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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/10/07

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Adam: What the hell is your problem?

Will: Get up!

Gwen: Will --

Adam: What did you do that for?

Will: For pushing Gwen!

Gwen: Will stop it --

Adam: No, I didnít. Obviously you don't care, you're just looking for an excuse to hit me.

Will: Keep your hands off!

Gwen: Stop it you guys! Stop it! Will!

Barbara: Okay, Dusty. I'm calling my detectives. They can be there in about two hours. I can't sit around and do nothing! I have to do something! Every single lead has gone nowhere! Well I will keep calling until I get the answers that I want. Susan, Susan, where is he? Where's Paul? He's not in there.

Susan: Barbara, calm down.

Barbara: Don't you tell me to calm down! What is he down having tests?

Susan: No, he left the hospital.

Barbara: You discharged him?

Susan: Of course not. He left without telling anybody.

Barbara: The man has a serious head injury! He's not strong enough to lift his own fork, let alone walk out of here!

Susan: Our security cameras caught him walking out one of the service exits.

Barbara: He's too sick. What could possibly be so important that he would risk his own life to get out of here?

Paul: Meg, I would never do anything like that.

Meg: Like what? Steal a child? Switch blanks for bullets, hoping a man will die? Lie to me? Poisoning a well is minor league for you, Paul.

Paul: I came here to save you.

Meg: And then what? I'd be so grateful I'd fly back into your arms?

Paul: Do you really think I'm that calculating?

Meg: Luke saw you. He saw you reaching down into the well.

Paul: Because I was trying to find something wrong. I didn't put anything in there.

Meg: Then who did?

Paul: I don't know.

Meg: So these visions are clear about a disaster waiting to happen, but somehow they don't include any information about who's responsible.

Paul: I can only tell you that I saw what I saw. I was right, too! The water is contaminated!

Meg: Just the way you planned.

Jack: That too tight?

Carly: It's fine.

Jack: Can I get you anything? When was the last time you ate?

Carly: I don't remember.

Jack: I can order you something.

Carly: No, thanks, I don't want anything.

Jack: Let me know if you change your mind.

Carly: And stop being so nice to me, Jack. You are throwing me in jail. Jack -- thank you for letting me talk to the kids.

Jack: I'm sorry they couldn't change your mind.

Carly: Do you think I could talk to them later?

Jack: No, Carly, you already said your goodbyes. I don't want to put them through that again.

Carly: How long will I be here?

Jack: Depends.

Carly: On what?

Jack: On how long it takes you to decide that Simon isn't worth this.

Jessica: Carly, I just got your mesSage.

Carly: Oh, Jessica, thank God you're here. I really gotta get out of this place. So, how quickly can you arrange bail?

Jessica: Sorry, have you forgotten the stipulations of your probation? Bail is off the table.

Henry: Simon, your problem isn't Carly. You're problem is you. You need to get out of here, okay big guy?

Simon: Not without Carly.

Henry: Okay, okay, so what's the plan here? Do we sneak into Emmaís kitchen and bake a file into a cake?

Simon: I got a few ideas.

Henry: Right, let's hear 'em.

Simon: No, Henry, from now on I'm flying solo. All right? I need to get cleaned up. Well, I can't go rescue the woman I love looking like a bum.

Gwen: Adam, stop it! Stop it you guys! Will, you're -- stop, please, you're hurting him!

Jack: Hey! Break it up! Break it up! Enough, Will! Enough! What the hell is going on here? What is going on?

Will: Why don't you tell him?

Jack: Somebody start talking!

Adam: Tell him what? You've lost your mind?

Gwen: Stop it!

Jack: Will, that's enough! Cool down. Both of you just calm down.

Adam: Look, he just walked in and wailing on me for no reason.

Gwen: Look, he thought that Adam and I were fighting. Okay, he was wrong -- he just got the wrong idea.

Will: Why are you defending him?

Gwen: I'm not defending him! You have the wrong idea, okay?

Jack: Quiet, quiet, quiet down. Everybody just chill out.

Adam: You know, we were just talking.

Will: Please, I saw you shove her.

Jack: What happened? Gwen, I want to hear from you.

Gwen: Adam came over to talk to me about Carly. And we ended up talking about the demo that we're both working on.

Will: What about it?

Adam: Look, I told her that if you don't start trusting me to handle the money, I'm out!

Gwen: He was trying to leave, and I grabbed him by the arm and I lost my balance.

Will: Yeah, because he shoved you!

Adam: Yeah, I shove women all the time. I can't get enough of it.

Jack: Lose the sarcasm. It gets us nowhere. Apologize to him.

Will: No.

Jack: Apologize, both of you.

Will: I'm sorry.

Adam: Yeah, me too.

[Adam holds out his hand to Will]

Jack: I'm getting all choked up here. Take it, Will. Take it!

Adam: I get why you think I pushed your wife. But I promise you, I didnít.

Will: I'm sorry I hit you. I'm sorry you had to break it up, Jack.

Jack: Yeah. Well, I didn't come here for that. I came here for Gwen. I need your help.

Gwen: Yeah, what's going on with Carly?

Jack: You probably heard that she was arrested for aiding and abetting, right?

Adam: Yeah, I told her.

Jack: Well, I caught her trying to slip Simon some fake passports and enough cash to leave the country. I'm sure she knows where he is, but she's not talking.

Gwen: Well, Adam called the police station. They said that nobody could see her until she's been arraigned.

Jack: I can get you in. Will you talk to her for me?

Gwen: Of course. I want to.

Jack: I'm running out of options here. Seeing the kids didn't even budge her.

Will: You really think she's gonna listen to Gwen?

Jack: I don't know. But I want her to see everyone and everything she's giving up for protecting Simon.

Gwen: Okay, let's go.

Will: I'll go with you.

Adam: I'll clean up the place.

Will: No, I'll clean it up.

Adam: No, really I don't care. Just go. Good luck with Carly.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: I need options, Jess. Jack is making this personal.

Jessica: Well, imagine that. The father of your children making it personal.

Carly: Oh please, you're not gonna start in on me, too. Are you?

Jessica: Carly, I'm on your side, but unless you start talking about Simon, you have no options.

Carly: You mean betray Simon.

Jessica: Do you know where he is?

Carly: No. No, and that is the truth.

Jessica: At the moment?

Carly: At the moment.

Jessica: All right then what do you know about these stolen jewels? Carly, I'm a lawyer, not a magician. You help the system, the system helps you. That's the way it works.

Carly: Unless the system wants me to turn on someone I love.

Jessica: Or we could call it telling the truth. Carly, this is your life we're talking about. Now you tell me. Name me one happy ending courtesy of Simon Frasier.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you so much for that uplifting look into my future. Just tell me what my options are so I can get out of here!

Jessica: Carly, unless you change your mind about Simon, you don't have any.

Barbara: I want you off my son's case.

Susan: That's not your decision. That's Paulís. He's not a child.

Barbara: He is my child, and he is out there somewhere. He is confused and he is weak and no one around here seems to care about him at all.

Susan: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make this worse for you.

Barbara: What is happening to him? What is happening? Why is having these -- these hallucinations or whatever they are?

Susan: I wish I had a medical explanation for you, but I donít. Paul thinks he can see into the future. And I am not so sure he's wrong.

Barbara: What do you mean?

Susan: Well, the other day I stopped a nurse from dispensing the wrong medication because of something Paul saw in one of his episodes.

Barbara: He tried to tell me about this, but I thought it had something to do with a reaction with drugs or something.

Susan: That's what I thought, at first. But he kept insisting there was a problem and there was.

Barbara: What happened?

Susan: Unless he's had a crash course in pharmacology, there's no logical explanation for it. Okay, all I know is I've gotta get him back here as soon as possible so we can get to the bottom of it.

Paul: I don't know what's happening to me and I don't understand any of it Meg, but I'm having visions.

Meg: I had visions too, Paul. Visions of being happily married to a man I could trust. A man I could build a life with, have children with. But it turns out that you were lying to me. So how do I know that you're not lying to me now?

Paul: I came here to make sure that you weren't hurt. You have to believe me.

Meg: No, I donít. I don't have to believe you ever again.

Paul: Meg, I love you.

Meg: If you can't leave on your own, I'm calling an ambulance or the police. It's your choice. Can a multivitamin help you feel physically and mentally

Luke: Meg kicked you out?

Paul: You don't need to look so happy about it.

Luke: Paul, get off our farm.

Paul: I'm just waiting for a cab.

Luke: You don't need a cab. Your mother's on her way.

Paul: You called my mother?

Luke: Yeah, I didn't know what else to do.

Paul: Why is this any of your business?

Luke: Paul, you tried to kill my aunt.

Paul: I didn't try and kill -- look, why do I bother? I don't really even care what you think, but you should know that I would never do anything --.

Luke: You know what? Just go way down by the road. I don't want you near the house. Okay? Paul? Come on get up -- Paul? I know this an act! Meg! Meg!

Meg: What happened?

Luke: I don't know. I don't know. I told him to leave. He took a couple steps, and he fell over.

Meg: Oh my God! Paul? Paul? Okay, come on, let's bring him back in the house.

Iris: We have a tornado I don't know about?

Adam: Get lost, Iris.

Iris: What happened?

Adam: None of your business.

Iris: Where's Gwen?

Adam: None of your business.

Iris: Boy, you're a real charmer, Buddy.

Adam: Look, she's out. Okay? And I don't want you here.

Iris: Out where?

Adam: Seeing her sister. Carly's in jail.

Iris: What'd she do this time?

Adam: Look, read it in the papers, okay? I'm busy.

Iris: I'll grab a broom.

Adam: Why? You need a ride home?

Iris: Hey, that's pretty good.

Adam: Don't take that off. You're not staying.

Iris: What? Youíre going to clean this whole thing all by yourself?

Adam: Yeah, I clean up my messes.

Iris: Oh, so you did this yourself? Or do you have any help? Just tell me that Gwen's okay, all right?

Adam: Yeah, Gwen's fine.

Iris: Hey, who's your sparring partner, Rocky? Suit yourself. You don't want to tell me? I'll just wait right here and Gwennie will tell her mama the whole story.

Adam: You just keep holding on to that fantasy, Lady.

Iris: Oh, you think you know her better than her own mother?

Adam: Yeah, you know what? The doorman at Lakeview knows her better than you.

Iris: You don't like me. I'm so hurt. Luckily I don't hold a grudge for a long time. So, Mr. Hollywood, let's get to work.

Henry: I got you plenty of trans fats from Al's.

Simon: Good man. I'm starving. I'm not gonna forget this, Henry.

Henry: Yes, you will.

Simon: Yeah.

Henry: No, no, no, if you want the threads, we're gonna play a little "What's the plan?" It's a great game where you tell me how you're gonna get Carly out of jail right underneath Jack Snyderís nose.

Simon: The less you know at this point the better. Henry, at this point the cops have nothing that's gonna stick on you. I wanna keep it that way.

Henry: Aw, that's sweet. I like this little male bonding were having here, but I've already aided and abetted, so unless you want to do this without pants, you better start talking.

Simon: All right, fine, once you give me the clothes I'll get dressed -- then we'll swing into action.

Henry: You'll tell me everything?

Simon: Oh, I'll do much better than that.

Gwen: Where is she?

Jack: In the interrogation room. Her lawyer's gone. She just left. I talked to Jessica on the way over here. She couldn't convince Carly to stop protecting Simon.

Gwen: I don't know what I can do, but I'll do my best.

Jack: Thanks, Gwen.

Will: Good luck.

Carly: Wow, Jack's pulling out all the stops, huh?

Gwen: You okay?

Carly: Terrific. Jack fill you in?

Gwen: I'm not interested in Jack's version.

Carly: Well, I did it. I fell in love with another man. Guilty as charged.

Gwen: What about the jewels?

Carly: What about them?

Gwen: Is Simon really worth living a life without your kids?

Carly: Oh Gwen, that's Jack talking isn't it?

Gwen: No, no it's not. You know, the whole way over here, all I kept thinking about was you in some cell with crayon drawings on the wall to remind you that you even have kids. Or stacks of pictures with no voices, no laughter, just crummy photos of Parker going to his first dance or J.J. with a new soccer trophy or Sage blowing out her birthday candles.

Carly: You're good.

Gwen: It could happen. It will happen, Carly.

Carly: I don't want to talk about worst case. I know how bad this is. Let's talk about you. I wanna hear about your music. I want us to be just a couple of sisters sitting here and talking about anything -- anything but this.

Gwen: I can't help it. I'm scared to death for you, Carly.

Carly: Don't be.

Gwen: And so is Jack. You know, you guys were the first example of a real solid marriage that I've ever known.

Carly: I'm sorry my marriage let you down.

Gwen: That's not what I meant by that. I just don't understand how everything that was so important to you just slipped away once you became involved with Simon.

Carly: Have you ever looked in a man's eyes and everything you thought you knew, everything you thought you wanted out of your life changed -- just like that, just in an instant? Wasn't it like that with Will?

Gwen: You can't compare --

Carly: Why not? You love him. I love Simon. I knew his track record just like you knew Willís. But nobody wants to look at the good stuff, do they? They wanna harp on the bad, thinking that it can't be lived down, well it can. Simon is bent over backwards. He's been amazing with my children. He paid your college tuition. He is not the selfish user that everybody wants him to be.

Gwen: I'm not taking sides. I don't know enough to take sides, but if Simon did steal those jewels, he had to know that it would come back to hurt you.

Carly: Jessica will get me out of this.

Gwen: And what if she can't? You know, Carly, you and I grew up the hard way with people who had no business being parents. Who checked out on us when we needed them the most. And you spend your whole life looking for what you never got. And most of the times you look in all the wrong places because deep down you feel like your damaged goods.

Carly: That is not going to happen to my children. They have Jack. They will always have Jack.

Gwen: Jack isn't enough, Carly. He can't be you. He can't know all the little stuff that a mom knows, especially for Sage. Talk to Jack, Carly -- please. Tell him what he needs to know. And he'll bring you home to Parker and J.J. and Sage where you belong, okay?

Barbara: He's in front of the fire -- as soon as he warms up, I'll take him back to the hospital.

Meg: Good.

Barbara: So he came out here because there was something wrong with the water?

Meg: Supposedly.

Barbara: He saved your life.

Meg: Yeah, that's his story, too.

Barbara: So how did he predict this? How did this happen, Meg?

Meg: It's a little convenient if you ask me.

Barbara: You think a man, so weak that he collapsed to the ground, could manage to poison an entire water system for this farm?

Meg: He could've got somebody else to do it.

Barbara: That's absurd.

Meg: You know what, Barbara? A few months ago, I would have agreed with you, but today, I'm saying anything's possible.

Barbara: Okay. If anything's possible, maybe his visions are, too.

Meg: Oh, you're not serious.

Barbara: When he begged me to call you, it wasn't an act.

Meg: Well, it's funny how it happened that you weren't there to witness it.

Barbara: He was terrified. Things are happening to him he can't explain, and he can't stop it.

Meg: He's played you perfectly.

Barbara: Even his doctors don't have an explanation. You know about the pills, don't you?

Meg: Yes.

Barbara: So how did he know which pills went to which patient and that they were in danger?

Paul: Mother, leave her alone.

Barbara: I thought you were in front of the fire.

Paul: I want to go back to the hospital.

Barbara: Sure Honey, sure.

Paul: Thank you. I don't want you to worry -- I won't bother you anymore.

Carly: Thanks. It's Parker that I'm worried about. He's so angry.

Gwen: He's been through a lot -- he lost his dad and his sister in one year, but he doesn't have to lose his mom, too.

Carly: He might be better off --

Gwen: How can you say that?

Carly: I haven't been a good mother to those kids in a very long time.

Gwen: That's not true. You're a great mom. They wouldn't trade you for the whole world.

Carly: Maybe they should.

Gwen: You don't quit, Carly. That's one thing I've known about you since the day we met.

Carly: I'm not quitting. I'm digging in. And if I have to take a detour through jail to be with Simon, then I will take that detour.

Will: Here you go, man. Thought you could use that.

Jack: Oh, thanks. So what did I walk in on back at your place?

Will: Oh, just nothing. Sometimes Adam really gets to me, that's all.

Jack: Brothers can do that.

Will: Yeah.

Jack: When I was about your age, my brother, Brad, had this nasty habit -- if he had a hot date, he'd just walk into my closet and take whatever he wanted. He'd lift my car keys, never asking to borrow it, and just take off.

Will: So what would you do?

Jack: Took something of his.

Will: Okay, like what?

Jack: His girlfriend. I know -- I'm not proud of it -- please. Melissa Collins was her name. She was very, very pretty, actually. Although if she walked through the door, I wouldn't recognize her at all. My point is, we got through it. We had to. We're brothers.

Gwen: What if you're wrong about Simon?

Carly: I'm not.

Gwen: He broke the law.

Carly: Yeah -- so did I. People do a lot worse. People get away with a lot worse.

Gwen: You're making excuses now.

Carly: I'm not. I'm just telling the truth. I'm asking you not to judge us.

Gwen: I'm nobody to judge.

Carly: Gwen, I don't want to miss out on your life. I certainly don't want to miss out on the lives of my children, but I don't want to miss out on my life, either.

Gwen: Going to jail isn't living, Carly.

Carly: I'm not going to go to jail.

Gwen: You don't know that.

Carly: I do. I know it -- deep in my heart, I know that Simon would never let that happen.

Henry: It's freezing out here. Would you hurry up and change, please?

Simon: What do you think? Much better, right?

Henry: Yeah. The world loves a well-dressed fugitive.

Simon: You didn't happen to get me an overcoat, did you?

Henry: All right, all right, all right, all right, all right. Before I give this to you, though, I want to know how you plan to spring Carly.

Simon: Okay, fine, fine. I'm gonna tell you your part of the plan.

Henry: Okay, I'm all ears. Give it to me straight up.

Simon: Fine, all right. Here's the deal -- straight up. Sorry man, it's much better this way.

[Simon punches knocks Henry out by punching him]

Paul: Thank you.

Barbara: You look so pale.

Paul: I'm not pale. I'm fine. Why don't you go home, mom?

Barbara: When you were a little boy, I used to sit up with you all night long when you had a fever.

Paul: I don't have a fever.

Barbara: We'd read the same stories over and over again.

Paul: Yeah. The Hardy Boys.

Barbara: Mm-hmm. The whole series.

Paul: I made you promise me a little brother.

Barbara: And I made good on the promise, didn't I?

Paul: I didn't poison that well.

Barbara: I know that.

Paul: Why won't Meg believe me?

Barbara: It doesn't matter what Meg believes. You and I know the truth. You saved her life.

Paul: Am I going crazy?

Barbara: I'd say that in this family, that's a relative term. I have missed that smile, Paul Ryan.

Paul: So when's Dr. Frankenstein coming in?

Barbara: Susan has told Dr. Frye to order up some brain monitors the next time you have an episode.

Paul: What if there isn't another episode?

Barbara: If there is another episode, you will handle this. You'll handle it.

Paul: I wish this thing would just kill me and get it over with.

Barbara: Don't say that, Paul. If I lost you, too --

Paul: Living like this -- it doesn't feel like living.

Barbara: You'll get better.

Paul: How do you know?

Barbara: Maybe I have a premonition, too. Can't you see what this is?

Paul: No.

Barbara: You have a gift. A remarkable gift. You've been blessed, Paul.

Iris: Thanks for letting me pitch in.

Adam: Just don't get too comfortable, okay? I mean, Will and Gwen will be a lot better off without you around.

Iris: Oh, you gonna listen to your own advice?

Adam: Gwen and I are about her music. That's it. I love my brother.

Iris: Yeah, Cain loved Abel before he stuck it to him.

Adam: Oh, yeah -- you're gonna lecture me about the bible?

Iris: Hey -- I read the cliff notes. You want some advice, not that you asked me?

Adam: Yeah, not that I'm listening.

Iris: Look, Gwen is this close to getting her dream, and so are you. Now I'm not saying anything bad about Will, but gee, it would be a dirty, awful shame if his temper just sort of, flared up at the wrong place and the wrong time.

Gwen: And don't worry. I'll stay close to Parker -- all of them. Will and I will take them out, do fun things.

Carly: Thank you.

Gwen: You don't have to thank me.

Carly: I want you to know that Parker and J.J. are pretty split on me. J.J.'s on my side and but Parker won't even talk about it. And it really scares me when they don't talk.

Gwen: Jack will stay on them. He's a -- he's a good dad.

Carly: Yeah, he is. You know, I always knew he would be. Gwen, you may not understand this right now, but I do love those kids. And I love Simon. And I know someday I'll figure out someway for us all to be together.

Gwen: I hope you're right. I love you, Carly.

Carly: You don't have to say that. I know I'm not very lovable right now.

Gwen: Yeah you are.

Carly: There's one more thing. It's very important.

Gwen: Okay.

Carly: Jack -- he's terrible when it comes to picking out Sage's clothes.

Gwen: I'm on it.

Carly: You are. Anything sparkly will do.

Gwen: Like her mom. I guess I should go. I'll come back if that's okay with you.

Carly: I'm counting on it.

Gwen: Take care of yourself, okay?

Jack: Well, what'd you say?

Gwen: She's sticking by Simon.

Jack: Yeah, I knew it was a long shot.

Gwen: But if I could come back to see her, I'd really like that a lot?

Jack: Yeah, sure, of course. I don't know how long I can hold her though. It's an international incident -- lots of press, lot of heat. But I appreciate you coming down and trying. I'll see you soon, okay?

Will: I'll see you Jack.

Jack: Yeah, thanks Will.

Carly: Run out of family members to intimidate me?

Jack: I'm not trying to intimidate, Carly. Okay, I'm trying a little.

Carly: Well stop.

Jack: I canít. Losing you isn't an option.

Carly: I'm already lost.

Jack: Know what we still have in common?

Carly: Yes, Jack of course we have the kids.

Jack: I'm not talking about the kids. I'm talking about you and me -- two of the most stubborn people on the planet. We don't give up on what we want. And I want you away from Simon Frasier. I want you safe and free and out of this nightmare.

Carly: Jack, will you listen to me. Will you please really listen to me? What you want -- what you want for my life doesn't matter.

Jack: It matters to me. I love you, Carly. I tried to stop, but I canít. And no matter how hard you try, you can't talk me out of that one.

Luke: All right one decaf, two sugars -- no poison.

Meg: Very funny. You know, your dad's getting somebody up to re-test the water and also to see about tapping into a new well.

Luke: Yeah and I think after this we should go down to the police station. What? I think we should press charges.

Meg: But we don't know if he actually did anything.

Luke: Oh come on, Meg. I heard some of that vision stuff. It's just an act. He did it.

Meg: There's no evidence against him.

Luke: Yeah, well then maybe we should go get the cops and they can try to find some.

Meg: Okay, you know what, Luke? I'll handle it, okay, please?

Luke: Don't tell me that you're believing this garbage. Meg, it's like he's setting up his own insanity defense.

Meg: Well, with Paul anything is possible. Maybe pressing charges is exactly what he wants me to do.

Luke: What, you think he wants to go back to jail?

Meg: Well, a legal battle would keep us connected.

Luke: Yeah, but not in the way he wants.

Meg: Well, maybe he'll take what he could get. I don't know, I just don't want my life to be filled with a series of court dates and hearings all centered on Paul. Okay, I don't wanna him to have him in my life anymore. I don't want to see or think about Paul Ryan ever again.

Paul: If this is a gift, can I just return it?

Barbara: Think of all the good you could do. You already have.

Paul: Meg doesn't think so.

Barbara: This is so much bigger than Meg Snyder. You have the power to help people.

Paul: I don't want to help people, mom. I don't want this to happen. I don't want to see these things. I don't want to know these things. I just want my life back. I want Meg back.

Barbara: Paul, you're a good man and if she doesn't know that, let her go!

Paul: I'm not gonna let her go!

Barbara: She doesn't deserve you.

Paul: You know, I don't blame her for the way she treated me at the farmhouse. I would be suspicious of me too.

Barbara: You went there to save her.

Paul: I don't want anything bad to ever happen to her.

Barbara: Of course you don't, because you're a good man. I believe in you. And I believe all of this is happening for a reason.

Paul: What reason?

Barbara: Honey, these visions that you're having, they could be the answers to prayers.

Paul: Really? Like what?

Barbara: You could help us find Johnny. You could use this power. You could see him. You could find him, I know you can!

Gwen: Felt weird hearing Carly admit she loves Simon.

Will: She's got a family, so it's pretty selfish if you ask me.

Gwen: Yeah, she doesn't see it that way.

Will: Well neither did my mom when she left. Ya know? But there's nothing worse than feeling like you're losing the one person you love and need the most. It stays with you. It's gonna stay with Parker and the other kids.

Gwen: They'll grow up, like you did. Like I did. And they'll find the one person who will never leave.

Will: I love you.

Gwen: I love you too. Hey, I think you need some ice for your hand.

Will: Let's go home.

Gwen: All right, what's left of it.

Adam: Nothing will get in the way of Gwen's success. Especially Will.

Iris: I hope not. She hasn't had a lot of breaks in her life until you came along.

Adam: Well that's changing.

Iris: Good. Now I can rest my head down on my pillow at night knowing that you're taking care of my baby girl.

Cop #1: Sir, are you all right?

Henry: Simon --

Cop #1: Simon -- Simon Frasier? Did he take you hostage while trying to escape?

Henry: Yeah, yeah, that's what he did. He took me hostage while trying to escape.

Cop #1: Did he say where he was headed?

Henry: Uh -- Mexico? Canada! Canada -- Costa Rica. I'm sorry. I was pretty out of it, man. I wish I could help you, Officer, but your guess is as good as mine.

Carly: Is this staring some sort of new interrogation technique I never heard of?

Jack: No, I just like the view.

Carly: Well it's not going to work. I will not turn against Simon.

Jack: How far away from Oakdale do you think he is by now?

Carly: I don't know.

Jack: That doesn't bother you?

Carly: I hope he's somewhere you'll never find him.

Jack: I'll find him, Carly.

Carly: You know, hunting Simon down and putting him in jail is not gonna change anything for us.

Jack: He ran out on you, Carly. Like he ran out on Katie and everybody else in his miserable life.

Carly: Am I supposed to feel sorry for Katie?

Jack: Youíre supposed to see his track record for what it really is. Look, do you know what I really want?

Carly: Besides Simonís head on a platter?

Jack: I want you to see that Simon is out of your life for good. Like I said, I'm stubborn. I can wait. I can raise our kids. I can give them a home. I can make sure they remember all the good times, because there are a hell of a lot of good times to remember. And one day, Carly, one day, you'll finally figure out that Simonís never coming back. One day you'll wake up and you'll realize that you have seen the last of Simon Frasier.

[Vienna opens her door]

Simon: You need a hand?

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Maddie: Casey?

Carly: Simon did not desert me and he will find a way to get me out this. I know he will.

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