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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/3/07

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Gwen: Do you hate me for pulling you out of bed?

Will: You pulled me into bed.

Gwen: I just wanted to prove to you that you're the only man in my life, and you always will be. That thing with Adam --

Will: You know what? Let's not talk about it. Okay? We're not going to fight about it, we're not going to think about it. And you don't have to prove anything to me.

Gwen: Okay, it's just --

Will: No, listen, this is a new year. This is your year. All right? So we got to move forward. You're gonna get your music, you're gonna finish that song, you're gonna dedicate it to me and make us both famous.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: All right. Are you okay?

Dusty: I was sleeping. So, what's going on?

Jessica: I think I can get you a new bail hearing.

Dusty: Why? What happened?

Jessica: There's been some interesting developments.

Cop #2: If you cannot afford an attorney, an attorney will be provided --

Craig: Of course I can afford an attorney. I paid for you, didn't I? And now you're leading the charge against me?

Tom: Actually, that would be Emily. I'm just here as a friend of the court.

Craig: This is a joke. How can I be an accessory to a murder?

Tom: More specifically, to Dusty Donovanís attempt to murder you.

Margo: Are you kidding? He's being charged with shooting himself?

Craig: Now that's a headline. And you better run a photo of the former DA. You'll be laughed out of town.

Tom: Apparently, you switched the blanks in Dusty's gun to real bullets.

Craig: Why would I do that?

Margo: Is there any proof here, or is this just speculation?

Tom: You know, I think perhaps we ought to move this downtown.

Craig: You did this, didn't you? You helped Emily set me up.

Jack: I'm going to ask you this one more time. You were with Simon when I called, weren't you?

Carly: No.

Jack: Then why did I find your earring in his room?

Carly: I don't know.

Jack: Stop it. Stop lying to me!

Carly: May I have it back?

Jack: No, you canít. It's evidence.

Carly: Of what?

Jack: A crime. You warned him, didn't you? You told him that we had a warrant issued for his arrest.

Carly: You're going to think whatever you want to think, Jack.

Jack: You broke the law, Carly. It's called aiding and abetting.

Carly: So arrest me, then.

Jack: Is that what you want? I'll find out. I'll call your probation officer and have her meet us at the station.

Carly: And what are you going to tell her? That the officer in charge of the case told a woman who was very close to the suspect that he was about to make an arrest? I don't think you're going to do that, Jack.

Jack: You tell me where Simon is right now or I'll skip the formalities and I'll haul you down to the station. And you can call your probation officer, and a lawyer, yourself.

Katie: You honestly think that if I'm responsible for getting Simon arrested, it won't prove anything to Mike?

Henry: Do I have to answer that?

Katie: Yeah, you have to explain to me why you think that Mike won't care that I'm that over Simon.

Henry: It's not that he won't -- why are we still having this conversation?

Katie: Because my whole life depends on Mike trusting me again. We need to get back together and live happily ever after.

Henry: I am sorry, but I don't think Mike believes in fairy tales, Katie.

Katie: What are you doing?

Henry: I am going in my room, I am going to make a martini, I am going to go to bed.

Katie: No, but I need you. I need you to be my eyewitness. You need to tell Mike that it is a fact that Simon will be arrested.

Henry: I am done with Simon for tonight!

Katie: Don't you see? It's so symbolic. Once Simonís locked away, he is not a part of our world anymore. Mike and I can go back to living our lives the way they were before he showed up. And it'll be like Simon Frasier never existed.

Henry: Yes, I wish life were that simple. Goodnight, Katherine.

Simon: No olive? Henry, you're slipping.

Dusty: So you think I can get out of here?

Jessica: I think we may be able to present your case, which is more than we had yesterday. What I don't understand is why you didn't think to mention that you'd loaded the gun with blanks, until now.

Dusty: The plan was to scare Craig into dropping the custody suit. And then Lucy shows up, sees the gun, freaks out, grabs my arm, the gun goes off -- none of that was supposed to happen.

Jessica: Right, but that doesn't explain why you didn't tell the police -- or me -- about the blanks.

Dusty: I was trying to protect Emily.

Jessica: Emily?

Dusty: Yeah.

Jessica: You'd risk going to jail?

Dusty: To keep my son safe from Montgomery? Yes.

Jessica: Just so we're on the same page here, Craig replaced the blanks in Dusty's gun with bullets --

Tom: To incriminate Dusty.

Craig: Yeah, to blow a hole in my chest the size of Milwaukee. Yes, that sounds like something I'd do.

Tom: Well, he hadn't anticipated Lucyís arrival. She saw the weapon, didn't know that Dusty had no intention of firing it. Grabbed his arm, the gun went off -- Craig got shot.

Margo: I just want to know how you're going to prove it.

Tom: Well, apparently, Emily witnessed Craig confessing to Lucy.

Craig: Who's conveniently out of town. Bravo, Emily.

Tom: She signed a sworn statement.

Craig: I hate to disappoint you, Em. Given your track record, if that's all they have, I'll be out of here in an hour.

Tom: The judge is well aware of her track record, which is why he issued the search warrant. Oh, we did find the blanks from Dusty's gun at Fairwinds.

Margo: Oh, and it is not illegal to own blanks.

Tom: Well, it will get you an arrest warrant. Given the history, the custody suit --

Craig: So, that's why you wanted to spend the evening with me. To set me up.

Margo: Craig, don't say anything more without representation. Take him -- take him away.

Craig: Paul is the one who replaced the blanks with bullets -- ask him. They're just doing his dirty work.

Iris: I could always count on my Gwennie for having tissues.

Gwen: Here --

Iris: I'm just glad I ran into you.

Gwen: Blow your nose, Mom. So what's going on?

Iris: Well, wanted to wait until tomorrow to tell you. You know, I figured you had enough on your plate, with Adam and the situation in Los Angeles.

Gwen: You know, I knew you'd find a way to bring that up. Well, Will and I talked, and we worked things out. So whatever you were after --

Iris: I'm not after anything! I didn't know you were going to be here!

Gwen: So, what's wrong Mom? Is that supposed to mean something to me?

Iris: Honey, it was your aunt candy's little kitty. Don't you remember? She had it on the table next to the -- fish tank. And you loved it, and you put it in her knitting bag and you walked around the living room when you were little. She wanted you to have it.

Gwen: It's Maybeline?

Iris: Oh, yeah, I knew that you would remember. Oh, Honey, she told her nurse to make sure that you get it. See, my sister -- she couldn't really have a real cat, because of the fish tank and everything. So she bought this little statue at a church bazaar -- and she just wanted you to have it, okay?

Gwen: Where are you going?

Iris: I just thought I would go and ask the deejay to play one of candy's favorite songs -- she loved Elvis! Happy New Year.

Gwen: I better go see if she's okay.

Will: Are you serious? You don't think she's laying it on a little thick?

Gwen: That's how she gets when she's upset. Look, I'd rather her not start drinking. I'll go get my music and tell the bartender just to give her Shirley Temples or something. Look, Aunt Candice, she was sweet -- okay, I love you.

Will: Okay.

Katie: Excuse me, has Simon Frasier been arrested?

Cop #1: Not yet, Ma'am.

Katie: What do you mean, not yet? He's still at large?

Cop #1: Yes, Ma'am, but we have reason to believe that he's still in the hotel.

Katie: Oh, well, he's not in the dining room, unless he's under one of these tables. What are you wasting time for? Go check the lobby -- the men's room -- catch him!

Bob: Katie? Katie! Is everything all right?

Katie: No, everything's not all right. Simon's escaped, and nobody seems to care. He's going to get away with this like he gets away with everything!

Bob: Simon's escaped?

Katie: That diamond that I borrowed from you? It was one of the crown jewels of Leonia that was stolen the night of the costume ball.

Bob: By Simon?

Katie: Yes. And I proved it, and Jack was supposed to arrest him. And now he's gone!

Bob: Wait a minute, I'm not really up to speed about this. Why are you so upset? It wasn't your diamond.

Katie: It was my marriage, which he ruined. Mike's leaving me, and it's all Simonís fault.

Simon: Sorry, Mate, I'll pay for your dry cleaning, I promise --

Henry: How in the hell did you get in here, anyway? No, no, no, no, no. Don't tell me, don't tell me. I forget, you're Simon Frasier, you're the cat burglar, the jewel thief, bon vivant. Aren't you supposed to be locked up?

Simon: No, I thought I'd pass.

Henry: You know, the place is crawling with cops. They're all over the lobby.

Simon: I know, unbelievable, I noticed that. That's why I'm going to bunk down here.

Henry: I don't recall inviting you to make yourself at home, Simon.

Simon: Henry, I just need a place to stay till the cops leave.

Henry: There's a laundry chute perfectly available.

Simon: No, this will do just fine.

Henry: You can't stay here. You're a fugitive!

Simon: And you owe me, Henry. Big time.

Carly: I don't know where Simon is.

Jack: You know what's sad? I can't tell if you're lying to me anymore. I used to be able to. But now, I canít. You've gotten too good at it. I guess practice makes perfect.

Carly: If you didn't trust me, then why did you tell me you were about make an arrest?

Jack: I did trust you, Carly! You swore that you were through with him. That you were going to focus on your kids -- our kids! That they were the most important thing in your life and you wouldn't risk losing them. I respected that. So I told you about the arrest warrant --

Carly: To test me.

Jack: No.

Carly: So you could be right again, Jack, and I could be wrong.

Jack: No, Carly, I called you about the arrest warrant because I wanted you to know why I asked you to give him up. That it wasn't just because of you and me. If anything, I wanted to prove something to you. That it had been worth it -- breaking it off. That now, you wouldn't have been implicated. But guess what? Now you are.

Carly: Jack, I wasn't trying to aid or abet, at all.

Jack: I don't want to hear it, Carly. I don't --

Carly: It was just instinct. I didn't want to hurt you. I didn't want to hurt the case.

Jack: Carly, I can't hear this -- I can't hear this, you understand? Not if you want to do yourself any good.

Carly: Are you going to arrest me?

Parker: So -- are you guys fighting? You want me to leave?

Carly: No, no, we're fine. You ready to go?

Parker: Yeah.

Carly: Let's go home.

Jack: Carly -- do you mind if I tag along, Buddy? All right, yeah. Come on, let's go.

Gwen: Hey, you okay?

Iris: Me? Don't worry about me. I'm just having a cup of coffee and just thinking about my sister.

Gwen: All right. Well, Will's waiting, so --

Iris: You know what happened the last time I saw her?

Gwen: What?

Iris: We had a fight. I don't even know what it was about. It was probably something stupid, like, how much food do you feed the neon tetra? Anyway, the point is, we had a fight. And we just never got the chance to make up.

Gwen: You know, she actually sent me a Christmas card. I didn't respond.

Iris: Oh, Honey, she was so proud of you. She loved you like one of her own. You know, Sweetie --

Gwen: What is it?

Iris: I was just thinking. I don't want that to be you and me. You know, having all of those regrets? I mean, we've both made our share of mistakes, right? But do we want to be blaming ourselves that we didn't reach out when we had the chance to do that? Who's right, who's wrong -- it doesn't matter, Sweetie. We're family. Right? And I thought, it being New Yearís, maybe we can start again. For Candy's sake. Only if you want to do that. You know, we can discuss tomorrow, 'cause Will is waiting.

Gwen: No, that's -- that's okay. I just need a couple more minutes with my mom.

Will: You sure? Because, guess who I just talked to? Candice.

Jessica: So you'd be willing to testify that Dusty never intended to harm Craig?

Emily: Yes. The plan was to scare Craig into dropping the custody suit. Dusty was even willing to share custody. But, no, Craig had to have full custody. I think that's why he put the bullets in the gun. You know, to make Dusty look dangerous so the courts wouldn't even allow him have visitation rights.

Margo: Emily, are you just guessing at this, or --

Emily: No, I heard him tell Lucy.

Margo: Why would Craig tell Lucy that?

Emily: I don't know, I'm not Craig. Maybe he thought he was dying.

Margo: So you overheard all of this after the shooting?

Emily: At the hospital. Lucy and Craig were talking. I stopped by to check in on him and I happened to overhear their conversation.

Margo: Okay, so why didn't you come forward with the information then?

Emily: Because -- okay, it's going to sound a little cold, but we all thought he was going to die, right? And when he didn't, I just -- I figured Lucy would come forward. And apparently, she couldn't bring herself to turn him in.

Meg: So she ran away, poor thing.

Emily: Yeah, she didn't trust Johnny with her own father.

Margo: Meg, why did Craig say that you set him up?

Meg: I don't know. He was suspicious about me all night. Ever since I agreed to go to Bob and Kimís party.

Margo: Yeah, well, I can understand that. I mean, who would ever dream that you would be interested in my brother?

Meg: He has an interest in me. And since I was spending the evening alone, I thought, why not? It was New Yearís Eve. And my non-wedding was just a week ago.

Margo: So?

Meg: So staring at the television was a little more depressing than I expected. Do I really need to explain why I agreed to go out and be with people?

Jessica: No, no, no. Actually, we get it. We get it.

Meg: Good. Excuse me.

Margo: Emily, I'm sure you, of all people, understand the penalties for falsifying evidence.

Emily: Look, I'm sorry for not coming forward right away, but I was afraid.

Margo: Yeah, you should be.

Tom: Well, I explained the potential consequence, given her record.

Margo: Well, forget about what the judge might do to her, think of what Craig will do to her.

Craig: Well, you're going to have to give me a cheat sheet, Meg. After tonight, I have no idea what scene we're playing.

Meg: Well, this is your opportunity to thank me.

Craig: Thank you? Thank you for trying to throw me in jail for something I didn't do? I thought you were through with Paul.

Meg: I am.

Craig: Well, then who put you up to this? Emily? How'd she get past those farm-raised morals of yours? Thou shalt not lie? Thou shalt not make a man think that you want him when you don't?

Meg: What is it you're angry about, Craig? Is it that you've been arrested, or that I kissed you?

Craig: I just want to know why you set me up.

Meg: I thought it was time that you got a taste of your own medicine.

Katie: Mike is divorcing me.

Bob: Oh, Katie, I'm sorry to hear that.

Katie: Simon just came back and poisoned everything. And no matter what I do, no matter what I say to Mike, I can't get him to trust me anymore. But it's true, I'm telling the truth. I don't love Simon anymore, I love Mike.

Bob: You know, I wish I -- I wish I knew what to say to you.

Katie: Well, there's nothing you can say. My life is over.

Bob: Oh, now, don't say that. Look, you say you love Mike. Well, then, there's only one thing you can do.

Katie: What?

Bob: You've got to fight for him. You've got to find a way to win him back.

Henry: Look, it was a squeeze play, all right? I had Jack on one side, Katie on the other. I had no choice.

Simon: There's always a choice, Henry.

Henry: No, not this time. Okay? They forced me to trick your jeweler into giving you up!

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That was you? You did that?

Henry: No, scratch that. Scratch that. Why do I owe you?

Simon: All right -- all right, how's this? You convinced me to go after Carly when I knew damn well that she should be left alone. Now she's in this up to her neck -- thanks to you.

Henry: You're blaming me because you were foolish enough to take my advice?

[Henry laughs]

Simon: No -- no, no, no, you're right. That was my fault. All right, how's this then? Henry, you fingered the fence. Huh? I mean, she's a friend of yours, I'm a friend of yours -- what were you thinking?

Henry: Do you have any idea what it's like to be me? Do you? Whose every friend is teetering on the brink of a prison sentence? I can't cross the street without crossing somebody.

Simon: Okay -- whoa, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Henry: Do you believe in New Yearís resolutions, Simon?

Simon: Uh-huh.

Henry: I do. Top of my list this year is, no more breaking the law. Yeah, Detective Snyder, please.

Simon: What?

[Knocking at door]

Katie: Henry! And don't pretend you're not in there, I can hear you. Open up!

Parker: So, that was fun. And just so I know, how long are you two not going to be talking to each other?

Carly: We're fine, Parker.

Parker: Right.

Carly: So, what are you doing here, Jack? Jack?

[Carly sighs]

Jack: Just saying goodnight, pal.

Carly: That's charming -- that's very nice. Lie to my son.

Jack: I didn't lie to him.

Carly: You just pretended that you went in there to say goodnight, when really, you were peaking under the bed to look for sin, weren't you?

Jack: You're angry? I gave you, like, 100 chances to save yourself, Carly. But you kept seeing him, knowing that he'd stolen those diamonds, and it was only a matter of time.

Carly: I didn't think you had any proof.

Jack: You didn't think at all! He's a thief, Carly. And you're willing to give up your kids, your freedom, your life -- what, for a roll in the hay with a man who's not worthy to shine your shoes?

Carly: You can't say that.

Jack: He's a criminal, Carly. He can't offer you a damn thing. And he won't, because that's not who he is. He takes what he takes when he takes it. And he doesn't give you a damn thing in return.

Carly: That is not true! He loves me, Jack. And I love him. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have blurted it out like that.

Jack: Say it again.

Carly: What?

Jack: Say it again.

Carly: I love him.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: If he loved you, he wouldn't let you anywhere near him.

Carly: That's not true.

Jack: He knew we were onto him, and eventually we'd find what we needed to put him away. He was using you for information, Carly.

Carly: No, no, no. Jack, stop.

Jack: Anybody -- anybody who really knows who you are, Carly, who cares about you, would never let you go to prison. The man you think you love just ruined your life.

Carly: Simon would never do anything to hurt me. And I hope he's far away, and I hope he never comes back.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Snyder. You spotted him? Where?

Katie: Henry, come on, I know you're in there!

Henry: No, no, no.

Simon: Give me that!

Henry: What? No, no, no. No message, no message, no message! Tell him I'll just call him back. Okay, thanks. Katie?

Katie: Finally. Can you open the door?

Henry: Uh -- I'm not dressed.

Katie: You forget, I've seen you in your birthday suit. And this is kind of an emergency.

Henry: Yeah, let me just put some clothes on, okay?

Simon: Stop. You can't let her in here.

Henry: I can't leave her out there. She will contact security. Okay?

Katie: Hey, is someone in there with you?

Henry: No, no. Just me and my shadow.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: Hey, can I come in?

Henry: It's late.

Katie: I know, I just -- I can't say what I need to say out in the hall. Please? What are you doing?

Henry: I'm tired. I just need to lean on you here.

Katie: Okay, well, let's lean on the couch.

Henry: Okay. Well, what's so important?

Katie: I have a confession to make.

Henry: Oh?

Katie: I know you've been trying to get me to face reality. And guess what? I finally have. It's my fault that I lost Mike. That night when Simon showed up at my doorstep -- I should've just slammed the door in his face. But I didnít. And I still don't know why. Was it habit? Curiosity? I don't know. But it's my fault that I slept with Simon, and I don't blame Mike for dumping me.

Henry: Good for you. Come on.

Katie: Wait! Hey, I'm not finished! All right. It's my fault. But it is Simonís fault, too. And I'm still going to make him pay.

Henry: I don't see how that's possible, Sweetie. You know, knowing Simon, he's long gone by now. He's probably in San Tropez or something.

Katie: No, he's still in this hotel. The police have sealed it off. And I don't care if I have to turn over every ashtray in this place. I'm going to find Simon, and I'm going to turn him in.

Iris: But that's impossible. They told me that Candice was dead!

Will: Is this the same sister who sent you this china cat, that was made in 2005?

Iris: Let me see that. Well, maybe she had to replace it.

Gwen: She's not dead, is she? You made that whole thing up.

Iris: Why would I do something like that? You know, I'm going to have to talk to Nigel. I mean, why would anyone do something like that? That's unbelievable. I mean, I didn't ask a lot of questions, because I was in shock -- but -- oh, it's a miracle! My sister, she's alive!

Gwen: Shut up, Mom.

Iris: Honey, you don't think I would lie about my sister like that, do you?

Gwen: I think you would do anything to worm your way back into my life.

Craig: So you were trying to teach me a lesson?

Meg: Trying --

Craig: Well, I guess I should be flattered that you would consider me worth saving.

Meg: Well, that's up to you, Craig.

Craig: Let me just probe around here a little, all right? In the spirit of enlightenment -- so, obviously you were keeping me occupied while Emily was running around with the cops. But there's lots of ways to keep a man like me busy. You could have monkeyed with my car, for example, stranding me in some remote place. But no, you didn't do that. You put on a sexy dress and you kissed me.

Meg: We both know how good you are with cars.

Craig: You kissed me, Meg.

Meg: In the spirit of full disclosure -- you aren't the first.

Craig: Chalk one up for Meg. All right, I won't question your methods. But I'm still a little puzzled. What exactly did you want me to learn from all this?

Meg: Do you really need me to spell it out?

Craig: Oh right, right, right. You wanted me to have a little taste of my own medicine. Yeah, I got that, that was very clear. But why, Meg? Why? You might not like my methods, and I might not like yours, but at least my goals were laudable. I wanted my son.

Meg: He's not your son, Craig. Not in any way that counts. This relentless campaign to take out anyone who cares about him -- it's ugly. And it hurts him.

Craig: What was I going to do? They wouldn't let me near him.

Meg: And for good reason. Look what happened to Bryant. I'm sorry if it sounds cruel, but --

Craig: I was there, I know what happened. I just want --

Meg: What, you want another chance at fatherhood? What about what Johnny wants? He already has a father -- the man his mother picked to raise him. He already has a grandmother. And no matter what you think of Barbara, she would do anything for him. He has two uncles, an aunt -- all of them willing to pitch in and love him. He doesn't need a man whose only goal is to make himself feel happy.

Craig: Ouch. I'm still don't see why this is your fight.

Meg: You made it my fight.

Craig: How?

Meg: By asking for my friendship. When all along you were just using me.

Craig: I was not using you.

Meg: How many times did you come to me for comfort? For understanding? To talk? I was the only friend, the only one who understood. When all along, what you really wanted was a safe haven while you did cruel things to the people I care about.

Craig: Dusty.

Meg: He really loves Johnny, really loves him.

Craig: So do I.

Meg: Oh, and tonight? While your mind was on champagne and seduction, Dusty was sitting alone in his cell wondering if Johnny was safe. Wondering and worrying where he was, whether Lucy found a community that wouldn't be asking so many questions. That's where Dusty's mind was, and where yours would be, if you weren't such a greedy, self-centered jerk. So, do you really want to know what I was feeling when I kissed you? Sad. 'Cause you're not worth it.

Craig: Man, she's gorgeous when she's angry.

Margo: How come Emily came to you? How come she didn't go to the D.A.?

Tom: Because the D.A wouldn't have listened to her without me there to support her. Her story's kind of shaky, she's got a history of mental problems -- and I just figured I'd better be there to rein her in, especially for Danielís sake.

Margo: That's you, Baby. You're always there.

Tom: One more time.

Meg: What do you mean, they won't give him bail?

Emily: Jessica says Dusty's a flight risk.

Dusty: Well, no matter what happens, I appreciate what you did -- both of you.

Jessica: Dusty, I want to go over your statement before we go to court.

Meg: Who's that?

Emily: Craig's lawyer.

Meg: She looks --

Emily: Confident? Meg, if she finds a way to spring him, he's coming after the both of us.

Cassandra: Hey, I've talked to the D.A., looked over the findings. They don't have enough to hold you. So, we'll have you out in the next couple of hours.

Craig: Wait.

Iris: Baby, I just wanted to be close to you. And now that we know the truth, I've got a great idea. Why don't you and me, we take a trip together, we go see your aunt Candice, okay? And then we could spend some quality time together. And we could maybe try to mend our side of the family. I mean, if you can patch things up with Will, why can't you do that with me?

Will: Who's going to pay for this trip, Iris?

Iris: I've got some money saved.

Will: From the money I gave you, you mean?

Iris: And you were so generous, Will.

Will: A little too generous. I mean, that's what this is all really about, right?

Iris: I don't know what you mean.

Will: You want money.

Iris: Well, of course! I mean, the good lord and your mother -- well, they certainly provided for you. And I'm just -- I'm happy that Gwennie's a part of your life.

Will: Yeah. And that's the only reason you're here.

Iris: Gwennie, don't listen to him, okay? I mean, he's just jealous because you -- we got a bond going.

Will: A bond? When I first met your daughter, she was living in a one-room dive above a garage. You didn't give a damn about her then, you don't care about her now. It's all about what you can get!

Iris: I never asked you for a cent.

Will: No, you asked Gwen. And when she cut you off, you made up some lie about your sister dying. You find some stupid cat, and you plant yourself here because you know we're going to show up. But you know what? I made a few calls, and I found Candice, and she doesn't want to have anything to do with you, either.

Iris: Oh -- my own sister? She's turning her back on me, also. Gwen, that's why I came to you. It's just so hard trying to stay sober. I needed you. I mean, I didn't know what to do. I need you, please, I just feel like I'm going to go have another drink!

Gwen: You know, I don't care what you do, Mom. Not after this.

Iris: She doesn't understand, Will, what it's like to have demons. You know what I mean. You know, you hear these voices that are in your head that are telling you that you don't mean anything, that nobody's ever going to love you. I mean, I don't mean to do the things I do, I just can't help myself.

Will: That's really too bad, Iris. Because from now on, you're on your own.

Henry: Look, if you're so determined to turn over ashtrays, why don't you go find somebody who smokes, huh? You won't find any here.

Katie: Are you trying to get rid of me, Henry?

Henry: Yeah, I am. I want to go to bed.

Katie: But I need your help.

Henry: I'll be here for breakfast, I promise.

Katie: Simon could have escaped by then!

Henry: I don't want to get in the middle of a police investigation. And neither should you. Okay? You're just going to get in the way -- or worse. All right? Why don't you let the police handle it, for once.

Katie: Oh, come on, the Oakdale P.D.? Please --they would even know he was guilty if it wasn't for me. I have to see this through.

Henry: Great, then see it through. Just not here, not now.

Katie: Good, so you think that I should look for him?

Henry: Whatever makes you happy.

Katie: Okay, great. Get your wallet, I'll get your coat.

Henry: I'm not going anywhere.

Katie: But I can't do this without you.

Jack: Just continue surveillance. I'll be there as soon as I can. And Brady? Don't lose him.

Carly: That was about Simon.

Jack: You really think I'd trust you after what you just told me?

Carly: Jack, wait! What should I tell the children?

Jack: About what?

Carly: Do I need to tell them that you're going to arrest me?

Iris: Hey, wait, you can't come between a mother and a child. That's just not right.

Will: Your child doesn't want to have anything to do with you. I'm just the messenger.

Iris: You don't know your wife. See, she gets all angry like that, and then she comes back in and she just forgives you. I mean, how many times has she forgiven you?

Will: Just so we're clear, I'm going to say it one last time. You come anywhere near Gwen -- you call her, you leave her a message, you look at us when you see us on the street, and I'm going to call your parole officer.

Iris: It's not a crime to talk to your own flesh and blood.

Will: No, but it's a violation of your parole to go to Los Angeles. So, you'll be back in jail before you know it.

Iris: Gwennie wouldn't want you to do that to her mama.

Gwen: Don't count on that.

Iris: Baby --

Gwen: Good-bye, Iris. Come on.

Iris: Bad move, Will Munson. I'm going to have to teach you some manners.

Katie: Henry, don't be ridiculous.

Henry: No, no, no.

Katie: What was that?

Henry: My foot. You're stepping on my foot.

Katie: Sorry. I don't know why I'm being so pushy, I'm just desperate right now. I have to find Simon, or I lose Mike.

Henry: Oh, Honey --

Katie: I know you think that I've already lost him, but I can't think that way. I need hope, don't you understand?

Henry: I know -- I do, I do, I do. I just can't be a cheerleader right now. I'm all pom-pommed out.

Katie: But I used to be able to get you to do whatever I want.

Henry: Yeah, I guess I just grew a backbone. I'll see you in the morning. Get your purse. That's right, in the morning, we'll have a nice continental breakfast, huh?

Henry: You have to leave.

Katie: A backbone? Henry?

[Katie sighs]

Simon: Look, I'm I really sorry to put you out like this, Buddy. But I just have to stay.

Henry: Did you hear her? She's not going to rest until she finds you.

Simon: Which is why I need to stay put.

Henry: No, which is why you need to go to Bora Bora and send her a little postcard, saying, "Sayonara!"

Simon: Henry, I need a favor.

Henry: No, not from me. I'm going to bed.

Simon: I need you to get a message to Carly.

Carly: I need to know. So I can make arrangements for the kids.

Jack: I'm not going to arrest you tonight.

Carly: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Donít.

Parker: Mom? What's going on?

Carly: Jack just left.

Parker: I heard you guys fighting about Simon. What happened?

Carly: There's a warrant out for his arrest. And they haven't been able to find him yet.

Parker: What did he do?

Carly: He made a terrible mistake, Parker. We both did.

Jack: Simon's going to try to get to Carly. I want her phones tapped and the house under 24-hour surveillance. Starting now.

Meg: She's been in there for a while.

Emily: Yeah, she must think she has a way out of this. Oh, my -- Craig doesn't have security cameras at Fairwinds, does he?

Meg: I don't know, I hope not.

Margo: You know, Craig is not going to take this lying down. If he's convicted of a felony, he knows he's going to lose custody of Johnny.

Tom: Yeah, well, what's he going to do? He's already run the kid out of town. Is he going to bribe a judge? What he'll probably do is he'll probably get a videotape of some judge accepting a bribe. That's more Craig's style.

Emily: Okay, so what happens next? I mean, I'm assuming that he's going to be arraigned, right? They're not going to give him bail?

Margo: No, we're waiting to see what Craig's lawyer -- how she's going to respond to the charges.

Emily: What can she do?

Margo: We're waiting to see.

Jessica: If I am able to get you a new hearing, you have to promise me that you won't jump bail and run off to find Johnny and Lucy. Dusty, we can fight this. But the only chance you have of getting custody is if you play by the rules.

Cassandra: Please don't do this, it's a mistake.

Craig: While I appreciate your advice and counsel, Cassandra, my mind is made up. Everyone, I would like to say that everything that Dusty and Emily said is true. I'm guilty as charged.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Henry: And that thing you wanted -- I got one for Carly. And this -- this way you'll be able to talk as long as you want without fear of rollover charges or wire tapping.

Simon: Good, good, good.

Emily: Because I know the man. Trust me, Meg, this isn't over.

Dusty: All I know is your confession guaranteed I'm going to walk.

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