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Will: Is there some point you're trying to make about Adam and Gwen?

Iris: I'm just saying that they were very tight in L.A. I mean, it's only natural, right? Adam knows his way around there, and Gwennie -- well, it's just a whole new world for her. I mean, no wonder she thinks he hung the moon.

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Iris: I just thought that Will should know the situation in LA. Are you going to tell him?

Gwen: You have no business here.

Will: Of course she doesn’t. But what's she talking about? Is there something that I should know about you and Adam?

Casey: Adam, look, no more gambling, ever. I promise, okay? But Mom and Dad don't have to know.

Adam: This isn't the first time you've sworn off gambling, Case. What's different now?

[Knocking at door]

Margo: Hey, there's my babies! What? What, am I interrupting something?

Adam: Go on, Casey. Tell her.

Emma: Are you finished?

Mike: Yeah, I was just replacing what was lost in the fire. It didn't take me as long as I thought, either.

Emma: Well, goodness, thank you so much for coming out here and doing all this on Christmas Eve.

Mike: Well, when you don't have a tree, there's a lot of time to play handyman.

Emma: It sounds like things aren't too much better between you and Katie.

Mike: I'm still staying at a hotel for now.

Emma: A hotel is no place to spend Christmas Eve. I'm not going to allow it. And you're going to stay right here.

Mike: No, I don't want to impose, come on.

Emma: No, no, please. No, no, there's plenty of room here at the inn. Come on, now, stay. Please?

Mike: All right. All right. Some good old-fashioned hospitality would be great right about now. All right, let me just finish cleaning up the work site, okay?

Emma: Okay, you finish and then come on in and join me. I've been baking all day, so there's plenty to eat. I promise you, we're not going to go hungry. This is wonderful.

Mike: Okay. Thanks, Emma. Vienna? What are you doing here?

Vienna: Michael, Darling, thank God I found you.

[Bell ringing]

Henry: Ho, ho, ho. Have you been a good little girl? Don't answer that.

Katie: Hey, Henry. I'm just doing some last minute shopping. I'm having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit.

Henry: Oh, really? Visions of Simon and Carly dancing through your head?

Katie: They're going to get away with robbery if Jack and I don't find that real diamond.

Henry: I got a kind of early Christmas p             resent for you. I was just down at the Lakeview, and I heard that the Prince of Leonia is in town. And it's not a state visit.

Katie: Seriously? He came all the way back here?

Henry: Right, and the only reason he could be here is to put the pressure on to find his jewels.

Katie: Yes! Oh, Henry, that is the best news. It's only a matter of time before Simon gets thrown in jail.

Bartender: Going away for the holidays, Mr. Frasier?

Simon: Yep, to Hawaii.

Bartender: I see you got two tickets there. Taking someone special?

Simon: Yeah, it's a surprise Christmas gift. I'm going to show this someone special the best holiday ever.

Carly: The thing is, Jack, you've warned me off Simon before. Are things really so different this time?

Jack: Haven't you been listening? If you don't start distancing yourself from Simon very quickly, Carly, you could go down as an accessory to grand larceny. Is that the Christmas present you want to give our kids?

Carly: No, no, of course not.

Jack: So make your choice.

Carly: There is no choice, Jack, and you know it. I will tell Simon it's over.

 Craig: Sorry. Oh, Meg. Oh, there is a Santa Claus after all.

Meg: No question about that.

 Craig: Some last minute shopping?

Meg: Yeah, some odds and ends. I had to replace a Christmas ornament and do some stocking stuffers for the little kids. What? Not in the holiday mood this year?

 Craig: It's not going to be much of a Christmas without Lucy and Johnny.

Meg: Well, 'tis the season for biblical quotations, so here's one to put under your tree -- you reap what you sow.

Craig: Happy holidays to you, too.

Meg: It's true, Craig. After all the pain and misery that you've brought to people, spending Christmas alone is exactly what you deserve.

[Radio plays "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”]

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Let yourself be light. From now on our troubles will be out of sight. A merry little Christmas now.


Iris: Oh, Gwennie, I'm not going to tell tales out of school. But I think that this would be something that you would want to tell Will before anyone else.

Will: Okay, so, what's the big mystery?

Gwen: There's no big mystery. I was about to go on stage to perform for some record executive, and she shows up drunk.

Iris: Well, Will, I mean, I don't mean to make you feel bad or anything, but when you kicked me out of the house, I just lost it. You know, I had nowhere to go, no one to talk to. So I grabbed the first plane and went to visit my baby.

Gwen: Yeah, you visited me, and you almost ruined everything.

Iris: Honey, I didn't mean it, really.

Gwen: You know, I've had enough of you for one night. I've had enough of you for a lifetime, okay? Can you just take your bag and go?

Iris: It's Christmas Eve.

Gwen: What's your point?

Iris: I can't go to midnight mass until you and I have straightened this thing out between us.

Gwen: Wow, that's priceless. You know what? Go pray, Mom. Come on.

Margo: Casey, what does Adam want you to tell me?

Casey: Nothing.

Margo: Don't make me come over there. I'm a cop. I'll mess you up.

Casey: It's just -- it was a Christmas surprise. He wasn't supposed to say anything.

Margo: Well, Adam, shame on you for trying to spoil my surprise.

Adam: Sorry.

Margo: Well, it better be a good one. Because with Lucy taking off with Johnny, we need all the cheer we can get.

Adam: Yeah, that's not good news.

Casey: What, is Craig freaking out?

Margo: Oh, he's miserable. So, we're going to just hang on tight to each other and make an extra effort this holiday.

Casey: Nothing but good times, Mom, I swear. Right, Adam?

Adam: Right.

Vienna: Prince Adolpho, he's in town and he's furious with me.

Mike: Why's that?

Vienna: Because I let the crown jewels be stolen from around my neck. And now he's banished me. I'm an orphan. I can't be alone on Christmas Eve. It's impossible. You have to help me. I need you.

Mike: Okay, all right. Well, I'm sorry, but I've been invited to dinner here, so I'm not going to be able to help you.

Vienna: I know that smell like my own childhood. But how can that be?

Vienna: Is that Pepparkakor baking?

Emma: Yes, it is. And who might you be?

Mike: Emma Snyder, this is Vienna Hyatt.

Emma: Hello.

Vienna: Merry Christmas.

Emma: Same to you. And you're familiar with Pepparkakor?

Vienna: I'm Swedish. I grew up on it. But I haven't been able to find it here in America.

Emma: Well, it's my Swedish mother's -- my grandmother's recipe.

Vienna: Oh! I can smell all the marvelous spices.

Emma: Yes, well, I was going to make Rommegrot, but I've lost the recipe, can't find it anywhere.

Vienna: Rommegrot?

Emma: Yeah.

Vienna: Oh, I used to stand next to my mom by the stove when she used to make it. I know that recipe by my heart. Do you want me to show it to you?

Emma: This is a miracle. This is really a miracle-- don't move. I'm going to get an apron. Oh, isn't this exciting?

Vienna: We need flour, sugar and butter to start with.

Henry: Listen, Honey, I hate to be the bearer of bad reminders in this festive holiday season, but I don't see any guarantee that going after Simon and destroying Simon will get you Mike back.

Katie: Now who's being Scrooge?

Henry: I just don't want you to get your hopes up. I'm sorry, I don't want you to wake up tomorrow and have the coals in the stocking.

Katie: Well -- Henry, why can't you grasp this concept? Just listen, okay? Mike thinks I'm still carrying some sort of torch for Simon. If Simon goes to jail because of me, Mike is going to realize that he is the one I really want, not Simon.

Henry: How can you think it's that simple? It's not that simple.

Katie: Well, you know what? I don't have time to argue about it right now. I have to go find Jack and make sure that his royal highness has commanded him to go after Simon.

Henry: That's very Christmas-Y. And you think maybe that Jack would like to spend time with his family tonight?

Katie: So, I'll pick up a fruitcake, go by the Snyder farm, tell them all happy holidays, and give Jack a little nudge if he needs one.

Henry: He won't need it. The fruitcake should do it.

Katie: Happy holidays.

Henry: Yeah, happy holidays.

Simon: Hello there, Beautiful.

Carly: Hi.

Simon: I've got a surprise for you. But first, I must do this.

Carly: Simon, wait. Simon, I --

Simon: You need a vacation, right? Fine.

Carly: That sounds good. But no, that's not what's on my mind.

Simon: Sweetie, listen. I know this is rough on you. Your first Christmas away from the kids.

Carly: I know that they'll have a nice time with Jack.

Simon: I know they will, too. I know. But I thought, in order to lift your holiday spirits, I thought the best thing is to get you out of the hotel. And the reminder of what you're missing. So, to that end, here's your Christmas present, one day early. Okay. Okay. Oh, yeah, no, no, see, this is the part where you're meant to throw your arms around me and smother me with thank yous and kisses, and all that sort of stuff.

Carly: I can't go.

Simon: Okay, fine. Christmas is not a good time. We'll go at New Year’s. Whatever you want --

Carly: No, no, Simon, you don't understand. The timing isn't the problem. I can't be with you -- ever again.

Craig: What happened? It's only days ago that she saved me from Dusty’s bullet and nursed me back in the hospital.

Meg: Yeah, well, it's pretty tragic when a custody battle becomes as lethal as yours did.

Craig: Well, Lucy still loves me. She's still my daughter. She'll come back to me soon.

Meg: Yeah, well, I wouldn't count on that.

Craig: Yeah, and you're an excellent judge of character. You gave away an entire year to Paul Ryan.

Meg: I was in love. And stupid. But you were heartless. And cruel. All that maneuvering you did to make Paul look like a fool --

Craig: It didn't take much.

Meg: And where did it get you, Craig? Where did it get any of us? All three of us are alone.

Craig: True. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

[Radio plays "O Come All Ye Faithful"]

Craig: That's a pretty bad crackup. Are you all right? Well, I don't smell booze, so I think you just lost control of your car.

Paul: I'm alive?

Craig: Technically.

Will: You can't let your mom freak you out like that.

Gwen: That's what she lives for.

Will: Yeah, but you can't let her get to you. I mean, how many times have you said the same thing to me? And I've gotten a lot better at handling my mom.

Gwen: Yeah, you know, it's easier with your mom, though.

Will: Really?

Gwen: Yeah. Because you know, most of the time, you know that she has a heart or that she's coming from good place. I can't believe that my mom showed up in L.A.

Will: So, what was her problem? Why was she going on about you and Adam?

Gwen: I don't know. What did she say to you before I got there?

Will: She was just talking about how tight you guys were. Making it seem like that there was something more than business going on. But I know that's not true, so --

[Gwen remembering]

Adam: You did it! You were incredible!

Gwen: Yeah?

Gwen: Actually -- she was right.

Will: What do you mean?

Gwen: It was more than business.

Meg: Does winning mean that much to you?

Craig: It's everything.

Meg: Was it winning when you drove Rosanna into a coma? Was it winning when you scorched Barbara’s face? What part of winning was going to jail, and losing your son and your daughter?

Craig: The pendulum always swings in both directions. Soon it will swing back my way.

Meg: Oh, so, in the meantime, you're walking the streets alone on Christmas Eve.

Craig: I'm not alone. I'm with you.

Meg: No, you're not with me. Even if I'm not with Paul, I would never be with you.

Craig: Even if I was the last man on earth?

Meg: You got that right.

Craig: One can only hope.

Meg: Don't waste your time. If you're looking for love, you need to change your tactics. You can't coerce people into caring for you. You know, sometimes the more relentless you are about going after someone, the more you end up pushing them away. Think about that.

[Paul imagining Craig talking to him]

 Craig: Come on, Paul, come to the party. It's Christmastime. It's time to celebrate. Why stay here, where it's cold and dark, and you're all alone, and nobody wants you. Come on. You see that light up ahead? You'll be warm there. And you'll be welcome. So, come on, don't be afraid. Just take my hand.

Emma: Is everything all right?

Emma: Is everything all right? You okay?

Vienna: Is it possible to be homesick, not for a place, but another time?

Emma: Yes, absolutely.

Vienna: You know, being here in this kitchen just makes me think back when I was in my mom's kitchen when I was 7 years old. You know, it's not easy to be away from my family on Christmas.

Emma: Why didn't you go home?

Vienna: I don't know, because certain circumstances forced me to stay here in Oakdale. And I was at the hotel, but they asked me to give up my room because of the holiday. And now I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to find another place to stay.

Emma: Oh, my goodness. Well, you can't spend Christmas Eve on the streets. I mean, we have plenty of room here. Why don't you come -- why don't you come stay here? Okay? Until you find another room. You're very welcome. We can have Pepparkakor tonight. And then we can have turkey and goose. We can have Christmas dinner tomorrow. Yes, stay with us, okay?

Vienna: Oh, thank you so much, Ms. Snyder.

Emma: Oh, you're so welcome. You're so welcome.

Vienna: So generous of you.

Mike: Yeah, you're very, very generous.

Emma: Well, there's nothing more wonderful than having a big group of people at Christmas dinner. It's lovely. I'll go fix up another room, okay? There's nothing I like more than playing Santa Claus! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

Mike: You really are something.

Vienna: Well, that's what I've been telling you, but you haven't been listening. Now, bring those big strong arms over here.

Mike: What do you need them for?

Vienna: I need you to pick this pot up and help me to put it in the oven.

Vienna: I'm so grateful to be here with you.

Katie: Merry Christmas, Snyder family –

Simon: All right, what happened?

Carly: Can we take this someplace a little more private, please? Don't make this harder for me than it already is, okay?

Simon: I see, you really mean it. This is good-bye?

Carly: I don't have a choice. That little heist of ours has blown up into a major threat for me and my family.

Simon: So, why now?

Carly: The Prince of Leonia is back in town. And he's not leaving until Jack makes an arrest. And so, the investigation is full throttle again.

Simon: Carly, you know what? I don't understand. We got rid of that stupid diamond once and for all.

Carly: Well, we thought we got rid of it before, and it came back to bite us, didn't it?

Simon: Well, it's not going to this time. Sweetie, it was put in a bin at the hospital. It's long since disposed of.

Carly: You hope.

Simon: I know. And without that diamond, the police have nothing, all right? The investigation is not going to go anywhere, no matter how much the prince throws his royal weight around.

Carly: Simon, Jack knows. Even without the diamond as evidence, Jack knows what happened. He's pinned you as a prime suspect. And he's made it clear that if i see you again, I'll be prosecuted and I'll lose my kids. I can't let that happen!

Simon: Believe me, I know how frightened you are about this. I do. I know, but you've got to tell me how we can make this work, Carly. Because I'm not going to give you up. All right. You want some time away from me until all this settles down. Okay, I get that. But come on, just don't tell me that this is over.

Carly: Jack made it pretty clear. I stay away from you or I end up in jail.

Simon: Well, you know what? He's got no right to threaten you like that.

Carly: He's just trying to protect me and the kids.

Simon: Do you remember our first meeting here at the Lakeview?

Carly: You tricked me into coming, as I recall.

Simon: I had no idea what we were beginning that day. It was something that I never asked for or something I never expected.

Carly: Me either.

Simon: But you made me feel something that I knew I would never feel again. I didn't think it was possible --

Carly: Please, Simon, don’t. Okay? I don't want to hear this right now.

Simon: Please, Carly, I want a future with you. And I do not want to give up one day of that. Now, just tell me how to make that happen. Please, tell me what I should do. Because I'm going to do whatever it takes.

Katie: Mike, what are you doing?

Mike: I was helping Vienna put her kerkergergerflugen in the oven --

Vienna: It's Rommegrot. It's Rommegrot. And it's very fattening. I would stay away from it, if I were you, Katie.

Mike: What are you doing here?

Katie: I wasn't looking for you, if that's what you're thinking.

Mike: It never crossed my mind --

Katie: Because I didn't think you would be here. I certainly didn't think she would be here. Wow, I had no idea you were so domestic, Vienna.

Vienna: Oh, not domestic, Dear. I just like to cook.

Mike: Why did you say you were here again?

Katie: I'm looking for Jack. The Prince of Leonia is in town. He's asked Jack to step up the robbery investigation.

Vienna: Oh, please don't talk about Prince Adolpho. It's just too upsetting.

Katie: Oh, yeah, your life is so rough.

Vienna: You have no idea what my life is like.

Mike: Okay, ladies, ladies, we're guests in someone's house. Let's try not to make a scene, okay?

Vienna: Yeah, you're right, Mike. I'm not going to ruin this beautiful holiday, you know, thinking about Prince Adolpho or any other unpleasantness. Now, I'm just going to enjoy it with you and all your wonderful friends and our, you know, Pepparkakor.

Katie: You're staying here? Both of you?

Vienna: Cozy, isn't it?

Emma: Katie? Is Katie here?

Katie: Hi!

Emma: Oh, I thought I heard your voice. My goodness, what a nice surprise. Merry Christmas.

Katie: Merry Christmas.

Emma: Merry Christmas to you.

Katie: I brought you this.

Emma: Is this your fruitcake? Oh, this is my favorite. Thank you so much. Merry, merry Christmas to you.

Katie: You, too. And I was looking for Jack.

Emma: Well, he'll be here any minute. Why don't you stay until he comes back?

Katie: Are you sure I won't be in the way?

Emma: Absolutely not. Listen, by the way, Vienna, why don't you come upstairs with me? I have something very special to show you.

Vienna: You know what? I would love to do that, Ms. Snyder, but I don't want to leave the Rommegrot, you know, unattended --

Emma: No, no, no, I think Mike can take care of that. Can't you, Darling?

Mike: Yeah -- yeah, yeah.

Emma: Come on. Listen, I have a whole trunk of things from my grandmother. You're not going to believe it, so many letters of hers I need to have translated.

Katie: I guess Emma thought we could use some time alone.

Mike: I guess she did.

Margo: I'm going to spend some time with  Craig. He's picking out your Christmas gifts. So, that's why I'm here. What's on your wish list?

Casey: Nothing, if it's from Craig.

Adam: Yeah, we don't need anything from him.

Margo: Oh, come on. He's rich. He wants to buy you gifts. Cash in. And besides, he's having kind of a blue Christmas.

Adam: Yeah, which he brought on himself.

Margo: Well, I, for one, feel really sorry for him. It makes me just extra grateful that I have my two kind, compassionate, forgiving kids. So, what's it going to be?

Casey: I guess I could use a new mp3 player.

Margo: There. Adam?

Adam: Well, there's this vintage jazz collection down at the cd store.

Margo: See? There. That wasn't so hard, was it? Besides, I'm the one who has to spend the extra time with Craig. But I will be home in time for dinner. Is Elmo still coming?

Casey: Elwood. Yeah, and he's coming, but he insisted on buying everyone gifts, so he'll be there after that.

Margo: All right, 8:00, don't be late. Drive safely.

Adam: Yeah, we know the drill.

Casey: Love you, Mom.

Margo: Okay. Unsolicited "Love you, Mom." Must be Christmas.

Adam: Nice save.

Casey: Thanks for not ratting me out.

Adam: Look, you know what the deal was, you tell Mom yourself.

Casey: Man, you saw her. She's all bummed out about Craig, and Lucy and Johnny being gone. It's Christmas. I can't do that to her right now.

Adam: That's convenient.

Casey: No, just give me a break, all right? I'm going to tell her after the holidays are over.

Adam: All right. This is your last chance, I mean it. I hear you start to talk about the odds of sun versus snow, I'm going to bust you, brother, right on the spot.

Will: So, if it wasn't business between you and Adam, then what was it?

Gwen: It was amazing. Your brother changed from a bossy record producer into an actual human being.

Will: What does that mean?

Gwen: There I was, you know, in L.A., at a photo shoot for my album cover. And about to go on stage to sing for somebody who could make or break the rest of career. And then my mom showed up, and she just started, you know, saying all the things that she used to say to me growing up. About how I was nothing, and that I was a joke. And people were going to laugh at me. And when they called my name to go on stage, I just -- I froze. I couldn't move. I just kept thinking about what she was saying. And that she was right.

Will: So, where does Adam come in?

Gwen: Well, you know, he talked me down. He didn't jump on me for letting my mom freak me out. He just kept building up all the things that she had tried to tear down. And that night, for the first time, I think that I just say my heart out. And when I was done, I was the proud owner of, you know, a first look record deal with a major executive.

Will: Well, that's great. I'm glad he came through for you like that.

Gwen: Yeah, I know, who knew that he was a person?

Will: You gotta remind me to thank him later.

Gwen: I did. Now, if I could just get my mom out of my life, things would be perfect. I don't know where I became her personal punching bag.

Will: Well, part of it's the booze. And part of its envy, because you have so much going on for you and she's got nothing. And part of its just anger, because I kicked her out of the house.

Gwen: Yeah, she has no right to be mad at you about that.

Will: Look, I don't care. I don't care what she says about you and my brother. And no matter what she says or does, it's not going to make me lose faith in you.


Margo: Hi, Meg. Merry Christmas.

Meg: Hey, same to you. I have to get back to the farm. Happy holidays. Please give my best to tom and the boys.

Margo: Yeah. Sorry I'm late.

 Craig: So, what's the news? Any leads on where my children are?

Margo: No, nothing yet. Lucy's pretty good at covering her tracks.

 Craig: Well, if the police aren't going to help, then I'm going to have to do it myself. I've already got private investigators working around the clock.

Margo:  Craig, it is really hard to find people who don't want to be found. So, why don't you just give it a rest?

 Craig: The idea of never seeing my children again is unbearable to me.

Margo: Well, I think that lucy somehow thought that taking Johnny was an act of love, you know, perhaps to protect him from angry men and shootouts.

 Craig: Oh, and that's supposed to help me?

Margo: Look, I find it hard to believe that she's going to keep him away forever. She'll be home again someday.

 Craig: Someday's not soon enough.

Margo:  Craig, 'tis the season of faith. Why don't you just try and believe in your daughter's love and see what happens?

 Craig: Come on. It's time to celebrate!

Paul: How do you know my name?

 Craig: I know everything about you.

Paul: Who are you?

 Craig: I live within you.

Paul: Are you my father? Are you James Stenbeck?

 Craig: Is that who you want me to be? Now, okay. Then go ahead, find out who I am. Go ahead, I won't bite.

Paul: Go away.

 Craig: Hi, Paul. It's your old friend, Craig. Come on, we've got a long journey ahead of us.

Paul: I'm not going anywhere with you.

 Craig: Oh, I think you'll change your mind. Now, just go ahead and look in the light. Come on. Take my hand. Don't be afraid.

Simon: There's got to be some way we can fix this.

Carly: No, Simon, I'm afraid we are at the end.

Simon: I never wanted this for you.

Carly: I didn't want it for you.

Simon: You must hate the fact that I ever came back here.

Carly: No, I don’t. I don’t. I hate how we ended up. I don't hate how we got here. And I don't hate the time that we've had together. You made me believe in myself again, Simon. And I loved how you made me feel, like I had a right to be happy again. And I wouldn't trade a moment of it. But I can't keep going. They're my children, Simon. I can't risk losing them. They're everything, they're a part of me.

Simon: I so don't want to do this.

Carly: You have to. You have to let me go. You have to let me go, Simon.

Carly: I have to get the kids and take them out to the farm for Christmas. And I wish -- you know what I wish. Good-bye, Simon.

Simon: Good-bye.

Mike: Fruitcake, huh?

Katie: Yeah, your favorite.

Mike: Yeah, right up there with dog chow.

Katie: Snickers actually likes it.

Mike: Yeah, well, Snickers eats rabbit chow. How's he doing, anyway?

Katie: Good. Got him some endive. That's how he knows it's Christmas.

Mike: I remember.

Katie: I can't believe I used to think this was the best time of the year. Without you, it's just -- another day. Remember last year, we cut down our own tree?

Mike: Yeah, it was too big to fit through the door.

Katie: We had that snowball fight, and I won.

Mike: Yeah, you think you won.

Katie: And then we made snow angels. It was so quiet. A million stars in the sky. You reached over and took my hand and called me your angel.

Mike: It seems like a long time ago.

Katie: You know what I want for Christmas?

Mike: What?

Katie: A time machine. And I would set the button back to when you and I were happy.

Mike: Too bad that's not an option.

Katie: Maybe it is. I mean, not forever. I know I can't go back and undo what I did, but maybe just for a night.

Mike: I don't think so.

Katie: We could just, you know -- it'll be a last Christmas gift. Couldn't we do that for each other? Couldn't we just be together and remember the good times?

Mike: Katie --

Katie: Please, Mike -- let's start by going to the house. We'll light a fire, and we don't even have to talk. We can just sit there and be in the place where we made so many memories, and just think about the good times. Just remember that it wasn't always like this. And remember what Christmas is supposed to be. Please, Mike. Come home with me.

Will: I'm glad you're home.

Gwen: Not more than I am.

Will: And I'm sorry your mom gave you so much trouble.

Gwen: That's okay. I thought we weren't going to talk about her anymore? It's Christmas Eve. Let's think about Santa.

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: We actually gotta get out of here. We gotta change or we'll be late for dinner.

Adam: Hey, guys. Where are you off to?

Will: Hey. We're going to have dinner with Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob.

Adam: Oh, that sounds nice.

Will: Yeah. Listen, Gwen told me what happened in L.A.

Adam: Really?

Will: Yeah. And I gotta thank you. I know how hard it can be to handle Iris sometimes.

Adam: Yeah, that's an understatement.

Will: Yeah. So, thanks. She told me how you saved her, really came through and kept her head on straight so she could do a great job. So I think we both owe you for that.

Adam: Just protecting the product, man.

Will: No, it was a lot more than that. You were awesome. Merry Christmas.

Gwen: Merry Christmas.

Adam: Merry Christmas.

Casey: Merry Christmas.

Katie: Don't you think we deserve at least one night to remember the good times?

Mike: One night won't solve anything for us. It's just going to make things harder.

Katie: I think it might make things better. We won't know unless we try, right? Please -- oh, my God.

Vienna: Look what I found in Emma’s trunk! This is a traditional Santa Lucia costume from Sweden, which I used to wear every single Christmas as a child. Oh, this is such a joyous Christmas! Spending it here with Mike and all his friends. I'm just so grateful, Mike.

Jack: Carly! Hi. Where are the kids?

Carly: They wanted to play in the barn for a while. I just wanted to tell you that they're here.

Jack: Oh -- you okay?

Carly: I did what you asked. I broke it off with Simon, I won't see him again.

Jack: It really is for the best. Wait -- where are you going?

Carly: No place.

Jack: Well, that's nowhere to be on Christmas. Why don't you stay here, spend it with the kids? For tonight, we can just forget about everything and try to be a family.

Carly: I'd like that, Jack. I'd like to forget for a while.

Jack: Come on.

Margo: Hey, Craig, thank you for being so generous with my boys.

Craig: Oh, it was nothing.

Margo: Are you sure you don't want to come by for dinner later?

Craig: No, I'll just go home and make a bowl of gruel and wait for Marley’s ghost.

Margo: I think he's going to do you some good. Will you think about what I said?

 Craig: I promise.

Margo: Come on. Lucy and Johnny may be gone for now, but miracles can happen, Craig. You could change the way you think and act. Look, your kids will be home someday and have Christmas with you again.

Craig: I really want to believe that. But I don't think you ever get what you want unless you fight for it.

Meg: Oh, my God. Paul -- Paul!

Meg: Paul! Paul, can you hear me?

Imaginary Craig: It's Meg. He's gone.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Meg: Come back!

Paul: Hey, there you are.

Vienna: Oh, no, the Pepparkakor!

Carly: Forget about Simon.

Jack: Spend Christmas as a family with the kids.

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