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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/1/06

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Lily: Yes, I'm calling about the booking for the Snyder-Ryan wedding for tomorrow. [Phone ringing] Faith! Could you get that, please? I'm sorry -- sorry. It's -- the bride's Meg Snyder, I'm her sister-in-law, Lily Snyder. Right. Good.

Faith: Mom?

Lily: Could you hold on for one second? Yes, Honey, what can I get for you?

Faith: Is Dad back yet?

Lily: No, what do you need?

Faith: It's the bakery on the phone. They're calling about something called a groom's cake? I thought he already went to the bakery, though?

Lily: He should have been back by now.

Faith: What do I tell the guy on the phone then?

Lily: I'll call him back.

Faith: Okay.

Lily: Thank you. Weddings, they're crazy. As you know, right? Ohh! Tomorrow, 2:00 on the nose, we need to get some candid photos before the wedding and then some formal ones after. Good? Okay. Thank you, Mrs. Treball. I'll see you tomorrow at 2:00. Bye-bye. You got groceries? I thought you had a date.

Jade: I did. It kind of got cut short. When I was on my way home, Holden called and asked me to pick up some things for the wedding.

Lily: Holden called you?

Jade: Yeah, he said something about he's running late, overloaded with errands.

Lily: Oh.

Jade: Well, I don't mind helping him. I'm happy to. What's wrong? He should have been home by now. Where is he?

Lily: I don't know.

Holden: That was -- that was pretty amazing.

Tea: Well, you're the amazing one. But after that, I have to run. I'm already late.

Tea: Okay, we'll hurry.

Katie: It's just such an unusual stone, you know? Not the kind of thing you see in any old jewelry store windows. So I was just wondering where Simon could've got it.

Carly: What's the funny thing about me, Katie? When a man gives me a gift, I don't typically ask him where he bought it.

Katie: Oh well, next time you see him just ask him for me, will you? I'm just curious.

Carly: Well, I think you'll have to stay that way. I'm not going to ask him anything for you.

Katie: It's just a question, Carly. Why are you so upset?

Carly: I think you know why. Excuse me. I will meet my son now.

Katie: Just the truth, Carly. You don't want to tell me where Simon got it because you can’t.

Carly: Ohh! Well, finally, I'm getting through.

Katie: Because Simon didn't buy the necklace, did he? My guess is, he stole it.

Simon: "Simon, you bad boy, I know what you've done." Hey, Fred!

Bellman: Yes, Mr. Frasier?

Simon: Who gave you this note?

Bellman: Nobody.

Simon: Listen, was it a girl with dark hair? An accent? Or was it a blonde?

Bellman: It was left at the desk. I don't know who left it there. Sorry.

Simon: Okay.

Meg: Okay, Emily. Since you are so set on filling me in, why are you and Paul hanging out around Craig’s room?

Paul: It's really no mystery. We just kind of ran into each other, that's all.

Meg: Okay so when then why are you making this --?

Paul: Can we talk about this later? Alone?

Emily: I don't think so.

Meg: Okay, what happened?

Emily: What are you doing? I came to see Craig.

Meg: In Craig's condition he isn't allowed any visitors.

Emily: Well, maybe you should tell that to Paul. Because when I walked into Craig’s room, Paul was standing there.

Paul: Emily didn't do anything. It was all my fault. I was already there when Emily showed up.

Meg: Paul, you know that's not allowed. This is intensive care. It's just immediate family until the doctor lifts that.

Emily: Excuse me, I was not finished. I walked into Craig’s room and Paul was standing there --

[Beeping sound]

Paul: Do you hear that?

Meg: That's Craig. I'd better go check on him.

Paul: So I'll see you at home.

Meg: No, you wait here. We need to talk.

[Beeping noise]

Paul: You should rethink this.

Emily: Okay, I'm done thinking. I'm going to the cops.

Paul: What are you going to tell them?

Emily: What am I going to tell them? I'm going to tell them what I saw -- that you tried to suffocate Craig with a pillow.

Paul: Why don't we go in there now and you tell Meg what you saw.

Emily: Why? She's not going to do anything about it.

Paul: You tell your side of the story and I'll tell my side of the story.

Emily: What side of the story? I didn't do anything wrong. I'm the one who put the blanks in the gun. You're the one who switched them out for real bullets.

Paul: That's a ridiculous story. Why would the police believe you?

Emily: Well they'll believe me when I -- when I tell them how you came here to finish off what Dusty started, that you tried to suffocate him with a pillow.

Paul: Interesting accusation coming from a woman who tried to kidnap Dusty and tried to kill him herself.

Emily: I was trying to help Dusty.

Paul: How does it help Dusty if he shoots Craig with blanks?

Emily: Well, attempted murder gets you a lot less time than murder.

Paul: Well, I guess you ought to know. He’ll get his hands on Johnny.

Emily: No matter what you do, you cannot make this right.

Paul: Craig is the one person that Jennifer would have killed herself if he had ever tried to get his hands on her son.

Emily: And Craig would have eventually gotten custody of him. It doesn't matter. I was just --

Paul: You were what? That's exactly what I'm asking you. You were trying to help Craig? Why?

Emily: I didn't want Dusty to go to jail.

Paul: You don't have any concern for Dusty, all right? You have even less concern for Johnny.

Emily: You don't understand.

Paul: No I don’t. Explain it to me, Emily. Why would you help Craig? A guy who you say you can't even stand. Did he promise you something? Is that it? Did he promise you?

Emily: No.

Paul: Well, then what? Did he threaten you? Did he threaten Daniel?

Emily: No.

Paul: What did he promise you? What could he possibly promise you? [Paul sighing] Me? He promised you me?

Emily: No.

Paul: He promised you that you and I would somehow be together?

Emily: No.

Paul: How could he promise you something like that? How could he guarantee that I would even --?

[Emily walks over to Craig’s window and Craig is holding Meg’s hand]

Emily: That's how.

Jade: Holden didn't tell you where he was going?

Lily: He went to the bakery and he should have been back by now. He hasn't called.

Jade: Did you try the Lakeview?

Lily: Why would I try the Lakeview?

Jade: I don't know. I just thought that maybe -- you're right. I'm sure he'll be home soon. Don't worry, Lily.

Lily: I wasn't worried, but now maybe I am.

Jade: I don't know anything for sure, okay? But no matter what, I'm on your side, okay?

Lily: What does that mean?

Jade: Nothing.

Lily: Okay, something's been going on with you and Holden the last couple of days.

Jade: Like what?

Lily: Like you're keeping secrets.

Jade: Nothing's going on. At least not with me, anyway.

Lily: But something's going on with Holden?

Jade: You're going to have to ask him that. I'm going to get this ice cream into the fridge.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucinda: Okay, you wanted them, you've got them.

Lily: Great.

Lucinda: All right, Sweetheart. Now where do you want me to put them? Lily? Are you going to have the bride and the groom up there by the fireplace?

Lily: Whatever. Just do whatever.

Lucinda: I loved a wedding as much as any other woman, but I just do not understand why you're knocking yourself out for this one. First poor Rose. Now poor Meg is marrying Paul Ryan. How long do you think that marriage is going to last? Hello? You're awfully subdued.

Lily: Just thinking. About what makes marriages last.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, you don't have to ponder that. You and Holden are the perfect example of the perfect couple.

Lily: Are we?

Carly: Katie, would you just leave me alone?

Katie: I will. I will. As soon as you tell me where Simon got the necklace.

Carly: Look, I have tried to be patient with you, because I know that you and mike split up.

Katie: Whatever happened with mike happened for one reason -- Simon.

Carly: However it happened, I know how hard it is to end a marriage.

Katie: My marriage is not over. It won't be. Stopping it, huh?

Katie: I'll figure something out. I'll figure out a way.

Carly: Oh, and this is it? This is the way?

Katie: What are you talking about?

Carly: Mike pushed you away because of this thing you have for Simon, so you need to prove to him that you have no use for Simon whatsoever. Am I getting close here?

Katie: We were talking about the necklace.

Carly: And what better way to prove that you hate Simon than to start some kind of smear campaign against him.

Katie: He stole those diamonds and you helped him.

Carly: Prove it.

Katie: Don't think I won’t.

Carly: Or you could just do what's best all around and just admit it. Admit that you still love him.

Katie: Oh please. Is that what Simon said?

Carly: Katie, he is with me now. And I know that you can accept that and move on.

Katie: I've accepted so many things about Simon. I've accepted that he's a thief. I've accepted that he leaves. He always leaves. In fact, he will leave you just like he left me and every other woman he's claimed to love.

Carly: What you wrote in that book was embarrassing and hurtful. Wht can't you just let that be enough?

Katie: I can. I will never bother you or Simon again. You'll never have to talk to me or see me.

Carly: Can I get that in writing?

Katie: Just one question. Where did Simon get the necklace?

Lucinda: What's wrong, Darling?

Lily: I've been having some feelings.

Lucinda: About what?

Lily: Holden. Something's going on.

Lucinda: Oh, what? Anything more concrete than just feelings?

Lily: I just a conversation with Jade.

[Lucinda laughing]

Lucinda: Jade?

Lily: She was actually very closed mouthed. Tight-lipped. Wouldn't share that much.

Lucinda: I don't know what that girl is up to, putting doubts in your mind about your husband.

Lily: No, no, no, no. Jade didn't do that. She didn't put doubts in my mind. I've put them there myself. Can I ask you a question and have an -- can I get an honest answer?

Lucinda: Of course, Darling.

Lily: I mean, no judgments, please just an honest answer.

Lucinda: I promise you. For heaven's sake, Darling, would you hurry up and ask me the question?

Lily: All right. All right. While I was in a coma, was Holden seeing another woman?

[Lucinda laughing]

Tea: What's wrong?

Holden: Just a few people I know.

Tea: Let's go back this way.

Carly: Well, that would sell another billion copies of your book, wouldn't it? If your story were true. If Simon and I stole some diamonds.

Katie: I was married to the man. I know him. And I saw him when he read about the jewel theft in my book. He was worried.

Carly: Of course he was. He was worried about what your accusations -- what effect they would have on me and my children.

Katie: Oh please. He cared very much about you. He probably always will. This building, this project that he and I worked on together, it is very important to him, because it was legitimate and it made him a ton of money. Simon is trying to become someone new. Someone that he wasn't before. Why can't you just let him do that?

Katie: You're trying to convince me that he's changed, Carly, and he can’t. He doesn't know how.

Carly: No, I think you're the one who hasn't changed. You're still childish and selfish enough to want him to hurt just because you do. Well, find some other way to deal with your broken heart, all right? And leave me and Simon alone.

Simon: Listen, Katie, I get why you're angry at me. That's fine. But can you please, please just leave Carly out of this. She does not deserve this.

Bookstore clerk: Katie? We've got a few late arrivals inside. Could you sign a few more books?

Katie: Sure. You know, it's not me that Carly has to worry about. If anyone's hurt her, it's you. Something's going on here and I'm not dropping this until I find out what it is.

Craig: You said you wouldn't leave.

Meg: I was gonna call a doctor to come check you out.

Craig: To give me meds for my pain?

Meg: Yes.

Craig: But not to sleep. I don't want to sleep. I don't want to dream.

Meg: Okay.

Craig: Now you're patronizing me.

Meg: You've been shot, Craig. Your body's working to fight infection, to heal the wound. The pain is the only thing that's keeping you awake right now. So take the pain away, you sleep. It's inevitable.

Craig: But if you were here, I'd have sweet dreams, I know it.

Meg: Now who's patronizing? I have other patients to tend to before my shift is over tonight.

Craig: But you're going to stay here a couple more hours, right?

Meg: Yeah, until seven.

Craig: And you'll be here tomorrow?

Meg: Nope, not tomorrow. I'm off.

Craig: And what's with the smile? You got something fun planned?

Meg: Always. Now will you let me call your doctor?

Craig: Tell me what you got planned.

Meg: To spend the day with the man I love.

[Craig groans]

Craig: Don't make the critically ill nauseous.

Meg: Well, then don't ask me personal questions. 'Cause you know all the answers lead to Paul.

Craig: Call the doctor, get my meds, put me out of my misery.

Emily: Craig can be very charming when he wants to be.

Paul: Evidently.

Emily: You tried to kill Craig. You think I'm going to let you get away with that?

Paul: And you didn’t. You stopped me.

Emily: Yeah, well, who's to say you're not going to try to do it again?

Paul: Maybe I will.

Emily: I'm not going to protect you, Paul. Those days are over.

Paul: Okay. So you do what you have to do. Pay no attention to what I said before about going to the police and telling them how I saw you fussing with the gun. I was only bluffing.

Emily: What are you doing?

Paul: You're always looking out for me. This isn't the first time you saved me. That's one of the reasons, Em, that --

Emily: What?

Paul: You'll always be special to me. You had a baby, Em. We lost our baby together.

Emily: Do you think about her?

Paul: Oh, I think about her all the time. She was beautiful. She was ours, all ours. Just by everything we've shared, but through everything we've lost.

Emily: Having a baby with someone ties you together like nothing else.

Paul: Yeah, not something I've ever shared with anyone else.

Emily: Not Meg.

Paul: Not even Meg. I know I have no right to say this to you, but --

Emily: Just say it.

Paul: Everything that we've been through has been so intense. In a lot of ways, I feel like you've looked deeper in my heart than anyone else that's alive.

Emily: Just promise me that you won't try to hurt Craig again.

Paul: Okay. I promise. The truth is, I value my freedom too much anyway.

Meg: Yeah, he'll be fine. I thought you left.

Paul: Yeah, I asked her to stay.

Meg: Why?

Paul: Well, because you asked before what we were doing in Craig’s room, so - - go ahead, Em, why don't -- why don't you tell Meg.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Emily: I switched the bullets. I swear, I did it.

Craig: Who want me dead as much as Dusty?

Meg: You and Emily seemed really chummy.

Paul: We were talking about the baby.

Lily: Is everything okay? With us?

Simon: I found someone who believes that I'm capable of being a better man than I was and I will not lose her.

Lily: Thank you for being so concerned about me.

Lucinda: Honey, I'm so sorry.

Lily: Do you see the door? Good-bye. I'll see you tomorrow at the wedding.

Lucinda: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I apologize. But, just, it sounds preposterous that Holden is sleeping around while you're lying comatose in a hospital bed. Darling, even if he had had the inclination, which he didn't, he didn't -- he could hardly have found the time.

Lily: He found the time before.

Lucinda: That was totally different.

Lily: No, it wasn't that much different. Rose died, I wasn't there for him, he turned to Julia.

Lucinda: You are both in a different place now and much stronger.

Lily: Yeah, and fatter.

Lucinda: What? Did I hear you? Wait a moment. Darling, let me get this straight. You think that -- you think that your husband -- that your husband, Holden -- not an escapee from an afternoon talk show where they throw chairs at one another -- you think that your husband, he doesn't love you anymore? Because you -- you were carrying the child that the two of you conceived together? You think he doesn't love you anymore after the love affair that lasted centuries? Because you gained a few pounds.

Lily: You think I'm fat too?

Lucinda: Will nothing I say mollify you, Darling?

Lily: There's just something wrong. I don't know what it is.

Lucinda: You want my advice?

Lily: This is not about Jade. Please, let's not bring her up.

Lucinda: And if you feel, you know, that you're -- come on, get a trainer. We'll do it together! And if you are really worried, ask him. Ask him.

Lily: What if I do that? What if I do that? If I'm wrong and he gets hurt.

Faith: Hi, Grandmother.

Lucinda: Hi, Honey. Hey! How's my girl? Your mom and I were having a really serious conversation here.

Lily: What do you need, Faith?

Faith: I thought we were going to figure out what we're going to wear tomorrow for the wedding.

Lucinda: Yeah.

Lily: Yes, we are. As soon as I walk your grandmother out.

Lucinda: Yes, I'm going. Walk me to the door. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye, Sweetheart.

Lily: Hey, let's get some dresses and put them on the bed and we'll look at them later, okay? In a moment?

Faith: Okay.

Lucinda: You are beautiful. You are very beautiful. And Holden loves you.

Lily: "I know Holden loves me and I know I'm beautiful."

Lucinda: Okay.

Lily: Thank you.

Faith: Mom? Is anything wrong?

Lily: No. No, everything's fine, Sweetheart.

Emily: I came to visit Craig. I walked in his room and I found Paul there.

Paul: It's okay.

Emily: He was talking to Craig. I didn't know what he was saying to Craig.

Paul: I was here to visit you, okay? I walked by. I heard some noise. I thought Craig might need some help, so I went in there. I was already in there when Emily came in.

Emily: We were going to call a nurse and then you showed up.

Meg: Okay, so why didn't you just say that? It looks like they're going to change Craig’s status to stable.

Emily: Oh.

Meg: By the end of the day.

Emily: Good, good. Can I see him?

Meg: Sure. If you are going to talk about work, though, don't mention anything that'll agitate him.

Emily: Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. Thanks.

Meg: You and Emily seemed really chummy when I came out.

Paul: We were talking about the baby. It was nice to remember.

Meg: Yeah, of course it is. You know, I need to go check on some patients. Do you have to go?

Paul: No, I'll wait here for you.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: Thank you. Thanks for saving me again.

Emily: Just promise me you're not going to try anything with Craig, please.

Paul: Look, you don't need to and I know that what I was doing was wrong. But it did get us to have a conversation. And I did need to reconnect with you. I didn't realize how much --

Emily: Me too.

Paul: So the thing with me and Craig, that's just between you and me, right?

Emily: Yeah, it's our secret.

Paul: Thanks. Em, thanks for everything.

Carly: You told me that Katie thought she made the whole robbery thing up.

Simon: Did she say something different to you?

Carly: She came right out and actually accused you of stealing the jewelry, Simon. And then she started asking all

Carly: Oh, I'm off balance!

Simon: You know what, I think she's trying to do the same thing for me. Look at this.

Carly: She got in touch with Vienna? Who else has she talked to? What if she goes to the cops?

Simon: Carly, Carly, this note obviously is just a hoax from Katie, right? If we don't panic, it's not going to yield anything. She's just fishing.

Carly: First the book, now this. She's relentless.

Simon: So are we. She's not going to ruin us, okay? Okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: My carpool buddy. Hey, Leslie. What's up? I'm by the bookstore at old town. Oh, what sort of project? Oh, okay. All right, thanks. J.J.'s got a science project due, so he and his buddy are going to work on that instead of coming down here to meet me.

Simon: All right. Do you have anymore shopping to do?

Carly: No. I'm going to go over to Java, you wanna come?

Simon: You know what? I might just hang here. I've got some shopping of my own to do.

Carly: You mean you're going to talk to Katie again.

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'm going to see if I can't get her to back off and give us some space.

Carly: You think it'll work?

Simon: I'll make sure it does. See you later?

Carly: Yeah. Absolutely.

Simon: Katie.

Katie: I was just leaving.

Simon: Well, I would appreciate it if you stayed and talked to me.

Katie: About what?

Simon: About letting go of all this old resentment. Please, just putting it to rest.

Katie: I didn't write that stuff in the book to --

Simon: To? To what? To hurt me? To hurt Carly? So why did you write it?

Katie: To sell books.

Simon: To sell books. To sell books. Okay, that's fair enough. So what was today all about?

Katie: I just asked Carly a few questions.

Simon: Because you honestly think that what you wrote in that book was true? What? You really think that Carly and I stole some jewels?

Katie: Well, suddenly you sure have a lot of money.

Simon: It was from a real estate deal, Katie.

Katie: And Carly didn't have any idea where you bought her that necklace.

Simon: Because it's a gift, okay? You don't tell people where you got the gift from.

Katie: So tell me.

Simon: Why? Why should I? I'm not going to do that.

Katie: Because you can’t.

Simon: Because that's not going to end it. You see, Katie, I could give you with the name of my jeweler, and you could follow it up, and you'll never be satisfied, because you'll still of some vast conspiracy. And this will go on and on and on and on. Because you don't want the truth, you want me to be alone like you. Look, why don't you start to put some of this energy that you've got into something positive like getting back what you want, like mike? I am really sorry for how things have turned out, I really am. But please, can you just let this go?

Katie: Did you do it, Simon? Did you steal those diamonds?

Simon: Unbelievable. No, Katie. No, I didn’t.

Katie: Yeah.

Simon: You don't believe me.

Katie: No.

Simon: Well, fortunately for me, I've found someone who believes that I am capable of being a better man than I was. And I will not lose her, Katie. Believe that.

Jessica: Oh, Carly! Sorry. Did I get anything on you?

Carly: You in a hurry?

Jessica: No, just a little scattered. It's been a horrible day.

Carly: Oh yeah? What's going on?

Jessica: I was visiting a client in prison.

Carly: Oh.

Jessica: Yeah, really nice lady, you know. But her life is totally wrecked. She's lost her kids, her family's disowned her.

Carly: Well, what happened?

Jessica: Typical story. She gets involved with the wrong guy and he persuades her to participate in one little bank robbery with him.

Carly: And they got caught.

Jessica: Well, she did. He didn’t. You know, sometimes there just really is no justice. Listen, I'll see you later.

Carly: Yeah, um -- I just have a quick question.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Since you mentioned jail and all, just wondering -- when does my probation end?

Faith: I love that dress. So does Dad.

Lily: He does?

Faith: When you were sick, he told us about this time he took you to a party and you wore that, and then you guys snuck out and danced under the moonlight without any music. Did that really happen?

Lily: Yes, it did.

Faith: Put it on, Mom.

Lily: I don't think so. I know I won't be able to squeeze into it.

Holden: Hey Girls!

Faith: Hi, Dad! Where's the bakery stuff?

Holden: Downstairs. And I got extra cookies.

Faith: Cool!

Lily: You could have brought the extra cookies up to the bedroom. Oh, you're afraid I didn't have any willpower?

Holden: Oh, I know you have willpower.

Lily: Oh, and I need it, don't I? Because I'm huge, huge, huge right now.

Holden: I don't think that. I think you look great.

Lily: I'm just feeling -- is everything okay? With us?

Emily: Well, that's pretty much it for the paper. You don't worry about anything. I will handle everything while you're in here.

Craig: As well as you handled everything last night when I was shot? In that case, I'd be bankrupt within a week.

Emily: Just calm down. Calm down. Meg says you can't get agitated.

Craig: What did you do, Emily? How did this happen?

Emily: Just relax, okay. Your heart rate's gonna spike and the nurse is gonna come in here and kick me out on my butt.

Craig: Tell me what you did.

Emily: I did exactly what you told me to do. I switched the bullets for blanks.

Craig: So somehow you just managed to miss one or two? An inch lower and I'd be a dead man.

Emily: Don't say that. Don't say that.

Craig: What went wrong?

Emily: I don't know.

Craig: That doesn't feel right.

Emily: Why not?

Craig: Because he was too confident. He was too sure of himself. No, someone else knew of Dusty's plan and set me up.

Emily: How is that possible?

Craig: It better be possible. The only other person who could have tried to kill me was you, Emily.

Emily: No, I switched the bullets. I swear I did it.

Craig: Well then that makes me ask, who would want me dead as much as Dusty?

Emily: Oh, please. Get in line. Barbara, Gwen, Will, Casey -- what?

Craig: That's an interesting list. Made all the more interesting by the man you left out. Tell me how you left out your dearest beloved, Emily. And why.

Emily: You are making this way, way too complicated.

Craig: I want to know why I ended up in this hospital bed.

Emily: Dusty shot you. Dusty. We underestimated him.

Craig: Perhaps.

Emily: I did everything you asked me to. Do you really think I would set you up to be killed? I'd be out of a job.

Craig: And you wouldn't get Paul.

Emily: Exactly.

Craig: It's going to be a while before I can help you out.

Emily: Actually, I think you've already helped me out.

Craig: How?

Emily: I have this funny feeling because of you, things between me and Paul are going to work out after all.

Meg: I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have asked you to wait. It's so busy today.

Paul: No, come on. For you, I'll wait. Of course I'll wait.

Meg: Are we okay?

Paul: Yeah, are we? I hope so, we're getting married tomorrow.

Meg: Okay, it's -- just seemed -- you seemed a little weird when I asked you what you were doing in Craig’s room.

Paul: Well, look, I heard a noise and I walked in. And as soon as I walked in there, I immediately had second thoughts. Seeing him unconscious like that, I have to tell you, I could almost see how you wouldn't think he was a danger.

Meg: He isn’t. Not to us. Is Emily okay? Paul, I thought maybe you told her that we were getting married.

Paul: No, no. I do not want her crashing our wedding.

Meg: Well, neither do I. The only drama I want tomorrow is when we say "I do" and you kiss the bride. So are you ready to have a ring on your finger?

Paul: Absolutely.

Meg: I got yours inscribed, you know.

Paul: You did?

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: With what?

Meg: Touch this man and die, he's mine. Signed Meg Snyder Ryan, Paul Ryan’s one and only wife.

Paul: It's a lot of words for such a little ring.

Meg: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But you know what? You'll never know 'cause you'll never have to take it off. Tomorrow I am going to be your wife. And I can hardly wait.

Paul: Okay, then we won’t.

Meg: Won't get married?

Paul: No, no. We won't wait. Look, there's you and there's me. And we have some rings and we have clothes, so let's just get married tonight.

Lily: You've just been so distracted lately, Holden. And I don't look the way that I used to.

Holden: Lily, come on. Do you really think I care about how much you weigh? Especially now!

Lily: Why especially now?

Holden: Because you nearly died. And any time that we have now together is a gift.

Lily: So you're just so grateful that I'm alive that you'll take anyway you can?

Holden: Come on.

Lily: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know if I'm picking things up or making things up. Just promise me that we're okay?

Holden: We're okay. I love you. The girl that you were, the woman you are, and the woman you'll be.

Lily: So we're okay.

Holden: We're better than ever.

Jessica: I'm not exactly sure when your probationary period ends, but I can certainly look it up.

Carly: Could you? Would you?

Jessica: Sure. Can I ask why you're asking at this particular juncture?

Carly: I'm just curious.

Jessica: Oakdale Confidential.

Carly: Oh, good grief! You've read it too, huh?

Jessica: Yeah, I picked up a copy of the newest edition and looked for my name just like everybody else.

Carly: And you read it.

Jessica: I did.

Carly: I know that it sounds incriminating, but you know that it is a work of fiction.

Jessica: Carly, I'm your lawyer. So anything you say to me --

Carly: Is privileged.

Jessica: Right.

Carly: Right. I know. I know.

Jessica: So I'm advising you, that if there's something you want to divulge to me, now would be a good time.

Simon: That is sure what it feels like, Katie.

Katie: I spent years of my life believing in you. Accepting things just because you said they were true. I believed you were dead -- you weren’t. I believed that you were leaving me forever -- you didn’t. I believed that you loved me, that you didn't love me. Well, you know what? I'm sick and tired of believing in you. I'm going to find out things for myself from now on.

Simon: So what? What? You're just gonna keep on hunting until you find anything that points to my guilt? Anything?

Katie: If you're not guilty, what do you have to worry about?

Simon: Wow. What happened to you? There's just no reasoning with you anymore, is there?

Katie: You know what, Simon? You can make me look vengeful and stupid all you want, but I know you. I know that someday, somewhere, someone's gonna bring you down, and I just hope I am there to see it.

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Paul: Hey, I wouldn't put it past Emily to try and stop us from getting married.

Meg: What could Emily possibly do to stop us that she hasn't already tried?

Katie: Now that Vienna’s back in town, I have a real chance of nailing Simon and getting my husband back. And heaven help anyone who tries to stop me.

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