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Emily: Hey.

Dusty: I was just going to call you.

Emily: Yeah? Can it wait? I'm meeting Tom. He has a checkup this morning.

Dusty: How's he doing?

Emily: Okay, I think.

Dusty: And Daniel?

Emily: Daniel? I talked to Margo, and Daniel -- he slept through the night. I mean, with the nights on, but he slept through the night.

Dusty: And you? You ready for some good news?

Emily: Yeah, well, there hasn't much of that lately, has there?

Dusty: Do you remember that business deal I told you I was going to look into?

Emily: Let me guess, it fell through?

Dusty: No, it came together. And I think it's a very good opportunity for you to turn things around.

Emily: Oh, well, that's too bad.

Dusty: What do you mean it's too bad?

Emily: Well, I'm happy for you that you made it happen, but I'm not interested in going back to work. My total focus has to be my son.

Dusty: Are you sure you don't want to hear me out?

Emily: Look, I came this close to losing my son forever. I'm not going to go back to spending Wednesday nights with him, and every other weekend.

Dusty: So you don't want to know the offer?

Emily: I can't afford to. I need to forget about everything in my life except being Daniel's mother.

Tom: About that -- there's something we need to discuss.

[Loud country music playing]

[Music stops]

Brad: Hey, morning, Brother!

Jack: Morning! Planning on getting dressed sometime today?

Brad: Well, you know, I don't make major decisions before I've had my coffee. Want some?

Jack: No, thank you, I'm all set.

Brad: Man, I got to tell you, your kids are noisy. And I thought that I could sleep through anything.

Jack: Finding everything you need?

Brad: Yeah, so far, so good. What about you, Man? You need some help? Looks like you do, you know. I mean, I could take the little kids to school tomorrow, give you a break.

Jack: No, I don't need a break. I'm just fine, love my kids.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, I love them, too, you know? But even a hero needs to take a day off. You know, catch up on some work. I can mind the fort.

Jack: Okay, would you just cut the crap, please?

Brad: I'm being a nice guy.

Jack: Then why didn't you tell me what really happened in North Carolina?

[Casey remembering]

Elwood: What the hell is that?

Casey: Registered bonds.

Casey: Come on, please pick up. Please, pick up. Elwood, hey, it's Casey. How soon can you get to Crash? All right, perfect. I'll see you there.

Maddie: Hey, I didn't know you were here.

Casey: Yeah, I just got in. What's with all that?

Maddie: Oh, I'm just cleaning up. Your mom's stressed enough. She doesn't need to worry about cleaning up the mess after the party.

Casey: Yeah, you're right.

Maddie: You know, it's not much, but it's something I can do. But, you know what? It actually would help if you can hang up your stuff.

Casey: Don't touch that.

[Gwen remembering]

Adam: Do you believe in yourself? 'Cause I do. You're magic. Every single part of you. Now, go out in that club, and show everyone that you have the guts to take it. 'Cause I promise you, I would not be here right now tonight with you if I didn't know in my soul that you can do this.

[Door opening]

Will: I saw that.

Gwen: Saw what?

Will: Why are you hiding the photos from your L.A. photoshoot?

Gwen: I was -- I was wallowing. I was just thinking about how close we got to finishing it. I'm sorry.

Will: You know, it's okay to miss what you did every day for the last few months.

Gwen: Yeah, it is. Just -- it's really weird. You know? You get used to it. I got used to being in the recording studio every day. And singing -- I actually started to believe that I was, you know, the girl in those photos.

Will: You are. That hasn't changed.

Gwen: Well, I don't feel like that.

Will: Well, she smiled a lot more.

Gwen: How's that?

Will: It's a little fake. I wish it were real.

Gwen: You know, it's just -- like, you know when you're having, like, a really good dream, and then you wake up and all you want to do is go back to sleep? Because you just want to feel what it feels like to be there a little more. You don't want it to be over.

Will: Well, you know, maybe it's not.

Iris: This better be good, Adam. Rising and shining ain't one of my strengths.

Adam: I don't think you'll be disappointed. Coffee? I got a big one for you.

Iris: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Now, I'd like a big cup of what's on your mind.

Adam: It's an area of mutual interest.

Iris: You and me only got one area like that, and that's my precious Gwennie.

Adam: Well, then, I'm hoping that offer you made me still stands.

Iris: Refresh my memory.

Adam: You promised to help me get something we both want.

Iris: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. To get Will gone out of Gwen’s life so she can think for herself.

Adam: Among other things. Take a look.

Iris: What the hell is this?

Adam: It's a registered bond. It's a way to transfer money. Any bank will give you cash for it.

Iris: You're giving me $500?

Adam: Not you. It's going to Will. Only he can't know how it got there.

Gwen: The bonds that your mom gave us were the only way that we could finish the demo. So, I don't know, unless they miraculously turn up somehow, I kind of have to accept that it's over.

Will: You can record another demo somewhere down the line.

Gwen: I don't really want to think about that too much.

Will: Why not? I thought you were going to stay positive?

Gwen: I am. I mean, but the demo was real, Will. You know, I can imagine holding it in my hand and hearing it on the radio. And when I think of starting over again, you know, all I have is questions. Like, are we going to be able to get another producer after Adam goes back to L.A.? Will we be able to find good backup singers without his contacts? Can we even afford, you know, a recording studio without the discount that he got us?

Will: So, you're nothing without Adam?

Gwen: No. I'm not saying that. It's just that, the work that we did, the way things came out -- I don't know that the pieces are going to fall together like that again.

Will: It'll be even better next time.

Gwen: Thank you. Thanks for the caffeine.

Will: I got you something else, too. A course catalog from Oakdale U.

Gwen: You think I should go back?

Will: Well, yeah. I mean, you loved it before you started doing the music stuff. And we always did talk about graduating and getting jobs, starting a life.

Gwen: Family. I'm sorry, that didn't really work out very well either.

Will: I have you. That's all I want, that's all I need.

Gwen: But you'd like me educated.

Will: Well, it would help. I mean, if we're going to adopt, then it helps to be a college grad.

Gwen: Yeah, you're right.

Will: Look, I can't make the demo happen for you right now. But maybe we can still go after some of the dreams we used to have. What do you say, you want to try?

Iris: All right, let's skip the mind games, Cutie Pie, okay? You want me to help you? You got a plan, tell it to me nice and easy.

Adam: Okay. Gwen and I had to bail on our demo because the $10,000 Will gave us to finish it was stolen. Now, the missing money was in registered bonds, just like that one.

Iris: So this is hot?

Adam: Very.

Iris: And if it's planted on Will, it'll look like he did the robbery.

Adam: Right. You know, he resented Gwen’s success, didn't want her to finish the demo, so he just found a way to make the money disappear.

Iris: Do you think Gwen'll buy it?

Adam: Hopefully.

Iris: Why would she believe that Will is trying to mess up her big chance? I mean, he was trying to help you both.

Adam: Yeah, let's just say Will and I had a few misunderstandings.

Iris: About what?

Adam: Gwen's career, and her loyalty.

Iris: Oh, Will's jealous. So you were working that. And you were hoping that it would look like, in Will's sick way, that he was trying to keep Gwen all to himself and away from you, huh?

Adam: Look, I know my brother, okay? I mean, he pretends he wants what Gwen wants, but that's all an act. He doesn't really care if she gets the fame and recognition she deserves.

Iris: Yeah, you don't have to tell me that. He's trying to keep my baby all to himself.

Adam: Yeah, it's sad to see her pass up on so much.

Iris: Especially if she could just get this big payoff down the line. You know, this plan of yours ain't half bad, Buddy.

Adam: Are you kidding? It's genius.

Iris: I like my baby hooking up with a genius.

Adam: Now, don't get ahead of me, Iris.

Iris: Not a chance. So, how are you going to plant this, Baby?

Maddie: Hey, what's wrong with you?

Casey: Nothing. Look, I'm sorry I overreacted.

Maddie: It's okay. I understand. I'm really weirded out about the break-in at Crash, too. To know that there's a criminal on the loose is --

Casey: You're scared?

Maddie: No, I'm not. I feel totally safe here, but Lisa must be putting a chair up against her door and listening for every sound in the night --

Casey: Man, I hope not.

Maddie: And Will? A black cloud falls him around. The poor kid can't catch a break. I just -- I hope your mom finds the druggie or whoever stole his money.

Casey: I thought you thought Jade did it?

Maddie: Yeah, well, you talked me out of that. Anyway, I'm sure your mom will figure what, who it was.

Casey: You know what? I should go. I told my gram that I'd help her clean up, clean up the damage, so I got to run.

Maddie: Okay, I'll just -- I'll come with you. Let me grab my coat.

Casey: No, wait, I thought -- but shouldn't you stay with Danny?

Maddie: Oh, no, not until later. He's over at Ricky’s blowing up aliens.

Casey: Man, he must be feeling a lot better to be playing video games.

Maddie: Yeah, well, Ricky’s home from break from boarding school. And he doesn't know about the kidnapping, so it's nice. But, your mom doesn't want us to stay anything to Danny about the --

Casey: No, that's fine. Actually, I don't want to talk about it at all anymore. You ready?

Maddie: Yeah. You know, I just -- I can't stop thinking about Will. There's got to be something we can do to cheer him up.

Casey: That's on you. I'm out of ideas.

Brad: Hey, I'm just a casualty of the economy. Okay, the first plant started with massive lay-offs, then they shut down the line that I was working on -- you know, it's tough times for working man, Jack.

Jack: And that includes you?

Brad: Oh, maybe not right now, but --

Jack: Not since last summer. And that was months before the factory actually closed down.

Brad: So, what, you've been checking on me?

Jack: I know you like to reinvent yourself, Brad. I just never know how far that actually goes.

Brad: I'm your brother. That hasn't changed.

Jack: Stick to facts this time, and it will go a lot better for you. Do you want to try again?

Brad: Fine, fine. You know, my boss and I were butting heads from day one. He timed every break I took -- he docked me pay if I was five minutes late. Getting laid off was a gift.

Jack: Really?

Brad: It's all good, man. It was the kick that I needed to get out of North Carolina and focus on my future.

Jack: That's really good. I'm happy for you. So, why don't you tell me what you've got in mind and how my family works into your plan?

Emily: Okay, if its bad news, will you just say it? Did Daniel have another meltdown or something?

Tom: No, no, he's just a little jumpy.

Emily: Oh, well, that's to be expected. Look, I'm fully prepared to spend as much time with Daniel as I need to. I'll home school if I have to.

Tom: I'm afraid that won't be an option.

Emily: Why not?

Tom: Daniel's going to be going away.

Emily: What are you talking about? Daniel's going where? Are you sending him to a hospital or something?

Tom: No, no, it's nothing like that.

Emily: Well, then why do you say it? You're scaring me.

Tom: Margo and I have decided to let Daniel go to boarding school.

Emily: Oh, you and Margo have decided? You can't do that without me.

Tom: Well, we're trying to figure out what's best for him right now. And this seems like the best idea.

Emily: You didn't even talk to me about it! I had no idea that you were even thinking of sending him to boarding school. And I think it's a terrible idea.

Tom: Even if it's Daniel's idea? Because he's been hinting about boarding school for about a year now.

Emily: Yeah, well, not to me.

Tom: It started about a year ago when his best friend, Ricky got accepted to Endicott Prep. And Ricky’s been around for the last week. They've been talking and he's very excited.

Emily: Yeah, but I don't care.

Tom: So Margo and I have looked into it. We talked to the dean at Endicott Prep, we faxed in Daniel's records and we explained, you know, the situation.

Emily: The situation? What did you tell him?

Tom: That Daniel needs a change. And the dean agrees that this is probably the right time to start --

Emily: What does that mean? What is the right time mean?

Tom: Look, he doesn't need to be whispered about anymore by everyone. He's had his picture plastered on almost every mailbox. He's hiding in his room --

Emily: But that will pass. That will all pass.

Tom: It will pass as soon as he's not around here all the time.

Emily: I don't believe this. I don't believe this.

Tom: He needs to be and feel like a normal kid with a normal family and we can't give that right now. So, I think if he's away from everything, that's probably the best thing.

Emily: Oh, God, you know what? I hate it when you talk like a lawyer. Because what you're really saying is you think it's a good idea from my son to be away from me!

Brad: You know, it's not the kind of plan that I could put down on paper. I mean, not yet. But I got a lot of ideas.

Jack: How about just give me the high points.

Brad: First, I got to regroup. You know, get organized and figure out how to market my skills.

Jack: Oh, okay, so what does regroup mean in terms of day-to-day living expenses? What are you going to -- feed off Emma?

Brad: No, Man, I'll get a job, you know. Something I'm good at.

Jack: Oh.

Brad: I'll do what I need to just live here until I find it.

Jack: I see. I see. So, your plan actually is to live here on the farm until you finally decide what you want to do for a living?

Brad: I'll tell you this much, I'm not going to wear a suit, unless I can help it. And I'll never let anyone ever push me around.

Jack: What's wrong with having a boss, Brad? It works so well for everybody else.

Brad: Hey, Man, I'm not putting down your life. I mean, I just couldn't live like you. Believe me, I've tried it.

Jack: Okay, so your solution is to do away with the suits. Suits, Brad. Pajama bottoms, good.

Brad: Look, I'm not looking for a free ride. I'm not going to be a burden to Aunt Emma. If you let me stay here, I will be the perfect houseguest.

Jack: Don't start. Don't start like that. Because you know it's not my decision whether you stay or go. But if you stay, you stay as family. You do chores and people count on you. Can you handle that?

Brad: Piece a cake, Bud.

Jack: Okay, well, let's start with a little cleanup. Cleanup time!

Brad: All right! Yeah!

Jack: And I thought I told you to smoke these things outside?

Brad: Hey, I forgot, Man.

Jack: Well, start remembering. Start remembering. Because kids live here.

Brad: Okay. Aye, aye, Captain Jack.

Vienna: Collect the eggs. Water and feed the chickens, muck out stalls --

Brad: You know, I can help you with that. I am an expert.

Vienna: Oh, why, thank you.

Brad: And you are looking, looking very, very beautiful, by the way.

Vienna: I'm sorry, Mr. Brad, I don't have time for any compliments. Emma, she left me a whole list of chores to do while she was away, so --

Brad: Well, little lady, you are in luck. Because I just so happen to love chores.

Maddie: I guess we shouldn't touch anything though, because of the tape, so --

Casey: Yeah.

Maddie: Well, if it is Jade, I hope your mom nails her.

Casey: I knew you were going to go back to saying it was her.

Maddie: Well, think about it. She faked a miscarriage for a baby that she made up! You think this is beyond her?

Casey: You know what I think.

Maddie: Jade doesn't care who she hurts, okay? She wrecks things and then leaves the mess for other people to clean up --

Casey: Would you please stop! I'm sorry. I don't know what -- I don't know what my problem is.

Maddie: Whatever it is, I'm just making it worse, so --

Casey: No, it's definitely not you.

Maddie: Listen, I understand, okay? You need to deal with this alone. And I have to go to school, anyway, okay? Remember, this can all be fixed, okay?

Casey: Not all.

Elwood: There's a closed sign on the door -- whoa, what went down here?

Casey: The place was robbed.

Elwood: Oh, creepy. All right, let's get out of here, Man.

Casey: No, wait! Elwood, come here. You need to get rid of the rest of these bonds for me now.

Gwen: Some of these courses are already circled.

Will: Mm-hmm. Just the ones I thought you'd like.

Gwen: Poetry? You chose classes for me?

Will: Well, I want you to see what was open, what's out there for you.

Gwen: Honestly, I think because I missed a whole semester, I'm going to be stuck making up requirements.

Will: Yeah, I know.

Gwen: Maybe I'll look at what the music department has. [Cell phone rings] Hey. Why?

Adam: Can you meet me at Java? I have something to give you.

Gwen: Well, Will and I are just talking about going over to campus to check out some classes, so --

Adam: Bring him with you. I'll wait.

Gwen: Hold on a second. Hey, it's your brother. Do you want to go over to Java for a minute?

Will: Yeah, sure. It's on the way.

Gwen: Okay. Yeah, we'll be there.

Adam: Perfect. I'll see you soon. Done. They're leaving now.

Iris: Nice. Gwennie trusts you.

Adam: It's time to move on this, Iris. You get in, tuck that bond someplace where Gwen will find it and get out fast.

Iris: Yeah, you haven't told me where to tuck it, Adam.

Adam: She's your daughter. You know how she thinks. Make it work.

Iris: I don't know. Making sure Gwen finds it first, it's going to be tricky. I mean, if Will gets home before she does --

Adam: He won't, if you do this right. I'll make sure Gwen gets home before Will, all right? Now get out of here. And don't get caught.

Iris: What makes you think that I'm not going to cash this bond myself and split?

Adam: I don't see you chasing short money. You know, Gwen could make millions once I get her in front of the public. Isn't that why you're sticking around?

Iris: It's not hard to believe in my daughter. She is the star package.

Adam: I agree. So, prove to me that you can be an asset, and I'll make sure you're in Gwen’s inner circle. But we have to get rid of Will first.

Iris: I will do anything to make sure Gwen gets her dream. You can count on it.

Gwen: Hey, there.

Adam: Hey, thanks for coming by. You know, it just didn't seem right to say good-bye over the phone.

Gwen: Good-bye? Why? Are you going back to L.A. Already?

Adam: Well, it just didn't seem that I need to stick around now that we're not going to be able to finish the demo. Here, this is for you.

Gwen: Thank you.

Adam: It's your master tape, charts, contact lists, cover mock up --

Gwen: I didn't think it was going to end like this.

Adam: Yeah, me neither. But just try to remember how far you've come.

Gwen: I will remember how much faith you had in me. Both of you. It's been amazing. Thank you.

Adam: Yeah, I had a good time. But you know, I think I needed to get out of L.A. for a little while.

Gwen: Yeah.

Adam: Now that I've had a break, I'm kind of looking forward to getting back, you know?

Gwen: Can I ask you something? If we decided to get the demo going next summer, can we call, ask your advice?

Adam: I'd be honored.

Will: I'm going to go get some coffee. Do you guys want anything?

Gwen: Something with a lot of chocolate would be great.

Adam: No, I'm good.

Will: I'll be back in a few.

Adam: Thanks.

Gwen: You think you'll miss the winter?

Adam: Maybe this time.

Gwen: I'll miss you. You taught me a lot more than just how to record a song.

Adam: You own your voice now, Gwen.

Gwen: I feel that.

Adam: Good. I'm glad you're not making the mistake of thinking this is just a one-time thing. Because you can do this, with or without me.

Gwen: With you is my first choice. So, I'm not saying good-bye. This is just an interruption, okay?

Adam: Okay.

Will: Gwen, you know, we really got to get to the registrar's office.

Gwen: Yeah, it's time for a new chapter.

Adam: Hey, you know, I wouldn't walk around with those dats. They're kind of fragile and you wouldn't want all of those months of work to go to waste.

Gwen: Yeah. Maybe I'll drop it off at the house.

Adam: Yeah, that's what I'd do.

Will: We can do it on our way.

Adam: Yeah, put them in someplace safe.

Gwen: All right.

Adam: All right. Hey, you know, can I just talk to you for a minute? I want to apologize.

[Iris looking for the key to the cottage]

Iris: Gwennie, Gwennie, Gwennie. Where do you put it? Good girl.

] ------------------------------------------

Elwood: This is why you called me?

Casey: Look, just take these and hide them in our dorm room. I don't care. In your mattress, the trombone case --

Elwood: Oh, no, no, no way! No, no way. I don't want to be responsible for that money.

Casey: I just can't keep walking around with these on me.

Elwood: Well, I'm sure. Because with that kind of money, you could probably stake yourself in an a-level game, and then --

Casey: No, no, whoa, I'm not going back there. I'm done.

Elwood: Really?

Casey: Yeah, just please do as I ask.

Elwood: Look at you, Man. You're losing it. Are you sure there's nothing you want to tell me?

Casey: Well, I owe a lot of people money.

Elwood: Yeah, well, and now you can pay them all back. I mean, you should be feeling good about this. You're free.

Casey: Free? I'm not free! I messed up my whole life over a few hands of poker. Now, I need to make it right and keep it right.

Elwood: Well, good luck, Man. And I mean it, all right? I should be getting going.

Casey: Just don't lose those bonds.

Elwood: Hey, it's me, Elwood, okay?

Brad: You know, I come from a long line of men with farming in their blood. And I can give you pointers on every single one of these.

Vienna: Can you?

Brad: Oh, yeah.

Vienna: I'd love it. When I called Emma and asked her to stay longer, I promised I'd would help her while she was away. And it's my way to say thank you for her hospitality.

Brad: So, where do you want to start?

Vienna: Right here.

Brad: Doing what?

Vienna: The dishes. Don't be a naughty boy.

Brad: Why not? You got something against naughty boys?

Vienna: Are you going to help me or not?

Brad: Okay.

Vienna: Thank you.

Brad: Poor Jack, Man. These kids are always ready to eat, you know? They always make such a mess.

Vienna: My dogs are so much easier. When I travel with marzipan, everything is disposable. I tell her to sit, and she sits like a little princess.

Brad: You've got to be kidding me, right? Hold on a second.

Vienna: Wow. That's efficient.

Brad: This is how we do it down on the farm, Honey. Okay, what's next on this list once we finish the dishes?

Vienna: The wood pile.

Brad: Now, that is a job a man can sink his teeth into. Hey, why don't you take these, I'll go upstairs and change. I'll meet you out on the porch.

Vienna: Okay.

Tom: I hate being apart from Daniel as much as you do, but he needs this.

Emily: He needs this? He needs to be far away from everything and everyone whom makes him feel safe.

Tom: He doesn't feel safe. That's the problem. He worries that I'm going to have another heart attack, or Margo going to get killed in the line of duty or that someone throw him in a car and try to get off with him.

Emily: This will pass. I'm telling you!

Tom: He doesn't want to think about this. He wants to think about -- about lunch, and homework and what sport he's going to do next. He needs this.

Emily: No, no, no -- he needs to be around people who love him and, and, and, people who put him first. Look, I know you and Margo have a lot on your plate with you just out of the hospital and everything. I get that. But, let him come live with me, let him live with his mother. I'll be there every day he's home from school. And I will do everything in my power to keep him happy, please?

Tom: If you believe that, if you really want him to be safe, you'll let him go.

Dusty: Everything okay?

Emily: Everything is about as far away from okay as possible. Oh God, Dusty. Tom and Margo are sending Daniel to boarding school! I'm not going to know my own son!

Dusty: Can they do that if you object?

Emily: Yes, of course I object, but it's basically a done deal. And apparently Daniel wants to go.

Dusty: Oh, he wants to go. Well I understand that, can't you? After everything he's been through.

Emily: I know -- I know he's been through a lot. What about what I've been through? And I have lost more over these past few months than I thought was possible. And now their telling me I'm going to lose my son.

Dusty: I know you love your son.

Emily: Oh God! I want to fight them on this. What am I gonna do?

Dusty: Your going to stop whining and your gonna do what Tom wants you to do.

Brad: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it, hold it, hold it! What are you doing with that axe?

Vienna: I'm going to chop some wood for Emma.

Brad: Well as long as that's all you chop. I mean you can do some serious damage with that thing.

Vienna: Well Emma, she has been so kind to me. Yeah know, she let me stay here and she won't even let me give her any money.

Brad: Well that's because this is her house and not a hotel.

Vienna: Yes! And that's why I love being here. You know after awhile, every single five-star hotel starts to feel the same.

Brad: Yeah, I wouldn't know that.

Vienna: You'd hate it.

Brad: Maybe not the first few times.

Vienna: Yeah know, living like this -- being so close to nature, it makes me feel alive.

Brad: I hear you.

Vienna: Yeah know, and Emma -- she doesn't care how much money I have. She likes me because we bake the same cookies.

Brad: You want me to show you how you do that?

Vienna: Yes, please.

Brad: Okay first, you gotta relax. Okay take a deep breath. That's good, okay that's better. Right, let me show you how to hold it.

Vienna: Yes. Put your right hand up at the top by the blade -- and your hand down on the other end.

Vienna: Okay, now what?

Brad: All right. Now you lift it up over your head when you're ready to swing, come down on the wood. And when you come down, you bring this hand all the way down to the bottom.

Vienna: Like this?

Brad: Exactly like that. But you let the axe do the work. Your job is just to aim.

Vienna: Okay, sounds easy enough.

Brad: Well, it just takes practice, you know but like anything else. The more you do it, the better you get.

Vienna: Okay.

Brad: You wanna give it a shot.

Vienna: If you'll do it with me.

Brad: Well, you jump right in, don't you?

Vienna: Should I be scared?

Brad: No, no. I'm right here with you.

Vienna: Well, I like the sound of that.

Brad: I like your attitude.

Vienna: On the count of three?


One, two, three!

Iris: Gwennie, you are so beautiful and you are so talented and Adam knows it. That's why I'm gonna make sure that you hook up with the right brother.

Adam: Could you give us a minute? Will and I have some unfinished business. I don't want to go to L.A. with things unsaid.

Will: Well, I gotta get her to campus for an appointment --

Gwen: Well, we have time --

Adam: It won't take long.

Gwen: Look, I'll just go home. I'll drop this stuff off, you wanna meet back at the house?

Will: Yeah, sure. Be in, in awhile.

Gwen: All right.

Adam: Thanks.

Gwen: Let us know what's going on in your life.

Adam: Check your e-mail.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: What's up?

Adam: Gwen seems to be handling this well.

Will: Let's not talk about Gwen, this seems important.

Adam: It is. At least to me. You know, you and I ran across some rough patches during this process. I just want to say I'm sorry if things got a little tense between us.

Will: Forget it.

Adam: No, no, no, no, you have been incredibly generous, Will, and I appreciate your trust.

Will: Well, I know that you had her best interests in mind and you were just trying to make the best possible demo for her, so --

Adam: Yeah, we're just coming from different places. You know, I should've taken more time to fill you in, let you know how I work.

Will: Well, you didn't exactly have time for that, so --

Adam: Yeah. I'm sorry we didn't hang more, too. I mean, now this whole thing is scrapped, sort of feels like a wasted opportunity.

Will: Casey's here. Does he know you're leaving?

Adam: No, not yet.

Will: Well, let's make it an all-brother event. Case.

Adam: Yeah, I'm really sorry you lost all that money, too.

Will: Well, it hurt, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt the burn from that. I mean, you had a big stake in the project, too.

Casey: It doesn't feel good, that's for sure.

Adam: I just wish I'd handled the finances better. You know, then you wouldn't have had to ask your mom for money in the first place. I know this doesn't put you in a good position with her -- again.

Will: I'm used to it. Messing up is the story of my life.

Casey: You didn't do this, though, I did.

Will: What are you talking about?

Casey: This whole thing is my fault.

Emily: It is so easy for you to say those words. Just let him go. They're just words to you.

Dusty: I don't mean to sound harsh, but you got to be a survivor. No matter what for Daniel, so he can do the same. You gotta be tough.

Emily: I don't feel tough right now, okay?

Dusty: Well, then fake it! 'Cause it's not your kid's job to keep you happy, or give meaning to your life.

Emily: I'm a horrible mother, aren't I?

Dusty: You are, if you put yourself first. So what if he's going to boarding school? At least you know where he is.

Emily: What am I going to do without my son?

Dusty: You're going to get your career back on track and show your son you're a winner.

Emily: Okay, I guess now's the time to ask about this opportunity of yours.

Dusty: Lucinda just signed off on Worldwide's purchase of the other half of "The Intruder."

Emily: Are you kidding?

Dusty: I already have a meeting set up to see who you're going to be working resources with.

Emily: I had -- I had no idea. You did this for me?

Dusty: Yeah. But let's not get sentimental. That always ruins a good business deal.

Emily: I don't know what to say to you.

Dusty: Say you're ready to conquer.

Emily: I think I'm ready to conquer.

Dusty: Then let's do it.

Vienna: Oh, no, chicken, not inside! Oh, no. She's going to make a mess. We got to get her out --

Brad: Shh, don't scare her. Don't scare her.

Vienna: Before your mother gets home.

Brad: Don't scare her. How do you grab a chicken?

Vienna: Just grab it. Let's just grab it. One, two, three.

Brad: Oh!

[Vienna screams]

Vienna: Oh!

Will: How is this your fault?

Adam: Now, we all had a hand in this project coming apart. You know, I'm sure if we had it to over again, we'd all make some different choices.

Will: Well, you're not the one who left the alarm off, that was me.

Adam: That was an accident.

Will: Yeah, but I basically let the money get stolen. I don't blame anyone but myself for the break-in at Crash. Or maybe it was meant to be. You know, maybe it was for the best.

Adam: Wow. I don't know many people who just lost $10,000 could look at it like that. You, Casey?

Casey: Sure.

Will: Look, Gwen and I, we want to look ahead, we don't want to look backwards. I think we already know how we're going to turn this around.

Adam: I just wish I could be here to cheer you on, but doesn't really look that way now, though.

Will: Well, that is a downside. We're going to miss you.

Adam: Just keep in touch.

Will: Yeah.

Adam: And, again, I'm really sorry at how this all turned out.

Will: Thanks for all the hard work. It was fun.

Adam: Yeah. Later!

Will: Yeah. See ya, Case.

Adam: What?

Casey: I can't do this anymore. I've got to tell them the truth!

Adam: What truth?

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Steve: Rescue me. Have another drink, I'm buying.

Casey: I can't give you the money back. It's already gone.

Adam: Hey, don't worry about it. Just let me take care of it.

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