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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/2/07

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Maddie: Happy New Year.

Casey: You said that already.

Made: Happy 2007.

Casey: You said that, too.

Maddie: I love you.

Casey: Well, you can keep saying that.

Maddie: I love you. Where's Elwood?

Casey: He probably went to work on computer codes at my parents' house.

Maddie: No, really? Really?

Casey: Yeah, the poor guy doesn't know what he's missing.

Maddie: Do you want to move the party?

Casey: To Elwood?

Maddie: No, to your dorm.

Casey: But it's a ghost town over there.

Maddie: Perfect.

Casey: Why?

Maddie: Casey, I want to make love with you tonight. I'm ready.

Meg: Well, now that we made it to midnight, we have to have champagne, don't we?

Craig: Sure, I can manage that. In a minute.

Meg: A girl could die of thirst here.

Craig: Yeah, a man could die of hunger.

Meg: You know what? Craig, I'm sorry. It's been a strange night. And normally, I don't send out mixed signals, but I'm afraid that's exactly what I've managed to do.

Craig: So, why don't you just drop the act and tell me why you're really here?

Tom: Okay, Emily, what's wrong?

Margo: Is it Daniel?

Emily: No, no, Danielís fine. I just talked to my mom. He conked out right after the ball dropped.

Tom: Okay, so, what is so urgent?

Emily: Could we talk alone, Tom, please?

Tom: No, we can talk in front of Margo.

Bob: Excuse me, I was wondering if I could steal my beautiful daughter-in-law for a dance?

Margo: You deal with Emily and I will talk to you after my dance.

Tom: Okay.

Bob: Brace yourself now, because I picked up a few new moves watching --

Margo: No dips, Bob. Hope I can keep up.

Tom: Okay, so, let's cut out all the drama. You tell me what's going on.

Emily: Okay, I know it's going to sound like something that you've heard before, but just bear with me this time, okay?

Tom: I will keep an open mind.

Emily: Okay. I want to get things in my life right this time, finally.

Tom: Good. I'm glad to hear that.

Emily: And I think tonight is the perfect time to start.

Tom: So, start.

Emily: Okay. I need you to call your replacement down at the D.A.'s office.

Tom: Now? Why?

Emily: Because if you ask her to meet us at the station, she might actually show up.

Tom: Fine, then you tell me what's going on.

Emily: I will tell you on the way to the station. Please, we have to leave now. Tom, I am asking you to trust me, please.

Tom: All right. Let me tell Margo we're leaving.

Emily: No, no, wait. That's the thing. She can't know about it.

Tom: Why not?

Emily: Because this is about Craig.

Holden: Happy New Year, Sweetheart.

Faith: Can we go now?

Holden: No. Not until I dance with my other favorite girl.

Lily: Don't pass this up, Faith. He is good.

Faith: I don't feel like dancing.

Lily: Why not?

Faith: I don't want to. Can you just not talk about it, Mom?

Katie: You can't justify waiting any longer, Jack. The jeweler admitted that she fenced the necklace for Simon.

Jack: Obviously not all of it.

Henry: Why don't I put Katie to bed and let you do what you do?

Katie: No, no, I'm not going anywhere, Henry.

Prince Adolpho: I hope this matter is finally settled, Detective Snyder.

Jack: Yes, your highness, I'm sorry to bother you. I think I found something you might be interested in.

Prince Adolpho: Where did you get this?

Jack: We'll get to that in a minute. Did you bring the documentation?

Prince Adolpho: It's right here.

Jack: May I?

Henry: Hey, look at that. I had one of those once.

Prince Adolpho: Quiet! I'm concentrating. Yes, this diamond was part of the original necklace. It has all the markings.

Jack: You're sure?

Prince Adolpho: It's a very rare and precious stone, Detective. I want the man who stole it returned to my country to face justice.

Jack: Yes, I will handle that from here.

Prince Adolpho: I assume you'll recover the rest of the jewels as well?

Jack: We've got a lead on who sold them, and I'll contact you as soon as I make a few more arrests.

Prince Adolpho: I'm not leaving until I'm assured you have Simon Frasier in custody.

Katie: Jack, you have to go arrest Simon now, or the prince's people will.

Jack: Back off, Katie. Nobody tells me how to do my job, least of all you.

Carly: How do you do it? How do you get me to change my mind without me even knowing I've changed it?

Simon: You didn't have to change your mind. You came up here wanting that as much as I did.

Carly: No. No, as a matter of fact, I came up here to tell you to leave me alone.

Simon: And yet, here you are. What is it?

Carly: I'm just thinking about what you said about Jack. I hate the idea of him using the kids to threaten me, keep me away from you.

Simon: Jack just thinks I'm guilty, okay? But the one thing he's missing is the proof. He's just using scare tactics.

Carly: Simon, just tell me again -- tell me again that that diamond is gone for good.

Simon: It is. It is. That diamond cannot hurt us anymore. If I thought that it could --

Carly: You'd have come up with a plan B.

Simon: And a plan C and a plan D. I'm not going to lose you because of that stupid diamond.

Carly: And I'm not going to leave you again. This is where I belong. This is where I want to be.

Simon: I've missed you.

Carly: I've missed you, too. And now that I've made up my mind not to be intimidated, I'm going to go and tell Jack.

Simon: Maybe I should come with you

Carly: No. No, Simon, this is definitely something I should do myself.

Simon: Okay, fine. Listen, Carly, I need you to know that I would never risk your freedom. If I thought Jack had a case, I would have walked away from this, okay? I would never have pushed this so hard.

Carly: Well, I'm so glad you did. But you know, we still have a problem.

Simon: Okay, what's that?

Carly: It's a she. Her name is Katie. And she's not going to let this thing go.

Simon: Katie? Look, I almost feel sorry for her. She's had a rough holiday.

Carly: Yeah, who didn't? I enjoyed being with my kids, but I missed you. And half the time I kept thinking, I wish Simon were here. And I was fantasizing about that trip that you wanted us to take, trading in the Christmas tree for a palm tree.

Simon: Okay, then. So, next year, Hawaii.

Carly: All of us.

Simon: Yeah, all of us.

Carly: Now, are you going to stand here like this, or are you going to join me in the shower?

Simon: Well, that all depends on what you're offering.

Jack: Thank you. I'll call the station and issue a warrant.

Katie: How long will that take?

Jack: However long it takes. Henry --

Henry: Why don't we let the lawman practice the law, Sweetheart?

Katie: Jack, I know it's going to be difficult for you, when you realize that Carly was guilty --

Jack: Carly had nothing to do with stealing those jewels, Katie.

Katie: She was wearing that diamond around her neck for weeks.

Jack: And you broke into her house and stole it, it turns out it was a fake.

Katie: Yeah, but it looked exactly like that one. She had a spare made to throw people off. Come on, Jack, why is it everyone else sees the truth except for you?

Jack: I rely on evidence, Katie, not opinion. Henry, will you please take her home now?

Henry: Yes.

Prince Adolpho: I'm not a fool, Detective. I know of your ex-wife's involvement with Frasier.

Jack: They're not involved anymore, your highness.

Prince Adolpho: She was seen with him the night the jewels were taken.

Katie: And it's not like she's never been in trouble before. She is on probation right now, for crying out loud --

Jack: Do you have a charge to make, Katie? Do you have any new evidence? Besides the diamond -- which has no link to Carly that I've found.

Katie: I know how Simon operates.

Jack: Take responsibility for your own actions. I'll make Simon pay for his. And if you have anything else to say about this investigation, there better be more behind it than a grudge.

Henry: You heard the man.

Katie: All right, fine. But I'm not going anywhere until you go upstairs and read Simon his rights.

Jack: I have something to take care of first. It's none of your business.

Lily: Since when do daughters not want to dance with their fathers?

Holden: I kind of miss the days when dancing was you standing on my feet and us just, you know, moving around in the middle of the dance floor.

Faith: I'm not a baby anymore.

Lily: Your father just wants to show you off, Honey.

Faith: I don't know how to dance.

Holden: Neither did I until a couple of weeks ago.

Lily: That's true.

Faith: Please don't make me.

Holden: Honey, we're not going to make you do anything.

Lily: Of course not. We're just happy we're all together on New Year's. In fact, why don't you get a glass of ginger ale and we'll make a little toast?

Faith: I'll get some water.

Holden: I'll get it for you.

Faith: No, thanks. I'll get it myself.

Holden: How many more years of this?

Lily: Oh, don't ask.

Holden: She seems so down on herself lately.

Lily: Maybe that fall from her new horse. Maybe that shook her confidence.

Holden: No, no, she's fallen down before.

Lily: Yeah, but she's at that age. You know, that age when things before that didn't bother her, now everything's brutal.

Holden: Brutal?

Lily: Brutal.

Holden: She's got a great home life, a family who loves her --

Lily: Family? Family, family is secondary. This is all about her friends. Remember what your sisters were like at that age?

Holden: No, I blocked that out.

Lily: Exactly. I remember -- but I remember being that age. Everything was -- I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. Everybody else was prettier, and smarter, and more popular. Janie Cobb, remember her?

Holden: Well, Faith is beautiful. She's smart, you've seen her grades.

Lily: It's about what Faith sees, Honey.

Holden: How do we make her see how incredible she really is?

Lily: I don't know yet. I don't know if we can.

Kim: Looks like Holden and Lily have some competition.

Margo: I stepped on his toes a lot.

Kim: Uh-oh.

Bob: Any damage can be surgically corrected.

Margo: So, where's Tom?

Kim: Honey, sorry, I thought he told you. He and Emily left here a little while ago.

Tom: Tell us everything you know about Craigís shooting.

Emily: Dusty never meant to shoot Craig. There were blanks in his gun.

Tom: How would you know that?

Emily: Because I was in on the plan.

Tom: The plan?

Emily: Yes, to try to keep Craig from getting full custody of his son.

Tom: So, Dusty thought shooting a round of blanks at Craig would help him keep his son?

Emily: He needed to show Craig how far he was willing to go to keep Johnny.

Tom: Well, why would you partner in this scheme with Dusty?

Emily: Because I had a lot to make up to Jennifer. And I figured, what better way than to help make sure Dusty got to raise his own son.

Tom: So, you set Craig up?

Emily: Yes. Well, no. I mean, Dusty did most of the setting up.

D.A.: How did Mr. Montgomery end up getting shot?

Emily: Well, Craig found out our plan and somehow managed to put real bullets in Dusty's gun.

Tom: Why on earth would he do that?

Emily: To nail Dusty. He knew that the penalty would be far more severe if there were real bullets in the gun!

Tom: So Craig was willing to put his own life on the line if Dusty would go to jail for attempted murder? Or murder, if his plan didn't work? Sounds ridiculous.

Emily: I know, I know it does. I know it sounds far-fetched, but I swear to you, I'm telling you the truth.

Tom: Do you have any evidence, besides your word, to support this story?

Emily: No, but you could start by finding the blanks that Craig replaced. What did he do with them? They have to be somewhere, right? What? You don't believe me?

Tom: It's quite a stretch.

Emily: We're talking about Craig Montgomery here. Tom, isn't anything possible? An innocent man is in jail. Craig was willing to go very far to put Dusty away for a very long time. So, isn't it worth at least investigating what I'm telling you?

Tom: I guess we could swing by the Montgomery place and see if anything turns up. You think you could get a warrant based on Emilyís statement?

D.A.: It's worth a try.

Craig: Last year, which was just a few moments ago, you wouldn't even agree to have dinner with me, and now I've got you here, alone in my home, drinking champagne.

Meg: Well, just because we're both a little lonely, doesn't mean I want to rush into anything.

Craig: Well, you don't see me down on one knee, do you?

Meg: That's not what I mean. We're both the walking wounded.

Craig: Some more than others.

Meg: How do you feel?

Craig: The chest wound is easy. Lucy taking Johnny, I don't know how to recover from that.

Meg: Yeah, well, I was supposed to be on my honeymoon by now. But when I found out what Paul had done to you, I couldn't go through with the wedding. And now he had this accident --

Craig: So, how are you handling it?

Meg: I'm still trying to find the switch that turns off my heart.

Craig: Still love him?

Meg: I plead the fifth.

[Cell phone beeping]

Craig: More bubbly?

Meg: No, you know what? I'm done with bubbles. I would love some brandy, though. With ice?

Craig: With ice? Brandy?

Meg: Yeah, if it's not too much trouble.

Craig: Well, it might be a little trouble for the brandy.

Meg: Don't make fun. That's how I like it.

Craig: Well, then, that's how you'll get it. Be right back.

[Meg reads her text message from her cell phone]

Meg: "With the D.A. get Craig out of Fairwinds now." Great. How?

Casey: Hey, I just have a few more things to do and then we're out.

Maddie: Good, it's freezing in here.

Casey: Yeah, sorry, I cut back on the heat. Love you.

Maddie: You sure?

Casey: You know I do.

Maddie: Well, I don't know. You were a little checked out on us for a while there.

Casey: I didn't mean to be. I'm sorry. It's just -- I'm a guy.

Maddie: What does that mean?

Casey: Well, most guys can't do more than one thing at once. And this past semester, I had to learn how to live on my own, keep my grades up, learn how to live with this crazy roommate, be a halfway decent boyfriend to you -- I mean, that was a lot. It was rough.

Maddie: Am I that high-maintenance?

Casey: No, my classes are.

Maddie: I could have helped you.

Casey: No, I didn't want you to help me do it. I needed to do it on my own. You know, in college, it just seems like everything is due at once. But I got it figured out now. So, next semester, I'll be cool.

Maddie: I just thought it was me --

Casey: No, come on.

Maddie: And I wondered if you were embarrassed about what happened this summer at the lake --

Casey: Maddie -- come on.

Maddie: Or that I'm still in high school.

Casey: Yeah, right. You're more mature than half the girls at OU.

Maddie: Really?

Casey: Totally. Now, let me just finish this up and -- where's your coat?

Maddie: I don't know. Somewhere in this mess.

Casey: All right, well, here, take mine. And I don't know about you, but I'm loving new yearís.

Maddie: Let's go to your dorm.

Casey: Hey, I'm going to warm up the car so you're not cold --

Maddie: What is this?

Casey: Where'd you get that?

Maddie: I found it in your pocket. $2,800? Adam owed an online casino $2,800?

Emily: Did you get the warrant?

Tom: She's on the phone with the judge right now. So, tell me, how did you know that Craig had switched these bullets?

Emily: I work for the guy. I'm in and out of his house all the time.

Tom: So, he admitted it?

Emily: No, no, no. I overheard him talking to Lucy. They got into this big argument. Actually, I think that's when she decided that she had to get Johnny away from him.

Tom: Then why didn't you come to me sooner? Dusty's been in jail for a while.

Emily: Because I was afraid that if I admitted my involvement that Craig would come after me. Or worse, Daniel.

Tom: Well, that explains why you didn't speak up, but why wouldn't Dusty tell the truth? I mean, it would have helped his case.

Emily: He gave me his word that he wouldn't implicate me.

Tom: Not even for the chance to find his own son?

Emily: Tom, he was protecting Lucy, too. I mean, she was practically the reason Craig got shot in the first place. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself.

Tom: Oh, I plan to.

Emily: Look, if anybody deserves to be in jail, its Craig, not Dusty.

D.A.: We got our search warrant, Tom.

Tom: Great. You better hope we find something.

Craig: Coming right up, brandy on the rocks.

Meg: Perfect.

Craig: How's that?

Meg: Thank you.

Craig: Okay --

Meg: Hey, I don't apologize for what I like, or what I want.

Craig: Admirable qualities.

Meg: Oh, no.

Craig: What? You want more ice.

Meg: No, no -- I just remembered something.

Craig: What?

Meg: God, I'm such an idiot! Holden and Lily, they were practicing rehearsing this dance, and they were going to it at the party tonight. And I promised Holden that I wouldn't miss it.

Craig: Well, you've probably missed it by now.

Meg: Maybe not. Maybe we could still catch them. Where's my coat?

Craig: In the foyer.

Meg: Great -- well, come on, are you coming?

Craig: Sure, wouldn't miss it.

Margo: Well, Tom's at the station with Emily.

Kim: What did she do now?

Margo: He didn't say. She came in here, she was pretty upset. But he said he'd fill me in later.

Kim: Oh, please, I hope it's nothing serious.

Margo: Well, if it's about Emily, it probably is.

Jack: Radio for backup. Secure all of the exits and the fire stairs. And tell the valet, no cars in or out until I give the word.

Cop: You got it.

Jack: Thank you very much. Parker, hey -- I thought you were hanging out with Faith?

Parker: I was. I just came to wish you a Happy New Year.

Jack: Hey -- yeah, Happy New Year, Buddy. I'm sorry about that. A little busy -- do you know where your mom is?

Parker: She went to make a phone call. But that was a while ago. She should have been back by now.

Simon: Are you sure you don't want me to tell Jack with you?

Carly: No. No, I'm going to tell him alone.

Simon: Meet you back here?

Carly: You know, you keep this up, I'll never leave.

Simon: Exactly --

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: It's Jack.

Simon: Yeah, yeah -- that man has a radar.

Carly: Well, I have to answer it.

Simon: Don't let me stop you.

Carly: Hello?

Jack: Hey, where are you?

Carly: I'm just headed back into the dining room. I got a call from Emma. Sage wasn't feeling well.

Jack: Is she okay?

Carly: Yes, yes, I think so. It was just her cold acting up. She went right back to bed.

Jack: Maybe I should call her.

Carly: No, no, I wouldn't do that. I'm sure they're both asleep by now. What's up?

Jack: I just got proof from Prince Adolpho that Simon did steal the necklace.

Carly: The prince is here?

Jack: And he's out for blood. I issued an arrest warrant for Simon. I'm waiting for it to get here. Carly, just be thankful that you're through with Frasier. This is going to get ugly real fast. I'm just glad you won't be anywhere near the fallout when it does.

Casey: I found it in the upstairs hallway, and then I put it in my pocket so my parents wouldn't find it.

Maddie: If your brother has a gambling problem, don't you think your parents should know about it?

Casey: He's an adult.

Maddie: He's still their son.

Casey: So -- Adam doesn't have a problem, all right? Not anymore.

Maddie: It's a lot of money.

Casey: You know what? If I tell you the truth, do you promise you won't say anything?

Maddie: Yes.

Casey: Adam isn't the one with the problem. It's Elwood.

Maddie: Elwood?

Casey: Yeah, I knew that he was playing online poker, but I didn't know how bad it was. He stays up all night playing sometimes and -- I guess he ran into a stretch of bad luck and couldn't come up with the money. Finally, when he got desperate enough -- he came to me. So I asked Adam to bail him out.

Maddie: Adam gave your roommate close to $3,000?

Casey: Yeah, but he's going to pay him back.

Maddie: He stacks lunch trays at the cafeteria --

Casey: So, his parents are going to help him, then.

Maddie: Why didn't his parents just pay off his debt for him?

Casey: Because they don't know yet. Because he was afraid they'd make him leave school before the semester was out. Look, I don't want to stand around talking about Elwood all night. Let's get out of here, its freezing.

Maddie: How bad is it, Casey?

Casey: What?

Maddie: Your gambling problem.

Casey: Mine?

Maddie: Oh, come on, I'm not stupid. Adam didn't bail out your roommate. He did this for you.

Emily: You always think the worst of me, don't you, Tom?

Tom: Oh, I don't know. Do you want the truth?

Emily: I would never risk going back to jail. I wouldn't do that to Daniel.

Tom: You've already done it to Daniel. You've already been locked up. In fact, you've been in and out of more holding cells than I care to count.

Emily: I know. And I have a lot to make up for. And that's why I'm starting out now by trying to get some justice for Dusty.

Tom: Really? Are you aware that giving false testimony is a serious crime?

Emily: You'll get your proof. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe that.

Craig: It looks like the home team left the field.

Meg: Not all of them.

Margo: Oh, my, I didn't think you were going to come.

Craig: Oh, we had a little change of plans.

Margo: Should I say Happy New Year?

Craig: Why not? What could be worse than the last? Happy New Year.

Meg: Happy New Year, Margo.

Margo: Yeah -- kind of an unusual new year we're having, ain't it?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Margo: Are you --

Meg: Together? Yes, yes.

Craig: See, all of that police training did pay off.

Meg: I think I know the answer to this question, but have Lily and Holden done their dance?

Margo: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- they just finished.

Craig: Oh, what a shame, we missed it.

Meg: Well, I guess I got the time confused.

Margo: They're right over there, if you want to talk to them.

Meg: I'm going to go over and apologize.

Craig: Oh, I'm sure they're over it.

Meg: I won't be long.

Margo: Yeah, you know, just when I thought my evening couldn't get any more interesting --

Craig: What, Meg and me?

Margo: Yeah, what's the story?

Craig: Oh, there's no story.

Margo: Oh, Craig, come on. With you, there's always a story.

Craig: This time, even I don't know what it is. But I plan to find out.

Parker: Hey, I grabbed the last of the food if you want some.

Faith: No, thanks. We're leaving soon.

Parker: Your parents aren't going to dance anymore? They were great out there.

Faith: Yeah, right. I wanted to crawl under a table and die.

Parker: Well, I mean, at least they're together. I don't even know where my mom is right now. And Jack wasn't supposed to be working, but I think he is. He works a lot since they got divorced.

Faith: At least it's better than pretending to be the perfect couple when you're not. My parents are a joke, Parker.

Parker: What do you mean?

Faith: Tonight, they're cool. By spring, I bet it's over.

Parker: Maybe, but I'd give anything to see my parents acting like that. They used to. They used to be happy together. But now, I don't know what happened.

Katie: I didn't order that.

Henry: Emergency rations. Okay, what did Mike say?

Katie: I couldn't get through.

Henry: So, he doesn't know?

Katie: He's screening his calls. Can you call from your cell phone?

Henry: Come on, he'd know that you put me up to it.

Katie: I don't care. I just want him to know about Simonís arrest.

Henry: And that will change the status quo, how?

Katie: It will.

Henry: I see. It will.

Vienna: Well, hello, Dolly! Happy New Year.

Prince Adolpho: We will see how happy it is.

Vienna: You're not still mad at poor, little Vienna, are you?

Prince Adolpho: You've scandalized my whole kingdom.

Vienna: You used to love it when we scandalized the kingdom.

Prince Adolpho: If you had kept your wits about you that night at the party, I wouldn't have to travel halfway around the world to recover my family's stolen property.

Vienna: Recover? As in get back?

Prince Adolpho: Detective Snyder is about to arrest the thief. And if he doesn't, I will take matters into my own hands.

Henry: Oh!

Vienna: Jack's making an arrest?

Katie: Simon's going to finally get what he deserves, yeah.

Henry: She says, with great compassion.

Katie: Why should I be compassionate? The man ruined my life, again.

Vienna: Did they find the jewels?

Henry: Yeah, just one down, a few hundred carats to go.

Katie: The point is that Jack knows Simonís behind it, finally. That's all that matters.

Vienna: Is that one spoken for?

Henry: It is now.

Vienna: This calls for a celebration.

Henry: You see, now this is a woman who understands the meaning of the word perspective.

Katie: The only person I want to celebrate with is Mike.

Vienna: Don't be such a party pooper. The man's divorcing you, Katie. Take it from a woman who knows. The only way to get over an old love is to get a new one -- fast.

Carly: You have to get yourself together. You have to get out of here!

Simon: Carly, relax, relax.

Carly: You're going to have plenty of time to relax in jail if you don't get dressed and get out of here!

Simon: Tell me exactly what Jack said.

Carly: He used the word proof. Proof, as in evidence. And he's getting an arrest warrant!

Simon: Listen, Jack probably just knows where you are, he doesn't like it, and he's making noise about an arrest.

Carly: No, not this time. He means it this time. I heard it in his voice.

Simon: Well, if that's true, then you should be the one that leaves.

Carly: Not without you.

Simon: Carly, I'm going to be fine. Jack will come up here, he'll threaten me a lot, he'll make a lot of ruckus and then he'll leave.

Carly: He'll leave, and he'll take you with him! You in handcuffs!

Simon: Listen, even if he does have an arrest warrant, he's got nothing to hold me on.

Carly: How can you be so calm about this?

Simon: Sweetheart, because I can be. I know, because I'm right. But he's not going to be so happy if he comes up and finds you here. So, please, go home and wait for me to call.

Carly: Okay. Okay, but you call me soon, as soon as you can.

Simon: Baby, I promise. My one call will be to you.

Carly: Don't even joke about that.

Simon: Okay. Can you please, just go? Leave, now, before he gets here.

Carly: Yes.

Simon: Go, go, I'll be fine.

Casey: It's not me, Maddie. I told you.

Maddie: Is that why you avoided me while you were broke one day and then buying out stores the next?

Casey: No, I can explain.

Maddie: You lied to me.

Casey: No, I did not lie, all right? Elwood was gambling and he still is.

Maddie: Stop it.

Casey: So was I.

Maddie: Why didn't you tell me?

Casey: Because, I didn't need you worrying about me. You had your own stuff going on with what happened to your sister and your brother-in-law, everything at the lake.

Maddie: No, don't blame it on that. Okay? That's just an excuse. You know, it's another lie --

Casey: No, I'm not lying, okay? You didn't need me dumping my problems on you. But I've got everything under control now. I'm paying Adam back with the money that I'm making here.

Maddie: Yeah, just like my mother was going to pay back the rent or call the power company to make sure that the lights don't get shut off again.

Casey: This is different.

Maddie: Oh, it is never different, Casey. Why do you think that I got shipped out to Eve? She couldn't stop. Every nickel she threw away on the next good hand. She was always one card short of the big one, the one that was going to make everything all right.

Casey: Well, Henry gambles and he's okay.

Maddie: Not long ago, Henry was living in his car.

Casey: I learned my lesson, Maddie. I swear I, have.

Maddie: You know, all this time I thought it was me. I thought that -- I thought that I had done something wrong and you weren't interested in me anymore.

Casey: I love you.

Maddie: That's what lies do. Okay? That's what they do. They make you think that it's your fault. Do you remember when I wasn't honest with you about the rape?

Casey: Yeah, I remember.

Maddie: And you told me that it was important that we tell each other everything. Well, you didnít. You know, I'm sorry, but I feel like I don't even know you anymore.

Casey: Don't say that, Maddie. Don't ever say that.

Margo: What, you suddenly miss Tom?

Craig: Well, it's not like the old guy to leave you alone at a holiday party.

Margo: Well, he's at the station. Emily wanted to see the new D.A.

Craig: Regarding what?

Margo: I don't know, ask her.

Craig: I plan to. But first, I'm going to go say hello to Lily and Holden. Excuse me.

Lily: So, if you want to see us dance, just come by the house any time. We'd be more than happy to show you.

Meg: I'd love that.

Craig: Hi.

Holden: Hello, Craig.

Craig: Sorry we missed your big moment.

Lily: How are you feeling?

Craig: Much better, thanks. Would you two mind if I stole Meg for just a second?

Meg: Craig, we were about to order champagne.

Craig: Well, I thought you had your fill of bubbles? At least, that's what you told me.

Holden: Everything okay?

Craig: This won't take long. Excuse us. So, I'm not having fun with this game. Meg --

Meg: Excuse me?

Craig: Yeah. Even girls down on the farm, they don't put ice in 25-year-old brandy. And your cell phone was awfully active for someone who doesn't have any plans for the night. And guess who's talking to the D.A. right now as we speak? Emily. But you knew that, didn't you?

Meg: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Craig: You're going to tell me what you and Emily are up to, or I'll put an end to this game my way.

Faith: You guys ready?

Lily: Your aunt Meg is here.

Faith: I saw her. Can we go?

Lily: Okay. Your father and I were just talking about a family trip tomorrow.

Holden: That's right. We could trailer the horses up to Lincoln State Park. The paths up there are usually pretty good.

Faith: I don't want to go riding.

Holden: You know, you've got to get back on that horse sometime. And I wouldn't let you back on her if I didn't think that you could handle her.

Faith: I don't want to ride and I don't want a horse.

Lily: You begged us to get that new horse.

Faith: I'm sorry you bought her, I really am. I should have told you before. Now can we just go? You know what? Forget it, I'll wait in the car.

Holden: Okay. She's not making this easy.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: She doesn't know what she wants.

Holden: Well, when is she going to figure that out?

Lily: I don't know, but she is starting to scare me.

Parker: Have you seen Jack?

Carly: No, why?

Parker: He's looking for you.

Carly: Did he happen to mention why?

Parker: No. Mom, are you okay?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Parker: You sure? You look kind of funny.

[Pounding on door]

Jack: Simon! Frasier, come out with your hands where I can see them.

Casey: Maddie, I'm still the same guy that I always was. I've just -- I've been doing some stupid things for a while, but I'm not gambling anymore, all right? Online or off. You don't believe me, you can check my computer or my bank account. I'll even give you my password and my pin.

Maddie: I don't want to spy on you.

Casey: Well, can we at least go back to my dorm room and talk about it some more?

Maddie: I'm going home. I'm sorry, but I -- I just can't be around your right now.

Katie: You don't know what you're talking about.

Vienna: I know what's been going on with Mike. Emma Snyderís farmhouse has great food, but very thin walls.

Katie: I don't know what you've heard, and I don't care. Once Mike finds out that Simon is finally going to pay for what he's done, it'll all change.

Vienna: Has she always been like this? You know, living in a dream world?

Henry: Well, can you blame her? Sometimes reality is pretty hard to take.

Vienna: You're very patient with her.

Henry: She's my friend.

Vienna: Well, if you decide if you want more than friendship, you know where to find me.

Katie: God, I hate her!

[Henry sighs]

Henry: She's not wrong, Bubbles.

Katie: She's not right.

Henry: Look, you got part of what you want here, all right? Simon's going to be locked up. Can't you just settle for that?

Katie: No, I canít. I need Mike!

Henry: Look at me, okay? I have spent years wanting for you what you want for you.

Katie: So why side with her?

Henry: I'm not siding with anyone. I'm just telling you, no matter how badly you want it, Mike is not coming back. This is the one time I can't tell you what you want to hear.

Katie: Then don't tell me anything at all.

Jack: I didn't think you were still here.

Carly: Did you arrest him?

Jack: Simon wasn't in his room. Somebody must have tipped him off.

Carly: Well, I'm sure that he won't be very hard to find. I need to get back to the party. I told Parker I'd drive him back to the farm.

Jack: You were in Simonís room when I called, weren't you?

Carly: No. Jack, I told you, I was on the phone with Emma --

Jack: Don't lie to me.

Carly: Don't talk to me like that.

Jack: Then explain this.

Meg: I have no idea why Emily had to talk to the DA, and I don't appreciate being grilled. Hey, let go of me.

Craig: Why did you bend over backwards to get me out of my house?

Meg: So I could see --

Craig: What? This stupid dance?

Meg: Holden and Lily have been through a tough time.

Craig: You didn't give a damn about this party until your cell phone started to buzz at my house. Was it Emily?

Meg: I can't stand Emily.

Craig: Nothing brings anybody closer together than a common enemy. Am I the enemy now, Meg?

Tom: Craig, would you mind stepping over here?

Craig: What's going on, Tom? What did she tell you?

Cop #2: Craig Montgomery, you're under arrest.

Craig: For what?

Cop #2: Accessory to attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent.

Craig: Tom, what's this about?

Tom: We have new evidence in your shooting.

Craig: What kind of evidence?

Cop #2: You have the right to an attorney.

Craig: She's lying. This is obviously a setup. Tell him!

Emily: Happy New Year, Craig.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Tom: We better move this downtown.

Craig: You did this, didn't you? You helped Emily set me up.

Henry: Do you believe in New Yearís resolutions, Simon?

Simon: Uh-huh.

Henry: I do. Top of my list this year is -- no more breaking the law. Yeah, Detective Snyder, please.


Katie: Henry?


Katie: And don't pretend you're not in there. I can hear you. Open up.

Carly: He loves me, Jack! And I love him.

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