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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/22/07

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Paul: I came here to make sure that you weren't hurt. You have to believe me.

Meg: No, I donít. I don't have to believe you ever again.

Paul: Meg, I love you.

Meg: If you can't leave on your own, I'm calling an ambulance or the police. It's your choice.

[Monitors beeping loudly]

Meg: We have a Code Blue, room seven. I repeat, Code Blue! Bring a crash cart, Stat. Come on, come on. Stay with me. Where's the cart?

Adam: What is that stuff?

Maddie: It's granola. It's heart healthy.

Adam: That's good. You got any milk?

Maddie: Skim. And fresh berries.

Adam: Berries?

Maddie: Yeah. And I got rid of every last potato chip in the house. And I sent Casey out to the natural foods store.

Adam: You're kidding?

Maddie: Don't worry. I gave him a list of things that your dad should eat.

Adam: Good.

Margo: Hey, hey, hey!

All: Hey!

Tom: Hey, I smell bacon, huh?

Margo: Not in your lifetime.

Adam: Hey, welcome home.

Maddie: How are you feeling?

Tom: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Maddie: Good.

Tom: So, where's Daniel?

Adam: He's upstairs sleeping.

Margo: Yeah, he's exhausted. I checked on him right before we came to pick you up.

Tom: All right, well, I'm going to tell him I'm home.

Margo: No, no, Honey. He really needs his sleep. He's -- he's fine.

Tom: So he's okay?

Margo: Yeah, yeah. He's getting there.

Adam: Come on. Let's get you off your feet.

Tom: Stop it. I'm not an invalid, all right?

Maddie: He means so we can serve you breakfast.

Adam: Or Maddieís idea of breakfast.

Tom: Thank you.

Margo: Oh, you know, Casey just pulled up right behind us.

Adam: I'll go help with groceries.

Margo: No, no, no, I'll get the groceries. You stay here with this breakfast.

Adam: All right. Well, we have a stunning display of fresh berries this morning. Followed by --

Maddie: A unique blend of whole grains.

Tom: I'm eating granola?

Adam: And liking it.

Tom: Well, it's good to be home.

Margo: Here, here, here.

Casey: Thanks. I stopped and picked up those DVDs you wanted to borrow.

Margo: Junk, junk, bills, junk.

Casey: Mom, the door?

Margo: Oh, look. Your father never has to work again. We just won $10 million. So is that all of it?

Casey: Yeah, can we see Dad now?

Margo: So what's this in your back pocket, Buckaroo?

Casey: It's just a cd offer from Crash.

Margo: Oh, good thing I'm not a cop, you know? Grades just came out, didn't they?

Casey: Yeah, it's all good, okay? So don't freak.

Margo: It's a good thing I'm not the one who just got over a heart attack.

Mike: I was going to bring this up to you in bed.

Katie: I woke up when the phone rang. Thanks.

Mike: Careful, it's hot. Margo said that Tom's coming home. You want to go over there and visit?

Katie: Oh, yeah. Maybe we can see Danny, too.

Mike: Isn't that amazing? The kid's home without a scratch on him.

Katie: I know, thank God. Poor Tom and Margo. I don't know what they would have been going through. I mean, if my child was missing -- sorry, I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject.

Mike: You know what? Just because I don't want to have a family right this minute doesn't mean that we can't ever have kids.

Katie: Can I ask you something and you'll be completely honest with me?

Mike: All right, what is it?

Katie: Are you sure? I mean, deep down, that you've really forgiven me?

Brad: Good morning.

Jack: Morning.

Brad: So where is everybody? The little noise machines?

Jack: School, Brad. They all go to school.

Brad: School. [Jack sighs] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where you going with that?

Jack: You want to do this, do it outside. Not in the house. Come on.

Brad: I didn't hear anybody leave this morning.

Jack: 'Cause you sleep like the dead.

Brad: Clean conscience, my brother.

Jack: Or no conscience, my brother.

Brad: I love these.

Jack: Yeah. So does Sage.

Brad: She is a cutie. Hey, so how did you go from 0 to 60 so fast?

Jack: You have been away for a while, Brad.

Brad: Yeah, but three kids.

Jack: J.J.'s adopted.

Brad: Yeah, I got your letter. Nice Mom to leave you holding the bag.

Jack: Don't start, okay?

Brad: No, I'm just saying, man. Three kids, that's a lot to handle on your own. You know, I guess Carly, she's still Carly, you know? Same lying, cheating tramp she always was.

Casey: It was Statistics that killed me, but I did okay in Lit.

Margo: Just barely. Casey, you were always so good in Math.

Casey: Yeah, the teacher was lousy. I'll do better when I have another teacher.

Margo: But I don't get it. Maddie said you studied so hard this semester.

Casey: I did.

Margo: Well, where is it, huh? I mean, I'm not asking you to get on the Dean's list, but, Case?

Casey: I'll do better, I promise.

Margo: Yeah, you better. Your dad doesn't need this kind of stress.

Casey: Right. That's why I was hoping we could sit on the grades for a couple of days?

Margo: He's going to find out eventually.

Casey: But not today, right?

Margo: No, not today.

Casey: All right, thanks.

Margo: I'm not doing it for you.

Tom: I mean, it's not bad. Actually, it's pretty good.

Maddie: I have decaf I made.

Tom: I'd love some. Thanks, Maddie. I could get used to this, you know?

Adam: Donít. And I'm renewing your gym membership. And when you get the all clear, we're going to start you on some circuit training.

Tom: Its okay, Adam. I'm going to be around for a while.

Adam: You better. I already lost one dad. And one's my limit.

Tom: Thank you.

Maddie: You're welcome.

Casey: Hey.

Maddie: Hey! You're just in time for granola.

Casey: I'll pass.

Margo: Interesting choice of words.

Tom: So, what took you guys so long?

Margo: You want to tell your dad, or should I?

[Flat line beep]

Doctor: Paddles. Clear. Again.

Meg: Ready.

Doctor: Clear.

Meg: Paddles, Doctor?

Doctor: I'm calling it.

Meg: No, no. You have to give it one more try, okay?

Doctor: Meg, Meg? She's gone. Time of death, 10:15.

Bob: Meg, I just got the code.

Meg: It was Mrs. Shaughnessy.

Bob: What happened?

Meg: I don't know. She was stable, but we couldn't revive her.

Bob: Well, as you know, complications can occur without any warning.

Meg: She was just so young.

Bob: I'll see that the family is notified.

Meg: Is there going to be an autopsy?

Bob: Well, that's up to the family.

Meg: Milo. If you call, that's her husband's name. He's on the contact sheet on file.

Craig: Meg? Are you okay?

Meg: No.

[Knock at the door]

Paul: Go away! [Knocking continues] There's nobody home! Go away! [Knocking continues] Parker, why aren't you in school?

Parker: I came to ask you something.

Paul: How did you get here?

Parker: I took a bus and then I walked the rest of the way.

Paul: Jack know you're here?

Parker: No, and I'd be in big trouble if he finds out.

Paul: Maybe you should be in big trouble.

Parker: Please, don't call him. Can I come in?

Paul: No.

Parker: Fine. I'll just stay out here and keep knocking until you say yes.

Paul: You're just as stubborn as your mother, aren't you?

Parker: Don't say that. I don't want to be like my mom.

Paul: You can come in, but you're not staying. I don't want Oakdale PD knocking down my door.

Parker: Thanks.

Paul: So what's wrong?

Parker: You were right. You said my mom was gone, and she is.

Paul: Sorry.

Parker: Everyone in school's talking about it.

Paul: To your face?

Parker: No. I just know they are. It's because they shut up whenever they see me coming.

Paul: Yeah, I know what that's like.

Parker: How did you know she was going to escape?

Paul: I don't know.

Parker: Can you tell me if she's ever coming back?

Brad: Okay, I get it. I get it. Carly is off limits.

Jack: No, Carly is not off limits. I want the kids to feel comfortable talking about their mom whenever they want. I just don't need you or anybody else bashing her, that's all.

Brad: Like me. I'm not bashing her, I'm just saying --

Jack: "Lying, cheating tramp?"

Brad: Well, hey, Man, I'm just saying she hasn't changed much since.

Jack: Would you clean up your mess, please? I want this place looking halfway decent when Emma gets back.

Brad: Fine. Sure.

Jack: Shall I tell her that you will be here when she gets back?

Brad: What, are you trying to get rid of me already?

Jack: No, I'm just trying to figure out why you showed up after not so much as a phone call in years, Brad. Not one word. Not even to Emma.

Brad: Hey, I'm sorry, Man. I didn't think the call about my factory job in North Carolina was big news.

Jack: Well, when do you think you're going to get back to that factory job?

Brad: Depends.

Jack: On?

Brad: How much help you need around here. Hey, Man, whether you'd like to admit it or not, you are in way over your head.

Jack: I can take care of my own kids, thank you, Brad.

Brad: I get it, I get it. You know what? You feel like punching somebody.

Jack: I feel like punching you, actually.

Brad: Right, but I'm not the one you're mad at. Hey, Carlyís the one that checked out on you. I didn't dump three kids on you, she did.

Mike: Of course I forgive you. I wouldn't be in this if I didnít.

Katie: But you don't even want to talk about having a baby?

Mike: Not yet.

Katie: Okay, part of me gets that. But there's another part of me that feels like we're on probation or something.

Mike: Well, we've kind of been through a lot. We just can't forget everything that's happened over the past couple of months. Look, I think that we should just wait for a little while before we decide to bring a child into the world.

Katie: I know, but remember how happy we were when we were trying to have a baby before?

Mike: I remember some of it being happy. And I remember some of it being like, hurry up and get it done, like you were trying to prove something.

Katie: All right, I know what part of the reason for that was. When I was little and my dad died, my poor mom tried so hard to make up for that, you know? But she couldnít. There was just something missing. It was extremely lonely. I remember laying in bed at night and I would just close my eyes and pretend that my dad was coming in to kiss me good night and say, "Sweet dreams." And I would think about my own family that I would have when I was older and how no one would ever have to leave.

Mike: Okay, well, life isn't perfect. You know, it's messy. You should've seen Jack yesterday. He tried to do this little juggling act, trying to get the kids settled. All right, he never thought he was going to have to do this alone.

Katie: Wait a second, is that what this is about? You think we'll end up like Jack and Carly? Mike, if you're not in this 100%, you should just walk out the door right now. I mean, just leave before we hurt each other even worse than we did before.

Mike: All right, look. This isn't about Jack and Carly. It's about making sure that we're right, okay? Being a parent's a big job.

Katie: Okay, what are you really trying to say?

Mike: Look, I love you. And this is exactly where I want to be. But it's going to be a while before we have that same trust that we had before.

Katie: And how are we gonna know when it's right?

Mike: We'll love each other as much as we can every day, and when the time is right, we'll know.

Katie: Okay.

Meg: I know it's a part of my job. It was just very sudden and I wasn't prepared.

Craig: I'm sorry.

Meg: I'll be fine. You should go. You're gonna be late for your checkup.

Craig: Oh no, I can reschedule.

Meg: No, donít. It's important.

Craig: Were you really close to this patient?

Meg: Well, I spoke to her before the procedure. I told her that there was no reason for her to be afraid, and there wasnít. I mean, everybody expected her to make a full recovery. I just can't help but think that if I was just a little bit more observant, I would have been able to head this off.

Craig: Oh, Meg, I'm sure you did everything you could.

Meg: Maybe if I wasn't so distracted, I would have seen something different. But lately, my mind's been all over the place --

Craig: All over the place or on Paul Ryan?

Parker: Thanks.

Paul: I wish I could give you more than that, Parker. I don't have any answers.

Parker: I guess Jack was right.

Paul: About what?

Parker: He says you're weird.

[Paul chuckles]

Paul: Yeah, I guess Jack's right.

Parker: But still -- I mean, I thought you'd be able to tell me if I was ever going to see my mom again.

Paul: Do you want to see your mom again?

Parker: No!

Paul: Well then, what do you care if she comes back or not?

Parker: I don't, but Jack does. I thought he'd feel better if he knew for sure.

Paul: Right. So you're just here to make sure Jack feels better? You want the truth, Parker? I'll tell you the truth.

Jack: I did my fair share to screw up my marriage, brad. It wasn't all on Carly.

Brad: You are all heart.

Jack: I don't have time to be bitter, okay? I've got three kids who are scared and confused, and I've got to figure out where we're gonna go from here. And for you to show up unannounced, make yourself at home and expect Emma to put you up?

Brad: Like you?

Jack: This is nuts. Hey, I've been here for a while, and I'm pulling my weight around here.

Brad: You want me to give her a call and ask her? Will that make you feel better?

Jack: I'm just trying to figure out how you expect to help out with the kids. You're not exactly Ward Cleaver.

Brad: They're my nephews, and my niece, who I happen to think look a lot like me --

Jack: God forbid.

Brad: Look, I want to get to know them.

Jack: So I guess all those birthday cards and Christmas gifts you sent in the mail got lost somehow?

Brad: Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay. So I'm light on experience, but you know, I can drive them where they need to go, I can nuke a frozen dinner every once in a while -- whatever.

Jack: Any driving, you take my car, not that beater out in the driveway.

Brad: Deal.

Jack: I guess it can't hurt to have another pair of hands around here to help out.

Vienna: Emma, I'm home.

Jack: Vienna? I thought you left.

Vienna: Well --

Brad: So what have we been growing down on the farm?

Vienna: I decided that I wanted another piece of Emmaís apple pie.

Jack: I'm sorry. You're out of luck.

Vienna: She's not back yet?

[Brad clears throat]

Brad: Manners.

Vienna: So, what is this? A new farmhand?

Jack: Worse. My brother. Vienna Hyatt, this is my shirtless brother, Brad Snyder.

Vienna: Ooh, another one?

Brad: We save the best for last.

Jack: Why are you here, Vienna?

Vienna: Well, Emma told me that I was always welcome. Especially if I needed a shoulder to cry on.

Brad: So how do you two know each other?

Vienna: Well, we both survived two terrible people named Simon and Carly.

Jack: I thought you were going back to your prince.

Vienna: Well, Dolly banished me from his kingdom.

Brad: Who's Dolly?

Vienna: A man who taught me a very important lesson. Never to trust a man who has more jewelry than you do.

Brad: Well, you can certainly trust me.

Jack: She's not staying, Brad.

Brad: Come on, Man. She's been banished. We can't just throw her out when she has nowhere to go.

Vienna: Thank you, Mr. Brad Snyder. I'd like the big room at the very end of the hall.

Brad: You can have any room you want.

Margo: So do you want to fill your dad in, or should I?

Casey: Mom --

Tom: Well, somebody fill me in.

Margo: The reason the groceries didn't get here on time is because your son had to stop by the dorm room. Show him. The DVDs.

Casey: Yeah, yeah. I thought since you're gonna be around the house, you could use a couple laughs.

Tom: Well thanks, Case.

Casey: I'm glad you're okay, Dad.

Tom: Me too, Buddy.

Maddie: Let the man finish his breakfast.

Casey: Oh, is that what that is?

Tom: You know, actually, it's not bad. I've got to tell you.

Adam: That's why he's a good lawyer.

Tom: You know, it would be nice if one of the boys went into the family business.

Adam: Hint hint.

Tom: No, I mean seriously. I mean, if you keep your grades up and take your headphones out once in a while, you never know. But whatever you guys decide, we are proud of you -- I mean both of you.

Adam: Thanks.

Casey: I'm gonna go put the groceries away.

Maddie: I'll help you.

Adam: You know, I could run to the pharmacy, pick up Tom's meds.

Margo: Oh, that'd be great. I'll grab some money from my mad money. Hey, it's gone. My money -- it's gone.

Tom: Hey, don't panic. I'm sure the money's there. It's probably just hidden under something else.

Margo: No, it's not --

Tom: Well, when was the last time you were into it?

Margo: Right before I took you to the hospital.

Maddie: You sure you didn't move it?

Margo: No, I'm telling you it's not here.

Tom: Okay, how much are we talking about?

Margo: A couple of hundred dollars. It was a lot. In fact, I was going to go to the bank.

Maddie: Well, you were in there yesterday looking for the house key, remember?

Casey: Yeah --

Adam: Was the money there?

Casey: Yeah, definitely. It was there.

Tom: Well, has anybody been in the house besides family?

Adam: Jade and I were here. Don't go there, okay? She didn't touch the money. I would have seen her.

Casey: Well, maybe I left the door open when I got the key.

Tom: Look, just charge the prescription. We'll figure out what happened later.

Margo: Oh, come on, this doesn't make any sense. No thief would come in and look in just one box.

Tom: And you are off duty, Detective.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: I'll get it. Hey, Aunt Katie. Mike.

Mike: Hey -- how's the patient?

Tom: Oh, enjoying a nutritional breakfast, thanks.

Adam: I was just on my way out.

Katie: Oh, well -- hello and good-bye.

Adam: Mom, I'll charge the prescriptions. Don't worry about it. You can pay me later.

Margo: Yeah, okay.

Adam: See you, guys.

Katie: See ya. So, we brought by some get well gifts.

Tom: You did?

Katie: Yes.

Tom: Well, thank you.

Katie: They should hopefully be the right size, and they will feel like you are running on air.

Margo: We'll be walking on air.

Casey: Hey, I hate to break up this little party, but I've got to get back and study.

Margo: That's a good idea.

Tom: Yeah, don't be a stranger, huh?

Casey: No, I'll swing back afterwards. Maybe we can watch that movie.

Tom: I'd like that, Buddy.

Casey: All right. Mike and Katie.

Katie: We'll see you.

Mike: See you, Man.

Casey: I'll call you later.

Maddie: Yeah. I'll meet up with you after I clean up.

Margo: So, I figured when Mike answered the phone this morning that things were back to normal.

Katie: Yes, it's true. We're back together.

Tom: Aw, congratulations.

Katie: Yeah. In this midst of all this craziness, we just kind of looked at each other and --

Mike: Good reminder of how precious life is.

Adam: That was fast.

Casey: You scared me half to death.

Adam: Yeah, not half as much as you're scaring me.

Casey: What do you mean?

Adam: Casey, did you rip Mom off?

Jack: Long bath.

Vienna: Oh, the very best. You looking for something?

Jack: Yeah, just a wrench.

Vienna: You need some help?

Jack: I think I can manage, thanks.

Brad: You look very, very refreshed.

Jack: What are you doing with my tools, Brad? Come on.

Brad: Hey, I just went outside for a smoke, and I found Calebís old go-kart in the shed. I tore out the motor. Maybe we should fix it up for the boys.

Jack: Yeah, that's all I need -- Parker and J.J. bounding around this place at 50 miles an hour.

Brad: Oh, come on, Man. I'm not going to have them do anything crazy. I'm their Uncle Brad. One big happy family.

Vienna: You're so lucky, Jack.

Jack: I am?

Vienna: Yeah, you have your wonderful family. What do I have? Terrible memories of being locked up in a crate by Simon and Carly. They left me there to suffocate.

Jack: Okay, and I already told Brad this, now I'm telling you. No more horror stories about Simon and Carly. The kids might hear you. It's over. We move on.

Vienna: Well, I'd like to move on, Jack. I'd really like to move on, so can I please, please stay?

Jack: If Emma says it's okay, yeah.

Vienna: I'm sure she will. I'm gonna go upstairs and unpack.

Brad: She sure improves the scenery around here. I tell you, a face like that, man -- could make a man's troubles go away, Jack.

Jack: Or they can make them worse.

Brad: Hey, don't let one experience get you down. Not every woman turns out to be Carly.

Jack: Look, how many times do I gotta tell you to lay off of Carly? You had no trouble staying out of my life the last couple years. Do me a favor -- keep it that way.

Paul: Okay. Here's the truth. I don't know when these things are coming, they just come. And I don't want to see the things that I see. I don't want to know the things that I know. I donít.

Parker: Why not?

Paul: Because if you try and change what's supposed to happen, nobody even thanks you for it. You're just a bigger freak than you were the day before.

Parker: But isn't that cool? Knowing stuff that other people don't?

Paul: I don't think so. Imagine if you knew the moment when someone you love was going to die? You'd spend every second dreading that moment. I think knowing things -- it makes a lot of hurt.

Parker: What if you can't stop them? The visions --

Paul: Oh, I'll stop them. I have to. Or else I have no reason to be alive.

Meg: Don't make this about Paul.

Craig: I'm not. I just -- you said you were distracted lately. I just did the math.

Meg: All you need to know is Paul is no longer in my life. He's gone off to live by himself in a cabin in the woods, okay? So I wonít be running into him anymore.

Craig: Good. Fine.

Meg: Look, I'm tired. I'm going home.

Craig: Maybe you shouldn't be alone.

Meg: Alone at the farm? Jack's moved in with the kids.

Craig: Ah, well, maybe chaos isn't the answer, either.

Meg: Why do I feel you're going to tell me that you know the answer?

Craig: All I'm going to do is offer you a chance to decompress. And you'll probably say no. But I'd like to take you somewhere where we could chat, where it's quiet. Or not. Whatever you like.

Casey: I would not steal from Mom. Are you crazy?

Adam: So you're offline with the gambling?

Casey: Definitely. I don't care whether you believe me or not.

Maddie: Hey, what's going on?

Casey: Nothing. I just -- I don't feel like studying right now. You want to go to Java and get some coffee?

Maddie: Um, sure.

Casey: All right, let's go.

Maddie: Okay.

Mike: So Dannyís good?

Tom: Well, Margo said he was pretty scared when he got home, but I guess that's to be expected. I mean, to tell you the truth, i haven't seen him yet. He's sleeping in.

Mike: Thank God he wasn't hurt.

Tom: Listen, I want to thank you and Katie for taking part in the search.

Mike: It gave us a chance to spend time doing something that mattered. Anyway, I'm glad it worked out.

Tom: Yeah, I'm glad it worked out too -- for everybody.

Margo: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could not have gotten through this without you.

Katie: It felt good to help you for a change.

Margo: So things are good?

Katie: Things are great.

Margo: Yeah?

Katie: The only thing I'm kind of concerned about though is that Mike doesn't want to start talking about having a family.

Margo: Oh, well, good for him.

Katie: What do you mean?

Margo: Come on, Katie. The last time you were talking about babies, Simon showed up, things got a little creepy.

Katie: Yeah, I know, but we're past that now.

Margo: Well, you're past it. But maybe Mike needs to know that he comes first now.

Jack: It's a motor from the go-kart.

Vienna: Yeah, and I'm guessing it's 5, 5 1/2 horsepower? Enzo taught me everything about motors.

Jack: Enzo? As in Ferrari?

Vienna: Yeah, you know him?

Jack: Uh, no.

Vienna: Well, here.

Jack: Thanks.

Vienna: No, Jack, thank you for letting me stay. So, I read everything about what happened in the newspaper. Did Simon really attack you?

Jack: I guess I turned my back at the wrong time.

Vienna: Who didn't? So I saw a strange thing upstairs. There's a pink blanket on Mike's bed.

Jack: That's cause it's not Mike's bed anymore. It's Sageís.

Vienna: Where's Mike sleeping?

Jack: My guess? With Katie. He moved out.

Vienna: It's not fair.

Jack: Seems like they're trying to work things out.

Vienna: So Katie has Mike. And Carly has Simon. I have an angry prince and a view of the cow pasture.

Jack: Which brings me to my question -- this isn't the Riviera, Vienna, and I doubt you're gonna get up at 4:00 in the morning and milk the cows, so why do you really want to be here?

Vienna: Because it feels a lot better being here than not. And I guess it's the same for you.

Craig: I will save us both the embarrassment of rejection and take your silence as a no.

Meg: Thank you.

Craig: You're not swayed by my courtly manner? Well, just do something nice for yourself today.

Meg: I was thinking of a pedicure.

Craig: Well, whatever dulls the pain?

Meg: What dulls your pain?

Craig: I'm still working on that.

Meg: No word on Johnny or Lucy?

Craig: No. Can't quite bring yourself to say you're sorry about that, huh?

Meg: No, I canít.

Craig: Well, at least you're honest.

Meg: See? We're breaking new ground every day.

Craig: Is that a good thing?

Meg: Maybe it is.

Craig: Mmm. Bye, Meg.

Meg: Bye.

Paul: Be careful getting home.

Parker: If you ever do see anything about my mom, just --

Paul: No. For the last time, my whole point in coming here is to make sure that I don't see anything else.

Parker: Whatever. See ya.

Paul: No, you wonít. You won't see me.

Maddie: So, what's the password?

Casey: What?

Maddie: To hack into your head. You haven't said two words since we left the house.

Casey: Sorry.

Maddie: It's okay. What's the deal with you and Adam?

Casey: Nothing.

Maddie: Something's going on between you two.

Casey: He's just on me about my grades.

Maddie: You got them?

Casey: Yeah.

Maddie: And? How'd you do?

Casey: Not great.

Maddie: Because of the gambling?

Casey: Well, it didn't help. But this semester's gonna be a lot different, I swear. I'm gonna get a jump on all my deadlines. That Economics paper that's due next week? I'm actually gonna start doing that right now.

Maddie: Good. I'm very proud of you. Need help?

Casey: Nope.

Maddie: You're going to do it here?

Casey: Yep.

Maddie: You don't need research?

Casey: They've got internet.

Maddie: Okay. Well, then I will get out of your way.

Casey: Whoa, whoa, you're never in my way. And I'll call you when I get a handle on this, all right?

Maddie: Okay. Good luck.

Casey: Thanks. Just one hand, I swear.

Katie: Simon is out of my life for good now. Mike knows that.

Margo: Well, that's great, but that doesn't mean you have to leap into parenthood.

Katie: Okay. I'll give him a few weeks.

Margo: That's so generous of you.

Katie: No, really, I just wish I had some kind of project or something to keep get my mind off -- oh, I know. I have the perfect idea!

Margo: What, Katie? What, what, what?

Katie: We're throwing a party.

Mike: What kind of party?

Katie: A thank God Tom's alive party. Or a don't waste a minute of your life because you never know what it will throw at you party.

Margo: Well, actually, that's a good idea.

Katie: Good. Then I'll do everything. The decorations, the food -- I'll cook everything nice and healthy.

Margo: Shh, shh. Tom is still mourning the death of the double cheeseburger in his world.

Tom: Stop.

Mike: I feel your pain on that one.

Katie: Yeah. Well, let's get started on planning this and we'll get out of here so you can rest.

Margo: Okay.

Tom: Sounds like a good idea.

Mike: Call me if you need anything.

Margo: All right, we will.

Katie: And I'll let you know as soon as I firm up all the plans.

Margo: Good. Thank you.

Mike: We'll let ourselves out.

Margo: Thank you.

Tom: See you guys.

Mike: See ya.

Margo: Go away, go away, go away. So, it is nap time, Mr. Hughes.

Tom: Yeah. You gonna come with me?

Margo: Sure.

Tom: Just a second here. Look at that. See? Heart's working fine.

Margo: Yeah.

Mike: Tom looks good.

Katie: Yeah. He's appreciating every moment. Me, too. I'm going to start concentrating on now and stop trying to jump ahead into the future, okay?

Mike: Do you mean that?

Katie: Yeah. We don't need to start a family to be happy. We have each other. I love you.

Mike: I love you, too.

Jack: There's plenty more wood to stack if you want to help.

Vienna: You're sweet, but it would be really bad for my nail polish.

Jack: I see. Here. The thing about moving on? You gotta stay busy.

Vienna: Uh-huh.

Jack: Give it a shot.

Vienna: Okay. Like this?

Jack: Ah, see? You'll get the hang of it before long.

Vienna: I hope not.

Jack: What's the charm of this place for you, Vienna? Is it the hard work, the water heater going on the blink every other day? 'Cause I know it's not the room service -- that's lousy.

Vienna: No, but the people who live here are very sweet. Even when they try very hard not to be.

Jack: I don't have a problem with you staying here, Vienna. As long as you don't make more work.

Vienna: I promise, I wonít. And children -- they like me.

Jack: Really? You have a lot of experience with children?

Vienna: Oh, the prince had a half dozen, give or take a few.

Jack: I see. You want to hand me another piece of that wood?

Vienna: I think I'm gonna go for a long, nice walk.

Jack: Then you're gonna need -- hey. You're gonna need this. And I'll keep these handy just in case.

Vienna: Thank you.

Brad: Man, you may be down, but you are definitely not out of the game.

Bob: Meg, I'm glad I caught you. Scheduling told me you're taking the rest of the day off.

Meg: Yeah, that was the plan.

Bob: Would you consider plan B? Simmons called in sick with the flu.

Meg: Oh, he's running the blood drive?

Bob: Yeah, and it's about to start now, and I don't have a replacement.

Meg: Yeah, I'll do it.

Bob: Are you sure?

Meg: Yeah, yeah. It'll take my mind off of things.

Bob: Well, that's great. There's about a dozen donors ready to go and all prepped.

Meg: Okay. I'll get to work.

Bob: I really appreciate it.

Meg: Yeah, so do I. This might be exactly what I need.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Craig: Keep it up, Emily, and I will make sure you really pay.

Paul: There's real danger here. I know what I'm talking about.

Meg: I can't believe you're doing this again. It's sick.

Will: There's no more money.

Adam: Then the project's dead.

Will: Fine. It's dead.

Jade: Barbara's lending Gwen and Will the money to finish the demo.

Casey: Registered bonds. That's just as good as cash.

Jade: Yep. $10,000 worth.

Casey: $10,000?

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