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Will: Come on. You're saying my own brother stole the bonds from Crash and then set me up to take the fall?

Jade: That's right.

Will: Why would he do that? This project meant just as much to him as it did to us. I mean, his whole career was riding on it.

Jade: Yeah, maybe there are more important things to Adam than his career.

Will: Like what? I don't buy it. I mean, why would he do that to me?

Jade: Why would he do what to you? Have you been charged with anything? No, because you can't be arrested for stealing your own money.

Will: But whoever stole the bonds from Crash also vandalized the place, so --

Jade: Yeah, and Lisa’s going to charge the son of a friend she's known, like, forever? She's going to want you to pay for the damages, and big deal, you have money.

Will: Well, then I'm not seeing your point. If I'm not going to be arrested, then why would he do it? To embarrass me? To hurt Gwen? It just doesn't make any sense.

Jade: Well, did you steal the bonds?

Will: No.

Jade: Well, then somebody did. And it wasn't me. Because for the first time in my life, I'm actually happy. I have a place to stay, I have people who care about me. Why would I want to mess that up? And it wasn't Gwen.

Will: What, so it has to be Adam? That's your proof?

Jade: I have proof.

Katie: Are you insane? Look at my dress! It's ruined!

Brad: Well, that doesn't sound like much of an apology.

Katie: Apology? I'm soaked!

Brad: And that's my beer you're wearing. You know, I wouldn't mind, but I was kind of thirsty.

Katie: You're blaming me? You're the klutz! Get me a towel or something!

Brad: Please?

Katie: Waiter!

Brad: Okay, okay, okay, okay. No need to hassle the staff. I'll help you, okay.

Katie: Get your hands off of me! This is hopeless.

Brad: Don't get hysterical, okay? It's just -- I mean, a little -- it's a stain.

Katie: Oh, a little stain?

Brad: Well, what are you supposed to use to get stains out? What is that --?

Katie: I smell like a distillery!

Brad: Yeah, well, I know some men that would pay a lot of money for that. Club soda! Club soda, hold on. You know, I'm really sorry.

Katie: Well, you should be. 'Cause I'm supposed to be at a formal function right now.

Brad: Okay, I'll get you cleaned up and send you on your way. Okay?

Katie: Great.

Brad: All right.

[Katie screams]

Mayor: As you are all aware, we lost one of Oakdale’s finest a few months ago. Harold Munson served as Chief of Detectives for many years. He was a superb chief, a dedicated public servant and a good friend. We all miss him. Since his death, Margo Hughes has run the department. Now, I know there are those of you who questioned whether a woman had the stuff to be Chief -- I weighed the pros and cons, and though I will miss Hal holding the door for me and calling me Honey -- having Margo as Chief is simply -- quite simply -- this Mayor's dream come true.

Mayor: Margo Hughes is a veteran of our police force. She's a decorated officer, and a person of high moral character.

Maddie: Guess who solved the case of the stolen bonds? Yours, truly -- Maddie Sherlock Coleman!

Faith: So this is it? You decide I'm crazy and then you send me to a therapist?

Lily: I don't think you're crazy! No, I just think you're having some food issues.

Faith: What about you? You're always complaining about how fat you are, and you take those stupid pills.

Lily: Okay, you're absolutely right. I've been having a hard time with the way that I look ever since I came back from the hospital and after having the baby. Women sometimes have a difficult time losing weight after they have children. I have four babies.

Faith: And every teenage girl I know is on a diet, so what?

Lily: Okay, there is healthy dieting and there is starving yourself.

Faith: And diet pills are really healthy.

Lily: I'm not arguing about that. I'm worried about you. You're still growing, you haven't gone through puberty yet.

Faith: Just embarrass me more, Mom.

Lily: I'm just saying that nutrition is critical for you at this age. And so is positive body image.

Faith: Does Dad know this, that you're sending me off to a therapist?

Lily: Your father loves you.

Faith: I want to talk to him.

Lily: Okay, you will. Okay? As soon as he gets back from his trip, you can talk to him about it. Listen, look, I just -- I just love you so much. I don't want to see anything happen to you. All right, so, if you don't want anything, let's go. Dr. Seidman's waiting. Come on.

Katie: Not in my face, you idiot!

Brad: I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Katie: Turn it off! Stop it!

Brad: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Katie: What the hell are you doing?

Brad: Well, you said you didn't want to smell like a distillery --

Katie: I didn't want to look like I got caught in a storm, either! I am supposed to be standing by my sister's side right now, while the mayor swears her in as Chief of Detectives. I can't go in there looking like this. Get your hands off me or I will cut them off!

Brad: For such a beautiful woman, you know, you have quite a temper.

Katie: And for such a Snyder, you are quite the loser.

Vienna: Wow, is it raining?

Katie: No, I just ran into your old friend Brad.

Vienna: Has she been flirting with you?

Brad: Shamelessly.

Katie: Yeah, that's what I've been doing.

Vienna: Oh, well, you know, not to worry. He's all yours, because I'm leaving town.

Katie: Well, I want no part of him. So, take him with you, please.

Vienna: No, no, no. No, he's my little farewell gift to you.

Katie: Really?

Vienna: As a thank you for showing me that it's time for me to move on and leave Oakdale.

Katie: I really want no part of him. Thanks.

Vienna: But you should have him. You really need him. Because Simon is gone, Mike's gone -- you need someone to play with.

Brad: I don't know, Vienna. She's not that much fun. You know, I mean, all I did was, I was standing here, she threw herself at me, I mean, could I help it if she spilled my drink?

Katie: I didn't throw anything at you! However, that's a good idea.

Henry: Whoa! Hey, let me just take my little friend off your hands here. Before the new Chief of Detectives arrests her sister for assault with a deadly weapon.

Casey: What do you mean you solved the case?

Maddie: I know who stole the bonds.

Casey: So, who do you think stole them?

Maddie: Oh, no, no. I don't think, I know. He admitted it. Your mom's taking the oath.

Mayor: Margo, if you're ready --

[Laughter ]

Mayor: Raise your right hand, please.

Margo: I, Margo Hughes, do solemnly swear to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. And to enforce the laws of the state of Illinois and the town of Oakdale. And to lead the police department in its mission to preserve the peace and to protect the lives and property of the citizens of this town. I promise to conduct myself at all times in an ethical and exemplary manner. And most of all, I pledge to uphold the trust that you have placed in me.

Mayor: Margo Hughes, you are now Chief of Detectives of the town of Oakdale. The first woman ever to hold this office.


Cop: Look, I'm sorry, Detective. I know the timing stinks.

Jack: Do you think? I'll take care of it.

Will: So, what's this proof?

Jade: I spoke to your brother.

Will: And he admitted that he set me up?

Jade: Not in so many words. But when I said to him I knew what he was doing, he started dropping little hints.

Will: Like what?

Jade: Like I should take advantage of the situation. That since your marriage was over --

Will: My marriage isn't over.

Jade: Well, according to Adam, it is. And his advice to me was that I should move in on you, ASAP. He was so calm, so sure of himself. Nobody would act like that unless it was part of a plan. He makes it look like you betrayed your wife and then he gets what he wants.

Will: Which is?

Jade: Gwen! He wants Gwen! He admitted it to me.

Will: He admitted it?

Jade: Yes, he did. I mean, I wasn't surprised, I could see it coming. He really cooled off on me, and he was spending all this time with Gwen at the studio, and I confronted him about it.

Will: And?

Jade: And? And he said that things were over between me and him. That he had feelings for Gwen. And that's what all of this is about. The break-in, the robbery, the bond somehow finding its way into your house. It's all so he can break up your marriage and get with Gwen.

Will: Well, I'm still waiting for your proof.

Jade: My proof? Will, where is your wife? She's not here right now. She's not home with you. She's at the dorms with your brother, just like he planned it.

Lily: Oh, this is nice.

Faith: It's a waiting room, Mom.

Lily: I know it's a waiting room. I am just saying that Dr. Seidman has very good taste.

Faith: What does it matter?

Lily: It doesn't matter. I just don't want you think that Dr. Seidman is the enemy. 'Cause that's my job. A smile! A smile -- there's hope.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Mother?

Lucinda: Lily, where are you? Oh, never mind. You need to come into the office. I need to talk to you.

Lily: I can't, I'm with Faith.

Lucinda: Dear, we have a problem. I have a board meeting this afternoon, and it seems that you did not follow my advice and now I'm going to have to justify an expenditure that I never approved!

Lily: Mother, I'm sorry, I have to go. Bye, bye. Thank you so much, Doctor, for fitting us in.

Dr. Seidman: Sure, I'm glad it worked out.

Lily: I was just wondering, how long is the initial consultation? Because something came up at work, I want to let them know how long we'll be.

Dr. Seidman: Oh, I actually prefer to meet with your daughter alone, at first.

Lily: Oh -- okay, if that's how it works.

Dr. Seidman: Well, it's been my experience that most young women are a little freer to talk about what they're actually feeling if their moms aren't there.

Lily: I see. Okay, if that's okay with you?

Faith: Whatever.

Lily: I'm just checking. Maybe I'll go over to the office, then. So, how long -- when should I come back?

Dr. Seidman: Oh, about 45 minutes. And then, you and I can talk.

Lily: Okay. Listen, if you need anything at all, Honey --

Faith: Why would I?

Lily: Okay, I'll see you both later. Okay, bye.

Dr. Seidman: Okay, ready?

Katie: Look at me. I am a total mess. I'm so mad, I can never go to Margo’s swearing-in looking like this.

Henry: Maybe. But my guess is that all eyes will be on the new chief.

Katie: Who will be wondering why her sister chose this particular moment in time to completely embarrass her. No, I'll just go congratulate her when I get myself cleaned up.

Henry: Well, at least she didn't have to arrest you.

Katie: Oh, please. I had every right to be furious with that guy. He's the one that ran into me, and then he blamed me for spilling his drink.

Henry: Well, you get between a man and his beverage, and it could be trouble.

Katie: Yeah, but he's the one who spilled the drink. He's the one that ran into me. This guy is a total disaster. He has no job, no house, he's totally mooching off of Jack and Emma.

Henry: I thought he was Jack's brother?

Katie: Yeah, all the more reason to pitch in and help. Jack's having a hard enough time as it is coping without Carly here. It's really hard. I mean, I should know, I'm going through the same thing myself. However, I don't have three kids to raise. This guy breezes into town, sees Vienna, decides to kick back and enjoy the view for awhile. But at least Vienna is leaving. It'll help Jack and I just get on with our lives.

Henry: Vienna staying or leaving, that's not the issue.

Katie: Well, it is. Every time I see her, she reminds me of what happened.

Henry: Out of sight, out of mind, huh?

Katie: I don't think Jack and I will ever forget what we lost.

Henry: Or why you lost it.

Katie: I'm sorry, are you trying to make me feel worse?

Henry: No, I'm not, I'm just trying -- again, I'm just trying to say that Vienna is not -- whether she stays or leaves -- is not the issue. Mike is gone. You've got the rest of your life ahead of you. So what are you going to do with it?

Vienna: So, what did poor Katie do to deserve a shower like that?

Brad: Hey, I was just trying to clean up the mess that she made. All right, enough about Katie. What's this about you saying you're leaving town?

Vienna: It's time for me to move on.

Brad: Says who?

Vienna: Katie, for one. And your brother. He made it clear I'm not welcome at the farm.

Brad: Well, I know Jack would love having you around if it weren't for me. And since when did you start listening to other people? I mean, you strike me as the kind of woman that's used to giving orders, not taking them.

Vienna: That's true.

Brad: So you're going to let them run you out of town?

Vienna: No, but I need a good reason to stay.

Brad: You're looking at him.

Will: Even if what you're saying is true, and that he has a thing for Gwen --

Jade: How many times do I have to tell you? He already admitted it to me!

Will: It's fine. It still doesn't prove that he broke into Crash and stole the bonds. I mean, why would he do that and try to pin it on me? I'm his brother.

Jade: How well do you know your brother, Will? He's been away for years! How much time have you spent with him since he's been here?

Will: I've spent a lot of time with him since he's been working on the cd with Gwen.

Jade: Uh-huh. I think I've spent a little more time with him than you have. He's not like you, Will. He's not kind. There's no real warmth there. He's not thinking about the other person. He's always focused on what he wants. He's cold. He's calculating --

Will: He dumped you.

Jade: It was mutual. And that doesn't change what I know. And what you know deep down. You could feel he was into her. I could see it on your face when you'd walk in the studio and you'd catch them together.

Will: I never caught them.

Jade: You know what I'm talking about. You would walk in and they wouldn't even know you were there. They couldn't even sense that another person was in the room. Because they were so caught up in it.

Will: Caught up in the music.

Jade: Gwen was caught up in the music. Adam was caught up in Gwen.

Will: Well, a lot of people are drawn to Gwen.

Jade: See you're not like that, Will. You wouldn't break up somebody's marriage to steal his wife. But Adam would. He'd do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Will: Well, the night the bonds were stolen, he was with Gwen at Tom and Margo’s. So, he has an alibi.

Jade: There were so many people at Tom and Margo’s. He could've slipped out.

Will: That's just speculation.

Jade: Will, the person who stole the bonds had to have known they were there. That's you, Casey, Gwen and Adam. Don't let him get away this, Will. It's not fair to you or Gwen.

Margo: This is a -- such a proud moment for me to be asked to lead this group of dedicated professionals. The squad that Hal Munson put together, that he trained, that he led, that I've been a part of for these so many years. And if I'm going to make a success of this -- and that is the point -- it's because Hal did it first. That I was watching. So thank you so much, Partner. And I also want to thank my dear husband, Tom Hughes --

Jack: Dallas, they're going to need you back at the house.

Dallas: What's wrong?

Jessica: Is it the Hofstadter case?

Jack: I can't get into it now. They'll fill you in when you get there.

Dallas: I'll just pay my respects to the new chief.

Jack: That'll have to wait.

Jessica: I'll give Margo your regards. Jack, you're being very mysterious.

Jack: You look lovely, Jessica.

Margo: I couldn't have done any of this without my family --

Jack: Casey, I need a word with you after the ceremony.

Casey: What about?

Jack: After the ceremony, okay?

Casey: No can do. We've got plans.

Margo: But they have taught me everything I know. Mostly to share the joy in the spotlight. Maybe I can get you guys to come up here. Tom, would you come up? Adam, would you please come up here? Please? [Applause] Casey? Casey, where are you?

Jack: We'll talk about this later. Right now, your mom wants you on the dais.

Casey: Not until you tell me what this is about.

Jack: It'll keep, Casey.

Casey: But you can't go up to someone and tell them you need to talk to them and not tell them what it's about.

Margo: So, thank you. Do this job. And I will do my best. That's it.

Jack: Don't make this worse than it already is, okay?

Margo: What? What is going on?

Jack: Congratulations, Chief.

Margo: Yeah, thank you.

Casey: Yeah, you looked great up there, Mom.

Margo: Thank you.

Jack: You better go rescue Tom, before the Mayor makes him Commissioner.

Margo: I'm sure he can fend for himself. What's going on?

Casey: Nothing. Just watching you do your thing.

Margo: Jack?

Jack: Not here, Margo. Please, not now.

Margo: Something is wrong. I saw it from across the room while I was giving a speech. So, you tell me what's going on. That's an order.

Jack: I have a warrant for the arrest of your son.

Margo: Is this is a joke?

Jack: I'm afraid not, Margo.

Margo: Well, what are the charges?

Tom: What's the problem?

Jack: Can we please discuss this at the station?

Margo: No, I want to know what the charges are against my son.

Tom: What is going on?

Jack: We have evidence indicating that Casey was responsible for the break-in at Crash and the theft of the bonds.

Tom: That's ridiculous, Jack. Why would he break into his own place of business? Besides, we were having a party and Casey was with us. And nice timing, by the way, at Margo’s swearing-in!

Bob: Son, just take it easy.

Tom: No, he's accusing Casey of breaking into Crash!

Lisa: Oh, that's so silly. Why would he do that? He has the key.

Jack: I'm sorry for the timing, I am. So, if we could just, please, move this to the station?

Maddie: Casey didn't do it. Tell them.

Casey: Maddie, just --

Maddie: He's protecting his roommate, Elwood.

Jack: Yeah, we've spoken with Elwood. His parents contacted the police.

Maddie: So, what's the problem?

Jack: According to Elwood, Casey gave him the bonds in payment of a gambling debt.

Maddie: Casey hasn't been gambling for weeks.

Tom: You were gambling?

Maddie: Online. But he stopped. Tell them. You cannot let Elwood pin this on you.

Casey: Elwood's not pinning anything on me. He didn't do it. I stole the bonds.

Katie: You're right. I can't blame Vienna, or Brad, or anyone else for the way I feel. I drove Mike away. I have only myself to blame. Why is it that no matter how badly I mess up or what stupid thing I do, you never leave me?

Henry: I owe it to Snickers.

Katie: Thanks.

Henry: So, what's next? What's next, what's next? Another video? Another book? You could franchise a health club --

Katie: No, I am really considering taking that job at WOAK that Kim offered me.

Henry: Another exercise show?

Katie: No, it's a little different, actually. Well, it seems that I'm bit of a celebrity now because of "Oakdale Confidential" -- well, at least my q-rating is up, so it's a magazine show called "Oakdale Now."

Henry: Well, that's exciting.

Katie: I don't know, it makes me really nervous. I mean, who am I? I'm just a butt-busting gossip writer. I'm no Oprah or Rachael Ray --

Henry: What? What, are you kidding me? This is right up your alley. I used to work in television, remember? I will tell you, you will have that demographic eating right out of your hand.

Katie: God, I hope so. Because the sooner I can make a success of myself, the sooner I can get Mike back.

Vienna: And if I stay? What do you have in mind for me, Mr. Brad?

Brad: Okay, for starters, we'll unpack your bags.

Vienna: Oh, well, I don't think I know you well enough for that.

Brad: Okay, we'll leave them packed. But you're not going to need clothes where we're going.

Vienna: And where's that?

Brad: The bathroom. The suite has a Jacuzzi tub built for two.

Vienna: And that would be for me and --?

Brad: Well, unless you have a rubber ducky in your bags, I guess I'll have to be the one to volunteer to scrub your back.

Vienna: I see. And then what?

Brad: Well, a massage. I have, like, a knot the size of a baseball right underneath my shoulder blade.

Vienna: Oh, so I'm giving you a massage?

Brad: Well, you said you wanted to have fun. You know, I've been told that I have a body of an Adonis. But hey, you know, if you want to miss out on one of the wonders of Oakdale, you know, it's your loss. So, we can just skip the massage and we'll move straight to aromatherapy.

Vienna: Aromatherapy? You are a full-service playmate, aren't you?

Brad: Well, I am just fond of anything that smells good. And by the way -- wow, what is that perfume you're wearing?

Vienna: Simon gave it to me.

Brad: Man, I've got to give it to old Simon, he definitely had a nose for the ladies.

Vienna: If I do decide to stay here in Oakdale, you and I, we have to have an understanding. I wouldn't want anybody to get hurt.

Brad: Me, moi? Hurt?

Vienna: Well, you know, you wouldn't be the first man to fall in love with me, Brad.

Brad: It's not my style, Vienna.

Vienna: You know, I'm not ready for anything.

Brad: Because of Simon?

Vienna: Simon was -- very special. And very disappointing. And I don't like to be disappointed.

Brad: I haven't disappointed a woman yet.

Vienna: Oh, but, we'll see.

Lily: Mother, what was so important it couldn't wait?

Lucinda: May I point out, that where as it is rude to hang up on your mother, it is unacceptable to hang up on your boss.

Lily: I was in the doctor's office, I should not have answered the phone.

Lucinda: Are you all right?

Lily: I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm fine. What's wrong?

Lucinda: Honey, it's the check. The check that you cut to the baby food people.

Lily: Did it bounce?

Lucinda: Of course not.

Lily: No.

Lucinda: But it seriously depleted your whole division's budget.

Lily: They're a start-up company, they need capital.

Lucinda: It's not enough that they're inexperienced? We have to build them from the ground up?

Lily: We build them, we own them. Right?

Lucinda: And when they go belly-up? Honey, you didn't even test the markets.

Lily: I am the test market -- I am a mother. The food is delicious. I'd eat it myself.

Lucinda: Be serious, Lily. I mean, Honey, seriously -- seriously, can two little housewives -- can they compete successfully with established organic brands?

Lily: Have you tasted the established organic brands?

Lucinda: That's specifically my point. It is not easy -- it is not easy to have shelf life without additives. That's why I didn't want you to invest.

Lily: Okay, when I came back to this company, I made it very clear, I didn't want to be a manager, I wanted to be an executive who was able to make decisions.

Lucinda: But not unilaterally, and not when I tell you --

Lily: Oh, so Dusty is the only one allowed to take a flyer?

Lucinda: What are you talking about?

Lily: He bought "The Intruder." And he put Emily back there at work. She is liability.

Lucinda: Well, personally, she is, but "The Intruder" --

Lily: Oh, she's erratic, at best. And the "Baby Food Moms" that you're talking about, these women, they have names -- Phyllis and Miranda.

Lucinda: Oh, I bet the board are going to be thrilled.

Lily: The board just cares about the bottom line.

Lucinda: Yes, Darling, the bottom line. You ignore it at your peril. I mean, this venture is not going to bring in any revenue -- not for months and months and months, if ever.

Lily: What are you talking about? Babies are being born every second. The demand for organic food is out of control. They can't keep it on the shelves.

Lucinda: And that's another point. How are Miranda and whatever-her-name-is -- how are they going to compete with multinationals for the organic produce which is in limited supply?

Lily: No, I'm bringing them onboard. Whether you like it or not.

Lily: I trust my gut on this.

Lucinda: Why? Because it tastes good, Darling? Darling, to cook for your own child is one thing, even for a whole town full of children, but here we're talking about millions and millions of meals, seven days a week, three a day, and that's why I asked you if these women had a business plan.

Lily: Would you please stop micromanaging me? I thought that's why you hired me?

Lucinda: I hired you to add to the mix -- not to threaten it. A start-up, Darling, a start-up is big money. All you have bought is an idea -- a recipe.

Lucinda: Who are you calling?

Lily: I'm calling to see if the check cleared and they've leased the kitchen space. Phyllis, hi, it's Lily. I was just wondering if you were able to check out that kitchen space we had talked about leasing? Okay, when your daughter feels better, then please try to get on it as quickly as possible --

Lucinda: Oh, no, the son is going to get the cold next. And then, let's cash another check. Let's keep cashing checks! Cash a check today, cash a check tomorrow --

Lily: Okay. I've got to go. I've got to go. I've got to go, I've got to go!

Lucinda: Where are you going? I need you!

Lily: I've got to pick up Faith, I'm going to be late!

Dr. Seidman: So, do you have any questions, Faith? Well, if you think of anything before our next visit --

Faith: Fine.

Dr. Seidman: I thought your mom would be back by now.

Faith: Me, too.

Dr. Seidman: Okay, well, why don't you just have a seat, and when she gets here, have her knock on the door. I just have a few calls I have to make. Oh, and why don't you take a look at this pamphlet? It's a little bit simplistic, but it'll give you some idea of a few of the topics we'll be discussing. Okay?

Henry: I thought we just agreed that Mike was out of your life now.

Katie: Yeah, now, maybe. Not forever. At least, I hope not.

Henry: Katie, Katie --

Katie: What? I know Mike. He's off somewhere licking his wounds. He'll come back to Oakdale. He has to. It's his home.

Henry: I just don't want you putting your life on hold.

Katie: Listen, Henry, I'm going to take this time to get my act together. I'm going to take this job, and when Mike gets home, I'll be a whole new person. I'll have a TV show. I'll be independent and successful and strong. And he will have no other choice but to fall in love with me again.

Henry: Okay, just keep your options open, please. And stay out of jail.

Katie: That's what I have you for. Okay, do I look presentable? I think --

Henry: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely.

Katie: Good, because you're right. I'm not going to let a few unsightly stains and some messed up make-up keep me away from sister and congratulating her during this amazing time. I'm going to go see if I can catch the end of that ceremony.

Henry: Okay. Well, give her all my love.

Katie: I will do that. Thank you.

Henry: Okay, yeah. And I'm proud of you.

Margo: What are you saying, Casey?

Maddie: Yeah, that's what I'd like to know, because this makes no sense. You didn't steal those bonds, those were Gwen's, for her music. You wouldn't do that to her.

Casey: I'm sorry.

Tom: All right, Casey, look, not another word till this is all sorted out.

Jack: Why don't we go down to the station? I can question Casey, his lawyer can be there, the two of you will be welcome as well. And then we can see where we are.

Jessica: Margo, I'd like to sit in on that, if it's all right with you.

Bob: That's a great idea. Let Jessica handle this. This is too stressful for you.

Tom: I'm fine.

Lisa: Oh, Darling, don't be silly, you've had a heart attack.

Tom: I'm going down to the station with my son!

Margo: Tom --

Tom: I said I'm fine. Thank you for offering, Jessica.

Gwen: Do you know what that means? I mean, if Casey stole those bonds, then Will was telling the truth. He had nothing to do with it.

Adam: Yeah, you know, I'm just as confused as you are. We can't assume anything yet. Not until we have some proof.

Gwen: I have to go.

Adam: Hey, wait. Gwen, where're you going?

Gwen: I need to apologize to my husband.

Adam: Gwen --

Margo: Adam. I'm going to need you to come down to the station and run interference.

Adam: Yeah, sure, Mom, whatever you need.

Margo: Damn! Why today? Why today? Damn!

Jack: Do you want me to waive these --

Margo: No, no, that's procedure. You do what you got to do.

Faith: What are you doing here?

Parker: What do you think? My dad's dead, my mom took off with her new boyfriend. But a shrink will fix everything.

Faith: Right.

Parker: Why are you here?

Faith: I hate my mom.

Parker: Right. What's she like?

Faith: My mom?

Parker: No. Her.

Faith: Boring. If I were you, I wouldn't even bother.

Parker: Okay.

Faith: Where are you going?

Parker: Where do you want to go?

Faith: You're serious? We just get up and leave?

Parker: Why not?

Faith: Cool.

Dr. Seidman: Parker -- oh, Mrs. Snyder.

Lily: Sorry I'm a little late. I was in traffic. Where's Faith?

Dr. Seidman: Well, we finished our session and I asked her to wait out here for you.

Lily: Then where is she?

Dr. Seidman: Well, if she's not with you, I have no idea.

Katie: Excuse me. Do you know anything about the reception that was going on in the dining room? I went in there, but it's empty.

Bartender: It's been over for awhile. Everybody's gone home.

Katie: Damn it! Thank you.

[Brad and Vienna laughing]

Vienna: Katie! Come on, help us celebrate.

Brad: Yes, yes, please.

Katie: What are we celebrating?

Vienna: Me! I've decided to stay a little while longer here in Oakdale. Aren't you glad?

Katie: Thrilled. What made you change your mind?

Vienna: Brad. He was very persuasive.

Brad: Where are you going?

Vienna: I'm going to go and powder my nose. I'll be back. And don't steal my new playmate. At least not yet.

Brad: Katie, Katie, Katie, come on. Have a glass of champagne.

Katie: It's your celebration, not mine.

Brad: Lighten up. Vienna, she's a lot of fun.

Katie: I hadn't noticed.

Brad: Well, don't worry. I plan on keeping her so busy, you won't even know she's here.

Katie: Oh, please, don't strain yourself on my account. I've got a new job and a new life, and as far as I'm concerned, the two of you don't exist.

Jade: What is the deal with you lately?

Luke: Well, it is good to see you, too.

Jade: Well, you're always here. You're never home.

Luke: Well, my dad wanted me to help out around the farm while my grandmother's away. You have a problem with that?

Jade: Yes, it is a problem when I need a friend and I have to drive all the way around town just to track you down.

Luke: Do you want a sandwich?

Jade: No, I don't want a sandwich. I think I've permanently lost my appetite.

Luke: What happened?

Jade: Oh, nothing. I just had to tell somebody that his brother totally sold him out. The poor guy, he didn't want to believe it. And when it finally started to sink in, the look on his face, it just broke my heart.

Luke: You must be talking about Will.

Jade: Yeah, how'd you know?

Luke: Well, not many guys around here can break your heart, even though Adam tried.

Jade: Oh, don't even mention his name. That guy is like the worst brother ever. I can't believe he'd try to go after Gwen right under Will's nose.

Luke: Wait a minute, Adam was hitting on Gwen?

Jade: Yeah, he wants her, Luke. And he thought that if he could make it look like Will was so jealous, he would stage a robbery so that Gwen couldn't finish her demo.

Luke: Are you talking about the money that was stolen from Crash?

Jade: Obviously.

Luke: No, no, no, no. Then you're way off on that one.

Jade: No, I'm positive. Adam admitted it to me. He said he was obsessed with Gwen.

Luke: And so you go from that to him framing Will for robbery?

Jade: Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind.

Luke: Oh, then, you must not have been listening to the radio on your way here.

Jade: What are you talking about?

Luke: I was just listening to the news.

Jade: Uh-huh.

Luke: They arrested somebody for the robbery at Crash, and it wasn't Adam.

Jade: Who?

Luke: Casey Hughes.

Jade: Casey?

Luke: Yeah, yeah, and the worst part is his own mother had to be the one to bring him in.

Jade: Well, that -- that doesn't make any sense. Why would Casey -- why would Casey do that?

Luke: I don't know.

Jade: No, that's not possible. That's just not possible. I mean, I can't even imagine Casey stealing something, let alone trying to make it look like it was Will. Besides, they've been friends forever.

Luke: Well, what are you going to do?

Jade: I don't know, but I know that Adam's involved in this somehow.

Luke: What's your proof?

Jade: I'm going to get some, don't worry.

Luke: How? Where?

Jade: I'll drag it out of Adam if I have to.

Jack: We're going to need a statement from you, Casey. And given the fact that Elwood has come forward, it make sense to tell us everything -- from the beginning.

Casey: Yeah, I know.

Jack: I'm off in a few minutes. I've got to meet Parker for a doctor's appointment. Dallas was going to take Casey’s statement. I can come back afterwards if you want me to.

Margo: No, that's okay. I'll take the statement, Jack.

Jack: You're sure?

Margo: I need to know what happened.

Jack: Well, of course you do, Margo. But I just don't want you putting yourself in a spot.

Tom: You know, he's got a point. You don't want any appearance of bias. For Casey’s sake or yours.

Maddie: You swore to me you'd stopped gambling.

Casey: I know. And I did for a while. And then -- I don't know --

Maddie: But why? Why go back to gambling? And then to steal money from our friends? I don't even understand how you could do this.

Casey: I don't know either.

Gwen: Will! Will, please listen. You have to let me explain.

Will: I don't want to hear it, Gwen.

Gwen: Look, I know that you're angry, and I know that you're upset. And I don't blame you. I mean, but what was I supposed to think? Okay? I found one of the missing bonds in the house. I don't know how it got here. I mean, do you know?

Will: But to go from zero to "I stole it" in, like, ten seconds? Do you think I could do that to you? Do you think I'd hurt you like that?

Gwen: I never thought that you were trying to hurt me, no.

Will: Well, then why? Why would I steal my own money?

Gwen: I don't know. All I know is that I found one of the bonds here!

Will: Right, so it must be Crazy Will.

Gwen: I don't think you're crazy!

Will: Why don't you just go, Gwen? Go find Adam!

Gwen: I don't want to be with Adam.

Will: Well, I don't want to be with you. Just leave me alone!

Gwen: No, no, not until we talk about this.

Will: There's nothing to talk about. You didn't trust me. You didn't believe me when I told you the truth. And you didn't support me when everyone came at me. You did what you did, so now I'm done.

Gwen: Don't say that.

Will: Are you going to go or am I?

Gwen: I'm not going anywhere.

Will: Well, that's fine.

Gwen: Damn it, Will! Come on!

Announcer: Tomorrow on "As the World Turns"

Gwen: If he's capable of stealing, he's probably capable --

Maddie: He didn't do that either, okay? He's protecting someone.

Casey: And then I had to pay back my winnings.

Margo: How much?

Casey: $2,800.

Margo: Good God! Who would cover a loan like that?

Adam: No, I'm going to be late for my flight, so I'll just --

Jade: Oh, well, you can catch the next one, after you explain some things.

Lily: I left her here with the doctor, I went to work to work on something, and I was a little late getting back, and all of a sudden she's gone.

Dr. Seidman: Snyder, of course, I should've realized. You two are related?

Lily: This is my husband's cousin.

Dr. Seidman: And your children are friendly?

Jack: Yes.

Dr. Seidman: Then they're probably together.

Jack: I hope so.

[Faith screaming]

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