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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 12/6/06

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Carly: Careful. What if Vienna sees us? She's got a suite right down the hall, doesn't she?

Simon: Okay, who cares? Lace?

Carly: Never.

Simon: And why did we toss it in the river? Because this is more important. [Door banging] Vienna?

Vienna: I thought we had an understanding, Simon. Obviously, I was wrong.

Adam: This is what you've been doing? Why you've been acting so weird?

Casey: Look, all right, it's just poker and everybody does it.

Adam: Is everybody in debt?

Casey: If I'd known burns was going to be such a jerk over a couple bucks --

Adam: What's a couple bucks? No, let me rephrase that. Is he the only one?

Casey: The only one what?

Adam: The only one you owe money?

Casey: I've been trying to pick up extra shifts at Crash and I've got a bunch of classes.

Adam: Now I got an idea. How about you just quit going to class and gamble full time? Who knows, maybe by Christmas you could owe everybody on campus.

Casey: Where're you going?

Adam: That guy, burns, right? I got a feeling --

Casey: No, I'm fine. All right, I owe a couple of guys. I owe a couple guys. Most of them are cool except for that one meathead --

Adam: How much?

Casey: I could get even if I had, say -- a thousand bucks?

Craig: Lullaby.

Lucy: Hey, you need to rest.

Craig: No. Not until I tell you how much it meant to me, you saving my life.

Lucy: I'm not supposed to let people die. I'm a doctor.

Craig: You're my daughter. And that's why you did what you did.

Emma: Honey, are you okay? Is everything okay? We were worried about you.

Holden: You ready?

Paul: What's wrong?

Meg: Tell me, Paul. Tell me why I feel like my life just ended.

Adam: You owe $1,000?

Casey: Look, I can make it all back in an hour. I've lost twice that much and made it back.

Adam: And that's supposed to reassure me?

Casey: Money is just a way to keep score.

Adam: Any way you look at it, you're down.

Casey: Yeah, but I can make it all back.

Adam: That's not the way it works, Casey. You lose at cards, that's it. You don't get the money back. And even if you were out, look what it's doing to you. Your girlfriend thinks you've lost interest, I don't want to know about your grades, and you're lying to Mom and Dad.

Casey: I'm not lying to Mom and Dad.

Adam: Oh, so they know about this?

Casey: No, they don't know about this and you're not going to tell them, because it's none of your business.

Adam: I thought you needed a loan.

Casey: I need a loan, not a lecture.

Adam: All right, fine. But there's a catch.

Vienna: I should have known better. Only when you're lying to someone else!

Simon: Which is what I'm doing to you, Carly. I'm sorry. I have been all this time. I cannot lie to myself anymore. I'm not over Vienna! I mean, how could I forget this? Just -- I'm sorry. I really wanted to break it to you gently, so if you'll just give me some time.

Carly: No. No, Simon. I wouldn't listen to you if you got down on your knees and you begged me all night!

Vienna: All night?

Simon: All night, exactly. And it may take all night, because you deserve an explanation.

Vienna: What's to explain? I'm in, she's out. Auf wiedersehen.

Simon: I thought you were going to let me handle this.

Vienna: How long does it take?

Vienna: Don't disappoint me, Simon.

Simon: We'll have breakfast in bed. How's that? You know what? I think I want --

Vienna: I know what you want.

Simon: Firecracker.

Carly: Did she go back to her room?

Simon: Yeah, to order breakfast. Yeah, hey there. Yeah, it's Simon Frasier. Can I order a bottle of champagne, please. As soon as possible. That'd be great. Thank you.

Carly: Champagne? No, no, no, now I know what you're after. I know what you have in mind.

Simon: Yeah?

Carly: And it's not going to happen. Simon, we have to be ready. If she says to hell with you and goes to Jack.

Simon: She's not going to call anybody.

Carly: This may be very exciting for you somehow, but I just watched you slobber all over that Euro trash and it's really not a turn on for me.

Simon: Listen, all I'm doing is trying to protect you. That's why that happened, okay? All I want is you.

Carly: You know, she's right down the hall and --

Simon: Mm-hm.

Carly: And she's so suspicious.

Simon: Oh, she is.

Carly: And she's going to figure it out, you know. And when she does --

Simon: When she does -- we've covered all that. Okay? Now, in the meantime, you and I need some need somewhere soft, very warm and horizontal.

[Carly giggling]

Carly: You are so bad.

Simon: I thought you liked that about me.

Carly: Uh-uh.

Simon: No?

Carly: Well, maybe a little.

Simon: Just a little?

Craig: You saved my life.

Lucy: The EMTs saved your life.

Craig: No, no, before that. When Dusty was trying to shoot me. You tried to stop him.

Lucy: That was just an impulse.

Craig: So you wouldn't do it again?

Lucy: How do you know I wasn't trying to save Dusty's life? I didn't want him to have that on his conscience -- killing someone. I didn't want him to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Craig: I know that you care about him. Sweetheart, I'm not perfect. I've lied, I've cheated. Stolen money. I've never picked up a gun and shot someone in the chest. It takes -- it takes a very cold heart to do that. I mean, think about it. You've worked your whole adult life to learn how to save lives. Think about trying to take someone deliberately. Silencing someone. Obliterating them. What kind of man would do some --?

Lucy: I get it, Dad!

Craig: Do you?

Lucy: You hate Dusty.

Craig: It's not about hate, Lucy.

Lucy: I have rounds.

Craig: Look -- have you seen him since the shooting?

Lucy: He's in jail.

Craig: Have you seen him?

Lucy: Once. What do you want me to say? He shot you. He'd do it again if he had the chance. And how I can understand why he was driven to do it --

Craig: You Sweetheart, I'm so sorry. I never meant for you to get in the middle of this.

Lucy: I'll stop by later.

Craig: Have you seen Johnny?

Lucy: No.

Craig: I'm sure that Barbaraís taking good care of him.

Lucy: I'm sure she is.

Craig: When I get custody --

Lucy: Daddy --

Craig: He's my son, Lucy. Just like you're my daughter.

Lucy: And now that Dusty's going to jail, I'm sure that the courts will grant me custody.

Craig: Now, all I'm saying is that someday soon, that little boy's coming home with me and I'd like you to be there.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Craig: I want you to come live with us.

Paul: I don't know understand, what's wrong?

Meg: Do you want to do this here?

Paul: We'll be back in like ten minutes.

Emma: The preacher has another service in Lutherís Corners. I can't --

Lily: Do you want me to go talk to her?

Emma: I don't know.

Barbara: No, no, no. I'm sure they'll be right back. Everything's fine.

Will: Emily?

Gwen: Hey. What's going on?

Will: Nothing. I don't know. I think I saw something.

Gwen: No. No, no, no. Not about that. Paul and Meg. Meg looked really upset.

Will: Oh, yeah, she did.

Gwen: You don't think she's stopping the wedding, do you?

Will: I don't know.

Meg: I was standing here at the mirror. I wanted to see what you would see when I walked into the room to marry you. I wanted you to be proud of me.

Paul: Of course I'm proud of you. I'm always proud of you.

Meg: That must be a nice feeling. To trust the person you love to depend on them to do the right thing.

Paul: There's a lot of people downstairs. They're all dressed up. They're waiting for us.

Meg: Emily was here. She got in through the back way and nobody saw her.

Paul: Why didn't you call me? Meg, you knew she was going to do this.

Meg: You knew. You knew, Paul. That's why you moved the wedding up, wasn't it? That's why I was supposed to not let find out.

Paul: You didn't either. Now we both knew that if she found out about this that she would do anything she could to try and ruin our plans. She -- I -- look, you can't believe a word that Emily says. She'd say anything!

Meg: Yeah, she would. She might even say the truth if it got her what she wanted.

Paul: What she wants? What she wants is to break us up. And, look, it's just not going to happen.

Meg: Okay, stop it! Okay, this is how it's going to go. You're going to tell me the truth. And I'll know it, Paul, so don't lie to me. Not on our wedding day

Carly: Um, yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Simon. I just -- I can't stop thinking about Vienna right down the hall.

Simon: So stop thinking about Vienna down the hall, because by now, she's probably worked her way through the mini-bar. She's passed out.

[Knock at the door]

Carly: Oh. Oh, that's your champagne.

Simon: What?

Carly: That's the champagne you ordered.

Simon: The what? Oh, right.

Vienna: This is good-bye!

Carly: No. No. Not if I have anything to say about it. I'll do anything to keep him. I'll do anything.

Simon: She lost her mind. I was just trying to calm her down.

Vienna: So give her a sleeping pill.

Carly: Please, Simon. Please, I'm begging you. Please don't leave me. If you do -- if you leave me, I swear to God, I'll kill myself!

Vienna: Good.

Simon: Cuckoo.

Vienna: You think I'm buying this act?

Carly: This is not an act. I love him.

Vienna: He's not for sale. Let's go.

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Vienna, Vienna, Vienna. Now, I thought I explained the situation. We'll work it out.

Simon: It's not as simple as that.

Vienna: You like her.

Simon: Very much.

Vienna: Too bad. We had a deal.

Simon: No. No, Vienna, just be reasonable in this situation, okay?

Vienna: Either you walk out this door with me and get on a plane to someplace interesting or you'll be very sorry. Very soon.

Simon: You know what, Vienna? No. I'm sorry. See, you and I, we had a lot of fun, all right? We had a lot of laughs. But the truth is, I don't care what you do. Because I am not leaving Carly. Not now, not ever.

Casey: All right, so what's the catch?

Adam: I'll give you the money. No more online gambling.

Casey: How lame is that? Sorry, guys. I can't hang out because my big brother said I can't play.

Adam: Take it or leave it.

Casey: Fine.

Adam: I mean it, Casey.

Casey: All right! Fine!

Adam: No more.

Casey: I won't, all right? It's getting boring anyway.

Adam: There's got to be plenty of games out there you can play where you won't eat up all your savings.

Casey: What I really want to do is I want to work on Gwen's demo. Focus on that, get it polished up so that we can get it out there, because the sooner it's out there, the sooner I can pay you back.

Adam: Casey, look, let's try and grasp some of the basics here, okay? The fact that it's a demo means that there are no guarantees.

Casey: With you and Gwen onboard? That's a bet I'd take. Look, it's a compliment, all right? You have a lot of experience. And Gwen, she's talented.

Adam: Yeah, she's got a lot of potential. The trouble is --

Casey: That you're having sex with her worst enemy. Hey, hook up with whoever you want with, all right? It's not up to me.

Adam: Yeah, it's not.

Casey: But one thing, maybe think about priorities. Do you want to make a demo or do you want to hook up with a girl you don't even know?

Adam: Just stay out of it. Just get her over here. Call her.

Casey: Should I tell her?

Adam: Tell her whatever you want. Just get her here.

Emma: She was fine when I left her.

Barbara: Okay, then, you tell me what happened. My son was standing there with a smile on his face and a wedding ring in his pocket, and if anyone has caused a problem here, it is your daughter!

Emma: If Meg has changed her mind, I am sure it is something that Paul has done.

Barbara: Maybe she just froze. It happens to some people, especially if they've been through one failed marriage already. And he was willing to take her on.

Holden: Paul's very lucky to get her.

Barbara: He didn't get her, did he? She ran upstairs like a little girl --

Lily: I think we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Barbara: Okay, fine. Maybe it was just butterflies.

[Cell phone ringing]

Gwen: Sorry. Casey?

Casey: Could you come over?

Gwen: I'm kind of busy right now.

Casey: It's kind of important. My brother's here.

Adam: Gwen?

Gwen: Hello, Adam.

Adam: Look, we need to talk. Okay. Now's kinda not a good time, though.

Adam: It won't take long. Come back.

Gwen: No, no, no. I'll talk to him another time.

Will: They won't even know you're going.

Gwen: Jade will know that I'm gone.

Adam: Gwen --

Will: Well, I gotta talk to my mom, anyway.

Gwen: Where are you?

Adam: At Caseyís. At his dorm room.

Gwen: Okay, I'll be there in 20 minutes. Don't let your mom get too upset, okay?

Will: Okay.

Gwen: All right. I love you.

Barbara: Paul could have had anyone, you know.

Emma: Anyone? Anyone who didn't know his history.

Barbara: Oh, I see. And Meg is such a saint.

Will: Excuse us.

Barbara: I was defending your brother.

Will: Well, you might want to rethink that.

Barbara: Why? What do you know?

Will: Emily's here. I saw her out the window.

Craig: He needs his sister.

Lucy: I will be there for my brother, Daddy. But I can't take on --

Craig: You won't have to. I've hired a staff. You've always loved it there. You can have your old room that overlooks the garden.

Lucy: You have a visitor, and I have to get back to work.

Craig: Promise me you'll think about it.

Lucy: I'll stop by later.

Emily: Hi, Lucy. You don't give up, do you?

Craig: Ah, well. I know it sounds a little medieval, but I want my whole family under one roof.

Emily: Yeah. Good luck with that.

Craig: And how about you? Huh? Mission accomplished? What, Emily? Don't leave me in suspense. Did you stop the wedding?

Emily: I wouldn't worry about Meg and Paul getting married anytime soon.

Paul: You want me to tell you the truth? The truth is that I'm a flawed person, but I'm in love with and I know that you love me. We have managed somehow to ink out a few minutes of happiness here and there. So the truth is, I would do whatever I had to to protect that happiness.

Meg: Did you or did you not follow Emily to the parking garage?

Paul: Emily doesn't matter. Emily does not matter and she knows that. That's why she came here to fill your head full of doubts.

Meg: Did you switch the blanks with real bullets, Paul? And when Craig survived, you went to his room and put a pillow over his face?

Paul: Dusty shot Craig. And Dusty has said he would be more than happy to shoot Craig again.

Meg: That's not what I asked.

Paul: Emily is crazy. She's vindictive, she's jealous, she's desperate. And she doesn't have any evidence. She can't prove anything.

Meg: But I can. I was there, remember. I saw you.

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Emily: You set him up. And now Dusty's going to rot in prison for the rest of his life. And you get to keep his son.

Holden: You okay?

Meg: Holden, um, yeah, yeah. I'm glad you're here.

Simon: We've been through a lot in the last few weeks, all right? But if I've learned one thing, it's that you and I, we can get through anything, including making this work, if we just stick together.

Vienna: You won't come with me?

Simon: No. No, I canít. See, Vienna, you were, you were -- you were lovely company, you were. You were a blast. An absolute blast. But see, this, what we have here, this is something different. Come on, I really hope you appreciate that.

Vienna: I see. I was lovely company, but she's what you want. And when I call the prince and tell him what you've done, that's not personal, either.

Carly: Simon --

Simon: Go on. Come on, yeah. Why not? Go on. Tell him. Tell him. Tell him everything that happened the night of that party. Tell him how you snuck away to be alone. Tell him how you begged me to be with you. Tell him how you took off all of your clothes.

Vienna: That's not the point.

Simon: Yeah, I think it is the point. You see, the prince of leonia is not going to want anyone to think his mistress is making a fool out of him. Right? Am I right? I mean, see, he's a very proud man, he is. And I think his image is more important to him than any diamond necklace.

Vienna: That's not just any diamond necklace, it's a royal treasure.

Simon: And you have no proof that I took it.

Vienna: And when he finds out that the necklace in the vault is a fake?

Simon: Oh, you haven't worn that necklace for weeks. I mean, dozens of people have probably had access to it. And listen, even if you do succeed in casting suspicion my way, who's to say the whole I mean, here you are, ready to collect.

Vienna: I hate you.

Simon: Yeah, you'll get over it. Vienna, it was what it was. Thank you very much. Just accept it.

Vienna: No. You're not going to just throw me away or keep those diamonds. Don't get too comfy, Blondie. This isn't over.

Simon: Woah. Well, she's wrong.

Carly: You hurt her, Simon. And for a woman like that, that is not acceptable.

Simon: Carly, I had to say all those things. Listen, within an hour, she's going to be on a plane and she'll be with someone else by the time she touches down.

Carly: No, I don't think so. I think that she's just angry enough to tell the prince the truth.

Simon: Okay, all right. Listen, she can tell him what she suspects, because we both know it doesn't matter anymore. Sweetie, she has no proof.

Gwen: You wanted to see me?

Adam: Yeah.

Casey: I've got a history test I could study for. I can go to the library.

Gwen: No, that's okay. We can go to my room.

Adam: So we're cool?

Casey: Absolutely. I'll pay my friends back and no more gambling.

Adam: Good. Study. You got a test in macroeconomic theory, whatever the hell that is.

Gwen: I don't really live here anymore. This is just a place to study. So --

Adam: Look, what you walked in on at the studio --it was a mistake. It won't happen again.

Gwen: So no more Jade?

Adam: No more using the studio as a home away from home. I mean, whether or not I'm with Jade, that really isn't your call.

Gwen: No, it's not. But I can't help how I feel about her.

Adam: Yeah, I don't blame you. Gwen, if your career takes off? You're going to have to deal with a lot of people you don't like. You might as well get used to it now. Because whether we make this demo or not, it really has nothing to do with Jade. It's all up to you and how bad you want it.

Elwood: All right, so what's the word?

Casey: Big brother came through.

Elwood: Okay, so now you can just pay back everybody you owe and that'll be that.

Casey: I could.I could double this and pay back my friends and my brother.

Barbara: What do you mean, you saw Emily? Where? Where'd you see her?

Will: She was outside the window.

Barbara: Did you call the police?

Will: No, she took off when she saw me.

Emma: Excuse me, just where do you think you're going?

Barbara: Something is obviously wrong. Paul said ten minutes.

Lily: I think we should respect their privacy.

Faith: Hey, Mom? Are they still getting married?

Lily: I think they're talking things out so they can get married.

Emma: Don't worry, Sweetheart. Aunt Meg is just fine.

Barbara: Your Aunt Meg was not hurt. My son was. She stopped the ceremony. And whatever her reasons, they've been up there too long.

Emma: Maybe so. But I'm the one who is going to do the honors.

Holden: You know what, Mama? Let me go. I'll check on the happy couple.

Paul: You saw me where? When?

Meg: Outside Craig's room.

Paul: Yeah, I explained all of that to you.

Meg: Well, you weren't trying to talk to Craig, you were trying to smother him, weren't you? I'll take that as a yes. So it's almost safe to assume that you put the bullets in the gun.

Paul: Meg --

Meg: Yes or no?

Paul: Yes. Yes, I did. Emily took the bullets out of the gun and I put the bullets back in the gun. And then Dusty shot Craig. And when that didn't work, I took the pillow and put it over Craig's face. Because he lit my mother on fire, and he ran Rosanna off the road, and she's in a coma, and he buried his own daughter alive, and nobody can stop this guy! And all he does is hurt people. And I don't want him to hurt you. And I don't want him to hurt us. And Johnny, I swore to Jennifer that I would never let Craig hurt Johnny.

Meg: Not in her grave.

Paul: No, I don't think so.

Meg: Then you don't know your sister. She was gentle, and kind, and loving --

Paul: Jennifer, on her death bed, made Dusty and I promise that we would never let Craig get his hands on Johnny.

Meg: So, now because you big strong men couldn't think of anything smarter but violence now, now Craig gets what he wants. Dusty goes to jail and Craig gets custody.

Paul: Only if he survives.

Meg: Do you hear yourself?

Paul: Sure. Meg, I would do anything for my sister.

Meg: You'd commit murder?

Holden: You okay?

Meg: Holden, yeah, yeah. I'm glad you're here.

Elwood: All right, but I thought your account was tapped out?

Casey: But if I sign this check over to you, you can transfer money from your account to my account and we can stay up all night. Come on, man, you've been on a roll, you got plenty of money. And I'm feeling lucky.

Elwood: Game on, come on.

Gwen: Why does every conversation that we have end up the same way? It's up to me, what am I willing to do.

Adam: You're the singer. I mean, I can help you find the right song, make an arrangement, get the musicians, book the studio, do the mix, and get you heard. But if you're not willing to put your heart on the line, all my work really adds up to a whole lot of nothing. So, yeah, it all comes down to you. You don't like. That's when you go out and sing anyway. Because all you really care about is being heard.

Gwen: Okay.

Adam: Okay what?

Gwen: I'll give it another shot.

Will: Mom, stop it.

Barbara: Did you hear the way she spoke to me?

Will: When Paul marries Meg, Emmaís going to be family.

Barbara: If Paul marries Meg. I wouldn't hold your breath.

Lily: Hey, wait, wait, where are you going?

Faith: To go see Aunt Meg.

Lily: Oh, Honey, I think she needs a little privacy right now.

Faith: But people are saying that they're not getting married.

Lily: No, no, Barbara is saying that they're not getting married. And she doesn't know what's going to happen, nobody does.

Faith: But why would she stop the wedding? She seemed so happy.

Lily: Honey, sometimes, people realize after a while, they may not be meant together.

Faith: Aunt Meg loves Paul.

Lily: I know. Sometimes love just isn't enough.

Craig: Details, please. Did you step forward at that fateful moment? When the preacher says, does anyone here have any reason that these two should not be joined in holy matrimony?" And you say, "Yes, your reverence, I do."

Emily: I wasn't invited to the ceremony.

Craig: What, Emily, don't be stingy. I'm a wounded man. I need some cheap thrills.

Emily: Okay, let's just say if they go through with it, Meg and Paul deserve each other.

Craig: That's not the plan, is it? I mean, after today, if you did your job, you'll have a clear road to Paul.

Emily: I don't want Paul anymore. Yeah, I know I said it before, about a million times. But I mean it. Seeing Meg in that dress -- after what he said to me in the hours earlier -- I canít. I'm done. No more backsliding. I'm done with anyone who tries to manipulate me like that. Which means I'm done with you.

Meg: I'm sorry for all the delays. I'll be right down.

Holden: Meg, is something wrong?

Meg: Just give me two minutes. Thank you for being such a good brother.

Paul: You didn't tell him.

Meg: And I wonít. I won't tell anyone.

Paul: Why?

Meg: I think you know why. I still love you.

Casey: Damn.

Elwood: I warned you. Never draw to an inside straight.

[Knock on the door]

Casey: Shut it down, shut it down.

Adam: Case?

Casey: Yeah, hey, it's my brother. Hey, the door's open. Come in.

Adam: Yeah, are you hard at it?

Casey: So the demo's a go?

Adam: Yeah, as soon as I can book another session.

Casey: All right, cool. Whatever you need, just let me know, man. Because the sooner we get this thing out there, topping the charts, the sooner I can pay you back.

Adam: Look, don't worry about the money.

Elwood: Wow, you are one lucky guy.

Casey: Elwood, Elwood never had a brother, did you?

Elwood: No. No brother for me.

Adam: All right, get back to work, both of you.

Casey: Thanks.

Adam: Yeah.

Will: Hey, how'd it go?

Gwen: Well, it must be a real fun party if you're watching for the car to pull up.

Will: Let's just say nobody's married yet. So, did you talk to Adam?

Gwen: Yeah. I'm going to give it another shot.

Will: Good, I think it's the right decision.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: So, what did he say to you? How'd he convince you?

Gwen: It doesn't matter. I just got to keep my eye on what I want and hold onto it.

Will: Okay.

Simon: Oh, listen, sweet. Vienna, she's not going to call anyone. All right, if she's still angry --

Carly: Still angry? Simon, you left her -- you left her for me.

Simon: And I'll do it all again. Look, we've been through a lot in the last few weeks, all right. But if I've learned one thing, is that you and I, we can get through anything, including making this work. If we just stick together.

Carly: Well, that's sweet, Simon, but the last time I checked, the federal prison system, they house the male and the female prisoners separately.

Simon: Oh, come on, we're not going to jail.

Carly: Even if Vienna swallows her pride, and tells the prince everything?

Simon: Okay, here we go. One last time, for the cheap seats way over there. Carly, she has no proof, all right? So, none of my contacts will talk and the diamond that I stupidly gave you? That is the only thing linking us to the prince's jewels. And where is that?

Craig: Now, why would you lash out at me when I did everything I could to give you your heart's desire?

Emily: Paul doesn't love me.

Craig: I'm not a magician, Emily.

Emily: No, Craig, you're an opportunist. You set your sights on someone you need. Then you find out what we want. And then you hold out hope, or you threaten, whatever's easier for you, until someone like me knuckles under.

Craig: Oh, give me a break. We had a deal. Your help for my help. It's not my fault that you didn't want claim your prize.

Emily: Well, you certainly got yours.

Craig: Oh, right, I wanted a bullet in the chest and seven hours of surgery.

Emily: No, no, you wanted Dusty to pull that trigger. And you got it. When I switched those bullets for blanks, he lost control. You set him up. And now Dusty is going to rot in prison for the rest of his life and you get to keep his son.

Paul: And I love you, too.

Meg: That's what's so sad. That two people that love each other so much can never be together.

Paul: Meg, let's go downstairs. Come on, we'll go downstairs. We're going to get married --

Meg: I can't marry you. Someone who'd commit murder, who'd smother an injured man in his own bed? That's beyond criminal, Paul.

Paul: Okay, look, we have a different approach when it comes to Craig --

Meg: Approach? Approach? Paul, you tried to commit murder, twice. No, I can't marry you. I can't even talk to you. I can't see you. I don't want to hear from you, okay? We're over. Good-bye.

Paul: Meg?

Holden: She'll be down in a minute.

Paul: Meg, wait! Meg!

Emma: Meg?

Barbara: What the hell is going on?

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Casey: Yes! Hi.

Maddie: Hi, who are you talking to?

Simon: Vienna's not going to go to the police. She's bluffing.

Vienna: I would like to report a robbery.

Craig: I love my children and I would never, ever hurt them.

Dusty: Your father wanted me to kill him?

Lucy: No, there's a big difference between shoot and kill. He was setting you up. And you fell for it. 

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