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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/7/07

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Jack: Nice flowers.

Katie: They're Margo’s favorite.

Jack: Yeah, I know.

Katie: How do you know that?

Jack: Tom's a good husband.

Katie: I don't know what to write.

Jack: And you're a published author.

Katie: Guess I deserved that one. How's Parker?

Jack: He'll be fine. Our family's a work in progress these days.

Katie: Yeah and a little less crowded. At the house, I mean. I ran into Vienna at the Lakeview. Seems her taste in men has plummeted. She was about to get a room with some loser.

Jack: Katie, no offense, and I'm not saying this to defend Vienna, but I don't want to hear about it.

Katie: Oh, speak of the devil. Look who just crawled out from under his rock.

Tom: So, shall I bow now?

Margo: Yes, please.

Kim: Darling, we are so proud of you!

Margo: Oh, thank you. I just never thought it was gonna happen this way, you know?

Tom: Yeah I know, Babe.

Margo: I always thought when Hal became the commissioner, then I'd make my move up --

Bob: I'm sure that Hal would be very happy that they chose you.

Margo: Yeah, well, it doesn't make it any easier.

Kim: Listen, I've got a crew. We're gonna film the whole ceremony.

Margo: Wow!

Tom: Well, that's perfect 'cause I'm already taping the news, so we can watch it like -- I don't know? A hundred times?

Kim: Even more perfect -- why don't I send you a copy of the master.

Margo: Nice to have connections.

Kim: Listen, I'm gonna have a conference with our line producer. Talk to you later.

Bob: Well, Honey, how do you like the limelight?

Margo: Well, Honey, it's more like the hot seat.

Bob: Listen, I wanna check with my service before things get started. Listen, kids, this is one of the good days. Enjoy it.

Tom: So, when was the last time somebody called us kids? That feels pretty good to a guy that just had a heart attack.

Margo: And that is why God made brilliant cardiac surgeons -- so that fathers and sons would not miss out on days like this. And Honey? This is not a small conference room. This is a very large conference room. And what's up with that sign?

Tom: Okay, my mom might have gone a little overboard.

Margo: Yeah, you think?

Tom: So how did things go with Will this morning?

Margo: Um, well they didn't -- they didn’t. He wasn't there, but I did talk to Gwen.

Tom: How is she?

Margo: She's a wreck.

Tom: So the robbery really set back the cd, huh?

Margo: Well, no 'cause Barbara came up with some more money, so Adam and Gwen are gonna be able to carry through with the project.

Tom: And all she has to do is dedicate the album to Barbara?

Margo: No, I don't think so. It's just something's not quite right there.

Tom: Barbara?

Margo: No, no, it's Will and Gwen. Something's not right with the two of them.

Maddie: Wait, you're joking. Gwen thinks you stole the bonds?

Jade: Your own money?

Will: Yeah, I'm used to people thinking I'm crazy, not stupid.

Jade: Why would she think that?

Will: Well, she found one of the bonds in the cottage. I have no idea how it got there.

Maddie: And she didn't believe you?

Will: No. We actually had a huge fight about it and she spent the night at the dorm. And I went to see her this morning and --

Maddie: And?

Will: Adam was there. And from the look of things, he was with her all night.

Gwen: Casey, what's going on?

Adam: Nothing!

Gwen: Case? Hey, what's wrong?

Adam: Casey can't skip one stupid meeting to go to our mom's --

Casey: That's not it!

Adam: Would you go to your room and chill out --

Casey: No! Gwen has to know and I'm telling her everything.

Jack: Oh, good, you two know each other.

Brad: What's she doing here?

Jack: Is this the loser you were telling me about?

Katie: The Lakeview love machine himself.

Brad: What did you tell him?

Katie: How can you work with this guy?

Jack: Oh, it's so much worse than that.

Brad: You know, your friend has a habit of nosing into other people's business?

Jack: Yeah, tell me about it. Katie, I don't work with him. I live with him. This is my brother.

Katie: That's funny.

Brad: You didn't notice the resemblance last night?

Jack: Brad Snyder, Katie Peretti.

Brad: I need to talk to you?

Katie: I see your manners haven't improved.

Brad: It's just for a moment.

Katie: Don't let me get in your way.

Brad: You sure you don't want to listen? You can put your two cents in?

Katie: I had a preview of how you operate -- not a fan.

Jack: What's going on, Brad?

Brad: She a close friend?

Jack: Margo's sister. I've known her for years. Katie busted you with Vienna?

Brad: Yeah, yeah, don't look so happy about it. Anyway, I have been out all day on the job hunt. I got a couple interviews lined up --

Jack: Yes, you look very good in my clothes.

Brad: Yeah, I look very nice in a tie. But I'm short on cash. I need a trim.

Jack: How much?

Brad: 40 should do it.

Jack: What's in the pipeline?

Brad: I don't want to jinx it.

Jack: Fine, here's 20.

Brad: Can't get a decent trim for less than 40.

Jack: You can if you go to the place on Brewer. No appointment. No styling. Just a plain old haircut. Works for me and the boys. Don't judge me.

Brad: Thank you.

Jack: And I want to hear all these interviews later.

Brad: You got it. You got it. Been a pleasure, Baby.

Katie: My name is -- he is so annoying. Are you sure you're brothers? He's nothing like you.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you very much for noticing.

Maddie: Look, just because Adam was in Gwen’s room doesn't mean that anything happened.

Jade: I'm sorry, will. I really am. I hope you and Gwen work things out.

Maddie: Yeah, right. She probably snitched money from Lily too, so she could pay off her alibi.

Will: Look, I know you don't like the girl, but why would Jade steal the bonds?

Maddie: Hello, if you and Gwen split, she'll just bat those eyes and pretend that's she's so sorry and reel you back in.

Will: Jade knows that's not happening.

Maddie: Can I get you anything? Gwen loves you.

Will: So, then how could she think that I'd accept money from my mom and then steal it back just to ruin her career?

Maddie: She doesn't believe that! She just needs to talk things out.

Will: Well, I'm the somebody she's supposed to be talking to, Maddie, not Adam. You know, I think deep down maybe Gwen knows the truth.

Maddie: What truth?

Will: That I -- I didn't want the cd to go all the way.

Maddie: Why?

Will: Fear.

Maddie: Fear? Of what?

Will: That I wouldn't be good enough for her. That she'd be on the road all the time and we wouldn't get to see each other.

Maddie: You can go on the road.

Will: Yeah, but then I'd just be that guy standing in the wings getting in everybody's way.

Maddie: No, you wouldn’t.

Will: Look, the point is -- that when I feel myself getting afraid of like that, I stop myself. Because bottom line, I love Gwen. And I want her to be happy.

Maddie: I know. Will, you were set up.

Will: Yeah, but I can't prove it. I thought it was Iris, but she's got an alibi.

Maddie: Big deal. So does Jade.

Will: Well, the problem isn't Iris or Jade or even Adam. It's me and Gwen. We act like a real married couple. But when things get rough -- I don't know? We turn to other people.

Maddie: Gwen didn't turn to Adam.

Will: She spent last night with him. What would you call it? You know what? I don't want to talk about it right now.

Maddie: Will --

Tev: Hello, I thought you were over there.

Maddie: Hi.

Tev: This is Uri. He works for me.

Maddie: Hi, I'm Maddie.

Tev: Funny we'd run into you today.

Maddie: Why? Why's that?

Tev: I asked Uri about those registered bonds when I got back to the shop.

Uri: I just cashed some yesterday.

Tev: He is sure they are the ones you asked me about.

Gwen: Okay, you guys are scaring me. The truth about what? Come on, Case, what is it?

Casey: Gwen, none of this is Will's fault --

Adam: It's not the time.

Casey: Well, when is?

Gwen: Do you want to let him talk?

Casey: Will, he just got caught up in something.

Adam: Why do you want to hurt her?

Casey: Why do you?

Adam: You know, she already knows the score, she sees the way this place looks. All right, look, Will and I had a fight, okay? He came here. He saw me here, he assumed that you and I were -- he just started wailing on me before I could explain. Casey broke it up.

Gwen: Well, is Will okay?

Casey: Yeah, he's fine.

Adam: I didn't want to dump all of this on you, but you know, Casey thought that you'd want to know.

Gwen: Well, he was right. You're a good friend.

Casey: I have to go get ready for the ceremony.

Adam: And make it fast. We don't have a lot of time.

Gwen: Look, I understand that you wanted to protect me, but you got to stop, okay? I don't need protection. I don't need protection from Will.

Adam: Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. Okay? I should go check on Casey, he really doesn't like to be in the middle of this. You okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I’m fine.

Adam: What the hell are you thinking?

Casey: Just back off.

Adam: You want Tom to end up back in the hospital?

Casey: This is not right.

Adam: You go ahead and shoot your mouth off, you know the big story in the news tonight, right? The son of Oakdale’s new Chief of Detectives gets arrested on the day she's sworn in.

Casey: I know.

Adam: And if Will and Gwen can't make it through this, they don't have what it takes anyway. You keep your mouth shut, it all goes away. You got that.

Elwood: Hey you want to play a little game?

Casey: No.

Elwood: Come on, I'm feeling lucky.

Casey: Not now!

Elwood: All right, I'm just saying you got all those bonds stashed in the room and -- You keep your mouth shut about those bonds, all right. No one needs to know about them. No one.

Adam: I tried to clean up before you got back.

Gwen: That's fine. I went by the house to talk to Will and he wasn't there.

Adam: Want me to try and talk to him again?

Gwen: No. No, I will.

Adam: Gwen, not yet. Please. You know what, Casey and I told you about the fight -- that was only part of it.

Gwen: Great. There's more?

Adam: Yeah.

Gwen: You know I don't know if I want to hear this.

Adam: And I'm not sure if I'm ready to say it. Gwen, I lied to you. I've been lying to myself too, for a long time. And I can't do it anymore.

Margo: Oh,that is really beautiful. I love that.

Nancy: We thought it would be nice if someone would take picture of the whole family after the ceremony.

Lisa: Yeah, and it's gonna look great on your desk, right next to your new title.

Tom: You know, I wish Daniel were here for this.

Nancy: How is he?

Tom: He's home sick. But, hey, he likes school.

Margo: That little brat, you know he's made so many new friends -- I called him last night and he hung up on me.

Lisa: Good for him.

Dallas: Hail to the chief.

Margo: Oh, I like that.

Jessica: Congratulations.

Margo: Thank you.

Lisa: Excuse me I must go check on my refreshments.

Tom: All right Gram, why don't you and I go make a phone call and see what's keeping the boys?

Nancy: Sometimes at their age, it's just as well not to know what it is their about.

Tom: Spoken like a wise woman.

Margo: Any movement on the robbery at Crash?

Dallas: Well, the lab's still sifting through prints and talking to everybody that we could id that was there that night.

Jessica: Well, at least the press hasn't got a hold of the story.

Margo: Lisa and Casey work so hard on that place. I hate to see some punk ruin it for them.

Dallas: Hey, catching punks is our specialty, right?

Margo: And as Chief of Detectives, I intend to put that one behind bars for a long time.

Tev: I described that girl you told me about.

Uri: It wasn't her.

Maddie: Are you sure?

Uri: From what Tev said -- that's a face I'd remember.

Maddie: Or live to regret.

Uri: Besides, it was a guy.

Maddie: A guy? Are you sure?

Uri: I know the difference.

Maddie: What did he look like?

Uri: Different.

Maddie: Different how?

Uri: Weird, like -- movie.

Maddie: A movie? Okay, well, I'm really good at movies. Let's see.

Uri: Revenge -- something.

Maddie: Revenge -- revenge -- revenge, of what, the sixth? There's the pink panther, the mummy, the nerds.

Uri: Nerds.

Maddie: Nerds? Revenge of the nerds?

Tev: Ooh, I love that movie.

Maddie: Okay, there's, like -- there's, like, millions of nerds in that movie.

Uri: He looks a little older than you.

Maddie: Older -- all right, what did he look like? Let's see, hair -- blond, brown? Long, straight?

Uri: It's a lot of money. I don't remember his face. I mean -- glasses.

Maddie: Glasses.

Uri: And he wore a backpack.

Maddie: Okay, every kid has a backpack.

Uri: With O.U. stickers all over it?

Maddie: He goes to Oakdale University?

Tev: Uri said he had his name on the backpack.

Maddie: Well, and he signed the bonds, right? So, okay, what is his name? What's the name?

Uri: Elroy, something. I don't -- I'll check back at the shop.

Maddie: Elroy? You don't mean, Elwood?

Uri: That's it. Elwood. What kind of a crazy name is that?

Elwood: Now, if I can calculate the odds of either suit coming up --

Casey: Shut up and hit the button.

Elwood: Sweet! Jacks full. Hey, you sure you don't want to play?

Casey: No, what's your problem, Man?

Elwood: Whoa. Hey, I was just trying to --

Casey: You're always just -- all right? Forget it.

Gwen: So, what did you lie to me about?

Adam: Just, let me say a few things first. You know, when I first came back into town and I heard you sing, I was blown away.

Gwen: By some local talent who was way too pitchy?

Adam: Oh, I didn't say that. Did I really say that?

Gwen: It was honest.

Adam: No, it was cocky. There you were, clear and strong. That voice. I kept thinking, why did I have to travel a couple of thousand miles to find my dream when it was waiting for me all along here in Oakdale.

Gwen: Oh, come on, Adam. I mean, without you, I'd still be doing open mic night at Crash.

Adam: No. No, somehow you would have made it. I'm just glad it was me instead of some schmuck who was only in it for the money.

Gwen: Oh, come on, and you weren't?

Adam: Okay, yeah, I guess everybody's in it for the money, but, you know, the good ones stick around. Those first few weeks --

Gwen: I wanted to beat you with a stick.

Adam: Yeah, I don't blame you. And I was afraid that if I didn't keep focused, if I didn't work you till you dropped, that you'd see through me. I'm not sure when it started to change, but one day I realized that every song, every lyric felt as if you were singing just to me. Not to any audience or to anybody in the studio. Not even to Will.

Gwen: Adam --

Adam: And then we went to L.A., and we kissed. I know we said that we were just caught up in the moment, but it was more than that please don't go.

Gwen: I don't know what to say.

Adam: Oh, nothing. Just listen. I tried to stop this Gwen, I really did. You know, I thought that if I pushed you to the point where you hated me that we could keep things under control, not cross this line between us. That didn't seem to work. Fighting to make this demo only brought us closer.

Gwen: I can't listen to this right now, Adam. Honestly, I can't even think straight.

Adam: I know, which is why it's really unfair for me to unload all this on you right now. But you know, Gwen, I know there's a lot of trouble between you and Will right now. Maybe things can't get any worse. But maybe they can. I'm just saying, sometimes people go through things like this and they come out stronger, they even come out happier. I believe that. I believe we both can come out much happier, together.

Katie: How do you do it?

Jack: Do what?

Katie: All of it. Work, the kids -- and you seem to stay on the sunny side of the street, always.

Jack: The what?

Katie: You're really happy for Margo, right?

Jack: Yeah, of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?

Katie: Well, didn't you kind of want the job? I mean, don't you feel a little slighted or let down?

Jack: Katie, Margo’s my friend. Besides the fact that she has seniority, she deserves it. She's always had my back.

Katie: God, I want to be you when I grow up. [Jack laughs] And I'm really sorry that I was so intense about what's-his-name and Vienna earlier.

Jack: Oh, forget about it.

Katie: It's just that I'm trying to put other people first now and mind my own business.

Jack: Well, what are you going to do with all that spare time on your hands?

Katie: I'm just going to try and be a better person, you know? A better me. Better sister, better friend --

Jack: Good.

Katie: It's really important to me to make things up to Parker, if I can.

Jack: Oh, Katie, that's my job.

Katie: I just wish he'd never read my book.

Jack: Hey, listen, you try to protect your kids the best you can. But maybe, in the long run, this is better that he knows.

Katie: No, not this way.

Jack: If you hadn't exposed Carly and Simon and what they did with those jewels, something else would have.

Katie: I just hate that it was me.

Jack: Yeah, well, don't get too hard on yourself. I've always touted myself on being a good guy, you know?

Katie: You are.

Jack: Good guys don't walk out on their families, Katie. And I left first. Hey, now, there's plenty of blame to go around. So much so that I lose track. All I can do, all any of us can do is keep moving.

Katie: That's good advice.

Jack: Need a lift to the Lakeview?

Katie: No, thanks, I'm going to go home first and change.

Jack: All right, I'll see you at the ceremony.

Katie: Oh, and Jack, next time I see your brother, I'll try to be nice.

Jack: Brad's not a bad guy, he's just had a couple of bad breaks. That's all. I think he's finally trying to turn his life around.

Brad: Thank you.

Waitress: I'll be right back with your change.

Brad: No change.

Waitress: Thank you, Sir.

Brad: Oh, sir? No, sir was my dad. I'm Brad. And you are?

Waitress: Off in about 20 minutes.

Casey: Hey, Will? Man, it's Casey. Open up, Man.

Will: What do you want?

Casey: You okay?

Will: I guess you heard.

Casey: I know you didn't take those bonds.

Will: Why not?

Casey: I'm sorry.

Will: Which doesn't really answer my question.

Casey: I just -- I know you didn't take them.

Will: Well, what do you know that Gwen and Adam don't?

Casey: Nothing, I just came to say that I'm sorry. I'm so damn sorry.

Elwood: What?

Maddie: It's Maddie.

Elwood: Just a sec. Sorry, I was just getting decent. You just missed Casey.

Maddie: I'm not here to see Casey.

Elwood: Oh, really?

Maddie: How could you, Elwood?

Elwood: How could I, what?

Maddie: Uri told me everything.

Elwood: Who's Uri?

Maddie: The guy who cashed the bonds that you stole. I just saw him at Java.

Gwen: Adam, I can’t.

Adam: Why not?

Gwen: Adam, come on, that kiss -- the kiss in L.A. that was about being in the moment.

Adam: You're sure?

Gwen: Yes. Look, you've been incredible.

Adam: All right, look, Gwen, you don't have to explain anything.

Gwen: No, I love Will.

Adam: Even after what he did to you?

Gwen: You know, you've been gone a long time. You don't know him the way that I do.

Adam: Yeah, maybe you don't know him as well as you think.

Gwen: Oh, come on. This is a guy who took a filthy room above a garage and turned it into a home for the both of us. He used to stay up all night, rocking our baby -- the baby back to sleep. And he loved him like he was his own. I can't -- I can't stop loving him. You know? I don't know how to.

Adam: Can we just rewind the last few minutes? Maybe do a retake, or let's just erase it all together so I don't feel like such a jerk.

Gwen: You're not a jerk.

Adam: Look, I promise you, I will not cross that line again. Not without an invitation.

Gwen: I'm a big girl.

Adam: So we're okay?

Gwen: Yeah, we're okay.

Adam: All right. Go call him. I can see its killing you not to.

Gwen: You don't mind?

Adam: No. Not if you do it in the car.

Gwen: Where are we going?

Adam: I've got my mom's swearing-in ceremony. I know she'd love to see you there. And we can discuss strategy.

Gwen: About what?

Adam: Well, my mom's all over this case. We've got to find out a way to make sure she doesn't point the finger at Will.

Gwen: Yeah, I'll change into something.

Adam: I'll wait outside.

Gwen: Okay.

Adam: Jade? What are you doing here?

Jade: You know what the upside is to being a liar and a cheat? You know one when you see one.

Maddie: Uri wants me to make sure that I say hello to you. And if you ask me, I don't think you look anything like Robert Carradine.

Elwood: Okay, Maddie -- if you'll just let me explain what's going on --

Maddie: Explain what? How you stole the bonds? Or how you planted one at Will's house to make it look like he did it?

Elwood: Whoa, I didn't set anybody up.

Maddie: Why'd you do it, Elwood? What, did you need a new hard drive? Or are you one of those sick geniuses that likes to ruin peoples' lives just for the fun of it? And how could you do this to Casey?

Elwood: I saved Casey’s neck.

Maddie: How did you even know about those bonds?

Elwood: I didn't -- not -- you know, not at first. But Maddie, you have it all wrong.

Maddie: No, no. You have it all wrong! You're the one that broke into Crash. And you stole those bonds and you cashed them in. I have witnesses, Elwood. It's game over.

Henry: Hey, where's the fire?

Katie: I hope you don't need to be bailed out Henry, because I'm in a hurry. I'm on my way to the ceremony for Margo at the Lakeview.

Henry: I know. That's why I'm here. I heard the good news, and I want to congratulate her.

Katie: You walked through the police station doors willingly to come congratulate my sister?

Henry: Well, she's my sister too. In law. What, what, what? I always have to have an agenda? Come on.

Katie: Well --

Henry: Yeah, okay. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. I was hoping this promotion would put her in a good enough mood to consider a little proposition.

Katie: About what?

Henry: Gainful employment -- for me.

Katie: You want to be a cop?

[Henry laughs]

Henry: No, no, no, no. Of course not. No, no of course not. I was thinking, like, a big station like this probably needs some extra help from time to time, from civilians.

Katie: Like a janitor, or something?

Henry: I believe the term is "Maintenance Specialist," Katie. And no, no -- I'm using my own credentials for this one. The limo business is a little slow, so I was thinking, maybe they need a driver for special assignments.

Katie: How are you at high speed chases?

Henry: There's still a paddy wagon, isn't there? They still need to transfer detainees, right?

Katie: Yeah, but I think you need to carry a gun for that.

Henry: Seriously? Aw man, I have this intense aversion to firearms.

Katie: I know. [Henry sighs] Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find something somewhere else.

Henry: Yeah --

Katie: Or, I could give you another loan if you need it.

Henry: No, no, no. That's absolutely out of the question.

Katie: Why? Let me be good for something.

Henry: Excuse me? Whoa. Katie, what negativity is that?

Katie: It's just -- not too long ago, I was told off, royally, by an 11-year-old, and, the sad thing is, he was right.

Henry: Come on. What does an 11-year-old kid know?

Katie: That I ruined his life. I keep making mistakes, Henry. I don't know what I'm doing. And the worst thing is, you know, its fine if you're hurting yourself. It's yourself. But when other people get involved and you drag them down with you, and they have nothing to do with it, it's just -- I'm so sick of it.

Henry: Come here. Come here. Come here.

Vienna: I don't know how you do it, Katie. How do you get all these men to feel sorry for you?

Katie: Like I said, I'm on my way to the Lakeview.

Henry: Yeah. You want me to drive you? The limo's right outside.

Katie: No, no, no, thanks. I've got to go home first. Thank you.

Henry: Okay.

Vienna: Good bye, Katie. Wonderful seeing you.

Henry: I don't think the feeling is mutual.

Vienna: Ah, let's not talk about her. Let's talk about you. I'm always interested in a man who travels by limousine.

Tom: Can I tell you how much I love you?

Margo: Say it again.

Tom: Why waste words?

Margo: What did the doctors say? How long do we have to wait?

Tom: The doctor told me to increase my level of exercise.

Margo: All right.

Casey: Hey, get a room, you two.

Tom: Hey. Hey, is that one of my ties?

Casey: Yeah. What time does this thing get started?

Margo: Why? We keeping you from something?

Casey: You know what I mean.

Tom: Is your cell phone charged?

Casey: Yeah, always.

Tom: Well, I've been trying to reach you and your brother. Zero success.

Margo: They're screening.

Casey: Did you leave a message?

Tom: Yeah. Said be here on time.

Casey: And here I am, on time.

Margo: What is the matter with you?

Casey: Nothing. I'm just -- I'm busy. They have food in there?

Lisa: Well, look at that. Look at that. I don't know who is more handsome -- my son or my grandson.

Tom: No contest.

Lisa: Hiya, Sweetheart.

Casey: How're you doing?

Lisa: Well I'm just fine. I'm fine. Where's your brother?

Margo: Well, we're taking bets he'll show.

Tom: I have the odds that he will be here before the food.

Lisa: Well, I have never known him to pass up good free food. So, Darling, I've already talked to that guy about coming -- you know who I'm talking about -- the man who's going to put the safe --

Casey: Oh yeah. Great.

Tom: You know, video surveillance wouldn't be a bad idea.

Lisa: Well, yes. Yes, I know. I've already seen someone about consulting about some banker stuff, okay?

Bob: Excuse me. Excuse me. Can I steal Lisa? Kim wants to know where you want her camera people.

Lisa: Sure. Oh that. Don't you worry. Don't you worry. Just smile. Be beautiful.

Margo: How many -- cameras --

Tom: Seems like she's feeling a little better, huh?

Margo: Yeah, it seems that way, but I think she's putting on a good front. She was really very upset about the robbery. Honey, why don't you call Adam again?

Tom: You know, I swear, that kid is on L.A. time.

Margo: Well, the mayor's not.

Tom: Okay. I get a better signal outside.

Casey: You know, I'll call him.

Margo: No, no. I want you to stay and keep my hands from shaking.

Tom: I'll be right back.

Casey: What, are you nervous?

Margo: Well, it's only the biggest promotion of my career.

Tom: Just tell her she's going to be great at the job.

Casey: You are. You and Dad do everything right.

Margo: Oh, do we? You want a list of all the past, present and probably future mistakes we'll make?

Casey: But you always fix them.

Margo: Well, that's what you got to do. How about you? What mistakes have you made lately, other than your transcripts? Hey, hey, come on. I'm joking. What's the matter with you? Is it Maddie?

Casey: No, I just -- I have a lot of deadlines coming up.

Margo: You know, I went over to see Gwen and Will this morning. I just wanted to tell Will that even though this promotion is happening, that Hal will never be forgotten.

Casey: Yeah? What'd he say?

Margo: Well, nothing, 'cause he wasn't there. And then Gwen told me that Barbara gave them more money to finish the project.

Casey: That's great.

Margo: Yeah! Can you imagine that, be able to pull that kind of money out of your hat? And I was freaking out over a couple hundred dollars in a box --

Casey: So the cd's back on then, huh?

Margo: Um, yeah, yeah. But Gwen told me that she wanted me to drop the investigation. Just like you did.

Casey: Really? Why?

Margo: Oh, she said that she couldn't concentrate to finish the cd.

Casey: Well then, maybe, you know, maybe you should just lay off on it. Probably be better for Grandma, and everyone can just move on.

Margo: Yeah. But a crime has been committed here, Casey, so the only way to move on is to find out who committed that crime. I'm getting a vibe here, Case. What's going on?

Casey: A vibe?

Margo: Yeah, Casey. A vibe. Tell me.

Tom: Hey. Well, at least the dignitaries are on time.

Margo: Oh, Ms. Mayor.

Mayor: It's good to see you, Margo. Congratulations.

Margo: Thank you so much. Oh, my son, Casey. Casey Hughes, this is Mayor Winston.

Casey: Nice to meet you.

Mayor: Your father's been telling me all about you, Casey.

Tom: And our other son, Adam, is running late.

Margo: Did you hear from him? Did you call?

Tom: No, but I left him message. So hopefully, he's on his way.

Adam: What are you talking about?

Jade: I hate being the last one to know I'm getting dumped.

Adam: Okay, Gwen’s going through a rough time.

Jade: Oh, I heard.

Adam: From who?

Jade: Who do you think? Her husband. Your brother. You remember him?

Adam: Did he send you here?

Jade: He's got too much class for that. So what, Gwen needed a little slumber party to cheer her up, is that it?

Adam: Are you jealous of Gwen?

Jade: You have to care to be jealous.

Adam: Jade, you know what, you always knew what you and I were about.

Jade: Don't play me, Adam.

Adam: All right, then stop acting like the jilted woman. And nothing happened with Gwen.

Jade: Okay, fine. Maybe nothing happened now. Maybe not sex, but something always happens with you. Why don't you tell me the truth, Adam? We're you just passing time with me until things got interesting with Gwen?

Adam: She's a client. And a friend.

Jade: You're a liar.

Adam: What's really bothering you?

Jade: Four unreturned phone calls. Getting uninvited to your stepdad's party --

Adam: I told you, that was just family.

Jade: And Gwen’s family, right? She was there, right?

Adam: Yeah, she was there.

Jade: Tell me something. Does she really believe that Will stole his own money?

Adam: Well, Wwill's a complicated guy.

Jade: It must run in the family.

Adam: What do you want from me, Jade? What do you want, a ring? A commitment? All right, I'm sorry if you feel like I've blown you off lately, but things have been pretty crazy, okay, with the robbery, and all. I'm just trying to get Gwen’s head back on doing the cd.

Jade: Oh, so it's just business, and I should be fine with t?

Adam: Okay. You know, from the beginning, you and I said we'd be straight with each other, right?

Jade: Yeah.

Adam: So let's be straight.

Jade: Fine. You first.

Adam: You're beautiful. You're sexy. You could have any guy you want. You just can't have me.

Jade: Oh. How am I going to go on?

Adam: And I don't know what's going to happen with Gwen, but I do know her marriage is pretty much over, even if she's not ready to admit that yet.

Jade: I thought the same thing once.

Adam: You know, I like you, Jade -- a lot. And Will could really use a good friend right now. Why don't you stop wasting your time being angry with me, and go put it to better use?

Jade: You know what, Adam? That's good advice. Maybe I will.

Gwen: Hey.

Adam: You look incredible.

Gwen: Oh, thank you. Who were you talking to out there?

Adam: Oh, some kid. Nobody important. You ready?

Gwen: Uh-huh. Yeah.

Henry: Well, I don't travel by limousine everyday. Just, you know, for special occasions.

Vienna: Oh, like when you visit police stations?

Henry: If you're asking why I'm here, it's just to visit a friend.

Vienna: Oh, me too! Me too. Well, at least, he used to be a friend, until he kicked me out. Left me with no place to stay.

Henry: What? Now who would do something so cruel to a lovely, lovely woman like you?

Vienna: Detective Jack Snyder.

Henry: Oh.

Vienna: Yeah. I'm sure you know him. Everyone does.

Henry: Yeah, our paths have crossed. Not in a professional capacity, or anything like that. We know some of the same people.

Vienna: I was living at the Snyder farm as a guest of his Aunt Emma, but suddenly he decided he didn't want me around anymore.

Henry: And you're hoping for one last ditch effort to change his mind --

Vienna: Yeah, well, that was the plan, so -- how do I look?

Henry: I -- I -- I don't know if there's a word for it in your native -- tongue, but there's none in mine.

Vienna: Well, thank you. Now, wish me luck.

Henry: Yeah, good luck. Wait, wait, I can't do that. I can't do that. I can't do that. Jack's not here.

Vienna: No?

Henry: No.

Vienna: Well, where is he?

Vienna: He's probably off celebrating the swearing in of the new Chief of Detectives. It's Margo, Katie's sister.

Vienna: Well, that explains it.

Henry: Explains what?

Vienna: What that little blonde Miss Kitty Kat keeps getting away with murder! You know, I'm sure it's good to have a sister who's a cop.

Katie: Excuse me, I'm looking for the Margo Hughes reception. Your board said it was in conference room 3, but I went to conference room 3, and there's a podiatrist convention in conference room 3.

Manager: I'm sorry. Mrs. Grimaldi moved it to the dining room. The sign was supposed to be changed.

Katie: You're sure? Because I'm already late --

Manager: Yes, I'm positive.

Katie: Okay, great. Thanks. [Katie screams] Oh my God! Watch where you're going! Oh. You. I should have known.

Brad: You owe me a drink.

Maddie: And if I didn't have to be at his mother's promotion ceremony, I would call Casey right now and tell him everything.

Elwood: Well, maybe you should.

Maddie: You ready for him to hear that you're a liar and a crook?

Elwood: I'm not a crook.

Maddie: Yeah, tell it to the police.

Elwood: Maddie, wait --

Maddie: Elwood, do you know how many people that you hurt? Don't try going anywhere. You can't run from this.

Elwood: Hi, Mother? It's me. Elwood. Look, you were right about Casey. I should have listened to you and father. I mean, I need help, and I don't know what to do.

Lisa: I know that Casey feels just as awful as I do about the robbery, but if I could ever get my hands on the person that did it --

Tom: My son Casey’s really into music, but I mean, what kid isn't? But he does have a great sense of right and wrong, so I don't rule out a career in law.

Margo: You know, I don't want Casey to know this, but I think it's an inside job.

Dallas: Yeah, I'm leaning in that direction too.

Jack: Hey, Casey.

Casey: Hey.

Jack: You okay?

Casey: Yeah, I just have a headache.

Jack: Late night studying, or partying?

Casey: No, no. Actually, I'm going to find my seat before the ceremony starts.

Jack: All right. I'm glad I made it.

Margo: Oh, just under the wire.

Jack: Yeah, well I had to go all the way out to Milltown. I wanted to bring you this.

Margo: Oh, wow. Hal's badge?

Jack: Yeah, I don't think Parker will mind if we borrow it for today.

Margo: He's a good kid. Kind of like having Hal here with us, huh?

Jack: So, what do I call you now? Boss lady?

Margo: You call me Sir.

Jack: Yeah. Yes, Sir. [Margo laughs] Oh, you made it. I was worried.

Adam: Of course, wouldn't miss it.

Margo: Is Will here? Is he coming?

Gwen: No, I don't think so. He had something going on.

Margo: Oh.

Tom: Okay, I think they're ready to go.

Jack: All right. Good luck.

Margo: Yeah, well --

Adam: See you after.

Margo: This is it.

Gwen: Hey, are you sure you're okay talking to your mom about this?

Adam: Yeah, totally. And she never has to know you found that bond at your place.

Gwen: I don't know how to thank you.

Adam: Hey, I love Will too.

Gwen: We're both lucky that we have you on our side.

Will: What are you doing here?

Jade: You look terrible.

Will: Thank you. What do you want?

Jade: Can I come in?

Will: Yeah, make it quick.

Jade: I know who set you up.

Will: You know what, I'm sure you do, Jade. But I'm really not in the mood for games, so --

Jade: Will, Will -- it's Adam. Your own brother is trying to set you up. You still want me to leave?

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[Katie screams]

Gwen: I have to go.

Adam: Hey, wait, Gwen. Where you going?

Gwen: I need to apologize to my husband.

Adam: Gwen!

Jade: Where is your wife? She's at the dorms with your brother, just like he planned it.

Margo: Will someone tell me what's going on? That's an order.

Jack: I have a warrant for the arrest of your son.

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