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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/25/07

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Milo: Nobody move. Put your hands in the air where I can see them.

Meg: Sir -- please, don't shoot. I just want to help.

Milo: You want to help me?

Meg: Look, I grew up with guns, okay? It's not safe to point them at people. So why don't you just put it away and then we can talk.

Milo: And who the hell are you?

Meg: Nurse Snyder. Or Meg, if you want.

Milo: Okay Nurse Snyder, since you want to help. Why don't you tell me who killed my wife?

Mike: What is this? It smells good.

Katie: Vegetarian chili -- all organic. And cornbread.

Mike: When did you find time to do this?

Katie: I put the beans on a while ago. And, well, don't tell anybody, but I got the corn bread mix at the health food store.

Mike: You mean you didn't grow the corn yourself out of your window box?

Katie: No. I think Martha Stewart would be very disappointed, but I've been kind of busy.

Mike: You're amazing.

Katie: I'm just happy. Tom's okay and Danielís home -- and so are you.

Mike: All right, we need to get over to Tom and Margoís or else everyone else is gonna go hungry but you and me.

Katie: Okay. Rain check.

Mike: Rain check. Mail's here.

Katie: Oh. What a waste of a tree. Simon.

Gwen: Admit it. You were wrong about your brother.

Adam: Look, if he's really back on track with finishing the demo, I'm thrilled.

Gwen: See, there you go. Not trusting him again.

Adam: It's not that I don't trust him. I know him. I can read him.

Gwen: Oh, and I can't?

Adam: Well, sometimes people see what they want to see.

Gwen: Hey, Maddie? Am I the type of person to wear rose-colored glasses?

Maddie: You? No, that's more me.

Gwen: Exactly. I'm a realist. I have a question, I ask it. And yeah, Will was not thrilled about getting his mom involved, but that has nothing to do with whether or not he's committed to the project.

Adam: If you say so.

Gwen: Oh, you think that if Barbara hadn't come through, Will wouldn't have found the money another way?

Adam: Well, Barbara did come through, so we'll never have to test that theory.

Gwen: It's not a theory, Adam. Will wants this for me. And in terms of fame, if that's what comes, he's all for it.

Adam: Then you're right, and I'm wrong.

Maddie: What are you guys talking about?

Gwen: Well, we went a little bit over budget. And Barbara offered to help out, so Will borrowed $10,000 from her which he's putting in a safe at Crash right now as we speak.

Maddie: Okay, I'm sorry. I don't know. That sounds like good news to me, so why are you arguing?

Gwen: Mr. Adam here doesn't seem to think that will is 100% in my corner.

Maddie: Ah, well Mr. Adam is wrong. And you're right. Will is 100% devoted to this woman.

Adam: Lucky you.

Margo: Come on, Tom. Don't overdue it.

Tom: Margo's a worrywart, Daniel.

Daniel: That's why I don't let her watch me when I'm on my skateboard.

[Margo chuckles]

Tom: Looking good.

Adam: Thank you, we're trying.

Margo: Everybody wanted to wish you well.

Maddie: You bounced back so quickly.

Margo: Yeah, I think he's finally catching up with all his rest.

Tom: Yeah, I haven't spent this much time in bed since my honeymoon actually.

Daniel: Aw, too much information.

Tom: As long as everybody's here and safe and happy, it's the best medicine there is.

Gwen: It's incredible. You really look unbelievable Mr. Hughes.

Tom: Thank you very much. And it's Tom.

Maddie: He doesn't let people call him Mr. Hughes.

Adam: Except Casey.

Margo: Yeah, where is Casey?

Maddie: Casey went to the store to get the nonfat ice cream for Tom.

Margo: Yeah, but he should be home by now. Danny, help your dad get his feet up on the table.

Danny: You okay?

Tom: Yeah, yeah, just a few little twinges. Nothing to worry about. Hey -- Adam, Gwen, tell me about this album you're producing.

Daniel: It's a demo, Dad.

Tom: Okay, it's a demo. Anyway, I heard there were some problems.

Adam: Yeah, we had a little budget crisis, but Will saved the day. So now we have enough money to polish the thing and show it to that guy I was telling you about.

[Cell phone rings]

Casey: Hello?

Margo: Hi, where are you?

Casey: Getting ice cream.

Margo: Well, what are you doing -- churning it yourself? Come on, your dad wants to see you.

Casey: Well, the supermarket was out of that heart-healthy stuff so I had to drive to the mini-mart across town.

Margo: Just forget it -- come on home.

Casey: No, no, no -- I'm almost there. I'll just get the ice cream and then I'll be right back.

Simon: Dear, Katie. Forgive me for writing. I know you probably don't want to hear from me but I wanted to apologize. I know I hurt you -- again. And that sorry won't cut it. But please know that wasn't the plan. Look, I thought for a while that we could try again. I did want you back. But I was selfish, and I'm sorry for that. I hope that you and Mike can work things out. He's a good guy --solid, someone you can rely on. So don't give up on him. You two belong together. Anyway, I wish you well. As for me -- I'm fine. A constant screw-up, but I'm fine and I'm happy, and I know that you will be, too. Just give it a little time, Katie. He'll come around. How could he resist you? Take care, Simon.

Mike: Hey, what's that?

Meg: I'd be happy to answer any question you might have. Just put the gun away.

Milo: What the hell was that?


Meg: It was just the elevator. Sir, you need to calm down. You're scaring everybody. Look, you had a question about your wife, okay. I'll tell you anything you need to know. Just let these people go home, okay? They came here to donate blood. They can't help you.

Craig: I've come for my sister -- whoa. Please, don't point that thing at me.

Meg: Craig, just listen and do what he says.

Craig: What's going on here?

Meg: The gentleman needs to ask me a few questions, okay? So just sit down and shut up. Please.

Milo: And put your hands in the air where I can see them.

Craig: All right, all right.

Meg: What is your wife's name?

Milo: Sarah.

Meg: That's a biblical name. It's old, it's beautiful.

Milo: Only she was very young.

Meg: I'm very sorry for your loss.

Milo: Very sorry for my loss? She was my wife. I've known her since ninth grade. That's 15 years.

Meg: You're lucky.

Milo: Lucky?

Meg: Somebody loved you for 15 years. That's rare. And I don't mean to minimize what's happened -- I know you're angry and upset. But if Sarah died here at Memorial, it's only because they couldn't save her.

Milo: Save her? She wasn't even that sick. She came in here for an elective surgery, and now -- now she's dead. That's messed up, lady. Somebody killed her. You, maybe? How about you? Did you kill my wife? Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Mike: What are you reading? A letter?

Katie: This? No, no -- it's just -- just a bill. Oh, you know, should I have put the dressing on the salad now?

Mike: It's fine. We're going to be there in five minutes.

Katie: Okay, yeah. Is there room in the trunk?

Mike: No, trunk is full. But we'll put it in the back on the floor, okay?

Katie: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Henry: Uncle Henry here -- to tell you I told you so.

Katie: What's that?

Henry: It's a gift for the happiest woman in the world. If you had held out any longer, it would've cost me.

Mike: You were giving odds?

Henry: All in your favor. All in your favor. And everybody wins. You got what you wanted, she got what she wanted. And I get my life back.

Mike: Okay, okay. I'm going to put the rest of this stuff to the car, all right?

Henry: What is all this?

Katie: We are throwing a kind of welcome home from the hospital party for Tom at their house.

Mike: Yeah. And we need to go.

Katie: Actually, why don't you go on ahead? I'll -- Henry brought this all the way over here. I should open it up.

Mike: You sure?

Katie: Yeah, I'll be right behind you. I'll bring the rest of the stuff.

Mike: Okay. Henry, interesting as usual.

Henry: Hmm. As long as you're happy, my job is done. So -- so, what's going on?

Katie: Busy, busy, busy -- you know me.

Henry: Yeah, I do. So why don't you leave that alone for a second and look me into the eyes and tell me why you just got rid of the man you love.

Adam: There's life after James Blunt, Maddie.

Maddie: Yes, but will the fray tell me I'm beautiful?

Adam: You know you're beautiful. Why does someone have to sing it to you over and over?

Maddie: I guess I'm just a romantic and you're not.

Adam: Nope, no, no, no. No, I'm very romantic.

Maddie: Ah, yes, is that why Jade left here so happy? What's going on with you two?

Adam: Why is it your business?

Maddie: If I have to wade through your dirty gym socks and your wet towels if I want to take a shower --

Adam: All right, I'll try to remember you're not my mother.

Maddie: Look, just try cleaning up after yourself. How's that? And don't change the subject.

Adam: Jade knew this was a family thing, okay?

Maddie: The only thing Jade knows is having it her way. Because she had a terrible childhood and blah, blah, blah. Like no one else had it bad.

Adam: Thanks for your input.

Maddie: Why is it that even smart guys are dumb about women? You know, I don't understand. It's so disappointing. Guys need to start listening to things that girls tell them.

Adam: All right, I'm all ears.

Maddie: You cross Jade Taylor? She'll make sure you pay.

Margo: Okay, Caseyís on his way. He had some terrible, I don't know, ice cream fiasco.

Daniel: Can we please have dinner now?

Tom: Yeah, somebody --

Daniel: I'm starving.

Tom: Somebody feed him. He's beating me.

Margo: But your aunt Katieís coming by with all this health food.

Daniel: Healthy food? Oh.

Margo: I know, I know. Well, there is some leftover lasagna in the refrigerator if you want that, okay? If you don't like what she brings.

Daniel: Can I have it now?

Margo: Yeah, but be polite and eat some of what she brings over, okay?

Tom: Hey, Gwen, is Will gonna join us?

Gwen: He had to study. But he might stop by later.

Tom: Ah, college. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Margo: Yeah, and then there's law school.

Tom: Yeah, but I loved it though. Those late nights in the library. The smell of the books. I had this study carrel by the window. I can't tell you how many times I watched the sun come up there.

Margo: Oh, well, that's what it takes.

Tom: Yeah, well, I loved it, though. I do worry about Case, though. Trying to juggle all this stuff -- schoolwork, the job and the demo.

Gwen: Casey can handle it. And with Will at school, he'll have somebody to study with which should help, especially since Will's all out to make Dean's list this semester. Maybe Casey will catch the bug and do the same thing.

Tom: I've never worried about Case and his studies -- he'll do great at that. I'm more worried about him burning out.

Margo: Hey -- there you are! What took you so long?

Casey: There was a line.

Maddie: Hey, I'm glad you're here. Doesn't your dad look great?

Casey: Yeah.

Maddie: Tell him.

Casey: Hey, Dad. You look great.

Tom: Well, I feel better than yesterday. You gotta stop, though.

Daniel: If I eat my lasagna now, can I have my ice cream?

Margo: No, you've got to leave room from Katieís food. Hey, what's the matter? Take your jacket off. Stay awhile.

Casey: Yeah, sorry.

Margo: Make yourself useful. You get the platters down from up above the refrigerator.

Milo: You do that again and I'm gonna hurt you.

Meg: You don't want to hurt anyone. You just want to find out what happened to your wife and that's understandable. You loved Sarah very much.

Milo: Don't patronize me.

Meg: I'm not. But I have a lot of frightened people here and you have a gun and you're angry. And I'm just trying to find a peaceful way out of this for everyone. So why don't we all just take a breath and you can give me some information and I'll see what I can do. Now, you said your wife's first name was Sarah. I need to know what her last name was.

Milo: Shaughnessy. I dropped her off this morning before the sun came up.

Meg: And she was admitted for elective surgery?

Milo: It was supposed to be a nothing procedure. She didn't even want me to stay, I had work. She said she'd be fine. So I went to the office. I called her right after the surgery and everything was fine. I went and bought her flowers. Pink carnations. That's the only flower that doesn't make her sneeze. And then I got a call from some doctor who tells me that she's gone. That there's nothing they can do. They didn't know what happened. She just crashed. How does that happen? A normal, healthy patient comes in for a minor surgery and just crashes and dies?

[Meg remembering]

[Flat line beep]

Meg: We have a code blue. Room seven. Bring a crash cart, stat. Come on, come on, come on. Stay with me. Where's the cart?

Meg: Oh, my God.

Milo: You know what happened, don't you? Tell me what happened to my wife!

Henry: Who raised this man? A kangaroo?

Katie: What are you talking about? I think it's a nice gesture.

Henry: His penmanship! It's awful! Mike has much better handwriting. I wonder if Carly knows that he's writing to his ex.

Katie: Henry --

Henry: He's a felon. He's in flight from prosecution. And even if he wants you back --

Katie: Wanted me back. Past tense. He's with Carly now and I'm with Mike.

Henry: All right. I don't have to take that back?

Katie: No, no, of course not.

Henry: It's a tribute. You know? A tribute to your marriage.

Katie: What're you doing?!

Henry: I'm saving you from yourself.

Katie: I don't want Simon.

Henry: Yeah, okay, you don't want Simon, like you didn't want him when you threw him down on the couch or the floor or wherever it is you two decided to celebrate.

Katie: That was an unexplainable moment of sheer insanity, which would never happen again, because of this letter. It proves it. Not because of what Simon said, that he's happy without me, but because of the way I felt when I read it. And I felt fine. I was actually happy for him. I was happier for me because I have Mike back and Tom's alive and Danielís safe, and I'm spending the night with my family and we're gonna have a great time. We're gonna play music. I'm going to play our favorite song.

Henry: I got it, I got it. I got it, I got it!

Katie: Toast.

Henry: Please.

Katie: Okay. So it's sweet of you to worry, but I'm fine.

Henry: Okay. In that case, can you tell me again, why can't I burn that letter?

Casey: Hey, what's going on?

Adam: Not much. Your girlfriend's just lecturing me about leaving my wet towels in the bathroom.

Margo: It's about time someone lectured you.

Maddie: It must be hardwired, men expecting all the women in their lives to pick up after them.

Daniel: Can I get some cheese with this?


Gwen: Yeah, sure. I'll get you some cheese.

Daniel: Thank you.

Tom: All I know is, my life is a lot sweeter, thanks to all the women who've decided to share it with me.

Margo: Aw.

Adam: So, what? You going to go into politics now? He's got all the moves, doesn't he?

Casey: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Tom: So, Case. Adam's filled me in. Apparently this project you're working on, there's some interest from the coast? I mean, Danielís been filling me in on the lingo.

Daniel: It's L.A., Dad.

Tom: Okay, L.A. now that the financing's on track, sounds like this little project is going to take wings and fly, huh?

Casey: It wasn't me.

Gwen: Excuse me? Who harassed Adam until he had no choice but to hear me sing?

Maddie: You.

Tom: Well, so, I would like to propose a toast then. Maybe the first of many this evening, but I'd like to raise a glass to the kids. Children are a blessing, music is a blessing and sharing your talent with the world, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

Margo: Hear, hear.

All: Hear, hear.

Milo: I have a right to know what happened to my wife.

Meg: Yes, of course you do.

Milo: So let's hear it.

Meg: I can only tell you what I know.

Milo: You can all go.

Barbara: Thank God.

Milo: Except for her. How did she die?

Meg: I know an autopsy was ordered, which will give you a more complete answer. But all I know is that it appears that she went into anaphylactic shock during recovery. A code blue was issued, the team worked very hard on her. They did everything they could to bring her back, but the shock, on top of the surgery, she just couldn't make it.

Milo: Wait, anaphylactic shock, that's usually caused by an allergic reaction, right?

Meg: That's often the case.

Milo: My wife was allergic to half the world. Did anyone bother to write down her history?

Meg: Of course they did. Her doctor would have discussed her case with her surgeon who would have talked to the anesthesiologist. And when she arrived, they would have done a complete work-up and listed all her allergies.

Milo: Right, so what went wrong?

Meg: I'm not sure. Maybe Sarah reacted to a new formulation of the drug that she was able to tolerate in the past, or maybe it was a combination of drugs. Or perhaps there was a medicine that she was allergic to that she forgot to mention to her doctor.

Milo: No, not possible. Sarah's had allergies since she was born. There was a whole list of medications that she couldn't take. She could rattle them off in 30 seconds flat. No. Someone here made a mistake, but it wasn't Sarah†††††††† .

Meg: Okay, look. Once the autopsy comes in --

Milo: There shouldn't have been an autopsy! This shouldn't have happened! She was allergic to everything. Even the bleach they put in paper. She couldn't use tissues. That's why I got her this linen handkerchief.

Meg: I'm so sorry.

Milo: When did your shift start?

Meg: I was asked to stay late to run the blood drives, so I've been here all day.

Milo: So you were here this morning?

Meg: Yes.

Milo: Did you see her?

Meg: Yes. I was one of the many people that pitched in when she coded.

Milo: You know who did this, don't you?

Meg: Mr. Shaughnessy, if I don't know what happened, how could I possibly tell you who's responsible?

Milo: Because you were there.

Meg: And what I saw is everybody working very hard to try and save her.

Milo: What about before that? When she was in surgery?

Meg: I'm not a surgical nurse. I didn't observe the procedure.

Milo: But you said you were there when she crashed.

Meg: I had just checked on her.

Milo: So, you were her nurse then.

Meg: There were a lot of people taking care of your wife, and yes, I was one of them.

Milo: Okay, so it was your job to make sure that she wasn't injected with anything that could give her an allergic reaction?

Meg: No, it was my job to follow the doctor's orders, to make sure that all her meds were listed and noted in her chart, and they were.

Milo: Did you speak to her before that?

Meg: Briefly.

Milo: What did she say?

Meg: Just the usual.

Milo: You're lying! My wife was not just any patient. She was intelligent and super careful, especially when it came to her health.

Meg: Yes, she was. I remember.

[Meg remembering]

Sarah: Are you sure I can't use my own sheets? I'm allergic to bleach, most soaps --

Meg: I'm afraid not. It's hospital policy.

Sarah: Well, don't let them put any plants in here. Nothing in the ragweed family or anything moldy. I even have problems with perfume sometimes. You're not wearing any, are you?

Meg: No. No, I'm not. What we're most interested in is any medications you might be allergic to.

Sarah: Penicillin, iodine, certain anti-convulsants, sulfa drugs, adrenaline, anti-inflammatories, cipro, acetaminophen, glycerin, augmentin, things with certain pigments. I don't like bath salts. Salt's in general, not good for me.

Milo: What?

Meg: I'm sorry, I was just thinking.

Milo: Yeah, I can see that. You remembered something, didn't you?

Margo: Okay, anybody else want anymore cider here?

Tom: Honey? I'd like to say something. Pause it. Now what happened to me, although I don't recommend it --

Adam: Yeah, I think I'll take a pass.

Tom: Yeah, well, it still brought a lot of things home for me. How much I love my wife. And my kids. My friends and family. I mean, life is good.

Margo: Aww.

Adam: And that's why greeting cards are a billion dollar business.

Maddie: Because people's feelings matter.

Adam: Okay, you win.

Maddie: Ha ha! I just vanquished your brother. Do you care? No? Okay.

Casey: Yeah.

Gwen: I never won an argument with him.

Margo: Get that plate into the sink. Now I don't want Katie seeing anything if she's bringing over all these healthy goodies.

Tom: Please, no more snor -- what do you call them? Soy burgers?

Daniel: See!

Margo: It's all right, come on.

Daniel: So, is anyone else coming to this?

Margo: No, she's family.

Daniel: Uncle Craig?

Margo: Oh, hey, you know, what happened with your uncle Craig, don't let that freak you out, okay?

Daniel: I just -- I just don't want anybody fighting over me.

Margo: No, no, you shouldn't want that. But I think your mom was just really upset and she wanted to let us know.

Daniel: But what she said, was that true?

Margo: Well, I think that, you know, Uncle Craig made some wrong choices there, but I'm going to let him think about it for a while before I talk to him. But don't worry, he's not coming over, okay? It's just going to be you and me and your dad and Adam and Katie and -- you know, even Will will come over later for some ice cream.

Daniel: And is Dad okay?

Tom: Oh! I think that's a win, huh?

Casey: Yeah, I lost.

Margo: Yeah, he's fine. He's going to be just fine.

Milo: Don't try to blow this off. You remembered something, I can see it on your face.

Meg: Mr. Shaughnessy --

Milo: Tell me what you remembered!

Meg: You were right. Your wife was very thorough. She even asked to use her own sheets.

Milo: My wife didn't die because she was lying in hospital sheets. The worst that could've happened, the bleach could've given her a rash.

Meg: Look, you asked me what she said and I'm telling you. She even told me about how she didn't want any plants in her room and then she listed all the stuff she was allergic to.

Milo: Did you write them down?

Meg: Yes!

Milo: I want to see the list!

Meg: You asked Dr. Hughes to review her case. He has the chart.

Milo: You're lying!

Meg: Call him. Okay? Call him and get the chart!

Milo: You thought she was exaggerating, didn't you? Everybody does. They didn't know what it did to her. You sit next to a woman on a bus who was wearing a certain kind of perfume or to have somebody who had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich breathe in her face. Something that trivial. A whiff of perfume or peanut butter could give her a migraine so painful, she couldn't get out of bed for days.

Meg: I'm so sorry.

Milo: You should be. You're a nurse. You shouldn't let your personal feelings get into this and you should do your job, but you didnít. You didn't pay attention. You wrote her off as a weirdo, as a neurotic, and you didn't write down everything she said.

Meg: I'm sure I did.

Milo: You're lying! And now she's dead, because you killed her. Because of your arrogance and your contempt, you killed my wife. And now I'm going to kill you.

Maddie: So Will will stop by anytime soon?

Gwen: Maybe after dinner. He's got a paper due tomorrow and a test the day after that.

Maddie: You miss it? School, homework, studying?

Gwen: I'll go back.

Adam: No you wonít.

Maddie: What do you mean?

Adam: Well, once we finish the demo, I just know the label's going to want to pick it up. That means your life's about to change.

Gwen: I still want to go to college.

Adam: You really think you're going to want to sit in a crowded lecture hall after you've heard your first song on the radio?

Maddie: Can you imagine hearing your voice on the radio? How long is it until she's a household name?

Gwen: Stop it, you're embarrassing me.

Maddie: Seriously!

Katie: I just don't want to make too much out of this, okay?

Henry: Mmm.

Katie: And burning this letter would make it more important than it is. Besides, Mike may want to see it.

Henry: I'm sorry? Say that again, please?

Katie: I'm going to show Mike the letter. I just didn't want to do it this very second.

Henry: Oh, okay. And that's why you sent him off to Tom and Margoís by himself so you could talk to me alone?

Katie: I didn't want to spring it on him just as we were walking out the door! He may have feelings about it.

Henry: You think? Wow.

Katie: I can't control Simon. He wants to write me a letter, he wants to call, I can't stop him. What matters most is how I felt when I read this letter. And I felt fine. And why are you looking at me like that?

Henry: Mm-hmm. Listen, just after Mike sees the letter, would you please burn it?

Katie: Yes, okay. Fine. What is this? Oh, a chocolate trophy? And dark chocolate, wow. You really know a way to a healthy girl's heart.

Henry: It's an edible tribute, because you and Mike have been through so much and you're still together, and I think that makes you champions in my book.

Katie: Thank you, Henry.

Henry: Yes. Give me a kiss. Now tell me, did you need me to help you with something out to the car or was it just an excuse to talk to me about a letter that you're going to show Mike anyway?

Katie: Good-bye, Henry.

Henry: Aha! Ha! Ha! My case is proven!

Katie: I'm fine. Go.

Henry: Promise me you'll get rid of that letter, please?

Katie: There is nothing to worry about!

Henry: Yeah, yeah.

Margo: I'll get it!

Mike: Hey.

Margo: Oh, whoa, whoa, look at all this stuff!

Mike: Yeah, Katieís been cooking all day.

Margo: Yeah, where is she?

Mike: She has some stuff to get. She'll be here in a few minutes.

Margo: Okay.

Tom: Hey, Mike.

Mike: Hey, man.

Daniel: Is there tofu in there?

Margo: Danny!

Daniel: I'm just asking!

Mike: It's chili. You'll like it, I promise.

Tom: See?

Margo: Can I get you anything? Some malt cider? Anything?

Mike: No, actually, there's some stuff out in the car.

Maddie: Oh, we'll get it.

Gwen: Yeah.

Margo: Okay, well, what? So cider or a beer?

Mike: No, no, no. I'm good. Actually, I got to run out of here.

Margo: Aw, why? You just got here.

Mike: I know, I know. I've been working on something as a toast for Katie.

Margo: I am so happy that you guys are back together.

Mike: I know, I am too. I just -- I wanted to say something to make it official, you know? I just -- I can't come up with the words.

Margo: Oh, yeah, you'll come up with something.

Mike: I know, I know. I just want to make it right, okay? I'll be back in a few minutes.

Margo: All right.

Daniel: Yes. Yes! I won! Oh yeah.

Tom: Looks like we're going to be emptying our pockets, Case.

Daniel: Oh yeah. You owe me a dollar and Dad, $1.75. Let's go.

Tom: I know what I owe you. I tell you what? How about double or nothing. What do you say, Case?

Casey: What?

Tom: You with us?

[Cell phone rings]

Casey: Wait, hold on. Yeah, I should take this.

Daniel: Wait, wait, hey! You owe me a dollar.

Casey: Yeah. Hey, what's up?

Elwood: My parents have lost it. All right, they went online and saw all these articles about gambling and now they're talking about dragging me to a shrink.

Casey: All right, and the bad news?

Elwood: They want their money back, tonight.

Casey: I'm having dinner with my parents.

Elwood: And if they don't get it back in, like, five minutes, then they're going to make the kind of phone call that's going to spoil your party big time.

Casey: Hang on.

Elwood: Are you there?

Casey: Yeah, look, I can't really talk right now.

Elwood: Did you hear me, Casey? My father's threatening to call your parents.

Casey: My dad just had a heart attack.

Elwood: And mine's about to have a stroke! Casey?

Casey: Yeah? Look -- I just, I don't know.

Elwood: Look, I'm at Java. Just get here, all right? And bring the money.

Casey: All right. Let me just tell my mom that I have to go.

Elwood: Just hurry, all right? Because when my father gets like this, there's no talking to him.

Gwen: Why don't you cut yourself a bigger piece of lasagna, Maddie?


Adam: That's incredible.

Margo: Now we can heat it up.

Maddie: Yeah.

Margo: Whoa, Katie! You brought enough food to feed a county here.

Katie: Good. Then you won't have to cook for a few days.

Margo: Well, that's very sweet of you. And Tom's having the best day.

Katie: He looks so good. It looks like his color's back.

Margo: Yeah, he's on the mend.

Tom: Hey, super chef. Welcome.

Katie: Thank you very much. And I'm putting you on an exercise program as soon as you're feeling better.

Daniel: Thank you for making us dinner, Aunt Katie.

Katie: Oh, is he the most polite child in the world? Oh, stop, stop, stop, stop. Go sit with your husband and relax. Mike can help me.

Margo: Mike's not here.

Katie: Where is he?

Mike: All right. Katie -- when you're making a toast, you talk to everybody. All right. [Clears throat] Everybody -- that's lame. Lame.

[Mike goes and gets a book and finds the letter Katie hid]

[Mike remembering]

Mike: What are you reading? A letter?

Katie: This? No, no. It's just -- just a bill.

Elwood: What took you so long?

Casey: I'm here. What does it matter?

Elwood: Just give me the money. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the -- what the hell is that?

Casey: Registered bonds.

Elwood: Registered bonds?

Casey: Yeah. You took Econ -- they're payable to the bearer, remember?

Elwood: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I can't give my father registered bonds.

Casey: So you take them out of town tomorrow first thing and cash them - -

Elwood: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's this "Take them out of town"? I don't have a car.

Casey: Then borrow my car.

Elwood: And tell my father what?

Casey: Tell him that I gave you a check and you have to deposit it tomorrow morning.

Elwood: You know, Casey, this is your debt, not mine. I need cash.

Casey: Well, it's the best I can do, so take it or leave it.

Elwood: Fine. Where'd you get those anyway?

Casey: Don't worry about it.

Elwood: And why do I have to go out of town?

Casey: Because you do, all right? Now just shut up. You're messing up my count.

Milo: You killed my wife.

Meg: Please, Mr. Shaughnessy. We don't know what caused your wife's death.

Milo: She always knew it was going to come to something like this. That nobody listened to her but me.

Meg: It's not as simple as you make it sound.

Milo: There's a reason I was a good listener. I know what it was like to be ignored. And I was willing to make sure my wife never felt that way. And she loved me for it. She loved me. Do you understand what that means?

Meg: Yeah, I do.

Milo: Yeah, well, you took that away from me. What kind of person are you?

Meg: If I made a mistake, I'm sorry.

Milo: Yes. Yes, you are. Because now, somebody in your family's going to know what it's like to lose someone.

Meg: Please, Mr. Shaughnessy. Please don't shoot.

Milo: What? What was that? I can't hear you!

Meg: No --




On the next "As the World Turns" --

Paul: What happened to Meg?

Barbara: I don't know. He released the rest of us.

Paul: There's got to be blood.

Katie: What is it? What's wrong?

Mike: Why didn't you tell me about this?

[Katie sighs]

Adam: Something wrong, Mom?

Margo: Well, the alarm here is directly linked into the station house and the private security firm. The alarm didn't go off all evening.

Maddie: She doesn't have an alibi. She hates Gwen. She's trying to steal everything that you have.

Casey: Maddie, enough, all right! You're way off base!

Maddie: You can't defend her!

Casey: Jade didn't do it!

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