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Simon: Listen, Katie, I am really sorry that I could never afford to give you such expensive jewelry when we were together, but apparently I had no money.

Katie: Oh, come on, you think this is all about jewelry envy?

Simon: Well honestly, whatever it's all over, just please let it go. Get over it.

Vienna: Simon, look who's there. Katie! My little soul sister.

Katie: Vienna. What are you doing back in Oakdale?

Carly: I don't know where Katie gets her ideas, but this one is just crazy. Come on, Jess, can you see me as a jewel thief?

Jessica: Well, no, of course not. But I certainly can see Simon Frazier pocketing somebody's pearls. And you two are partners.

Carly: Business partners -- legitimately.

Jessica: Right. So that begs the question why you're asking me about the end of your probationary period, with that particular look on your face.

Carly: I just want to know when I'm free to jaywalk without -- without the fear of being thrown in jail.

Jessica: Look, Carly, if what Katie wrote in that book about you and Simon isn't totally fiction, and if you've done something to violate your probation, trust your lawyer, tell her what's going on. Give me a chance to help you.

Lily: I'm sorry. I'm making your life impossible.

Holden: You're making it totally possible.

Lily: The old, the wife asking the husband, "Do I look fat in my mu-mu?"

Holden: First of all -- first of all, it doesn't matter what you wear.

Lily: Oh, that is such a guy thing to say.

Holden: I mean it. You're as beautiful as the day we first met.

Lily: Thank you. Thank you for making me feel better. I just have to stop obsessing about this wardrobe situation.

Holden: That's right. And thank you for taking this on such short notice.

Lily: Oh, please, you know. Panic attacks, I hear it burns calories.

Holden: Hey, you know what? You will look wonderful because you always look wonderful.

Lily: Thank you. You mean that?

Holden: I mean it. You just need to believe it.

Lily: Okay. I'm going to go in the kitchen, see how the preparations are going.

Holden: Okay. If you need any help, let me know.

Lily: Okay.

Holden: I'll pick up some stuff in here.

Lily: Good.

[Cell phone ringing]

Holden: Hello.

Tea: Holden, its Tea. Listen, I need to change tomorrow from 12:00 to 11:00. Will that work for you?

Holden: Yeah, yeah. No problem.

Tea: I hope you're not whispering because your wife suspects anything.

Holden: No, she doesn't suspect a thing, so tomorrow at 11:00 should be fine.

Meg: Wait a minute. You want to get married tonight? What's wrong with tomorrow?

Paul: Tomorrow, that's a whole day away.

Meg: Yeah, besides that.

Paul: It just seems like years since you let me put that ring on your finger.

Meg: Okay. Well, then a few more hours won't matter.

Paul: Yeah, but I want to spend every minute of my life married to you. Come on, Emma already finished the wedding cake.

Meg: Yeah, well, it takes more than cake to make a wedding happen.

Paul: So we'll make some phone calls. But we say "I do" and then we can start our honeymoon watching the sun rise over the tropical island of your choice.

Meg: Ooh. You know, you have a way of sweeping a girl off her feet.

Paul: I'm trying. So, are we good to go tonight?

Meg: Not until you tell me the real reason why you're lighting a fire under our wedding plans.

Paul: Okay, there is another reason.

Craig: Maybe it's the searing pain, but I think I need to hear that again.

Emily: I said because of you, things may actually work out for me and Paul.

[Emily remembering]

Paul: I know that what I was doing was wrong, but it did get us to have a conversation. And I did need to reconnect with you. I didn't realize how much.

Emily: Me too.

Paul: So the thing with me and Craig, that's just between you and me, right?

Emily: Yeah, it's our secret.

Craig: Why are you so confident about Paul all of the sudden? Did he say something? Do something?

Emily: You know what? It's been a very, very long day for you. Why don't you get some sleep? Okay? We'll talk in the morning. Sweet dreams.

Craig: So you tell me what the hell's going on.

[Energetic Christmas music]

Meg: Does your desire to rush to the altar have something to do with Craig?

Paul: No, it's not Craig, its Emily. She's been acting unstable again.

Meg: Why do you say that?

Paul: Well, out of the blue, she started talking about this mystical connection between the

Paul: Yeah, I didn't think it was any big deal at first, you know. But then I started to get a little nervous because she said that there was a bond between us that would never be broken.

Meg: That's when I asked you if you mentioned to her that we were getting married tomorrow.

Paul: Well, of course I didnít. The last thing I want is for her to burst in and demand our first born.

Meg: Come on.

Paul: Hey, I wouldn't put it past Emily to try and stop us from getting married.

Meg: What could Emily possibly do to stop us that she hasn't already tried?

[Paul remembering]

Emily: You are not off the hook. You tried to kill Craig. You think I'm going to let you get away with that?

Paul: You didn't, you stopped me.

Emily: Yeah, well, who's to say you're not going to try to do it again.

Paul: I can't lose you, Meg.

Meg: You're not going to. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever.

Paul: I get a little paranoid. You know, sometimes I worry.

Meg: If you're that worried, you know, maybe we shouldn't be moving up the wedding date. You should deal with her issues, you know, before we get married.

Paul: You can't deal with it, hey, Emily is not the reason that I want to marry you tonight. The only reason is that I love you and I want to be with you. I want my life with you, and I want that life to start as soon possible.

Meg: Okay. Bring on the wedding.

Paul: Yeah? You have some phone calls to make.

Meg: What?

Paul: Yeah, well Holden is your brother and Lily's your sister-in-law, so --

Meg: Me? I thought you already did that.

Paul: No.

Meg: Great. Thanks, Paul. So what am I supposed to say? "Hey, hey, Lily, yeah. I know its short notice but can you put together the wedding in an hour instead of tomorrow?"

Paul: That would be perfect.

Meg: Okay, well, I also need somebody to cover my shift. Youíre not here.

Craig: What are you keeping from me?

Emily: You know what? You hurt my feelings. You really do. After everything I've risked, after all the ways I've helped you, the only thing I'd keep from you is my pin number for my checking account.

Craig: Oh, yes, please forgive me for all the paranoia. I'm just lying here with this bullet in my chest wondering how the blanks you were supposed to put in Dusty's gun ended up being real bullets.

[Emily remembering]

Emily: I'm the one who put the blanks in the gun, you're the one who switched them out for real bullets.

Paul: That's a ridiculous story. Why would the police believe you?

Emily: I already told you.

Craig: Well, tell me again. I'm weak from the blood loss.

Emily: I did put the blanks in Dusty's gun. I did! I don't know. Maybe he checked the gun before he met with you and saw the blanks and replaced them with the real thing. I don't know.

Craig: Which has what to do with your high hopes for a new reunion with Paul Ryan?

Emily: We just -- we saw each other in the hall and we had this moment, this connection. I didn't think it was possible after everything we've been through.

Craig: Oh, this special moment -- did you bat eyes at each other and skip down the corridor, or were there actual words exchanged?

Emily: There were words. It was more of a look. It was the way he looked at me. He told me how special I was and what we shared he'd never shared with another woman.

Craig: And why this sudden confessional?

Emily: Well, it didn't hurt for him to see Meg in your room dancing around your bed, fluffing your pillow, catering to your every whim.

Craig: He hates it when she pays attention to me.

Emily: Well, he finally sees how fickle she is and how phony their relationship is.

Craig: Well, if things have changed for you and Paul, I wish you all the best. Why you would be interested in do I have to remind you how many times he's turned his back on you in the past?

Emily: That's the past.

[Craig coughs] I

Emily: It's over. We're starting a new chapter in our lives.

[Craig continues coughing]

Emily: Are you okay? Do you need some water? Oh, empty, of course. Lazy nursing staff.

Craig: Well, Meg said that she would be right back.

Emily: Ah, I wouldn't count on it. Paul and Meg looked pretty intense out there a minute ago.

Craig: You think he's already dumped her?

Emily: Well, it wouldn't surprise me. In fact, if I had to guess, I'd say the poor girl is crying her eyes out in the broom closet. I'll be back with your water.

Holden: Let me have that. It's too heavy for you.

Lily: Who was on the phone?

Holden: It was a horse dealer. Don't you remember we talked about getting a horse for Faith?

Lily: Oh.

Holden: I think I might have found the perfect one.

Lily: Is that what you were doing when I called your cell phone earlier?

Holden: Must have been negotiating. I probably turned it off. Why didn't you leave a message?

Lily: It wasn't that important.

Holden: Well, like I said, I think I might have found her the perfect horse.

Lily: I wish you would have taken me with you. A new horse for a little girl is a big deal.

Faith: Dad, you're getting me a horse, really?

Lily: Oh, Boy, that was supposed to be a surprise for Christmas.

Holden: Yeah, but we did talk about it at Thanksgiving.

Lily: We did, yes, but your dad took it upon himself to do it all by himself. So, you're not the only one who's surprised.

Faith: Are you guys fighting? Because if it's too big a deal for me to have a new horse --

Lily: No, no, no. No, of course not. No, it's wonderful for you to have a new horse. It just happened sooner than I expected.

Faith: When can I see him?

Holden: Well, it's not a done deal yet. But I definitely want you to meet him, see if you guys fit, tomorrow?

Holden: Tomorrow, no. I have a business meeting tomorrow, plus we have the wedding, remember? But I'll definitely take you to see him soon. And I promise you, you will have him by Christmas.

Faith: Thank you, Daddy. You too, Mom.

Simon: Vienna, nice to see you again. Do you want -- let's go.

Vienna: Oh, will you stop? I like to say hello. Katie, congratulations on your new book. I hear it's yet another bestseller.

Katie: Have you read it?

Vienna: No, not yet, but I might order a copy and have it sent over to the hotel.

Katie: Oh, great. I'll even sign it for you.

Simon: Yeah, that will up its value. Come on, let's take off.

Vienna: Oh, Darling, don't be rude. I haven't answered Katieís question yet. I'm back in Oakdale to see Simon.

Katie: Really? And did you bring your dashing prince along?

Vienna: Nope. He's back in Leonia, giving orders. Quell bore.

Katie: Yeah, well, you know, just think, the last time I saw you was at the ball.

Vienna: Oh, men have died for less.

Simon: Yeah, this is all very cozy, but you see, Vienna flew in to see me, so come on, let's take off. I want to buy you a drink.

Vienna: Oh, no, no, no. No rush. You know, if you and Katie have some unfinished business, I can wait.

Simon: No, I think we're done. Come on.

Vienna: All right, Katie, nice to see you. Ciao, bye.

Katie: Oh no, we're not done, Simon. Things are just starting to get interesting.

Carly: Well, thank you very much. I really don't want to take up any more of your time.

Jessica: Carly, you know, we're friends. I'm not just your lawyer.

Carly: Yeah, I know.

Jessica: So, if you have anything you like to get off your chest --

Carly: You know, I donít.

Jessica: All right, well, you have my number. Use it if you need it. Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey, Jessica. Is everything okay?

Carly: Well, any reason it shouldn't be?

Jack: Jessica's still your lawyer, isn't she? Thought you might be in some kind of trouble.

Carly: Well, surprise. I'm not.

Jack: Good.

Carly: You know I was just asking Jessica how much longer my probation goes on.

Jack: Well, I mean, if you're staying out of trouble, what does it matter, right?

Carly: Well, it does. It just does. I don't like having that hanging over me. I want to put that awful mess behind me.

Jack: Yeah, I want that for you too, Carly. But I'm afraid that might not be possible.

Jack: Thank you. Katie came to see me at the station. And she implied she wrote wasn't a total work of fiction.

Carly: And you believe that?

Jack: It got me thinking. I mean, that trouble you had with the loan shark, Spirro, seemed to disappear awfully quickly.

Carly: Well, Simon paid him off with the money he made from selling the properties.

Jack: Still, come on, interesting timing. It wasn't long after the big party for the prince. And Simon buys you that necklace.

Carly: Oh, Jack, I got to say, you cops, you are pretty hard up if you're taking tips from Katie Peretti. She has absolutely zero proof and clearly wants to get back at me because she doesn't like the fact that I am with Simon.

Jack: I called the prince's little friend, Vienna Hyatt. I asked her about the jewels she was wearing that night.

Carly: What did she have to say?

Jack: She seemed pretty confident that the necklace that she wore back to Leonia was the genuine article.

Carly: She said that?

Jack: Does that surprise you?

Vienna: You looking for the secret service?

Simon: Need I?

Vienna: Nope. I like to play games with them. You know, book a flight for one jet, then jump in another, and fly off to wherever I want.

Simon: Right, so tell me, to what do I owe this pleasant, of course, but unexpected little visit?

Vienna: Where's the drink you promised me?

Simon: Drink. Where's my manners? Of course, champagne?

Vienna: Always. I see you got my note.

Simon: So, that was from you? And here I was thinking someone was playing a joke on me.

Vienna: Someone like Katie? I read what she wrote about you, you know, bad boy you were.

Simon: So, you read her book?

Vienna: Guilty as charged.

Simon: Right, so what was all that nonsense about ordering Vienna? Did Katie call you, huh? Is that why you're here? Was that Katie filling your head with a pack of lies about me?

Vienna: Actually, it was that hunky Detective Snyder who called. And it made me wonder if you actually might have pulled off something else on the ball, you know, aside from my gown, that is. Only I didn't believe that my Simon would be so cruel as to break my heart and then steal me blind. Now, did you?

Simon: Well, what did you tell that hunky Detective Snyder?

Vienna: I told him that the crown jewels are always examined for authenticity before and after a public showing. And I would, you know, be aware of it, if you had sent me home with fakes. I would have heard about it.

Simon: Exactly. Absolutely. Well, there you go. Well, thanks for standing up for me. And for bringing to my attention Jack's interest. Not, of course, that I did anything wrong.

Vienna: Didn't you?

Simon: Of course not.

Vienna: Well, then, maybe I should place a call to my prince not-so-charming and make sure those jewels were examined. So, you were a bad boy? Now, what do we do with bad boys?

Henry: Hey! Hey, is 180 good?

Katie: For a heart attack.

Henry: You said to get here quicky. What's going on? Simon and Carly, are they suing you for defamation of character? What?

Katie: What character? You know, this is a little more interesting. Guess who suddenly showed up in town?

Henry: Cher on her final, final, final good-bye tour? Please?

Katie: No, sorry. Vienna Hyatt.

Henry: Vienna Hyatt. Vienna Hyatt. Rich and famous and famous only for being rich, right? That's my kind of girl.

Katie: That's the one. Guess what Ms. Rich and famous is doing here?

Henry: Slumming?

Katie: No, Jack called her to ask her about the jewelry heist at the hospital benefit.

Henry: What do you mean -- was that real? I thought you made that whole thing just to sell some books?

Katie: Yeah, so did I. And that's what Simon and Carly want everybody to think. But obviously Vienna knows something. Something that she didn't tell Jack, because Simon wouldn't have rushed her off and tried to shut her up the way he did --

Henry: Okay, hold on, hold on. Now, your active writer's imagination is in overdrive here.

Katie: Yeah, I thought it was just my imagination too, until I saw how Simon freaked out after he had read what I had written. That's when I realized that, totally by accident, I uncovered the truth.

Henry: Or you're so wrecked by the loss of Mike and you want Simon to suffer.

Katie: That, too.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: But Simon and Carly stole those jewels and I need you to help me prove it.

Faith: Hi, Grandma.

Emma: Hi, my pretty one. That's my girl.

Lily: Oh, I hope you came to help me plan this wedding because I need help and thank you doesn't say enough.

Emma: Well, actually, I got a very cryptic call from Meg telling me that the wedding was not going to be happening tomorrow.

Lily: What do you mean? What did she say? Why?

Emma: I don't know, sweetheart. She was very sketchy about the details. But I'll tell you something, if it has anything to do with Paul, I'm glad she found out before she walked down the aisle.

Meg: Hi.

Holden: Hello.

Meg: By the way, Paul didn't do anything, Mama. Except ask me to marry him tonight instead of tomorrow.

Faith: Tonight? Cool.

Meg: Holden, Lily, do you care to second that emotion?

Lily: I don't know if I can have 150 canapťs ready by tonight.

Meg: I don't think we'll be needing that many.

Paul: No, no, the ceremony's been pared down a little.

Emma: What about all the people that you wanted to be here to celebrate? Everybody needs to know about the change.

Paul: Well, that's fine with us. Believe me, what it comes to this wedding, the fewer people that know, the better.

Nurse #1: Evening, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Who are you?

Nurse #1: I'm your night nurse. I'm going to check your vitals.

Craig: Meg Snyderís my night nurse. Where is she?

Nurse #1: Meg had to leave suddenly. Personal reasons. Your blood pressure's a bit elevated. We'll give you something for that.

Craig: Did Meg Snyder specify what personal reasons?

Nurse #1: Well, she swore me to secrecy but everyone's going to know soon enough, right? Meg's getting married tonight.

Craig: Tonight?

Nurse #1: I know. So romantic, isn't it? Call me if you need anything.

Emily: Sorry it took so long. The tap water in this place is vile.

Craig: You didn't happen to run into Paul or Meg while you were out there.

Emily: No. I mean, my guess is Paul got tired of arguing with Meg and decided to go home.

Craig: I wouldn't be so sure.

Emily: Why? What do you know?

Craig: I don't want to upset you.

Emily: What? Is it about Meg and Paul?

Craig: I'm afraid so.

Emily: Well, what the hell's going on?

Craig: They're getting married. Probably as we speak.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns."

Lily: I just hope you're not making a horrible mistake.

Emily: Paul can never lose me again.

Carly: Well, thank you for believing in me.

Jack: I guess you're not the only one trying to make up for past mistakes.

Emily: Married? I don't believe it.

Craig: This gossipy nurse, she couldn't keep it to herself.

Emily: You are a traitor! You are a traitor! You told me that if I followed your stupid orders, that -- that Paul and Meg would never last.

Craig: Sorry. I did my best.

Emily: How could this happen? How could they be getting married tonight?

Craig: I just -- and I hate to add insult to injury, but this seems to have shed an unfortunate light on your bond with Paul. Could it have been a figment of your imagination perhaps?

Emma: I would like to answer that question as well.

Meg: Well, we just thought small is better, family only.

Emma: Well, it's a good thing the cake is already baked and I did bring the dresses over.

Lily: Why don't the girls help Meg get ready in her attire?

Faith: Me too?

Meg: Definitely. Holden, Lily, thanks again.

Holden: Just be happy.

Faith: Like Mom and Dad.

Paul: I'm a lucky guy. I have a lot of be thankful for. Listen, if you don't mind, I'm going to run outside and call Barbara and we'll make sure --

Holden: Yeah, just a minute. I think you and I need to come to an agreement.

Faith: Are you nervous?

Meg: I'm every feeling you can imagine.

Lily: Faith, go on, get your dress on.

Faith: Can we talk about makeup?

Lily: Yes, we could. We could talk about makeup. Go, go, go. The kids, they want to grow up so fast, don't they?

Meg: Oh, weren't we the same way?

Lily: Who knew that time went so quickly?

Lily/Meg: Our mothers.

Lily: You're right.

Meg: Oh, wow. Maybe it's going to happen after all. Maybe I'm going to have a fairy tale come true just like you and Holden.

Lily: Holden and I don't have a perfect marriage. No marriage is perfect.

Meg: Especially when you're married to Paul Ryan.

Lily: That's not what I meant.

Meg: But how can you not be thinking about your sister Rose. And how horribly wrong everything went for her and Paul.

Lily: Meg, I wasn't going to say anything. Rose, I feel that I have to.

Meg: We've been sisters-in-law too long to pulling any punches. Whatever you need to say, just say it.

Lily: I just hope you're not making a horrible mistake.

Simon: Okay, okay, you know I never stole your necklace.

Vienna: It's not my necklace, lover. It belongs to the little people of Leonia.

Simon: Whatever. Whatever. I stand by my innocence. I am a totally innocent man. What are you laughing at?

Vienna: You are everything but innocent. But don't worry, Darling. You should know by now that I'm not a person to hold a grudge.

Simon: Okay, good, good, good. Hey, listen, listen, listen, theoretically, theoretically, of course, speaking that, say I was to have stole those jewels, that means you won't tell that hunky Detective Snyder?

Vienna: Well, why would I? The jewels aren't even mine. It was strictly on a retainer, and I was retained by the prince. Speaking again, that means you would let me walk? No strings?

Vienna: Now, I didn't say that. Because of what you did to me the last time, I think I deserve a little something for all my generosity.

Simon: This coming from the woman who doesn't hold a grudge.

Vienna: I donít. I prefer to be happy. And the grudge makes me have wrinkles. I'd be perfectly, perfectly happy if this whole ugly mess would go away without any suffering on your part.

Simon: Me too. Me too, me too. So, what the catch?

Vienna: You only have to do one little thing.

Simon: You name it.

Vienna: Come back to me.

Carly: So, Vienna confirmed it? The jewels were legit.

Jack: So she said.

Carly: You know, when she left Oakdale, she was pretty ticked at Simon. Given the chance to get back at him, I'm surprised she didn't take it. Katie would have.

Jack: Which is why I want you to be careful. Because despite evidence to the contrary, Katie seems hell-bent on proving you and Simon are jewel thieves.

Carly: I'm not worried about her.

Jack: Even if she starts digging into your past, dredging up those things you say you want to put behind you?

Carly: I can take care of myself, Jack.

Jack: I hope so. The last thing I'd wish on you is more trouble.

Carly: Well, thank you for that.

Jack: Do you have any idea how relieved I was that Vienna let you off the hook? It's not just because of what it meant to our kids. But because I've watched you work like hell to make a new life for yourself.

Carly: So, do I get your vote for the most improved?

Jack: Yeah. I just don't want Simon or Vienna to steal that from you.

Carly: Thank you for believing in me. The only one trying to make up for past mistakes.

Carly: So you believe me?

Jack: I believe you. But watch your back where Katieís concerned.

Carly: You really think I need to do that?

Jack: Something tells me that she is not going to stop until she gets something on you and Simon, even if she has to make it up. I'll see you around.

Carly: Yeah. That little witch has got to be stopped.

Katie: Okay, so the -- hi. The plan is if we could some how get that necklace off of Carly --

Henry: Wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there, Sweetie. You were working off of iffy evidence and wishful thinking. There are 1,000 reasons why Vienna could be back in Oakdale.

Henry: Okay, okay, okay. You could be right. Even without Carlyís help, Simon could have pilfered the crown jewels. And, yes, Vienna could have lied to Jack when she said they were the real deal. But the cosmic question is who cares who stole what?

Katie: I care. And I'm going to do everything in my power to prove that I'm right and throw Simon in jail.

Henry: And the payoff for that is?

Katie: Then Mike will finally understand I am so over Simon that I don't care if he's rotting in jail, and I'll get my husband back.

Henry: Hmm, I think you're missing one crucial point here.

Katie: What's that?

Henry: The reason that your marriage broke apart is not because Simon is a jewel thief, it's because you slept with him. And I'm not sure Mike is ever going to forgive you for that.

Simon: Why would you want me -- why would you want me back? You said so yourself, I betrayed you, I broke your heart. And now you're telling me you want me back?

Vienna: Yes, my pet. But only on Vienna terms.

Simon: I can't leave. I can't leave. I have -- I have business and I've got -- I've got commitments.

Vienna: Oh, to that tacky blonde I found hiding in your bathroom? Well, uncommit.

Simon: Actually, that blonde, Carly, is a major consideration. Okay? I can't just leave without giving her an explanation.

Vienna: But you didn't have a problem doing it to me.

Simon: Aw, V, Sweetheart, come on. Baby, you know we were different. You know that, right?

Vienna: You know I can always call the prince and have him unlock the royal treasury and have those jewels examined.

Simon: Okay, okay. You remember that summer we had?

Simon: No tan lines, yeah. I want to go back there.

Vienna: So, what about little Miss Commitment?

Simon: Oh, she's a strong girl. She'll get over it.

Vienna: So, we have a deal?

Simon: Sure.

Holden: I don't like you.

Paul: Well, nobody does. I didn't realize I needed your permission to marry Meg.

Holden: You have it.

Paul: I do?

Holden: You do. She loves you. My feelings don't count. It's Meg's feelings that count. She seems to think that she can't live her life without you.

Paul: I feel exactly the same way.

Lily: Meg, Paul isn't Holden. Or Dusty. He is not like any man I've ever met.

Meg: Well, that's why I love him, 'cause he's unique -- in good ways and bad.

Lily: Rose didn't see enough of the bad. She didn't realize how dangerous he could be.

Meg: I know Paul's done things -- horrible things. But he's also learned some hard lessons. He's not the same man.

Lily: For your sake, I hope you're right. I'm going to get dressed into my outfit. Okay, I'll see you in a few minutes.

Emma: Well, this is it. Are you ready to become the new Mrs. Paul Ryan? This very night.

Emily: How could he do this to me?

Craig: The Emily I know wouldn't stand for such abuse.

Emily: All this talk about this bond we still share, it was all to keep me from telling --

Craig: Telling what?

Emily: Oh, nothing! Nothing! You were right! Paul can never use me again.

Katie: Henry, I know I messed up. Tell, Simon and Carly aren't paying any price at all.

Henry: Does that really matter?

Katie: If Mike hadn't walked out on me, maybe it wouldnít. But he did. So how can I just sit back and watch Simon ruin the only true love that I ever really trusted? I need to get Mike back, no matter what it takes.

Henry: You're going to make me cry.

Katie: Let's face it, Henry. Now that Viennaís back in town, I have a real chance of nailing Simon and getting my husband back. And heaven help anyone who tries to stop me.

Simon: So here's the thing, I'm going to let Carly down gently and then I'm going to jump on the first plane -- the very first plane to come and see you.

Vienna: No, no, no, no, no, no. Don't be silly, Darling, the moment you are done with Carly all you have to do is knock. I have a suite down the hall. And we can book a flight to wherever we want. Maybe Biarritz.

Simon: Wow, this is great. You thought of everything.

Vienna: Yeah.

Simon: Okay, okay. Okay, so here's the thing, the plan's in motion. I'm going to get on to Carly and I'm going to let her down and then I'm going to call you. All right? Okay?

Vienna: Okay. Wonderful.

Nurse #1: Listen, I -- I feel a little guilty.

Craig: About what?

Nurse #1: Meg did say she wanted the wedding to be kept a secret. You won't say anything, will you?

Craig: My lips are sealed. Although, I'd like to send them a gift when I know they've officially tied the knot. Do you know if that's happened yet?

Nurse #1: Sorry, I donít. But from the rush she was in, it shouldn't be much longer. Enjoy your tea.

Craig: Run, Emily. Run like the wind.

Emma: Oh, Meggie.

Meg: Mom.

Meg: I love you.

Emma: I love you, Sweetheart. And these are for you. I wore these when I married your father.

Meg: They're -- they're gorgeous.

Emma: Let me see. Oh, so pretty. My pretty girl. Yes. Look at you. Oh, Meggie, you are such a beautiful bride.

Meg: I bet you thought this moment would never happen.

Emma: Do you forgive me? For earlier when I jumped to the conclusion that Paul was the reason you were going to change your wedding plans?

Meg: No, given Paul's history, I understand.

Emma: Mm-hmm.

Meg: I just can't wait for you and Lily to see that Paul's a better man than you know.

Emma: As long -- as long as he makes you happy, baby. As long as he makes you happy.

Emma: Aww, Sweetheart.

Holden: I think I just heard a car pull up.

Paul: It's probably Will. Or maybe it's my mom. You mind if I --

Holden: Oh, yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Paul: I can't believe it, Mother, I'm actually happy to see you.

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Emily: You think what you're doing is right, but it isnít. Marrying Meg will be the biggest mistake of your life.

Adam: Gwen walked out on the demo. I need you to help me get her back.

Jade: Gwen walked in on me and Adam at the studio -- I'm sorry, I thought she would have told you by now.

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