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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/9/07

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Lucinda: Where's Emily?

Dusty: She's getting ready. Where's Lily?

Lucinda: I had hoped that she would grace us with her presence, but you know, some people just don't feel the impact of a multi-million dollar multi-national --

Dusty: I heard you guys had a fight.

Lucinda: You know, I'm quite annoyed with you. I'm very cross with you. If you hadn't talked me into this whole "Intruder" thing, I wouldn't have to suffer through this mess with Emily. Oh, please, pick me. Pick me! Like I'm in some damn beauty pageant. And Lily is a spoiled girl and a stubborn girl.

Dusty: Is this because of this baby food thing she backed up? Are you mad because she made the deal without you?

Lucinda: It was a terrible deal. No due diligence. And I'm talking to her, and I want her to stay -- no, no, no. She takes off because she forgot about her daughter.

Dusty: Well, she's just being a mother to your grandchild, isn't she?

Lucinda: Excuse me, Darling. Lily has ample means. She can hire maids, nannies, chauffeurs, anything. She should be here, front and present when her boss needs her to be.

Dusty: It's after 5:00, but whatever.

Lucinda: Oh, you clock-watcher. Go fetch your protégé. Let's get this thing on the road.

Board member: That woman's a menace.

Dusty: Which one?

Board member: This meeting was supposed to start awhile ago. Why is she on the phone with some kid?

Lucinda: Well, perhaps there's been some family emergency --

Dusty: I'll take care of it. Emily, what's going on?

Emily: I can't go in there.

Lily: Okay. Thank you. Bye. Did you find Faith?

Dr. Seidman: Not on this floor. But one of the aides is having security check the rest of the floors.

Lily: My son hasn't heard from her either. Where could Faith be?

Dr. Seidman: I'm sure she's nearby. I asked her to wait here for you after our session and knock on the door if she --

Lily: Oh, my God, Jack! Is this about Faith? Is she all right?

Jack: Faith? No, Parker's got an appointment.

Dr. Seidman: Detective Snyder, good to see you again.

Jack: Dr. Seidman, yes, I'm sorry I'm a little late. What's this about Faith?

Lily: She disappeared.

Dr. Seidman: I'm sure that she just stepped out for a minute. Where's your son?

Jack: He's supposed to be here.

Dr. Seidman: He hasn't arrived yet.

Jack: Yeah, well, I was working. The babysitter was going to drop him off.

Dr. Seidman: When?

Jack: 15, 20 minutes ago. Faith's missing, too?

Lily: I left her here with the doctor. I went to work to work on something, and I was a little late getting back. And all of a sudden, she's gone.

Dr. Seidman: Snyder, of course. I should have realized. You two are related?

Lily: This is my husband's cousin.

Dr. Seidman: And your children are friendly?

Jack: Yes.

Dr. Seidman: Then they're probably together.

Jack: I hope so.

Faith: I can't believe we just left like that.

Parker: If you look like you know where you're going, nobody notices.

Faith: Yeah, it's really cool, but won't Jack be mad when you're not there?

Parker: Probably. What about your mom?

Faith: Yeah, she'll go ballistic.

[Cell phone rings]

Faith: Is it Jack?

Parker: Yeah.

Faith: Are you going to answer it?

Parker: I'll just put it on vibrate. Hungry?

Faith: Yeah, sure.

Parker: Me, too. We might as well get something while we're waiting for them to find us.

Faith: Might as well.

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Gwen.

Craig: You know, if you're writing Santa Claus, you're a couple of months late. You know, I remember you doing that. In fact, I helped you one year. You wanted some God-awful pink, plastic pony and it had a comb for its purple mane.

Katie: Oh, a childhood memory, am I supposed to shed tears?

Craig: Well, we are brother and sister, Katie, even though you don't want to admit it. Speaking of family ties, how come you're not at Margo’s ceremony?

Katie: I tried to make it, but then I had a wardrobe malfunction, and by the time I got there, it was over.

Craig: I see. Well, we should at least toast to her success. Can I buy you a drink?

Katie: No, no. I've got to go. I have a meeting at WOAK.

Craig: Oh, yeah, I heard you were hosting something over there.

Katie: Yeah, it's called "Oakdale Now," and it's actually pretty good.

Craig: I'm sure it's great. Tell me about it.

Katie: Please, don't pretend like you care.

Craig: I do. I really care. Is this some of the topics you're going to discuss?

Katie: Yeah, I mean, it's a list of some possible segments, but it's none of your business.

Craig: Well, maybe it should be my business. I can be very creative, you know.

Katie: Oh, right. Maybe you can help me. You can help me with the how-to segment. You can teach the audience how to wreak havoc and alienate everyone in town.

Craig: Oh, I don't think you need any help with that. You've done a pretty bang-up job yourself.

Gwen: Hey, Will, it's me. Call me as soon as you get this, please. Okay.

Gwen: Maddie, have you seen Will?

Maddie: No, not since the Lakeview. I thought you two left together.

Gwen: No, I caught up with him back at the house, but he wouldn't talk to me.

Maddie: Poor Casey.

Gwen: You feel sorry for him?

Maddie: Well, it's scary getting arrested.

Gwen: Yeah, but he did steal Will's money, and let everybody, including me, believe that Will was responsible for it.

Maddie: He had to have had a reason.

Gwen: Right. Do you know if Adam is in there with him?

Maddie: No, he was, but he left.

Gwen: When?

Maddie: Pretty soon after he got here. He just took off. He didn't even say good-bye or anything.

Gwen: Maybe Will's with him.

Adam: Yeah, what's the departure time on that? Okay, good, I can make that if I hurry. Where's it headed? London? Great, how many seats left? Okay, book me one of those. The name's Munson. Adam Munson.

Maddie: Adam didn't answer?

Gwen: No, I hope Will got in touch with him. Maybe he can get him to understand.

Maddie: It's going to be okay.

Gwen: I just -- I don't understand how Casey could do this to us.

Casey: I stole the bonds from the safe at Crash. It was just me, nobody else.

Tom: Well, so you said. It would have been helpful if you had mentioned it to your mother and me before telling an arresting officer.

Casey: Well, Maddie was telling everyone that Elwood did it, and he didn't do it. It was me. I couldn't let people think he did it.

Margo: Because you were in debt.

Tom: Well, how much money could you have possibly lost?

Casey: All the money you and Mom gave me, everything I made at Crash -- I gambled it all away. And then I couldn't stop.

Emily: I was on the phone with Daniel. He called to wish me luck.

Dusty: You got a nice kid.

Emily: Yeah, I know I do. And then that guy --

Dusty: Kellman?

Emily: Well, he didn't bother to introduce himself to me. You see, he just started yelling at me about how Lucinda never should have bought "The Intruder" and how it definitely shouldn't be run by a woman who spent time in a psych ward -- not to mention a jail.

Dusty: What did you say?

Emily: I told him I was on the phone with my son! Which, of course got him even more mad. You know what? I don't need this. I don't need any of this.

Dusty: You don't need a job?

Emily: There are other ways to make money, Dusty.

Dusty: You're going to walk out on your paper and let Kellman run it?

Emily: What? Are you telling me that that guy wants to run my paper?

Dusty: Kellman wants your job. Are you going to let him have it?

Emily: I don't know. What?

Dusty: I thought today was the day.

Emily: The day for what?

Dusty: For proving these guys wrong.

Emily: What do I get out of it, huh?

Dusty: What do you want?

Emily: Respect.

Dusty: Well, then, go for it.

Emily: But what about that guy --

Dusty: That guy -- his name is Chauncey Kellman. You can handle him, believe me.

Emily: And what if I can't?

Dusty: I got your back.

Katie: Don't even think of putting me in the same category with you. I still have friends, which is more than I can say for you.

Craig: Name five. You can't, can you? Because you wrote a book that set off a chain of events that destroyed a family and lost your husband. And now you're paying the price.

Katie: Gosh, Craig, what happened to your Charles Dickens moment? A few minutes ago, I was an adorable little moppet writing to Santa Claus, and now I'm the wicked witch of Oakdale. Which one is it?

Craig: Oh, you're still an adorable little moppet. And I'm not judging you, I'm sympathizing. I'm sure when you wrote that book, you had no idea what you were setting in motion.

Katie: I didn’t. And I'm going to spend the rest of my life making amends. 'Cause I, unlike some people, know the meaning of remorse.

Craig: Katie, I miss you. More than you can even imagine. And if that's not remorse, I don't know what is.

Katie: Is this about Margo?

Craig: No, it's about you and me. And despite our differences, we were always able to admit that we loved each other.

Katie: So, you're not trying to get me to get her to give you another chance.

Craig: What? Why would I do that?

Katie: Because she's not talking to you. Because you had Daniel kidnapped!

Craig: I did what?

Kat: Oh, come on, don't play innocent. Tom had a heart attack because of all of that. If I was Margo, I wouldn't speak to you either!

Craig: You know what you're saying is rumor and third-hand information, at best.

Katie: Oh, come on, Craig, I know what I know, and I know I don't want to have anything to do with someone that would harm an innocent child.

Craig: If Daniel was harmed, it certainly was not me.

Katie: Well, because of you, then.

Craig: And Carly Snyder’s innocent children, harmed because of you, perhaps?

Katie: How dare you!

Craig: No, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait! It's just -- we have more in common than ever before. Can't we help each other?

Katie: Help each other how?

Craig: Katie, you're my sister --

Katie: Get your hands off of me!

Craig: Katie --

Henry: Hey, hey, you heard her, Montgomery. Leave her alone.

Lily: Was that a phone call about Faith or Parker? Did someone find them?

Dr. Seidman: I'm needed for a consult. Here is my pager number. Please, get in touch with me the minute you find them, okay? Listen, I'm sure they're fine. Kids their age love to test their independence.

Lily: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Jack: Thank you, Doctor.

Lily: Jack, maybe you should go look for them. Maybe you should call the station, put a search party together.

Jack: Let's just wait a little while longer, okay?

Lily: Why? It's dark. Maybe somebody came in here, and saw them in the waiting room and took them!

Jack: Given the mood that Parker's been in lately? 15 minutes tops, they'd give him right back.

Lily: Faith, too. One minute she's a happy child, the next --

Jack: Then they hit double digits and all bets are off, hmm? You want me to call Holden?

Lily: No, no, no, no, no. He's on a trip. I don't want to worry him. And it's been less than a half an hour. It feels like an eternity. I think I'm going to drive around and look for them.

Jack: No, hey, Lily, wait, come on! You know kids. Maybe they hit a vending machine, they're stuffing their faces, sitting around, talking about what lousy parents we are. Give it a few more minutes.

Lily: How few?

Jack: I've already alerted the hospital security. If they're safe and sound, I'd rather not make too big a deal out of this.

Lily: But what if they're not?

Jack: Ten minutes. Ten minutes and then we panic, okay?

Lily: Okay.

Jack: Truth be told, Parker's been doing this a lot lately. Sneaking out at night, skipping school. Faith hasn't done this before?

Lily: She took off once on her horse.

Jack: But that's not why you're here?

Lily: No. Oh, my God, what if bringing her here was the worst possible thing I could do? What are you doing? Who are you calling?

Jack: I am going to call hospital security. They were checking security tapes for me.

Lily: Then they'll know if they left alone or if someone took them?

Jack: Well, if they haven't spotted the two of them by now on their tapes, I'll go down and I'll check them myself. What's going on with you? You're so panicky --

Lily: I'm just a little on edge. That's all.

Jack: Yeah, hello, this is Detective Snyder again. Have you spotted those two kids on your tapes yet?

Faith: I'm glad we had enough money for these. I've never actually had coffee before. Only hot chocolate, but that has a lot of calories.

Parker: Who cares about calories?

Faith: No one.

Parker: How come you were at the shrink?

Faith: 'Cause my mom has a weight problem. She hates me for it. Isn't that your brother?

Parker: Yeah.

Faith: He looks really mad.

Parker: He was born mad. Come on, let's go.

Faith: Where?

Parker: I don't know, let's just go.

Maddie: And you said that there was a bond in your house? I mean, where do you think it came from?

Gwen: Casey must have broken in and put it there.

Maddie: He wouldn't do that!

Gwen: Maddie, if he's capable of stealing, he's probably capable of --

Maddie: Casey wouldn't -- he didn't do that, either, okay? He's protecting someone.

Gwen: Who?

Maddie: Elwood.

Dallas: All right, so, just wait here.

Elwood: Okay.

Dallas: Stiles, help me log these in?

Cop: What do you got?

Dallas: Registered bonds. Evidence in the Hughes arrest. Found underneath the mattress in Casey’s dorm room.

Cop: Okay.

Dallas: I'll be right back to take your statement, all right?

Elwood: Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

Dallas: Right.

Maddie: Why is it that Casey’s under arrest and you're walking free when you were the one that cashed the bonds? Why is Casey taking the rap?

Elwood: Hey, hey, just 'cause I cashed them in doesn't mean I stole them.

Gwen: And you know for a fact that Casey stole them?

Elwood: Look, all I'm saying is Casey owed a ton of money to a zillion people, including me. And the bonds were his weird way of paying off, you know? Look, I may be a gambler, but unlike Maddie’s boyfriend, I'm no thief.

Gwen: I really messed this up. I have to go find Will.

Maddie: Yeah, and you and I are going to have a little chat.

Casey: I've been gambling online, playing poker, for a long time.

Margo: Well, Maddie said that you quit.

Casey: I wish.

Margo: So, that's why your grades are so bad? Because you've been online all the time?

Tom: So, you've been failing classes?

Casey: Almost.

Tom: And why didn't you tell me?

[Tom groans]

Casey: Dad --

Tom: I'm fine. I'm just angry.

Margo: It's all right. You know what? I can finish this, I can do it alone.

Tom: No, you can’t. I'm his lawyer.

Margo: All right, then would you please try and stay calm, please?

Tom: Why didn't you tell me about Casey’s grades?

Casey: Because of your heart, Dad. We didn't want you to get upset.

Tom: Did someone drag you into this gambling thing?

Casey: No, it was -- it was just like playing a video game for fun, at first. And then you play a few hands, and then, you win more than you lose, you figure, why not jump in on a cash game? Make it interesting. Elwood and I, we got pretty good at it, and we figured out a way that we could make a lot of money playing together.

Tom: And how did you figure that you two could win money playing together online?

Casey: We -- we figured out a way to cheat.

Margo: Oh, Casey.

Casey: That's how I started owing money in the first place, so I'm sorry. This online gambling rep found out what we were doing, and then I had to pay back my winnings. So I borrowed the money.

Margo: How much?

Casey: About $2,800.

[Tom groans]

Margo: Good God! Who would cover a loan like that?

Jade: Going somewhere?

Adam: Hey, yeah, I just got a call. There's some interest in Gwen’s demo, I got to catch a flight and take care of that.

Jade: Yeah, that sounds great.

Adam: It is. Yeah, but you know, I'm going to be late for my flight, so --

Jade: Oh, you can catch the next one, after you explain some things.

Adam: I don't have time to deal with you, Jade.

Jade: You made it look like Will stole those bonds.

Adam: Why would I do something like that?

Jade: So Gwen would doubt him and you could have a chance with her.

Adam: That's just skewed, okay? And Casey already admitted he stole the bonds.

Jade: Yeah, even if he did, you were the one who planted evidence against Will.

Adam: How? How'd I do that?

Jade: You did it, Adam.

Adam: Prove it.

Jade: You're heading out of town.

Adam: I told you, I got a call, okay? I have to go. It can't be helped.

Jade: While one of your brothers is in jail and the other one is trouble. Why don't you try again?

Adam: Why is this your business?

Jade: Will deserves better than this.

Adam: Try again.

Jade: You used me, Adam. And I am sick of having people think they can walk all over me and get away with it --

Adam: Jade -- Baby, I didn't use you. I wanted you, okay? Just like you wanted me. And the sex was good, right?

Jade: Yeah. Yeah, it was great. And I'm really going to miss you, Adam.

Adam: I'll miss you, too.

Jade: Why don't you give me a good-bye kiss?

Adam: What -- what are you doing?

Jade: Making sure you have an interesting trip. Fetch.

Elwood: And Casey kept losing. That's why he needed the money.

Maddie: He told me he quit gambling. Why didn't I see it? If he was in trouble, why didn't I know?

Elwood: I'm sure he just didn't want to hurt you. I mean, he's an addict, Maddie. They're good at hiding things.

Dallas: Elwood, I'm ready to take your statement.

Elwood: Yes, Sir.

Casey: And that cash you had, Mom?

Margo: My mad money?

Tom: You took that?

Casey: Yeah.

Tom: Where else did you get money?

Casey: I borrowed it.

Tom: From whom?

Casey: Jared, Kip, Elwood, other kids on my floor.

Margo: But you didn't go to Will?

Casey: No, I was afraid they'd talk to you.

Margo: So, all this happened because of gambling, but still, you didn't quit?

Casey: I tried, Mom. I did. I tried a million times. But you know, you just keep thinking, one more round -- and then when you win, it feels like everything's going to be okay. So I'd get people to stake me and I'd pay back what I owed with my winnings. But then it got to where I owed way more than I could win. And it just got out of control.

Tom: But you could have come to us, Casey.

Casey: I wanted to. I really did. But your heart and --

Tom: Don't you dare blame your irresponsible -- your criminal behavior on me!

Margo: Tom, Tom!

Tom: Okay? You have nobody to blame but yourself. We did not raise you to lie and steal. You owe us an explanation. Why didn't you come to us?

Casey: Because of the look that's on your faces right now.

Dallas: Chief?

Margo: Yes? What, what, what?

Dallas: I thought you'd like to know, I've recovered the rest of the bonds.

Margo: Well, good. Then log it into evidence.

Dallas: Well, I just talked to Casey’s roommate. I mean, after I take his statement, process it, and I think we should take Casey down to lock-up.

Margo: Fine, yes. Please do that. Thanks for giving me a heads-up.

Casey: Wait. So, what's going to happen to me now?

Jared: Can you believe Hughes got arrested?

Max: I wish he'd paid me first. He still owes me like $500.

Jared: Yeah, me, too. And forget about ever seeing that money again.

Max: You know, you think you know a guy, that you can trust him --

Jared: And then he steals from you.

Emily: During the last financial year, particularly the last quarter, when I was hands-on -- revenues at "The Intruder" were up 16% while net profits, after taxes, up 52%.

Board member: And when you weren't hands-on? While you were under psychiatric care?

Emily: Excuse me?

Dusty: I wasn't aware that we discriminate against people with health issues.

Lucinda: We don’t. It's not our policy. And isn't the lady fully recovered?

Emily: Yes, I am. Thank you, Lucinda. And I have the psychiatrist's reports to prove it.

Dusty: And if you had a relapse, would "The Intruder" fall apart?

Emily: Are you asking me if "The Intruder" can run without me? Yes, it can. And you will probably make a profit. But with me onboard, Worldwide will make a much larger, more consistent profit.

Lucinda: Tell us why.

Emily: Because I don't look down at the people who read my product. And you see, I know for a fact, you're legitimate newspaper numbers are dropping, while mine are steadily rising, fueled and supplemented by the web instead of competing with it. You bought this paper because you know it's a cash cow. And I'm here to tell all of you, that there is no better milkmaid to run this baby than me. And I've got the numbers to prove it. So, if you will all turn to page three in your financial reports.

Lily: No, no, Luke, I want you stay there. Just in case Faith comes back on her own. No, I'm okay. We know that Faith and Parker left on their own. Hopefully went to a music store and lost track of time. Just call me if you hear anything.

Jack: Parker's still not picking up.

Lily: Are you calling again?

Jack: No, I'm going to try J.J. maybe if he sees his brother on his caller I.D., he'll answer.

Faith: Where are we going?

Parker: There's this neat thing I want to show you.

Faith: Do you come here a lot, at night, alone?

Parker: We're, like, half a block from Main Street. Nothing's going to get us here. Boo!

[Faith screams]

Faith: Parker! That's wasn't funny!

Parker: Yes, it was. You've just had too much caffeine.

Faith: Do you even like this stuff?

Parker: It reeks.

Faith: It totally does.

Parker: This is the spot. Come on. Lie down.

Faith: On the cold ground?

Parker: Just try it.

Faith: It's warm.

Parker: There's a natural spring underneath this spot. Just this one spot. My dad -- my real dad, and I, we used to come here a lot.

Faith: Thanks for bringing me here, Parker. [Phone vibrates] It's just your phone. Now who's had too much caffeine?

Parker: Its J.J. Jack probably got him to call.

Faith: Well, are you going to answer it?

Parker: No.

Faith: It's vibrating so loud.

Parker: It just sounds loud because it's so quiet out here.

Faith: Why not just turn it off?

Parker: If it bothers you so much, you can turn it off. You threw it. You get it.

Faith: You didn't catch it, you get it.

Parker: You're just afraid of the boogey-man.

Faith: I've got you to protect me.

Jack: J.J.'s not getting an answer, either.

Lily: You still think they'll come back here?

Jack: I'm going to go try to pick up their trail. Do you want to stay here in case they come back?

Lily: No, no. Dr. Seidman's here. She' call us if she hears anything. Bu I don't think they're coming back here, Jack. I think they're trying to scare us.

Jack: Yeah, and they're succeeding. Come on, let's go.

Faith: Did you find it yet?

Parker: No

Faith: Do you need any help? Parker?

[Faith screams]

Paul: Take it easy. Take it easy.

Parker: Paul?

Paul: Wow, that was a nice tackle. What are you? A linebacker?

Parker: It's only Paul. He's cool.

Faith: No he's not.

Paul: I'm not?

Faith: You ruined my aunt's wedding.

Paul: You know, Meg refused to marry me, so isn't it more that she ruined my wedding?

Faith: And you're weird.

Parker: No he isn’t.

Faith: Yes, he is.

Paul: She's right. I'm a little weird. I am. I'm a little weird. And I'm curious. What are you two doing out here?

Faith: What are you doing out here?

Parker: Paul lives out here now.

Paul: And you are?

Parker: We were -- looking for my phone. I found it. See?

Paul: Great. Oh, you got about a thousand calls from Jack in the last hour alone. Problems with the parental?

Parker: Parentals with an "s". Faith's got problems, too.

Faith: Don't tell him that.

Parker: Our parents' lives are totally messed up but they think we're the ones who need a shrink.

Paul: So, is that where you two are supposed to be now?

Faith: I already had my appointment.

Parker: It's really stupid.

Paul: So you split? I probably would have done the same thing. So, what's the plan?

Parker: Plan?

Paul: Yeah. Well, Jack already knows that something's wrong. So, I think it should be that he was going to pick you up, but you misunderstood and you left on your own.

Faith: My mom was going to pick me up.

Parker: Jack was picking me up.

Paul: Oh. So, a whole lot of trouble or a little bit of trouble? Got a preference?

Parker: A little trouble.

Paul: Okay, then. Why don't we head back to civilization, such as it is, and we'll start doing some damage control?

Faith: Parker? This place was really cool. Thanks for bringing me.

Parker: Sure. Hey, Paul, wait up.

Tom: I will try to set up an arraignment and bail hearing so you don't have to spend the night in jail.

Casey: Okay.

Tom: Don't expect magic from me, Casey.

Casey: How bad is what I did?

Tom: Stealing bonds, it's a felony. You are no longer a minor. You will be tried as an adult.

Casey: And if I'm convicted?

Tom: Six months to ten years, depending on the circumstances.

Casey: Ten years?

Tom: And with your mom's new job as Chief of Detectives, they will be watching this case closely to make sure there's no appearance of impropriety, so we will have to play this by the book.

Casey: Sorry for messing this up for you, Mom.

Margo: No, please, please. Please, just don't worry about me. We'll get through this.

Casey: How?

Tom: Well, like always. We will do anything we can to protect you. But we need to know everything, Casey.

Casey: You do. I broke into Crash, I stole the bonds -- I trashed Grandma's club to cover my tracks. That's it. That's everything.

Margo: Well, it better be. Because we don't want to be blindsided again.

Maddie: Hey, Will! Gwen's been looking all over for you.

Will: Where's Casey?

Maddie: What's going on?

Cop: May I help you?

Will: Yeah, I'm looking for Casey Hughes.

Cop: He's in the interrogation room. But you can't go in there.

Margo: Stiles? What the hell is going on?

Will: You set me up! You ripped off the club and you made me take the fall!

Adam: Jade? Where the hell are those keys?

Jade: I don't know. Someplace over there. Keep looking.

Adam: Look, I wouldn't be leaving, okay, you know that. It's just this business trip is really important to Gwen’s career.

Jade: More important than your brothers?

Adam: I can't believe you're still jealous of her. You shouldn't be, you know that? You're an amazing woman. And we can try again when I get back.

Jade: You're coming back?

Adam: Of course. Why don't you give me a lift to the airport, we'll talk about it.

Jade: You got to be kidding me.

Adam: I really have to make this flight.

Jade: You are pathetic.

Adam: You know what? You've been sniffing around me for the past few months. What the hell does that make you? Get out of here.

Jade: No, not unless you tell Will what you did --

Adam: Get out of my sight! Go –

Dusty: You were great.

Lucinda: You certainly know your termois.

Emily: Thank you, Lucinda. Thank you. So do we have a deal? I'll stay on at the Intruder?

Lucinda: Well, from what we heard today, admirable, but I don't know whether you're really up to Worldwide's standards. Let me -- let me just see what I wrote.

Emily: Excuse me.

Dusty: You're not giving her the job?

Lucinda: I was making a bad joke. I was about to offer her the job, but she's so crazy that she can't take one hint of criticism.

Dusty: Well it's her work, this is what she does. How do you expect her to act?

Lucinda: Oh professional, that's what I expect.

Dusty: Is she in or out? The boards going to do what you tell them to do.

Lucinda: I know what the boards going to do. This is what I think, okay? And I'll tell you what I think. She wants to prove herself. Let her make some money for us while she's doing it.

Dusty: Thank you.

Lucinda: But it's probationary!

Dusty: Mm-hmm.

Paul: All right kids you want something to drink?

[Parker and Faith in unison]

Parker: No.

Faith: No.

Paul: All right then, we'll just get to work. Parker, you should call Jack.

Lily: Faith! I was so worried about you. Where have you been? We've been looking all over town for you!

Jack: Parker? Are you okay? Where have you been?

Paul: They were with me, Jack.

Jack: Explain.

Paul: Well as I understand it, they had an appointment with Dr. Seedman --

Parker: Seidman.

Paul: Seidman and they left, which was wrong. Right?

Lily: Yes, it was.

Paul: But it's a good thing for me they did, because I slipped on some ice and these kids, they were great. They helped me up, they walked me over here, helped me thaw out.

Jack: Yeah, how long ago did that happen Paul?

Paul: It's hard to say, it took a while to hobble over here.

Parker: Can we just go home now?

Faith: I'm really tired.

Paul: Yeah, you know what, you guys are reunited so I'll just take off. Thanks again, kids -- you were a real great help.

Jack: Okay, all right now. Do you want to tell me what really happened?

Henry: You sure you're okay?

Katie: I will be as soon as I forget that my brother is right.

Henry: That's impossible. Right about what?

Katie: He said that we have a lot in common --

Craig: And we do and you hate it. It must be such a comfort to know, that you have good ole reliable Henry here, to play the role of absent hubby.

Katie: He's not playing the role of anything, Mike and I aren't divorced.

Craig: I'm sorry, isn't that a technicality?

Katie: Mike is taking some time, okay -- to get his bearings. But he and I are fine. I'm not giving up on us, as long as it takes.

Craig: Well, she does have spunk, doesn't she, Henry?

Katie: She has a heart and a soul Craig and since you have neither, it blows your whole "Something in common" theory straight to hell.

Craig: Oh, woof, snarling dog right on cue. Easy, boy. Look, I'll leave you to you're delusions, but one day you're going to wake up and you're are going to realize that mike is not coming back, okay. He doesn't care and if you keep pushing away the people that do care, one day they won't come back either.

Henry: Let us hope that he makes good on that threat.

Katie: You know, he's right. Sometimes I feel like I've ruined as many lives as he has. And that's scary.

Henry: Please, you can't count that high. Bubbles, you are nothing -- repeat after me. You are nothing, nothing, nothing, like Craig Montgomery.

Katie: Thank you. There is one difference between me and Craig, I really do want to change my life. I don't want to keep making these same mistakes over and over.

Henry: Don't we all?

Katie: We'll we can, we just have to put our minds to it. To becoming older and wiser.

Henry: How bout just wiser.

Cop: Chief?

Margo: No, no, its okay Stiles we got it covered.

Tom: What is this about, Will?

Will: Casey framed me.

Margo: No, no, nobody thinks that you committed the burglary at Crash?

Will: My wife did. Adam did. My mom did. Because you made them think that I did it!

Tom: How on earth could Casey possibly --

Will: He planted one of the bonds at my house and made it look like I stole my own money. Didn't you! Tell them you did it! You made sure Gwen would find it. And you knew that she would think that I stole the money from Lisa’s. And if she told that would be enough for the cops to come after me instead of you! You planted the money and you kept your mouth shut, just enough to get off clean, right? Except you didn't care that it was going to ruin my life, my marriage. How could you do that, Casey? How could you set me up like that? You're supposed to be my friend.

Tom: Will, Margo and I need to talk to Casey privately.

Will: Why, so he can tell you more lies? You were so sure everyone would believe I was such a jealous maniac. It wouldn't be such a stretch that I'd sabotage Gwen’s career, right?

Margo: All right, that's enough Will!

Will: I'm not leaving until he admits what he did!

Tom: Will, what you're going to do is your going to come outside with Margo and me, now. Come on.

Casey: Dad?

Tom: You stay here. Dallas will be back for you.

Casey: You heard all that? I guess you pretty much hate me now.

Dusty: So. You're in.

Emily: I'm what?

Dusty: Lucinda wants to see what you can do.

Emily: She doesn't trust me.

Dusty: So prove yourself. You can do that. Let's have dinner, we can brainstorm. We'll put together a proposal -- we'll leave it on her desk by the morning.

Emily: I can’t. Not tonight.

Dusty: Why not?

Emily: I have plans.

Parker: It happened just like Paul said. Right, Faith?

Lily: Thank you for all your help, Jack. I'd like to get Faith home now.

Jack: Yes, you're welcome. Good night, Faith.

Faith: Good night. See you later, Parker.

Parker: Later.

Jack: Bye.

Parker: How much trouble am i in?

Jack: Oh, you're in trouble, that's for sure. How much yet? I really don't know. Do you have any idea how terrified I was that something awful happened to you. What's the point of having a cell phone, Parker, if you're not going to answer it?

Parker: I'm sorry.

Jack: Okay. Right now, I'm a little more relieved than I am mad, but that's going to change. It will, and when it does, you'll probably be grounded for a while.

Parker: Okay.

Jack: About the therapist -- listen, I know how difficult it is without your mom here. I do. I know how hurt you are. But one thing I can promise for sure is that everything is going to get better if we work together. If we communicate with each other. You see, if we help each other. Then everything will be okay. Do you believe me?

Parker: Sure.

Lily: Do you understand running off like that it was thoughtless and dangerous? I didn't want to scold you in front of Parker, but you should never, never should've run off like that. You should have waited for me.

Faith: I did. You were late. You forgot about me as usual.

Margo: This is not for you to solve. This is a police matter, the police will handle it.

Will: The police? You mean you.

Margo: Very well, if you would like to file a complaint you can do so.

Will: Yeah, thank you, that's what I want to do.

Margo: Stiles!

Stiles: Yes, Chief?

Margo: Would you please take Mr. Munson's statement.

Stiles: No problem.

Margo: Man, this just gets worse and worse.

Tom: It is certainly going to complicate Casey’s defense. We need to get over to the courthouse before Will's statement goes into the system. If the judge tries to slap on an obstruction of justice charge, he'll never get out if here tonight.

Margo: No, no, I'm not going to leave Casey now.

Tom: We need to go talk to the judge, tell him that we support our son, otherwise he goes into lock up. We need to talk to the judge now.

Casey: It's like Will said. I stole the money, and I didn't want to get caught.

Maddie: So you framed your best friend?

Casey: I was desperate.

Maddie: Just now, with Will, why didn't you defend yourself?

Casey: What was I supposed to say?

Maddie: Something's not right.

Casey: Maddie, don't start --

Maddie: You wouldn't do that to Will. You wouldn't plant a bond in his house. That's just too sneaky.

Casey: Fine! Then I'm a sneak, I'm a thief and I'm a lousy best friend! I admit it all of it! So just leave it alone.

Maddie: You want me to leave it alone because there's more to it, and you know that I won't stop until I figure it out.

Casey: There's nothing to figure out.

Maddie: Okay, okay, we'll start simple. If you didn't do it, somebody else did. Who did it, Casey? Listen to me, I was really mad that you lied to me about the gambling. But if you keep lying to me about this, you're going to end up with a huge jail sentence for something you didn't even do and --

Casey: You'll hate me?

Maddie: No, it'll break my heart. Because I'll never find anyone to love me the way that you do. Okay, so please, you have to tell me. Please -- tell me what you wouldn't tell your parents, and what you didn't tell Will. All right? Please tell me.

Gwen: Adam! Hey, where are you going?

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