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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 12/13/06

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Jade: Let me get this straight. You and Gwen are going to LA alone?

Adam: Yeah. To shoot the cover for her demo.

Jade: Yeah, but it's just you and Gwen.

Adam: You heard Will. He can't go. He's got a big interview tomorrow at Oakdale U.

Jade: Yeah, but at least he was invited.

Adam: He's her husband. My brother and our money man.

Jade: Yeah, but since he can't go, you're going to need me, right?

Adam: For what? I mean, besides the obvious.

Jade: I could run errands, I could be your go-to girl.

Adam: Look, the studio's got a lot of people to take care of that.

Jade: Then I could go for moral support.

Will: No offense, Jade, but I don't think Gwen needs your support.

Adam: Yeah, you two can't share the same air space for five minutes without you upsetting her, let alone a few hours on an airplane.

Jade: Oh, so you're saying that if Gwen didn't have to act like such a spoiled diva every time I was around, I could have gone?

Will: You know, you need to shut up.

Adam: Jade, you just don't get it. There would be no trip to LA, no photo shoot without Gwen. All right, she's what this is all about, the star of the project. I don't want anyone there bringing her down.

Gwen: Mom, what is it?

Iris: It's a judgment on me.

Gwen: What is?

Iris: My sister, Aunt Candice. A heart attack. Out of the blue, she died in her sleep last night.

Gwen: Oh, no Mom.

Iris: I know, I can't believe it. And it's all my fault. I mean, she was -- she was packing up her life to come here and help me turn mine around. I guess the strain was just too much for her.

Gwen: What did the doctor say?

Iris: Doctors?

Gwen: From the hospital.

Iris: They just left a message on my machine. I guess I was listed as her next of kin. Oh, Gwennie, I was so looking forward to sharing a place with her. The parole board won't even let me go to her funeral.

Gwen: Mom, Candice knew that you loved her. Hey, what's wrong?

Iris: Last time I spoke with Candice, she told me she loved me. That's probably the last time anyone's ever going to say that to me.

Gwen: That's not true. Hey, remember that awesome cabin that she had up at the lake? How would we just like swim, and eat fudge all day long? And she lied to me, she told that fireflies were tinkerbells. So, I like, ran around smushing all these innocent fireflies.

Iris: Yeah, she was really something. I don't know how I'm going to get through this.

Gwen: Well, we're going to just find you -- you know, a good meeting that you can go to --

Iris: Forget that. I'm going to the closest bar down the street. I need a drink so bad I can taste it.

Craig: Where's did your sister go? Oh, there she is. Lucy?

Margo: How, how -- how did you do this? You just had a bullet in you.

Craig: What are you doing here?

Margo: Never mind that, how are you?

Craig: Like you care.

Margo: I asked.

Craig: Stronger every day.

Margo: What is Johnny doing here?

Craig: He's here for an overnight. And yes, I have a court order. With a judge's signature.

Margo: A real judge? So he will go back to Barbara’s tomorrow?

Craig: Well maybe we'll sleep in and then we'll take a little walk and then, you know, eventually we'll make it to Barbara’s.

Margo: Well you better or I will get a real judge to issue an arrest warrant.

Craig: Were you this tiresome when we were children?

Margo: Yes. So Johnny will go back to Barbara’s tomorrow?

Craig: Mm-hmm, but, very soon he will be here permanently.

Margo: Craig you don't know that for sure.

Craig: Oh, I am absolutely 100% certain. And I quote, "the biological parent retains the legal right to revoke the termination of parental rights within 12 months."

Margo: I can't believe this, you really are going for custody?

Craig: Did you think I wouldn't?

Margo: Craig, beyond all the reasons why you shouldn't have this child, raising a baby is exhausting alone, even if you don't have a hole in you.

Craig: I'm not going to be alone. Lucy's moving in with me.

Margo: She is? Where is she?

Craig: She's not here at the moment. But I'm sure she's doing something for Johnny.

Lucy: You don't mean what you just said.

Dusty: Staying here is not an option.

Lucy: Okay, so let's say you managed to get out.

Dusty: I'm going to get out. I plan on it. I'm counting on you.

Lucy: You wouldn't really try to kill my father again.

Dusty: Your father has my son. I'm going to find your father, and I'm going to finish what I started.

Gwen: Mom, listen. You just need to talk to somebody, okay? Look, I know it's really sad about Aunt Candice, I get that?

Iris: Sad about Aunt Candice? It's wrecked everything, I didn't just lose my sister. Her coming here was just giving me hope that I was going to be able to turn my life around.

Gwen: You still can.

Iris: Nah, I'm not good on my own. You know, I think about my future and it scares me.

Gwen: Mom the future scares everyone.

Iris: Yeah, but look at me. I got nothing, I got nobody, okay?

Gwen: You'll make friends at AA.

Iris: Oh yeah, and then what? Have some pie, coffee, share with them? The few friends I had after I went to prison --

Gwen: Mom, no, you don't hang out with them because they drink. And if you're with them you will drink.

Iris: Yeah and then I'll be a drunk or I'll be a recovering drunk. That's the way it is, that's the way it goes. Look at you, my straight arrow kid. How did you learn all about this, huh?

Gwen: I read a lot about it and -- I remember.

Iris: Yeah, thousands of times I tried to quit before, huh? Gwennie, this time I thought it was going to be different. Candice was coming out here, she was going to find me a decent place, she was going to cover me when I tried to look for work, she was going to help me stay sober. She was someone I could come home to. Somebody who cared about me. Look, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be pushing this on you. Will, he's really looked after me. I mean, he's been very generous.

Gwen: Will gave you money?

Iris: You could have knocked me over with a feather. I mean those trust fund kids they don't give nothing to nobody.

Gwen: Will's not like that.

Iris: Yeah, I know. You sure could tell me that, I mean he floated me some cash.

Gwen: Enough to get you a better place to live?

Iris: It's enough, Gwen.

Gwen: It's just I know how it feels, living in a dirty rundown place.

Iris: Yeah it's depressing. But I deal with it.

Gwen: I just think you would feel better if you had a nicer place to stay.

Iris: Yeah, but I --

Gwen: How much did he give you?

Iris: Not enough for a decent place. But you see that wasn't the deal. It wasn't -- sorry, look -- I wasn't suppose to say anything to you. Please, please, just please tell me your not going to tell Will, all right?

Gwen: Will didn't want me to know about the money?

Iris: Will, he's going to be so mad at me. I wasn't supposed to say anything. He's going want to take that money back, and I already started spending some of it.

Gwen: Mom, what did he say?

Iris: It wasn't a gift, okay. It was a payoff so that I would stay away from you, and he didn't want me to tell you. So look, forget I ever said anything. I'm just going to get out of your hair now, okay.

Gwen: Mom, wait. Are you going to drink? There might be one thing I can do to help.

Casey: Hey! Set the studio up we want to do a song right now.

Maddie: Don't look at me it wasn't my idea.

Casey: You know the chipmunks, we'll she can do the voice like --

Maddie: Like a chipmunk apparently.

Casey: Is everything okay?

Will: Yeah, it is for me? I got to go.

Maddie: We have to go too.

Casey: Yeah, I left my mp3 player, we're just going to get it and then we'll bounce.

Adam: Yeah, it's on the console. Uh, Case, I need to talk to you for a minute in private.

Casey: About?

Adam: Our Christmas present for Mom.

Casey: Okay.

Adam: It won't take long.

Maddie: No problem.

Jade: Well then I guess I should go.

Adam: No, no, no, no, no. Stay, I need to talk to you too. I'll be right back.

Jade: Looks like Santa came early for you this year.

Maddie: Yeah. So what's on your wish list, Jade?

Adam: You know you offered to pay me back the money you owe me, but you never told me how you were able to get a hold of that kind of cash, without gambling again.

Casey: You know, Maddie’s waiting for me --

Adam: Quit dodging me! Are you still gambling?

Casey: No!

Adam: Then how you get that money? Where the hell did the money come from?

Dusty: The only way to stop your father is to kill him.

Lucy: There's got to be another way.

Dusty: There isn't, it's the only way. I need your help to get out of here.

Lucy: I want to help you, Dusty. Just, promise me, you won't hurt my father -- promise me.

Dusty: I'm not going to lie to you.

Lucy: So if you get out --

Dusty: If I get out I'm going to do anything I have to, to stop your father from getting his hands on my son.

Cop: Time's up.

Dusty: So what's your plan?

Lucy: I'll do the right thing, Dusty. You don't have to worry abut that. I love you and Johnny so much. Always know that.

Margo: Oh, hey Lucy.

Lucy: Margo.

Margo: I just came from Fairwinds. Craig told me that you're moving in there.

Lucy: Oh, he's still recovering from surgery, so --

Margo: Well, yeah, I guess Johnny’s kind of a handful.

Lucy: I'll make it work.

Margo: Well, my money's on you.

Lucy: Could you do me a favor?

Margo: Of course, what do you need?

Lucy: Don't tell my father that you saw me here. I just needed to see Dusty one last time. You understand.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, I think I so. Are you okay?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm fine. It's just, this is all very upsetting, don't you think?

Margo: Well, I think it's tragic.

Lucy: When you saw my father, did you get the feeling that he would do anything to hold on to Johnny?

Margo: Oh, yeah more than a feeling.

Lucy: Dusty would go just as far, if he were free.

Margo: That poor kid, he's going to spend his whole life in a constant tug-of-war between two people who love him, and hate each other.

Lucy: You know, if there was something we could --

Cop: Detective, you got a phone call.

Margo: All right. You know what, at least Johnny has you. Someone who's always going to put him first, and make sure he gets what he needs, ok.

Lucy: What he needs.

Adam: Are you gambling?

Casey: What do you think?

Adam: Then tell me where the money came from?

Casey: You remember all those birthday's and Christmas', when we got gifts from Gram and Grandpa that were worse than socks?

Adam: Savings bonds.

Casey: Yeah, nothing like a gift that takes 20 years before you can spend it. Yeah, my bonds matured.

Adam: You cashed them in?

Casey: I had to, I owed you money, I owed those other kids money. And I sure as hell wasn't going to ask Mom and Dad.

Adam: Okay. But you're through with the online gambling thing? No more?

Casey: Yeah, I told you that was through. Could you please, back off.

Adam: I need to get back to Jade.

Maddie: What was that about?

Casey: Just brother stuff, you know.

Maddie: I'm assuming you weren't fighting about whether to get your mom slippers or a robe for Christmas. Was it about Jade? I mean, know that Adam’s hooking up with her it must be pretty uncomfortable around the studio for Gwen.

Casey: Yeah, something like that.

Maddie: That girl really knows how to stir up trouble, huh?

Casey: Yeah, but we don't have to stick around and watch it. So let's go.

Adam: Glad you waited until I came back to rush off.

Jade: Let go.

Adam: Look, I don't want you to leave like this.

Jade: As far as I can see we have nothing else to say to each other.

Adam: That's where you couldn't be more wrong.

Gwen: I'm going to be flying to L.A. later today to do a photo shoot for my demo cover.

Iris: L.A. -- that's so exciting, Gwennie! Soon I'm going to see your face on a billboard on Hollywood Boulevard or your name in lights in times square.

Gwen: I'm a long way from that, Mom.

Iris: Oh but Honey, you got the dream. I mean, that's everything.

Gwen: Look, the reason I told you about the trip is that I thought maybe you could stay here while I'm in L.A. you know, get out of that ratty dump your in right now.

Iris: You kidding me? You'd let me stay here?

Gwen: Well you've got a lot going on right now. You know, with Aunt Candice’s death. And your sobriety actually is important to me. And it's private here. And the trees and the lake are really pretty.

Iris: Yeah, this is a palace compared to the dump I'm staying in. And I do love pretty things. And it would make me feel that much closer to you, Gwennie.

Gwen: You know, don't get too excited about it, Mom, I got to run it by Will.

Iris: Oh, do you think your going to be able to convince Will to let me stay here?

Will: Huh? Let you do what?

Dusty: Time to go back to the cage?

Margo: No, a reprieve, you have another visitor.

Dusty: I don't think so. I don't want to see her. Get her out of here!

Emily: Dusty, just give me a few minutes, please.

Dusty: After the job you did for Montgomery, switching bullets for blanks?

Emily: You know?

Dusty: I know. I know you were doing his dirty work.

Emily: Well there's a reason why I'm here.

Dusty: You got another Montgomery scheme under your belt?

Emily: No, no, Craig doesn't know I'm here.

Dusty: Emily, how many times have you lied to me?

Emily: Dusty, just hear me out.

Dusty: I stood up in court and I spoke on your behalf. Because my wife, because what you did for our son. You're walking around free cause of me.

Emily: I know, I know that and I'm very grateful.

Dusty: And your wasting your time with a loser like Montgomery pretending to help me? Every word out of your mouth is a stupid lie.

Emily: No, no. Not about Jennifer and Johnny, never.

Dusty: What was the point of saving Johnny if you were just going to hand him over to Craig?

Emily: You're right. About all of it. But there is an explanation, Dusty. And because of it, I may be able to help you and Johnny. More than you can imagine.

Lucy: Hey, Johnny. Keep sleeping, we've got a long night ahead of us. I wonder how I'll explain this to you when you're older. So keep dreaming -- and I'll pray this works out for you.

Craig: There you are. Where'd you run off to?

Lucy: Didn't you get my note?

Craig: Where did you go, Lucy?

Lucy: I went to Grandmother's to get some of my things.

Craig: Where does it say that there?

Lucy: I also had to think.

Craig: About what?

Lucy: How you can misjudge some people. I've known Dusty forever. I thought I knew him as well you can know anyone.

Craig: You were deceived.

Lucy: He tried to kill you. You were afraid he'd try again. I see it clearly now. I see it all so clearly. I misjudged you too, Daddy. Biggest mistake of my life.

Craig: I got my family back. What else could a man ask for?

Lucy: Daddy? Oh, you're still hurting.

Craig: Well Sweetheart, they just dug a bullet out of my chest. Bound to be have a little discomfort.

Lucy: Come on. Open your shirt. Let me take a look at it.

Craig: Why is it that I hate anybody fussing with me but you?

Lucy: I'll only look at it. Oh no, oh no, you're starting an infection.

Craig: What, is it serious?

Lucy: Yeah, no, untreated it could be very serious.

Craig: Well surely it can wait until tomorrow.

Lucy: No, no, you've got to get to the hospital right away. Daddy --

Craig: No it can wait, certainly it can --

Lucy: No, no, it can't wait. This kind of infection can spread quickly. And you have to get to the hospital now. And you have your driver take you and I'll stay here with Johnny.

Craig: Well why don't we all just go together?

Lucy: No, not a good idea.

Craig: We'll just bundle Johnny up and we can just drive --

Lucy: No!

Announcer: Coming up on -- "As the World Turns" --

Emily: The real enemy here is Craig Montgomery because you and I let him play us he's going to get permanent custody of your son.

Dusty: No, that cannot happen!

Emily: And with my help maybe it won’t.

Lucy: I just have to go.

Lucinda: Go? Go where?

Lucy: To take Johnny back to Barbara.

Lucinda: You're lying.

Maddie: I have no idea what to get Henry for Christmas.

Casey: He hasn't dropped any hints?

Maddie: Yes. He wants tickets to the Kentucky Derby. High roller status at every Las Vegas casino. And to always roll lucky sevens.

Casey: I doubt that's going to happen.

Maddie: Yeah, I know. But I came up with a compromise. You know those electronic gambling games. Well the bets are phony so he won't actually lose any money and he can, you know feel like a winner when he hits jackpot. What do you think, no?

Casey: That sounds okay.

Maddie: Well, I don't know I was just thinking he could get the rush of gambling, without the risk.

Casey: I think for guys like Henry the risk is the rush.

Maddie: Yeah, you're probably right.

Elwood: Well hello, greetings fellow travelers. Getting in the yuletide spirit, I see.

Maddie: Yes. Hey, I'm going to run into this store and see if any thing screams Henry.

Casey: Or Elwood!

Maddie: Or Elwood.

Elwood: Maybe.

Maddie: Apparently.

Elwood: See you around. What's up man?

Casey: Not much.

Elwood: Cool deal being done with finals and all.

Casey: Yeah if you passed them.

Elwood: Well either way we can still play online tonight without those term papers hanging over us.

Casey: Nah, I don't think so El.

Elwood: You kidding me? You always want to play.

Casey: I don't always want to play!

Elwood: Since when?

Casey: Just back off, man.

Elwood: Hey, all right.

Casey: I'm sorry, it's just that I've been like, ignoring Maddie lately and I really want to do something with her tonight.

Elwood: Oh, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more. You know what, even better, get Maddie to bring her computer over and then we'll have a group game going.

Casey: Nah, that's a bad idea.

Elwood: Why you so weird about Maddie. I mean she's got the brains for the game. Hey, Maddie. You want to play?

Jade: It's just so ridiculous, like having me around is going to throw Gwen off her game.

Adam: You know, there is a bright side to all of this?

Jade: Oh, I get hours to myself to look for a new boyfriend?

Adam: No, you get to miss me.

Jade: Oh, joy.

Adam: I get to miss you too. A lot. Which means when I get back, we're going to do a -- take a big adventure. Something fun. I promise I'll make this up to you.

Jade: You don't have to promise me anything.

Adam: I know I don’t. I want to. And I promise that you're going to like it.

Will: Who's idea was it to let her stay here?

Gwen: It was totally mine.

Iris: Look, I'm going to take off. I don't want to cause any trouble for you two kids.

Gwen: You're not causing any trouble, okay? Look, I'm sorry I didn't talk to you about this before and I totally understand if you don't want her to stay.

Iris: No hard feelings.

Will: This isn't exactly the way you and I left things before.

Iris: Oh, yeah I know. I am so grateful for the money.

Gwen: It's okay. I know about the money.

Iris: It all came blabbering out when I was telling Gwennie about the passing of my sister. You know, I swear, losing a sister it's just knocked me out for the count.

Will: I'm sorry about your loss. And you have my sympathies, I know what it's like to lose a sister. But Iris --

Gwen: Will, listen, she was talking about relapsing. And I just think it'd be a lot easier for her to be sober if she's here. It's just for one night while I'm in L.A. that's it.

Will: Okay.

Iris: Oh, thank you Will. It is such a blessing. After sleeping in those prison cots, the couch is going to make me feel like I've died and gone to heaven.

Will: Well, you can have the bedroom. Gwen's roommate actually dropped out of school. So I'll crash at the dorm.

Iris: Oh Honey, I don't mean to chase you out of your own house.

Will: No, no, no, it's fine. I have an interview there in the morning. And I'll just hang out there until she gets back.

Iris: Well, makes sense. But Will, Honey, I hope that you and I can spend some time together, because I need to start making amends, and I really should start with you.

Will: Iris, it's not going to happen.

Iris: You're my son-in-law.

Will: And you are nothing but the person who put Gwen though hell to me. So you're not going to make any amends, and there's not be a fresh start. This is a one-time deal, once Gwen gets back, you're gone. You're not working your way back into our lives.

Iris: But I already am, trust fund boy.

Lucy: Johnny's napping. If we move him, he'll wake up. And then he'll start to cry and we'll have to calm him down.

Craig: Not necessarily.

Lucy: Who's spent more time with this child, you or me?

Craig: It's not as though I haven't raised children.

Lucy: Okay, so do you have his diaper bag packed? You know, diapers, change of clothes, binky, blanket, bottle all ready to go?

Craig: You think Bob will make a house call?

Lucy: Look, the point in going to the hospital is that you might have to be scanned or x-rayed. Or have your antibiotics administered by IV.

Craig: You're truly alarmed.

Lucy: I just don't want anything bad to happen to you -- for Johnny’s sake, and for mine.

Craig: I got it back.

Lucy: What?

Craig: Your love. I got it back. I thought it was lost forever.

Lucy: I'll always love you, Daddy. Don't you ever forget that.

Craig: What would Johnny and I do without you? I'll be back.

Iris: Oh Honey, I know you're going to make a big splash in LA.

Gwen: It's just a photo shoot, Mom.

Iris: Ah, but that face. Did I ever tell you, you have the eyes of a poet?

Gwen: No, I guess you didn’t.

Iris: And I wanted to thank you a hundred times for letting me stay here. Really, it's a real life saver.

Gwen: Look, while we're away you can't do stupid things, like invite a bunch of people over. Or play loud music. Or leave the stove on --

Iris: Honey, Honey, Honey. Iris the party girl is gone forever. I will treat your home with total and complete respect.

Will: We'll hold you to that Iris.

Iris: Yeah, you go ahead and do that. I'm just going to sit here and pray for my dear departed sister's soul.

Gwen: You take care, Mom.

Iris: Oh Honey, give me a hug Sweetie. You fly safe, and you make your mama proud! Okay?

Gwen: Okay, bye Mom.

Iris: Bye Sweetie. Yes!

[Loud music blares from the stereo]

Iris: Whoops! Mr. Will Munson. Oakdale National Trust. Well, one teeny weeny look wouldn't hurt.

Emily: I hear everyone has a weakness. Craig found mine. My irrational love for Paul.

Dusty: It's pathological.

Emily: Yeah, I guess there are shades of that, too.

Dusty: Which makes you and Montgomery the perfect pair.

Emily: No. After I lost the baby, I was lonely, and vulnerable --

Dusty: Please.

Emily: And there was Craig, offering me this full partnership at the paper, and a way to get back at Paul. Only it turned into something else. A way to get Paul for myself.

Dusty: For yourself? Paul doesn't like you. He doesn't want you. Haven't you figured that?

Emily: I know, but Craig has a way of making the impossible seem possible. I'd sworn Paul off so many times, but Craig started in on me --

Dusty: And nothing else mattered. Not even my kid!

Emily: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you don't believe it, but I'm through with paul. I really am.

Dusty: I don't believe you, and I don't give a damn.

Emily: I know you don’t. And I don't expect you to. But I'm telling you, if you want to win against Craig, you have to know he's an expert at manipulating everyone.

Dusty: So are you kid.

Emily: No. Okay! I admit, I switched the real bullets in your gun for the blanks, because Craig told me to. But you have to own up to something, Dusty. You had real bullets in that gun, because you were planning to kill Craig. You're the one who lured him into that garage. None of that was my doing.

Dusty: Can we finish, so I can go back to my cell?

Emily: I'm telling you the real enemy here is Craig Montgomery. Because of him, because you and I let him play us, he's going to get permanent custody of your son.

Dusty: No, that can not happen!

Emily: And with my help, maybe it won’t.

Lucy: All right Johnny, I've got to run quickly. And miles to go before we can sleep.

Lucinda: Lucinda Montgomery, have you taken leave of your senses?

Lucy: It's possible.

Lucinda: Leaving my comfortable home to come to this mausoleum? To be with your father, the vilest of all vile men?

Lucy: Look, I don't have time to explain right now, grandmother.

Lucinda: Or time to give me a phone call? The maid saw you leaving, and called my secretary.

Lucy: I know. I'm sorry. I was in a hurry. I have to go. And I still am.

Lucinda: What is this innocent doing in the house of evil?

Lucy: Craig has him for an overnight.

Lucinda: I'm going to be sick. Where is Craig? While I'm here I might as well give him a piece of my mind.

Lucy: He's not here right now.

Lucinda: The child is here, but Craig isn't here? Where are you taking this child?

Lucy: Can we have this discussion later, Grandmother? Right now I really have to run.

Lucinda: You're shaking like a leaf, Dear. What's going on?

Lucy: Nothing. I just have to go.

Lucinda: Go? Go where?

Lucy: To take Johnny back to Barbara.

Lucinda: You're lying.

Maddie: So, you guys planning on some kind of game or something?

Elwood: Yeah, we're just gonna go back to the room after --

Casey: Free shoe rental at the bowling alley right?

Elwood: I would never wear shoes somebody else wore.

Maddie: So you never go bowling?

Elwood: You know actually I have my own bowling shoes and my own bowling ball cause I was captain of the bowling team in high school. But the game I was talking about, was we were just gonna go back to the room --

Casey: Forget it, El. Checkers, and video games, sounds like a non-starter because Maddie and I have plans.

Maddie: Actually, El, we don’t.

Casey: But we should, we should go see a movie and eat some pizza.

Maddie: That sounds really good. My holiday break I will be free the whole time.

Casey: So, why not tonight?

Maddie: Well you college boys are all finished with your exams but I'm still in high school and I have two killer exams tomorrow. Which I am actually late for my study group. So I will see you later?

Casey: All right fair enough.

Maddie: Okay, bye Elwood.

Casey: All right come here, do not, and I repeat do not ever mention online gambling in front of Maddie.

Elwood: What's the problem?

Casey: The problem is I don't want her to know.

Elwood: All right, my abject apologies. But since you're suddenly free tonight, maybe we can go back to the room and ante up.

Casey: No we can't ante up, I promised my brother I wouldn’t.

Elwood: You can't quit, dude. You're up now.

Casey: Yeah, and I suffered some pretty big losses on the way to that. I had to take a loan from my brother and I just think I should lay off for a while.

Elwood: Lay off? Now is not the time to be laying off.

Casey: Yeah, cause I want to quit while I'm ahead.

Elwood: You worried about losing money? Forget about it. Because I've come up with a way we can win at gambling and never lose.

Jade: So. What do you have in store for me when you get back from your trip to L.A.?

Adam: When's the last time you took a vacation?

Jade: Never.

Adam: Really?

Jade: For real, never. So this trip to L.A. was kind of like a --

Adam: Will still not include you. But what we could do a weekend get away when I get back. Some place warm and sunny.

Jade: Just the two of us?

Adam: And room service. You deserve to be pampered.

Jade: Adam thank you nobody's ever done that.

Adam: The pleasure would be all mine.

Gwen: Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.

Adam: Trouble?

Gwen: Just a family thing.

Adam: Anything I can do to help?

Gwen: No, it's taken care of. But I didn't have time to buy anything for the shoot.

Adam: Don't sweat it that's what Melrose Avenue is for. You ready?

Gwen: I guess. Yeah.

Adam: There's a limo's waiting outside to take us to the airport.

Gwen: Yeah, I saw.

Adam: Nothing too good for my rising star.

Jade: Have fun guys. Gwen I'm sure you'll do great.

Gwen: Thank you.

Iris: Will Munson. Mr. Money Bags. My daughter certainly did well here. Wonder how I can get a better pay off? Will, Honey, what are you doing back?

Will: I forgot something. What are you doing?

Iris: I was just -- see I was, umm, looking for something to read and this sort of fell out and so I was trying to get all of the papers together.

Will: Iris, get out now.

Dusty: Why don't you get out of here you really have no use to me.

Emily: That's not true. I'm willing to testify at the custody hearing about Craig’s role in the shooting.

Dusty: Who cares? I'm the one who shot him.

Emily: Well my testimony won't affect your case. But it might help the judge decide who gets custody of Johnny.

Dusty: In what dream world?

Emily: I will give Craig a character assassination that'll flip the judge on his ear. And who knows maybe the judge will decide that the baby gets to stay with Barbara.

Dusty: Denying Craig custody is only half the battle. I want to be with my son.

Emily: Well then you shouldn't have confessed to the police, Dusty. You should have, I don't know, pleaded insanity or something.

Dusty: Well you never thought you'd be here, and here you are walking free.

Emily: Yeah, because Jennifer made a death bed wish for you to forgive me. And you did and you came forward and you spoke on my behalf. You think Montgomery’s going to do that for you, huh? You think he's going to do something so selfless.

Dusty: I wasn't thinking about Montgomery.

Emily: Well then who? Who do you think's going to help you?

Craig: Lucy was adamant that I come in, get checked out.

Bob: Well there's such a thing as pushing yourself too far.

Craig: Yeah, that's what my doctor daughter keeps saying.

Bob: Let's have a look. Have you had much pain?

Craig: Nothing I can't handle, even with my son on my knee.

Bob: Okay, let's look under this bandage.

Bob: Huh.

Craig: What, is it bad?

Bob: No, no on the contrary. No sign of infection. I'd say it's healing very nicely.

Lucy: Grandmother, I don't have time for your hysterics.

Lucinda: Dear, is Johnny sick again?

Lucy: No, no, Johnny is fine.

Lucinda: Does Craig know that your taking him to Barbara’s?

Lucy: You know what? It turns out that dealing with his injuries and a child was just to much for him to handle right now.

[Johnny cries]

Lucinda: Sweetheart I know you’re lying now because he would never, never let this child out of his sight.

Lucy: Can we please not scare Johnny.

Lucinda: Johnny? You're scaring me. You are.

Lucy: Look, I have got to go, okay?

Lucinda: Darling, oh -- oh my God, Darling you're running away -- you're kidnapping Johnny?

Lucy: Yes I am.

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Lily: Who is this woman? And why are you having an affair with her?

Craig: I have to go.

Lucy: Daddy's gonna be here any minute and he's going to know I tricked him. Please Grandmother, let me go.

Vienna: This diamond is not one of the royal jewels

Katie: What?

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