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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/30/06

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Will: You know, the whole idea behind one dessert, two forks, is you eat half.

Gwen: I'm not hungry.

Will: Still thinking about your mom?

Gwen: Yeah. But I'm mostly thinking about how amazing you've been. Helping me deal with her.

Will: Yeah, what is it with her? Every time something good happens to you, she's right there, trying to be a part of it.

Gwen: You know, most of my life, you know, she put me down. So to have her suddenly be my personal cheerleader, it's just kind of creepy.

Will: You know, I wish I'd gotten there before she took off.

Gwen: I'm glad you got there when you did.

Will: Really?

Gwen: Um-hmm. And you couldn't have picked better timing. It's like you instinctively knew that something was wrong.

Will: Well, I didn't show up by accident. I knew your mom was at the studio.

Gwen: How did you know?

Will: I got a call from Jade.

Announcer: The role of Adam Munson is now being played by Matt Cavenaugh.

[Beeping noise]

Jade: What was that?

Adam: It doesn't matter. Ignore it. What are we doing?

Adam: Fighting.

Jade: That's right. You are such a jerk.

Adam: Yeah, and you are so such -- God, you feel so good. Call me whatever names you want.

Jade: Later.

[They start making out]

Simon: Thanks for saying for lunch. What about this? You don't like this anymore?

Carly: No, no, Simon. I just -- I can't wear that huge rock around in public anymore. What will people think?

Simon: I think most people think it's a fake.

Carly: Well, Jack thinks it's real. And if he believes what katie wrote --

Simon: Katie doesn't even believe what she wrote. She thinks she made -- she did make it up.

Carly: Well, it just so happens, it's true. And if we get caught --

Simon: Carly, we're not going to get caught.

Carly: I gotta go, okay? I want to do some Christmas shopping before the kids get out of school.

Simon: All right, cool. I'll come with you.

Carly: Really? You want to come with me?

Simon: I have nothing else better to do. Why not? I'll come with you.

Carly: Are you going to pick out a little baby doll for Sage?

Simon: Well, maybe I'll let the doll picking for you. That's not really forte. Oh, wait, Carly. I think you forgot something.

Jack: I'm surprised you can make it down here, with your brother still in the hospital.

Katie: I just came from there. Craig's doing a lot better.

Jack: He's off the critical list?

Katie: No, not yet. But he did wake up while I was there. And he started talking, so --

Jack: You must be relieved. So, what's this about Simon?

Katie: I have some information about him. About something that he did.

Jack: Okay.

Katie: The thing is, I think Carly might be involved, so if you want me to talk to someone else --

Jack: Katie, just tell me what you think he did.

Katie: Simon and Carly committed a crime. And nobody else knows about it, except me.

[Machine beeping]

Emily: What are you doing?


Will: Where are you going?

Gwen: I'm going back to the studio. I shouldn't have run out on Adam like that.

Will: Well, now you're running out on me. We need to talk about this.

Gwen: What? Jade called you. What else is there to say?

Will: I didn't ask her to call me. She just --

Gwen: No, she's probably got your number on speed dial. So, she can call you whenever she has a crisis.

Will: She called me for you.

Gwen: No. No, she did not. She called you because she wants to stay in contact with you. And she will use any excuse, including me, to do it.

Will: She saw that your mom was upsetting you and she called me, 'cause she knew that I would want to know, so I could --

Gwen: So, what, she could show what a wonderful person she is? I mean, never mind that she slept with my husband, lied about being pregnant with his child -- no, she's changed. And she just wants to show us what a good girl she is on the inside.

Will: Maybe she's trying to make up for what she did.

Gwen: Why can't you see through her? She's trying to stay into our lives, so she can catch you at a vulnerable moment, and maybe get pregnant for real this time. I didn't mean to say that you would.

Will: Well, then what were you saying?

Gwen: I don't like her. I love you and I trust you. But she just reminds me of my mom.

Will: Okay, you have to explain that one to me.

Gwen: Both of them, trying to make me feel sorry for them. Putting on this whole perfect act, you know, trying to make me feel guilty because I'm not going to give them a second chance. I'm sorry.

Will: You're not going to let your mom make you feel guilty anymore. We agreed on that. And you're not going to let Jade get away with it either.

Gwen: I just -- I wish that they would go away. And I know that's not how it works, but --

Will: Well, so we have to learn to ignore them. And in Jade's case, that won't be too hard. Because she's more interested in my brother than she is in me. Why else would she be hanging out at the studio all the time?

Gwen: Oh, come on, Will, so she can run into you.

Will: No, please.

Gwen: There are million guys in Oakdale, why does she have to date your brother? Look, maybe you can, you know, change your cell phone number. That way, at least I know that she can't call you.

Will: Okay, if that's what you want. But actually, I'm glad she called me.

Gwen: Why?

Will: Because you needed me and you know, this whole last year, I've kind of let you down a lot and it's nice to be needed by you sometimes. And help out, you know. Even though showing up is not that big of a deal.

Gwen: That's everything.

Will: Well, Adam already kicked iris out.

Gwen: But I didn't feel better until you got there.

Will: Really?

Gwen: Yeah, I mean, my mom comes into a room, and suddenly I'm in third grade again. You know, I'm this embarrassed, angry kid who has an alcoholic for a mom and no control over her life. And then you come, and suddenly I remember that I kind of am strong. And that I've worked really hard. And that somebody loves me. And I'm not alone anymore.

Will: Never alone again. Neither of us.

Gwen: I feel -- I feel better. I think I'm going to go back to the studio and then finish up the session. You want to come with me?

Will: I got a lot of stuff I've got to get done for college applications and I have to do it. Or we could just leave and go home and spend the rest of the afternoon in bed.

Gwen: And what happens if you don't get into the college of your choice?

Will: Well, then I'll suffer in silence.

Gwen: And what about all the money that's being spent at the studio.

Will: It's only money.

Adam: I've had fantasies of doing it in a public place, but --

Jade: You know what? You should get dressed. Somebody could walk in.

Adam: Now you care. You didn't seem too concerned before.

Jade: Well, I didn't think about it, okay. It just sort of caught me by surprise.

Adam: Well, at least I put my brother out of your mind for a while.

Jade: You are the most arrogant, obnoxious, annoying --

Adam: Stud you've ever been with? That's a little defensive, Jade. You might want to tone that down a bit if you want me to believe you're not still all about Will.

Jade: I could care less about Will. I can't even believe you would bring him up right now after you and I just -- you know what? Forget about it. Don't ever call me.

Adam: Look -- Jade?

Jade: This is so not ever happening again.

Adam: Okay. Just one thing.

Jade: Yeah?

Adam: What are you thinking about right now?

Jade: Not Will.

Adam: Prove it.

Katie: I highlighted the passages of the night of the party just so you can get a timeline of the crime.

Jack: The fictitious crime? Or do you have some inside knowledge about what Simon was planning?

Katie: No, no, of course not. I was just trying to meet a deadline and I thought I'd use the party. It's exciting and colorful.

Jack: Yeah, I had the prince there, girlfriend, diamonds, that kind of thing, right?

Katie: Exactly. So I started writing about what I saw that night. Carly arriving alone. Simon arriving alone, too, and going out of his way to ignore her. And then it hit me. Why would he do that?

Jack: Maybe they had a fight. So where's this supposed crime?

Katie: Let's see, its right here. The thing is, I didn't even know that a crime had happened until Simon read the book.

Jack: So he confessed?

Katie: No, of course not. But the look on his face. I mean, his reaction was a dead giveaway. He was so freaking out that I wrote about him and Carly.

Jack: Yeah, well, I can't blame him there. A lot of people don't like being written about, myself included.

Katie: Yeah, but you didn't see his face. You didn't see his reactions. You didn't hear the questions that he was asking me.

Jack: Wait a minute. You're suggesting that Carly and Simon stole the crown jewels of Leonia?

Katie: It could have happened!

Jack: Without anybody noticing?

Katie: Simon used to date Vienna. Vienna was wearing the royal necklace that night and I saw Simon leave with her at one point.

Jack: The prince left with Carly, so what?

Katie: Exactly, they were working together. Carly distracted the prince while Simon went away with Vienna and seduced her and took the diamonds.

Jack: If the diamonds were missing, why wouldn't the prince have noticed by now?

Katie: Simon would have replaced them with a copy. You're forgetting, he is a jewel thief who has not spent a lot of time in jail. He's very good.

Jack: Yes, he's also your ex-husband who's dating my ex-wife. And you and Mike have broken up.

Katie: What does that have to do with this?

Jack: As soon as you get some real evidence, you call me, okay?

Katie: Jack, can't you at least start an investigation?

Jack: Based on what, Katie?

Katie: Bring Simon in on some other charge and then question him about this.

Jack: What other charge?

Katie: You're telling me that Simon has not done anything illegal since he's been back here? Nothing at all? Not one little thing?

Jack: Nothing solid.

Katie: Something not so solid? What?

Jack: Apparently Simon borrowed a lot of money from a loan shark, a guy by the name of Spirro.

Katie: Oh yeah. I know about that. What ever happened?

Jack: Nothing. Suddenly Spirro was out of the picture.

Katie: Because Simon paid him off!

Jack: We don't know that.

Katie: When did this happen?

Jack: Right around the time the prince came to Oakdale with the diamonds.

Katie: See! That proves it.

Jack: It doesnít. It doesn't prove a thing! It's all circumstantial, Katie.

Katie: We can find out. We can follow the money. How did Simon go from having no money at all to having enough to pay off a loan shark? And having enough to finish the building that he and Carly were working on?

Jack: And heavy enough to pay for a nice big diamond for Carly.

Katie: Oh my God.

Jack: What?

Katie: I just remembered something that Simon told me a long time ago. Whenever he would finish a big job, he always held one stone back.

Jack: Like a souvenir?

Katie: Exactly. Simon didn't buy that necklace for Carly. He stole it.

Carly: Simon, I love it. I love that necklace, I think it's beautiful. But I'm just -- I'm not going to wear it in public anymore.

Simon: Why not?

Carly: Because it's stolen!

Simon: Which is why you shouldn't be seen without it right now.

Carly: Forget it. I'm not wearing it, okay?

Simon: But people have already seen it on you. So if you don't have it, that's only going to create suspicion.

Carly: Okay, well, if people get suspicious -- if they ask about it, I'll just say that I'm not wearing it anymore because I'm afraid I'll lose it. This whole thing really scares me, okay?

Simon: I promise you, we are not going to get caught.

Carly: You've never heard that old saying, have you? About crime not paying?

Simon: That's if you get found out. But the cops can't catch everyone, Carly. Sometimes you just get away clean.

Carly: Not me. That's not true of me. I always get found out in the end, trust me.

Simon: Not this time. Trust me. All right? The best place for this right now is in plain sight.

Carly: Well, then, why don't you wear it? It would look beautiful.

Simon: Come on, it doesn't go with this tie. Come here. Come here.

Carly: Oh, all right. But Simon, if -- if we do get caught --

Simon: I will rip it off your neck, swallow it whole. No evidence, no crime.

Carly: And if you're not with me --

Simon: Where else am I going to be?

Holden: Hey.

Meg: Hey!

Holden: You're not leaving before you finish your drink, are you?

Meg: Tell you what, why don't you finish it for me?

Holden: I already had my oj today.

Meg: Oh, well, this oj has champagne. And fortunately, nurses don't have champagne before they go on duty.

Holden: So why'd you order it?

Meg: It was ordered for me. I wasn't consulted.

Holden: Paul?

Meg: How'd you guess?

Holden: Oh, that fun way he has of imposing himself on people whether they like it or not. But I guess some people do like it, otherwise they wouldn't have agreed to marry him in my house.

Meg: You better not be calling me a doormat.

Holden: Of course not, you'd knock my block off.

Meg: That's right. Okay, so let's put it this way -- you think I'm crazy to marry Paul.

Holden: That would be very dangerous territory. But there are some things about your relationship that I don't understand.

Meg: That makes two of us. Here, sit down.

Holden: I thought you had to go.

Meg: Well, I still have a few minutes. Do you?

Holden: Yeah, sure.

Meg: So what brings you downtown in the middle of the day? Are you meeting a client?

Holden: No, no business meeting.

Meg: Then you're meeting Lily. Good for you. You know, I think every man should take his wife out for an expensive lunch every once in a while.

Holden: No, not today. Lily is at yoga class, I think.

Meg: You think?

Holden: Well, she said something about going to the meditation center, so I thought maybe she was taking a yoga class. Maybe not, I don't know.

Meg: Time to pay more attention over that morning bowl of cornflakes. I bet Lily knows exactly where you are.

Holden: Why do you say that?

Meg: Because, every woman worth her salt keeps tabs on who her man's been spends time with.

Holden: I thought you wanted to talk about you and Paul. Are you having second thoughts or what?

Meg: No, not at all. As a matter of fact, today has been a really good day.

Holden: Why is that?

Meg: Because Paul promised to stop obsessing about Craig.

Holden: Great. But why do I have the feeling that you don't believe him?

Emily: Let go of me! Let go of me! How could you do that? You were trying to kill Craig! How could you do that?

Paul: You need to walk out of here and you need to forget what you just saw.

Emily: And just let you commit murder?

Paul: Craig was about to get a hold of Johnny and -- look, I did some terrible things to Jennifer when she was alive and this is the only thing I can think of to try and make it up to her, is to try and keep her son safe!

Emily: Oh, and you do that by taking another human being's life? That is crazy!

Paul: You got to help Johnny. Once you saved his life, that's all I'm trying to do now.

Emily: You don't save one person's life by taking another! You're not thinking straight.

Paul: No, I am. I've thought this out. Dusty's going to go to jail for trying to kill Craig and that means that Craig, the biological father, is going to get custody. And after everything that Jennifer went through, I will not let that happen. I will not let him have that child.

Emily: I know this is hard on you.

Paul: Emily, look. You understand me. Probably better than anybody else alive.

Emily: Yeah, I do.

Paul: Okay. I'm not asking you to help me do it, but please, what I want --

Emily: What? Just say it.

Paul: Is for you to understand and let me go back in there and finish what I started and do what we both know is right. And if you do that -- Emily if you do that, I will owe you one forever.

Gwen: Hey, Adam, I'm sorry for bailing on you. We can pick up where we left off -- or not.

[Gwen walks in and Jade and Adam are making love]

Carly: Simon, people are staring.

Simon: Of course they are. You're an absolute knockout.

Carly: Don't try to charm your way out of this. They're looking because I'm wearing this huge rock around my neck.

Simon: And they're wishing they had two or three of them themselves at home. Now can we please go and spend some money like we don't have a care in the world? Because we donít.

Carly: But Simon --

Simon: Carly, Carly, if you don't relax, then people are going to be suspicious.

Lisa: Well, well, well, I wish you would look. The two of you just walking around town like you don't have a care in the world, and after all you've done.

Carly: We haven't done anything.

Simon: Yeah we did. Yeah, we did. We've added a sensational building to the downtown skyline, right?

Lisa: I'm not talking about that. You know what I'm referring to.

Simon: Oh, come on, Lisa. Are you afraid that our luxury apartment's going to lure away your Lakeview clientele?

Lisa: You're being so silly. Don't try and change the subject. Look, the jig's up here, handsome. Now I've read everything that you two did, and your crooked, crooked ways, I'm telling you -- wait until the police find out about this.

Katie: Thanks, Rennie. I owe you.

Jack: Well?

Katie: The model apartment was finished and went on the market within 72 hours after the party for the prince.

Jack: And how much cash would Simon need to make that happen?

Katie: Oh, at least a few hundred thousand.

[Jack laughing]

Jack: A few hundred thousand.

Katie: I'm married to a contractor, you forget. And I'd like to stay that way.

Jack: What's going on with you and Mike? What does that have to do with this?

Katie: Nothing. Nothing! Jack, think about this. Okay, how would Simon get enough money that fast to pay off this loan shark. I mean, would he --

Jack: Katie? Katie, I need you to tell me the truth.

[Katie sighing]

Katie: Mike thinks I still have a thing for Simon.

Jack: Do you?

Katie: Would I be here trying to get him put in jail if I still was in love with him?

Jack: I don't know. Maybe. Depends on if he's still in love with you.

Katie: Well, he's not.

Jack: Because he's with Carly. And if you're going to throw Simon under the bus, why not make it a packaged deal throwing both under there, right?

Katie: They committed a crime!

Jack: So you say.

Katie: And so you would say, too, if you would look at the -- I'm going to take the facts to Margo and maybe she won't be so slow to make an arrest.

Jack: Katie, Margoís gonna tell you exactly what I have. That it's all circumstantial. There's no proof that Simon and Carly stole those jewels, or that the jewels were even stolen!

Katie: Okay, fine, so call the prince, alert him, have him make sure that the diamonds are real.

Jack: I am not starting an international incident because some writer's imagination is run amok? I'm not doing that.

Katie: Because of the politics or because you don't want to arrest Carly?

Jack: Goodbye, Katie.

Katie: Just think about it. In your heart of hearts, you know that I'm probably right. If something's going on, you have to at least look into it.

Jack: If Simon has stolen those jewels, there's no proof that Carly helped him, or that she even knew about it.

Katie: If you won't call the prince, I will. And I will find some way to convince him to get those diamonds checked.

Jack: Wait! I have a better way.

Meg: It's not that I don't believe Paul. I think his heart is in the right place, and he wants to make me happy, he wants to change.

Holden: But you don't think he can?

Meg: Well, not overnight. He's hated Craig for a long time and for good reason. But hate takes a lot of energy and I've been feeling like there's not enough energy left over for us.

Holden: Okay, can I say something?

Meg: I can tell I'm not gonna like it, but go ahead.

Holden: Why don't you wait to see if he can keep his promise before you go ahead and get married?

Meg: A quid pro quo, you mean? He toes the line and his reward is that I agree to be his wife.

Holden: Better than finding out down the road that he can't keep his word.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Isn't marriage supposed to be a leap of faith? I mean, I've been holding back all these months, waiting for everything to be perfect. Maybe what Paul needs is for me to show him that I have faith in him -- in us.

Holden: So, if you marry him -- that's the spark that will make him do the right thing?

Meg: Okay, it sounded better when I said it.

Holden: That's because I think it's risky to believe that you can change someone by just loving them.

Meg: Don't you think you've changed over the years because you've had a wife whose truly loved you?

Holden: Don't make this about me.

Meg: What? I think it's a fair comparison.

Holden: Okay, if I've changed it's been something that's been very gradual. Over the years. Not a result of something that Lily asked me to do. You're talking about something very specific that you need from a man, and if he doesn't give it to you in your marriage, it doesn't stand a chance.

Meg: Okay, thanks for the pep-talk.

Holden: You asked me to be honest. You and Paul, you have a lot of strikes against you already, but I know that you really wanna make this work, too. So, what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna offer you my arm and I'm gonna walk you down the aisle and try and muster up all the hope and happiness that I can. Paul just better prove that he's worthy of it.

Emily: What are you asking me to do? Let you commit murder and then maybe you'll be my friend?

Paul: I'll owe you one.

Emily: And what does that buy me? A polite nod as we pass each other on the street?

Paul: Em, I think we should always be more than that.

Emily: Are you marrying Meg or not? I'm going to the police!

Paul: No, you're not. You're going to keep your mouth shut.

Emily: Or what? You'll kill me, too?

Paul: But, I will go to the police and turn you in.

Emily: For what?

Paul: Attempted murder.

Emily: What are you talking about?

Paul: You're an accessory, before-the-fact in Dustyís shooting of Craig.

Emily: I am not!

Paul: Yes you are.

Emily: What are you talking about?

Paul: I saw you.

Emily: Where?

Paul: In Dustyís car. Before the shooting, with his gun.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Adam: If Jade and I wanna be together, we will!

Gwen: Be together! Go ahead, procreate, sing a song while you're at it. Have a good time!

Adam: Gwen --

Emily: I was trying to protect Dusty. That's why I switched the bullets for the blanks -- you're the one who put the real bullets back into the gun!

Katie: Simon has spent his entire life seducing women. You'd be surprised what he can get a woman to do, especially --

Jack: What?

Katie: If she thinks he's in love with her.


Carly: Lisa, that book --

Simon: Novel. Fiction.

Carly: Fiction.

Simon: You can't believe a word that Katieís written in this. Could you?

Lisa: No, I don't believe a single word of it. I'm just teasing you a little bit. I had you really going there for a minute, didn't I?

Simon: Yeah, you're good. Very, very good.

Lisa: Thank you very much. But I have to hand it to you, Sweetheart.

Carly: For what?

Lisa: For wearing that big rock around your neck, I mean, really, after all this stuff that's going around town. My dear! You're just inviting people to say all kinds of tacky things.

Carly: Well, thank you, I guess.

Lisa: You're welcome. Bye, bye.

Simon: So, what did I tell you?

Carly: Yeah.

Simon: Okay?

Carly: Yeah, seems like -- you were right.

Simon: Right. So, can you now please stop worrying about Katie and that stupid, little book?

Carly: I'm going to try.

Jack: Hello? Can you hear me?

Vienna: Is that you, Rodrigo?

Jack: No, it's Detective Snyder. Jack Snyder. From Oakdale, Illinois.

Vienna: Oakdale. I don't like that town. It's filled with women who don't think twice about stealing someone else's man.

Jack: Yeah. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.

Vienna: I'm not surprised. It happens all the time.

Jack: You get called by the police often?

Vienna: Policemen, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, monks. They're all men, so they call me.

Jack: I see.

Vienna: They spend a few moments in my company and then they keep wanting more. But sadly, there is only so much Vienna to go around.

Jack: Yeah, that's a problem. Listen, this isn't a social call.

Vienna: No?

Jack: No, it's police business and I'm asking for your complete discretion.

Vienna: Secrets! I love secrets. And I'm very good at keeping them. You can ask everyone.

Jack: Great, great. I was wondering if you are still close to Prince Adolpho?

Vienna: Well, he is a man is he not? I thought I just explained this to you.

Jack: Right, that you're so completely irresistible. I got that. Then this should be a piece of cake for you. I was wondering, could you have an expert quietly, take a look at the jewels that the prince owns. Make sure that they're the same ones he brought to Oakdale for the hospital benefit?

Vienna: You think the jewels were stolen?

Jack: I'm not thinking anything, I just wanted to know if you could do that for me?

Vienna: I could, but I don't need to, Detective Jack. It would be a complete waste of time.

Jack: Why?

Vienna: The royal jewels of Leonia are always examined by experts before being returned to the imperial vault.

Jack: You're sure?

Vienna: Of course. In fact, I was there to witness this. They were absolutely genuine.

Jack: Well, that's great. Thank you.

Vienna: Oh, my pleasure Detective Jack. And I might say that your voice is very sexy. You should come visit me sometime.

Jack: Well, thank you, I don't find myself overseas very often, but thank you. And thank you for keeping our conversation between us.

Vienna: What's said to Vienna stays with Vienna.

Jack: Bye. Well?

Katie: She's either wrong or she's lying. I know Simon stole those diamonds.

Adam: Look, I thought you were taking off for the rest of the day. I didn't know you were coming back.

Gwen: That's obvious.

Jade: You know, I'm just gonna go --

Gwen: You're unbelievable! I mean, you sleep with Will and then you sleep with his brother?

Jade: We were just --

Gwen: Just what? Just getting started or just finishing up? Were you guys giving yourself a routine --?

Adam: What happened is between Jade and me.

Gwen: So something did happen?

Jade: No!

Adam: Yeah! Why does it matter? I'm single. So is Jade.

Gwen: Well, it doesn't usually matter to Jade whether or not somebody is single or not. She doesn't let little details like that get in her way.

Adam: We all know about Jade and Will. That's old news.

Gwen: Until she sleeps with you and says she's pregnant with your child when she's not.

Jade: Would you please? I would never do that again.

Gwen: Oh, yes you would!

Adam: Leave her alone!

Gwen: How? How could you sleep with her here? This is where we work!

Adam: Look, Gwen, you know what?

Gwen: What? Forget it. I'm sorry. I'm not letting you ruin this for me!

Jade: I should go.

Adam: No, look, just give me a minute. I'll take care of it. What is this?

Gwen: This is me leaving.

Adam: So, something happens between Jade and me, something personal that has nothing to do with you at all, and you just pack up your things and go home? Yeah, that's real adult, Gwen.

Gwen: You know how important this is to me.

Adam: Thought I did.

Gwen: It's not going to work like this. I'm not gonna walk in here worrying about whether I'm going to see you two sleeping together.

Adam: If Jade and I want to be together, we will!

Gwen: Be together! Go ahead, procreate, sing a song while you're at it. Have a good time!

Adam: Gwen -- oh, well --

Jade: Is that all you have to say?

Adam: What, she's mad. She'll be back.

Jade: Why did you have to tell her we slept together?

Adam: I think she already figured that out.

Jade: She did not know for sure. Now she's going to run and tell Will that I'm a slut!

Adam: And what Gwen tells Will matters because --

Jade: You know what? Don't make this about me having feelings for Will. Okay, that is not why I'm upset.

Adam: And yet, surprise, surprise, your first thoughts are of him.

Jade: No, I just don't want Gwen trashing me.

Adam: Then there's no problem.

Jade: Did you hear her?

Adam: Yeah, I heard her go off on you because you slept with her husband, which is true. And that you slept with me. That's also true. Those are the facts. It's not like Gwenís going to hate you more now than she did before because she walked in on us. So what's the problem?

Jade: Well, there is no problem for me. But there sure as hell is a huge one for you.

Emily: You didn't see me. You couldn't have! I wasn't there.

Paul: Only I saw you with Dusty's gun.

Emily: You followed me? Why?

Paul: Because, after your little acting job on me and Barbara. You were so concerned about Dusty having a gun. I decided to keep an eye on you. And I'm glad I did because I saw you, with your new best friend Craig.

Emily: Yeah, who's my boss. And we were talking about work.

Paul: Don't lie to me. You and Craig have been in on this from the beginning. All to try and get to Dusty. You went to stir the pot and stir the pot until finally he was desperate enough, because you know, ultimately, he was gonna go after Craig with that gun.

Emily: No, no, what I told you and Barbara was the truth. I was trying to protect Dusty. That's why I switched the bullets for the blanks -- oh my God. You're the one who put the real bullets back into the gun!

Carly: I wish I could be as relaxed about this as you are.

Simon: You heard Lisa. Everyone in town knows Katie has an over-active imagination.

Carly: To say the least.

Simon: So the next time someone makes a joke about the little -- you'll just take it in stride.

Carly: Yes.

Simon: Good. Can we please skip shopping and go back to my place.

Carly: I'd like that, but I canít. I promised J.J. I'd help him with his Christmas shopping.

Simon: Okay, will I see you later on?

Carly: Yeah, sure. It's Jack's night with the kids, so --

Simon: So, I'll be waiting with an early holiday gift. And I promise it will not be diamonds.

Carly: Thank God.


Jack: You heard what Vienna said. Those jewels went through a thorough examination before being put back in the vault.

Katie: Well, maybe whoever examined them is in on this with Simon.

Jack: Katie, you've gotta give this up.

Katie: He has contacts all over the world. He could have bribed someone.

Jack: Wow, you really want to bring him down bad, don't ya?

Katie: He committed a felony. I'm a concerned citizen.

Jack: And I'm concerned, too. About falsely accusing two innocent people.

Katie: They did this, Jack!

Jack: Katie, you -- we need to face some hard facts. I get that you're angry at Carly and Simon, boy, do I get that, but there have been -- there's been no heist here. Vienna confirmed it.

Katie: All right. Maybe I'm wrong about the particulars. Maybe Simon didn't steal the crown jewels of Leonia, but he did something very much along those lines. He did steal some diamonds from someone recently, and I'm going to find out who, what, where, when, why and how if it kills me.

Jack: And bringing down Carly and Simon is not gonna get mike back. What's it gonna prove? It's not gonna prove anything.

Katie: It's gonna prove that I'm right. That Simon's not who everybody thinks he is.

Jack: And Carly?

Katie: For your sake, I hope she's not in on this, but I think she is.

Jack: Grand larceny? Carly?

Katie: Simon has spent his entire life seducing women. You'd be surprised what he can get a woman to do, especially if --

Jack: What?

Katie: If she thinks he's in love with her.

Jack: Katie --

Katie: I'm gonna come back to you with some real proof and I promise you, Jack, I will get it.

Emily: You were there.

Paul: You don't know what you're talking about.

Emily: No, you just said you were there. You were in the garage. You saw me take the bullets out of Dusty's gun.

Paul: Can't prove that. And this could spell real trouble for you, Emily.

Emily: There's no one else who hates Craig as much as you do except Dusty. And you hate Dusty, so why not sacrifice him to destroy Craig? How could you do this?

Paul: Emily, you're hysterical. How could I do this? How could you do this? How could you do this to Jennifer after everything she did for you? She kept you out of jail for the rest of your life, and how do you repay her? By teaming up with a guy who she loathed. By teaming up with a guy who she feared. By making sure that his son winds up with him?

Emily: How do you think Jennifer would feel about you right now. She loved Dusty! And you setting him up to commit murder.

Paul: Oh, Dusty just did what he was planning on doing.

Emily: If you had just left the blanks in the gun none of this would've happened.

Paul: And Craig would have wound up with Johnny!

Emily: Oh, right, right. And so when he had the audacity not to die, you came here to finish him off! I am going to the police! I'm going to the police!

Paul: You're only looking for trouble.

Emily: You will not get away with murder!

Paul: What are you gonna do? You gonna lock me up? You're going to send me to jail, for the rest of my life? Em, you can't do that. You just canít. You still care about me too much to do something like that.

Emily: Watch me.

Gwen: Hey, come on.

Will: Hey, what are you doing back here?

Gwen: I changed my mind. Come home with me.

Will: What happened to the list of reasons why you had to stay in the studio today?

Gwen: I thought about making love to you and everything just flew out of my head.

Will: Be honest. Adam wasn't there and you couldn't get back to work, right?

Gwen: Wait, you don't want to come home with me?

Will: No, of course I do. I was kidding. Did Adam do something to get on your case? Because if he did --

Gwen: No, nothing happened. I just realized I'm still not ready to sing today.

Will: Okay, you're sure there's nothing else?

Gwen: No, nothing worth talking about. Come on, take me home.

Will: All right, let's go.

Jade: She's not coming back, you know.

Adam: If I had a buck for every diva that stormed out of my studio in a snit. They always come back.

Jade: Why? Because you think you're that good?

Adam: No, because making music matters more than anything else.

Jade: Yeah, but if Gwen doesn't come back, then all your work is going to be for nothing.

Adam: You feeling sorry for me, Jade?

Jade: Maybe.

Adam: Sorry enough to take me home? Ease my pain?

Jade: My home comes with an aunt, an uncle and plenty of cousins, one of which likes to scream at the top of his lungs.

Adam: And mine comes with Mom, Tom --

Jade: And Maddie. Who hates my guts don't forget that.

Adam: But I like you.

Jade: Even when I ticked off your diva?

Adam: So making this demo will be a little bit more difficult than before. Okay, a lot more difficult. I've done difficult before.

Jade: You're not sorry that this happened between us?

Adam: Actually, I can't wait for it to happen again.

Jade: Not now. Not today.

Adam: Someplace? Soon.

Carly: Katie.

Katie: Doing some Christmas shopping?

Carly: No, no, I'm waiting for my son as a matter of fact.

Katie: Oh, I'll wait with you.

Carly: Actually, I'd prefer it if you didnít.

Katie: Well, I was just hoping you'd give me a little advice. Actually, I'm thinking of doing some shopping, myself. The book's doing really well, so I have some extra cash.

Carly: You do realize that I have no interest whatsoever, in talking to you?

Katie: Just one quick question. So, I'm thinking of buying myself something pretty but not at all practical. And I was wondering, where on earth did Simon get you that gorgeous diamond?

Simon: Back already? Freddy, hey. I thought you were someone else.

Bellman: No problem. Message for you, Mr. Frasier.

Simon: Oh, good. Thank you. Hold up.

Bellman: Thank you.

Simon: Excuse me. Simon, you bad boy. I know what you've done. Vienna.

Paul: Wait, wait! Will you at least think about this. Because once you talk, you can't take it back. And it might be something that you'll regret.

Emily: Oh, I won't regret anything.

Meg: Paul?

Paul: Hi. We were just talking.

Meg: Outside of Craig's room? Why? What's going on?

Emily: Your fiancťe asked you a question, why don't you answer her? Or I will.

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Lily: Holden. Something's going on.

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