.

Lily: Hey, where are you going?

Faith: I'll be back.

Lily: I thought we could look at the American teen new line. We could look at it together, and put --

Faith: I'll meet you.

Lily: I'll come with you.

Faith: To the bathroom? Don't worry. I won't throw up. I wait until after I eat.

Lily: That's not even funny. Don't joke about that -- come on, sit down, sit down. Why -- why does everything have to be a battle with you lately?

Faith: Why don't you trust me?

Lily: You've given me reason not to trust you. You've taken off twice.

Faith: Half the kids in my class do much worse.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: I just wanted to have a night with you -- the two of us together like we used to.

Faith: Me too. It's fine, answer it.

Lily: It's work. It'll take one second.

Faith: Whatever.

Lily: I'm telling you. It'll just take one second. Hold on. Lily Snyder. What, what is it? I'm a little busy right now -- I thought we could handle this at the meeting tomorrow. All right, just make it quick.

Meg: It's your imagination, Meg. No one's here. Great -- talking to yourself. First signs of a mental breakdown. [Phone rings] What do you want, Paul?

Paul: I know I said I'd stop calling.

Meg: Then stop.

Paul: But I had that vision again -- the weird one with the bracelet.

Meg: So what do you want me to say?

Paul: It was worse than the first time, meg.

Meg: So take two aspirin, and don't call me in the morning.

Paul: Stop joking, all right? I'm trying to save you.

Meg: I threw away the bracelet, okay? It's nowhere near me. So you don't have to call me. You don't have to keep me safe. You don't have to do anything but hang up now.

[Meg imagines Milo is there talking to her]

Milo: You killed my wife.

Craig: Miss Hyatt, what a surprise.

Vienna: Hey!

Craig: This is more important than a damn TV show. I'm worried about Meg.

Brad: Who are you, anyway?

Vienna: This is crag Montgomery.

Brad: No wonder she didn't tell you.

Craig: Where's Emma?

Brad: Away. Look, and if you think I want you anywhere near my cousin, Man --

Craig: Your cousin?

Brad: Yeah.

Craig: You people breed like rabbits.

Vienna: You know what, I really don't appreciate your attitude, Mr. Montgomery.

Brad: Neither do I. Look, Jack told me all about you. It's simple. Either beat it, or we take it outside.

Craig: Spoken like a true Snyder. I'll find her on my own. Thank you very much.

Vienna: Why Meg would run off to a cheap little motel is a mystery to me. Who would want to stay at a place named the Wagon Train?

Craig: Wagon train -- you mean the Wagon Wheel?

Brad: Vienna!

Vienna: Hey, she left it on a note right there.

Craig: Thank you Miss Hyatt, you've been very helpful.

Brad: Beat it.

Vienna: That man -- he has always reminded me of this count I met in Zurich once. He was very rich, of course.

Brad: Oh yeah? I'll bet he wasn't on TV.

Vienna: No. He was -- how do you say it? He had a face made for radio. Not like you, you handsome man. You have a face the camera just loves.

Brad: Have you ever heard that old American saying, flattery will get you everywhere?

Vienna: Really?

Brad: So true.

Katie: I'm sure the special report will be over soon.

Henry: They promised to air the show in its entirety.

Katie: Did that warehouse have to burn down tonight?

Henry: It's just to upstage you, Honey.

Nancy: Isn't this exciting?

Henry: Yeah, you want a little more there I love a woman who can hold her pucker.

Nancy: Thank you.

Henry: Sure.

Katie: Well, since we have a little time before the show starts, I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for coming. As most of you know, my family is going through kind of a tough time right now, so I couldn't expect my sister and brothers and nephews to be here tonight, so it makes it all that more special to share this with my work family and two of my most cherished friends. I really appreciate you being here tonight. I feel like I'm entering a new chapter into my life, and I just am very grateful to share it all with you.

Henry: Hey, hey, hey, hey. They're cutting back. They're cutting back. Turn up the sound.

[The TV plays the Oakdale Now Show]

Katie: My typical day here at WOAK begins in my office slash dressing slash conference room --

Nancy: This is very exciting.

Katie: Don't you love the music of the opening?

Henry: Who cares about the music? Look at you -- you look gorgeous.

Katie: I mean, I'm a bit of a neat freak, I have to admit. So -- everything has it's place, everything is in it's place and as you can see, this -- I'm okay -- okay, just -- I'm cool. I'm just gonna get up now. What the --

Brad: You know, is babbling really necessary? Can you keep it down? I'm sleeping here.

Nancy: I had no idea it was a comedy.

Katie: Neither did I.

Katie: When you have a big cleaning job, think of the room as a clock. Start at 12 and systematically work your way around the room until you get back to 12, so you make a big job a little more manageable.


Katie: Okay, I know this is all so much fun, but there's desserts in the kitchen we haven't even tried yet.

Henry: Shh! We can't hear, Bubbles.

Katie: We've all seen it in production, right?

Nancy: Well, I havenít.


Henry: You know what? I like this guy. I mean, who could like this guy? He's got that false charm --

Katie: Oh, oh, look, so sad. A commercial already.

Nancy: What a wonderful beginning. Kim didn't tell me it was going to be this funny.

Henry: Are you sure that's Jack's brother?

Nancy: Brad was always a mischief-maker.

Colleague: He sure is cute.

Katie: If you're into that type.

Colleague: Who isn't into that type?

Nancy: Will he be on every week?

Katie: No! No, he won't actually. Hold down the fort for a second.

Henry: Yeah, Bubbles. Bubbles, you've got that look.

Katie: No, I'm fine. Everything's fine. Everything's great. Just keep passing around the food. Excuse me, everyone. I just have to run and check on something very important. But, enjoy the show and I'll be back as soon as I can.

Nancy: Katie, are you all right?

Katie: I'm ecstatic. Who wouldn't be after a debut like that?

Vienna: You were wonderful on that show. So funny.

Brad: No more shop talk.

Vienna: You are going to be a big TV star. Should I be jealous?

Brad: I don't know. Of Katie?

Vienna: Yeah, she's very attractive.

Brad: If you like that type.

Vienna: Well, Simon did. And so did mike.

Brad: Brad doesnít.

Vienna: Where's the champagne? We have to celebrate.

Brad: I'll send out.

Vienna: Oh, let's bathe in it. I love lots of bubbles.

Brad: Okay, Vienna, you know, just for kicks and giggles, right? What if -- what if I wasn't on TV? What if I was just a guy down on his luck, wanting to have a good time? Would you still be into that champagne bath?

Vienna: You are so funny. What did I tell you? You know what? You have to promise me you're not going to change when you get even more rich and famous, okay?

Lily: I think preliminary market research is a very good idea. I agree. The better we know our potential customer, the more we will succeed.

Faith: Oh, hi, Morgan, Mrs. McCarthy. My mom's on a business call.

Morgan: Hey, cool bracelet.

Faith: Thanks.

Morgan's mom: Honey, we have to get that shirt before the store closes.

Morgan: Okay. See you tomorrow, Faith.

Faith: See ya.

Lily: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Brenda, can you hold on for one second. I'll be off this call in two seconds. I promise.

Faith: It's totally cool.

Lily: I missed Morgan and her mom. I'm sorry.

Faith: It's fine. Mom, I know you have no reason to trust me, but Morgan was wondering if I could hang out at her place for a while, since you're busy --

Lily: No, I'm going to be off this call in like a second.

Faith: Okay. But they said they would drive me home.

Lily: Faith, you're grounded.

Faith: It's not like I'm going to go anywhere. Mrs. McCarthy is even more strict than you or Dad.

Lily: They'll drive you right to their house. Brenda, this will just take another minute or two. Okay. All right, you can go.

Faith: Thanks, Mom!

Lily: Just don't -- oh, come here. Make sure that she doesn't drop you off too late, okay? Okay? I love you.

Faith: I love you too. Hey, where are you guys going?

Morgan: We're heading to Gilroyís to eat. Want to come?

Faith: No, thanks. I have to get back to my mom. Have fun.

Morgan: Okay, see you tomorrow.

Faith: Bye. Hey, Parker? It's me. I'm supposed to be spending quality time with my mom. But she ditched me for a business call. Do you think you can get out of the house?

Craig: Meg, it's me, Craig. Open up. Come on, Meg. I know you're in there. [Cell phone rings] Come on, Meg! Open the damn door!

Manager: Hey, keep it down out here.

Craig: Oh, I'm sorry. My friend is in there and she's just not answering.

Manager: Maybe she don't want to.

Craig: No, she's not feeling well. She's ill and I'm worried about her. I need to get in that room.

Manager: Sorry, I can't help.

Craig: Wait, wait, wait. Open the door, or I'll break it down. Meg? Meg?

Manager: She okay?

Craig: Yeah, she's just got the flu. She'll be all right. Thanks. Meg? Meg? Come on. Let's go. Let's go. Come on. Rise and shine. Let's go. Here we go. Come on. That's it.

Craig: Let's get you out of that wet robe --

Meg: I just need sleep.

Craig: No, you've already had enough sleep.

Meg: Craig, you're all wet.

Craig: Thanks for noticing. Now, come on. Let's get out of that robe.

Meg: Excuse me?

Craig: Don't argue.

Meg: Okay, turn around.

Craig: Meg, I just held you under the shower. I've seen everything.

Meg: Okay, just turn around. Turn around.

Craig: All right, all right, wrap yourself in that. I ordered some food and some coffee.

Meg: I'm not hungry.

Craig: Well, I am.

Meg: Okay, you know what? I just need some sleep.

Craig: No, no, no sleeping beauty. Not tonight.

Meg: You know what? I'm fine. I'm fine, really. You can just go.

Craig: No, here. Sit down.

Meg: What?

Craig: On the bed. Sit down.

Meg: I just needed to get some rest.

Craig: Yeah? For how long?

Meg: I couldn't shut my brain off. Okay? There were all of these noises. And I just didn't know what to do. And I just thought sleep would just help and then -- hey, hey, what are you doing?

Craig: Hold still.

Meg: What are you doing?

Craig: It'll help if your brain was dry, too.

Meg: Okay, well, I'll do that.

Craig: You want to take away all my fun?

Meg: Craig, look, I'm fine. Okay, really. Okay, just stop.

Craig: All right. Let's go. Come on.

Meg: Go where?

Craig: Start moving in circles, around this room. About 100 times, that ought to clear out the cobwebs.

Meg: Go home.

Craig: No. Not until after a little marathon. So, come on. Let's go. Let's get moving. Come on. That's it. So, where'd you get those pills?

Meg: They were prescription. They're for sleeping.

Craig: Uh-huh. And did you miss that part on the label where it says not to mix with alcohol?

Meg: Just tired.

Craig: Yeah, I heard that already.

Meg: I'm just tried of everything and everybody.

Craig: Come on, here we go. Come on, keep moving. That's it.

Meg: You, Paul, work --

Craig: Life?

Meg: No!

Craig: Meg, you could sleep for a year and everything you're trying to get away from, will be here when you wake up.

Meg: I know.

Craig: Things get better.

Meg: Okay, yeah? When?

Craig: Well, that's the tricky part. I don't know. But when a son dies, and the other one is missing, and then your daughter turns on you, the one thing that I've learned for sure is that you don't find answers in a place like this.

Meg: So, where do you find them?

Craig: Inside yourself. You're a strong woman, Meg.

Meg: I don't feel very strong.

Craig: Oh, come on. Come on. The woman that handled that crisis at the hospital? She doesn't cave. That is the last resort. Now, come on.

Meg: Okay, how bad is it when you turn into my life coach?

Craig: No, no, no rest for the weary. Come on. You'll thank me in a couple hours.

Meg: I already am.

Craig: What?

Meg: Nothing.

Craig: Okay.

Lily: I'll put together a strategy proposal for the next phase. I'll talk to you soon. Bye bye. Bye bye. Hello.

Lucinda: That I was me, trying to get through to you.

Lily: I know it was. I was on a business call. I'm sorry.

Lucinda: All right. And where's Faith?

Lily: Left with a friend.

Lucinda: I thought Holden said that she was grounded?

Lily: You two have been talking?

Lucinda: Have you a problem with that?

Lily: Should I have a problem with that?

Lucinda: All he said was she's been terrorizing you more than usual.

Lily: What else did he say?

Lucinda: Don't be mad at the boy --

Lily: Oh, no, no. He's no boy. He's a man. He's a man, he's my husband, the father of our children. And we need to deal with our children our way.

Lucinda: It's a funny thing, you know, all their lives, I felt that they were my children, too. It's hard to step back. The funny thing is, all their lives they've felt like my kids too. It's hard to step back.

Lily: I know. I know, but if they turn to you or to Holden every time, and not me, I get pushed further and further into the background.

Lucinda: This isn't going to last forever, Darling. Your kids adore you.

Lily: And I adore you. But sometimes, it's hard to be heard over the crowd.

Lucinda: Sorry you feel that way.

Lily: Don't act like I'm imagining this. You and Holden both, you're second-guessing me, here, home, at work. It's got to stop. I don't like it.

Faith: Oh, hey, where'd you learn how to do this?

Parker: I was a scout for like five minutes.

Faith: What'd you have to tell Jack to get out of the house?

Parker: I didnít. He was working. I just climbed out my bedroom window. You cold?

Faith: Not too bad. So, what now?

Parker: Now we're free.

Faith: Got any food?

Parker: Nah, my uncle and his girlfriend were in the kitchen, so I couldn't raid the fridge.

Faith: Why not stop at Paulís?

Parker: Not after he got in trouble with our dad. Jack and your dad.

Faith: It was cool the way he blasted them.

Parker: Yeah. Paul gets it. Like all the time.

Faith: I used to think he was weird, but not anymore.

Parker: No, he's just different.

Faith: In a good way. I wish they hadn't found us with him.

Parker: I know. They gave him a really hard time.

Faith: I wish we could like, make it up to him.

Parker: Why can't we?

Faith: How?

Parker: I don't know. He really liked that picture.

Faith: What was it called?

Parker: Something about a gypsy.

Faith: The sleeping gypsy! Why not buy it?

Parker: Right, right. You and me are going to buy a famous painting in a museum somewhere.

Faith: They make posters right?

Parker: Yeah, I guess.

Faith: There's probably a ton of them at the art museum in Chicago. Or online.

Parker: Yeah, but you need a credit card to shop online.

Faith: I could sneak one from my mom's purse.

Parker: Or we could go on a field trip.

Faith: To Chicago?

Parker: Yeah, why not? It will be like the greatest adventure ever.

Vienna: To WOAK's sexy new television sensation!

[Vienna and Brad growl]

Katie: I can't believe you!

Brad: I know, I know, I know, I know. Isn't it great? I mean, do we make one hell of a team, or what, Baby?

Katie: I am not your baby!

Brad: What was that for?

Katie: For ruining my show!

Vienna: She's a shrew -- let me see your face.

Brad: Yeah, it kind of hurts.

Vienna: You could have scarred him for life.

Brad: Yeah, what is wrong with you?

Vienna: Oh, she's just jealous.

Katie: Of what?

Vienna: You don't like sharing the spotlight.

Katie: No, what I don't like is being humiliated.

Brad: Oh, come on. What we did together, that was funny.

Katie: To you.

Brad: To everybody.

Katie: No.

Vienna: Everybody with a sense of humor.

Katie: I have a fine sense of humor. Don't ever step foot on my set again.

Brad: You know, I didn't ask for this.

Vienna: No, the great ones never do.

Katie: Oh, oh, big TV star. Why don't you tell her what your great real job is?

Vienna: His job is to make you look good. And that's not an easy job.

Katie: You're through, Brad. As soon as I talk to Kim about this, you are done --

Kim: Talk to me about what?

Katie: Oh, how did you find me here?

Kim: Actually, I didnít. I came to talk to Brad.

Brad: Kim, hi. Well, Katie and I were just talking about what happened on the show tonight. I'm sorry. Kim Hughes, this is Vienna Hyatt.

Vienna: Well, we've met. Do you work for Brad?

Brad: Kim owns the station.

Vienna: Oh.

Kim: Nice to see you again, Vienna.

Katie: No, it's not actually.

Vienna: Join us for a glass of champagne.

Brad: Yes.

Kim: No, thanks. No, I'm not going to stay. Thank you. I just came to make a short announcement.

Katie: No, let me, Kim. I'll cushion the blow. You're fired!

Kim: Oh, actually, Katie, no. He's hired.

Craig: Thank you very much. And keep the change. Here we go.

Meg: Two sugars and some cream, I hope?

Craig: Sorry, black. But it's fresh.

Meg: Yeah, maybe two weeks ago.

Craig: Come on, down the hatch.

Meg: Craig, I don't need a babysitter.

Craig: What you don't need is another vodka chaser.

Meg: I admit. It was stupid. But I was just trying to help myself get to sleep a little bit faster. That's all.

Craig: I have a glazed donut for you. But you can have my Boston Cream, if you insist.

Meg: Okay, let's not say we did, okay?

Craig: Fine. Glazed it is.

Meg: You need to stop being so nice to me.

Craig: Why? Look, life is a balance sheet. Put all the good on one side, and the bad on the other, throw in some in-between and see how you net out. And your good far outweighs your bad.

Meg: Yeah, well, the bad is catching up pretty fast.

Craig: Are you kidding me? I aspire to be more like you.

Meg: Well, then you have very low aspirations.

Craig: And you're not allowed to do that with me.

Meg: Do what?

Craig: Put yourself down. Can I ask you a question?

Meg: Why not?

Craig: How many times at the hospital do you stay after hours?

Meg: I don't know.

Craig: How many times did you stay with a patient when they were scared and alone? How many pep talks did you give a kid that was waiting for a flu shot?

Meg: That doesn't matter. A woman is dead.

Craig: Okay, all right. She was a time bomb, with all those allergies. Sooner or later, someone was going to overlook something, and she --

Meg: It was me, Craig.

Craig: Okay. So, what? You pay for it for the rest of your life by being miserable? What's the statute of limitations on penance?

Meg: I don't know. I just know I need some time alone. Look, Craig, I promise, zoning out in front of the television is the only self-medication I will do for the rest of the night, okay?

Craig: Okay. Well, then we'll do it together.

Meg: What do you want from me?

Craig: Absolutely nothing. More coffee?

Lucinda: Dear, I'm very sorry. I'm sorry if you think there's some kind of conspiracy between me and Holden.

Lily: I didn't say that.

Lucinda: Darling, this is a natural progression for any mom. You start out and you have all the answers for your kids and then suddenly one day, you're absolutely clueless.

Lily: It doesn't help that faith is exactly like me.

Lucinda: You were much worse.

Lily: And you never miss an opportunity to tell me so. I am a grown woman. You have start trusting my instincts.

Lucinda: Of course I do.

Lily: You micromanage at Worldwide, isn't that bad enough? You got to do it with my family too?

Lucinda: Darling, so what? I micromanage everyone.

Lily: I have watched you operate for years. Don't you think I picked up anything?

Lucinda: Of course you have, Darling. Lily, this is not personal.

Lily: It feels personal.

Lucinda: You are my child and I love you. And I want you have success, in your home life, and at work. But I have a responsibility to Worldwide and I can't show partiality. I can't when I think decisions are being made that are counter to what is good for the famous bottom line.

Lily: This would be the best thing for your bottom line, if you just me do what I want. Please.

Lucinda: I'll try.

Lily: Thank you.

Lucinda: Then you have to do something for me.

Lily: I'll try.

Lucinda: Okay. Look, Faith is a monster right now. That is her job. Her job at this age. Now, it may seem strange to you, but I bet you I could help you out with her. If you just feel free, ask me.

Lily: Okay. I will. And I do love you.

Lucinda: And I do love you. God, I can't take this, Honey. Go home. Go home, Darling, be with your family, all right? I'll talk to you in the morning.

Lily: Okay.

Lucinda: Okay? All right.

Parker: Okay, so with your leftover Christmas money, and my stash, we have enough for bus fare and a pretty nice picture.

Faith: So, when should we go?

Parker: Tomorrow.

Faith: What about school?

Parker: What about it?

Faith: Our parents would kill us.

Parker: I can go alone --

Faith: And have all the fun?

Parker: All right, so we leave for school like usual?

Faith: And we'll find some way to meet at the bus station.

Parker: Text me.

Faith: You too.

Parker: And then when we get back, we'll give Paul the picture together.

Faith: You scared?

Parker: Of what?

Faith: Getting in trouble again.

Parker: No. My mom didn't care about getting into trouble. Why should I?

Faith: Do you miss her?

Parker: My mom? No. I miss my dad, though. He'd never pull out of my life the way she did. When he left, it was because he couldn't help it.

Faith: I'm sorry, Parker.

Parker: It's cool.

Faith: You know, sometimes I wish my mom would leave like yours did.

Parker: No, you donít.

Faith: Or I could live like Paul.

Parker: Alone?

Faith: So I could be myself. Listen, I have to go. I promised my mom I wouldn't be home too late. I'll text you when I leave tomorrow.

Parker: See you tomorrow.

Faith: You're staying?

Parker: For a little while.

[Dog growls]

Faith: What was that?

Parker: Nothing. The wind.

Faith: Parker?

Parker: I heard it too. Oh no.

Faith: Ssh, don't make it mad.

[Dog barks]

[Paul remembers]

[Woman screaming]

[Dog barking]

Katie: No, don't pour.

Kim: Honey, honey, listen to me I tried to tell you, but you were in such a hurry --

Katie: Did you see the premiere?

Kim: Yes, several times.

Katie: It was a joke.

Kim: Well, our focus group loved it. Brad's Q rating went --

Brad: My what?

Kim: I came out here to offer you a short-term contract, if you're interested.

Katie: No, no, no, you can't serious.

Kim: You've got something here, honestly.

Katie: No, we donít.

Kim: You've got connection, you've got sparks. I mean -- I've got to find out if this has a long-term potential.

Katie: This show is supposed to be entertaining and informative, not slapstick.

Kim: Of course not. Of course not. But chemistry like yours doesn't come around very often. And serious subjects need to have a little light thing, every once in awhile. Okay, now what's really terrific is you two come at this from such opposite perspectives. It is fabulous. It's not talking heads -- it promotes fun.

Katie: Fun?

Kim: Yes.

Katie: Did it look like I was having fun?

Brad: But you could. I mean, Katie, if you just loosened up a little. Come on, Kim has got years of television experience. If she says that we have chemistry, who are we to argue with the boss?

Meg: Everything has a price, Craig. This coffee, the donut. Faking a dead woman's journal. And I'm not blaming you for it because -- I went along with this horrible idea --

Craig: Now you think it's a bad idea, you regret it. Because when push comes to shove, you have principles. But the truth is, I've sworn off principled women. So you're perfectly safe in my company.

Meg: Trying to do something right after you do something wrong isn't exactly principled, Craig. Sometimes it's just saving your own skin.

Craig: Meg, you're an incredible, beautiful and conscientious compassionate woman. Why don't you try taking on my reality of you.

Meg: I'm an unemployed nurse drinking coffee out of a paper cup in a flea- bitten motel.

Craig: With a doughnut. I have so much baggage. You have no idea.

Craig: Oh yes I do. We're all fragile and we all break. But if we're very lucky, we find someone who's willing to help put us back together.

Lily: Hey. Jeannie, where is -- where's Faith? I thought she went home with you?

Jeannie: No, we've been shopping all this time.

Morgan: They said you guys were too.

Lily: Faith said that you invited her back to your house. Oh this girl took off again.

Jeannie: Lily, don't worry, we'll help you find her.

Lily: Thank you, thank you. She took off -- she took off again.

Parker: Hurry. Get as high as you can.

Faith: You too.

Parker: Higher.

Faith: I can't, I'm stuck.

Parker: Hurry.

Faith: Parker. [Faith screams]

Parker: Paul!

Paul: Please good dog stay. Stay right where you are don't -- don't panic.

Parker: Help, please.

Paul: Nice doggie -- nice doggie. No sudden movements. Everything's going to be fine, all right.

Parker: Not going anywhere.

Paul: That's a nice, nice puppy.

Paul: Oh oh.

Announcer: Tomorrow on "As the World Turns."

Jack: What's going on here?

Katie: This is all your fault.

Meg: I want this to happen.

Faith: Paul!

Paul: Its okay, it's okay.

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