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Dusty: What are you doing with all that cash?

Faith: I'm not doing anything, so get out of my --

Luke: No. No, not until you talk to me.

Faith: If I don't take that plate into the kitchen, Mom's going to be on my case all week. So get out of my way.

Luke: Come on, Faith, did you seriously think that no one would notice?

Faith: Notice what?

Luke: I heard you, Faith.

Faith: What do you mean?

Luke: Just now, in the bathroom -- you were throwing up.

Lily: This is Ethan, my youngest. He's a real mellow guy.

Entrepreneur #1: What a cutie!

Lily: Thank you.

Entrepreneur #2: Diet is so important to maintaining that serenity.

Entrepreneur #1: That is why babies should start out with healthy eating habits.

Lily: That makes sense.

Entrepreneur #1: And then, one day, they'll thank you for it.

Lily: That would be a first.

Entrepreneur #2: Did I mention that our ingredients are totally organic?

Lily: It's in the prospectus, with the budget costs as well, right?

Entrepreneur #2: Everything you need to know.

Lily: Okay, this sounds like a very promising idea. I'll discuss it with my ceo at Worldwide, and hopefully, we can finalize something in the next few days.

Entrepreneur #1: But you'll be able to let us know today?

Lily: Why don't you call me in about an hour, and I'll have something for you then.

Entrepreneur #2: This is exciting!

Lily: It is exciting! And thank you so much for the samples.

Entrepreneur #2: Speak to you soon, Lily.

Lily: Yes, absolutely. Take care.

Entrepreneur #1: Okay, yeah, you, too. And give that baby a kiss from us.

Lily: Oh, I will.

Lucinda: Hi, Honey.

Lily: Oh, hi, Mother.

Lucinda: Are you interviewing for a new babysitter?

Lily: No, no, they brought business proposals.

Lucinda: Oh, really, of what? They barely look old enough to drive.

Lily: They're young, but they want to revolutionize the baby food industry.

Lucinda: And how radical can strained peaches be?

Lily: Their idea is very good, and it's something that I would like Worldwide to be a part of.

Lucinda: Do you also want to get taken to the cleaners, Honey? 'Cause that's where you're headed.

Paul: Who is it?

Paul: Meg --

Meg: Hey, what's wrong? I thought you wanted me. But if you've changed your mind --

[Paul remembering]

Meg: You don't need to come to my rescue, Paul. We're not engaged. We're not anything anymore.

Paul: We're not friends?

Meg: Of course we're friends.

Paul: Well, then, let me help you.

Meg: Why? So you can use your so-called powers to get close to me? So I will need you? That won't work. I don't need anything from you, Paul.

Meg: Hey, what's wrong? Is this some kind of new torture?

Craig: No, I wouldn't do that to you.

Meg: Why should I be spared?

Craig: Many reasons.

Meg: Hey, hey, come here -- if we're going to do this, let's just do it.

Craig: Now, that's not very romantic.

Meg: Like any of this is? There's no candles, no music. There's plenty to drink, though.

Craig: Yeah, maybe too much of that. Here. Put this back on.

Meg: I thought we were taking things off?

Craig: No, you're going to get a little rest.

Meg: And what are you going to do?

Craig: I'm going to get you some water and a couple of aspirin.

Meg: Wait, I don't understand this. I thought this was what you wanted? I'm here, I'm willing --

Craig: You're not yourself.

Meg: But you're still you. And you went through a lot of trouble for me.

Craig: I just added a few timely additions to a dead woman's diary.

Meg: You had my patient plotting her own death.

Craig: It was very creative, though, you must admit.

Meg: So, now I owe you. Wasn't that the plan? That I'm so indebted to you that I won't say no, no matter what you ask?

Craig: That's not my style.

Meg: Hey, you wanted me to be grateful. Congratulations, I am. So, why don't we just keep this between us, and I will give you exactly what you want right now.

Craig: I do want you, Meg. But not like this.

Lily: You wanted me to develop a new product line for children, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Lucinda: But Darling, you're jumping at the first proposal that comes your way.

Lily: I am not jumping! I recruited these women.

Lucinda: I heard you promise them an answer. Legal hasn't had a chance to look at any of these.

Lily: Oh, that's a formality.

Lucinda: Don't be naive, Darling. Legal review is absolutely essential. There are hundreds of ideas that come along everyday, every minute. And it's a question of how they're developed and how they're executed.

Lily: It'll be great. Would you just look at the ingredients in this?

Lucinda: I want to look at the business plan. Do you have it?

Lily: Of course, yes. But look, apples, water. That's it. No chemicals. Nothing. Organic, completely. Homemade.

Lucinda: No reputation, either. Honey, I've never heard of these people.

Lily: It's a start-up. This is their first venture.

Lucinda: Oh, okay. Can they guarantee a steady supply? Do they have a manufacturer -- do they want us to find a manufacturer for them?

Lily: All these things need to be worked out. Absolutely.

Lucinda: Are they ready to compete with the big guys?

Lily: Yes.

Lucinda: Because in the baby food world, some of the companies have been going for 100 years or more --

Lily: Yes, they know that. I know that. This is a specialty product. This is exactly what you wanted me to look into.

Lucinda: Yeah, but there are an awful lot of unknowns here.

Lily: Which will be worked out once they get their seed money.

Lucinda: You didn't give them any money, did you?

Lily: No, not yet. How big of a pushover do you think I am?

Lucinda: You're not, Darling. But it's so easy to get caught up in the hype of these things --

Lily: Oh, thank you so much for your vote of confidence.

Lucinda: Well, we wouldn't want anyone to take to advantage of your good nature, would we? And another thing, also -- this stuff, it may be pure, darling, but if it doesn't taste good, nobody's going to be buy it.

Lily: I tasted it. The apples were delicious.

Lucinda: I'd feel more comfortable if my grandson tasted it. And if he gives it a rave, Honey, okay, we'll talk about financing.

Lily: Why bother? Why bother? You've already made up your mind, obviously.

Lucinda: I just said that Ethan was going to taste the samples.

Lily: I'm not talking about the product. I'm talking about me. You obviously don't trust me, do you?

Faith: You're imagining stuff, Luke.

Luke: Oh, so you weren't throwing up?

Faith: Why were you spying on me? And why would I be throwing up if I'm not even sick?

Luke: You tell me.

Faith: No. This is lame.

Luke: You want to know what I think? I think it's because Mom kept pestering you to eat your dinner, and you said you weren't hungry, right? She saved you a plate and she kept bugging you about it.

Faith: I just don't get what the big deal is if I skip a meal. Is it a crime or something?

Luke: Faith, you said you hated her.

Faith: Because she wouldn't leave me alone. She's always telling me what to do, or how to feel --

Luke: So, is this you trying to get back at her?

Faith: Is that what you were doing when you pushed her down the stairs? Sorry, but it did happen, didn't it?

Luke: You know that that was an accident.

Faith: It was also just after she said she was going to send you to that camp. They were going to tell you not to be gay.

Luke: Mom didn't know what that place was about.

Faith: But you didn't believe her when she said that --

Luke: Yeah, but I believe her now.

Faith: But you were mad then. And that's when you pushed her.

Luke: Faith, I was trying to get away. I made a sudden move and she lost her balance. I swear to God I wasn't trying to hurt her.

Faith: And you think I am?

Luke: Maybe. But you know what scares me even more? Is what's happening right now. I never thought that you would lie to me right to my face.

Faith: Okay, I did get sick. Are you happy now?

Luke: I'd be happier if you told me why.

Emily: You know, I loaned a friend some money a while ago, and I finally got it back.

Dusty: Nice surprise.

Emily: Well, it was. I had completely written it off.

Dusty: It's nice someone came through for you. I wish it could've been me.

Emily: I'm sorry I missed the meeting about "The Intruder." I'm sorry --

Dusty: You did more than miss it, you blew it off. You didn't even call. Why didn't you show up?

[Emily remembering]

Steve: No, keep the light on.

Emily: Why?

Steve: You're so beautiful. I want to see you.

Emily: I know it was a great opportunity.

Dusty: I had the board sold on you and you didn't show. Lucinda's still giving me a hard time about it --

Emily: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you in the line of fire.

Dusty: Did something happen with Daniel at school?

Emily: Oh, no. No, no, I talked to him this morning. Everything's fine.

Dusty: So, what's your excuse?

Emily: I don't have one. I just forgot. It slipped my mind.

Dusty: This doesn't even sound like you.

Emily: Well, I don't have much to hang onto right now. You know, one day is pretty much like the next.

Dusty: All the more reason to make it work, don't you think? I know things have been hard. Losing Hal, your baby, and now Daniel -- but you conquer, remember?

Emily: No, that would be Craig. The man set out to shatter my life and he's done a great job --

Dusty: Don't let him get to you!

Emily: Yeah, well, it's too late. I have nothing left.

Dusty: Then start over. I'll help you. But you got to keep your head up and focus. I can't keep Lucinda on board if every time she tells me you're unreliable, you're out there proving she's right.

Emily: Well, maybe she is right! Okay, maybe I'm not up for running the paper, or anything else for that matter.

Dusty: This pity routine is getting so old. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Emily: Or anything you set your mind to?

Dusty: What?

Emily: You never even asked me if I wanted to go back to running "The Intruder." You just made these decisions for me and you expect me to jump. Maybe I don't want to jump! Maybe I don't want to get out of bed in the morning --

Dusty: You love running the paper.

Emily: I did. I did. But a lot's changed since then. I mean, I can't decide what I want to order for lunch, and you think that I can ride herd a bunch of reporters and photographers again?

Dusty: Yeah, and sweet talk advertiser, and whatever else is called for.

Emily: No, it's instinct. It takes instinct. And I've lost mine.

Dusty: Well, you'll get it back. You're just scared.

Emily: Dusty, I have failed so many times. As a mother, as a wife, as a friend --

Dusty: Listen to me, I know. I know you can do this.

Emily: I canít. I don't think I can go back.

Dusty: You don't even want to try? Why would you give up? The deal's already gone through.

Emily: Don't do this to me, okay? I don't need this pressure.

Dusty: Nobody's forcing you back, all right? Just think about it before you say no.

[Cell phone rings]

Emily: Hello?

Steve: Hi. It's Steve.

Emily: Oh. Hi.

Steve: I'm supposed to be working, but it's kind of tough to concentrate. Still thinking about earlier.

Emily: Are you?

Steve: Did you find the money I left for you?

Emily: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.

Steve: I wanted to be generous. You're worth a lot more than the going rate. I hope you're happy, because I sure was.

Emily: That's good --

Steve: I have a friend who'd like to meet you. Can I give him your number?

Emily: Yeah, that's fine. That's fine. Go ahead and give it to him. Dusty, I'm sorry. I've got to go.

Dusty: Now it all makes sense.

Emily: What does?

Dusty: You have another job, don't you?

Luke: So, why did you make yourself sick?

Faith: I didn't! It just happened, okay?

Luke: Just happened? Like you just happened to throw your food out in the trash? Look, Faith, I know you're not eating right.

Faith: Why is this whole house obsessed with food? I'm over it.

Luke: So, are you trying to lose weight? Is that what this is?

Faith: No!

Luke: Then what is it?

Faith: Remember when I ate so much popcorn and cotton candy at the circus when I was, like, three, and then I was puking all over the car? It's like that. It's like I have a monster in my stomach that's trying to get out, no matter what.

Luke: But I didn't see you eating a lot of junk today, Faith.

Faith: I'm telling you how it felt. Maybe I ate too fast. Maybe whatever Mom gave me was sitting out too long.

Luke: So, then, why didn't you just tell me this before?

Faith: Because I knew you'd tell Mom. And she'd feel bad about it. First, about me saying the food went bad, then she'd feel all guilty.

Luke: Okay, so you're trying to spare her feelings, even though you just said you hated her.

Faith: Do you see how nuts she is about me eating? She'd turn it into a whole big thing.

Luke: And the throwing up thing, that ever happened before?

Faith: No. Are you done grilling me?

Luke: Well, if you don't have anything else to say --

Faith: Just, please, Luke, don't go telling everyone about this.

Luke: What would I say? There is nothing to say, right?

Faith: Right.

Lucinda: Darling, I trust you. I trust you, don't be ridiculous --

Lily: Oh, really? Why do you question every decision that I make?

Lucinda: Wait, stop. Hey, stop right now. What's going on? This cannot be about baby food. Is Holden right? Is this job too much for you on top of everything else that you're doing, Darling --?

Lily: I don't believe this. I'm back to work for two seconds, we don't agree on one proposal, and all of a sudden, I'm overwhelmed? I can do this job. That's why you gave it to me. Just let me do it!

Lucinda: Why are you snapping at me then? It's becoming a habit. I don't like it --

Lily: You're micro-managing me, Mother.

Lucinda: Because if this is adding stress to your life, we can just pull the plug right now.

Lily: Is that a threat? Are you trying to make me feel like I don't know what I'm doing?

Lucinda: Of course you know what you're doing, Darling, when you have the facts. And I'm sure that you will get them before you proceed any further with this project.

Lily: Yes, I will. [Cell phone rings] Excuse me. Hey, Luke. Is everything okay?

Luke: I don't think so. That's why I'm calling. I think you should come home right away.

Lily: What's wrong?

Luke: Look, I'll tell you when you get here. Just come home.

Lily: Okay, I'll be right there. I got to go. Luke needs me --

Lucinda: Darling, what's the matter.

Lily: I don't know. I'm sure it's nothing I can't handle. I'll call you.

Craig: Take it. It'll clear your head.

Meg: Okay, enough TLC. What just happened here?

Craig: I thought we should take a step back.

Meg: Did you change your mind about covering for me?

Craig: Why would you think that?

Meg: Because that is so you, Craig. You're toying with me, aren't you? You have me thinking one thing, and then you turn around and you tell Bob that it was my fault the patient died, and that I didn't write down the allergies --

Craig: Meg, Meg, calm down! That is the last thing in the world I would do.

Meg: You love turning the tables on people. You love to keep them guessing. That's your idea of fun.

Craig: Trust me, I'm not having fun --

Meg: Well, you know what?

Craig: I don't like seeing you like this --

Meg: I am calling Bob right now and I am going to tell him everything --

Craig: You are in no condition to talk to anyone -- especially Bob Hughes.

Meg: Can I just get this over with, please?

Craig: No, you just need to calm down, all right? I don't want you to make things worse than they already are.

Meg: How can they be worse?

Craig: Easy. Now, just rest now, and then you can decide after you've rested. Come on.

Meg: And you're not going to do anything?

Craig: No! Let's just get you a blanket. It'll be better if you just let yourself sleep.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Meg, I'm glad you picked up. Look, I know I said I was going to back off, and I don't mean to bother you, but I saw something, and I really need to talk to you about it --

Craig: Well, she's resting right now, Paul.

Paul: Craig --

Craig: Yes, but I'll be happy to tell her that you called

Dusty: You should've told me you're committed to something else.

Emily: I didnít. I didn't get another job anywhere else.

Dusty: What is it you're not telling me?

Emily: Nothing.

Dusty: Prove it.

Emily: Prove what? How?

Dusty: There's a meeting tomorrow. Be there. Dazzle them. Half the paper's still yours. Make them want to get onboard with a winner.

Emily: Yeah, you don't ask for much, do you? [Cell phone rings] Okay, fine, I will give the paper a second chance.

Dusty: Are you going to be at the meeting on time?

Emily: Yes, I will be there. I swear. I got to take this call.

Dusty: All right, great. You are going to do great. I'll see you --

Emily: Yeah, I hope so.

Dusty: See you in the morning.

Emily: Bye. Hello? It is. Oh, no, no, it's okay. I told Steve that he could give you my number. Tonight? You don't waste any time, do you?

Lily: What is wrong? You had my mind racing with terrible thoughts all the way home.

Luke: Look, I'm so sorry if I scared you, but you told me that I should call you if something was wrong.

Lily: What's going on? Is it Ethan? He was a little congested earlier.

Luke: Oh, no, no, Ethanís fine. He and Natalie are both asleep. I put a movie in and then she crashed.

Lily: Then what?

Luke: It's Faith.

Lily: Did you have a fight with Faith?

Luke: Okay, I can either tell you, or you can keep guessing?

Lily: I'm sorry. Just tell me what happened.

Luke: Okay, well, you know how you taught us to always, you know, try and help if you saw somebody was hurting themselves?

Lily: Is Faith doing something like that?

Luke: Well, I can't be totally sure, but yeah. Faith could be messing herself up pretty bad.

Lily: What? How?

Luke: Okay, roll back a second. You -- you made Faith finish eating her dinner before you left, right?

Lily: I had to make her eat something. She had already skipped lunch.

Luke: Yeah, but you saw how upset she was about you forcing her to eat.

Lily: I didn't force her to eat.

Luke: Well, what then do you call it?

Lily: I'm her mother. You think its okay for her to starve herself?

Luke: Okay, well, after you left, Faith went in the bathroom and started puking.

Lily: Are you sure about that?

Luke: Yeah. And then when she came out, she acted like nothing happened. In fact, she was kind of happy about it.

Lily: So, you actually heard her throwing up?

Luke: Yeah, and it's not the first time it's happened, either.

Lily: Why would you say something like that?

Luke: Okay, two reasons. The way she acted. She was so casual about it. And Natalie heard her, too.

Lily: Natalie heard Faith throwing up?

Luke: Yeah, and then Faith made her promise not to tell anyone. I know it's bad, Mom. That's why I called. Look, Faith has a real problem.

Faith: Thanks a lot. My only problem is you!

[Knocking at door]

Paul: Meg! Meg, I know you're in there! Meg, open the door, damn it!

Meg: Is that Paul?

Paul: Are you okay?

Meg: Yeah, of course, I'm okay.

Paul: Have you been drinking?

Meg: That's none of your business.

Paul: Where's Craig?

Meg: I don't know where Craig is. Didn't he let you in?

Paul: No.

Meg: So, how did you get -- did you break in?

Paul: Come on, I'll explain in the car. Let's go.

Meg: No, no, what do you think you're doing? I'm not going anywhere with you, Paul.

Paul: Meg, let's get you out of here, come on.

Meg: How did you know I was here?

Paul: I called your cell and Craig answered.

Meg: He did?

Paul: Yeah. What, you were so out of it, you didn't even know that?

Meg: I was asleep.

Paul: He said you were resting, and I didn't believe him. It didn't occur to me that you were passed out.

Meg: What do you want, Paul?

Paul: I want to keep you safe.

Meg: From what?

Paul: I don't know yet.

Meg: Did you have another vision?

Paul: I saw your bracelet slipping off of your wrist. And I thought you might have had an accident or something.

Meg: I guess it slipped off.

Paul: Meg, how does it just slip off?

Meg: Can I ask the questions here?

Paul: Okay, go ahead.

Meg: What are you pulling now?

Paul: I was just frightened for you, that's all.

Meg: Because my bracelet fell off? That doesn't justify you breaking into somebody's house like this --

Paul: It's not just the bracelet. It's a feeling -- it's the same feeling I had when I saw the blood on the hospital floor.

Meg: Before that man held me hostage.

Paul: Yes. There was trouble then. And there's trouble now. You have to believe me.

Meg: I do. You were right. I was in danger tonight.

Paul: Because of Craig.

Meg: Because of me. I had too much to drink, and I think I would've done something I would've regretted.

Paul: What kind of something?

Meg: I didn't do it, so it doesn't matter.

Paul: Why didn't you?

Meg: Actually, I have Craig to thank for that.

Craig: Did someone say my name?

Faith: Whatever Luke told you, he's lying.

Lily: Are you saying you didn't throw up?

Faith: No, I did.

Lily: Did you make yourself sick?

Faith: No, it was because of something I ate. I told him.

Luke: Faith, we're your family. You don't have to lie to us.

Faith: It doesn't mean I'm lying just because I don't tell you everything.

Lily: We don't want you keeping secrets either.

Faith: I didn't say anything because I knew this would happen. Everyone would make a big deal out of it.

Lily: No, your brother only told me because he's worried about you.

Luke: See? I told you that Mom would understand me.

Faith: So do I. You're trying to get me in trouble.

Luke: Oh, Faith, come on. That is so not true!

Lily: Why don't you give me and Faith a few minutes alone? Please?

Luke: Okay. Okay. Look, Faith, Mom can help you, if you let her.

Faith: You can't listen to him, Mom.

Lily: Where would Luke get the idea that you were making yourself sick?

Faith: I don't know. It's not like it never happens. A lot of girls in my class do it.

Lily: Who? Which girls?

Faith: No one you would know -- I really don't want to talk about this -- what?

Lily: No, no, we're not finished. No, no --

Faith: Mom --

Lily: Sit, sit, sit. Please? Luke is right. We are your family. You should feel safe to tell us anything.

Faith: I do, when it matters.

Lily: Are you worried about your weight? I mean, you shouldn't be.

Faith: Why? Do you think I'm fat?

Lily: No, you're perfect -- and beautiful and healthy. And I want you to stay that way.

Faith: That's such a Mom thing to say.

Lily: I know that there is so much pressure to be ultra-skinny.

Faith: I don't get into that -- like some people.

Lily: If you look me in the eye, right now, and you tell me that you got sick because of something that you ate -- and no other reason --

Faith: Mom --

Lily: I will believe you. I will believe you, and I will never, ever ask you about it again. I promise.

John: Hi.

Emily: Hi. Hi.

John: Ihought I heard someone out here. Are you Steveís friend?

Emily: That depends.

John: I'm John. We spoke on the phone.

Emily: I remember.

John: So, did you have any trouble finding me?

Emily: No, not at all.

John: Good. I was starting to wonder if you were going to show up. In fact, I was about to go down to the bar and look for you.

Emily: Well, now, you don't have to.

John: No, you saved me a trip. Come in. Please.

Emily: Thank you.

John: I'm glad you were free this evening. Can I fix you a drink?

Emily: A vodka on the rocks, please.

John: Coming up. You haven't told me your name, Steve didn't mention it.

Emily: Well, that was very discreet.

John: But he did tell me to not lose your number. Now I see why. You're very attractive.

Emily: Thank you. So are you.

John: I'm glad you think so. So what's your name?

Emily: Does it matter?

John: You're being very mysterious.

Emily: I don't think you came here to talk.

John: Well, that's true. Here you go.

Emily: Thank you.

John: Let's set the mood. That's better.

Emily: Stop!

John: Is something wrong? You're not leaving, are you?

Emily: I like the lights on. I've got nothing to hide.

John: Let me help you with that.

Emily: Thank you.

John: You're a challenge, aren't you?

Emily: I'm anything you want me to be tonight. I think you're forgetting something.

John: What do you mean?

Emily: I like to get the business portion of the evening over first, if you don't mind.

John: Meaning?

Emily: I like my money upfront.

John: Oh, of course.

Emily: And my fee is $1,000.

Lily: Just tell me the truth. You can tell me anything.

Faith: I know.

Lily: Anything you say to me could not be worse than a lie.

Faith: I don't need the speech on lying, Mom.

Lily: Well, I hope not, because when people lie, it just adds to their problems. They start with one lie, and then they tell another lie to cover the first lie --

Faith: I'm not lying. I really was sick.

Lily: Then why didn't you tell me?

Faith: Because I didn't want you treating me like a baby. Can I go?

Lily: It must be a bug. Have you been playing with Ethan?

Faith: No. He's safe.

Lily: You don't have a fever. Maybe you should have some ginger ale, see if it stays down.

Faith: No, thanks.

Lily: You've got to put something in your stomach, Honey. [Cell phone rings] Excuse me. Lily Snyder. Oh, yes, hi. As a matter of fact, we did get a chance to look over the proposal. Worldwide is behind you 100%. Yes. I am, too. You'll have your seed money in the bank account first thing in the morning.

Faith: That was real mean. Making Mom all worried about nothing.

Luke: I did it? That was my fault?

Faith: Yeah.

Luke: Look, Faith, I just think that Mom needs to know if you're sick -- whatever the reason.

Faith: You mean if I have a problem?

Luke: Yeah, that, too.

Faith: Well, I donít. So stop trying to look for one --

Luke: Hey, hey, I'm just trying to figure out what's happening.

Faith: Nothing. I just never have any privacy, ever.

Luke: Oh, come on, that's it?

Faith: It's just everything.

Luke: Look, Faith, I know that things are tough. And you feel that they are never, ever, ever going to get better. But they will. You are so pretty, and you are so smart. And I just --

Faith: Oh, stop.

Luke: No. I wish you could see that. I wish you could see how much I care about you.

Faith: And that's why you ratted me out?

Luke: I was scared for you. That's why I said something to mom.

Faith: You know, if you really care about me, if you really want to help, then you'll stop talking about me behind my back and stay out of my life!

Paul: You're okay with this? Craig, and the drinking, and the passing out -- there's no uneasy feelings, no second thoughts --

Meg: I don't have to explain myself to you, Paul!

Paul: You do have to explain yourself to me, Meg. Because the time was when you would have jumped out of a window rather than be alone in a room with Craig.

Craig: You know, I believe the lady doesn't wish to continue this conversation. Unless, of course, I'm mistaken and you invited him here.

Meg: No.

Craig: Do you want him to stay?

Meg: No.

Craig: I think that's clear, don't you?

Paul: That's what you want?

Meg: Yeah, it is.

Paul: You cannot mean that.

Meg: This is where I want to be, Paul, whether you like it or not. So you need to stop crashing into my life with these storm warnings, okay? It's not your job to protect me --

Paul: To protect you, I know. You keep saying that.

Meg: It just doesn't seem to be getting through though, okay? You just need to stop. I mean that.

Paul: Okay. It won't happen again.

Meg: It can't happen again. Even if you get one of those visions.

Paul: I won't make it your problem.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: Please be careful.

Meg: Didn't we just agree to no more warnings?

Paul: I have a warning for you. If you ever hurt her, I will make you suffer.

Meg: Sorry about that.

Craig: Well, I guess Paul still thinks that he's your bodyguard.

Meg: Yeah, well, he can't even take care of himself.

Craig: Here. Take these. It's a good hangover prevention.

Meg: I'm a little past the prevention stage. Thanks.

Craig: Oh, just let it go. Move on.

Meg: You know, I have other things to worry about. I'm on the verge of losing my job, my nursing license --

Craig: Not if you leave things just as they are. No one is going to question your patient's diary entry or your version of things. Her death will be ruled a suicide, Meg.

Meg: I'm not sure I could live with myself if I let that happen.

Craig: Throwing your life away is not going to get her life back.

Meg: I don't think that should be my decision.

Craig: Well, maybe sometimes we decide by not deciding not all. I mean, just let it be for a while. Just let things cool down. I mean, you have just a gift for healing. Don't think about yourself, think about all of the other people who'll be fortunate enough to still get your care. Okay, all you have to do is just let this go and move on.

Meg: It's just as simple as that, huh?

Craig: Yes. Yeah, once you get some rest, you'll see, you'll agree. Look, I'm sorry that Paul woke you up. Do you want me to drive you home so that you can spend the rest of the night in your bed?

Meg: Just like that? You're going to let me go?

Craig: I wasn't aware that you were feeling trapped.

Meg: You know what I mean. You helped me out. I owe you. You must want something in return.

Craig: Meg, this wasn't a setup.

Meg: So, you didn't want to sleep with me?

Craig: I wanted to give you something that you could really cherish.

Meg: And what was that?

Craig: Freedom. With no strings attached.

Meg: Thank you.

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