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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/18/06

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Adam: Where the hell have you been?

Gwen: I'm twenty minutes early.

Adam: I didn't know where you were.

Gwen: I left you a message. And since you live on your cell phone, I know you got it.

Adam: I have stuff to do is not an acceptable message.

Gwen: Could you take it down a notch?

Adam: I guess now that you're here, everything's okay.

Gwen: I could have told you that.

Vanya: Munson! How many strings did you pull to get this place?

Adam: More like how many checks did I sign. Vanya, Gwen. Gwen, Vanya. Most expensive art director in town.

Vanya: I like your music and I like your look. What are you wearing?

Adam: This.

Gwen: Oh, no I'm not.

Adam: What happened to the rule that I call the shots?

Gwen: That's before I knew you wanted me to look like a stripper.

Vanya: That, I love. Hair and make-up over there. Give them at least an hour. No, no, no, no! I said vermillion and I meant vermillion.

Adam: I like that dress.

Gwen: Good.

Adam: Sorry I was all over you.

Gwen: That's okay, I'm used to it.

Adam: I just -- my career, I really need to focus and I know, after the news about your aunt yesterday, you're really worried about your mom.

Gwen: Adam. I took care of her. She's fine.

Iris: Excuse me, you're in my way.

Jade: Listen, Lady, today's not the day -- oh, you --

Iris: What do you mean?

Jade: I know you. You're gwen's mother, aren't you?

Iris: So who wants to know?

Jade: I'm a friend of Gwen and Will’s. Sorry I was in your way. Lovely talking with you. Could you please speed it up? I'm so sorry. I hope you'll forgive me. I had a rough morning. So tell me, how close are you with my Gwenny?

Lily: I should be out there helping.

Luke: Mom, everyone we know is out there looking. And when they find Faith, you need to be in good shape, to take care of her.

Lily: If that horse threw her, she could have hit her head.

Luke: Mom, please, don't think like that. It's all my fault.

Lily: No.

Luke: What are you talking about?

Lily: I wasn't paying attention. When she said she was going down to the barn, I thought it was just to see the new horse. I never thought she'd try to ride it, especially not alone.

Luke: She'll be fine. She'll be okay.

[Holden comes in carrying Faith]

Holden: I can't get her to open her eyes.

Lily: Honey.

Meg: Who's in there? Public enemy number one? Dr. Haynes, I have those x-rays. Dusty.

Dusty: Hey, Meg.

Meg: What are you doing here? That car accident was how long ago?

Dusty: Three weeks.

Meg: And you couldn't wait to break the same arm? How did it happen?

Dusty: I overreacted.

Meg: Apparently.

Dr. Haynes: I'll be back soon. Get him started on the I.V.

Meg: You must be in a lot of pain, lucky for you, you have a great doctor. You'll be feeling good real soon.

Dusty: What's in that?

Meg: Your new best friend. It'll dull the pain.

Dusty: No. No painkillers.

Meg: Dusty, the doctor can't reset your arm without them.

Dusty: Why not, I don't want to take them.

Meg: Okay, I'll bite. What's going on here?

Dusty: Lucy took off with my son. They disappeared. I have to find them before Craig does.

Paul: Meg?

Craig: Sorry to disappoint. It's only me.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Craig: You have a very nice view out there.

Paul: Will you get out of my apartment?

Craig: You know, now that I know what you did with those bullets I think you should reconsider giving me direct orders.

Paul: I think you should pretty much consider going to hell.

Craig: Lucy's taken Johnny.

Paul: Really?

Craig: Yeah, right. Like you didn't know.

Paul: No, I didn't know.

Craig: So, here's what happens next. My children are missing and you're going to help me find them.

Paul: Okay, I don't know what you were just talking about, but whatever it is that you were just talking about, Craig, there's no way that I would ever help you.

Craig: You actually don't know?

Paul: That's what I just said. I know when you are lying, which is most of the time.

Craig: So that makes you out of the loop. Which is actually smart on their part.

Paul: Although I would have willingly done anything I could to keep you away from Johnny.

Craig: I'm sure Barbara and Lucy knew that.

Paul: My mother?

Craig: They knew they could trust your motives, but when it comes to action, you have a tendency to fumble the ball. Ever notice how many of your schemes fail to come off?

Paul: Craig, if you are trying to hurt my feelings, I won't want to help you.

Craig: I don't care if you want to or not, you're doing it. Yes, Officer, he took blanks out of the gun and put in real bullets. Is that reckless endangerment or attempted murder? Really, it's both? My slightest wish is your command. That's funny?

Paul: What's funny is Lucy is the one that conned you. Good for her.

Craig: She's under the influence. Her pathetic devotion to Donovan warps her judgment.

Paul: You know what I think? I think it has nothing to do with Dusty. I think having you as a father was all the motivation she needed to keep Johnny from facing the same fate.

Craig: She's very confused.

Paul: She's the one. She's the one. The only one that can hurt you. First she got you where she wanted you and then she stuck the knife in. Right where it hurts. Please, tell me, it did hurt, didn't it?

Craig: Yes, it hurts very much.

Paul: Oh, I'm so glad you are in pain. And to think, that she's still a page from your book.

Craig: Here's the story. Here's how it's going to go. Either you get the information I need out of that demented mother of yours or I call the police. And you're behind bars for a very, very long time.

Meg: So Craig didn't know Lucy was taking Johnny?

Dusty: No, she just took off.

Meg: Oh my God.

Dusty: She realized her father was dead serious about taking Johnny away from me. And that was the end. So I have to help her. I have to get to her, and you have to help me.

Meg: So you overreacted on purpose. You broke your arm as a way to get here, where we don't have bars on the windows. Easier to get out.

Dusty: Please. Help me.

Meg: No, Dusty. I won't lift a finger to help you.

Vanya: Wow, you look like a star. Taking our breath away, Kid.

Gwen: Good, I thought you guys might just start laughing.

Adam: You thought wrong. I can't say any guy flipping through a stack of cd's and not stopping when he sees -- that. You should be paying me for this gig.

Vanya: I want to reset some lights. That color is great on her.

Adam: You didn't really think I'd laugh, did you?

Gwen: Kind of. I got this, you know, feeling that I'm faking it, and everyone's going to find out.

Adam: The one word no one would ever apply to you is fake.

Vanya: Remember, I want the hair like she just got out of bed and the eyes like like she wants to get back in.

Jade: So, I'm actually going out with Will's brother, Adam, but I've known Will and Gwen like forever.

Iris: Adam? The record producer?

Jade: Yeah, that's right.

Iris: He's not too bad. Yeah, I met him.

Jade: Yeah, he is.

Iris: And so young to be so important. How come you're not out in L.A. with him?

Jade: Oh. Of course, I was invited. He likes to run things by me and get my reaction to things, but we had kind of a family emergency here. I can't believe this is taking so long.

Iris: So, you're close to your family. That's wonderful.

Jade: Yeah. I'm really lucky.

Iris: I don't know if Gwen told you this or not, but our family - well, we've had our ups and downs.

Jade: I guess she doesn't talk about it.

Iris: Do you believe in second chances?

Jade: Yeah. Sure.

Iris: I do too. And I think Gwennie does, I really do. And I don't really blame him.

Jade: Huh?

Iris: Will. I really try to make myself remember that he's just trying to protect Gwen. But he -

Jade: He what?

Iris: Gwen was going to let me stay with them. And that was going to be my second chance, my chance to be a real mother to her.

Jade: What happened?

Iris: Well, there was a little argument between Will and I, and then he kicked me out. Look, I don't want to be petty, because I can't stand pettiness. But I think he's being a little judgmental since considering what happened in his history, you know?

Jade: Will is great. All that other stuff is in the past.

Iris: I know, I know. And I wouldn't be so hard on him if - I can't even talk to Gwen, I mean, I don't even know where she is. Promise me something. Promise me you'll never treat your mother like she's an enemy. It's unbearable.

Jade: Yeah. I can see that.

Iris: And I really don't think it's what Gwennie wants. I think Gwen wants to talk to me. You know, even as a little girl, could she sing. I just loved Janis Joplin.

[Jade remembering]

Gwen: Skip the trip down memory lane. Just go. Stop it, Mom, just get out of here!

Jade: You know, I bet you're right. Gwen probably does want to talk to you.

Iris: Wait a second. You know what, you're good friends with that Adam boy. I bet you can tell me where Gwennie is.

Jade: As a matter of fact, I can.

Lily: How long is it going to take? She's not waking up.

Holden: Honey, its Daddy, open your eyes, okay, Sweetie? Just open your eyes.

Lily: She's so cold. Her hands are like ice.

Luke: I can't believe this! They're saying fifteen to twenty minutes before the ambulance gets here.

Lily: We can't wait that long.

Holden: Luke, bring the car around. Honey, we're going to take you to the hospital, you're going to be fine.

Faith: Daddy?

Lily: Baby!

Faith: Daddy, don't go away again.

Holden: I won't, I won't.

Faith: Don't get a divorce.

Holden: Honey, your mom and I are not going to get a divorce. We love each other.

Lily: And we lover you.

Faith But I saw you. I saw you with that woman --

Lily: It's not what you thought.

Faith: And Jade said you were ha an affair with her.

Holden: What?

Faith: She said you lied to Mommy.

Lily: Honey? Honey, listen to me. I know what happened, it was all a big, big mistake. That woman was teaching your father how to dance.

Faith: They weren't dancing, they were talking. And he said that she was wonderful.

Holden: We were talking about last night. At old town. Her name is Tea, and she's a teacher and a friend. That's all. Mom met her and everything. It's fine.

Lily: You know what, Sweetie? This has been a very hard time, and I know you've been scared a lot. But those times are over. You don't have to be scared anymore. You're here, and we're together. And nothing, nothing is ever going to change that. Okay, okay?

Casey: Yes!

Will: Congratulations.

Casey: Oh.

Will: Good to win.

Casey: Who said I won anything?

Will: I thought you were bidding on something.

Casey: I'm done my Christmas shopping.

Will: Yeah, me too. I got a bunch of videos.

Casey: So what are you psyched about?

Will: Oh, nothing, really. Just -- my student adviser was supposed to have a meeting with me. And he put it off until after Christmas.

Casey: You know, I should get going.

Will: I just got here.

Casey: I know, I mean, I just have a lot of last-minute Christmas shopping.

Will: What's going on with you? Where have you been? No one sees you anymore. Gwen says you haven't been dropping by the studio at all.

Casey: Just finals, man, finals.

Will: Yeah, yeah, I get that. But it was you that got the ball rolling on the demo. It would be weird if you just dropped it all of a sudden.

Casey: I haven't dropped anything. I've just been busy, all right? Besides Gwen and Adam have everything under control, right? You heard anything about that?

Will: Uh, yeah, she called me when she got to the hotel. But we couldn't really talk. She's dealing with PR people and hair people. It was just --

Casey: Whatever, she'll tell you about it when she's back from L.A.

Will: I miss her though. My mom asked me why I didn't just go on the trip. And the more I think about it, I kind of wish I had.

Vanya: Come on, Honey. Think about sex, not mortgage rates.

Adam: Okay, let's take a little break.

Vanya: A break? We started two minutes ago.

Adam: A break where everyone keeps their mouth shut.

Gwen: This is not going well.

Adam: I've seen worse.

Gwen: Oh, now, I feel better.

Ada,” You know, there are some people - they could get in front of a camera and do whatever that jerk told them to do. You are not one of those people.

Gwen: That's not good, Adam. I'm trying to make a career out of being one of those people.

Adam: You can do this. But not his way. You can't fake things. You can't just pose. It has to be real.

Gwen: Real? In a cold room with thirty people staring at me, I don't think about sex. I think about getting a sweater.

Adam: So, we do this again. And this time, you think about, how's this? Will. Think about how he looks in the morning, or when he's playing basketball, showing off for you.

Gwen: How do you know?

Adam: I know everything. Okay, let's do this. Okay, now it's first thing in the morning, and he's not awake yet. And he looks, looks?

Gwen: Sweet. He looks sexy.

Adam: What do you like best?

Gwen: His hair.

Adam: Why?

Gwen: Because he hasn't had a chance to comb it yet. So it looks kind of like I just ran my hands through it, you know?

Adam: You want to wake him up, don't you? How do you do that, how do you wake him up? Look at me, not the camera, me. And he's warm?

Gwen: He's warm. His skin is very smooth. His back is very smooth.

Adam: And he smiles. Even before he opens his eyes, he smiles, because it's you. He rolls over.

Gwen: And puts his arms around me.

Adam: And he opens his eyes.

Gwen: He opens his eyes.

Adam: And they're --

Gwen: So brown. Um, no they are not, they are green. I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Craig: A show of bravado. How predictable.

Paul: And let's not do this again, huh?

Craig: I'm telling you, I swear, I'm going to turn you in.

Paul: You won't turn me in, you'll hand the police some cockeyed theory.

Craig: You have this morning and this morning only to go to your mommie dearest and find out where Lucy took Johnny.

Paul: And, as Meg pointed out, you have absolutely no proof to back that theory up.

Craig: Really. I need proof, huh?

Paul: Je, proofyes, proof. And I think now that you need to leave.

Craig: I've heard that the unimaginative are very sound sleepers. Now I have proof. Did it occur to you to ask yourself how long I was here before you finally staggered out of bed?

Paul: No. I don't care.

Craig: Long enough for a quiet but thorough search? Long enough to find these. Could these be the blanks you took from Donovan's gun? With your fingerprints all over them?

Meg: Craig, Paul, you?

Dusty: Listen. Lucy took off with my son. Here's the deal. If I find Lucy first, she can come back here and be a doctor again. If Craig finds them, or the cops, she loses everything. I deserve to lose everything. It's my son out there.

Meg: Oh, damn it.

Dusty: All you have to do is get some scrubs and distract the guard. And don't tell them anything, you don't have to risk anything.

Gwen: Just a second, okay?

Steve: Whoa, I'm sorry. Who are you?

Gwen: Shouldn't I be asking you that?

Steve: Right. Steve. Steve Avery. You didn't recognize the name, did you?

Gwen: No, should I?

Steve: Well, I don't claim to be a-list, but most people know me in my own club.

Gwen: I'm an idiot. You can turn around. I'm sorry. Hey, I'm Gwen.

Steve: Right. Adam's new girlfriend.

Gwen: No, Adam's new singer.

Steve: Yeah, well, sometimes it's not easy to catch the distinction.

Gwen: What's that?

Steve: Open mic night tonight. Some people approach open mic like it's a demolition derby. One thing about Adam, he sure has a great taste in singers. You two will make quite a couple.

Gwen: Look, that's not going to happen, I'm married to his -- brother.

Steve: Oh, a boundary. We all know how Adam respects boundaries.

Vanya: Weird little bird.

Adam: Yeah, but you and I both know those shots are going to come out hot. I want the proofs today.

Vanya: Any time, Munn, as long as you're writing the check.

Gwen: Sorry I took off like that.

Adam: No problem, what we got is going to be great. You're a natural.

Gwen: I don't feel like that. It felt, weird, using the most personal part of my life like that.

Adam: Yeah, I know, but that's what you do in your music, right?

Gwen: Yeah, I guess.

Adam: Your music is intimate. This is just an extension of that - of using personal stuff to relate to people, connect.

Gwen: It felt kind of different than that. I met the owner, Steve?

Adam: Steve? I've known him forever.

Gwen: Yeah. He said something. A couple of things.

Adam: He blew my secret, didn't he?

Gwen: It's true?

Adam: Yeah. You're singing here, tonight. Surprise!

Gwen: Wow. That is definitely a surprise.

Adam: You're not going to freak out on me, are you? Tell me you're not ready to sing in L.A.?

Gwen: No, I'm ready.

Adam: Gwen. I think you are ready for just about anything.

Iris: I should stop complaining, though. It's probably good for Gwen to be out on her own for a while.

Jade: Besides, you don't want to be in L.A. anyways.

Iris: I don't?

Jade: Like you said, it's a zoo. Plus, when you don't have a job, you feel like a sixth wheel.

Iris: Thanks.

Jade: I didn't mean that.

Casey: Sounds like you think I'm not contributing anything.

Will: Did you forget who is paying for all of this?

Casey: No, I haven’t. Since you brought up the money thing --

Will: What?

Casey: Well, how long do you think it's going to be until we see some kind of pay-off?

Will: We?

Casey: Aren't you the one that just said I hooked up Gwen and Adam. Plus at the very beginning, I was at all the studio sessions giving major input.

Will: Yeah, I know, I know. And if there is money to be made, you'll definitely get some. But the way my brother's hemorrhaging cash, I'll be lucky to make my investment. Let alone have any left over to share.

Jade: Poor Faith. She really thought your parents were getting a divorce. And me and my big mouth, I didn't help.

Luke: She saw Dad with that woman too, Jade, it's not just what she overheard you saying.

Jade: Shhh!

Dr. Huges: She's fine. Perfect. Nothing's broken and everything is in working order. So, tell me, how do we feel about going off and riding alone again?

Faith: Never again.

Lily: Never, ever, ever again.

Holden: Okay, I think she gets it.

Faith: Ever.

Lily: I have an idea. What if we get you out of those clothes off and go up and have a big bath?

Faith: Mom!

Lily: I have this new bubble bath stuff. You'll love it, it makes like a gazillion bubbles.

Holden: And after, you can wear my sweatshirt.

Faith: You never let me wear your sweatshirt.

Holden: It's what happens when you scare the hell out of me.

Faith: You said a bad word.

Lily: Come on.

Luke: Well, tragedy averted. Everything back to normal.

Holden: Is it?

Meg: How do you think all this is going to end?

Dusty: I'm trying to take care of my son.

Meg: You and Paul, you know what I think? You see a fire, and you put kerosene on it. You have an uncanny ability for taking any situation and making things worse.

Dusty: Funny. I think this is Montgomery’s fault.

Meg: It's how you do it. Dusty, please think, just for a second. You're in jail for shooting Craig. And now you want to escape to go find Lucy and Johnny? How do you think that's going to play out?

Dusty: I hope well. I have to do it.

Meg: Don't you think maybe they'll come looking for you! And then Johnny’s father will be an escaped criminal; yeah, you'll get custody, they like that in a father.

Dusty: It's a bad situation. Real bad. That's why I have to make a move. Ow!

Meg: Let me give you something for that, please. I swear, it's not going to slow you down, okay? You are in a lot of pain.

Dusty: No, no. I don't want painkillers.

Meg: Yes, or I'm going to scream my head off and get this guard in here. You have no choice.

Dusty: All right. You know what this is? This is my worst nightmare. Letting my wife down. Letting my son down.

Meg: That's funny. I was just thinking that Johnny has one hell of a dad.

Dusty: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have put you in the middle of this.

Meg: We're friends, Dusty. Maybe I don't agree with you, but it doesn't mean I'm not on your side. As a matter of fact, for you and you alone, I'm going to do something that makes me positively sick to my stomach.

Dusty: What's that?

Meg: I'm going to start thinking like Craig Montgomery.

Paul: You got me. You got my whole M.O. I took the blanks out of the gun, and I brought them home and put my finger prints all over them. And put them in a box in my drawer as a little keepsake.

Craig: You're suggesting I planted them?

Paul: I'm suggesting you've got squat. I'm suggesting you go home and think about how Lucy and my mother have trumped you.

Craig: So you're not going to help me?

Paul: I am not going to help you.

Craig: You've made a big mistake. Sorry about that. I'll find my kids some way else.

Paul: And what'll you do then? Lock them in the tower so they don't run again?

Craig: This morning was a test.

Paul: Whatever. There isn't one little part of you that thinks maybe you should give up?

Craig: I said in the hospital I wouldn't do anything to you.

Paul: No, I mean, the whole real big give it all up. Your own daughter, your own flesh and blood is so disgusted by you she gives up everything to keep her brother away from you - Craig because knowing how Lucy feels about you. Knowing your own little boy will never grow up well enough to know you to really hate you.

Craig: You can bluster all you want. But I can and will put you away.

Steve: All right. Give her a hand. Our next guest, we have Chris Holcombe coming to the stage.

Gwen: Hey.

Adam: How much do you think I paid her to sing like that?

Gwen: Don't be mean.

Adam: Gwen, we are in L.A. that's like saying don't breathe.

Gwen: Well how can somebody talk about me like that?

Adam: They will. They can say horrible things about your singing. And they would be wrong. About her, I'm right. How are you doing?

Gwen: I'm okay. I called Will, but his cell phone is off. I guess he's studying at the library.

Adam: When most are at this stage, very few of them use them during their studying habits.

Steve: Adam, you in there?

Adam: Hey, come on in. Look, could you do me a favor and tell the waiters to hold off during Gwen gig?

Steve: You want a favor after getting them here?

Gwen: Who is that?

Steve: He's like vice president in charge of everything creative at one of the biggest record companies. One of three guys in L.A. who can sign to an all new spot. Thanks so much Munson, so glad I did you a favor.

Adam: It's not a favor if I pay you. And thanks for keeping it quiet.

Steve: Well I have to go chat and suck up like I've never sucked up before.

Gwen: You weren't going to tell me, were?

Adam: Why do you think I came back here? I was just about to tell you whatever came in and - you know, it never really works to lie to you. You're right. I wasn't going to tell you.

Gwen: That's okay. Why make me more nervous than I already um?

Adam: You're nervous? Because, somehow, you don't look that nervous.

Gwen: Somehow, I'm not nervous. This is a very weird day. And tonight, this could change my entire life. And I'm like hey, this day could change my whole life.

Adam: You know why? Because this is the right day, you're wearing the right dress, you're singing the right song.

Gwen: I got the right producer.

Adam: Yes! I knew you'd finally see the light. You've been waiting all your life for this. Man, am I happy to be the guy who set it up.  

Holden: You heard what the doctor said. Faith is fine.

Lily: Physically. But the one thing she was really scare of when she woke up after going through all of that is that you wouldn't be here. That we would break up again.

Holden: She's been through a lot.

Lily: Exactly.

Holden: Look, it's all behind us. You and I were in it for the duration.

Lily: It's got to me. She's always so happy and grounded.

Holden: She still is. She bounced right back.

Lily: I hope so.

Holden: Well. When she saw me with Tea, I can't believe she jumped to all those conclusions.

Lily: Holden. When you came in here carrying her, I thought -- I thought that she was --

Holden: I know. I know.

Lily:Okay, can we talk about getting rid of the slightlygh used horse?

Faith: Don't talk to me about getting back on the saddle again, forget it.

Holden: Faith and I, we kind of have this little plan. We wanted to keep the horse, so we thought we could just blame this on the horse.

Faith: Hey.

Holden: Hey.

Faith: I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

Holden: You know what? I don't want to even talk about it. We have more important things to talk about.

Faith: Like what?

Holden: Like that party we are going to go to. You know what's going to happen? Your mom and I, we are going to dance. I'm going to show off all my new, smooth moves.

Faith: What?

Holden: I'm going to make a fool of myself in front of everyone we know.

Lily: And drag me along.

Holden: You're going to laugh your cute little head off.

Faith: This sounds embarrassing.

Holden: Honey? You don't know the half of it.

Craig: It's amazing. How when you can't creep up, you resort to the physical.

Paul: I do whatever I have to do to get you to stop talking.

Craig: You'd think James Stenbeck’s son could be more resourceful, more imagine nation. Sadly, no.

Paul: Hey, you want to take those bullets with you?

Craig: So, when I set you up for your fall, you won't even see it coming.

Paul: Keep talking. Will ever make up for the fact that because nothing you do you drove away the two people you actually care about.

Craig: I will get them back.

Paul: It's not going to happen. Lucy will never, ever really be your daughter again. The most she will ever be is your prisoner.

Craig: Happy landings.

Meg: How does it feel?

Dusty: Much better. You were right.

Meg: About a lot of things. There's not only one friend outside the door, there's another guard at the elevators, another at the stairs and squad cars outside. So your chances of getting away are pretty slim.

Craig: Montgomery just gets out of prison for attempted murder and the squad cars are waiting outside for me. They maybe I should make my move right now.

Meg: I'm not going to let you. I swear I will turn you in. And those guys will shoot you. Don't you think there's been enough blood already?

Dusty: So what do we do, nothing?

Meg: I didn't say that. I'm not going to help you escape. But I am going to help you do everything I can.

Craig: By thinking like he does?

Meg: Yeah. That's what I keep telling Paul. You can't react like he wants you to, or he expects you to.

Dusty: So what's the plan?

Meg: Well, I'm not going to shoot him in the chest. I'm going to make him think that what I want is what he wants.

Holden: Cold?

Lily: No. The air feels nice. She was laughing.

Holden: Yes, she was. She was really laughing. Nothing she likes better than the promise of me making a fool out of myself.

Lily: You two are so close. Even closure than before I went into the hospital.

Holden: She was pretty brave during all that. She was very worried about you. Sometimes it was really tough to t get her to talk, open up.

Lily: She's so lucky to have you. I'm so lucky to have you.

Luke: Alright now, we have one extra special custom Luke Snyder special grilled cheese sandwich made especially for Faith Snyder, no tickles, extra cheese.

Faith: Thanks.

Jade: That looks great.

Faith: Here, take it.

Jade: I'm not taking your sandwich. Luke made that special for you.

Faith: It's just -- I'm not very hungry.

Luke: Not hungry? You haven't eaten all day. I can make something else. You want cereal?

Faith: No, I think I'm going to go out to the barn. Check on Stormy.

Luke: Stormy?

Faith: It's a good name for her, isn't it?

Gwen: Come in, I'm almost ready.

Iris: Then I'm not too late, I made it. I get to hear my baby sing.

Meg: The guy has a fractured arm, give him a break.

Officer: I've got my orders. You make a move I don't like, and I will give you a break. Got it?

Dusty: Got it. Ah, Meg, you better be right.

Meg: Quiet, isn't it? Quiet and very empty.

Craig: So he sent you, huh?

Meg: Nobody sent me. This was my big idea. I heard what happened. That Lucy took Johnny.

Craig: You know how crazy I am about you, Meg, but I really don't want to talk about family business right now.

Meg: I think you should drop the charges against Dusty.

Craig: Wow, you said that with a straight face.

Meg: Get him out of jail.

Craig: Right. Just let bygones be bygones. Maybe we could go bowling --

Meg: Or maybe you could let him out of jail and follow him right to Johnny.

Paul: No I do not want you to change the locks. What I would like for you to do is please explain to me how Craig Montgomery got into my apartment. Oh thanks, that makes me feel so much better.

[Paul goes out to the balcony and places his hand on the railing and falls as the rail gives away]

[Paul remembers what Craig says as he’s falling]

Craig: So, when I set you up for your fall -- you won't even see it coming.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Iris: You're nobody. You're nothing. You're just some stupid kid who got drunk one night and let Casey Hughes knock her up.

Gwen: Shut-up, Mom.

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