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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07

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[Knocking at door]

Paul: Meg?

Barbara: What in God's name are you doing to yourself?

Margo: Oh, you're back.

Adam: Yeah. With food.

Margo: Oh, the head nurse just kicked me out, so I'll take this to him when she's done.

Adam: What about you? When was the last time you ate?

Margo: A couple months ago --

Adam: For him, there's a turkey on whole wheat, no mayo. You, roast beef on rye, cole slaw, Russian dressing.

Margo: You are the best. How did you remember that?

Adam: Mom, why don't you go home for a little bit, get some sleep?

Margo: No, I can’t.

Adam: I'll stay right by his bed, I'll call you as soon as he wakes up.

Margo: Honey, I'm a cop. We're used to staying up all night. Hi, guys.

Will: Hey. We heard, is everything okay?

Margo: Yeah, the surgery actually went really well. And we still don't know how long the recovery period's going to be, though. You know what? I got to talk to her --

Will: Can I go say hi?

Margo: Yeah, sure. Yeah, just don't let him talk too much.

Adam: Give that to him, will you? Mom said he's hungry.

Will: Are you going to come?

Gwen: One other time is probably better. I'm going to stay here with Adam.

Will: Okay. Right.

Gwen: You okay?

Adam: Yeah, fine.

Gwen: I saw Casey and Maddie leaving. He seemed pretty upset.

Adam: Yeah, he was pretty shaken up by it, you know?

Gwen: And you're just -- you're fine?

Adam: The doctor said he's going to be fine.

Gwen: Right. No, biggie, huh? Adam, come here. I'm really, really sorry that you had to go through this right after you lost your dad.

Adam: When I saw the look in my mom's eyes, I thought he was going to die.

Emily: So Chaz didn't find anything?

Dusty: He didn't say that. But it looks like Tull's move to buy "The Intruder" is a straight business deal.

Emily: A straight business deal?

Dusty: Mm-hmm.

Emily: Where the second I wouldn't do what he wanted, he'd kidnap my son?

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: No, Craig is the one who promised Tull that I would sell my share of the paper. And when I refused, Craig was the one who said that I would regret it. So, who's behind it, Dusty, if Craig isn't?

Dusty: Where are you going?

Emily: I'm going to the police station. Maybe they've accomplished something.

Dusty: Stay on this investigation. Montgomery did it. So prove it.

Craig: Don't waste your time. Try as hard as you want, you're never going to pin this one on me.

Carly: I need to see them. Don't stop me.

Jack: They're not here.

Carly: I just talked to J.J.

Jack: I know.

Carly: He told you?

Jack: He didn't have to.

Carly: Where are they?

Jack: Somewhere they wouldn't have to watch -- when the two of you finally go down for good.

Dusty: Emily's making a call. Why don't you leave by the time she gets back?

Craig: Since you conspired to take my son from me, why don't you try not telling me what to do?

Dusty: Your daughter did that.

Craig: And maybe you could lose the high moral tone --

Dusty: To save my son from being raised by you.

Craig: I know what Emily’s going through better than anyone.

Dusty: Emily needs to know that her son is safe.

Craig: You know, it seems that no matter what happens, your response is always to threaten me. Doesn't that usually end up not working so well?

Dusty: Don't do this to Emily.

Craig: I'm not doing anything to her. This is clearly the work of a new business partner, Marcus Tull.

Dusty: Be a man. You hear me? If you want me, come after me.

Paul: I want you to go.

Barbara: That's not going to happen.

Paul: Look, I need to be alone.

Barbara: You were in a serious accident, resulting in a serious head injury. Alone is the last thing you need to be.

Paul: How did you find me?

Barbara: I knew this is where you came when Meg nursed you back to health after you were shot. And I know that she's your obsession.

Paul: She's a little more to me than just an obsession.

Barbara: Paul, running away and coming here proves that you are -- you're not all right. You need help. We don't know what's wrong with you, honey. It's freezing in here, Paul.

Paul: I'm fine in here.

Barbara: Well, I'm not! I am sick with worry. What are you trying to do to yourself?

Paul: I'm trying to get my life back together.

Barbara: Okay, then come back into town with me. We will find a neurologist, we'll have more tests -- we'll find out what's happening --

Paul: They're not going to find out anything.

Barbara: I can't just stand by and watch this. I've already lost your sister. I'm not going to lose another child --

Paul: No! Don't touch me! Seriously, don't touch me!

Adam: Hey, I'm fine. Thanks.

Gwen: The man who raised you almost just died. How could you be fine? Look, I know things have been weird since we got back from L.A. but you do have me and your brother. I hope you know that.

Adam: I know. I just really think I need to hold it together right now. For my Mom's sake.

Gwen: I see that.

Adam: You see everything, don't you?

Gwen: I wouldn't say that. You can ask Jade --

Adam: No, I mean you -- see what other people try to hide. What I try to hide.

Gwen: I'm going to go get Will. He should let tom rest.

Will: He's going to sleep. But it seems like he's doing well.

Gwen: Good. He won't admit it, but your brother's having a hard time. So, if you could just talk to him.

Will: Yeah, okay.

Gwen: All right. I'll be back in a minute.

Will: She said I should talk to you.

Adam: Look, you really don't have to do that if you don't want --

Will: Adam, it's stupid for us to -- for me to let things get screwed up like this. So, I'm sorry I overreacted.

Adam: Hey, I'm sorry, too. I wasn't exactly the model of cool.

Will: Well, we all know that I can be a little intense sometimes. So, I think that working together is supposed to be fun. And Dad would have wanted that. That's what I want.

Sage: Why'd you come back, Maggie? And why was Daddy acting so weird?

Maggie: He thought it would be fun for you, going out for hot chocolate, staying up late.

Sage: I don't think its fun when everyone's trying to fool me.

Parker: Don't kick me.

J.J.: You deserved it.

Parker: Shut up.

J.J.: Mom was talking to me, not you. You didn't have any right to tell Dad.

Parker: I had to --

J.J.: You did not. She was coming to see us. I think she was trying to get us.

Parker: Yeah, right. She's running away with her boyfriend. She doesn't want us.

J.J.: Don't say that.

Parker: It's the truth. You know it is. She's running away with Simon, and she doesn't care if she ever sees us again.

J.J.: Take it back! Take it back! Take it back --

Maggie: Guys, guys! You boys are too old to be fighting like this. Now, just go sit over there.

Parker: He started it.

Maggie: Well, just leave him alone, okay? This night is bad enough already.

Sage: What happened? Why is J.J. crying?

J.J.: I'm not crying.

Sage: Why are you so mean? Why are you always so mean?

Carly: Where are they, Jack? Where are my kids?

Jack: I got them out of here. I got Maggie to take care of them.

Carly: Because you knew I was coming?

Jack: Yeah. Although, I don't know why.

Carly: I had to explain to them --

Jack: Explain? You made J.J. lie for you, and Parker betray you so you could explain?

Carly: Parker told you?

Jack: He was listening in when J.J. was talking to you. He felt he had to say something.

Carly: Poor baby --

Jack: Oh, yeah, you should have been here. A grand time was had by all!

Carly: I'm sorry --

Jack: J.J. lied for you, and Parker had the good pleasure of turning his own mother in.

Carly: Please --

Jack: And of course, Sage doesn't know what hit her. Nor does anybody else in this family for that matter. She just has this feeling that she's never going to feel safe again.

Simon: All right, Jack. You know what? Honestly, that's enough. All right? Don't do this to her.

Jack: Don't do this to her?

Simon: Yeah, don't do this to her --

Jack: She needs to know what she's putting our family through! You know, you can lie to me over and over and over again, and I'm supposed to be an adult. If I'm a sucker, it's my own damn fault! But these are kids. They're your kids! They'd walk off a cliff for you, and this is how you repay them? You come by to explain that you're walking out of their lives forever!

Carly: I just -- I wanted to tell them that I was going to spend every single waking moment trying to figure out a way --

Jack: And then you have the audacity to bring him with you? "Hey, guys, here's the guy I'm walking out on you for. Sorry." How pathetic do you want their lives to be, Carly?

Carly: I just wanted to tell them that it wouldn't be forever. That I wasn't giving up.

Jack: After what you've done to them, do you think I would let you spend one day with them? One hour? You scared? You should be. Because I'm going to do what I should have done the first time. Both of you are going to jail. And this time for good.

Barbara: So now I can't even touch my own son now?

Paul: Nothing personal, okay? It's got nothing to do with you.

Barbara: Since when? That's a first.

Paul: There's no other solution, all right? These visions -- they come when I touch somebody or when somebody touches me. And since I've been here alone, they haven't come.

Barbara: So this is your life now? You're not going to look for help, you're not going to try to find any answers.

Paul: There are no answers.

Barbara: This is it, then? You're going to be living out here in the woods?

Paul: Mom, I don't want to do this. I need to do this. I can't hurt anybody else.

Barbara: For how long, Paul?

Paul: I don't know.

Barbara: This isn't right.

Paul: Listen --

Barbara: No, no, no, no. You listen. I am telling you right now, I'm going to take you back into town. We're going to find someone to help you -- to help you, tell you what's going on here.

Paul: No. Oh, right? So I can help you channel this so you can find Johnny?

Barbara: That's not fair.

Paul: You're right, that's not fair.

Barbara: I said something not realizing how those words were going to sound to you. I am sorry if I made you feel used.

Paul: A little late for that now.

Barbara: I just miss my grandson. I thought that you could succeed where others have failed. Please forgive me.

Paul: All right, Mom. I will forgive you if you respect my decision to stay here alone.

Barbara: This isn't a decision. That requires thought. You have not thought this through.

Paul: If you fight me, I will run, and I will make sure that you never find me.

Barbara: Don't do this to me.

Paul: I have no choice. I want you to leave. And if you look for me, or if you send somebody else to look for me, I'll make sure you never see me again.

Barbara: What is happening to you, Paul?

Paul: I don't know. I wish to God I did.

Barbara: I need to know that you're all right. Call me.

Paul: Fine, I will. Go, just go.

Barbara: I love you.

Craig: Thank you, Raul. If I were to take you on, Donovan, I would take you on directly. I wouldn't torture Emily in the process.

Dusty: You don't take anything on directly.

Craig: A word to the wise -- the fact that I sometimes use a complex sentence to express a complex thought doesn't mean that I'm indirect.

Dusty: You put all this in motion.

Craig: I simply sold one of my businesses.

Dusty: That ends up with Daniel’s kidnapping?

Craig: I wouldn't do that.

Dusty: You wouldn't do that? You had your own daughter kidnapped, you idiot.

Craig: You are such a thug. Daniel is not my victim. And there's no way that you're going to pin this on me.

Emily: The two of you can just go to hell.

Maddie: Gwen called while I was waiting for our order. She and Will stopped by the hospital.

Casey: That's nice.

Maddie: Yeah. I got them extra hot chocolate just in case they were still there when we got back.

Casey: Cool.

Maddie: You ready to go?

Casey: You care if we just sit her for a little while? I kind of need to catch my breath.

Maddie: Yeah. I hate hospitals, too. I mean, who doesn't?

Casey: Me. I'm serious. When I was little, my grandpa used to take me around and introduce me to everybody, so after a while, I guess I just got used to it. That funny smell and those super bright lights, long empty hallways. It just kind of felt homey. I mean, everybody was being so nice to me.

Maddie: Well, I guess they roll out the red carpet if you're related to the chief of staff.

Casey: I guess.

Maddie: So why don't you want to go back? Scared something bad might have happened to your dad while we were gone?

Casey: No, I think my dad's going to be fine.

Maddie: He really is, really. I know this has been really scary, but if he can make it through the surgery, that's the worst part. Everything will be easier from now on.

Casey: Yeah, I heard the nurse telling my mom that.

Maddie: So what are you worried about?

Casey: My dad's going to be different after this. You don't just get over something like this in a couple days.

Maddie: Well, of course not. He'll have to take it really easy for awhile.

Casey: Yeah, my mom's already talking about how she's gonna turn the house into a stress-free zone. I guess I should probably stay as far away as I can get.

Will: You know, you don't have to stay. I'm just gonna wait to say good-bye to Margo.

Gwen: I want to say bye, too.

Will: I know you're worried about Carly, though.

Gwen: Yeah, I called Jack to see if I could come over to read Sage a bedtime story, and he said it wasn't a good time. He didn't sound very good to me.

Will: You know what's weird? Like, right now, at this very moment -- we are the most stable people in our families.

Gwen: That's very scary.

Will: I've been thinking about Adam.

Gwen: Yeah?

Will: And it's really easy to get angry with him when he's acting like a brother, like he has all the answers --

Gwen: But?

Will: Well, maybe I don't see him like a real person, you know? I don't always see things from his side. I don't, but you do.

Gwen: You know, this might be really stupid to bring up right now, being that we're getting along and everything --

Will: But?

Gwen: It has to do with L.A.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: I just, I don't think that what happened in L.A. was about me. We both got this really great thing, and I don't think that he knew how to be happy, you know, without -- he's just not very good with his feelings. Like tonight, instead of just admitting that he was scared, he had to act all strong and tough.

Margo: Yeah, you, too, Buckaroo. I just spoke to the head nurse, and she said that only one person can be in there through the night, so -- that'd be me.

Adam: Mom, I really think you need --

Margo: No, Mom, me -- okay? Gwen, I just talked to the station --

Adam: Anything about Daniel?

Margo: No, Honey, nothing. And we haven't heard anything about Carly, either. So I'm sorry.

Gwen: That's okay. I'll take that as good news. Thanks for checking. And if you need anything --

Jade: Adam, I just heard. I'm so sorry.

Adam: Hey, it's okay. He's fine. The surgery went really well.

Jade: Surgery?

Adam: Yeah, he had an angioplasty --

Margo: You know what? Could you guys talk about this someplace else?

Jade: Yeah, sure. I'm sorry.

Margo: I'm sorry -- I don't mean to seem like I'm kicking you out, but I'm kicking you out. You -- you need to get some rest, because you're taking over the first shift in the morning.

Adam: Okay, no problem. I just want to say good-bye first.

Margo: Okay.

Gwen: Hey.

Jade: Hey.

Gwen: It's actually -- it's really good that you're here.

Jade: It is?

Gwen: Yeah, could you -- could you just keep an eye on Adam?

Jade: He said that everything was fine.

Gwen: Yeah, well, he says that, but I don't think he believes it. It's just too soon after his dad passed away.

Jade: Yeah. Well, sure. I mean, you didn't have to say anything. I already knew that.

Will: Yeah, you've always had a special insight into people's feelings.

Jade: I'm gonna wait over there.

Adam: Hey, Jade, you want to get something to eat?

Jade: I'd love to.

Adam: Yeah. Hey, thanks for coming down, you two. Take care, all right?

Gwen: You, too, okay?

Will: Wow. You're even being nice to Jade. That's really nice, but let's not get carried away.

Gwen: Oh, okay.

Maddie: I don't know what you're talking about. You are going to be a huge part of your dad's recovery.

Casey: How do you know that?

Maddie: Haven't you noticed that every time you walk through that door, he lights up? Especially since you've been living in the dorms. All you have to do is show up for dinner, and it's like Christmas at that house. For your mom, too.

Casey: That's gonna change.

Maddie: Why, because you didn't make Dean's list?

Casey: No, Maddie, you don't know --

Maddie: I heard what your mom said. She said that her grades weren't that great her first semester, either, so relax. Everything will be different next semester.

Casey: How do you know that, huh? How do you know that it's all going to be better?

Maddie: Because I know you. And I know that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Casey: You know what? Sometimes no matter how hard I try, it just doesn't work. All right? And the more that I fight it, then --

Maddie: Fight what? I'm sorry -- I don't understand.

Casey: Yeah, that makes it worse.

Maddie: Casey --

Casey: We better get back to the hospital before this coffee gets cold.

Emily: The two of you. My son has been kidnapped, his father's in the hospital, yet it's just another episode of the Dusty and Craig show.

Dusty: Emily, come on.

Emily: So what did you say? Did you say lots of funny, clever, subtle little things to Dusty to drive him crazy?

Dusty: Try to calm down.

Emily: And you? Did you make threats, throw more gas on the fire? My son is gone, Johnny’s gone, but none of that matters. Nothing matters except how much the two of you hate each other.

Craig: Emily -- I'm so sorry for what's happening to you. No one should have to go through what you're going through. If you need anything, you want anything, you call me.

Emily: Yeah. Like I believe a word of that.

Dusty: Have a seat. Sit down. Come on, let's talk. What did the police say?

Emily: Nothing. The police said nothing. They said they're keeping an eye on Tull -- they're watching Tull, but Tull knows they're watching him, so none of it matters. It's not doing any good.

Dusty: Okay, I know it's hard --

Emily: You know what? Don't do this. Don't sit here and hold my hand. Go find craig, fight with him some more.

Dusty: I was trying to get through to him. He gets to me, I'm sorry.

Emily: You think he knows? You think he knows where Daniel is?

Dusty: I think he's making sure he doesn't know.

Emily: It's getting so late. It's so late, and Daniel’s -- oh, God, usually he's asleep by now. I call every night, to say good night to him. It's so late --

Dusty: We're gonna get him back, all right? I swear to you. We're gonna get him back.

Carly: Jack -- I'm not going anywhere, Jack. The situation is completely under control. You don't need the gun.

Jack: I should just trust you? Him?

Simon: Let her go, Jack.

Carly: Simon --

Simon: No, no, come on. Shoot me. Shoot me if you want, honestly. I don't care. This is all my fault, anyway. I'm to blame, not her.

Carly: Simon, shut up!

Jack: She's got a point. Something about your voice just rubs me the wrong way.

Carly: Jack -- Jack, why don't you call the station? Have them send some other cops, okay?

Jack: But you don't have to worry, Carly. As much as it would give me great pleasure to shoot him, I want to be able to think about him in prison, making new friends.

Simon: So, there you go. It is me you want me to pay. Not her. 'Cause you love her.

Jack: That's none of your business.

Simon: Yeah, you do. And you love your kids, right? See, I've heard how you talk about them, Jack -- how much they mean the world to you.

Jack: Okay, now it's me telling you to shut the hell up!

Simon: And how's it gonna make them feel, Jack? Growing up knowing that their own dad put their mom away? I'm here, Jack -- take me. Arrest me. I'll say I'd come here alone, all right? She was never here.

Jack: It's too late.

Simon: No, it's not. It's not too late, Jack. Do your job. Be a cop. Make me pay. But don't do this to her. Your kids are gonna end up hating you, Jack. Just like you're gonna end up hating yourself. Let her go.


Paul: Parker -- yeah, it is you.

Parker: Paul?

Paul: Come on in, it's freezing out here.

Parker: What are you doing here?

Paul: More to the point, what are you doing here?

Jack: So, you're ready to take the fall for both of you?

Simon: That's right.

Jack: You like the idea?

Carly: I don't know.

Jack: No? It sounds like a pretty good deal for you.

Carly: I don't think it's fair to ask for your help.

Simon: Just let her go, Jack. I'll play this any way you want.

Jack: She goes scot free?

Simon: She's not going to be free, and you know it. She's not going to see her kids for a while, isn't that revenge enough?

Carly: Jack doesn't want revenge. He's not like that.

Jack: I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Carly: He just wants to do the right thing. You and me, we don't always understand that.

Simon: Okay, you know what I understand, Jack? You know what I understand? I understand that you still love her. You don't want to, right? But you can't help it. Yeah, I know what that feels like.

Jack: Why'd you have to come back? Why couldn't you have just kept going?

Simon: So you do want her to keep going, right, Jack? She can still do that. All right, here -- me, you've got your arrest. You can give her a head start. All bases are covered.

Jack: You're just like this, what, this selfless guy now? Ready to do the far, far better thing, is that it?

Simon: No, no. You know what? I don't give a damn about anyone but myself, Jack, never have. You know why? I don't have kids. I wasn't even raised in a remotely sane family, Jack. But here I am, standing here in this house, where a happy family once lived. And you know what? I was the one who ruined it. Me, Jack. Not Carly. Everything is my fault. But please, don't make me responsible for those kids knowing that their mother is locked up. Because I think we all know, if you put her in prison, it's not going to be Carly that comes out.

Adam: All right. I said I was sorry.

Jade: God, yeah, I get that. It's I was just scared. You were driving really fast.

Adam: Well, we're here now. Nothing happened.

Jade: Yeah. You said something about getting something to eat --

Adam: Oh, yeah, I forgot.

Jade: Look, I was just thinking about you. I mean, I could make a sandwich or warm up some soup.

Adam: No, forget about it. I'm fine. Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Jade: I know, its okay. It was a horrible day, Adam.

Iris: Hey, Honey. Couldn't sleep either?

Gwen: Mom, what are you doing here?

Iris: Well, I usually like to walk home after a meeting. You know, stop here, get an herbal tea and hope that I can get tired enough to sleep.

Gwen: Well, Will's parking the car. He'll be in a minute.

Iris: Honey -- don't drink the coffee, all right? You look tired, you look spent here.

Gwen: I'm fine, Mom.

Iris: No, I know that you're fine, but you look stressed out, okay? I know that you're so upset about what's happening to Carly.

Gwen: You know, it's probably better if we don't talk about Carly.

Iris: I know. I've said a lot of terrible things about her. Before. But now -- let he who walks without sin -- yada, yada, right?

Gwen: You really went to a meeting, huh?

Iris: Yeah, yeah. I found a group here that I feel really comfortable.

Gwen: That's good. I'm really glad for you.

Iris: Yeah, and, you know, a good walk afterwards is what I love, also.

Gwen: It's pretty awful outside. You must be freezing.

Iris: Well, at least it's not icy. I mean, that kind of scares me a little bit --

Gwen: Well, if you ever need a ride --

Iris: Oh, Sweetie -- that is so you. You're always looking out, how you can help someone else. I know how you can help me.

Gwen: How is that, Mom?

Iris: Tell me what I can do to help you. I would love to help you with Carly’s kids, Honey. And together -- okay? I know that you wouldn't trust me with them alone.

Gwen: Maybe.

Iris: You always just put everything on your own shoulders, and I always let you do it.

Gwen: Look -- maybe, okay? I'll talk to Jack, ask him what their schedule is.

Iris: Honey, it would be fun. You know -- you look after the kids, and I could tidy up and bake and do the laundry.

Gwen: You're not a cleaning lady, Mom.

Iris: I would be if that's what you need me to be, Honey. Just as long as we do it together, okay?

Will: What a surprise. Iris with her hand out.

Gwen: She was just walking home from a meeting.

Will: Yeah, well here's a little information for you. It's over, okay? There's nothing for you, Iris.

Iris: I -- I don't know what you're even --

Will: There's no money left. Is that clear enough? So, it was nice chatting with you, and don't trip on your way out.

Iris: Honey, are you -- are you all right?

Will: And if we're not, are you going to float us a loan, Iris?

Iris: You know I would if I could.

Will: Well, we're fine. It's just that the cd used up what was left of the money. So there's nothing left for a handout.

Iris: I wasn't asking for a handout. I was here, in fact, asking Gwen if she needed some help.

Will: Mm-hmm. Well, it's too bad you can't leave because of your parole, because that would really be the most helpful thing you could do.

Iris: Sweetie, I know that you're just trying to protect Gwen, but she needs me right now. You see, she's very worried about her sister, and well, I'm family. I mean, don't you comfort the people in your family even though you've made a mistake or two?

Will: That's very nice, Iris. Yeah.

Iris: Oh, oh, no. I didn't mean -- it just came out wrong.

Will: Did it just come out wrong when you lied about your sister being dead? Or when you trashed Gwen in L.A.?

Iris: Look at you, just look at you, okay? You don't even let her talk! We're here, we're making plans, and you just roll right over everything! Come on, Gwennie, tell him. Tell him that I was just asking you if I could help you.

Gwen: Well, I don't know what you were trying to do, Mom. Okay? But I do know that I always wanted to be part of a family.

Iris: Oh, Honey, yes. That's what I want. I want it for us.

Gwen: Yes, and that's what you use to get to me over and over again.

Iris: Sweetie, we can change that. One day at a time.

Gwen: It's already changed, Mom. I am a part of a family now. Will gave me that. He gave me something that you never could. Let's get out of here.

Iris: Will Munson without money? Useless.

Gwen: She said that she was coming from a meeting. She just wanted to help out with Carly’s kids --

Will: Well, she'll say anything to get what she wants.

Gwen: And I believe it. Or I want to every time. I don't know why I can't get used to it, why it's always so hard.

Will: Because in a million years, you would never do to someone what your own mother does to you. Come on. Let's go home.

Jade: Adam --

Adam: What? It's fine.

Jade: No, it's not.

Adam: Look, we'll go upstairs if you're worried.

Jade: I am worried, about you.

Adam: What?

Jade: Look, I'm no prude, but this, it's just --

Adam: What do you want to do? Light candles, sprinkle flower petals all over the floor? Look, I'm sorry. That was a cheap shot. I -- I just want all of --

Jade: I know, I know. I get it. You want all of this to go away. I understand, but -- but this, it just -- it makes me feel like I'm nothing.

Adam: Why? That doesn't make any sense.

Jade: Maybe you and I, we could just --

Adam: What, you want to talk? Okay, fine, I'll talk. People die. It's a bummer.

Jade: Adam --

Adam: What? You know, Jade, I could use 6,000 different words. But that's all I'd be saying.

Jade: But Tom didn't die.

Adam: Yeah, so we're supposed to be grateful, right? This great, decent guy, someone kidnaps his kid, he has a heart attack, and it's a terrific day because he didn't die.

Jade: You're so angry. At the hospital, you were fine, and now you're so angry.

Adam: No, at the hospital, my mom was hanging on by a thread. She doesn't need this. Nobody needs this. Why don't we just put all the misery on fast forward?

Jade: I'm sorry, I really am. And I want to help you get through this.

Adam: Yeah, well, that's all I want, too.

Jade: Adam -- look, I don't need candles or flowers, but I need to be a part of it.

Adam: Oh, come on, Jade --

Jade: Listen, Adam, call me when you want me. Not somebody -- me.

Craig: I just didn't think you should be alone.

Craig: With the money I gave this hospital, you should be able to throw yourself a reunion of the entire police academy.

Margo: Well, wouldn't that be festive? But I'm not alone. I have tom. I'm fine.

Craig: We used to get through things like this together.

Margo: Yeah, lots of things used to be.

Craig: Margo, I'm trying here.

Margo: I know.

Craig: I know this has been a bad day. I know about Daniel --

Margo: A red-letter day.

Craig: And Emily thinks that I had something to do with it. You don't think that, do you?

Margo: Well, Craig, I'm a cop. I don't jump to conclusions. What I do is I swear that I'm going to find the person who did it, and I'm gonna get enough evidence to put them away. And whoever this person is, they not only terrorized a little boy who I love so very much, they also did this to my husband. I'm pretty invested in finding that person.

Craig: But you can't think that I had anything to do with it.

Margo: I didn't say that. I said when I get back to work, I'm going to start with the usual suspects.

Dusty: Forget about Montgomery. You got to focus on Marcus Tull.

Emily: I told you, the police can't get anything on him.

Dusty: Then it's up to you. You've got to give him exactly what he wants.

Emily: What?

Dusty: Sell him your share of the paper. Don't negotiate with him, just do what he says.

Emily: You think I haven't thought about that? Will you think it through? I have no leverage then -- I have no leverage, and he still has Daniel.

Dusty: I understand that.

Emily: You expect me to trust this monster?

Dusty: I'm telling you, do what I say, and Daniel comes home, safe and sound. I'm gonna make sure of it.

Paul: So, you're just out for a walk?

Parker: Yeah.

Paul: In this weather, at this hour, this far from home?

Parker: I had stuff to think about.

Paul: All right. Well, you're fine here. I am gonna call your dad, let him know you're okay.

Parker: No!

Paul: Why? Parker, what's going on?

Parker: I'm not going back there, and you can't make me.

Paul: Hey, hey. Parker --

Paul: Your mother –

Jack: You care about my family, huh? Boy, I'd feel sorry for someone you hated.

Simon: My point is, Jack -- I'm bad news. We all know it. I was the one that screwed up your kids' lives by dragging Carly into this. All she was trying to do was protect them.

Jack: Is that all?

Simon: She's not stupid, is she? She knew the risk. But we were home, Jack, we were out of here. We were on that plane, gone. She begged me to turn it around and come back just so she could talk to her kids. You don't think she knew that this could happen?

Carly: Simon, that's enough.

Simon: You know I'm right, Jack. You know it. I can see it in your eyes. You know you want to let her go.

Carly: Simon, stop, please -- you keep putting everything on Jack's shoulders, and every time he's given me a break, I've let him down. What do you say, Jack? How about we just get this over with? Then maybe you could have some peace.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Margo: Tom! Tom!

Emily: Oh, God. Daniel, are you here? [Emily sobbing] No, Dusty, no!

Paul: It seems like I can tell when something bad is going to happen.

Parker: Something bad's happening right now.

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