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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/19/07

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Gwen: Oh, excuse me, there was a Tom Hughes staying in that room. He's not there anymore. Is he all right?

Nurse: Are you a family member?

Gwen: Yeah. Well, no, not exactly. My hus -- look, it's really complicated. Could you just tell me if he's okay or not?

Nurse: I'm sorry, I can't give you any information.

Adam: Then I will, because she's definitely family. Thanks, I'll take it.

Gwen: There isn't really an easy way to explain how we're related, is there?

Adam: No.

Gwen: I'm guessing that Tom's all right or you would've said something.

Adam: Yeah, they took him downstairs for some more tests. My mom went with him.

Gwen: What are you doing back here?

Adam: Couldn't sleep. Where's Will?

Gwen: He's at the library. He's finishing a paper for class tomorrow. Where's Jade?

Adam: She's not with me.

Gwen: Well, if your mom doesn't need anything and you're okay, I think I'm going to get home.

Adam: You know, I could really use a distraction.

Gwen: Oh, is that what I am?

Adam: I just -- I don't want to think about what could've happened today. You know, I keep telling myself that this heart attack is just a blip. Tom's going to be fine. Guess I got a lot on my mind.

Katie: Sorry that took so long. It was about Daniel. Mike? Mike! Mike!

Mike: Were you calling me just now?

Katie: I thought you left.

Mike: Why would I do that? Did you get everything set up?

Katie: Yes, all the calls about Daniel are going to come straight here, since Margo's at the hospital and Tom's getting all his tests and everything. Do you think that's good news or bad news?

Mike: I think finding Daniel would be the best news Tom could get.

Katie: I can't believe you're here. This was shaping up to be one of the worst nights of my life with Tom having a heart attack and Daniel being missing --

Mike: I know. I know.

Katie: There you were. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Mike: You'd be doing exactly what you are doing. Standing by Margo and doing everything you can to help find Daniel, right?

Katie: Oh, we're heading out to start searching again, first thing.

Mike: All right, good. I'll go with you.

Katie: Okay. It feels weird to be happy with everything that's happened. I can't believe how much time I wasted trying to get Simon and Carly arrested.

Mike: Do we have to talk about them?

Katie: Yeah, just one last time. Seriously, I just want you to know what a waste of time I know that was. This is what's important. You and me and our family. You're back. We're back.

[Doorbell rings]

Mike: I better get that. It could be one of the volunteers with news.

Katie: Yeah, I hope so. Henry?

Henry: Hey.

Katie: This is kind of a bad time.

Mike: Hey, Henry.

Henry: Really? Hey. Looks like a good time to me. Mike.

Katie: What's up?

Henry: I just thought you'd want to know that Simon and Carly are gone.

Jack: Okay, guys. Grab some clothes, all your books, hockey sticks, whatever's going to get you through the next couple of days at the farm.

Parker: Why can't we stay here tonight?

Jack: Because I have to be at the station at a rather insane time tomorrow morning. So can we get a move on? It's getting late. I want Sage to get to bed.

J.J.: Okay, I'll get the hockey and football if you get the clothes.

Parker: Yeah, why can't you get the clothes?

Jack: Okay, hey guys! Guys, guys! Enough. You're responsible for your own stuff. Pack your own clothes.

Sage: Can we go see Mommy tomorrow?

Jack: No, we can't go visit Mommy tomorrow.

Sage: Why not?

Parker: Because Mom's gone, that's why. She left town.

Sage: When's she coming home?

Dusty: Sit down. I'll get some coffee.

Emily: I don't want anything. Okay, I don't need any more help from you.

Dusty: Tull had it coming.

Emily: He was the only lead we had to Daniel. So you nearly kill the guy and you rip up the papers he wanted?

Dusty: He didn't give us Daniel.

Emily: And now he never will! Dusty, I swear to you, if something happens to my son, I will never forgive you.

Dusty: I know how you feel, believe me.

Emily: Where is he? Where is my son?

Dusty: I don't know, but if someone like Tull had my son --

Emily: But you know your son's okay. He's with Lucy.

Dusty: Well, there's no word on that yet.

Emily: Oh, God. He's so sweet, so innocent. God, if I did this -- if I brought this on him --

Dusty: You didn’t. Craig did. I'm going to find your son. Don't worry. You want coffee?

Emily: Yeah. Get it to go, okay? I want to keep driving around looking for him. [Cell phone rings] Maybe it's the police. Oh, it's just my mom. No, Mom. No word yet. Hello?

Daniel: Mom. Mom, it's me.

Emily: Daniel? Baby? Daniel?

Dusty: Is it him?

Emily: Daniel, where are you? Are you okay?

Daniel: I'm at Grandma's house.

Emily: Where's Grandma? Is she there? Let me talk to her.

Daniel: Can you come and pick me up?

Emily: Of course I can come get you. I'm on my way. You stay right where you are. Oh my God, he's with my mother.

Dusty: How did that happen?

Emily: I don't know. I don't know. She'll fill us in when we get there. We got to go. Come on.

Dusty: I think I just got a lead on Johnny.

Emily: Oh my God, that's wonderful. Okay, you stay, finish your call and meet me at my mom's, okay?

Dusty: Just gimme a second.

Emily: No, no, I gotta go, Dusty. He's there. I gotta go.

Dusty: Yeah, this is Dusty Donovan. What do you know about my son? Yeah. I can fly out right away.

Gwen: I can't believe Carly left her kids like that.

Adam: Well, prison's a scary prospect.

Gwen: Yeah, but now she's on the run for the rest of her life, and she's never going to see her family again.

Adam: Yeah. A family, including you.

Gwen: She's my sister. And I love her, but I have my own life. I don't need her to take care of me. Her kids do. This isn't really helping, is it?

Adam: Not so much.

Gwen: You told me to talk about my life.

Adam: Yeah, I thought I was going to get to hear secrets from your past.

Gwen: Oh, like what?

Adam: I don't know. Maybe you've led a double life as a stripper or something.

Gwen: I know. I had to give it up. The heels were giving me bunions.

Adam: Spend any time in the circus?

Gwen: No, I'm actually -- I'm actually terrified of clowns.

Adam: Me too.

Gwen: Really?

Adam: I don't know, maybe you swam the channel or climbed a mountain, ran a marathon?

Gwen: That's next week. If you would've asked me next week --

Adam: All right. If you need to talk about your sister, that's fine. I'll listen.

Gwen: That's okay.

Adam: No, you've been a good friend for me. I want to be the same.

Gwen: You're getting there. Hey, you want to hear about the time I had to eat tuna fish for two weeks straight?

Adam: Diet?

Gwen: No, drunk Mom. Lack of funds.

Adam: Downer.

Gwen: Yeah.

Adam: You know, I could really use a break from all this misery.

Gwen: Mm-hmm. Yeah, you have any ideas?

Adam: Work?

Gwen: You got it.

Adam: Let's go.

Katie: They caught Simon? Finally! I knew it was just a matter of time. This is such great news!

Mike: Guess you might as well come in, Henry.

Katie: How did they do it? Did Carly turn him in? I mean, I was trying to talk her into saving herself. It was obvious that Simon had deserted her, but -- wait a second. Did you just say they were both gone?

Henry: Yeah, you misunderstood me, Bubbles. Simon and Carly escaped together.

Katie: You're sure?

Henry: According to my grapevine, he showed up and broke her out.

Katie: Oh. Oh. Yeah, that's what Carly thought would happen.

Mike: You okay?

Katie: Yeah, never better. Simon is gone. That's the most important thing. It just didn't happen the way I thought it would. So how did they escape, exactly?

Mike: How's Jack handling all this?

Henry: Jack?

Mike: Carly leaving, taking off on the kids.

Henry: I don't know. I didn't hear anything.

Mike: You know what? I'm going to go check on Jack, see how he's doing.

Katie: Now?

Mike: Yeah, we were good friends before all this stuff with Simon kicked up. You don't mind, do you?

Katie: After everything you've done for me today? I love you.

Mike: See you later, Henry.

Henry: Yeah. So, uh -- so does this mean?

Katie: Yes! Yes. Mike and I are back together and nothing is going to pull us apart again.

Henry: Sorry, Bubbles, but it looks like something already did.

Jack: I'm not exactly sure when your mommy's coming home.

Sage: Is she lost?

Jack: No, no. Mommy's not lost.

Sage: Then where is she?

J.J.: She'll be back. Dad's got all his cop friends helping him look for her. And they're never going to give up until they find her.

Parker: So Mom's not lost, but Jack has every cop in town looking for her? That makes sense.

Sage: Mommy is lost?

Jack: No, Sage. She's okay. Mommy's okay. She's not lost. She just -- she had to go away for a while.

Parker: Just tell her the truth.

Jack: Parker!

Parker: Mom's not coming back and you know it!

Jack: No, I don't know it. And neither do you. So stop scaring your sister, please.

Parker: Sorry, Sage.

Jack: Listen to me. Listen to me. Mommy may not be here right now, but I am. And I'm not going anywhere. Okay?

Sage: She didn't say she was going away. Doesn't she love us anymore?

Jack: Your mommy will always love you, Sage.

Parker: If she loved us so much, she wouldn't have run away.

J.J.: Shut up, Parker.

Jack: There are all kinds of reasons why people go away, Parker. Whether we want them to or not. You should know that. I think it's important to remember, though, no matter where Mommy is, she will always love you with all of her heart. Don't ever forget that.

J.J.: And you know, Sage, it's going to be fine living with Dad. Because, you never know, he could even probably make us pancakes for dinner.

Sage: I like pancakes.

Jack: Ah, thanks, Buddy. I can make you pancakes every night of the week if you want me to with broccoli and spinach on top.

Sage: Yuck!

Jack: Maybe some garlic. Do you think maybe you can go upstairs with J.J. now and pack up?

Sage: But what if I forget something? Mommy always helped me remember.

J.J.: Well then, we'll make a list so we don't forget anything. Come on.

Jack: I know you're angry at your mother for leaving. That's no reason to take pot shots at your brother and sister. Did you hear me, Parker?

Parker: Now I know why you wanted to adopt me so bad.

Jack: Well, since Hal died --

Parker: It had nothing to do with my dad.

Jack: Parker.

Parker: You knew Mom was going to leave us, didn't you?

Katie: You don't know anything about my marriage, Henry.

Henry: Only what you've told me.

Katie: Yeah, and I'm telling you that Mike and I are back together and that's a fact.

Henry: My bad. Congratulations.

Katie: Why are you being like this?

Henry: I don't know. It was a long night. What's the news on Daniel?

Katie: Nothing yet. Maybe you should call Emily and ask if you can help. It'd be a lot more constructive than sitting here making me insecure.

Henry: Sorry. I just don't understand why all the sudden, you're the voice of doom.

Henry: Well, this seems a little easy, don't you think? Last week, when Mike was filing for divorce and now it's all romance and sunshine, how did that happen?

Katie: Tom had a heart attack. Daniel went missing. We faced some life and death issues and it brought us close together. It often does.

Henry: You're right. A crisis will do that.

Katie: You're making it seem like its temporary, and it's not. It was not just a heat of the moment thing. Mike said he forgave me for everything and that he wants to start over.

Henry: He said that?

Katie: He came home with me tonight, Henry. We slept together.

Henry: You slept with Simon, too. That didn't bring him back.

Gwen: So this is your idea of hard work?

Adam: Hey, loading up on caffeine is key to making great music.

Gwen: Well, I guess I missed that in the guide book.

Adam: We're about to have our first late-night planning session.

Gwen: I do have music from the new song that I'm working on. It'd be a lot easier to show you with the keyboard.

Adam: You know, forget the charts and the music. I want to plan our next trip to L.A.

Gwen: Why would we go back to L.A.?

Adam: You know what? You kill me sometimes. Did you forget that you knocked the socks off that record exec who came to hear you?

Gwen: Richards? I know that he liked me a lot.

Adam: The guy's been calling me constantly.

Gwen: Constantly?

Adam: When they call you more than you call them, you tend to listen. And he's been making noises, loud noises, about putting you on his label.

Gwen: That's incredible! Why didn't you tell me?

Adam: I'm telling you now.

Gwen: How do we make this happen?

Adam: Well, we go to L.A., do a little more schmoozing. You sing a couple of your new songs for Richards. You know, business-wise, it's a trip you can't say no to.

Gwen: Hey, Baby.

Will: So we're going on a trip, huh?

Emily: Daniel? Mom? Where are you?

Daniel: I'm in here!

Emily: Oh Honey. Oh God! Oh!

Daniel: Mom!

Emily: It's okay. It's okay. Its okay, Baby. Please let Daniel go, please!

Tull: You made a mistake messing with me, Emily. And now you're going to pay.

Emily: Oh God!

Daniel: Don't hurt my mom!

Emily: Daniel, its okay. It's okay. This man is just trying to scare us. Look at me, Danny. Don't let him scare you, okay?

Tull: You scared yet, Emily?

Emily: What do you want?

Tull: What I've always wanted. For you to sign your share of the paper over to me.

Emily: Oh, God. I'll do it! I'll do it! Just don't hurt Daniel, please -- just let him go.

Tull: Where's your boyfriend?

Emily: He's not here. And he's not my boyfriend. He didn't understand. He didn't understand. I just wanted my son back. He didn't get that.

Tull: What he did to me is gonna cost you.

Emily: I'm sorry. Please just don't hurt my son.

Tull: So you beg me. You beg me to sign the paper over to me.

Emily: Please, I beg you. Let me sign my share of the paper, please.

Tull: No, no. The word is give now.

Daniel: Mom!

Emily: Its okay, Daniel. It's okay. Please let me give you my share of the paper.

Tull: All right, that's more like it.

[Emily screaming]

Tull: Here, don't move.

Emily: It's okay. It's okay.

Tull: Now you sign it. And don't try anything or that kid's gonna watch you die.

Emily: It's okay.


Daniel: Mom, Mom! Mom! Come on. Mom!

Katie: Mike would never do what Simon did. He would never sleep with me and just walk away.

Henry: Looks like he just did, Katie.

Katie: He was checking on Jack.

Henry: Yeah, he was. Doesn't that strike you as weird? He's back with the woman he loves that he's been separated from for weeks and he leaves the warm comfort of your arms to go check on his buddy Jack? What's that about, Katie?

Katie: Mike is a nice guy. He probably thought that you and I could use some time alone together to talk.

Henry: Yeah, maybe. But he sure got out of here in a hurry.

Katie: Well, I was probably asking too many questions about Simon, and he thought I was going off the deep end again. Oh my God, he thought I was going off the deep end again. I've got to call him.

Henry: Wait -- Katie. And say what? What are you gonna say?

Katie: Right. You're right. If I start apologizing for talking about Simon, he's gonna think that I'm thinking about Simon, and I'm not.

Henry: Right.

Katie: I just need to wait for him to get home and then make it all about him, about us getting back together. Mike and I are starting a new life, and I am not gonna blow it this time.

Henry: Okay. Good for you.

Katie: You should turn over a new leaf too, Henry. Stop hanging out with friends that leave you holding the bag.

Henry: Speaking of which -- thank you for bailing me out. Here's your money back.

Katie: What about your case?

Henry: They dropped the charges. Simon and Carly are gone, so is any clear evidence against me, so the D.A. was - - well, he had to accept my story that Simon had kidnapped me and forced me to help him.

Katie: So we both get a second chance.

Henry: Yeah. What are you going to do with yours?

Katie: I am going to make Mike Kasnoff the happiest guy in the world.

Henry: How?

Katie: By giving him what he's always wanted.

Parker: You knew something was going to happen with Mom, didn't you?

Jack: No, I didn't know for sure, no.

Parker: You knew she stole those jewels or whatever. That she was in trouble.

Jack: How do you know about that?

Parker: We hear things. At school. And we hear you guys talking all the time. Just cause we don't say anything --

Jack: Parker, I am sorry. I didn't realize.

Parker: And now, it's too late for you to adopt me. My real dad's dead and mom's gone. So who do I belong to now?

Jack: You belong to us. J.J., Sage, your mom and me. We're your family, Buddy.

Parker: You let this happen. I hate you! I hate you!

Jack: Hey, you know what -- you can hate me tomorrow. Right now, I need to pack your stuff so we can get over to Emma’s.

Parker: You still want me to go with you?

Jack: Where else would you go, Buddy?

Parker: I'm not your son.

Jack: Like hell you're not! I was the first person to lay eyes on you when you were born. I've worried about you, I've coached you, I've taught you, and for the last couple days, I've put up with that wise alecky mouth of yours.

Parker: Mom did all that stuff, too. And now she's --

Jack: Now she's gone. She's gone. And I wish like hell I could explain what happened, but I can't even make any sense of it myself. All I can tell you is -- that's how it is. And you're still my son. You always have been. And you always will be. I promise.

Parker: You promise? That's supposed to mean something?

Jack: I have never broken a promise to you, Parker.

Parker: You promised me that you and Mom would never get divorced and you did.

Jack: When I told you that, I honestly believed with all of my heart that that was true. But stuff happened between your mom and me that I never imagined could happen.

Parker: Yeah. Then you promised that you two would always take care of us together.

Jack: Parker, we tried.

Parker: But you didn’t. You didn't stay together. You're a liar! And you and Mom should never have had any kids!

Jack: Hey, hey. My kids mean everything to me. I can't imagine one day of my life without you and J.J. and Sage. I never thought that things would end up like this, but we can get through this Parker. We just have to --

Parker: Don't even say stick together. You and Mom didn't!

Mike: Hey, Man. The door was open.

Jack: You heard that?

Mike: Yeah.

Jack: What do you want?

Mike: To help, if I can.

Adam: Hey, Bro. Thought you had to study or something.

Will: Well, yeah. I got all done. Margo said you guys were here.

Gwen: How's Tom?

Will: He's about the same. So what's this trip we're talking about?

Gwen: You remember that record executive who saw me when I was in L.A.?

Will: Yeah, Gordon Richards?

Adam: You remember his name?

Will: Well, any time a record exec admires my wife, I tend to notice.

Gwen: Well anyways, Adam thinks that Richards might want to sign me to his label.

Will: Well, that's great!

Adam: Yeah but, you know, before that happens, we need a little more face time with this guy so we can pitch a few more of Gwen’s songs.

Will: Okay, so when do we leave?

Gwen: You're gonna come with us?

Will: Yeah, of course.

Gwen: Awesome.

Adam: Well, you know, he travels a lot so next Wednesday was the only day he could fit us in.

Gwen: Wait -- only Wednesday?

Adam: Something wrong?

Will: Well, I kind of have all tests next week.

Adam: Oh, man. You told me next week was tight. I'm sorry, I should have made a note of that.

Gwen: Well, look -- I really want Will to come, so maybe we can call Richards and just ask him if we can move the meeting back a week.

Adam: And let this guy think you're some kind of flake who doesn't really want this?

Will: Yeah, Adam’s right. You should just go.

Gwen: I don't want to go without you.

Will: You know, don't worry about it. We're gonna get plenty of chances to go on these things together.

Adam: Hey, you know, one good thing. You've been sweating costs. This way, we only need two tickets to L.A. instead of three. If you guys are going to get all depressed about this --

Will: No, no absolutely not. We're not. You've led her career in the right direction thus far. So, if this guy signs her that's gonna be great.

Adam: Great, I'll make the reservations.

Will: Yeah, I'm gonna go make a phone call. All right? Excuse me.

Adam: Are you okay with this?

Gwen: Yeah, are you kidding? I'm so excited! I'm just really glad that you and Will are on the same page with all of this.

Adam: We'll have a good time.

Gwen: Yeah, I didn't imagine any of this would happen when Will put up the money for the demo. And that's because of you, Adam.

Adam: No, it's Will's money.

Gwen: Yeah, but you're the one with the experience, and the connections, and I'm not just some kid who sings at local clubs anymore.

Adam: Say it. Look if you won't, I will because it's got to be said.

Gwen: No! You'll jinx it.

Adam: Too late. Gwen Munson -- I'm going to make you a star!

Gwen: You're getting a little ahead of yourself.

Adam: How do you figure that?

Gwen: Well, I've never made an album, I've never done a music video, I've never actually gone on tour, and a lot of singers have and they're not even close to being stars.

Adam: Well, they're not you.

Gwen: You say that now. But we'll get back to the recording studio, and you'll be all over me about breath control and enunciation and really feeling what I'm singing --

Adam: Yeah, well you'll get that done. All of it.

Gwen: Because you won't let me get away with anything less.

Adam: You know, one day you're going to be on stage holding an award, and you'll thank me. You'll say you couldn't have done it without me, and I'll know it's a lie.

Gwen: How do you figure?

Adam: Gwen, you reach people with your music. I mean, even if you're singing about something that's really personal to you, you're saying "I feel you, I know what you're going through 'cause I've been there." I didn't give you that.

Gwen: So when I get all these awards, I don't have to thank you?

Adam: You'd better thank me. Don't make me get up on that stage. Besides that, you're gorgeous.

Gwen: Okay, now I know that you are lying, Sir.

Adam: We've got to cure you of that. We've got to get you to the point where if I say you're beautiful or talented or whatever, you just smile and say thank you like you know it's true.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Adam: I'm serious. I can't be pitching you to some exec and have you dump all over everything I say. Let's practice. You are awesomely talented.

Gwen: Is "Awesomely" a word?

Adam: Gwen.

Gwen: Thank you.

Adam: You have everything it takes to be a superstar.

Gwen: Adam, come on! Thank you.

Adam: You're one of the most beautiful women I know.

Will: Thank you. I knew I married her for a reason.

Gwen: Adam's trying to teach me to be less humble.

Will: Oh, well good luck with that.

Adam: I was just rehearsing her for this meeting.

Will: Well, seeing as how I'll be there, maybe I can back you up.

Gwen: I thought you couldn't come?

Will: Yeah not to L.A. I can't but I just got off the phone with Gordon Richards' secretary. I wanted to see what his travel schedule was like. If it included Chicago and it does. He's going to be there in a few days, so I rearranged.

Gwen: So you're gonna be there.

Will: Yeah. And this way, you guys don't have to fly all the way to L.A.

Gwen: And we're gonna save a whole lot of money that way. You are a very smart man, Will Munson.

Will: Thank you. You're all right with this, right?

Adam: Yeah. Got to save those bucks.

Will: Do you guys have more work to do tonight?

Gwen: No, I think we're good. Yeah?

Adam: Yeah, we're all set.

Gwen: Good night, Sir. Thank you for everything.

Adam: Just doing my job.

 [Iris sighs]

Iris: I think I know a certain young music producer who wanted to take a trip with my daughter, all alone.

Mike: Found these in the fridge.

Jack: No, I can’t. Not until I get the kids to Emma’s. Thanks, though.

Mike: I heard you and Parker arguing, maybe I should have just left, I didn't know what to do.

Jack: I wish you'd come in sooner. The kid was winning. I suppose you heard about Simon and Carly?

Mike: How they escaped? Yeah.

Jack: I also suppose you wanna know how I let that happen.

Mike: You don't owe me or anybody any explanations.

Jack: Yeah, well, the police commissioner might disagree with you there. Simon broke into the Leonian consulate and got Carly out. They were pretty much free and clear, when Carly wanted -- when Carly needed to see her kids again.

Mike: She came back here? To the house?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Mike: What was she going to take off with the kids?

Jack: You mean kidnap them? No, Carly would never do that.

Mike: Then why would she take a risk like that?

Jack: She wanted to let them know she wasn't giving up on seeing them again. Give them hope. Give herself hope. So she put everything on line to see them one more time.

Mike: You don't seem surprised.

Jack: The surprise came when Parker tipped me off about Carly.

Mike: Parker turned in his mom?

Jack: Yeah, it's his way of keeping her here, keeping her safe.

Mike: Well how'd they get away?

Jack: Dropped my guard. Simon knocked me out, cuffed me to the coffee table. By the time anybody found me, they were long gone.

Mike: You let them go, didn't you?

Jack: You know what Mike, I really don't care what you believe. The only thing I care about are those kids up there. I care that they don't have to go to a maximum security prison to see their mother year in and year out. I also care too much about Carly to have her spend the rest of her life in a place like that!

Mike: Okay.

Jack: Who am I kidding? Parker was right. It's all on me. I stopped trying. I'm the one who walked out. What the hell did I do Mike?

Mike: Sounds like you did the best you could.

Jack: You know what. Carly and I, we made vows to each other. We made promises to each other. But we also made promises to those kids. That they'd grow up with two people under the same roof, parents, that would raise them, and that would love them. I guess I broke my promise, huh?

Mike: Would it be better for you to stay here? For the kids to be in a house with two parents who end up hating each other?

Jack: Carly and I we knew how it was, we knew how it was before we made this marriage -- before we made this family. We knew how it was with us. The ups and downs, the break ups, the make ups.

Mike: You loved each other.

Jack: I know, but what I'm wondering, is maybe we should have given it a little more thought before we brought kids into this world, and we were just going to tear their lives apart?

Parker: That's my jacket! Give it back!

J.J.: Mom said I could wear it.

Parker: No she didn’t.

J.J.: Yes, she did!

Jack: Guys, guys, guys, we'll figure out whose wearing the jacket. Hey, we'll figure out whose wearing the jacket tomorrow. Can we please just get to the farm? Let's go, let's go. Please, out.

Mike: All right, hey, I'll help the kids get packed in the car.

Jack: Okay. Thank you very much. Sage, Honey.

Mike: Let's go.

Sage: We almost forgot Arnold!

Jack: Arnold -- I don't remember meeting Arnold.

Sage: Mommy got him for me.

Jack: It's okay Honey. It's gonna be okay. Come on, let's go.

Daniel: Mom? Mom, wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Emily: Dusty!

Emily: Dusty!

Daniel: Mom, he had a knife. He tried to kill you.

Emily: I know, Honey. Are you okay? Let me look at you. You okay?

Dallas: Daniel? Scary night, huh?

Emily: Yeah, I don't think he's up to answering any questions.

Cop: Hey, Dallas? Do we have a name on this guy for the arrest report? He's not talking.

Emily: It's Tull. Marcus Tull.

Cop: Thanks.

Emily: He's a friend of Craig Montgomery’s.

Dallas: Friend?

Emily: Friend, yes. Craig introduced me to him. He wanted to buy our paper, "The Intruder." Craig sold him his half of the shares and he wanted mine but I wouldn't sell. And he kidnapped my son to pressure me.

Dallas: What else can you tell me?

Emily: Can we please talk about this tomorrow?

Dallas: Look, I know you and your son have both been through an ordeal, but because someone -- because of the way things ended up with Mr. Donovan, I'd really appreciate if both of you answered some questions.

Emily: Dusty saved us.

Dallas: How did he know you were in trouble?

Emily: I don't know. I don't know how he knew. I asked him to meet me at my mom's --

Dusty: Maybe I should answer the questions.

Emily: Did you called Margo?

Dusty: Yeah, she's telling Tom that Daniel’s okay.

Dallas: We'll continue this in the morning? Can you stick around for questions?

Dusty: Yeah, just give me a second?

Dallas: All right. Meet me outside when you're done. All right? Good job.

Emily: I don't know how to thank you. You really came through for us.

Dusty: I'm glad everything worked out.

Emily: What about that call -- Johnny?

Dusty: It was a dead end.

Emily: Oh, God I'm sorry.

Dusty: That's okay.

Emily: Aw, Baby.

Gwen: No, I'm serious. Life gave you lemons and you made lemonade. It was totally genius. I never would have thought of calling Richards to see if he could come to Chicago.

Will: Well, at first his secretary wasn't to excited about putting me on the phone with him, but then I told her I was from "Rolling Stone."

Gwen: No you didn’t.

Will: No, no, I didn't -- but I did go with the truth.

Gwen: Okay, so you call, she says I'm sorry Mr. Richards is unavailable and you say --

Will: I said that I'm married to the woman who's gonna be his next big break out client for 2007. What? I did. It worked. Don't make that face, he picked up didn't he?

Gwen: Do you know what you are? You're my hero.

Will: I also, you know, wanna meet the guy. I wanna make sure he's gonna do right by you.

Gwen: Oh, that's the only reason you went to the mat on this one.

Will: What's that mean?

Gwen: Actually, I have no idea what that means. I do know that the reason you didn't want me to go to L.A. though. It's because what happened with Adam the first time.

Will: Well, I knew that wouldn't happen again.

Gwen: It won’t.

Will: And I believe you.

Gwen: You have nothing to fear from Adam. He knows that we're a team. He would never ever try and get in the way of that.

Adam: You read that all wrong, Iris. I'm glad that Will can finally see how hard I'm working for his wife.

Iris: Yeah, yeah, yeah, right. Buy me a cup of coffee?

Adam: I was just leaving.

Iris: Don't run off so fast.

Adam: Gwen doesn't want to hang you, and you're her mother. What makes you think I'd want to stay here?

Iris: Because of things that I know. Like, I know -- [Singing] You've got a thing for my daughter.

Adam: You are way off.

Iris: And frankly, I'm all for it.

Adam: You are?

Iris: Oh, absolutely. As long as you remember me when you and Gwennie hit the big time.

Adam: And what about my brother?

Iris: That marriage is dead in the water.

Adam: You think so?

Iris: Oh yeah, I mean Will's pockets aren't as deep as they once were. And once Gwennie’s starts making millions and he's got nothing, he's not going to be able to stand for it.

Adam: May take a while.

Iris: Yeah, well, maybe we can hurry it on up, you know. Seize the day, as they say? If you make your move now, I can help you. And that way we can both get what we want.

Mike: Katie? I thought you'd be asleep.

Katie: I'm not sleepy. How's Jack?

Mike: He's doing as well as can be expected. What's going on?

Katie: Us. We're going on. For about 100 years. Starting now.

Mike: Katie.

Katie: We gotta get back to where we were before all this craziness. Let's make love again. I want a family. I want it more than anything in the world.

Mike: I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Jack: Okay Guys I know we're all tired but let's worry about unpacking in the morning.

Parker: What happened?

Sage: Somebody didn't clean up.

Jack: Don't look at me. I know better than to leave Emma’s kitchen a mess. Maybe your cousin Meg had a party or something.

J.J.: Was she smoking cigars? Because it stinks in here.

Jack: I'll air the place out while you guys get ready for bed, okay?

Sage: Who's going to feed Arnold? Mommy always feeds him.

Jack: I can feed Arnold.

Sage: Who'll read me a story?

Parker: Somebody better do it. She can't sleep without a story.

J.J.: Then she whines all night.

Sage: I do not!

Jack: I will read the story, okay? I'm a great story reader. I'll be up in a minute. I love you. I love you. Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it. Sleep tight.

J.J.: Goodnight, Dad.

Jack: Hey!

Parker: What?

Jack: You make sure get a good night's sleep. So you can hate me some more in the morning, okay? After pancakes. I love you, you know that. Freeze --

Brad: Whoa, ho, ho! You miss me, Brother?

Jack: Brad?

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Casey: That's just as good as cash.

Katie: What is it? What's wrong?

Mike: Why didn't you tell me about this?

[Katie sighs]

Brad: Hey, Carly’s the one that checked out on you. I didn't dump three kids on you. She did.

Paul: The hospital.

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