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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/12/06

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Jade: You've got possibilities.

Gwen: You're right, the new ending is better. Felt good. Adam?

Jade: Adam's on the phone.

Gwen: Okay.

Jade: I just got here, but I did hear most of the song. Tell me something, is that the way the song's supposed to sound?

Will: Thank you.

Iris: Before you start, I had no idea you'd be here. I've been keeping my distance, like you wanted. I just need a cup of coffee and I'll be on my way.

Will: Relax, Iris. I've been looking for you.

Iris: Oh yeah? Why? More money? How sweet. That's a big number.

Will: I want to make sure you understand how serious I am.

Iris: How old are you, 18? And you can afford to give away this kind of --

Will: I'm not giving it away. I'm buying your cooperation.

Iris: I see. Before it was here's a little money to help you start out. Now it's here's some big money to keep away from my daughter.

Will: She's my wife, Iris. And she doesn't want anything to do with you.

Iris: Yeah, I get that. But where'd you get this kind of money?

Will: Barbara.

Barbara: I'm so sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Dusty: Is it Johnny? Is he sick?

Barbara: I know there's nothing you can do -- but you're his father --

Dusty: What happened?

Barbara: Craig got some sort of court order. They took him. He and Lucy took Johnny.

Craig: Leave it to bar-bar to be a bore. I'm your father and she has no right to keep you from me. A great big teddy bear. Much better than that limp little toy your grandmother gave you.

Lucy: I think it makes sense from a developmental point of view to -- I had my rabbit and Brian never went anywhere without his giraffe. Remember?

Craig: The doctor's always right, son. Especially when she's your sister.

Lucy: I'm sure he'll love his new toys when he's had a chance to get used to them.

Craig: And whose fault is that? He should have been with me from the start. But he's home now. As soon as the paperwork is all finished, he'll never have to go to old Barbara again.

Lucy: I know that you and Barbara have history. And I don't expect you to like her. But she loves her grandson and he loves her.

Craig: He'll get over it.

Lucy: Why should he have to?

Craig: He doesn't need her fawning all over him, making him weak. I know she lost her daughter, but it's not Johnny’s job to replace Jennifer. Which reminds me -- no. Definitely not a Johnny. And certainly not a Dustin.

Lucy: His mother named him.

Craig: Without consulting his father. And now that he's mine, I'm having the paperwork drawn up to change his name. What do you think, Craig Montgomery, Jr.? You ready to take on the world?

Carly: You're driving me crazy.

Simon: That's the idea.

Carly: I thought the idea was to get inside before we scandalize the neighbors.

Henry: Come on, Martha Stewart, let's get out of here before we get caught.

Katie: We don't want Carly to know anyone was here.

Henry: When she notices her diamond's missing, I think she'll catch on.

Katie: Why are you whispering?

Henry: I don't know. Heebie jeebies. Let's go.

Katie: I can't believe we found it. Proof that Simon stole the jewels of Leonia. He'll go to jail and then Mike will come back to me and --

Henry: They're on the porch.

[Katie and Henry dive for the floor behind the couch]

Simon: What was that?

Carly: I never unlocked this door. It must have been open.

Simon: You sure?

Carly: The keys are still in my hand. And I know I locked it when I left. Someone's been here. 

Simon: Maybe Jack stopped by?

Carly: He would have called me. And he'd never leave the door unlocked.

Simon: I guess you were just so eager to see me you forgot to lock up.

Carly: You're cute, but not that cute. No, no, somebody's been here. Something doesn't feel right.

Simon: I tell you what's not right.

Carly: What? No, I'm serious. I feel funny. I feel like someone's been here.

Simon: I seriously think you're trying to avoid me.

Carly: Now, why would I be trying to avoid you?

Simon: Still mad at me for what I said about Jack?

Carly: No, I'm not mad about Jack. I just wish this situation hadn't gotten so out of control. And I wish --

Simon: What? I hadn't bought that building? I hadn't hired you? I hadn't made us both very, very rich?

Carly: I didn't have so much baggage.

Simon: Oh, come on. If you didn't, then you wouldn't be who you are and I wouldn't want to spend every single minute of every single day with you.

Carly: Yeah, why haven't you run for the hills, hmm?

Simon: Carly, every single person I have cared about I have run from. But you have backed me every single step of the way and I'm going to do the same thing for you. I promise you, I'm going to protect you.

Gwen: Sorry. Didn't realize you were working. How'd the new arrangement feel?

Adam: Better. At least I thought so. Jade pretty much hated it, though.

Jade: Hey.

Gwen: When did you get here?

Jade: Just now. And I thought you sounded great. I'd just never heard that arrangement. Was that you? I loved it.

Adam: Thanks. You hungry?

Jade: Always.

Adam: There's a pile of menus on the counter outside. Why don't you sort through them, order us something?

Jade: Sure. Would you like something, Gwen?

Gwen: No.

Adam: Want to try it again?

Gwen: I don't think so.

Adam: Why not?

Gwen: I thought things were going to change, Adam. That I'd give it 1,000% and you'd make sure Jade kept her distance. So what's she doing here?

Will: Where I got the money doesn't matter, Iris.

Iris: You don't have a job. Who'd hire you? You're a high school drop-out.

Will: I have my diploma.

Iris: How? Did Mommy buy it for you?

Will: I earned it.

Iris: You did. Good for you. Nice to know my son-in-law is coming up in the world. Nice little house, nice wife, plenty of money in the bank. Is this check from your trust fund? So what’s the deal is? You get your diploma and Mommy loosens the purse strings?

Will: My finances are none of your business, Iris.

Iris: I beg to differ. After all, you are my daughter's husband. It's very important to me that you're able to provide for her.

Will: She's not complaining.

Iris: I'll bet. Does she know you're paying me to stay away from her?

Will: She'll know when we come to terms. If it were up to me, you'd leave town. But I know that the terms of your parole require you to stay here. So until you can leave for good, I need your promise that you'll stay away from Gwen. You see her coming, you cross the street. No phone calls, no letters, no contact of any kind, agreed?

Iris: What kind of mother would I be? I love my daughter. Are you saying no contact whatsoever?

Will: No contact at all. That's the deal.

Iris: As much as I need the money -- I love my Gwennie. I could promise you I'd stay away, but I don't know if I can.

Barbara:  I tried to hold them off, but Craig’s attorney had a court order.

Dusty: I knew this was his next move.

Barbara: If I could have stopped them –

Dusty: What did the order say?

Barbara: I have a copy. It's a visitation order.

Dusty: The judge only gave him the one night.

Barbara: All they need is an hour. Craig had a plane waiting on the tarmac. I'm sure they're winging their way to some dreadful country without any extradition.

Dusty: Lucy wouldn't let that happen.

Barbara: She's his daughter.

Dusty: And she's on our side.

Lucy: Is that fair? Changing his name? To yours?

Craig: Lots of important men share their names with their fathers, don't they? Craig.

Lucy: I think that's really disrespectful to Bryant’s memory. I'm sorry, I do.

Craig: Why?

Lucy: Because he was your first born son. If anyone were to share your name, it should have been him.

Craig: That's not true. Ulysses S. Grant shared his name with his second child.

Lucy: He did?

Craig: Uh-huh.

Lucy: Well, I don't like it and I don't think that Barbara is going to allow it. Jennifer named him. It's cruel to change his name. Besides, when he's over there, he'll be known as Johnny. It'll be very confusing for him.

Craig: Another good reason to make sure he never sees Barbara or Will or Paul ever again. It's not safe for him to be at Barbara’s Dusty proved that.

Lucy: Dusty is no longer an issue, thanks to you.

Craig: What do you mean thanks to me? The man shot me.

Lucy: I was there, Daddy. But if you are trying to build a case because of Dusty, based on Dusty, I don't think a judge is going to go for it.

Craig: What's going on?

Lucy: What you do you mean?

Craig: First you want him to keep the toy and then his name, his address, and those dreadful relatives. I thought you wanted to keep us together.

Lucy: I do. That's why I went over to Barbara’s to go get him.

Craig: I'm beginning to wonder. As much as I would love for you to live with us, if your feelings for Dusty Donovan are clouding your judge.  I just as soon that you leave.

Dusty: She says craig set me up.

Barbara: Does she approve?

Dusty: I don’t want to get into it.

Barbara: Wait a second. You can talk to the woman who took your son away and you can't talk to me about this?

Dusty: Listen to me. You are Johnny’s home. I can't put you in jeopardy. I have to keep you out of this. Do you understand?

Barbara: I can't just stand by and watch let Craig take him out of my life. I have to do something to help.

Dusty: Help by trusting me.

Barbara: What has she done to put herself on the line? You have done this. And now Craig has you locked up and he's got Johnny in his arms. You tell me how she's going to stop him.

Craig: Don't you worry, Craig, Jr. Daddy will protect you.

Lucy: You're questioning my loyalty to my brother because I'm giving you my honest opinion about some of the plans you've made?

Craig: I'm questioning your loyalty to me.

Lucy: If that's the way you feel maybe I shouldn't have stopped Dusty from shooting you. When have I ever kept my mouth shut when I thought you were making a mistake?

Craig: Never. And I wouldn't want you to start now. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm so close to everything that I want. And I don't want to blow this chance. Okay? Can you understand that? I lost your mother. I lost Bryant, I've lost Cabot. If I thought that I were to lose you and Johnny, I don't know what I'd do.

Craig: Oh, there you are. Any luck?

Lawyer: I spoke to the judge.

Craig: And?

Lawyer: He sees things our way.

Craig: And he agreed to overturn the adoption.

Lawyer: You will have full custody by the end of the week.

Craig: Yes! And visitation?

Lawyer: Well, given the circumstances, he's agreed that you shouldn't have to share the baby with the mother's family.

Craig: Did you hear that, Craig, Jr.? Hmm? You're all mine.

Will: You don't like my terms, fine. I'll get a restraining order. You come anywhere near the house, studio, university, I'll file a complaint with the parole board and have you thrown back in jail so fast --

Iris: No, no, let's not jump ahead of ourselves, okay? I mean, you know I love my daughter and it would pain me to never see or talk to her again, especially now when she's this close to getting her dream. Hey, did you know I used to sing? Yeah, I did. I wasn't professional, but a lot of people said I should be. Sang in the church choir.  Amazing grace I used to sing that to her. But it was me. It was my talent. Ray couldn't sing a lick. Me, all of it. Me. My talent. So if you are saying that what's going to help her be successful is for me to stay away, that's what I'll do.

Will: No contact. No exceptions.

Iris: Wait a second. You know that her Aunt Candace is coming into town. She's going to want to see her.

Will: She can see her aunt.

Iris: Thank you, Will. Because you know, I wouldn't want to come between Candy and Gwen. They were as thick as thieves. She's going to love you.

Will: Just as long as you keep your distance, okay?

Iris: Would you do me a favor? Would you tell Gwen that I love her and the only reason that I'm doing this is because you asked me to? I mean, I -- I really don't want her to think that her mom just took off.

Will: Yeah, yeah, I'll tell her.

Iris: And also that if she needs me she can call me because I'll be here. If she needs me any time, she can do that, right? She can call me. You're not going to tell her what she can and can't do, right?

Will: I'm just here. Gwen doesn't want you in her life at all and she's made that very clear. I'm just a messenger.

Iris: Fine. I got it. It's clear. Okay?

Will: Okay. Good. So, no contact. All right.

Iris: So you want me to stay away from my daughter. This, my dear, is just going to be a down payment.

Adam: We have been over this, okay? You and I work together. Who I see or don't you --

Gwen: Outside of work.

Adam: All right. So let's work.

Gwen: Okay.

Adam: Did she say something to you?

Gwen: No, let's just get to work before she comes back with your lunch or you get another phone call.

Adam: Do you have any idea who I was talking to?

Gwen: David Geffen?

Adam: Only his favorite art director who just happens to have a break in his schedule and agreed to do the cover art for our demo. Unless, of course, you would rather keep talking about my girlfriend.

Gwen: Oh, so now she's your gill friend?

Adam: I'll at call him back, tell him we're not interested.

Gwen: No, no, I'm very interested.

Adam: Good. That means we need to make a couple copies of what we did today, pack our bags and leave for the airport.

Gwen: The airport?

Adam: Yeah. His studio is in L.A., okay, so I'm just going to check the levels on that last track we laid down.

Gwen: You want me to leave for the airport right now?

Adam: No, you got about an hour.

Gwen: What time is it?

Adam: Time to take off your watch.

Carly: Jill's mom is dropping Sage off before the fair tonight.

Simon: That's not for hours.

Carly: Knowing you? We could still be here.

Simon: So let's take this party upstairs.

Katie: Gone?

Henry: They know how to make them, down under.

Katie: You're not helping, Henry.

Henry: Just be grateful we didn't get caught. You okay?

Katie: He is so going to jail.

Henry: For sleeping with Carly?

Katie: For stealing this diamond. This is proof, Henry. Proof that they stole Prince Adolpho whatshisname's jewels.

Henry: So let's take it to Jack.

Katie: I have a better idea.

Simon: Let the machine pick it up!

Carly: It could be one of the kids! Hello?

Sage: Mommy?

Carly: Hey, Sweetie, are you okay?

Sage: I'm fine.

Carly: How's your science project?

Sage: Hard. It's taking a long time.

Carly: You'll get it done, Sage. I can come back to Java, look at what you've got if you want.

Sage: That's okay. But can I ride to the science fair with Jill and her mom?

Carly: So you can have more time to work? Sure. If that's what you want. I'll meet you guys there.

Sage: Remember it's not at school.

Carly: I remember. I'll meet you at Memorial Hospital, at the entrance to the fair, okay?

Sage: I'll tell Jill’s mom.

Carly: Are you okay, Sweetheart? You sound a little worried.

Sage: We're making a solar system and we don't have a sun.

Carly: A sun. How about some gold paper or maybe some tinfoil? Or maybe some glitter glue - something sparkly - like sunlight?

Sage: I know just what to use! Thanks, Mommy.

Carly: Anytime, Sweetie. I'll see you at the hospital. And I can't wait to see your project.

Sage: What did your mom say?

Jill: I can stay. And she gave me the best idea for the sun.

Simon: Was that one of the kids?

Carly: Sage.

Simon: What's wrong?

Carly: My necklace. I know I put it here somewhere - it's gone.

Katie: Thanks for coming.

Mike: I don't have much time.

Katie: This won't take long. I just wanted you to know that I was serious about going after Simon.

Mike: Katie --

Katie: I know that he and Carly stole the jewels of Leonia. And I want you to be there when they're arrested.

Mike: Katie, without proof --

Katie: They're guilty. I can prove it. And they're going away - Simon’s going to jail - and I'm going to put him there.

Mike: How? The police have been after him for years --

Katie: I told you - I have proof.

Mike: A witness? A confession? Short of that, I don't see how you can prove anything. Where'd you get that?

Katie: I found it. At Carly’s.

Mike: You mean you stole it.

Katie: Somebody had to follow up - the police weren't doing anything.

Mike: Katie -- stolen evidence isn't evidence of anything but that you broke the law. You're going to get in a lot of trouble.

Katie: I don't care. I promised you I'd get Simon out of my life and I have.

Mike: You promised me?

Katie: Don't you remember? We were standing right over there - I was signing books. And you told me that I had to get him out of my life and I promised you I would.

Mike: By breaking and entering?

Katie: I did what I had to do.

Mike: As usual - in the world according to Katie. Where breaking and entering - and stealing - just leave me out of it.

Katie: But Mike - I did it for you.

Barbara: Do you realize that Craig doesn't care about Johnny? Don't you get it?

Dusty: Lucy is our hope.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I will take this to my attorney, have him work on a response.

Dusty: Barbara. You're my family. My son needs you very much.

Barbara: I know. I know.

Dusty: With Lucy’s help, we're going to get him back. Do you hear me? We're going to get him back.

Lucy: Don't you worry, Johnny. I won't let anything happen to you. Promise. The lawyer gone? What is it?

Craig: This is all I've ever wanted. My children. You mentioned Bryant earlier. I'm not looking for your forgiveness, Lucy. I know I let him down - that I drove him to -- that what happened was my fault.

Lucy: We all let him down.

Craig: No. Not you. You've always been the heart and soul of this family. And despite everything I've done to ruin our relationship, you've managed to keep us on track. I'm so grateful, Lucy.

Lucy: Daddy you don't have to --

Craig: With you here with us, I'm sure that we are going to be happy and that he'll turn out to be a wonderful human being. And I apologize for doubting your loyalty - it's just so important to me that this works. Now let me get this stuff to the nursery. I'll be back in one second. We're going to be so happy.

Lucy: I will never let him do to you what he's done to Bryant and me - I promise.

Gwen: I'm at the studio - call me as soon as you get this. He's not picking up. I left a message but --

Adam: Don't worry. We won't leave for L.A. without Will.

Gwen: Good. So what exactly is this art director guy going to do?

Adam: He'll start by taking your picture. I know you don't care about the image thing --

Gwen: You don't know that.

Adam: I've seen you perform.

Gwen: I thought that you liked the way I sing.

Adam: I do. But the clothes could use some work. And the hair and the makeup - but don't worry about all that. He'll have people there to help you.

Gwen: That's awful. Just so you know, I'm not Brittany Spears or -- or Beyonce. That's not my thing.

Adam: So what you'll need to do is go out and buy a few things that are your thing. I'm not saying he'll use them in the shot but it'll give him a place to start.

Gwen: And when am I supposed to do that?

Adam: Now?

Gwen: I need to polish that new section at the top of the bridge. That's first. What?

Adam: Polish the bridge. Look, we'll polish you when we get to L.A.

[Adam leaves the room]

Jade: What is your problem?

Gwen: You, Jade. You're my problem.

Jade: Look, Adam and I are --

Gwen: Sex buddies. Got that.

Jade: Adam and I are together, okay? And since you two are working together, I think we should try to get along.

Gwen: Oh, okay.

Adam: Gwen?

Jade: Hey. I ordered you a quesadilla. Now that we've finally got the place all to ourselves.

Adam: Yeah, about that. I think we're going to have to find ourselves another place to hook up.

Jade: Why?

Adam: I can't risk losing Gwen.

Sage: The sun is perfect.

Jill: Is it a real diamond?

Sage: I don't know.

Jill: Where did you get it?

Sage: A lady gave it to me.

Jill: It's fake.

Sage: I don't think so. My mom has a diamond and it looks just like it.

Simon: Where did you leave it?

Carly: Right here. I remember, I walked in the door, I was still mad at you and I took it off and tossed it on the couch.

Simon: All right, the couch.

Carly: I checked. It's not there.

Simon: All right. It's not in the couch. Sage. What about Sage? Would she have taken it?

Carly: No, she wouldn't take it. She's not like that.

Simon: Well, it was a very pretty thing.

Carly: Yeah, but she knows it's mine. She wouldn't do it, I'm telling you.

Simon: Okay. It's got to be here somewhere.

Carly: It’s okay.

Simon: It's just a fake diamond. We threw the real one in the river.

Carly: I know. It's just every time I think this is over, something happens.

Simon: : The only thing this time is we lost a fake diamond.

Carly: Right. I know. I'm sorry. I don't want to overreact. I just -- I have kind of a bad feeling about this.

Simon:  Look, it's no wonder. I get it. You haven't had a calm moment in weeks. It's all my fault, all right? It's all my stupidity.

Carly: You also made me a small fortune. You've made me feel like a designer again. And every morning when I wake up, I can't wait to see you. I'm happy. And I'm hopeful. And even if I'm still afraid that we're going to get caught, Simon, I wouldn't trade it.

Simon: Listen to me. If something does happen, I don't think it will because there's no evidence to connect us to the crime. But if something does happen -- look at me -- you have to give me your solemn vow that you will walk away. I'm going to take 100% of the blame for this, all right? You are in the clear.

Carly: Wait, wait, wait.

Simon: No, I mean this.

Carly: No, no. The door was open when we got here. And I know that I locked it when I left. So that means that someone came in, and took the necklace. And I bet I know who that someone is. Katie.

Mike: I never told you to break into Carly’s house.

Katie: I know. I know. This is all on me, and I will go to jail if I have to prove I'm over Simon. It will be worth it.

Mike: No, it won’t.

Katie: I want you to know that I heard you when you told me to be very clear about Simon.

Mike: For yourself.

Katie: Right. And I've done that. That's why I had to go over there today. Simon is a pro. He knows Jack is after him. If I didn't grab that diamond he would have fenced it or hidden it or done something with it and it would be gone. We would have lost any chance of seeing him to go to jail.

Mike: You're probably right about that.

Katie: Now we have the evidence. And between you and me, I don't think Jack is going to care where I got it. He's not any happier with Simon than we are.

Mike: But if Carly is involved, I don't know how Jack will deal with that.

Katie: We'll take it to Margo or some other cop. We have to get this done. Come with me and see Simon arrested.

Mike: I wouldn't mind seeing Simon brought down. All right.

Lucy: I have to talk to you.

Dusty: I thought you were with Johnny - Barbara told me that you and your father took him.

Lucy: We did - and Johnny’s fine. But I had to see you. It's worse than we thought.

Dusty: If I could have a moment with the lady?

Guard: Five minutes.

Dusty: So what's going on?

Lucy: I overheard my father's attorney telling him that the judge has agreed to cooperate.

Dusty: So he bought the judge.

Lucy: And he's going for full custody. Barbara won't be allowed to see him.

Dusty: What?

Lucy: Apparently the argument is that it isn't safe - since you shot my father --

Dusty: Barbara didn't have anything to do with that.

Lucy: I'm not saying it makes sense. Or that you can't appeal. But he's expecting a ruling in a few days - we have to do something.

Dusty: Have a seat. I'm going to need your help.

Lucy: I'll do anything to keep my brother safe.

Dusty: Help me break out of here.

Jade: With you living with your mom, and me at my aunt and uncle's, we really don't have any other place to go to be alone.

Adam: Yeah, I know.

Will: Sorry. I was just looking for Gwen. She left me a message.

Adam: She stepped out. But you need to clear your schedule. We have to fly to L.A. tonight. I've set up a photo shoot for tomorrow.

Will: Tonight - that's perfect. What time do we have to be at the airport? I want to go home and pack. Does it have to be tonight? I have an interview at Oakdale U first thing tomorrow morning.

Adam: This is the only time the guy had free.

Will: They're already doing me a favor - they usually don't admit anyone in the middle of the year. I don't think I can get out of this. I know I can’t.

Jade: So I guess it'll just be the three of us.

Adam: Sorry, Babe. This isn't a vacation - its work. So if Will can't come, it'll just be Gwen and me.

Gwen: Mom? What's going on?

Iris: Oh Gwenny, something terrible has happened.

Katie: Excuse me, we'd like to talk to Detective Snyder.

Officer: I'm sorry, he's not here right now.

Katie: Then we'll wait.

Officer: It might be a while.

Katie: That's okay.

Mike: Katie, I've got things to do.

Katie: More important than nailing Simon Frasier?

Carly: I'm telling you - Katie broke in here and took my necklace.

Simon: That seems a little extreme - even for Katie. Then what?

Carly: She'll take it to Jack.

Simon: And he'll take it to an expert and he will say, Jack, it's a fake.

Carly: You don't think he'll take it to the jeweler?

Simon: And ask what? It's over. Even if Katie did take the necklace, there is nothing to link us to the princess jewels.

Carly: I don't know. I don't know, Simon. It just -- it feels so --

Simon: Look, I know what you're feeling, okay? It's guilty. All right. Because you know what you've done, but they don’t. Those feelings are natural.

Carly: I think what those feelings mean is that I'm definitely not cut out to be a jewel thief.

Simon: Well, that's good. That's really handy because apparently I just quit the profession. So now you and I can be good together.

Carly: I like to think that we already are good together.

Simon: I think we are, too. Now we can focus on our next project, another building, a hotel maybe, maybe you can try your hand at designing the interior of airplanes. There's big business in private planes these days.

Carly: That sounds like fun.

Simon: We can just concentrate on growing our business, do some traveling.

Carly: Well, I have two kids, remember them.

Simon: So what. We'll take them with us.

Carly: We'll take them with us. You know what happened the last time I had my kids at an airport?

Simon: You were probably alone much this time you're not going to be. Carly, listen. We're going to be good. We're going to really, really get to know each other. None of it will have anything to do with diamonds or breaking the law or anything that will keep us up at night. It's all blue skies ahead for us. We are going to be fine. Because we threw that real diamond in the river. And you know what? That was the best thing we ever did.

Sage: My mom's diamond was right next to my magic crystal. I hope I picked up the right one.

Jill: If they look the same, it doesn't matter.

Sage: They're exactly the same. You're right, it doesn't matter.

Craig: Look what Daddy found. Lucy? Where did she go? "Had to run out, be back soon." I wished she had spoken to me. What's your big sister up to?

Lucy: Even if I could get you out of here, how is that going to stop my father from suing for custody?

Dusty: You just get me out of here. I'll take care of the rest.

Lucy: What aren't you telling me?

Dusty: Lucy, we both know there's only one way to stop Craig.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Dusty: I'm going to have to kill your father.

Jade: Do you think you will be able to convince Will to let me stay here?

Adam: Hmm?

Craig: There you are. Where did you run off to?

Lucy: Didn't you get my note?

Craig: Where did you go, Lucy?

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