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Maddie: Casey? What are you doing?

Casey: Umm nothing. I was looking for a spare house key, I can't find mine.

Maddie: Well, your mom just made copies. She made one for Daniel. I think she said --

Casey: No, I think I found it. Yeah, that's good. You ready?

Maddie: Yeah. I just need to find my scarf.

Casey: Is this it?

Maddie: Yes it is. Thank you.

Casey: You know, I missed you.

Maddie: I missed you, too.

Casey: It's been awhile since we just hung out.

Maddie: It has been awhile.

Casey: And things just don't feel right when we're not talking.

Maddie: You don't have to worry about that. You're not gambling anymore so there's no need for you to lie ever again, right?

Casey: Right. Wanna go?

Maddie: Mmm-hmm.

Lucinda: Ohh, tea with a spot of lemon. Very good girl. I know you're slimming, Sweetheart, but I spied from across the way that wonderful cake with the strawberry --

Lily: Oh, yes me too.

Lucinda: And if I don't have it I just don't know what I'm gonna do.

Lily: Oh, then you must have it! You have it.

Lucinda: I'll put a bit of lemon on it and you can have a bite.

Lily: No, I don't want a bite. Not even one.

Lucinda: I'm sorry that you're so worried about Faith. I'm sorry.

Lily: Can't even have a civil conversation with her. I feel like I've lost her.

Lucinda: You haven't! You haven't lost her. She is spreading her wings. She'll fly back to you. You do look very peaky Dear. I think maybe you should have some fruit.

Lily: I don't want fruit. This is not about fruit. This is about my daughter. I want my daughter to look at me when I talk to her. I want her to smile. I want her not to be so sullen and apathetic. Nothing interests her! Unless it's something that I don't want to do.

Lucinda: Maybe you'll get lucky one day Dear. You will be smiling at her and she'll be sipping her tea and scowling at you.

Lily: I'm not scowling.

Lucinda: Have you thought about a little vacation?

Lily: I'm not putting on a bathing suit?

Lucinda: Well, go riding.

Lily: No, Faith doesn't want to ride anymore, she told me. No riding!

Lucinda: Well then, ski. Go skiing.

Lily: I hate to ski, you know that.

Lucinda: Darling, I can be persuaded, I can be persuaded to take Faith on a little trip somewhere. You know, we could spend some time together, just quality time --

Lily: I tried that, she's not interested.

Lucinda: I bet 'cha I can persuade her, okay? Then that'll give you both a moment to relax. And get away from each other. She's gotta have some space.

Lily: Space? Why don't you say what you really mean? You think my daughter should be as far away from me as possible!

Emily: Okay, so you said she dropped you off ten minutes ago?

Ian: Well, maybe it was more like, half an hour?

Emily: And you have no idea where Daniel went?

Roy: I know he didn't come to get comics with us.

Ian: I thought he was coming here to meet you.

Emily: Yeah, so did I. Listen, do me a favor, if you talk to him can you have him call me and tell him I'm looking for him, okay?

Roy: Yeah, sure.

Emily: Thanks, guys, thanks. Daniel, it's your mother. Where are you? I'm at Java, I thought you were meeting me here. I'm really worried, so when you get this message please call me.

Craig: Hey, hey, hey!

Emily: Sorry, sorry.

Craig: You nearly knocked me down. Are you all right? Is there a problem?

[Vienna is talking on her phone]

Vienna: Simon? No, he's still at large. No sign of him. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he's already left the country. You know how he operates -- love them and leave them? I like that idea -- very much so. Oh, anything for you, Dolly. You know you're my favorite. So you'll call me? Soon? Okay, kisses. Bye. If I see you, I'm supposed to call him.

Simon: Well, you are a very, very good liar.

Vienna: Well I had a good teacher.

Simon: So spill, where's the Prince?

Vienna: Shopping. In Cuba. For cigars. Well, he already called his deputy at the consulate, so it's all in motion. What? Is that a problem?

Simon: No, no, no, no. Of course not. It's what Carly deserves.

Vienna: So you agree with me. That heartbreakers deserves to be punished.

Simon: Oh, yeah it's just business. Hey, listen, do you mind going upstairs and seeing if you can find me something to wear? I don't want go outside and get recognized. Maybe a hat and a long coat?

Vienna: And leave you down here all by yourself? Not a chance.

Simon: Come on, you still don't trust me? We're gonna have to change that.

Vienna: There will be plenty of time for you and me. Once Carly is gone.

Carly: What is it? Is it the kids?

Jack: The kids are fine.

Carly: Then what's wrong?

Jack: I just got off the phone with the Leonian consulate. Prince Adolpho is anxious to recover his country's jewels. And he is insisting on taking an active role in the investigation. He's asked that I transfer you over to his consulate in Chicago so his people can question you.

Carly: I'm an American citizen.

Jack: Leonia apparently is a very important ally. The Prince is claming bias because I'm your ex-husband. Bottom line here Carly, I've been ordered to surrender you over to Leonian authorities.

Holden: Hello.

Lily: Hi.

Holden: What's going on here?

Lucinda: Lily is overreacting. Faith adores you, Darling. Adores you. All I meant was what I said.

Lily: She can't stand to be around me.

Lucinda: Well, possibly not right now, Dear. Possibly not. But she is a young lady with certain ideas of her own, not unlike somebody I knew at her age. And I was just offering her a little bit of adventure.

Lily: That I can't provide.

Lucinda: You have a brand new baby.

Lily: Oh, then its sibling rivalry? If I hadn't had another baby, Faith would be fine right now.

Lucinda: Faith adores Ethan.

Lily: Don't look at Holden. Last I checked, he was on my side.

Holden: Time out. I have a problem, that's why I'm here.

Lily: Why? What's wrong?

Holden: Luke called. There's a problem with the well water at the farm. So I need your help. You need to come help me.

Lily: Good. Fine. Mother, we'll have to pick up this fight another time.

Lucinda: I don't want to fight with you, Dear.

Lily: And I don't want to be told how to handle my children.

Lucinda: Lily, you have four children now at home. Four. One of them is a baby. This would wear anybody out. All I was saying is that I would take Faith a little bit. That's all I was saying. Please, relax and get some rest.

Lily: I don't need to rest.

Holden: I do. Bye. We'll see you later. Come on, let's go.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: I'm just a little preoccupied.

Craig: Well, let me focus your mind on your future. I want to talk to you about you selling your share of the newspaper to our new friend Marcus Tull. You won't like working with him.

Emily: Oh, please. I didn't like working for you, but it paid the bills, didn't it?

Craig: No, no, no. This is a different animal. You won't have a life of your own. You'll never see your son again.

Emily: What does that mean?

Craig: I know how much you value your time with --

Emily: Daniel.

Craig: Daniel. But you can kiss that good-bye working with Tull.

Emily: I'm not kissing anything good-bye.

Craig: Are you waiting for someone?

Emily: Why would I tell you?

Craig: Because maybe I saw him or her.

Emily: You know what? For your sake, I hope not.

Carly: So the United States is going to let this little pipsqueak place Leonia boss it around?

Jack: Like I said, Carly, they're allies.

Carly: They're going to hand me over? I didn't steal anything. I didn't sell anything. I don't even know where the diamonds are.

Jack: But Simon does. And the prince thinks that if he pressures you, you'll give him up.

Carly: And you're sure that this isn't you pressuring me to give him up?

Jack: You think I'm lying about the consulate calling?

Carly: No.

Jack: Carly, I didn't want to tell you this before, because I didn't want to scare you. But I was afraid of this ever since the prince showed up. This is a big deal. It's theft. The prince wants results. And since he suspects that you're more involved than we've indicated, he wants his people to question you.

Carly: I'm an American citizen, Jack! That's got to mean something!

Jack: The U.S. has made no secret that it supports this rendition of political prisoners.

Carly: I can't believe this is happening. This is about a necklace. It's not like I'm a threat to national security.

Jack: I don't like it any more than you do. But my hands are tied. If they feel they have sufficient grounds to charge you or that you could lead them to Simon or the jewels, they may even extradite you.

Carly: For how long?

Jack: I don't know. The truth is, Carly, once they have you, they can keep you.

Simon: And when will Carly get to the consulate?

Vienna: Why? Does it matter?

Simon: It might. I mean, if the prince is as angry as you say he is, he might have her extradited.

Vienna: Oh, he's angry, all right. At you. Now that's why he's handing her over to the royal guard. And they won't give up until she tells them where you are.

Simon: But she doesn't know where I am.

Vienna: They won't believe that. Would you? Please don't tell me you that you care about what happens to her.

Simon: No, of course not. I just want to get in there to the consulate, have a little conversation with her, before she gets extradited. Find out where the rest of those diamonds are.

Vienna: And why did you leave them with her in the first place?

Simon: I donít know.

Vienna: It's not like you.

Simon: It was stupid. But she's got them stashed away in a safety deposit box.

Vienna: And you didn't get a copy of the code, did you?

Simon: No, no. So you see, I don't have a choice. I've got to go into the consulate and have a little talk with her before she gets shipped to another country.

Vienna: It's not going to be easy, Simon.

Simon: Which is why, my sweet, I need you. And you know how grateful I am for everything that you've done.

Vienna: How grateful?

Simon: Oh, I'm going to show you when we have more time. So I'm going to call you as soon as I know anything.

Vienna: Oh, no. You're not leaving without me.

Simon: Babe, I am not going to put you at risk.

Vienna: And I won't turn you in as long as we're together. Now I have a better idea. Why don't we just forget about the handful of diamonds? And if you really want to get even with Carly --

Simon: Yes, yeah, of course I do. Yeah.

Vienna: Well, then, you should teach her a lesson. Let her sit in her cell and think about what she's done to you while her roots grow in and her skin begins to sag. And besides, we don't need those diamonds. I have more than enough money for the both of us. Forget about Carly.

Casey: Hey, they're heating up your dessert.

Maddie: What about you?

Casey: I ate before I came. You want anything? Like some coffee?

Maddie: I'm okay, thank you.

Casey: Hey. Thanks for coming down.

Jared: You got my money?

Casey: Yeah, it's right here.

Elwood: See, I told you he was good for it.

Jared: It's about time.

Casey: Yeah, better late than never, right?

Jared: Just get yourself under control, Hughes.

Elwood: Where did you get the money?

Casey: It doesn't matter. Here, can you do me a favor?

Elwood: Yeah.

Casey: Pay everyone else off that I owe at the dorm.

Elwood: All right, then we're back in business.

Maddie: What was that all about?

Craig: Having your just desserts?

Lucinda: You have the manners of a politician.

Craig: Not true. You may not like me, but my manners are impeccable. May I? Mm, delicious.

Lucinda: Well, if you're enjoying it so much, you can pay for it.

Craig: I've been paying for it for weeks. Ever since you spirited my son and my daughter out of the country.

Lucinda: Lucy would have left anyway, without any help from me.

Craig: Maybe. But I would have found her by now if it weren't for you.

Lucinda: That's why I'm glad I helped her. Here, enjoy my cake.

Craig: If anything happens to them, Lucinda, I'm holding you responsible.

Lucinda: Me? Me? You're the one that drove them away. Lucy couldn't bear the thought of standing by watching you brutalize Johnny as you did Bryant. It's amazing that that girl lived. Amazing, after the botched kidnapping you engineered for her.

Craig: No one proved that I had anything to do with her kidnapping.

Lucinda: Yes, but you did. You did. And then you somehow -- you got Johnnyís father into prison so you could get your hands on that poor little boy.

Craig: No, I'm Johnnyís father.

Lucinda: Tell that to your parole officer.

Craig: I was pardoned.

Lucinda: Not by me.

Craig: You don't like me taking things from you? Get used to it. This is just the beginning.

[Knock at the door]

Margo: No, no, no, I'll get it I'll get it. I'm coming. Emily, I thought you were the kids. What's going on?

Emily: Are the kids -- were they here?

Margo: They were.

Emily: Was Daniel here?

Margo: No, I mean Casey and Maddie. What's going on?

Tom: I thought Daniel was with you.

Margo: Yeah, I talked to Ianís mother. I said that you were going to pick up Danny at Java and Danny got on the phone, he was really excited about the trip.

Tom: So what happened?

Emily: I don't know. Ian and Roy showed up, but Daniel wasn't with them.

Margo: Did you talk to Rosemary?

Emily: No, no. Ian said that she dropped them off in the parking lot and then Ian and Roy went down to the magazine shop and they figured that Daniel was just coming right into Java, only he didnít. I waited for him. I walked outside. I looked around the parking lot. I called some of his friends, some of his teachers. No one knows where he is, Tom. He's missing.

Simon: The image of Carly wasting away somewhere in a dark dungeon, that is priceless.

Vienna: So you agree with me. We'll leave her to royal guard.

Simon: Oh yeah, the royal guards can have her right after she tells me what I need to know.

Vienna: It's too risky, Simon. Unless you were just using me to get away from the Oakdale police and into the royal consulate so you could see her again and maybe even help her escape.

Simon: No, no. I just want what Carly owes me.

Vienna: And what if they capture you? Then you'll be the one getting old behind bars. No, no, it's too dangerous. You know what? I'll just buy us a little island in the south pacific and we'll live happily ever after.

Simon: Sweetheart, can't you see? I'm never, ever, ever going to be happy with you or by myself unless I have those diamonds. Diamonds. So I need to get my hands on them. And then you and I, we can escape to wherever we want in the whole world. I promise.

Vienna: Now if you cross me, I'll cut your heart out.

Carly: So what sort of justice system do they have in Leonia?

Jack: Well, they've got a prince with enough power to have you extradited.

Carly: But he can't do whatever he wants, right? I mean, they have laws. It's a civilized place, isn't it?

Jack: I don't know, Carly.

Carly: That's scary. What does Jessica say?

Jack: She's got a call into the prince. She's going to stay on top of it.

Carly: Well can't they just wait until she talks to them?

Jack: I've been ordered to transfer you.

Carly: Now? There's got to be something that you can do.

Jack: Not unless Simon walks through that door in the next few minutes.

Carly: You were right about him, weren't you? He's going to let me take the fall for this. He left me.

Jack: I was wrong about so many things. I wish I was wrong about Simon.

Carly: Me too.

Jack: Believe it or not, I wanted him to come through for you, Carly. Knowing how much you stood to lose. You'd kill him for letting you down.

Carly: It's my fault. You warned me. It just felt so good to be with someone who believed in me.

Jack: I believed in you. In your heart. It was just --

Carly: I know. My lack of judgment. To tell the truth, I don't regret what I felt for Simon. I don't think it's ever wrong to love someone. Some of the things I did, that's another story. The thing that I'm really sorry for, the thing I will never forgive myself for, is ruining our marriage. We had a good thing. We were happy. Our kids were happy. Couldn't let well enough alone? I want you to know, I know what I've lost. I know how much I hurt you. And I know it's my fault.

Jack: It's not all your fault. I should have never left you. It's time.

Vienna: Fritzie, I'm hurt. You know, you don't remember me? Vienna Hyatt? Dolly's favorite? Come on. Okay, so we had a little fight, but we always fight and we always make up. Okay, if you must know, I'm swearing you to secrecy for this. I was the one who called the prince about the Snyder woman being arrested. You know, I was the one who turned her in. And Adolpho, he was very grateful for it. You can just ask him.

Guard #1: Prince Adolpho isn't here at the moment.

Vienna: Oh, well, I know that. He's in Los Angeles. I spoke to him. And that's why I'm here. Because I have a little surprise for him. A gift. Do you remember Lorenzo Dipiso? You know? Little guy, big mustache. Dolly's favorite sculptor. Well, anyway, I called him a month ago because I was feeling so bad about Dolly's jewels being stolen and so I asked him if he could do a little sculpture of me for Dolly. Voila.

Guard #1: We'll have to inspect the contents of the crate.

Vienna: Oh yes. You know what? I would love for you to take a look at it. It's a marvelous piece of art. But I don't know if Dolly would appreciate it. I'm nude. If you could just bring it up to his room.

Guard #1: I'll have to call the prince.

Vienna: And ruin my surprise? Oh, no, come on. Wait a little bit. [Vienna sighs] I told you this was a terrible idea. Dolly will know that something is up.

Simon: So listen, go after the guard and make sure he doesn't make that call.

Vienna: And leave you alone with Carly? Never.

Craig: You know where Johnny is, admit it.

Lucinda: Oh, God. I wish I did.

Craig: So you expect me to believe that you have no idea where Lucy took him?

Lucinda: No, I donít. Neither does Sierra. Sierra doesn't know. You think Lucy would tell us? She's much too smart. You, you have driven them away from their home, from their family, from their friends. And you've probably ruined their lives.

Craig: I came back here for one reason and one reason only and that was to pull my family together. That's the only thing I wanted. I almost had full custody of my son and Lucy was moving back home until you intervened. This is your doing, Lucinda.

Lucinda: My? Mine?

Craig: Yes, yours. You stoked Lucyís fears and then you helped her to act on them. And now she's out there somewhere with a baby. And I'm going to make you pay for it. If it's the last thing I do.

Lucinda: Oh, Darling. If I had to pay for every time you threatened me, I'd be destitute today. Now this is for the waiter, all right? Don't you touch it.

Emily: Oh, God, I know something is wrong. I can just feel it.

Tom: Look, look, look, let's just not even get ahead of ourselves. Last week I was supposed to pick him up at Al's. He was not there, I found him over at the skateboard park. It's very close to Java.

Emily: Why didn't you tell me that happened?

Tom: Because he promised me it would never happen again. He's 11 years old. He's going to be making these kind of mistakes until he's 50 and then he's going to invent new mistakes to make.

Emily: Yeah. So Margo, she'll send a car to the park?

Tom: She will, and if he's there, then we will figure out a punishment.

Emily: Yeah, like hanging him up by his ears until they fall off. You know, I'd cancel the trip. I'd cancel the ski trip, but I really want to spend time with him.

Tom: So we take his skateboard away for a week.

Emily: Yeah, two weeks. So Margo, Tom thinks that he's at the skateboard park.

Margo: Yeah, maybe, maybe not.

Emily: Why? Did you hear something?

Margo: A call just came into the station. A witness says that they saw a young boy matching Dannyís description being forced into a car.

Holden: You get thirsty, drink this one. Nobody goes near the tap until the inspector gets here.

Lily: Okay, I'm going to call Luke and see how he's doing with the kids.

Holden: Lily, he couldn't possibly be home yet. He just left here.

Lily: Okay, I'll call the sitter. I have to ask her something.

Holden: What?

Lily: About Faith. She's been very moody lately.

Holden: Well, don't you think she would've said something?

Lily: So she only hates me?

Holden: Basically, yes.

Lily: Great.

Holden: Hey, it's normal. You know how teenagers are.

Lily: Wait, she's not a teenager. She has a few years until that.

Holden: She is a little ahead of herself. Tied her shoes at 2, reading in kindergarten.

Lily: So these are growing pains? Not wanting to ride her horses. Suddenly wants to be a dancer.

Holden: If you were a young girl and you had the choice -- you had the choice to either muck out stalls with your father or put on high heels and go to a dance, what would you do?

Lily: As I can vaguely recall so many years ago, I couldn't stay away from those stables.

Holden: Mm.

Lily: Mm.

Holden: There was a boy there that you liked?

Lily: He was hot.

Holden: Still is. Or so I've heard.

Lily: Are there -- are there boys at these dance lessons?

Holden: You know what? Don't think about that.

Lily: Okay.

Holden: Give me a hug. And leave it alone.

Lily: Okay, okay. So when is she going to come back to me?

Holden: She'll come back to you after you let her go.

Lily: That is smart. You are smart. And you're hot. I like that in a stable boy.

Maddie: So?

Casey: It was nothing. I was talking to elwood.

Maddie: Who was the other guy?

Casey: Jared from the dorms. He needed to get his notes from history. Well, he needed to get the codes because the notes are posted online. You need to have the codes to get them --

Maddie: I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like I'm grilling you.

Casey: No, it's fine.

Maddie: I just -- I need some time to feel like things are back to normal.

Casey: Yeah, no, it's -- yeah. So you're taking history this year, huh? How's it going?

Maddie: It's great. It's great. Myers is really tough, but he keeps it interesting. Of course, he can't compete with English. I got Shapiro.

Casey: She's brilliant.

Maddie: I know. We're reading "Pride and Prejudice." What could be better than that?

Casey: Not reading "Pride and Prejudice"? So what else?

Maddie: I really like coming home from school to your parents' house. They're really great.

Casey: Yeah?

Maddie: Yeah. I think what I like best is that they're not always checking up on me. They just assume that I'm really serious about school and getting all my work done. I mean, I know I don't really need to be telling you this because you grew up with them, but for me, it's really amazing that they have so much Faith in me and they treat me like I'm family. And they think that's how a family should work. Everybody trusts everybody else.

Casey: Right.

Tom: What kind of description did you get from dispatch?

Margo: Why? What have you got in mind?

Emily: What? What do you mean?

Margo: Well, if it is Danny, and we are not sure -- completely sure that it is him -- we have to go through and find out what reason they would have to target him. For example, Tom was the D.A., it could be someone that he's put away, a disgruntled client.

Tom: Your brother was the only non-corporate client I've had in years. Besides, I talked to the D.A. there have been no threats. No recent releases.

Emily: What was the description again?

Margo: Just what I told you, that a boy matching Dannyís description was seen being forced into a dark mid-sized sedan.

Tom: Okay, and this person who called didn't get a license number or a description of the driver?

Margo: No, unfortunately not. But once this goes out on the airwaves, I'm sure we're going to get a lot of witnesses.

Emily: So they just called to say that a little boy had been taken.

Margo: We're not completely sure that that little boy is Danny.

Emily: Oh God.

Tom: Hey, where you going?

Emily: I got to go talk to my mom. I have to tell her before she hears about it on television or some neighbor.

Margo: Well, can't you just call her?

Emily: No, I have to tell her in person.

Margo: Are you sure that you're all right to drive --

Emily: I'm fine. No, I'm fine. Please, would you stop and stay, okay? And just stay in case Margo has to go to the police station and you need to stay here to pick up the phone in case he calls.

Margo: This is not good. This is no good. I should send her in a squad car.

Tom: No, she'll be fine. But I'm not crazy about these photos. They're from Christmas.

Margo: Christmas was just two weeks ago.

Tom: Two and a half weeks and I have better photos from the game yesterday.

Margo: Honey, the Christmas photos are fine. You know what? I think that Danny probably just took his Christmas money and he went off to the mall to shop.

Tom: Who do you think you're talking to? We both know it was him and we both know what this means.

Simon: Any sign of the guard yet?

Vienna: No.

Simon: How long does it take to call Los Angeles?

Vienna: Well, knowing Dolly, he's probably turned his phone off and is having dinner with half of Hollywood. They always want him to make some investments when he's there. That's how we met. I was actually starring in this little movie called "The Girl from St. Tropez."

Simon: Vienna, Vienna, Vienna, please, just listen. For all we know, they're on the phone to Interpol right now and we're both about to be arrested.

Vienna: Why would they arrest me?

Simon: Oh, I don't know. You just made it possible to sneak the man who stole the crown jewels into the consulate.

Vienna: They don't know that.

Simon: They will as soon as the guard comes in and pries open this crate. I know you don't want to leave me alone --

Vienna: I'm happy to leave you alone, just not with Carly.

Simon: Is she here yet?

Vienna: How should I know?

Simon: Vienna, that's my point. Someone's got to do a little investigating. And since you nailed me inside this crate, let me think, yeah, that just leaves you.

Vienna: All right, I'm going to go and check on the guard. But you stay put here.

Simon: Carly, where are you?

Jack: My instructions were to accompany the prisoner.

Guard #1: Thank you, Detective, I'll take her from here.

Carly: Don't I even get a lawyer, Jack? Someone to represent me?

Jack: Not in Leonia. Can we have a minute, please? Thank you. I'll call Jessica when I get back to the car.

Carly: So this is it. This is good-bye.

Guard #1: Ms. Hyatt, I've come to inspect the crate. Ms. Hyatt?

Holden: I just love my mother. She baked an apple pie before she left. Is there anything better than cold apple pie?

Lily: Hot apple pie. Big scoop of vanilla ice cream -- maybe with a wedge of cheddar cheese on the side?

Holden: All right -- let's heat it up.

Lily: No, don't you dare.

Holden: What you don't want any?

Lily: Yes I want some -- a big piece. But I'm not going to have one. Can you hand me that lemon please? Thank you.

Holden: Well, obviously, this diet you're on is no fun -- but you are loosing weight.

Lily: You think?

Holden: Yeah, five pounds at least.

Lily: Five? Hmm. Well I'm glad it's starting to show. I would like to lose the rest of it.

Holden: Not so fast cause I kind of like you the way you are.

Lily: Why, cause there's more of me to love, if you say that, I might throw this lemon at you.

Holden: N I know you like a leaner look but, you look beautiful the way you are --

Lily: Because I can pull it off?

Holden: You know what, I'm going to head out and open the gate for the inspector.

Lily: I think that's a really, really good idea.

Holden: Forgot my phone -- what are those?

Casey: Well I'm glad things are better now.

Maddie: And it's not like were serious twenty-four seven. You know, I mean we have so much fun together. We go out, and we get pedicures and we bake -- she's just really great. And it's cool cause I can even talk to her about you.

Casey: What about me?

Maddie: I didn't tell her about the gambling if that's what you're worried about.

Casey: No, I'd rather --

Maddie: I didn't tell her, I know. But it's not like it would stop her from being crazy about you. Besides you're not gambling anymore anyway, so you have nothing to worry about. Where're you going?

Casey: You know, I just remembered something I really needed to do.

Maddie: Right now?

Casey: Yeah.

Tom: Rosemary did you see anyone else around the parking lot? This is a dark, mid-size sedan? I'm not blaming you, I'm just trying to get some information.

Margo: Tom --

Tom: What? Sorry, that was Margo. Hey, look put your son on the phone. Oh he's scared? We just lost our son here. Rosemary -- Rosemary?

Margo: Honey, I'm sure just feeling guilty.

Tom: Well she should feel guilty.

Margo: Nobody did anything wrong -- we asked them to drop him off at java. Where're you going?

Tom: I'm going to find my son.

Margo: Look the amber alert just came up online. And we're going to start to getting calls okay.

Tom: Oh yeah, from cranks. Lunatics trying to capitalize on the fact that our son is missing. Ow!

Margo: I'm sorry, did I hurt you?

Tom: Just give me my the keys.

Margo: No Honey, calls are going to come in, I want you here in case there's a ransom -- come on.

Tom: Oh that's were going to do? We're going to stick around for ransom demands?

Margo: Honey, wait --

Tom: Aaw!

Margo: Tom! Tom!

Tom: Ohh!

[Margo shrieking]

[Tom panting]

Emily: Where the hell is my son?

Jack: I called some of my contacts at the bureau to see what they could do about getting you brought back to Oakdale. If the Leonians wonít listen to me, perhaps they'll listen to Washington.

Carly: Just take care of the kids, Jack. Get Gwen to help you, especially with Sage. She needs a woman in her life. And let JJ know that I'm okay. I know that he worries about me -- because of his mom. And tell Parker that I'm not mad at him -- and that I know he loves me.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: And Jack, take care of yourself too, please. I know that I did a lot of damage and that you've kinda given up on love -- but Jack I never stopped loving you.

Jack: Never stopped loving you.

Leonian guard #2: May I show you to the door, detective?

Simon: Carly.

Carly: Simon! Oh, thank God, oh thank God you came for me!

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