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Will: I missed you. L.A.'s much too far away.

Gwen: Yeah, next time you have to come with us.

Will: Okay, we'll work that out.

Gwen: All right.

Will: That reminds me -- did you get anything for Adam for Christmas? I mean, I know we're late, but we gotta do that.

Gwen: No, I didnít.

Will: Okay. How about one of those jacks so he can plug his mp3 player into the car?

Gwen: Yeah, that'd be great.

Will: Okay, good idea. You gonna come?

Gwen: I thought that I'd just wait out here.

Will: You okay?

Gwen: Yeah, it's just really crowded in there. It's kind of nice out here. What?

Will: Just this.

Iris: Ooh, look who it is -- my baby girl. Merry Christmas! Honey?

Gwen: You've been drinking again?

Iris: Oh, of course not. It's just -- see, it's my cough drops. You want one? They're mentholated.

Gwen: I'll pass.

Iris: Well, I mean, your throat must be sore with all that singing and everything. I'm sure Adam would appreciate you taking care of yourself.

Gwen: That's a nice try, Mom.

Iris: What? Isn't Will -- isn't that what he's paying him for? To, you know, coach you? And to sort of bring out all your hidden talents?

Gwen: You know what? You want do us both a favor, just spare us, and why don't you just go for a walk?

Iris: Sweetie, I'm just trying to be as supportive as I know how.

Gwen: Look, I'm having a nice day with my husband, and I'm not going to let you ruin that. Because I know that's what you want. You're not happy until everybody is as miserable as you are.

Iris: That is not true.

Gwen: Mom. Give it up, okay? We're done.


Dusty: You're my visitor? Guard!

Emily: I just need five minutes.

Dusty: Not interested -- guard!

Emily: Dusty, please -- I asked them to ignore you.

Dusty: And they listened?

Emily: Well, I used to be married to Hal. That still carries a little bit of weight around here. Ham and cheese, help yourself if you can.

Dusty: What do you want?

Emily: I want to help.

Dusty: Every time you try to help, things get much worse.

Emily: That's not true. Look, you want to rot in jail, that's your business. But that little boy needs you. He can't go on living on the run with Craig on his heels -- that's no way to grow up. He needs a family, a school, a home. What he needs is his father.

Dusty: Well, looks like it's not going to happen.

Emily: It can if you let me help. Look, I talked to Meg. And she agrees with me -- you don't belong in here.

Dusty: I doubt Meg can sway a judge.

Emily: No, but I can.

Dusty: How?

Emily: Simple. We just change our story.


Holden: Faith? You coming? Faith? Hey, I thought we were going riding?

Faith: I guess I forgot.

Holden: You forgot that we had a lesson scheduled? Well, grab your boots, put your coat on and I'll meet you out at the barn, okay? What is it? What's wrong?

Faith: I don't feel like riding today.

Holden: Okay. I could understand that. You took a fall, you're still a little spooked. But you know what I'm going to say. I've said it a thousand times. I think it's best if you get right back up on that horse.

Faith: I will. Just not today.

Holden: Okay, all right, if you don't want to ride, then, here's another idea. Your mom and I have a dance lesson a little bit later. You want to come along?

Faith: Is that lady going to be there?

Holden: Yeah, of course she's going to be there. She's our instructor. And that's all she is. And I think it would be good for you to meet her.

Faith: Some other time.

Holden: You know what? I am not taking no for answer. Sorry, Princess, it's off to the ball.


Barbara: Meg? Meg? I can't seem to get any answers around here. Bob is meeting with some party planner, and the nurses on this floor are most unhelpful.

Meg: Okay, what seems to be the problem?

Barbara: You and I both know that the first 24 hours after a coma victim regains consciousness are the most critical.

Meg: Well, Paul wasn't exactly a coma victim. He went into cardiac arrest after the accident. It's not the same thing --

Barbara: He almost died!

Meg: But he didnít. Have you had any sleep at all? Any breakfast?

Barbara: I'm not going to sleep or eat until I know that my son is okay. I don't even know if he's been awake today. I can't find his doctor anywhere.

Meg: Well, he will be in a little bit later, but he did call in to check on him.

Barbara: How professional, with my son in ICU.

Meg: Barbara, you need to be a little patient. What Paul really needs right now is rest and quiet.


Craig: Finally, the dead awaken. Hello, Paul. I heard you had yourself a little accident.

Paul: Go away.

Craig: What was that? I'm sorry, you're going to have to speak up.

Paul: Get out.

Craig: Oh, that's more like it. That's a nice firm get out. Not just yet.

Craig: Hello, Gorgeous.

Paul: Meg, will you get him out of here, please?

Meg: Right away.

Craig: Just spreading cheer.

Meg: Do it somewhere else.

Craig: I'll meet with you at the nurse's station. Get well soon, Buddy.

Meg: How're you feeling? Hey --

Paul: Something happened.

Meg: Yeah, you were in a terrible accident.

Paul: No, no. That's not what I mean.

Meg: What do you mean?

Paul: You were there. You saved me.

Meg: Again, yeah, I did. Along with a lot of other people.

Paul: No. It was you. Meg, I heard you.

Meg: Okay, you need to get back to sleep.

Paul: Something's different.

Meg: Well, your body's been through severe trauma.

Paul: Am I dead?

Meg: No -- no, you're fine. Or you will be. You're just confused because of the drugs.

Paul: Well, before, then --

Meg: There was a moment there when I was a little scared. You were very pale, and you lost a lot of blood, and I had trouble finding your pulse -- but you came through, Paul, you're very strong.

Paul: I was dead. But then I heard you. So, I came back.


Dusty: Change our story? What story?

Emily: Look, we can't change the fact that you shot Craig, right? I mean, he was there, he survived. He can testify that you were the one that pulled the trigger. But we can tell the judge that you and I were in on it from the beginning. That I wanted to help you get full custody of Johnny.

Dusty: Why would you do that?

Emily: Because my child died. And when Jennifer gave her stem cell to Johnny, it's like a part of her lives on in him.

Dusty: This partnership of ours? How did it start?

Emily: I think we should say that you and I joined up together because I hated Craig.

Dusty: Won't people wonder why you went to work with him if you hate him so much?

Emily: Well, that's easy. We'll just say it was a business relationship that went bad. He was abusing his power at the paper. The paper suffered and I wanted to get even.

Dusty: And?

Emily: So, you admit that you threatened Craig with the gun, knowing it was loaded with blanks.

Dusty: Well, how do you confirm that?

Emily: Because I loaded the gun for you, Dusty. It doesn't matter why.

Dusty: It doesn't matter unless you're a judge and jury --

Emily: No, it's not going to get to that. If you just tell the D.A. that all you wanted to do was scare Craig into dropping the custody suit.

Dusty: By threatening him with a deadly weapon?

Emily: No, they're not going to care about that. Not when we give them the person who actually switched the blanks for the bullets. That person is going to be guilty of attempted murder. Don't you see? You're going to testify against that person, they're going to cut you a deal, you go free.

Dusty: Who are we talking about? Come on, Partner. It's now or never.

Emily: Paul. Look, it doesn't matter how I know. I'm just going to tell the police that I was in the garage. That I saw him change the blanks for the real bullets.

Dusty: And you didn't try to stop him. Or warn me, your partner?

Emily: No. No, because I was scared, right? I was petrified. It won't matter because he's the one they're gonna want.

Dusty: It will never work.

Emily: Why?

Dusty: Because you'd never give him up.


Lucinda: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Lucinda: I saw the car, here you are.

Lily: Here I am.

Lucinda: Ginger and Fred.

Lily: Yeah, not quite.

Lucinda: I'm doing a little bit shopping.

Lily: You?

Lucinda: All right, I'm trying to be helpful. Do you need anything for Kimís party?

Lily: Oh, let's see. Something slimming. Black.

Lucinda: Will you stop that? I mean, stop it. Both of us are very lucky that we're here. After what we've been through all year. Okay. Anyway, a few pounds is more for your husband to love. And where is Fred?

Lily: Fred?

Lucinda: Yeah.

Lily: With Faith. We'd thought we'd bring Faith to our lesson today, so Faith can see that her mother and father are happy and back to normal.

Lucinda: Ah, normal. What is normal?

Lily: You know what I mean.

Lucinda: Yeah, well, I do think it's going to take more than a few twirls and dips for our Faith. Because she's a natural born skeptic, you know, like her grandmother. Oh, she's worse than I am, because she's a teenager.

Lily: No, not quite. Not yet.

Lucinda: My Darling, adolescence these days starts at 10 and goes on to 35. You have about 20 years of torment ahead of you.

Lily: You've made me feel so much better. Thank you.

[Lucinda laughs]


Iris: Honey, I don't know what you're getting so upset about. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, since I didn't get to see you yesterday.

Gwen: I spent the day with Will's family.

Iris: Oh, of course you did. And Will's done so much for you. It's really not his fault that his older brother has more to offer.

Gwen: Is that why you rushed all the way back to Oakdale, so you could tell Will that there was something going on between Adam and me in L.A.?

Iris: Oh, oh, that's why you're so riled up. Oh, I knew it was something. Look, I meant to apologize, but don't worry, your secret's safe with me.

Gwen: There is no secret.

Iris: What, you told him?

Gwen: There's nothing to tell, Mom.

Iris: Oh, oh, okay. I understand. I was not feeling well because I had my allergies, and jet lag, and so, I guess I just had some reaction to the antihistamine I was taking --

Gwen: Well, you're not supposed to take that kind of medication with bourbon.

Iris: And I guess I just wasn't thinking straight.

Will: What a shock.

Iris: Well, it was just a slip. You know what happens, they say that even in program. I mean, we all have our weaknesses. Just ask your wife.

Gwen: What is that supposed to mean?

Will: Just ignore her.

Iris: Look, all I'm saying is that for some of us, temptation is a little harder. You know, that's all. But, Will, Gwennie is so lucky to have you to keep her on the straight and narrow. And well, I have my sponsor and my group. Boy, I wish I had my sister, Candice. Since she was my only family left since Gwennie slammed the door in my face.

Will: Iris, you had your chance to make this work and you blew it. So, do us all a favor, and just leave us alone. Come on.

Iris: You think you are so smart, Will Munson. Well, I still got a trick or two up my sleeve.


Holden: Will you come on?

Lily: Hello.

Lucinda: Hey, there's my sugar plum fairy. Hi, Sweetie. Oh, you're so serious, Darling. Come on, nobody is watching me love you.

Faith: That lady's not here.

Lily: Tea is in the back picking music. But I am very glad you're here, Honey.

Tea: Hey, everybody.

Lily: Hello. Tea, this is mother -- the one and only, Lucinda Walsh.

Lucinda: I've heard wonderful things about you.

Tea: Well, when two people have as much fun together as Lily and Holden, it's easy to teach them to dance.

Lily: And this is Faith.

Tea: Faith, your dad has told me so much about you. You love horses and peppermint stick ice cream cones and canopy beds --

Lucinda: Oh, yeah, sure. Sure, right, Faith?

Holden: Faith's here to check her parents' progress, make sure it's okay for us to go out in public.

Tea: Well then, we'd better put on some music.

Lucinda: Darling, maybe you'd prefer to go shopping with me?

Faith: Oh, no, I'll stay and watch.

Lucinda: Okay. All right.

Lily: I'm a klutz.

Tea: No, you're just learning.

Holden: No, no, she's a klutz.

Lily: Hey! I'm totally out of shape.

Tea: Well, you just had a baby and a long convalescence. You're going to get it back. And plus, dancing's so much fun, you won't feel like it's a workout.

Lily: Mm-hmm. Okay. Ready?

Holden: Ready. Do it from -- ow!

Lily: Are you having fun yet?


Adam: For you.

Jade: I didn't get you anything.

Adam: No, no, no, no. This is kind of for me, too. It's a dress.

Jade: Yes, I can see. Thank you so much.

Adam: Read it.

Jade: Oh. "I love to look at you --" are you sure I should be reading this in public?

Adam: Yeah.

Jade: Okay. "You're a beautiful woman. And a beautiful woman needs a beautiful dress for New Yearís Eve." Adam --

Adam: Unless of course you already have a date for New Yearís Eve.

Jade: No. I would love to spend New Yearís Eve with you.

Adam: Well, you better go shopping. I didn't trust myself to pick out the real thing.

Jade: Thank you.

Adam: I missed you.

Jade: Good.

Adam: We'll go to L.A., just you and me some time soon. We'll stay on the beach, hit all the clubs.

Jade: Adam.

Adam: What?

Jade: I know you had to go to L.A. to work. And we're going to have a wonderful time on New Yearís Eve.

Adam: I gotta run.

Jade: Okay.

Adam: I'll -- I'll call you later?

Jade: Mm-hmm.

Adam: All right.

Jade: All right. Bye.

Adam: Bye.

Jade: Hi, how late are you open? And I know you sell evening dresses -- okay. Okay, great. Thank you.

Iris: Hey, Sweetie. Where's that handsome boyfriend of yours?

Jade: He was just here. He had to go.

Iris: Oh, what a shame. So, what are you drinking?

Jade: Spiced cider.

Iris: No apple juice for me. Hot or cold. Hey, bartender! Three wise men.

Jade: What's that?

Iris: Scotch, bourbon and whiskey. You know, keeping with the spirit of the holiday. So, Santa come through for you?

Jade: Yes, I had a very nice Christmas.

Iris: Oh, terrific. Did that boyfriend do something nice, huh?

Jade: Mm-hmm.

Iris: What the hell is that? A coaster?

Jade: No, it's like an I.O.U., I guess.

Iris: Yeah, you got that right.

Jade: He's buying me a dress for New Yearís Eve.

Iris: Oh, of course he is. Men like that, image is everything.

Jade: There's nobody to impress here in Oakdale. He just knows I like clothes.

Iris: A man who knows what you like is a man to hold on to. I'm telling you, he was so nice to me when we were in L.A.

Jade: Excuse me? What? You were in L.A.?

Iris: Oh, Sweetie. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. Of course, I went to L.A. I wanted to make sure that everything was on the up and up. I mean, I'm Gwenís mother.

Jade: What is that supposed to mean?

Iris: You know men. They promise you the world, and then who knows what they're really after, you know?

Jade: They were just working.

Iris: Yeah, no. He was a prince. I mean, he had his assistant just chauffer me around the entire time I was there.

Jade: So, I guess you had a nice time.

Iris: Well, not as good as some.

Jade: What is that supposed to mean?

Iris: I saw something when I was there. Look, they didn't know that I was looking.

Jade: What did you see?

Iris: A kiss. Yes, my happily married daughter was kissing your boyfriend.

Jade: Gwen kissed Adam?

Iris: Look, I wouldn't worry about it. I mean, I don't think she's going to leave Mr. Do-re-mi anytime soon. At least, you know, that he has that trust fund. But, a word to the wise -- you keep your eyes peeled and your man on a short leash.

Jade: I don't understand why Gwen would kiss Adam.

Iris: What's there to understand? I mean, this is Gwen we're talking about, Ms. I-want-what-I-want-what-I- want-when-I-want-it. And you know, I got to say, I blame myself. I mean, she was an only child, and I guess I spoiled her. But really, I wouldn't worry about it. I just saw Will and Gwen and they were shopping, and they just -- they couldn't be happier.

Jade: I have to go.

Iris: Oh, and we were having such fun. Hey, Bartender! Bring me another. This time, make it four wise men.


Barbara: What are you doing here, Craig?

Craig: Besides defending the natives? Visiting the sick. Noblesse oblige and all that.

Barbara: If you have taken one step inside of my son's room --

Craig: Oh, I got to tell you, he's looking a little pasty, if you ask me.

Barbara: I'm having you barred.

Craig: Well, when you finally find Bob, I doubt that barring one of his top contributors is going to be tops on his list.

Barbara: What do you want, huh? My daughter is dead, my son is lying in a hospital bed --

Craig: And you're blaming me?

Barbara: Your hatred of my family is limitless. I won't even go into what you've done to me. But you slept with my daughter, you hounded her through her pregnancy, you drove my grandson out of town, you tried to kill my son-in-law, is it too much of a stretch to think that you might have done something to Paulís car?

Craig: I didn't do anything to hurt your son, you have my word.

Barbara: Your word? I will have you barred from these premises until Paul is well enough to defend himself.

Craig: Don't waste your time, Barbara. Paul's not the reason I'm here.


Meg: We'll talk when you're feeling stronger.

Paul: You were right. You were right. You were right about me. I don't know what it means to love somebody. And I don't know what it means to really, really love somebody. When I was dead, Meg, something happened. I was at this inn, right, and Jennifer was there. Not my sister Jennifer, but my baby Jennifer. But she wasn't a baby anymore. She was a little girl and she had red hair. And I was trying to look at her face, but I couldnít. I couldn't -- I couldn't see her face. But I knew -- I knew. I just wanted to make her happy. And that's what you meant. That's what you meant when you told me that I had to choose between hating Craig and loving you. I just made a mistake. That's all, I just made a mistake. But it's not my fault, because i didn't know. I didn't know. I thought that when you loved somebody, you're supposed to keep them safe. But when you really love somebody, you're supposed to make her happy. And I'm sorry I didn't make you happy.

Meg: Hey -- hey, we both made mistakes.

Paul: It's okay. It's okay now. Because now I know, so now we can start to make each other happy.

Meg: Paul, I am so glad you came back from this -- this accident. That you survived, that you're going to recover, because I want you to be healthy. I want you to be happy. But I can't be with you anymore. And I don't want to give it a try.


Emily: All right, look, I admit that I was in love with Paul at one time.

Dusty: It went way past that.

Emily: Okay, fine, I was little obsessed.

Dusty: You still are. That's why you're here.

Emily: No, it's not. I'm here because I want to help you and Johnny.

Dusty: Emily, what is this? Payback?

Emily: What do you care what it is, huh? As long as you get what you want?

Dusty: I don't want to invest in a losing proposition. Taking Paul down, you're just upset he hooked up with Meg.

Emily: No, I'm not. They're through. She walked out on him. And for your information, I don't want him back.

Dusty: Who are you trying to kid?

Emily: All right, look, I will be the first person to admit that I have a weakness when it comes to that man. That's why I want him locked, safely behind bars.

Dusty: Imagine you're on the witness stand. Is it true, Ms. Stewart, that you saw Paul Ryan take blanks out of Mr. Donovan's gun and then load it with real bullets? You're going to look over at Paul, you're not going to be able to do anything. So, thanks, but no thanks.

Emily: So, that's it, you're just going to take the rap for Paul?

Dusty: You're the problem. Paul's okay. If he hadn't reloaded that gun for me, I would've been standing there with nothing. At least I put a hole in his chest.

Emily: Dusty, they used you. They all used you. Paul, Craig -- used you. Do you think Craig would've gone down in that garage knowing he was in real danger? You're here because they want you here. The question is what are you gonna do about it?

Dusty: That's the difference between me and you -- I don't care about them.

Emily: Yeah, well, if it weren't for them, you'd be home with your son.

Dusty: I don't think so. I think Montgomery would've gotten custody anyway.

Emily: Yeah, well, at least you could fight him. You'd have a fighting chance. You can't do anything from in here. Come on, what have you got to lose?

Dusty: Okay, so we go to the D.A., tell him the story. Paul's still gonna get out of it.

Emily: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Dusty: It's our word against his.

Emily: Look, I can't go into it now, but I have good reason to believe that Meg's going to support our case.

Dusty: Even with Meg's testimony, what's she gonna say? What you told her, what Paul told her? Paul's gonna deny it.

Emily: It doesn't matter what happens to him. What matters is we've got to get you out of here, so you can find your son and Lucy, if you still think you can find them.

Dusty: Oh, I can find them.

Emily: Okay, so then let's get you out of here.

Dusty: If we do this, what's in it for you?

Emily: I can't let you spend the next 25 years behind bars, it's just not in me. But when you do find them, you're going to need a plan. Because Craig hasn't given up. He's going for full custody with Johnny and you know it. I'm just telling you, you need to think ahead.

Dusty: What I need is to keep my son as far away as possible from people like Craig and you.


Craig: Miss me?

Meg: Not yet.

Craig: I have an idea. I'm gonna leave you alone for the rest of the day --

Meg: Oh, that's a good start.

Craig: And then I'll check in at dinner.

Meg: Dinner?

Craig: Mm-hmm. 'Cause you can't talk now.

Meg: Okay, what do you want, Craig?

Craig: Short term or long term?

Meg: You've got 30 seconds.

Craig: All right, I realized something.

Meg: Oh, not you, too.

Craig: No, no, it's the season. But I've been thinking about why Lucy ran off with my son.

Meg: Who happens to be her brother -- but never mind.

Craig: Right, it's because she doesn't know who I am.

Meg: Or maybe she does, Craig, and that's why she left.

Craig: No, no, no, she knows the old me, but not the new me.

Meg: And you've turned over a new leaf.

Craig: Right, I am strictly hands off now.

Meg: That's a good policy, now that she's out of reach.

Craig: You know what I love about you?

Meg: What you love about any woman who gives it back to you?

Craig: Well, that and a few other things.

Meg: I need to go.

Craig: You know -- so, I'll see you at dinner?

Meg: What happened to the new you?

Craig: Well, the new me has to eat.

Meg: Oh, nice try.

Craig: And I have to practice my new persona, the hands-off Craig. And then, when Lucy realizes that it's safe to come home, I'll have my family back.

Meg: And you'll leave me alone?

Craig: Never.

Meg: Well, so much for the hands-off Craig.

Craig: I made you laugh. That's a start.

Meg: Good-bye, Craig.

Craig: Good-bye.


Tea: Beautiful.

Holden: She's a natural!

Lily: Oh, I had a good partner, who had a great teacher.

Tea: Oh --

Holden: How about that, Faith? Are we ready for the big time?

Tea: Did you find her?

Holden: No.

Lily: No. We looked everywhere, she's nowhere to be found. Should we call the police?

Lucinda: Hey, hi! Did anyone miss us by any chance?

Lily: Where were you? We were frantic!

Lucinda: Well, you know, I invited Faith to go shopping with me, and we just ducked out because the lesson was going so swimmingly, we didn't want to interrupt.

Lily: Next time, interrupt. We were going to call the police.

Holden: Faith, you can't just wander off like that without telling us where you're going. Even if you're with your grandmother, you've got to tell us where you are.

Faith: Fine. Can we go home now?

Lucinda: Sure. But can I ask you a question, Darling?

Lily: Sure.

Lucinda: You, too.

Lily: Excuse us.

Tea: Hey, you want to help me organize the music? I'm going to put your parents' favorite in a folder.

Lucinda: What happened?

Holden: Nothing. We were dancing, we turned around and she was gone.

Lily: She knows better. She knew that we would panic.

Lucinda: Well, Darling, of course. That's why she did it. Something is troubling her. Find out what it is before it gets worse.

Tea: So, do you like to dance, Faith?

Faith: Not ballroom, whatever you call it.

Tea: But at parties or with your girlfriends?

Faith: I guess.

Tea: So you are a dancer.

Faith: Me, a dancer? Dancers are tall and skinny, like you.

Tea: Well, ballet dancers, maybe. We have to watch everything we eat. Believe me, it's no fun. But there's lot of kind of dancers. Have you ever seen a belly dancer? They're very curvy. And jazz dancers have lots of muscle. I mean, not everybody has to look like me. In fact, I used to look a lot like you.

Faith: You were fat?

Tea: You are not fat. You're a normal girl. And you're very pretty. And if you ever want to learn more about dancing -- any kind of dancing -- I'd love to give you a list of our classes. I hope I'll see you again.


Meg: Paul --

Paul --

Craig: Paul -- Paul -- good, you're awake. I need your opinion -- escargot or foie gras?

Paul: Neither.

Craig: Hmm? No, it's for Meg. I'm taking her out to dinner, and I just want a better idea of her favorite foods.

Paul: Meg!

Craig: No, no. No, no, no, no --

Paul: Meg!

Craig: No, she's busy. She's trying to finish early so that we can sneak away. You know, I was thinking of the duck. But did Emma raise ducks? I mean, I'd hate to order something for her that she'd feel bad about eating, you know, like veal or something.

Paul: Stay away from her.

Craig: Or what? You're going to throw your straw at me? It's over, Paul. You have no more power over Meg.

Paul: She doesn't want you.

Craig: She will. You feel better.


Jade: Where is your husband?

Gwen: He's -- he's getting coffee. Why?

Jade: Because I think he should hear this.

Gwen: Hear what?

Jade: That you are a liar.

Gwen: Okay -- Jade, what are you talking about?

Jade: Oh, because you're so innocent. Because you would never, ever, ever cheat on Will.

Gwen: I've never cheated on my husband.

Jade: Oh, right, that's just something that I would do, and Will. All those of us who are not as good you. I can not believe I let you get to me. All that time I spent feeling so guilty because I slept with your husband when you wouldn't even give him the time of day. And the way that you look at me, St. Gwen, looking down on all of us sinners.

Gwen: I've never looked down at you, Jade.

Jade: Oh, right, because you're so perfect. You're an "A" student, and you're a singer and you're a songwriter, and you can have whoever you want.

Gwen: I don't want anybody else, okay? I love my husband.

Jade: Oh, really? And that's why you're making out with my boyfriend in L.A. you know what? That's right. I heard. News travels really fast.

Gwen: Look, I was not making out with him.

Jade: Whatever you want to call it, just keep your hands off of him.

Gwen: Jade, listen to me. It was not like that.

Jade: I walked away from Will, and I really cared about him. And now I have something good with Adam, and I am not going to let you mess it up.

Gwen: He was just congratulating me, okay? After a set.

Jade: I'm not stupid, Gwen. I know how these things work. Why do you think I wanted to go to L.A.? I could see what was happening.

Gwen: There's nothing happening.

Jade: You know what? Just stay away from him.

Will: Hey, what was all that?

Gwen: What?

Will: Jade. You could see the steam coming out of her ears like a mile away.

Gwen: Yeah, she was really angry.

Will: Oh, I got that much. So what was her problem?

Gwen: Basically me.

Will: Mm-hmm. What now?

Gwen: She called me a hypocrite.

Will: Does she know what that means?

Gwen: Yeah, I think she does.

Will: Well, forget her. Life's too short. Here, get your coffee.

Gwen: Thanks.

Will: She really got you upset. Why?

Gwen: Because she's right.

Will: You're not a hypocrite.

Gwen: No. No, usually I'm not. And I'm really sorry that we didn't get a chance to talk about this before. But, it was just that you were so excited about getting into school, and I had just come back from L.A., and -- and then -- and Paul got into that accident and we weren't sure if he was going to be okay. And it just felt like we didn't really have time to talk, you know? But that's not really the reason, either.

Will: Reason for what?

Gwen: The reason why I didn't say anything is because I didn't know how to say it. Like, it caught me so off guard that I didn't even know what to make of it myself. And -- I'm sorry, it just -- it kept bothering me. And that's when I should have known, I should have said something.

Will: Hey, whatever it is, you can tell me. This is me you're talking to. You gotta know that, right?

Gwen: When we were in L.A., after I finished my set, Adam came backstage, and he told me what the record executive had said about wanting a first look deal. And it was just so overwhelming. I don't know what happened. We were both just so excited, and -- Adam kissed me.


Lily: Honey, I know things have been a little confusing lately, but I wanted you to see for yourself that Daddy and I are fine. Faith --

Faith: I heard you.

Holden: Are we ready? How about some hot chocolate?

Lily: I think that's a great idea.

Holden: Honey, want to go get some hot chocolate?

Faith: Sure, why not.

Holden: Let's go.

Lily: Okay, come on.


Dusty: Any word on Johnny?

Barbara: None. Have you heard about Paul?

Dusty: Only that Meg walked out on him.

Barbara: Well, there's more. He was in a terrible car accident, and he almost died. It took them a long time to revive him, and because of oxygen deprivation, they're concerned about brain damage. I don't mean -- you've got enough to deal with right now, but I think that Craig was responsible. I think he did something to Paul's car, just like he did to yours, or he paid off the other driver -- something. But if we can prove that Craig is behind this, we can lock him up and Johnny can be safe to come home.

Dusty: There might be another way.

Barbara: What do you mean?

Dusty: If I can get out of here -- did you say brain damage?

Barbara: That's the biggest worry. I thought it was impossible for you to get out of here. Has something changed?

Dusty: No, nothing's changed. It's not going to happen.


Emily: Meg, I need to talk to you. I talked to Dusty. We need your help. Okay.

Meg: Okay, now what?

Emily: We both agree that Dusty doesn't belong behind bars, right? I mean, it's Paul's fault -- and Craig's -- that anybody got shot. We've got to get him out of jail. It's just not fair.

Meg: So, what do you plan to do about that?

Emily: Well, there's only one thing to do. We'd have to implicate Paul. I just wanted to make sure you were on board before I went to the D.A. are you?

Meg: I guess you haven't heard.

Emily: Heard what?

Meg: About Paul.


Paul: No, stop! Stop!

Nurse #1: Mr. Ryan, lie down!

Paul: No, I have to stop her. I have to stop her! I have to Ė


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Good-bye, Simon.

Katie: Don't go. You don't have to forgive me right now, but please -- please don't go away.

[Heart monitor beeping]

[Heart monitor flat lining]

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