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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/19/06

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Gwen: Mom, what are you doing here?

Iris: Well, I came to see you Sweety. I didn't want to miss your singing.

Gwen: But how did you come all the way to LA from Oakdale? I mean aren't you violating your parole?

Iris: Forget it, I got those bases covered. So Honey, are they treating you like a big star now?

Gwen: How did you know where to find me?

Iris: Adam's chicky -- what's her name? It was Emerald, Turquoise --

Gwen: Jade?

Iris: Jade, yes she's the one. She told me. She felt sorry for me, Honey and then -- please, don't have that look, okay? She felt badly because Will threw me out of the house.

Gwen: Wait. Will threw you out? Why?

Iris: It was nothing. It was just a misunderstanding.

Gwen: Well I know that Will wouldn't throw you out of the house for nothing. So what did you do?

Iris: Why do you always think it's me that does something wrong?

Gwen: Because I know you, Mom.

Iris: He walked in, I was just looking at some papers. And he got a little mad.

Gwen: What kind of papers?

Iris: You know, I don't even know what they were, I was looking for something else and I didn't even see what they were until he just snatched them right out of my hands --

Gwen: What kind of papers, Mom?

Iris: Financial papers.

Gwen: Financial papers? And you're surprised will might have been upset that you were going through his personals things like that?

Iris: Honey, come on. The fact that you married money.

Gwen: No, I married Will.

Iris: Okay, you married Will, who happened to have a lot of money. I mean that's not a secret here, okay. And the fact that there's a bank statement laying around -- what's the big deal? But Honey, look, I apologized to him. I said I was very sorry, but he just wouldn't have any of it. He turned around on me and just tossed me right to the curb. Even after what I just went through with my sister. All right, so I violated my parole just to come and see you? I don't know, I think maybe I'd be better off in jail.

Gwen: Hey, Mom. Listen, when we get back to Oakdale -- I'll talk to Will, okay? We'll work something out.

Iris: Oh, Honey you'd do that to me?

Gwen: Yeah.

Iris: You, my Gwennie always helps and helps her Mama!

Gwen: Oh my God, Mom. You're drunk.

Casey: Yes! I got a royal flush.

Elwood: Are you serious? Okay, all right I'm going to call.

Casey: Why? I have the best possible hand.

Elwood: Okay, well right now Lucky Lady 8 and Tulsa Shark are going to fold cause the pots to small, but see if I call and build the pot then they will too and you'll win more money.

Casey: You don't think that they'll think something's up?

Elwood: You think they're gonna guess that we're playing together and that know what cards we have? There's no way.

Casey: Okay. All right, do it. Yes! All right!

Elwood: I told you! I told you! I bet you're not sorry you stayed in the game now!

Casey: Hell, no! Best decision ever! No way am I sorry for this!

Maddie: Well, you should be.

Emily: Hi, Margo.

Margo: Hi. Can I talk to you?

Emily: What's wrong? Is it Daniel?

Margo: Oh, no, no, no, Danielís fine. In fact Tom just dropped him off at hockey practice.

Emily: Okay, well what is it?

Margo: It's about my brother.

Emily: Look if this about Craig being shot I told them everything I know.

Margo: No, no, no it has nothing to do with that.

Emily: Well then what is it?

Margo: Oh, wow you really don't know do you?

Emily: Don't know what? What are you talking about?

Margo: It's Johnny he's missing.

Emily: What do you mean, missing?

Margo: He's been kidnapped. By Lucy.

Meg: It's the only way, Craig. If you want to get Johnny and Lucy back, you got to let Dusty go.

Craig: The man took again pointed it at my heart and pulled the trigger. He tried to kill me and now I'm supposed to let him walk?

Meg: I'm not condoning what he did. I'm just saying if you drop the charges against Dusty that's your best bet at finding your children.

Craig: I don't follow the logic. Lucy took Johnny away from both of us.

Meg: And the second Dusty is free, he's going to go after them.

Craig: Are you saying he knows where they are?

Meg: No. But he's not going to stop until he finds them.

Craig: I'm a fairly resourceful man, myself, Meg. I don't need Donovan to find my children for me.

Meg: Are you sure? I mean he and Lucy were very close. He might know ways of getting to her that you donít. Just tell me you'll think about it.

Craig: Maybe. But you're going to have to do something for me in return.

Meg: I'm trying to help you find your kids, and you're hitting on me. Is that supposed to flatter me?

Craig: Are you -- flattered?

Meg: You're not interested in me, Craig. You chase me around to get to Paul.

Craig: Is that what he told you?

Meg: Believe it or not, I can think and speak for myself.

Craig: Two traits in a woman I really appreciate.

Meg: Along with a hefty bank account and a blind eye to your failings? I'm done giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Craig: I hope you're exercising the same caution toward your former fiancť.

Meg: Excuse me?

Craig: Well I'd hate to think that Paul's convinced you that he's a victim in all of this. I mean, he is, after all, the one who switched the blanks in Dusty's gun to real bullets. So I think we can be reasonably sure that he was to kill me, don't you think?

Meg: I'm not here to talk about Paul.

Craig: All right and you're not here for me. Much as it pains me to say.

Meg: Yeah, I'm sure it does. One more person to add to your list of people that you can't fool anymore, that must hurt.

Craig: So why are you here, Meg?

Meg: I told you.

Craig: Oh yeah, right, you're here to help me find my son and my daughter.

Meg: Yeah, and somehow my offer has offended you.

Craig: No it's just a bit transparent. Because the real person youíre trying to help is Dusty. And I hope this isn't a sign that old feelings have resurfaced. Now that you're a free woman again.

Meg: What is wrong with you?

Craig: What is wrong with me? Well there's a loaded question. Uh, well for starters, my children are missing and I have a bullet hole in my chest.

Meg: The only one I'm trying to help here, is Johnny.

Craig: Right, Johnny, of course.

Meg: You have now idea how guilty I feel for what I've done to him. The minute that I became Paul's accomplice, I feel like I robbed that kid of his birthright. I robbed him of any time he could have had with his mother.

Craig: But you were only trying to protect him from me, right? Wasn't that the parting line?

Meg: Look, what I did -- was wrong, Craig. It was a huge mistake.

Craig: Because of what it did to Jennifer. What about me? What about the precious time I was deprived of? You feel guilty about that?

Meg: You know, I think it would mean something to you that I'm trying to bring Johnny home.

Craig: Donovan doesn't want Johnny home. He wants to find Lucy and fill her head with promises of a life together and run off with her and my son!

Meg: You don't know that.

Craig: You know, the answer to your question is no. I'm not going to drop the charges. And Donovan can rot in his cell for the rest of his life.

Meg: You sound just like Paul.

Craig: Oh really?

Meg: Yeah. Whenever he talks about you. Who cares what happens to the other person, as long as you get what you want. Well you know what? You both deserve to be alone.

Craig: Meg --

Meg: No. I don't care if the both of you fall off the face of this earth. I couldn't give a damn!

Craig: Careful what you wish for, Meg.

[Paul climbs back onto the balcony]

[Paul panting]

[Paul remembering]

Craig: When I set you up for the fall you won't even see it coming.

Casey: What are you talking about?

Maddie: You are such a guy. Hello? You were supposed to meet me for a -- Christmas shopping? Remember?

Casey: I am a terrible boyfriend.

Maddie: Yes, you are. But you're also kind of cute. Which is why I waited over an hour for you.

Casey: Mad, I'm sorry.

Maddie: It's okay. I only returned one of your gifts while I was waiting. So what were you doing? Helping Elwood pack? I thought you said he was coming home with us for the break.

Elwood: Right, well, we had some major drama. I mean, you know, Caseyís mom said that I could come with you guys.

Maddie: All right.

Elwood: But I can't bring my boys. The ant farm.

Maddie: Ah, ant farm.

Elwood: So I had to go to the science lab, see if they could stay there. Which they can -- score! Who knew they charged a boarding fee for ants?

Casey: Who knew my mom had a problem with bugs?

Elwood: Well, okay, they're not bugs. Sorry, but anyway. It's all settled, so I'm going to get going.

Casey: Okay, yeah cool, we'll see you later.

Elwood: I'll see you at your place. So, do you hate me?

Maddie: No. But you could earn some extra points by warming me up. It was a little cold outside.

Casey: Did you get frostbite waiting for me?

Maddie: Possibly.

Casey: Is that better?

Maddie: Almost. You know what? I think it's really great that you invited Elwood to come stay with us.

Casey: Someone had to do it. I mean, what kind of parents would rather go on vacation than spend the holidays with their kid?

Maddie: Mine.

Casey: Man, mad I'm sorry. I'm just messing up all over the place.

Maddie: It's okay. It's true. And I am a big believer in speaking the truth these days. You are great friend and an amazing boyfriend. Even though you don't really know how to use a watch. Smile. Smile.

Casey: All right, how about this? I'm gonna grab my coat and then we'll swing by and see if some of the stores are still open before they get cleaned out.

Maddie: Okay, while you do that, I found that game for Henry. I think it's gonna be cheaper online some I just gonna check that out --

Casey: Wait Maddie, don't open Ė

Adam: Gordon, hey it's good to see you. Hey, thanks for coming by.

Gordon: Pleasure's mine. You've always had a good ear for talent. My curiosity is piqued.

Adam: Trust me. You won't be disappointed when you see Gwen. She's phenomenal.

Owner: Adam, Gwen's up next. She ready?

Adam: Yeah, I just saw her. She's more than ready. Let's do this. Trust me, get ready to be blown away.

Gwen: I defended you. I told Will that you changed, that you were going to make it this time!

Iris: And I can still do it. Gwennie hearing you say that, knowing that you believe in me, you don't know how much that means to me.

Gwen: And that's why you flew half way across the country so you could show up here wasted.

Iris: Look, I slipped okay, i made a mistake, it's not going to happen again.

Gwen: It's not gonna happen again. It's just once. It's just one slip.

Iris: I mean it, I promise you I'm not gonna let it happen --

Gwen: Do not -- do not make that promise. You cannot keep it.

Iris: Gwennie, Gwennie, you used to find it in your heart to give me another chance.

Gwen: I'm sorry, I canít.

Iris: One more chance --

Gwen: No, Mom! I don't wanna take care of you anymore. You are not my responsibility, it's too much.

Iris: I need help. I want you to help me.

Gwen: I can't help you Mom. You're sick. You need to go get help somewhere else. And I made a promise to myself and to Will that I would not fall this again with you.

Iris: You're going to choose him over your own mother?

Gwen: No. I'm choosing me. I need you to leave, okay?

Owner: Gwen, the club's packed and rocking. You ready for your shot at the big time?

Gwen: If the club's crowded, I'm ready.

Owner: Excellent. And -- break a leg out there.

Iris: Gwen.

Gwen: I want you to leave. Now.

Iris: I want to stay. I want to hear you sing.

Gwen: I don't want you here, okay? Messing things up over and over again. I'm tired of the excuses and the apologies. And guess what? It's not working for me anymore. I'm embarrassed of you mom. So, leave me alone. Stay out of my life.

Owner: Style, for our next singer. All the way from Oakdale, Illinois -- Gwen Munson!

Gwen: I don't want you here when I get back.

Iris: You hear that crowd? You here them cheering out there? You think it's for you? They're cheering because someone told them to cheer. They don't know you. And even if they did, what do you they think how you treated your mother?

Gwen: Let me go of me.

Iris: No, you think you can just toss me aside and forget where you're from? That ain't ever going to happen, Missy.

Maddie: "Play poker dot com?" Is this what you and Elwood were doing when I walked in? Gambling?

Casey: Hey, where'd your happy face go?

Maddie: No, that's not going to work this time, Casey. Answer my question.

Casey: Let me see.

Maddie: Are you gambling?

Casey: No! I'm not. Elwood -- wanted to borrow my computer earlier. Like, big time. And -- I guess this is why.

Maddie: Okay, but his computer is right there. And this was on your bed.

Casey: If you think I'm a liar you might as well come out and say it.

Maddie: No, I don't -- I'm not calling you a liar. I'm -- why wouldn't Elwood just use his own computer?

Casey: I don't know. Why does Elwood do most of the things he does?

Maddie: Has he asked you to play?

Casey: Yeah, I'll admit I've done it a couple of times. But it's not my thing. But Elwood -- he's into it.

Maddie: Into it, in a good way?

Casey: It's a game, supposed to be fun, right?

Maddie: Yeah I know that, but -- it can be addictive. Maybe I should talk to him.

Casey: No. Maddie, no. You should not talk to him.

Maddie: Why not?

Casey: Because -- you know how embarrassed he'd be. And mad at me for telling you. You want to be that girlfriend who bags on the roommate?

Maddie: Okay, I found it by accident. He will understand.

Casey: No, he wonít. Just promise me you're not going to talk to him about this.

Elwood: Oh, you guys are still here? Oh -- looking pretty intense. You want me to go?

Casey: No, actually. We were just on our way out.

Maddie: Casey, you know what I'm really sorry.

Casey: Maddie, please donít.

Maddie: I have to say something. I don't care if he gets mad at me. I need to say something before it gets worse.

Elwood: Who's getting mad about what getting worse?

Maddie: I know, Elwood. I know what's going on here.

Margo: What Lucy did, taking Johnny. No matter what the good intentions were, it's illegal.

Emily: Well, I don't envy you're position.

Margo: Oh my part -- my part's easy. Finding Lucy and Johnny. It's the fallout that's going to be tough.

Emily: Well, if there is anything I can do to help. You know how much Johnny means to me.

Margo: Yeah, I do. I'm sorry, it's the station. I have to take this.

Emily: Okay.

Margo: Excuse me.

Emily: Okay.

Meg: Emily.

Emily: Oh, Meg. I am so not into going another ten rounds with you about how I ruined your wedding.

Meg: Good. I don't want to get into it with you, either. I just want to know if you meant what you said to Margo. About wanting to help?

Emily: Wait, wait. You were eavesdropping? Are you kidding me?

Meg: Did you mean what you said?

Emily: Yeah, of course I meant it.

Meg: Then I know something you can do. You can help me.

Craig: Oh, don't tell me you don't know! Lucy would never do this without talking to you first. You know how she runs to you, Sierra. No, I didnít. Lucinda and Dusty turned her -- what do you mean you can't talk to me when I'm like this? My children are missing! All right, okay, great, you don't know anything. But, if I find out otherwise, I swear to you, Sierra. I will charge you with accessory -- Sierra? Sierra! Damn it.

Paul: You can forget about looking for Johnny. After what you tried to do to me, I will make sure you never find him.

Paul: You surprised to see me?

Craig: You threw my phone.

Paul: I think that you got off pretty easy after what you've done.

Craig: After what I've done? You tried to help Donovan murder me in cold blood. You're a little tense there, Paul.

Paul: When you went out on my balcony -- you said it was a really nice view so, did -- you didn't know that the railing was going to give way.

Craig: The railing gave way? You should definitely call your maintenance man. That could've killed you.

Paul: Yeah, but that's what you were hoping for?

Craig: Careful, now, you're projecting.

Paul: Come on, Craig, I know you. I know how you operate.

Craig: Oh, right. I just woke up this morning and I thought, you know, forget about my children, it'd be a lot more fun to go over and rig the railing on Paul's balcony?

Paul: You said it would happen when I least expected it. That's a quote. So, I'm out on the balcony, I'm by myself, all alone, no witnesses? Pretty unexpected, don't you think?

Craig: It would also require, you know, a knowledge of reinforced concrete and some exotic tools. Both of which I don't possess --

Paul: Craig, if you go near Meg, again, even if it's by accident, I'll kill you!

Craig: It's really a shame how little you know about the women in your life.

Paul: What are you trying to say?

Craig: Meg was here, Paul. She came to me.

Emily: You want me to help you? Why would you want anything from me, Meg? I kept you from marrying Paul. We're not friends. In fact, we don't even really like each other. So, it's quite obvious you're just trying to find a way to get back at me. So forget it.

Meg: Okay, are you done? Because a child's been kidnapped here. Dusty's child.

Emily: This has nothing to do with Johnny. You just want the whole world to know that Craig used me to do his dirty work, so everyone can blame me for what happened to you.

Meg: Would you stop? Yes, I want to use the fact that you and Craig work together, but not the way you think. I don't want to expose anything you've done.

Emily: And you expect me to believe that? I humiliated you in front of your entire family. You don't want to get back at me for that?

Meg: The truth is, Emily, trusting Paul was my mistake. Not yours.

Emily: Yeah, well, I know the feeling. I trusted Craig.

Meg: And that could end up being a good thing.

Emily: How?

Meg: Well, you were in on his plan to set-up Dusty. I mean, there must be something you know that we could use to get the charges dropped.

Emily: I have no idea, Meg.

Meg: Okay, look, look, if you can't get past the idea of helping me, think of it as helping Johnny. You and I -- we both did things to keep Johnny away from his mother. And I don't know about you, but I'm still haunted by that everyday. So, if there's something we can do to help Johnny now, to put him back in the arms of the only father he's ever known -- don't you think we should do something to at least try? I guess I got my answer.

Emily: Wait, wait, wait. Just, hold on -- what do you want me to do?

Casey: See, Maddie was looking for this Christmas present for her brother and she thought that it'd be cheaper online, so she logged on to my computer and she that the poker website was up.

Elwood: Okay, and this involves me because?

Casey: She knows that you were the last person to use my computer.

Elwood: Oh.

Maddie: Is there anything you want to say?

Elwood: No, not really.

Maddie: But you are gambling?

Elwood: Yeah, you know, sometimes. But, you know, it's not a problem. All right? All the kids are doing it. Well -- not all of them.

Maddie: Elwood, gambling can be a really big problem. As bad as drugs sometimes. And I know I sound like I am some walking public service thing. But, listen, from experience, my mom used to gamble. And it was really bad. And my brother gambles. And he doesn't think of it as an issue, but he's always in debt. And some of the people that he's involved with -- they're not very nice.

Elwood: Okay, well look, maybe your brother can't stop, all right, but I could if I wanted to.

Maddie: Elwood, that sounds like denial to me. Listen, I have a twelve step program -- Dan, across the hall from where I go to group, he's a counselor. I'm gonna give you his number. Listen, even if you don't think you need it, just please take it. Okay? For me?

Elwood: All right, thank you, Maddie. I won't forget this.

Maddie: You're welcome.

Casey: All right, can we go now, please?

Maddie: Yeah.

Casey: Actually, here, will you warm the car up? I forgot my wallet.

Maddie: Sure.

Casey: Thanks. El, I am so sorry.

Elwood: Now your girlfriend thinks I'm some kind of creepy addict, dude! Maybe you should hold onto this. Maybe Dan has a twelve step program for cowards!

Casey: Well, if you had seen her face when she opened my laptop -- I wanted to tell her, but I couldn't tell her.

Elwood: So why not just tell her? It's not like it's a problem or anything. You're just having fun, right?

Casey: Yeah.

Elwood: Okay, so, you know, what the hell? Just tell her. I'm sure she'd get into it.

Casey: No, I don't think so.

Elwood: Well, whatever. Sooner or later, she's going to find you out and you're going to be screwed.

Casey: Not if I can help it.

Gordon: Is your friend gonna show up or what? I have a couple other gigs to catch. I can't stick around that long.

Adam: Yeah, give me two minutes. I'll go see what's up.

Iris: You think you're so hot, don't you? With all those trendy clothes you wear and that $100 haircut. All these L.A. hotshots just falling all over themselves to get to you. Well, wake up, Sweetie. You're in the land of make believe.

Gwen: Why are you doing this?

Iris: Why am I doing this? Because you've forgotten where you're from, Honey. You're not a star. You're not a singer. All those years I had to listen to you singing. You know what you are? You're nobody. You're nothing. You're just some stupid kid who got drunk one night and let Casey Hughes knock her up.

Gwen: Shut up Mom!

Iris: This music thing? It's a joke, Honey. Yeah it is. I know it's gonna be fun to walk out -- have those big lights on ya. You're gonna have to open your mouth and you're gonna have to sing. Because they're going to have to see what you're made of. And you know what's gonna happen? They're going to laugh you right off that stage. And if you don't think I know what I'm talking about then your brain's as scrambled more than that psycho hubby of yours.

Adam: So you're the one who's holding Gwen up.

Iris: You know? If you start hassling me, I mean, I come out here and I wanna hear my daughter sing and I don't want --

Adam: No, I think it's great. How was the trip flight?

Iris: A little jet lag never hurt anybody.

Adam: Well, then you should really get out and see some of the sights. Hey, Greg. Do me a favor, will ya. This is Iris, Gwen's mom. Why don't you take her out, show her around the town.

Assistant: Right now?

Adam: It's the perfect time. Treat her right. Whatever she wants to do.

Iris: You know, I happened to buy a "map to the stars' homes" from the airport. I would love to see that.

Adam: You know that is a great idea. Greg here, he could call the limo. You could relax in the back, ride around in style. It's the only way to see the city.

Iris: You sold me. Sitting in the back of a limo sounds so much better than hanging out here. Come on, Greggy, let's go.

Adam: You okay? Look, I know Iris crashing is the last thing you expected. But that's over. She's gone now, okay? You have to block her completely out of your mind.

Gwen: How?

Adam: Find a way. I mean, there's an entire club out there and a record exec from a major label, dying to hear you sing. Okay? It's time to get out there and show them what you've got. Gwen, are you hearing me? Gordon's not going to wait around. We have to do this right now.

Gwen: I don't think I can. I thought I was ready. You know how many open mic nights have I played in Oakdale? But maybe I'm just not ready for this.

Adam: For what?

Gwen: I don't know, this whole L.A. thing.

Adam: Is this because of what Iris said?

Gwen: No.

Adam: Don't go there, Gwen. Don't do this to yourself.

Gwen: But what if what she says is true? You know, even just a little bit?

Adam: Let me ask you a question. Do you believe in yourself? 'Cause I do.

Gwen: Your whole career is on the line. And if I go out there --

Adam: Look at me. Gwen. Look at me. You cannot let your mother get to you. Okay, what she is? It's not just drunk. It's not just mean. She's jealous, Gwen. She's jealous because she knows that the last thing you are is a nobody. You're magic. Every single part of you. And she can't compete with that. She can't even come close. What you are is untouchable. You have to believe that. No matter what she says.

Gwen: I'm trying. It's just --

Adam: Listen. You have a talent. You have a talent that comes from inside you. Not from your mother. Okay, you have a chance to do something rare tonight. Now go out in that club and show everyone that you have the guts to take it. Forget about everything else. I know it's hard. I know you don't want to trust me right now, but I'm asking you to. Because I promise you, I would not be here right now, tonight with you, if I didn't know in my soul that you can do this.

Gwen: I can do this. I can do this. Hey, how you doing tonight, Los Angeles?


Meg: Okay, look, you were in this with Craig from the beginning. There must be something you remember, something he said that would show that Dusty wasn't the only one responsible for what happened.

Emily: The judge isn't going to see it that way. No matter what I say.

Meg: Okay, you switched the bullets in the gun for blanks. I mean that proves Craig wanted Dusty to take a shot at him.

Emily: You know what else it proves, Meg? That Dusty walked in there with a loaded gun. His intention wasn't to scare Craig, it was to kill him! There's no way to make that look good.

Meg: Okay, then we'll shed the light in a different direction. We'll say Dusty was provoked. That he never meant to fire the gun, that it was an accident --

Emily: He didn't mean to have his finger on the trigger? Would you give me a break? He confessed. Dusty confessed. He told the police that he shot Craig. That he wanted to kill him. And given the chance, he would do it again. What do you want me to say?

Meg: Whatever you have to, I don't care! Just make it right!

Emily: You mean make it up? You want me to lie? Oh well, isn't this ironic.

Meg: Excuse me?

Emily: Isn't this why you dumped Paul? Because he was willing to lie about all the things he'd done? Wow, I've underestimated you.

Meg: Okay, I'm going to say this once. I'm not happy about this. But I'm doing it for Johnny. It has nothing to do with Paul. I could give a damn about him. Or what he's done.

Emily: Well, when you say it like that -- I almost believe you.

Paul: Okay. Let's just say Meg was here. Why? What did she want?

Craig: Actually, it was very sweet. She came here to express her sympathy.

Paul: Yeah, it's no surprise. She feels sorry for you.

Craig: She heard about Lucy running off with Johnny. And unlike you, she did not come here to gloat. She asked me if there was anything she could do for me. And what meant most to me was that I didn't have to call on her. She came of her own free will.

Paul: Right, because she pities you. I wouldn't get too excited about that.

Craig: Maybe not. But when I told her how much it meant to me, she was very touched.

Paul: You're a deluded sociopath --

[Cell phone ringing]

Craig: Excuse me. I trust you know the way out. Calling on me so soon?

[Paul stays outside in the hall overhearing Craig on the phone]

Margo: What are you talking about? I haven't seen you since last night.

Craig: It feels like you just left.

Margo: Well, I spoke to Emily. She doesn't know anything about the kidnapping.

Craig: Just the fact that you made the effort is enough. I really appreciate that you care.

Margo: Wow, I'm all warm and fuzzy inside too. Listen, I got to go. I just wanted to keep you in the loop.

Craig: I appreciate it. No, I think that we should talk about that, Meg. Now? Well, sure, the traffic shouldn't be too bad around the farm this time of day. All right. I'm really looking forward to it, too. Okay, see you there. Bye bye. Too easy.

Gwen: Thank you! Thank you so much!

Gordon: Your girl's got presence.

Owner: She brought the house down.

Gordon: And you're right -- I do like her sound.

Adam: I knew you would.

Gordon: I'll tell you what, Adam. Give me a first look at her album, I'll see what I can do for Gwen.

Adam: Absolutely. Yeah, we'll be in touch. Gwen!

Gwen: Adam!

Adam: You did it! You were incredible!

[Adam picks up Gwen and kisses her and Iris comes to the window and sees them kiss]

[Knock on the door]

Elwood: Uh -- okay.

Poker rep: I'm looking for Casey Hughes and Elwood Hoffman.

Elwood: Why?

Poker rep: I represent You wouldn't happen to be Mr. Hughes or Mr. Hoffman, would you?

Elwood: No -- no. I can't be that lucky. Swell guys, those two. But a little stupid, you know, because they flunked out. Yeah, it was really sad to see them go and everything. But if you don't mind me asking, why are you looking for them?

Poker rep: Our site's been tracking an unusual game pattern between two players, whose e-mail addresses link back to Mr. Hughes and Mr. Hoffman, and this room. And if it's what we think it is, well, those boys are in trouble.

Casey: I'm exhausted.

Maddie: I'm ready for round two.

Casey: Shopping inspires you?

Maddie: Yes, well, I'm just an old-fashioned kind of girl.

Casey: Just the kind I like.

Maddie: Well, it is a lot easier going shopping when you don't have to worry about the money that you're spending.

Casey: Very true.

Maddie: Very true. But I'm thinking maybe we should hold off for a bit. I don't think you want to blow through that whole advance adam gave you.

Casey: I'm not worried. Gwen's demo is going to be a mega-hit and we're all going to be rich.

Maddie: How much do I love Gwen?

Casey: And I love buying stuff for the people I love. Which is why I'm not going to wait until Christmas to give these.

Maddie: Casey --

Casey: Oh, come on, you saw me buy these earrings. You knew I wasn't buying them for my mom.

Maddie: Well, I was hoping, no -- but you've given me so much already.

Casey: There's no such thing. This is going to be the best Christmas ever, Maddie. I can't wait to spend it with you. What was that for?

Maddie: Just because. You get that. And I'm going to go inside and get us two peppermint mochas. Extra whipped cream.

Casey: Watch out, big spender!

Maddie: Oh, yeah, Baby!

[Cell phone beeping]

Meg: I mean it, Emily. This isn't about Paul.

Emily: Right. Right. It's all about helping Johnny.

Meg: There must be something you can tell the judge that will convince him to let Dusty go free.

Emily: Well, see, that's the tricky part, Meg. Because the truth isn't going to help us out here.

Meg: I know.

Emily: But a half-truth could be a whole different story.

Paul: Meg? Come on, Meg, open up! I know you're there! I know you're both there! Meg? Meg?

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Paul: Meg, I love you forever.

Meg: Well then, you have a problem.

Iris: Well, well, well.

Casey: But what scary guy?

Elwood: The man with the gun from the poker site where we've been cleaning up.

Poker rep: Casey Hughes?

Prince Adolpho: Detective Snyder, just the man I was looking for.

Jack: Prince Adolpho, what brings you here?

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