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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/22/06

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Simon: Great. I was wondering who that was for.

Henry: I called ahead.

Simon: You know what? Why don't you take your drink and go find a different chair? You know, better still, go find a different bar.

Henry: You know what? I'm fine here.

Simon: Thanks for stabbing me in the back, old pal.

Henry: Whoa, okay, how did I do that exactly? By stumbling across your fake diamond and giving it to the cops?

Simon: You broke into Carlyís house.

Henry: You shouldnít of stolen a necklace full of crown jewels.

Simon: Prove it.

Henry: I don't see at youíre so bent out of shape about, any. You got away scott free from a major diamond heist --

Simon: Allegedly a major diamond heist --

Henry: -- You're practically a major real estate mogul.

Simon: Definitely a real estate mogul.

Henry: You're hooking up with the most beautiful woman on the planet. You are, aren't you?

Simon: Carly and I are finished.

Henry: Oh. Well, things are tough all over, aren't they?

Simon: Yeah, what's so wrong with you, huh?

Henry: My family has pretty much written myself and my baby sister off of the Christmas to do list. And I got another sister -- you know, the one that was killing all those people around here? Yeah, that one. She's locked away, and she spits obscenities every time she sees my face.

Simon: Yeah, well, you should be used to that reaction from women by now, Henry.

Henry: Yeah, I guess.

Simon: Listen, haven't you got some cool blonde nearby somewhere to ease the pain? You've always got one of them stashed somewhere.

Henry: Yeah, there's a blonde. Not Katie. And lately, not only has she been cool, she's been downright cold to me. So --

Simon: So -- Merry Christmas.

Henry: And a hell of a happy new year.

Carly: What are all of you doing here?

Vienna: We've been invited for Christmas. And you?

Carly: I'm leaving.

Jack: Carly, wait.

Carly: Did you know they'd be here?

Jack: Of course not.

Carly: Well, I can't stay here. I can't stay here and sit at a table with those people.

Jack: Why not? If you've got nothing to hide --

Carly: Because, Jack, I want some peace. I don't want to spend the night with people who are out to get me. And Katie and that crazy Vienna woman, they're still doing everything they can to make sure that I land in jail. And it's because of them that I just broke it off with the man I --

Jack: The man you what?

Carly: I can't stay here.

Jack: Where are you going to go?

Carly: Home.

Jack: The first place Simon will look.

Carly: No, Jack, he's not going to go there. I told you, it's over.

Jack: Then Katie and Vienna shouldn't worry you. And you can do what you set out to do.

Carly: Forget about Simon?

Jack: Spend Christmas as a family with the kids.

Mike: Get away from the window.

Katie: I was just -

Mike: Leave them alone.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Mike: You almost had me, you know that? Talking about how much fun we had last Christmas.

Katie: We were good together. We still could be.

Mike: How's that going to happen when you won't let it? When you insist on making every minute of our lives about Simon?

Meg: It can't be -- Paul? No! Come on, come here. Paul! Come on. Paul -- come back! Come back! Paul, come back. Come back. Come back --

[Echoing] [Paul dreaming]

Paul: Hey. Hey! There you are. Where'd you go? What are we playing? Hide and seek? I found you! Hey, where are you going? No, no, don't be scared. It's just a game, right?

[Bell ringing]

Emily: Yes?

Paul: Sorry. Guess I was knocking a little loud.

Emily: May I help you?

Paul: I don't know.

Emily: You look cold.

Paul: Yeah, I guess I am.

Emily: Please, come in. Merry Christmas.

Paul: There was a girl. A little redheaded girl.

Emily: You saw her?

Paul: Yeah, outside. And then through the window. Who is she?

Emily: First, tell me, who are you?

Paul: I don't know.

Henry: We've been here before, haven't we? The first time you left Katie -- even though, supposedly, you were in love with her.

Simon: I did love her.

Henry: Wasn't it because she would be better off without you? The second time you left her, it was the same thing, wasn't it? You're big sacrifice?

Simon: Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'm just such a bad guy.

Henry: You are a bad guy. But I assumed that you were slicker than me. You're not smarter than me.

Simon: All right, who says I'm not smarter than you?

Henry: You. Merry Christmas. †

Simon: Good point.

Henry: Uh-huh. So how is the old falling-in-love-and-then-letting -go-of-the-loved-one thing working out for you?

Simon: Not so good.

Henry: Then why don't you stop doing it?

Simon: Listen, if Carlyís not willing --

Henry: Instead of deciding that the woman you love is better off without you and then leaving, why not stay and fight for her instead?

Carly: So I stay. And then what? I spend the evening listening to Katie and Vienna take swipes at me in front of my kids?

Jack: That won't happen.

Carly: They'll suddenly be filled with the holiday spirit?

Jack: No, I'll personally nail them to the wall if they do or say anything to upset the kids.

Carly: I hate this, this forced holiday cheer. Mom, Dad, the kids, pretending we're a family when we're not. When we never will be again.

Jack: You're still Mom. I'm still Dad. The kids are still ours. And they still need us to remind them of that, Carly. And taking this Christmas hike --

Carly: Is fake. It feels like we're pretending.

Jack: I'm not pretending? I've spent the last year hating you. And missing you. And wishing I didn't miss you.

Carly: Me, too.

Jack: But the one thing I always loved about you, Carly, was how you are with the kids.

Carly: They're all that matters.

Jack: Yeah, if that means putting up with Katie and Vienna for the next hour or so before we open gifts --

Carly: All right. All right, I'll stay.

Jack: Good, thank you. Now, I gotta an errand for about a half and hour so. But I'll be right back.

Carly: Wait: Wait. Where are you going?

Jack: The kids bought you a Christmas present and it just came in. And I got to take them to the store before it closes.

Carly: Well, I'm gonna go with you.

Jack: And ruin the surprise? Carly, I'll be right back.

Carly: Well, why don't I just go home, then? And when you get back here, you can call me, and I'll come back as quick as I can.

Jack: You're not going to be able to do it, are you?

Carly: Do what?

Jack: Stay away from Simon.

Carly: No -- Jack, it's over. I did what you told me I needed to do.

Jack: And look at you, Carly, you're miserable. You want to go back to him. Carly, if you go to jail --

Carly: I did what you said! It's over. And I am not going back to him. But if you expect that to be easy, Jack, it's not. I cared about him. And I can't stop just because you say so.

Jack: I guess so.

Carly: Jack, don't go after Simon. Please. He and I -- we're both trying to do the right thing.

Jack: I'm not going after Simon, Carly. I'm taking care of the kids, like I promised. Why don't you go back inside? It's cold out here.

Carly: Colder in there. I'm going, I'm going.

Emma: Is everything all right down here?

Mike: Yeah, it is. Thanks again for inviting me to stay, Emma.

Vienna: Oh,yeah, me too. It's wonderful. So homey.

Emma:† Itís wonderful for me, too, to have a full house on Christmas Eve.

Mike: Is there anything I can help you with? †

Emma: Well, there are some toys I have to put together. They're in the parlor.

Mike: All right, I'll get on it.

Emma: Good.

Katie: Hey, I won't say another word about Simon or Carly, I promise.

Mike: That'd be great if you can do it.

Katie: I'll do it.

Mike: I'm getting on the toys right now.

Emma: Okay. Katie, would you like to stay for dinner -- be staying for dinner?

Katie: Oh, I would love to. That would be so nice. Thank you.

Emma: I just have to tell you, I asked mike, and I hope it's comfortable.

Katie: Oh, you know what? I'll talk to him. And if he's uncomfortable, then I'll just make sure. Thank you.

Emma: I cannot wait to taste that wonderful dessert you've made. You just look so adorable in my grandmother's things there. It'd be such a joy for her to see you.

Vienna: Oh, thank you for making this just like home.

Emma: You're welcome.

Katie: Oh, you are such a fake.

Vienna: Oh, I'm hurt, Katie. And here I was about to tell you all the things I like about you.

Katie: Really?

Vienna: Mm-hmm. What I like the most is the way you're really going after Simon. You've done a lot to make sure that he's gonna be locked up for a million years, where they feed him nothing but bread and water until he dies screaming in agony. I like it.

Katie: Gee, thanks.

Vienna: But there are a couple of things you just don't seem to understand.

Katie: Oh, no, I understand perfectly, Vienna. I know your game.

Vienna: No, you don't know everything. And I feel it's my duty to help you see the light. Especially about Mike.

Katie: Mike is my husband. There's nothing you can tell me about him.

Vienna: Well, maybe you should listen to him, then. Because he wants you gone, Katie. You need to leave. Now.

Paul: I should have some I.D. somewhere.

Emily: Oh, never mind. I suppose this means you don't have a reservation? I mean, most people don't come here without one.

Paul: Why? Where is here?

[Emily laughing]

Emily: Isn't it obvious? Can I get you some cookies?

Paul: No. I don't think I'm supposed to be here.

Emily: But you are here. And it's Christmas. And we've got plenty of room. Can I get you some hot apple cider?

Paul: I think I'm supposed to be looking for the girl, the little redheaded girl.

Emily: My daughter, Jennifer.

Paul: Jennifer -- yeah, I need to find her.

Emily: You canít. She's gone.

Paul: No, I just saw her. She was outside. She was here.

Emily: She was here. Now she's gone.

Paul: But she's coming back, right?

Emily: Why don't you warm up by the fire?

[Kettle whistling]

Meg: Paul: Live!

EMT: Clear!

Jack: Okay. We ready to go?

J.J.: Sage ran into her friend, Jill. They're at the toy store.

Jack: Alone?

J.J.: Jill's mom is with them.

Parker: You really think we'd let Sage go off by herself?

J.J.: Sure, it's a pain having a little sister, but it's not like we want her to get swiped or anything.

Jack: That's very reassuring. Could you go get her for me? But don't rush her if she's having fun, all right?

J.J.: Okay. Come on, Parker.

Jack: No, Parker -- Parker's going to hang out with me.

J.J.: Okay. You know, Dad, I could take more time if I had more money to spend.

Jack: And you could open less things under the tree. Your pick.

J.J.: Take all the time you need.

Parker: Did I do something wrong?

Jack: I don't know. Did you?

Parker: Well, then something bad happened, right? Like with Mom or something. Did you guys have a fight?

Jack: No. Your mom and I are getting along great.

Parker: She's eating dinner with us at Aunt Emmaís tonight, right?

Jack: Yeah, she's waiting for us at the farm. Listen, instead of playing 20 questions, why don't I just tell you what's on my mind?

Parker: Okay.

Jack: Okay. Have a seat. Parker, you know, since your dad -- since Hal died, I've been wanting very much to adopt you. You know that, right?

Parker: Like you did with J.J.?

Jack: Yeah, exactly. And I was thinking that we should probably get that started right away.

Parker: But you and Mom are divorced now.

Jack: That doesn't matter. You're still my son in all the ways that count.

Parker: So why do we have to go to court and stuff?

Jack: So I know you're taken care of, Parker, in case something -- God forbid -- bad ever happens to your mom.

Parker: Is Mom sick?

Jack: No.

Parker: Is she in trouble?

Jack: No.

Parker: Then why do we have to do this now?

Jack: Because, Parker, when trouble comes, it blindsides you. And you prepare the best you can to be ready for it. Just in case. Does that make any sense? Great. Okay, so after Christmas, we'll get started.

Parker: Jack -- I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but I don't want you to adopt me.

Katie: You're kicking me out of Emmaís house? You don't even know her.

Vienna: I'm just giving you some much needed advice. Mmm. This is actually delicious. Now where was I?

Katie: I don't know, but I know where you need to be. You need to be staying away from my husband.

Vienna: Oh, yes. You know where you keep making your mistake, is that you don't take no for an answer. You know, and Mike keeps telling you no, no, no. Why won't you listen?

Katie: Shut up, Vienna.

Vienna: Oh, you see? Anger. That's good. You know what? That's really healthy. You know, to humiliate yourself by begging him to take you back, you know, that's not going to work with a man like that. Just like it didn't work with Simon.

Katie: I never begged Simon.

Vienna: I am just telling you that this time you should leave with some dignity.

Katie: You're telling me about dignity? You throw yourself at every guy you see!

Vienna: What, are you calling me a slut?

Katie: I was thinking hoochie, but yeah, slut works for me.

Vienna: Says a woman who not only broke her own wedding vows, but was stupid enough to write about it in her trashy book.

Katie: My book is not trashy.

Vienna: Well, you know what? You're not going to get Mike back, so just give it up.

Katie: Why, so you can have him?

Vienna: Or better yet, he'll have me. You know, I'm going to make him very, very happy. [They start fighting Katie rips Viennaís dress, they bump the kitchen table and the pot of Pepparkakor falls off] Oh, no! The Pepparkakor! Oh, my God, you ruined the grandmother's dress!

Katie: Oh, I'm sure she'd be rolling over in her grave knowing you were using it to tempt my husband!

Carly: What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it right now! Look what you've done. This is one of Emmaís best plates!

Katie: It's all your fault!

Carly: My fault? I wasn't even here!

Vienna: Yes, if it wasn't for you stealing my boyfriend and sleeping with him and stealing my jewels, none of this wouldn't have happened.

Carly: I thought they were the prince's jewels.

Vienna: No, I was wearing them -- that's not the point.

Carly: You know what? I'm not gonna get into this with you. Let's just get this cleaned up, and then you two can apologize to Emma for being a couple of idiots.

Katie: Where is the diamond, Carly?

Carly: Katie, I've told you 1,000 times, I don't have it. Why can't you just let it alone?

Katie: Because you're lying, and I know it.

Vienna: Yeah, I know you and Simon stole those diamonds.

Carly: When Jack and the kids get back, please tell them that I had to go. And that I'll call them later, okay?

Katie: No, no, you are not walking away from this. My life is hell because of you right now!

Carly: You did this to yourself, Katie. You're obsessed! First with Simon, then me sleeping with Simon, then you sleeping with Simon, and then the diamond --

Katie: Where is the diamond?

Carly: I don't know! And I don't care! I'm out of here.

Katie: This ends tonight. Right now.

Carly: Katie, don't push me.

Katie: What, because you'll hit me? Too bad you're on probation. If you even sneeze at me, I will have you arrested.

Carly: Oh, you would do that? With my kids getting ready for Christmas?

Katie: Yeah, I would do anything to prove I'm right about this. So save yourself, Carly. Just tell me where the diamond is.

Carly: You go to hell.

Doctor: Meg, tell me what happened.

Meg: He coded at the site of the accident, okay? I need to get in there.

Doctor: Dr.Valasquez and the trauma team are working on him. Just give me the details.

Meg: A truck hit his car. I don't know whose fault it was. But I was driving by, headed to my mother's house.

Doctor: You checked the vitals?

Meg: No pulse, he wasn't breathing. He was gone, okay? I just need to get in there.

Doctor: He coded.

Meg: He was gone, all right? And I moved him. I know I wasn't supposed to, but I had to get him back. I did CPR. The EMTs got there. They shocked him. He responded. And then he coded again in the ambulance. How is he?

EMT #1: Responsive, for now.

Meg: Okay. Paul?

[Paul dreaming]

Paul: Hello? Anybody here? What is this place? Who's Paul?

Will: Thanks. It's freezing out there.

Gwen: Oh, look, Will, there's hot chocolate.

Paul: Where'd that come from?

Will: Did you just check in?

Paul: No. But I'm not staying. I need to find my way home.

Gwen: Where is that?

Paul: I'm not sure. I move around a lot, I guess. If I could just get to a train --

Gwen: Well, if you don't know where home is, how will you get there?

Paul: Well, I'll just figure it out when I get to the airport.

Gwen: Airport?

Paul: Yeah. The train station -- the bus station?

Will: Gwen, there's a chess board here.

Gwen: Oh, yeah. I love chess.

Paul: Do you know who Paul is?

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Paul: Hi.

Barbara: Are you supposed to be here?

Paul: I know you.

Barbara: I think not.

Paul: Yes, you're my mother!

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: Well, I do have two sons. There is my one son, Will. And the other is --

Paul: Paul?

Barbara: Nice name, but no. There's my son. This is my darling son, Dusty. He has grown into a wonderful, wonderful man.

Dusty: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Barbara: This fellow is new here. I think he might be lost. Would you be interested in playing a game?

Dusty: Oh, I'm always up for a game.

Barbara: Would you like to play bridge? Or canasta, perhaps?

Paul: No, I don't have time. I have to get to the train.

Barbara: Train?

Dusty: I know a game we can play.

Paul: I'm in a real hurry.

Dusty: This won't take long. You've obviously played this before. Some bullets are blanks, some are real. Some of the chambers are empty. You first.

Parker: I'm kind of too old to be adopted.

Jack: You're kind of not. Parker, what's going on? What's wrong?

Parker: I don't know. I mean, it's not like I don't want to be your son. I kind of already am. But I just miss my dad.

Jack: I miss him, too. Hal was a great guy. He was an awesome dad.

Parker: I just keep thinking about all the stuff we used to do at Christmas.

Jack: I understand, I understand. It's just a lot of legal stuff, that's all. It's not like you're going to have to give up your last name or anything like that.

Parker: I won't?

Jack: No, of course not.

Parker: Not even if Mom gets married again?

Jack: Do you think she might -- has she said anything?

Parker: No, but Simonís around. And I don't know they -- sometimes they look at each other like -- you and Mom used to.

Jack: Yeah.

Parker: And if they get married, and you're my dad -- I just don't want you guys to fight or anything.

Jack: We wonít. Let me put it this way. We'd never fight about you. One thing I know about your mom and me is that we love you, Parker. We always will. And neither of us would ever get involved with anybody who wouldn't want what's best for you.

Parker: So Simon would be okay with you being my dad?

Jack: I think so.

Parker: Could you ask him and Mom maybe? So there won't be a fight?

Jack: I will take care of everything. All right, but go -- go round up your brother and sister so we can get this Christmas hike on the road.

Parker: Okay.

Simon: Listen, Mate, she's got kids. She's worried about them. You know, I can't mess with that.

Henry: Right, gotta think about the kids. What about the children?

Simon: What do you know about it? Listen, when did you become such a greeting card romantic?

Henry: I am just trying to help you out here, Man. I know from experience that if you leave too soon, you may regret it for a very, very, very, very, very long time. So don't walk away too quickly. You have got to climb every mountain, you've got to ford every stream, damn the consequences.

Simon: You don't think that if I could make this work somehow, that I -- okay, okay. Henry, maybe you're right.

Henry: I am?

Simon: Yeah, yeah. Listen there are no obstacles. There's nothing keeping Carly and me apart. Katie, mike and jack think we're guilty of some kind of crime.

Henry: Allegedly.

Simon: But the truth is, there is no proof, and I told that to Carly. She's just scared that Jack might find something.

Henry: Or that Katie might.

Simon: But they wonít. Because there is not one scarrig of proof to be found. So yeah, you know what, I am gonna -- what did you say? Climb every mountain and forge every ocean, swim every stream to go and convince Carly that she's got nothing to be afraid of. Henry, you are brilliant. How can I ever thank you?

Henry: You can pay for the drinks.

Simon: All right then, and then some, my friend.

Henry: Ooh.

Simon: Merry Christmas, Pal.

Henry: Happy holidays. Fa-la-la-la-la

Carly: Move away from the door, Vienna.

Vienna: Nope, I'm with Katie.

Carly: You let go of me before I do something you'll regret.

Katie: You are not going anywhere.

Carly: Get your hands off me, Katie! Get off me!

Mike: Hey, hey, hey, what's going on?

Emma: Look at my Christmas plate!

Katie: We were just talking, and --

Mike: You two were fighting?

Carly: When I walked in, Katie and Vienna --

Vienna: No, no, no, no. Katie -- she attacked me. Look what she did with my dress. Your grandmother's dress.

Katie: Oh, I was just trying to defend myself --

Mike: Katie, outside.

Katie: Vienna is a liar.

Mike: Okay, what happened to our talk about letting all this go? At least for Christmas?

Katie: I was trying to. Then she started in on me.

Mike: So you attacked her.

Katie: She attacked me.

Mike: Really? What did Carly do to you? Did she take a swing at you, too?

Katie: She wouldn't tell me about the diamond! I'm sorry, I know I said I would talk about it tonight. But when Carly walked in like nothing she had done wrong, I just - I'm sorry. I will apologize to and Em and Carlyís. I will even apologize to Vienna. Just let me -- stay for dinner. And we'll go for a walk afterwards.

Mike: No, no. I want you to go.

Katie: But it's Christmas.

Mike: No, Carly, Vienna and I were invited to Emmaís house. You werenít. Please leave.

Katie: At least give me a chance to tell Emma that I'll pay for the plate or I'll replace it or fix it or something.

Mike: You can't fix everything that's broken. Why can't you understand that? I mean, one thing if it was an accident --

Katie: It was an accident.

Mike: No. You did this. I want you to leave, now! Please go!

Emma: Carly, thank you so much, Sweetheart, for doing that.

Carly: Well, you're welcome. I'm sorry about the plate. I know how much it meant to you.

Emma: Plates are replaceable, but families arenít. Thank you so much for being here.

Carly: Thanks, Emma. Well, I think I got most of the glass with the broom, but we should mop up the floor just to be sure.

Vienna: You are not off the hook. Not by a long shot.

Barbara: Paul?

Meg: He's still critical.

Will: Are they going to have to operate?

Meg: Right now, they're just trying to keep him alive. We already lost him twice.

Barbara: Oh, God.

[Monitors beeping]

Will: What's that? What's happening?

Barbara: Oh, no! God no!

Doctor: Clear!

[Paul dreaming]

Dusty: Come on, take a chance. Odds are you'll survive.

Paul: No. I have too much to live for.

Dusty: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Barbara: You were smart not to play this game. Dusty always wins. I think he cheats.

Dusty: Everybody's got to die sometime.

Paul: Jennifer -- help me. Here, can you help me with the door? Hey. Hey, help me! What's the matter with you? Why can't you hear me?

Craig: Hey! Hey! Hello, everyone!

[Meg laughs]

Craig: Where's Emily?

Paul: Who's Emily?

Craig: The woman who runs this place. Oh, well, it doesn't matter. I'm sure we'll find a room on our own.

Paul: A room?

Meg: The honeymoon suite.

Paul: No. No, wait, wait, don't go! This is wrong. You're not supposed to be with him!

Carly: Well, thank you so much for helping clean up the mess you made.

Vienna: Well, I don't know how to deal with brooms and mops and such things. I'm just going to leave that to you housewives.

Carly: Why are you here, Vienna?

Vienna: Because Emma and I bonded over my Swedish desert recipes.

Carly: No, no, no, that's why you stayed. But why did you come in the first place? Were you and Katie planning some kind of ambush?

Vienna: You know, I didn't even know that you'd be here.

Carly: Well, so why did -- oh, Mike. You want Mike.

Vienna: I think it's only fair to warn you that after the holidays, heads will roll. I know that you were Simonís accomplice.

Carly: Accomplice to what?

Vienna: In stealing Leonian diamonds. Don't play innocent with me.

Carly: Vienna, you wouldn't know innocent if you tripped over it. For all I know, you stole those jewels.

Vienna: What? I would not do such a thing. Never. No, I was just a pawn in Simonís game. He totally took advantage of me.

Carly: Was that before or after you jumped out of your clothes and into his bed?

Vienna: I won't apologize for wanting Simon. You know, he was very creative in the bedroom. And once a woman gets used to that sort of attention, it's hard to let go. You know? So I guess you'll just have to learn to do without, when your boyfriends being locked up far, far away. But then again, so will you be.

Carly: Simon is not my boyfriend. And he never will be again.

Jack: Hey.

Vienna: Hello, Detective.

Carly: Hi. Where are the kids?

Jack: Outside. You ready for our hike?

Carly: Yeah.

Mike: Have fun.

Jack: Thanks.

Vienna: So, where's Katie?

Mike: She decided to go home.

Vienna: Isn't it horrible to spend the holidays alone? Thank God the two of us have each other.

Sage: And then we ran into Jill and her mom, and then J.J. and I bought stuff for s'mores.

Carly: Well, you gotta have s'mores on a Christmas hike, right?

J.J.: I told you. And after dinner, we get to open at least one present. Right, Mom?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe more, because I won't be here first thing in the morning, so I want to make sure you like what you got.

Sage: We can get up early and come.

Carly: Well, something tells me I won't be up nearly as early as you.

Sage: We want you here in the morning.

J.J.: It's okay, because we get the best present tonight.

Sage: We do?

J.J.: Well, yeah. We get to be together.

Sage: I wish it could be like this always.

Meg: We have a pulse.

Barbara: Is he going to be all right?

Meg: It could still go either way. Look, I need to get back in there, okay?

Barbara: Meg, please, just take care of him, all right? We can't lose him. I need to go to the chapel. Okay?

Gwen: Yeah, we'll stay here. We'll come get you if anything changes, okay?

Barbara: Okay. Okay, thanks.

Will: I already lost my dad and my sister. This can't happen, Gwen.

Gwen: I know it canít.

Will: It's stuff like this that makes you never want to get mad. You never want to yell at anyone you love ever again, 'cause it might be the last time you get to see them.

Gwen: I know.

Will: Do you think he knows we're here?

Gwen: I bet he does.

[Paul dreaming]

Craig: Don't talk to my wife like that.

Meg: My husband and I are in love. Now, what would someone like you know about love?

Paul: I was in love. I think I was in love with you.

Craig: Well, if you were, then you wouldn't have to think about it. You'd remember. So, now, leave us. And obey the rules.

Paul: Why, what are the rules?

Gwen: You know them. Everybody does. It's nice meeting you.

Paul: Where are you going? You going to catch the train?

Gwen: Oh, no, it's too late for the train.

Paul: Here, let me help you with those.

Will: Oh, no, that's okay. Thanks. I don't want your help. I never did.

Paul: Wait, wait, wait, what did that mean? You know me. Wait, where are you going? Why is it too late to catch the train?

Gwen: Bye. Don't forget about the rules.

Paul: What are the rules? What are they? Why won't anybody tell me how to get out of here?

Barbara: Do you have any family in the area that might help you find your way?

Paul: No. I don't think that there's anybody that can help me.

[Chimes ring]

[Paul crying]

Katie: Oh, Henry, it's awful.

Henry: Oh, sit down and have a martini. Tell me all about it.

Katie: Are you drunk?

Henry: Almost. It's a good thing.

Katie: Why?

Henry: Because I find that you make more sense when I am numb. All right, now tell me what happened.

Katie: Everything.

Henry: Mike everything?

Katie: Yeah. He said that we're broken, and I can't fix us.

Henry: Oh, Bubbles, I'm so sorry.

Katie: And I finally realized, I got it. No matter what I do, I can't fix us. I slept with Simon, I lost Mike. And no matter what I do, I can't make him love me anymore.

Vienna: Oh, it's snowing.

Mike: Yes, it is.

Vienna: I just love a white Christmas, don't you?

Mike: Always have, always will.

Simon: All right, don't do it. No matter what Henry says, she's better off without you.

[Simon takes out his phone and calls Carly]

Sage: Now this is the best Christmas!

Jack: It's certainly shaping up that way. Hey, come on, let's go. Quick, before we have to dig out our snowshoes.

[Cell phone rings]

[Simonís number shows on the caller id]

J.J.: Who is it, Mom?

Carly: No one. Come on, let's go!

Paul: Jennifer -- Jennifer! You come back! Please! Please --

Meg: Hey -- it's all right. You're safe.

Paul: You came back!

Meg: I can't stay. My husband will find me if I'm away too long, so if you have to do this on your own.

Paul: I canít. She's gone! She's gone, and she's not coming back!

[Paul crying]

Meg: Come back. Come back, Paul. Come back.

[Alarm ringing] [Paul opens his eyes]

Meg: Hey. Welcome back.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Gwen: I don't want anybody else, okay? I love my husband.

Jade: Oh, really? And that's why you're making out with my boyfriend in L.A.

Emily: I mean, its Paulís fault, and Craigís, that anybody got shot.

Meg: So, what do you plan to do about that?

Emily: Well, there's only one thing to do. We have to implicate Paul.

Katie: Stop stalling. Go upstairs and arrest Simon. Now.

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